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Adirondack Hard

Chapter 11 Afterglow

Chapter 11: "Afterglow"

A while later Reba got cold and left the cool lake. Sue followed her. Hesitantly, I swam out toward Jack. I thought something had to be said. I had no idea what.

Jack was looking up at the sky from a hundred yards out in the dark lake.

I came up alongside and began to tread water.

"That's never happened to me before."

Jack was silent for a moment, then replied, "You did a good job."

"I didn't really enjoy it," I said.

"The girls seemed to."

"Yeah. And what about you?"

"You give good head."

I felt myself blushing.

"Have you had head from a guy before?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah," sighed Jack. "In Nam. Out there everything changes. You do things you might otherwise never do."

"Like up on the mountain."


"Jack--have you ever given a guy head?"

"In Nam. But it was different from this."

"What do you mean?"

"I had to be persuaded."

"Yeah? What persuaded you?"

"A white-hot knife blade, pressed flat against my chest."

That long scar. No wonder he didn't talk about it.

"You were tortured into giving somebody head? Who was it?"

"The Viet Cong."


Jack went on, more talkative than usual. Maybe my mouth on his dick loosened his tongue.

"I was tied naked on my knees, with my back pressed against a post. My hands were tied behind the post. I had ropes around my chest and waist. My feet were tied behind the post. Ropes were tied around my legs so my upper leg was tied to my lower leg--I was tied into a kneel. A rope was around my cock and balls, tight, like we had you. So during this whole thing, I was erect--but I definitely wasn't aroused. A rope was tied around my neck, holding my head to the post. Another rope was around my forehead. I couldn't move my head a fucking inch. In fact, the only thing I could move was my mouth. I could open it and close it. They told me to open my mouth and I wouldn't. They pressed that knife blade against my chest and I did. Then they stuck a metal ring into my mouth with two leather straps attached. They tied that behind the post, so my mouth was propped open with a big hole in the middle. And then they came at me. There literally was a line in front of me. One guy after another. There were twelve of them. They all fucked me in the face. Some were so long I could feel them poking into the back of my throat. And they all came. I tried to spit out the first one's cum and I gagged. They whipped my stomach a couple of times and slapped my dick and the next guy stepped up. When he came I swallowed it, and then I swallowed all the rest."

I was stunned. "God!" was all I could say for quite a while. Then I asked "were you thinking of that when you were in my mouth?"

"I guess I was," said Jack laconically.

"How did it make you feel?"

"A blowjob feels good, Teddy."

"Even to someone who was gang-raped in the face?"

"You weren't being raped. I wasn't raping you. I didn't feel guilty at all. It felt kinky, but it felt good."

"Even though I didn't want it?"

"Nobody held a knife blade to your chest, Teddy. You did want it."

I considered for a while about what Jack had said. The whole experience really challenged who I thought I was. I guess the whole weekend challenged who I thought I was. It seemed I was somebody who liked to be whipped, and controlled and taken; and pleasured, of course. I got plenty of that.

But about the most profound thing I could manage to say was "even if in some way I did like it, that doesn't mean I'm a homosexual, you know."

Jack laughed, and I guess I deserved it. I wasn't giving him much credit--I was just voicing my fears about myself. I felt embarrassed.

"Me neither, Teddy."

"What I mean is…"

"You ever read Karl Jung?" Jack asked. "You know how he writes about the anima and the animus, the female principle in the man and the male principle in the woman? We're all a balance of male and female. Sensitivity in men, toughness in women, stuff like that?"

"Yeah…" I knew about Jung.

"Why not just look at it as my Animus making contact with your Anima? It was natural, it was fine. At that moment it was a perfect fit. Don't make a big thing of it. It was in the heat of passion. We were all very turned on, including you. I liked it, and I think deep down behind your manly fear of not being a real man you liked it too. And I won't be tying you up and face-fucking you every day because, you know, I'm not a homosexual."

I could tell Jack was getting a little worked up.

"I know you're not, Jack. You're right, under the circumstances it was natural."

I paused for a minute, feeling what I was feeling. There was something I wanted to say, but it took courage.

Finally, it came out.

"It was actually kinda hot."

"Yeah," said Jack. "And I'm cold. I'm going in."

Jack started to swim for shore. I floated on my back for a few minutes, looking up at the now-dark sky over the wilderness. The way I was looking there was not another light for a hundred miles maybe. The stars were countless--even though as a kid I had tried to count them many times.

I wondered, as we all do, how many planets were up there, how many supported life, how many intelligent civilizations there must be out among all those stars. I figured thousands of people must lie on their backs every night on our little planet and think the same thoughts. Then I wondered how many people in the universe had been forced to suck off one of their best friends' husbands tonight. And once they got past their humiliation, how many of them could admit to themselves that they liked it? I chuckled, thinking that right at this very moment I could be the only man on earth thinking these forbidden thoughts. I smiled and headed for shore in a racing crawl.

When I entered the tent everything was dark and silent. I could hear Jack and Sue breathing over on their side. Reba was quieter. I toweled myself dry and slid naked beneath the top sleeping bag, which was opened double to cover the two of us. Reba was lying on her side facing me. Her big eyes were open and I could see their glow, as if they shone with an inner light. She was so sweet and beautiful!

I gently reached out and stroked her hair.

"Please don't kill me!" she whispered.

"What?" I couldn't understand what she was saying.

"You've got me tied and helpless, do what you want with me, only please don't kill me!"

I still didn't get it. "What are you…?"

I reached my arm around her, and that's when I felt the ropes on her wrists. Her hands were tied behind her back.

"I'm young, take me, ravage me, punish me if you must, but please don't take my life!"

Now I got the picture, and was extremely happy to play along.

"Where did my people find you?"

"That wench tied me when I came into your tent looking for food."

"Ah," I whispered. "Stealing is a serious offense. I could have you whipped… or killed… or I could rape you. I could take you right now!"

I slid my hands around to the front of her body, confirming that she was naked. I tweaked her hot nipples and delighted in their hardness. Slowly, I slid my hand down Reba's warm belly. I felt her pubic hair beneath my fingertips. Gently I began to massage her clitoris. Her breathing grew heavier. I slid my hand further down and eased my curved finger into her moist pussy. I pressed on her clit with the palm of my hand and pumped in her with my finger--then two fingers.

"Are you going to come inside of me? I can't stop you. I'm helpless." Her words came out raggedly as her arousal grew.

"Even when you're helpless you drive me wild. You're the mistress of my heart."

"Well, then, please--please fuck me!"

I pumped faster with my fingers. I kissed Reba's eyes and her lips, I suckled on her glorious, puffy nipples. Reba's hips began to pump more urgently on my hand.

"I'm not going to come inside of you, Reba. We made a deal at the beginning of the weekend that it would not be fair to Todd. I'm gonna keep that deal."

From across the tent I heard Sue murmur, "Teddy--you're such a wimp!"

I snorted. So much for our little private heaven. I stopped my hand.

But Reba cried "Don't you dare stop!" She thrust against my inserted fingers and I began to move them in her once more. And in seconds her body stiffened. She let out a loud moan, shook, sobbed and came like an earthquake.

Jack sat up and cried out "Jeez!" He looked our way, realized what was happening and lay back down. As Reba's orgasms began to subside, I heard a rhythmic rubbing sound from across the tent, followed by a low moan from Sue. In a second, Sue reached her own climax. It wasn't as dramatic or intense as Reba's, but it was wonderful to hear.

Reba leaned in to me, kissing as much as she could reach, considering her bound hands and the fact that she was impaled on my fingers. To make her more comfortable, I began gently to draw my fingers out of her. But Reba squeezed down firmly onto my hand.

"Oh, please don't go away. I want you in me all night!"

"You are so beautiful," I said. And then simultaneously we said to each other the oldest thing in the world: "I love you."

I brought my right hand under Reba's head, cradling her. Reba turned partway onto her back, though she couldn't lie flat because her wrists were bound.

"Do you want me to let you go?" I asked.

"I never want you to let me go."

That felt totally fine to me. Tomorrow Reba would be going back to the apartment she shared with a jerk named Todd, and I would be alone on my farm, though greatly enriched by my memories--and my welts--from this glorious weekend. It would be hard to live without her.

But that was tomorrow. I slid my fingers a little deeper into Reba's pussy, and she moaned.

I whispered in her ear, "tonight we belong to each other. You may be tied, but I want to be tied to you forever."

I eased my tongue into Reba's ear, tickling it. She moaned again and moved against my lower hand, still deep inside of her.

I turned to face Reba. I had a raging erection. I knew exactly where I wanted it to be--but it wasn't going there. Reba could feel my cock laying against her side. She moved her hips laterally, rolling my penis across her soft belly.

"I can make you come," she whispered.

I pumped against her, pushing into the boundaries of my own arousal and restraint.


We relaxed. We had done enough for one day. A canoe trip, a hike, a whipping, all kinds of orgasms, exhibitionism before strangers, surprising intimacy between friends and even vows of love. Now it was time for sleep.

Coming Next: Chapter 12--"Hanging High"

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