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The Group House

Part 1

The Group House Part One

1. November 10, 2003

Kim opened the door of her bedroom hesitantly, and looked around. She sighed. Arnie was out doing the Leukemia run-a-thon, and Becki Lynn was visting her folks in Maryland today. How did Kim know this? No one spoke directly to her in a conversational tone. And Denny, thank God, was at a Sci-Fi convention. Kim stepped into the hall, and gathering courage, Kim trotted down the stairs. She bounced her tennis racket against her thigh, and hummed for the first time in days. The front door. Go!

“And where are you sneaking off to, cockroach?” Kim turned at the bottom of the stairs and saw Tacy sitting on the living room couch. Kim tried to smile, and Tacy gave her the finger. Kim lowered her eyes. "I-I was just going out to the mall… I scrubbed all the bathrooms this morning and made a casserole for our dinner tonight, so I thought going shopping, and then maybe a tennis game at the Y?”

The last part was a question, and Kim cursed silently. Damn it, I don't have to ask if I can go out. I'm not a sub here. I pay rent like everyone else—I have the only M.B.A. in the house—DAMMIT. Kim looked up at Tacy, who was smiling grimly. “I don't think so, sperm-hog. Remember at the house meeting in March, we were talking about saving up to pay Jose to scour and repaint the walls and floors in the rec room?” Kim nodded, her heart sinking. Tacy smiled wider.

“But, under the new circumstances. .why pay when we have you, with all this time on your hands.” Tacy smiled “You are a consultant, right?” Kim ground her teeth. Even before, when they were best friends, Tacy had always resented Kim's material success. How Tace hated being a legal secretary.

Kim breathed hard and looked levelly into Tacy's eyes. “Tacy with the project my staff and I have been working on, and all the stuff that's happened here lately.” Kim blushed. “..Going on here now, I need just a little break um, Ma'am." Kim bit her lip. Damn it! Why'd you call Tacy Ma'am? Talk about giving her ammunition! Submission should be a choice—but it had never been for Kim.

All of a sudden Kim felt an intense whack on her ear. Tacy had jumped up and boxed her ear! “You call me Ms. Goldman now, cunt-face.” Tacy grabbed a handful of Kim's curls with her right hand. DO-YOU-HEAR-ME?” Every word was punctuated by another slap to the cheeks and ear with Tacy's left hand, as she maintained her grasp on Kim's hair. Tears streamed from Kim's eyes, but she felt the all-too familiar moistness in her panties. Tacy dragged Kim's scalp down and Kim hit her knees. Despite her horniness, Kim began sobbing bitterly.

The women looked up as there was a sound of the front door opening. An obese man wearing a ketchup fragmented “Power Rangers” T-shirt had just entered. Dennis peered over his aviator glasses at the scene of Tacy holding Kim on her knees on the floor. “Well…I was just coming back to get my laser beam for the convention, but this looks interesting.” Denny smiled, and took off his baseball cap, scratching a bloody scab on his brief patch of graying hair.

The scab had been there for over a year, because he just wouldn't leave it alone. Kim and Tacy exchanged a look of disgust and then gave their “Loser” nose-twitch, perfected in the Second Form at Miss Porter's School. For a minute Kim's heart warmed. Tacy just then had shared a moment of the old friendship with her! But then her hopes dropped as Tacy smiled at Denny, who was industriously polishing the Red Man Chewing Tobacco stains off his upper dental plate with the sleeve of the T-shirt.

“Denny, I think Kimberly should spend the weekend cleaning and refinishing the basement…and she wants to play tennis instead!” Tacy shook Kim's mop, and slapped her again. “What can we do to encourage her to do the right thing?” Denny smiled grimly, unbuckled his heavy leather belt and doubled it in his fat fist. “ Constance , let me assist. Whore, strip now!” Kim looked up at Tacy imploringly. Don't you remember when we used to joke about how his voice still hasn't changed at forty-seven? Tacy gave Kim the second fuck-you finger of the day. “I think Mister Fowler—“ “Tace, I like Sir Denny.” Dennis smiled grimly, the grin looking odd with his front teeth missing.

Tacy nodded “Sir Denny gave you an order. Strip now, and service him.” Kim gagged, and Tacy gave her another roundhouse slap “NOW!” Kim burst into a fresh torrent of tears. Wearily, she began undressing, as Denny watched with greedy eyes. My weekend is ruined—again, Kim thought. But her panties were soggy now, and had she been freed, Kim probably wouldn't have gone shopping at all, just run for her vibrator. The nipples of Kim's heavy breasts were fully hard as she pulled off her shirt

September 29, 2003 8:00 p.m.

Alex looked at Paul lazily. He leaned back in the passenger side of the BMW two seater, and smiled. “I just want to know, are you going to keep seeing this woman?” The older man was very upset. Alex had had female slaves before, but he was seeing a lot of this Kim. Still, he looked so dazzling with his acid-blond hair and those crazy mirrored sunglasses! He's worn them since I met him, except of course at the Club.

. “Alexander has dropped out of Swarthmore…drinks Margaritas all day…out every night with strange leather people” Paul's brokerage partner had told him. “You met Alexander when he was ten, he liked you. Tell him that if he re-enrolls, I'll buy him a Miata.” Paul had wandered into the back room, where a langorous youth was smoking a joint and watching “All My Children” while immersed in a large Jacuzzi. “Alex, your dad wanted me to talk..”The boy turned his head, and, staring at Paul, removed his mirrored sunglasses, and Paul recognized the fellow who had horsewhipped him at the Tawse Club the night before. Paul had wondered what make of Miata the boy wanted.

Eighteen months later, Paul now said “It's not the infidelity that I mind, Alex..I'm your submissive, and never complained in the three years you've lived in my house about your other slaves, or the men you've had me service—“For a month, Paul had been thrown out of the master bedroom and locked in a backyard kennel, and he'd had to bring breakfast in bed to Alex and their landscaper, LeTupac, before sucking both men off before he'd go to work. “You see her all the time! I put in a hot tub, a steam room, you have two Miatas, what do you want?” Paul's voice had gone up to a whine and Alex yawned, and briefly admired himself in the rear view mirror.

Suddenly his hand shot out, grabbing Paul through his right nipple with lightning quickness, twisting it viciously through the Burberry pullover. Between the shades and the gathering twilight, it was amazing that Alex had found Paul's nipple through the sweater, but oh, how Alex was twisting it! The nipple was already sore from a morning of “Mouse Trap therapy.”Alex and a young man who called himself Master Wisconsin had cuffed Paul, naked to the branch of an oak in the yard and taken turns knocking 47 mousetraps from Paul's underarms, neck, nipples, stomach, cock balls and ass. The morning had been three days ago, but Paul's nipple still hurt, and now it REALLY hurt.

As he continued to squeeze and twist the agonized nipple, Alex grinned. “Is Lady Pauline going to mind her own business?” Turning and pulling Paul's breast, Alex finally let go, and Paul collapsed on the seat, crying. A moment later came a muffled “See who you like, Master. I exist to serve you.” Alex took off his sunglasses and rolled his eyes. “Ah, what a cliché. Paul struggled up, grasping the right side of his chest.

Alex touched his cheek. “Fear not, Paul. I'll be home before you go to work. I'd rather lie on your deck than be cramped in a shoe box of a rooming hotel…with a twat.” Paul chuckled, at Alex's description of the group house, and then they both laughed. For about ten minutes before Alex got out of the car, Paul's head bobbed up and down on Alex's crotch. “And to a convertible in a public street…You used to want to meet in Motel 6 on the highway, you were so scared.”

Becki opened the front door, and gazed at the apparently airheaded surfer-dude, perhaps wondering what her 180 I.Q.housemate, once runner-up to Miss Rose Bowl could possibly see in him. Alex stepped into the living room, where Kim was tossing a Koosh ball to the perky tube top who'd once dropped her off, Tacy? Yes. And a fellow, who must be Arnie. Tacy spun around "Hey, Alex! Dig Kim's shoes" Alex squinted at a pair of brilliant yellow clogs. "She got them when we were out this morning." said Becki Lynn. "We're thinking of having her stop traffic on Reno Road ."Tacy snorted, narrowly dodging a pillow that Kim laughingly threw at her. Kim walked up to Alex and he let her kiss him on the cheek, reluctantly.

"Hey, Alex, Kim" Arnie said "You guys don't want to go see 'Kill Bill?' "What about 'Mean Girls?" Kim asked over Alex's shoulder, and Tacy laughed. "No I live with that." Arnie shot back, and Becki grabbed her jacket and went with him. A fat fellow in a sweatsuit that hadn't been washed in three days walked in at the same time. "Dennis." Kim shouted. "You're late with the rent again...and could you clean the bathroom?" Tacy rolled her eyes."Yeah. Soon." The sweatsuit guy blushed and went upstairs.

"Can we get the fucker out of this house, you think?"Kim demanded of Tacy. "Well, Denny is the house's longest resident" Tacy apologized. "Dennis is such a creep." Kim was the tough one. Kim then smiled at Alex. "Let's go to my room." She slapped Tacy playfully on the butt before they went upstairs

In Kim's room, Alex locked the door as Kim peered at him, hesitatingly. She wondered if she looked all right in her snug knit pullover and miniskirt. "This is soundproof, this room?" Alex asked her languidly, as he pulled a coiled buggy whip from inside his shirt. Watching Alex handle the evil leather thing made Kim's thighs tremble.

Oh, it had only been four days since the incident at the Marriott...Kim's mind reeled as she remembered the whip cracking across her breasts as she screamed futiley in the gag, Alex backing off over and over again and lashing, lashing...Kim felt a pain in her chest. Alex was twisting a nipple through the knit top. "I asked you, darling. Is this room soundproof? You apparently are too cheap to rent a room now." Kim dropped her head. "Master, I just don't think I can afford it right now. I--" Alex's hand released the nipple and cracked sharply across Kim's jaw.

"Master, please..." Another slap. "Don't call me Master, you idiot. Do I look like an extra in a Charlton Heston film?" Kim gritted her teeth. "Alex, dear. I can't afford to go to the Marriott all the time. We went twice on my expense account and once I paid out of pocket. I don't have the money. I'm so sorry." Kim looked through bleary eyes at Alex, who was uncoiling the whip. "Why the hell did I come here tonight? Now I'm going to be worried that those vapid little morons downstairs are going to hear me giving it to you, you'll be screaming." Alex rolled his eyes.

Kim shook her head. "No, Alex. I swear you won't. I've got the gag, Tacy's watching a video," Alex grabbed Kim by the collar and shook her easily,though she was nearly a head taller. "There's no room to swing this thing. When your brats are out, we use the basement, but if I throw the whip back, I'll knock over that stupid world globe...and you are too cheap or too broke to rent a hotel room? Instead, you buy those stupid shoes." Alex was irritable. "Undress." Kim took off her knit top quickly and undid the miniskirt. Soon she was in bra and panties, and Alex had to admit that he was quite aroused at the demure redhead's fabulous body, the breasts pushing the lacy cups out and what a perfectly flat stomach!

Alex threw the whip on the floor. "Stop undressing. Do you have my wooden paddle here?" Kim quickly trotted to the closet, still in her clogs. She came back with a large paddle and handed it to Alex, who sat down on the bed. "All right, I guess I can't knock the room apart with this." He smiled at Kim, who felt like her heart was singing.

September 29, 2003 11:30 p.m.

It had been a brutal but satisfying session in Kim's room, and now they were going to Club Scourge for a bit of night life..."Oops!"Kim stumbled on the way in the Club. "Oh, excuse me!" "No problem, you cheating whore." Alex had coughed, and Kim had looked up surprised, seeing a tall woman with majestic breasts and platinum blond hair. "Oh, Alex, this is Anne, w ho I was seeing before...

"SLAP! Anne's backhand startled Kim, and tossing her bright blond hair, Anne walked on, before Kim had any recourse Alex laughed. "You've gotta learn not to piss off your Mistress there, girlie!" Alex walked in the Club, and Kim followed, her head spinning. Of course he wouldn't defend her, that wasn't a Master's job, she guessed.

As a tear rolled down her cheek, Kim remembered her last session with Anne, which had not intended to be a session. Kim had just dropped in to tell Anne that she'd met someone, and Anne had suggested they have one last go around. "C'mon, take down your pants!" Anne had been wearing a tight black and white print Indian summer dress that had showed off her magnificent chest, and Kim's knees had gone weak.

Well, one last time. Kim had removed her pants and panties, and Anne had motioned her to bend across the wooden construction horse that Anne had kept in her living room. "Here's my Fortunate Friend" Anne had snickered, holding her Blue Ice walking cane, called so because of the marbelized blue and white handle. "I love this cane, sweetheart, it's made anatomically correct for my left hand."

Anne had grinned, and then begun lashing Kim's heaving white cheeks WHACK! THWACK! "So you're dumping me for a boy–WHACK WHACK WHACK K im had felt the strands of fire across her globes, and heard Anne's laugh, "You pathetic think a man'll be better for you?" WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK "No, ma' just wasn't..."Kim had screeched as Anne's cane had lashed again and again against her defenseless bottom.

"You WHACK WHACK WHACK think a man's WHACK WHACK WHACK cock is better than my WHACK WHACK sweet cunt?" Before the evening was over, Anne had stripped Kim completely, and had covered her with welts, switching from the cane to a straightened coat hanger when she'd gotten bored, and then made Kim lick out Anne's fireplace, until her face had been covered in charcoal, and then had had her "Minstrel face" suck off the drunken frat boys next door...Anne had not taken the breakup lightly!

Now Kim came in, and caught up with Alex, who demanded she pay the $50.00 gate fee for both of them. Kim reluctantly handed over her Mastercard, and then looked up for another unpleasant reunion...No, not them too! "What's wrong now?" Alex asked, with laughter in his eyes. "Goddam you complain a lot!"

"There they are. North and his new girlfriend."Kim was stunned and Alex squiinted at the pudgy, bitter looking couple standing by the bar at the Tawse Club. None of Kim's "vanilla" friends could imagine why their sexy, regal friend could have married the brutish North, but the scene people had all understood. North was a vicious Master, his whippings hurt for days, and he dramatically had expanded Kim's limits in the years that they'd been married, but he made her wet with his power. It might never have ended if it hadn't been for Angela.

Kim was used to North's infidelities, and had borne it without complaint when he'd take some girl into the master bedroom for the night and consign Kimberly to the hall closet. But when he'd announced to Kim that Angela, who he'd met when she'd taken his order at Denny's was moving in the house for good, Kim had been quite upset, though not as upset, as when she'd learned that Angela was going to be assisting in Kim's training.

The first incident had arisen on a Tuesday morning, when Kim had brushed by Angela in the hallway, and Angela had hauled off and slapped Kimberly. "What the hell?" Kim asked in astonishment. There was a smirk on Angela's face as she said "You brushed on by me without sayin' 'Excuse me Miss Pitts.' Kim held her scarlet cheek in one hand as she responded " Are you kidding? Angela, I have an eight a.m. teleconfererence with Madrid . I don't have a four o'clock waitressing shift that I can sleep til--" Suddenly North had appeared at the door of the bedroom. "Kimberly! How dare you speak that way to your mistress."

Kim had ended up being forced to postpone her meeting and strip naked,taking a rather sloppy caning from Angela and kissing her fat feet, before making breakfast for the happy couple and kneeling in the corner of the kitchen while they ate, her blazing bottom on quite obvious display. Within a few weeks, Kim's life was a madhouse, as she had to run home from work, strip to begin cleaning the apartment before Angela got in. Both North and Angela were constantly disciplining her, but Angela was unusually brutal.

Angela would use any excuse to viciously twist Kim's lovely nipples, sometimes with pliers while Kim, strapped to the bed would lurch and scream.

Angela whipped Kim's full buttocks and legs with lengths of barbed wire that she found on the way home from work, and once made Kim eat an entire bar of laundry soap with her hands tied behind her back. Kim would wonder, as she was sobbing in her closet, red, stinging weals covering her back and ass, whether Angela was so vicious because Kim's beautifully shaped figure contrasted with Angela's obese, flat-chested body, or was it that Kim had two master's degrees and Angela had been expelled from a Special Ed highschool at the age of nineteen?

Eventually Angela began grabbing Kim by the hair as soon as she entered the house in her business suit, pulling her down on her knees. "Oh, please, Mistress Angela, don't--" Angela, ripping Kim's skirt up and her pantyhose down, would scream. "I told you to call me Miss Pitts, you scumwhore!"

And then another beating would begin, Angela grabbing anything from a discarded fan belt to the fireplace poker. Angela had never learned the etiquette of giving a slave a day to recover after a punishment session; every day seemed to be a roundhouse of boxed ears,whipped breasts, and humiliation. Outrageous situations, like Angela forcing Kim to kneel on rice on the floor, just because she'd spilt a bit making their dinner... North just laughed when Kim complained to him, and then one night, it was just too much.

Kim had had her breasts and bottom painted in dartboard stripes, and Angela had cuffed her hands and mercifully put a fencing mask over Kim's face, and had her spin around and around, as she and her ex-inmate friends from the the Baltimore Women's Correctional Facility had tossed darts, the stinging quoits landing in the soft skin of Kim's breasts and buttocks as she screamed and cried, spinning as best she could. After which, Kim had spoken to North quite earnestly.

"North, my Master. I have faithfully served you in the three years of our marriage, but this is just too far beyond what I am used to, Sir. You must ask Angela to leave this house. I bought it, Sir, and--" North had slapped Kim across the jaw, laughing, and he and Angela had given her quite a night to remember.

Kim had ended up having to leave the house by nightfall, and she'd moved gratefully to her best friend Tacy's group house, and given up the house she'd bought, and the bank accounts to North, in return for his not harassing her. She had not seen either North or his pig girlfriend since then.

Kim looked at North, who almost smiled at her. She couldn't believe she'd subjected herself to that pig when she had this beautiful blond boy Master. But it looked almost as if North was approach her. “Alex, promise me, please that we have nothing to do wtih them, North or his girlfriend.” Kim pleaded, taking Alex's arm. Kim smiled. “I think North wishes he'd been a little nicer to me now that he's just seeing that cow and–“

Alex snorted, and reached over, squeezing a nipple hard in Kim's tight burgundy pullover. She bit her lip. “Egotistical little skeezer aren't you?” His Ray-Bans shone in the club, and he smiled at a curly haired slave girl who was frantically motioning him from across the room. Kim hated it that Alex had so many thing about North, she had been IT for him. Kim tried again.

“Please...let's not have anything to do with them. I know I'm a worthless skeezer, but I've tried so hard to be good to you! A quarter of my paycheck automatically goes to your account...and I have you on my insurance even though you won't even LIVE with me...please, let's just not have anything to do with them, huh?” Kim was somewhat relieved, as North and Angela seemed to have lost interest, and Alex nodded at the same time, smiling. “Now, you know I take care of you, my little shit-pot.” Kim sighed with relief, and then noticed that Alex was staring at someone.

Kim gasped as she saw a gorgeous woman on her knees, stark naked, with a neck cuff chained to the wall. This was not unusual–well, in a way, because The Club tended to attract lots of fat people, so there weren't as many as cute as she–but what was really unusual about this woman was her head was shaved. There was a sprinkling of red stubble around the pate, but it was completely shaved otherwise, as was her pubic area. “Her hair used to be real light red.” Kim heard Alex's voice softly to her right. Even bald though, the woman was quite beautiful, and younger than Kim, about Alex's age. And indeed she was staring at Alex. Staring with piercing blue eyes.

Alex removed his shades as Kim watched, and gazed back at the beautiful nude, cue-balled slave intently. As the girl moved against her chain a bit, Kim could see a ugly tattoo just below her right breast “OWNED BY MASTER KONG” Having taken a penology course once, Kim recognized the tattoo as the sort of clumsy thing done by convicts in prison, so big and ugly that it probably would never be removed.

Kim saw the bald slave run a pink tongue across her full lips as she stared at Alex. Suddenly a tall, muscular Black master strode up to her. “Tess, you little bitch, how dare you look up from the floor!” The bald girl turned up in fear. “I'm so sorry, Master Kong–“ WHACK! His fist crashed against her cheek and a second time on her nose, and blood dripped. Then the bald woman went back down on her knees, her full breasts swaying with binder clips hanging on the nipples, and the Negro master whacked her a few more times with a flogger.

“We're both seeing people here... it's like old home week tonight.” Alex muttered, and Kim looked at him. “Do you know her, Alex?” Alex ignored Kim, lighting a Marlboro, and remembering..

Coming out of the Lower Fourth Form“Exploring Women Writers” class at St. Casimir's Academy Al and Geoff were bitching about Sylvia Plath. “It's just such shit, man.” Al pushed his thick horn rims up his nose. “Out of the way, dweebs.” Skip London, captain of the hockey team pushed between Geoff and Al. Geoff cursed under his breath, but very softly “Hey there Tess!” Skip smiled at Tessa Tunstall, the Headmaster's daughter, who gave him an icy nod. She tossed her mass of strawberry blonde curls, and Skipper London slumped off.

“Forget Skipper, Geoff...about Plath, man.”Al started up. But Geoff punched Al's shoulder. “Look, she's waving at you, man! The Head's daughter! Hooters Tunstall!” Al looked confused. Jesus, is she laughing at my zit? Richard his roommate had advised Clearasil, but Al hadn't been sure.He looked up, and yes, Tess's ice-blue eyes were gazing right at him! Maybe she's noticed how Geoff and I stare at her fuckin' chest in those hot pink sweaters in class every day...oh God. Alarmed, he noticed that Tessa, the strawberry curls bouncing was now in his face. “What are you up to?” Tess had asked Al, ignoring Geoff. “Your track coach is sick, so I thought you'd have time to hang out.” Headmaster Tunstall's beautiful daughter?

Al was so puzzled, as he knew Tess routinely turned down dates with upperclassmen much of the time, and had just dumped a Harvard senior...An hour later Al was even more puzzled, though pleasedly, when Tessa had taken him up to the Physics lab, closed for renovation (“I hold on to Daddy's keys for him.”) and had given Al a wonderful, sloppy blowjob, the first of Al's life, leaving her Cherry Sparkle lip gloss all over his boxers. It had been weird. “Please, honey, grab my ears and skull-fuck me! Don't be gentle.”

She'd begun taking Al into town on half-holidays, helping him pick out clothes. “The process of de-geeking you will be a rewarding one!” Tessa had laughed, and Al had really enjoyed the enraged looks of passing seniors in their expensive convertibles. Why was she going out with HIM? That was the big question. If he could've answered it... “Here you go, Alex...” Tessa's pink nails removed his thick horn-rims and had propped a pair of Ray-Bans on his nose. “You look so sexy!” The intense blue eyes danced.She'd begun calling him Alex, which sounded so nice.

“I can't wear these sunglasses...I can't see through them” Alex had been myopic since kindergarten. “This guy I'm boffing, sometimes...he's an opthomologist...he'll fix your eyes so you can wear's an easy laser operation.” That had been BIZAARE. That she wasn't his girlfriend, that she was dating a surgeon, and that he let the guy fix his he could wear Ray-Bans! Alex in Ray-Bans! His hair cut and bleached by another lover of Tessa's..who oddly called her “Mistress.” Another friend of hers had taken Al to the gym a bit, and one day he'd thrown Skipper London over a bannister.

Soon, with a blue-button down Pinpoint Oxford Yarmouth shirt and khaki shorts, penny loafers instead of his old tennis shoes, Alex was a different guy....Tessa had ceremonially burned his plaid pants...she was great! “Alexander, this is the first C you've ever received, I am very disappointed with your term report, son.”

Dad's voice had faded away as Alex had mumbled “Uh huh” and hung up the phone to go back to watching MTV while Tessa snorted lines off his bare chest.

Then girls began pushing themselves on Alex for the first time in his life, at mixers, and parties…and Tessa insisted that he go on dates. “Have fun…I'm not your girlfriend.” Her earnestness puzzled Alex…but he obeyed her. Tess also wouldn't let him perform oral sex on her...just wanted to blow him over and over again! “My pleasure isn't that important, baby.”

Alex had to admit, despite the feminist training of five sisters, that he was quite aroused when Tessa would drop to her hands and knees, completely naked, staring up at him with her piercing blue eyes, and kiss his feet, working the full lips up his knees and thighs, to consume his cock and balls.

Other times she'd cover his entire body with licks and kisses, massaging him until he was ready to sleep. One weekend when they'd gone to New York together to stay in her aunt's Greenwich Village apartment, she'd put him to sleep with this licking and kissing method, after sucking him to five or six orgasms…but she'd refused to sleep in the bed with him…insisting that she wanted to be on the floor…

When Tessa Tunstall had first asked Alex to whip her, it had freaked him out completely. Alex had watched her strip and lie down on her parent's bed, her crotch lying on a pillow so her ass was face up.

Folding her wrists demurely behind her back just below the riot of strawberry curls, and just above the full alabaster globes of her buttocks,Tess addressed Alex. “Now honey, I can hold my wrists here, but I want you to tie my hands with that rope, and tie my ankles together. Yes, good knots like you learned in Cub Scouts.”

Alex had refused, absolutely. He'd thrown the rope in the corner. “If you want me to hit you, I'm not going to tie you up, dude…like, I'm not going to jail for…” Tess had smiled up at him, and relented. “All right, I'll just hold my hands behind me.” One hand had clutched the other wrist. “Now I want you to pick up that wooden paddle and whack my ass with it.”

Alex had gingerly picked up the paddle, a thick fraternity deal. But he didn't know. “C'mon baby…you want to, don't you?” Tessa had smiled up at Alex, running her tongue across her full lips in the way that made him crazy. Alex did want to. He couldn't believe how her butt stuck up when she lay across the pillow like that. “Let loose, Alex. I've been a bad girl, do it!” But he stared at the riot of long red curls across her naked back and wasn't sure.

Alex had gently bounced the paddle off her full buttocks, and a slight tinge came to the white cheeks. “No, hit me HARD. I'm a bad girl.” There was a giggle. Tentatively, he leaned over and swatted her again. Tessa looked up at him, noting the bulge in his chinos. “Don't you just want to screw…I don't want to hurt you.”

Alex instantly regretted that remark. He did want to hurt her…in a way, but. But. Tessa smiled up at him. “Honey, I chose you because I knew you had something, IT. Maybe I was wrong.” Tess's voice taunted. “But maybe I was wrong…you can't hit me a little bit…Skipper London's right about you…you're some kind of faggot, right?”

Alex had gritted his teeth and lifted the paddle. “Fuck you, bitch!” WHACK WHACK WHACK Alex slammed the paddle again and again against Tess's ass, until his arm was tired. Regaining his senses, he noticed two things.

Tess's butt was bright red now, the thick wood had certainly injured the full vanilla buttocks, but she'd not moved her hands. You'd think she'd have let go of the wrist and covered her butt, or even rolled off the bed…But Tess looked up at him impudently. “That was good, Master…but can't you make me cry? Why don't you get the strop over there…”

By the end of the evening, Alex had made Tessa cry several times, and she'd bent over at his knees, begging to service him.

Alex began punishing Tessa everywhere--backstage during the St. Casimir's production of "Hamlet", in the bathroom at her debutante party, he had Tess over his knee, the frilly dress pushed up over her full buttocks as he whacked away--he made Tess carry a large wooden hairbrush and a coiled leather strop wherever they went. Whipping her full buttocks, whipping her breasts, gave him a new energy...

Alex's father had gotten over his disappointment with his genius son's ghastly grades when he'd heard that the headmaster's family wanted to take Alex to their farm in Montpelier , France , for the summer. The lad had somehow charmed the daughter…Good God, the Tunstalls came over on the Mayflower…we'll get to all their parties!

There had been a large barn on the Tunstall property, and Alex had spent much of the vacation swinging Tess from the rafters as he'd used a horsewhip, making her dance. Jacques, the farm boy, had been Tessa's Master the summer before, and had shown Alex how to make the naked girl's curves dance as the lashes had welted up and down her curving white body.

The two boys had gotten Tess up at five a.m. , stripped her naked, binding her hands behind her neck to alter her sense of balance, and then blindfolded her. “Thees we do all last sommeir” Jacques insisted to Alex, and they'd taken two long thorny rose sticks and lashed at Tess's buttocks, making her run and stumble through the French woods surrounding her house.

When finally she'd fallen for the last time, Alex and Jacques had thwacked again and again until her body was a mass of welts, and no one was there to hear her scream…or see Tess, still blindfolded, hands locked behind her neck, giving Alex a long blowjob kneeling with her scarred buttocks touching the mud..before taking her turn with Jacques.

Before they'd left the forest, Jacques had finished the session by putting out his Galliouse cigarette on Tessa's left breast, right near the nipple. “You can lift her up, no?” Alex had been horrified as Jaques had shown him the attachments to Tessa's nipples, and the pulley that had dragged her by her full breasts to the ceiling of the barn.

Her hands cuffed behind her, Tess had closed her eyes to the pain, and Alex had had to admit that he was aroused. “Now we give her the whip, yes?” Jaques had raised the whip. “No, not while she's hanging by her tits, man.” Alex was concerned.

“Don't be a pussy, Alex…” he heard the little voice, and looked up, enraged as Tessa smirked down at him. Alex had grabbed the whip from Jaques hand and immediately hit her so hard that the pulley had almost broken.

“I don't get it…why not? We can't see each other at ALL?” Alex had gaped at Tessa, his beloved girl at the graduation party from St. Casimir's, a year later. “C'mon honey.” Tessa had smiled beneath her mortarboard, which she'd worn since the afternoon. “You've grown so much as a Master…you've got two slave-girls in town, and I heard you were caning our math master last week…whipping his dick? Dude!”

Alex rolled his eyes. This was true. And Tessa had taken him to Club Paddles in New York and other private places where he'd learned that as a Master he was quite popular…he could get all the slaves he wanted, it seemed…but he loved Tess. “But I love you…you've changed my life!

You de-geeked me…and I can't live without you honey!” Tessa shook her head, smiling. “Baby, that's the point. I don't want love, and devotion makes me ill. I want a Master. You're good…but I need more…I need one who just doesn't care.” She'd tossed her firey curls, kissed him once on the cheek, and wandered to the other side of the room. Alex had winced for a moment, and then adjusted his Ray-Bans and turned to a crowd of young grads bemoaning their choice of safety schools.

Now Alex turned away from the beautiful bald slave with the piercing blue eyes, and grabbed Kim by the ear, painfully. "Let's wander, scumbag..."

September 30,2003 1:43 a.m.

“What the hell's this?” Tacy asked She'd come down to the garage in the middle of the night, to look for a light bulb for the upstairs bathroom and encountered apparent horror. Kim looked up from where she was bound naked, propped on her knees and elbows on the dirty floor. Kim's wrists were strapped to her shoulders and her ankles strapped to her thighs, and she was precariously swaying back and forth on the elbows and knees, which were in terrible pain from the girl's weight. Kim forgot the pain as she stared up at Tacy, and shame came over Kim, her entire face turning red. Even if she had not had a bright rubber red ball gag in her mouth, what could she say to explain?

After Tacy had untied Kim, and taken out the ball gag, Kim had tried hard to explain, though it had been difficult punctuating the volley of threats against Alex coming from her best friend's mouth. "I'll have him jailed, that son of a bitch" Tacy vented. "How dare he do this to you, Kimmy?" Tears were in Tacy's eyes. "No, don't understand, Tace." Kim smiled. "I didn't know you'd catch me here, but this is something I want from Alex. We've been in a S/M relationship for quite some time now." Kim explained how this had started with her youthful fantasies, reading "The Story of O". "And then back in school, don't you remember? I was Volunteer Coordinator at the soup kitchen, and one of our helpers was a car thief? Doing community service to stay out of jail? Fenton?"

Tacy's nose wrinkled as she recalled the ugly little half-breed that Kim had become infatuated with. Calling himself "Fenton the Felon" the little bastard had treated poor Kim like shit, and Tacy could swear one night she was coming back to Randall Hall, and Fenton had Kim over his knee, whacking her butt with a tree branch! Tace had turned and run the other way...dragging her date, Mort-whoever he was with her...there'd been a lot she'd not wanted to know about Kim, it would seem.

And then the Fenton guy had actually dumped, DUMPED her beautiful friend Kim and begun dating some rich district attorney chick...and Kim had started up with yet another dickwad who'd treated her like crap...Tacey peered at Kim as the naked girl continued to rub the burn marks where the ropes had been on her wrists, and she listened intently.

In the midst of Kim's story, Alex burst into the garage, with a naked, middle aged man in tow. "Why aren't you tied where I...oh ha ha!" Alex and Paul, despite his ropes and nipple clamps were overcome with laughter, witnessing Kim's exposure by the amazed Tacy.



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