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Adirondack Hard

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Synopsis: Four friends (2 guys, 2 girls) go on a camping trip. Around the fire one reveals his secret, extreme bondage fantasies. The others decide to help him live them out.

This story is by me, tough93013 ( Copyright 6/22/2004.

Some of these events really occurred, and all are true to my fantasies and desires. Several chapters are written and more are on the way. I hope you'll stick with it; subsequent chapters are more dense erotically. However, if you're under 18 you're probably not allowed by law to read this description of sexual activities. If you're in an enlightened place where adult reading is OK, go ahead. Otherwise, with deep regret, I must ask you to not read further and to go away.

This is a story of bondage, exhibitionism and humiliation, of sharing and fantasy-fulfillment, by and among friends, and largely out in nature. The central characters here are in their early twenties. The main character, Ted, is, basically, me. In another published story, "My Perv," I start much younger, telling of my earliest experiences with bondage and my developing fantasy life. There's much more to "My Perv," which will follow my development into adolescence and teenhood; so this story, "Adirondack Hard," is part of a continuum, but a later part. I'll be both moving forward and filling in the gaps. I'd like to say these stories are autobiography, and in a sense they are. Some of what I'm writing about actually occurred, and much is extended by my horny imagination. But then, I think autobiography is, really, fiction in the first person, based on the author's life. Who really can tell the whole truth? Like I said, I wish this were even closer to an objective recounting of events than it is, but the embellishments, I hope, are what makes it interesting; and all of it is completely true to my fantasy life, that rich, dark place in my mind where I can be stripped and whipped, or can tie and torment another, out of love and friendship and without doing irreparable damage.

I hope this story makes the reader very aroused and very eager for more. As much as possible I write naked, sometimes in chains. Feel free to read under the same conditions. There is more to come. I'd greatly appreciate reader feedback, either on the website or in e-mail to me.

I'd like to dedicate "Adirondack Hard" to two people I don't know, except through their writing, which has brought me to ecstasy, so to speak, many times. Their names are Crimson Dragon and Jym. They both write a lot about people resisting their submissive or dominant fantasies and then finding fulfillment through the love of a willing partner. May all of us find our fantasies, whatever they are, fulfilled in relationship with another.

Enjoy--If you want more, please let me know.

Adirondack Hard

Chapter 1: The Trip

Some time ago I was 22 and just out of graduate school in Upstate NY. I moved into a rented farm in a little community near Binghamton, where I hung out with ex-classmates who had settled in the area. I had just broken up with my wife of two years and was lonely and horny. The farm had a vast barn, unused except as hay storage. I never saw anyone enter it, but I went in regularly. It was gorgeous and romantic in there, a gigantic open room with light streaming through spaces in the board sides. Massive, exposed beams, horizontals and verticals, divided the space in regular patterns. Exposed beams have always excited me, because I can imagine my body, or someone else's, tied to them. The barn was built on a slope, and underneath it on one side was a long, low chamber with stalls, I assumed for cattle or horses. Leather straps and rusty chains hung everywhere, long-unused paraphernalia for tending large animals.

After walking past the barn and across the untended fields that were part of my rented 40 acres in this little, poor farming town, I would come to a copse of woods that took up about half of my property. Growing up a New York City boy with little privacy or space, I had always had a real affection for the woods. As a kid I played in Bayside Woods with my cousins and friends. As a Boy Scout I had gone on camporees all over the Greater New York area, and had gone to Ten Mile River Scout Camp for several summers. Now outside of Binghamton I was not that far from Ten Mile River, the Catskills and the Adirondacks I had loved.

Even as an adult I still had fantasies about the woods, fantasies that had begun before my puberty. The fantasies usually involved bondage, exposure, torture, being discovered tied helpless--those sorts of fun things. As a child I had friends who participated with me in playing out some of these scenarios--I'm writing about that elsewhere. But now, as an adult, companionship in this forbidden world was hard to find and I almost never tried to bring anyone else in. I loved the friends I had, most of whom were involved in relationships, and I certainly didn't want to alienate any of them by revealing my perverse fantasies and desires. Maybe I underestimated them. We were almost all politically liberal, smoked dope and occasionally tripped, drank beer and cheap wine. The girls mostly didn't wear bras and didn't shave under their arms. We made risque banter and the girls, even the married or involved ones, were available for hugs, affectionate kisses and casual flirting, but I certainly never tried to do more. When we were engaged in sexual repartee I would occasionally sneak in a bondage reference to see if anyone expressed interest or curiosity, but nobody did; and I certainly didn't pursue it. Though I was alone I had a good, supportive community, and I certainly didn't want to do anything to jeopardize it.

Instead, I would walk into my woods alone, find a thick tree, lean back against it and reach behind it, grasping each wrist with the other hand. I would imagine I was a bound captive. It was not quite enough for me, but it was better than nothing. Occasionally, when I felt very horny and very safe, I would strip naked and clutch a tree facing inward. My penis would erect and I would rub it against the rough bark until I ejaculated. Then instantly I would feel humiliated and ashamed. Coming often immediately broke the erotic aura hanging over me. I would quickly pull on my clothes, march out of the woods to the farmhouse, go to my room, a vast cold room in the attic that once was used for storing fruits and vegetables, and pick up a copy of Jane Austin or Edith Wharton so I could read about repressed lives and vivid imaginations other than my own.

Right after the Labor Day weekend I was invited by Jack and Sue, a married couple who were my closest friends, to join them for a long weekend of canoeing and camping in the Adirondacks. I had camped and hiked with them before; it was always wonderful. Sue was slender, brilliant, witty and very opinionated. Jack was tall, strong, quiet but very smart and dependable. He was a Viet Nam veteran, a little older than Sue and I, and was an undergraduate French major. Delighted to be invited into the woods with dear friends at a time when we all knew the Adirondacks would be quiet post-Labor Day, I happily agreed to go and we made plans.

The day of the trip Jack and Sue arrived in their VW Bus to pick me up--and along with them was Reba, another friend who had a boyfriend, Todd. Todd (who I thought was mean and patronizing to Reba) was away for the weekend and my friends had invited her to come along. I had mixed feelings. I really liked Reba; in fact, I had a crush on her. She was extremely sweet, very smart, and had the kind of body I loved: small breasts, pointy nipples (she never wore a bra and usually wore spaghetti-strap tops, so I could tell about the nipples), a large ribcage and a full waist with a big butt and strong legs. And she had curly, dark hair and sparkling eyes. I had seen a lot of Reba because she was Sue's oldest friend, going back to childhood days on Long Island. They had come to college together and were roommates until Sue moved in with Jack.

I would never make a move on someone who was in a relationship--just one of my moral standards. But, on the other hand, I hadn't desired another woman as much as I had desired Reba since I had first developed a crush on the girl who would later become my (now divorced) wife. I thought this might be a weekend of private torment for me (no pun intended), in such close proximity to this co-ed goddess with whom I would be sharing a back seat for several hours and then a tent. Nonetheless I was secretly thrilled to see her and off we all went.

Reba was a brand-new middle school math teacher and had just come from work where she had finished her first challenging week of orientation meetings before standing in front of a class for the first time. Because we wanted to get to the canoe launching point on Middle Saranac Lake before sunset, we took off right after her day was finished. Thus, she climbed into the car in her teacherly outfit of button-up shirt, knee-length skirt and sensible shoes, and we hit the road. About an hour out of town, however, Reba said she was uncomfortable in her good clothes and had to change. Her bag was in the back, so Jack pulled off to the side of the country lane and Reba hopped out. She ran around to the back, opened the hatch, pulled out her bag and removed denim cutoffs and one of her spaghetti-strap tops. I turned away as she started to open her shirt (wishing I had eyes in the back of my head), but I could hear her stripping, humming to herself. Jack and Sue both glanced back to check on her progress. Because he was married was Jack allowed to look? I kept my eyes front to give Reba space and to discourage the stirring I felt in my pants. All of a sudden, however, I heard a sharp clunk, followed by a yelp and moan from Reba. Instinctively I turned around and saw her, topless, clutching one of her hands with the other. She had smashed the back of her right hand against the raised hatch of the van and was very sore. Cursing, she grabbed her top, slammed down the hatch and padded barefoot around the side of the van, climbing in next to me with her little top clutched against her chest.

I was sorry for Reba's pain but very aroused at her more-or-less enforced nudity. She closed the door and we sped off with me looking away from my half-naked seat-mate. For a few minutes she continued to favor her sore hand while holding the top against her bare breasts by pressing it against her upper sides with her arms. I wanted desperately to stare at her but continued to look away. Eventually the pain abated and Reba was able to put on her top. Then she said "look at this" and showed me a welt on the back of her left hand. It was ugly and I sympathized. She also said "thanks for being a gentleman and not staring." I blushed and nodded. "Not from lack of interest, I assure you." We both laughed.

We rode on into the afternoon and eventually Reba began to doze. Sleepily, she asked if she could stretch her legs across me. I love sleepy-eyed women! Then Reba's beautiful, long, naked legs were in my lap. She was wearing only tiny denim cutoffs and a tiny top. As she slept, breathing heavily, I stole an occasional glimpse at her body. Her shorts were so brief I could see the edge of some pale blue cotton panties at her crotch. As she moved in her sleep her top rode up just a little so I could see her abdomen and belly button (no jewel--this was decades before that horrible fad began.) And as her legs moved over my lap I could feel them rubbing against my penis, which was by now partially erect. This was heaven and hell. I was afraid to move for fear of stimulating myself further, I was deeply embarrassed and I was, of course, very hot.

We sat and lay like this for about two more hours, at last arriving at the lake in the gorgeous Adirondack wilderness around 6:30 PM. We unloaded the car, took down the two canoes, loaded our gear, and made off into the broad, calm and empty water. We paddled for about 30 minutes, Jack and Sue in one canoe, Reba and I in the other, my eyes glued on Reba's delicious butt as it pressed against the front seating thwart. Finally we got to the campsite. We still had an hour or more of light and it was hot and muggy.

Chapter 2: The Swim

We unloaded the canoes, and Sue, ever the free spirit, announced she was going to take a swim before setting up the tents. We all thought this was a good idea. I looked around briefly for some private place to change, but the thought never occurred to Sue. She just shucked off her top, revealing her tiny, almost flat tits with hard, dark little nipples. I had seen her topless before when swimming and was not turned on by her slender, flat body, but I was always excited by the very fact of her partial nudity and the privilege of seeing it she bestowed on me, almost certainly unconscious of any effect it might have. As she pulled off her jeans and panties together I felt a flash of affection for Sue, the comfort of being an intimate part of her inner circle. I had seen her bright mind in classes we shared, and now I saw her sweet pussy in the woods. I stared for a split second and then quickly looked away.

Jack also started to strip. I was feeling shy and dawdled with my pack, acutely aware of Reba, wondering what she would do. Then Reba, standing right next to me, shucked down her shorts, flashing those cute light blue cotton panties. As she did she looked into my reddening face and caught me staring. She just chuckled and smiled sweetly, turning away. Jack and Sue dove into the lake, proclaiming how great it felt. I pulled off my shirt and turned around again and I slumped against a tree to remove my boots and socks. Reba was drawing off her top and I glanced at her at the magic moment that has always turned me on desperately when a woman's shirt was over her face temporarily blindfolding her and I could imagine her in bondage. That moment of a woman's helplessness has always held amazing erotic magic for me, and again I felt my dick harden.

Then Reba's panties were off and she turned to me: "c'mon!" In that instant I saw the whole Reba package, and it was good: wonderfully rounded belly, hard, pointy breasts and a rich, thick dark pubic bush covering what I thought of (having been a lit major) as her "mound of Venus."

Reba rushed into the lake and I watched her creamy butt disappear under the water. Then she was up, laughing and sputtering. Now all my friends were in the water, playing and looking to me to join them. My problem was, I was in the spotlight and I was fully erect. I mumbled excuses, they teased back, and eventually my moment of truth had come. I turned my back and pulled off my jeans and underpants in one movement. Sue wolf-whistled. Jack called "what's the matter, Teddy, got a boner?" I replied..."uh...yes."

Sue said "That's OK, we've all seen 'em--come on!"

Covering my privates I turned toward the group, immediately noticing the look of sweet, innocent curiosity on Reba's face. And the look of erection on her wet, shiny bare breasts. I felt my dick pulsating. I edged toward the water. Then Jack cried out "think fast!" and skimmed a frisbee right at me--fast and hard indeed. Instinctively I reached for it and caught it, but not before my bare boner popped into view.

I stood there, frozen, an erect deer caught in three pairs of headlights. Mustering as much dignity as I could, I strode, flopping and swaying, into the water, all eyes on my prick. I swam out into the deep, cool lake, composed myself and then swam back, feeling both humiliated and exhilarated. Jack and Sue were both leaving the water. They dried, hugged and walked together, wrapped in towels, into the woods.

"Where are they going?" I asked Reba.

"I think you inspired them."

Again I blushed.

"You're sweet and you have a nice boner" she said, her eyes twinkling. She moved up to me, which worried me a bit because her presence, her own sweet beauty and her words were making me hard again.

I had no expectation of seducing Reba, and though I desired her I didn't really even want to think about it. But I said the first thing that came into my mind: "I owe it 100% entirely to you."

She exhaled a deep breath. "Oh, that's so nice."

She reached toward me under the water. "Then I owe this to you." She grasped me and her hand began to move rhythmically, sending waves of pleasure out into the lake and deep into my soul. She didn't have to work hard, and she never took her eyes off mine, obviously enjoying my pleasure. My breathing increased, I quivered and jerked in her hand. I came quickly with a rush of cum and gratitude.

"God, that was wonderful," I sighed.

"I'm glad."

Reba kissed me on the cheek, squeezed my penis once more, and swam out into the lake. That final squeeze reassured me she was feeling no regret, and I swam after her, wanting to explore the parameters of the situation. That's one of my problems--it's always been difficult for me to leave well enough alone.

"Reba--is this OK?"

"Is what OK?"

"What just happened. I mean, what about Todd?"

Reba sighed and smiled sweetly.

"I go back to Todd on Sunday. We've been having a hard time, but we're working on it. But right now he's a long distance away. Let's just be here and enjoy ourselves and not feel too much regret. It'll be fine."

I felt very relieved by her comforting words. And I felt very excited when she took my hands and placed them over her little pale breasts. I felt the rock-hard nipples against my palms and started getting hard again myself.

We both stood in the water, which was up to her neck, and drank in the sensations of the moment. Finally she said "Teddy, there are other ways to be close than by having intercourse. I don't think it would be right to go all the way. But this is obviously going to be a sensual weekend."

Amazingly, I felt relieved. I didn't want to be part of something that would destroy her long-term relationship.

"I agree.... But what do you mean, other ways?"

"Well, like what just happened."

"Do you mean I can do that for you?", I asked.

"Let's just play it by ear. That was pretty exciting."

We shared another chaste kiss and swam to shore, just as Sue and Jack were emerging from the woods. Sue was topless, pulling on her shirt. That magic, head-covering moment again. Jack was clothed in shorts and a t-shirt Reba and I dried and we quickly got dressed.

Chapter 3: The Game of Truth

We set up the tent and lit our lantern. The tent was a big, two-room affair with enough space for about six or eight people. I wondered about the two rooms. I wasn't sure it was appropriate to be alone with Reba, as if we were an official couple. Sue answered the unspoken question by suggesting we all share one room and stow our gear in the other. Then we made a delicious, simple meal of burgers and beans. We opened a gallon of Almaden Chablis, chilled in the lake, and smoked some homegrown Upstate New York grass, delicious and relaxing as always. Then Sue, the instigator, said "let's play Truth. Let's all take turns talking about the sexiest thing we can think of."

There were some uncomfortable protests, but Sue was insistent. She said "c'mon, we'll blow out the lights. It will be easier in the dark."

Reluctantly we agreed and the lanterns were snuffed.

Sue said she would start. She talked about making love to a man and a woman simultaneously. We all let that sink in. The possibility was obvious. Dear friends about to become more? Jack followed by talking about doing it with two women. Clearly the conversation was taking an interesting course, and I wondered what Reba would have to say. She surprised me by saying "I guess I've had the same fantasy as Sue." Everyone was silent in the dark. I was thinking "they could actually do this. But what about me?" Sue asked the same thing.

"What about you, Teddy?"

You probably realize by now that I'm somewhat shy sexually with off-center interests, and I'm embarrassed about revealing myself, body or soul. I'm very liberal in my fantasies and somewhat inhibited in action. Sue knows this about me and has suggested it was one of the factors in the breakup of my marriage.

I was reluctant to speak, but also reluctant to sound too prudish or unimaginative in the presence of Reba, who seemed pretty open to interesting things. I considered my options until Jack spoke: "C'mon, T-boy, you're among friends."

Reba chimed in too: "Yeah, tell us your secret desires. It's only fair."

I mustered my courage and decided to fall back on one of my simple rules:

'When in doubt...tell the truth'.

"I've always wanted... to spend a big block of time... tied up stark naked under the control of friends who will 'put me through my paces'."

There was a long pause. I started to feel rising panic. Maybe they all thought I was a pervert. Of course they did. Could we strike the tent at night? Would we be heading for the car? The drive home would be awful. They'd never talk to me again. Everybody would know.

Then Sue spoke. "What do you mean, 'put you through your paces'.

"Oh nothing, I don't think I should have spoken." I was feeling very uncomfortable, almost nauseated. I had revealed too much and what I said was too dark.

Reba chimed in next": "Come on, Ted, you might as well get it off your chest."

I just blurted out the first things that came into my mind, free-associating:

"Oh, like being tied up, tied and sodomized, tied to trees, being tied spread-eagled, standing up or lying down, being suspended by my wrists off the ground like I once saw in a Classic Comic, being forced to hike naked when everyone else is dressed, being whipped or beaten with branches, being forced to perform sexual services in public, sexually teased over and over again but not allowed to cum, being taken out in public led by a leash around my dick, tethered to a tree like a horse but tied by my balls, tied to a naked girl, tied among strangers who think I'm totally know, stuff like that."

My head was buzzing. Was it the grass, or the fact that I had just ruined three perfectly good relationships, and so soon after getting a great handjob in the lake?

After a few moments Jack spoke: "so, like, you're a slaveboy!"

I sighed, not knowing where to begin.

"Did you just make this up?", asked Reba.

"Not exactly."

"How often do you have these fantasies?" asked Sue.

"Pretty much all the time. I've had them since before puberty."

"You're kidding!" Reba sounded amazed. "Do you ever want to do the other side, the sadist side?"

"Under the right circumstances, yeah. I've done both--a little."

"What do you mean?"

"I used to do thing like this with my cousin, or a couple of cousins, when I was much younger. I would almost always be the masochist. And I've done some things as the dominant one too--like after Nanette told me she was having an affair I made her strip and I tied her up and spanked her with a spatula, and then I made her sleep on the floor naked. I was miserable but I got off on her humiliation and pain anyway. I love tying up girls--present company excepted, of course--but it doesn't happen very often."

Sue chuckled in the dark. "I wish I could have been there to see you do that to Nanette. I love the idea of that bitch being spanked by you with a spatula. I thought she was always really mean to you. Did it leave marks?"

"Yeah, she had a red, spotted behind the last time I saw it."

"So, did she do these dominant things to you during your marriage?" Reba asked.

"No--I raised the question once, but she thought it was sick. And anyway, I'm not really interested in being treated meanly or out of anger, or in treating anyone else that way, and there was always too much meanness between us to feel safe giving up control. And I don't want to be anyone's slave or master--at least, not unless it causes pleasure among equals. Something like that."

My face was burning in the dark. I was humiliated by this discussion of my kinks, and still didn't know what my friends thought.

Reba asked "How can it cause pleasure to hurt someone or be hurt?"

I didn't have a glib answer, so I said nothing.

Sue said--"well, I guess there's one way to find out."

Reba replied "yeah."

I wondered about that little interchange, which certainly didn't escape me.

Jack was silent, but I imagined he was taking it all in. He said "I'm going to bed."

Sue agreed and they both got up.

"Tomorrow--Mount Ampersand", said Jack.

They disappeared into the tent.

Chapter 4: Tied by a Friend

Reba sat there in the dark for a while, silently. I was in dread of what she must be thinking. Eventually I lay back and looked up at the amazing spectacle of the Milky Way, seen from a place where there was no light for miles around to interfere with its glory.

Finally she spoke.

"So...." Dread.

"...It was really nice this evening." Some relief. Some hope.

"...Obviously I'm thinking about what you talked about. It took a lot of courage."

I took a deep breath but could say nothing.

"Are these things you really want?" she asked.

I thought how to answer and finally said "I don't want to ruin good relationships."

Another pause, and then she said "excuse me for a minute."

She got up and went into the tent. I could hardly see anything but could hear a quiet, murmured conversation between Reba and Jack and Sue.

After a few minutes she came back out and sat next to me. She had something in her hand--I couldn't see what.

At last I spoke. "You know, the last thing I wanted to do is disgust you or Sue or Jack. I should have kept my mouth shut."

Gently, she replied "I'm not disgusted, and I don't think they are either. That's not the kind of people they are."

"What about Jack?", I asked. "He's so macho and laconic."

"I think he's all right. Basically he's 'live and let live'. You know that's true."

It was.

"So here's what I'd like to do," said Reba.

"Let's share a double sleeping bag. But I want to tie you up. You know, so you can't take advantage of me."

My heart started to race. My dick started to stiffen.

"Great," I croaked. So articulate. My mouth was dry.

Reba said "I got some rope from Jack. Take off your shirt."

Shaking with excitement, I obeyed. I felt my nipples harden in the night breeze.

She produced the rope and began winding it around my wrists. I loved her good intentions and didn't want to throw her off, but she needed some guidance.

"No, behind my back."


"It has to be behind my back or I'm not helpless. Advantage could still be taken."

"Oh, you're right."

Reba unwound the rope and I moved my hands behind me, crossing my wrists. I turned away from her so she had access to my back.

Reba started once again to tie my wrists, but it was too loose. Quickly, I pulled free.

"You've got to do it tighter."

"Sorry." Once again she wound the rope around my wrists, tighter this time. But she couldn't make a square knot, only a granny, and again in a moment I was free.

"Reba," I said, "Maybe we should just forget it."

"I'm not gonna forget it. Wait here."

She got up once again and entered the tent. In a minute she was out with Jack emerging right behind her.

"So you're some kind of a Houdini, huh?"

Oh, I was so embarrassed. "Reba just isn't a Boy Scout," I said, but what I meant was "get me out of here. Let me disappear."

"Well, I was, said Jack. Hands behind your back."

"You don't have to...."

"Yes he does, Reba said."

I complied, and in a minute Jack had me firmly lashed.

He stood up, patting me on the head. "You won't get out of this."

He paused a moment, then continued.

"You talked about being forced to perform sexual services. What exactly do you mean?"

Once again the dread rose from my chest to my throat, but I was able to get out the answer I had considered for years to that question.

"Well, not..." A false start. Then, "...if I were helpless the choice would be out of my hands--so to speak."

"Yeah," growled Jack. "Good night."

He patted my head once again and walked into the tent.

Once again Reba and I were alone on the blanket under the stars.

"Now can you get out?" Reba purred.


"Good. Lie back."

I obeyed. Reba reached for my belt and opened it. Then she unbuttoned my pants.

"Raise up."

Silently, breathing deep, I obeyed once again. Reba shucked my pants down over my hips and down my legs to my ankles. Then she reached up for my underpants and started pulling them down as well. They hung up on my hardon.

"Oh, this is so amazing," breathed Reba.

She carefully adjusted my dick to untangle it from the underpants and pulled my last remaining garment to my ankles. Then both were off and I was naked. Naked and tied in the presence of a beautiful, clothed woman--who I could hardly see in the woodland darkness.

"Okay" said Reba. "Here's the plan--if you agree. You're gonna lie face-down on the blanket. I'm gonna undress and lie on top of you. And you are going to use your fingers to give me an orgasm. After all--it's only fair."

It's more than fair," I agreed.

Reba reached down, took my penis, and very slowly began moving her hand up and down, not rubbing so much as sliding my flesh. My breathing grew faster."

"You do that a little bit more and I'm gonna cum!"

"Oh, don't cum!"

Reba stood up. I strained to see her in the darkness. But she would have none of it.

"Turn over," she said.

"Can't I watch?"

"No, you can't. Besides, it's the same body you saw this afternoon."

"Yeah, but this is different."

She knelt down and, surprise, gently slapped my penis.

Her voice was sweet but insistent. "I said--turn over!"

I did, and my face--and erect penis--pressed into the rough wool blanket.

Then Reba stood again and I could hear her removing her few pieces of clothing. One by one she dropped them onto my head--skimpy top, cutoff jean shorts. Then she brushed them aside and laid her panties over my head. I could smell her body's perfume and it made me crazy.

And then Reba was kneeling next to me. She bent over and whispered in my ear.

"Would you like to have your hands all over me?"

Was this a trick question? "Yes," I groaned.

"Tough," she chuckled. Wow, she was good at this!

And she lay on top of me, her naked front pressed into my naked back. The only thing between us was my crossed arms, bound at the wrists.

She adjusted herself above me, sliding her soft warm body until I could feel her damp fur with my fingers.

"I'm ready. I'm really wet--you shouldn't have too much trouble."

And she was. My fingers found her slit, and two middle fingers of my left hand slipped in through the thick lubrication of her pussy. She moaned, her hot, wet breath warming my ear. Though the position was awkward, I began to move my fingers slowly in and out--though mostly in. Her body and my ropes prevented me from moving too far out.

I heard her breathing go erratic.

"See if you can stroke my clit with your thumb."

She shifted and I found her hard little nub. I was now holding her something like a bowling ball, my fingers deep inside, my thumb pulled back, its tip working across her clitoris.

She moved on top of me and I moved below her. I was amazed to feel the growing sensation of arousal in my penis--in fact, throughout my body, pressed down by about 120 lbs of naked woman into rough wool. So above I was being given a flesh massage, and below I was being abraded. My excitement mounted fast, as did hers, thanks to my insistent fingering and rubbing of her open vulva. We both began to squirm and quiver. Then she whispered into my ear.

"I loved what you said. I loved your shyness but how you spoke anyway and told us your fantasy. It made me tremendously hot. And now--push inside and hold; I'm gonna cum on your hand!"

I froze, she tightened around my fingers amazingly and pushed her loins down against me. I could hear and feel her orgasm and her spasms of pleasure pumped me right over the edge. We moaned and sighed together and I came into the blanket.

And there we lay in the dark, sweaty, musky, sated. We said nothing--what words could be better than the sensations quivering through us?

And eventually, maybe 15 minutes later, she rose up off of me and pulled me up to kneeling.

"Come on, into the lake."

Though I wasn't feeling shy about my nudity at this moment, I was conscious of the fact that I was messy and sticky around my soft penis and the aroma emanating from below was powerful. With my wrists still tied I was led by this beautiful creature to the water's edge. I had been surprised by her several times already today, but she surprised me yet again. She took my penis in her hand, rubbed it gently as if trying to clean it, and then brought her fingers to her mouth."

"Mmmm... have you ever tasted your own semen?"

"No." I didn't find the idea particularly appealing.

"Well, here's a cum and pussyjuice cocktail." She slid her fingers into her vulva, then stroked my penis and pubic hair again, then brought her sticky fingers to my mouth. For an instant I resisted.

"Come on, all the way in."

I opened my mouth and took her fingers.

"Come on, suck, little baby." she cooed.

I sucked and tasted a human cocktail.

Then we slid into the lake. Because my hands were tied she stayed right with me. We soaked only for a minute or two and then climbed out. Reba picked up her top and used it as a towel to dry us both.

"Let's go to sleep," she suggested at last.

I nodded.

"Do you want me to release your hands?" she asked.

"Would you think it's totally crazy if I said no?"

"Teddy," she whispered, "you've just masturbated me to one of the greatest orgasms of my life. You really think I could think you're crazy?"

I smiled and felt incredibly lucky.

"What about Jack and Sue? You think they'll mind?"

"I really doubt it. After all, Jack tied you up. I think he'd be proud to see his knots are still holding in the morning. And you know as well as I do Sue is game for just about anything."

That was so true.

"But what about your circulation?" Reba asked.

"It's fine. His knots are tight and I really don't think I could ever get out, but there's enough room for the blood to flow."

"Good. Well, considering the travel, the wine, the grass, the food and the wonderful orgasm, I'm sleepy. Come on."

I nodded and we slipped into the tent. Silently Reba unpacked our sleeping bags and opened them, one above and one below. She helped me down, and was about to crawl in next to me when she stopped, reached into her pack and pulled out a pair of pajamas. Much to my surprise and disappointment she pulled them on. Then she slipped under the blanket and ran her hands up my bare body.

"How come you got dressed?", I asked.

"I don't know--propriety, I guess."

"What about me?"

"You don't get propriety. You're staying naked."

My penis quivered, I sighed and closed my eyes. I felt a wave of love and gratitude for Reba, this glorious girl who was involved with another guy. We had made love and we hadn't made love. We were incredibly intimate and yet we had set limits which, so far, we had kept. I really respected her for that. Which made me hornier.

God, how I wanted to suckle on her nipples and tongue her belly button. How strange that she had put on these floppy PJs that covered her up like a nun. How strange I was so close to paradise and yet so far, naked and helpless among my dearest friends.

It was frustrating and a little humiliating to think about but it was wonderful. Maybe that was the point.

I could hear Reba's breathing deepen, and I knew she was asleep. I could hear Jack and Sue breathing deeply on the other side of the tent. I felt so excited I thought I would be up all night.

And an instant later it was light out and it was Saturday morning in a silent Adirondack paradise.

I was really stiff after a night with my wrists lashed behind me. It's not easy sleeping tied!

I opened my eyes and look around. The tent was empty. Groaning, I kicked off the sleeping bag and sat up. I don't know whether it was a piss hardon or the inherent eroticism of my situation, but I was indeed erect again. I blushed, glad to be alone. I crawled on my knees to the entrance and looked out. My three friends were all dressed and sitting by the fire pit conferring about something. I had to take a piss but was embarrassed to blatantly get up and exit the tent naked, tied and hard. I cleared my throat and they looked up.

They all said 'hi' and I did too. Then I asked, "can somebody take these off me?" I turned, displaying my bound wrists.

"You sleep okay?", asked Sue.

"Great, though I'm a little sore."

"I am, too," Reba said with a warm grin. I loved her smile and caught her meaning. I could feel myself blushing.

"The thing is," I said, "I need to go to the bathroom and I need to get on some clothes. I can't dress with my wrists tied."

"You really need to dress?", asked Sue.

"Well, yeah. We're doing this hike and all. It's a little embarrassing..."

"Okay, come on over and I'll let you loose," said Jack.

I hesitated. "Well, could you come here?... I sort of...."

Jack laughed. "What, you got another hardon?

"Something like that."

"And you've really gotta piss?"

"Yeah, I really do. Could you help me?"

"Sure, like I said," smiled Jack. "Come on over."

I groaned again. What would be more embarrassing, letting them see me as they already had seen me, or wetting the tent? Of course, Sue had never seen me tied, and Jack and Reba had only seen me tied in the dark, so I wasn't exactly bold and carefree--but I rose up, stepped out of the tent and, dicktip pointed directly at them, I walked over to the fire.

Reba grinned in admiration and sympathy. Jack deliberately looked me in the eyes. And Sue broke out in a big, broad smile.

"God, you guys are so lucky to have that thing get so hard. It's like a male peacock during mating season."

Once again I turned red. Turning red seemed to be one of the major themes of the weekend. I reached the group and turned my wrists to Jack.

"Nice butt," said Sue.

I felt her hand reach up and cup one of my cheeks.

Playfully, Jack slapped her hand away and proceeded to untie my bondage, which wasn't easy because the wetting of the ropes the night before had tightened the knots.

Finally I was free. I thanked Jack, ran for the tent, grabbed some shorts from my pack, pulled them on and then my boots, and sprinted for the woods.

I found a discreet distant tree, stepped behind it and peed into the wilderness. A few yards back toward the lake I could hear my friends giggling. I imagined it was about me, which made me feel embarrassed. When I was done I shook my half-soft penis and stuffed it into my pants. I turned and walked back to my companions mustering as much dignity as I could. Strangely, I still felt naked, even though I was totally decently covered.

Here are the next three chapters of my autobiographical fantasy, "Adirondack Hard." Much of it is based on my actual experiences. But as in any autobiography, real life is only the beginning. I can't say exactly what percentage of this story is the gospel truth; I can say I wish it all were.

This story is copyright 2004 by tough93013. It's posted for free to the readers of, and I thank the webmaster for providing such a wonderful opportunity. I'm glad I can serve the readers with this writing. Please do not repost this story on any other site without my explicit, written permission. And if you are under the age at which you can legally read this story, please do not read further. I entered the world of bdsm at a very early age (the first orgasm of my life was in bondage, as I am writing in the second installment of "My Perv"), but I cannot encourage young readers to do the same.

I greatly appreciate feedback and reviews from readers. I have more written and waiting but I would like to know what you think of the direction this story is going in.

Chapter 5: The Hike

At about 9AM on Saturday, September 10, we loaded our two canoes and headed out across the lake to the Mount Ampersand trailhead. Again I paddled in the stern with Reba in the bow of one canoe. Again I enjoyed the sight of her behind pressed against the forward thwart. We crossed the glassy lake in silence, overawed by the peaceful majesty of this vast wilderness that, it seemed, we had entirely to ourselves. I guess we felt a little smug putting off our camping trip until the weekend after Labor Day and thereby having about three million acres to ourselves. Right at that moment we were richer than Rockefeller, who had his few thousand measly acres a couple of hundred miles down the Hudson. Shortly before hitting the shore we noticed an elk or moose, I forget which, placidly drinking at the shoreline some distance away. He looked up, blinking lazily; we silently agreed to give each other plenty of distance. Then he went back to drinking and we beached our canoes.

Reba, though very game, was a little bit apprehensive about the hike of several miles with a gain of several thousand feet that we were about to take. I'd been on this hike a couple of times before with Jack and Sue, and enjoyed being Reba's guide and authority. The trail starts easily and in almost staggering beauty as it winds through the floor of a forest for several miles, climbing gently. After a while we got to the end of that section. Just before the trail veered up sharply we came to our old familiar stream, filled our hats with water and liberally doused ourselves and each other against the muggy heat. We took care to keep our boots dry but the rest got pretty wet. Then we hit the trail again, and from here on it went from steep to steeper; occasionally we literally had to pull ourselves up by roots and branches to the next level. This was extremely challenging, and we stopped frequently. At one point I was for turning back, but Sue wouldn't hear of it.

"Something wonderful awaits you at the top," she promised.


"You'll see."

She winked and plowed on. Jack was already up ahead with Reba just behind. Sue was third and I brought up the rear. Up...up... and then clear sky above; we had reached the meadow that led gently up to the top a few hundred yards ahead. Actually, they had reached it before me, and were all sitting by the side of the trail catching their breath when I got to them. I was a little ashamed to be the last man up, but I was ready to plow on ahead, exhilarated that our goal was so close. I walked right past, pretending to be Mr. Macho, calling back "c'mon."

"Hold on a second, big guy," called Sue.

I stopped and turned to her. "What?"

"Well, it's time for your reward."

"Reward for what?"

"Reward for being you."

"You pervert," added Jack.

A buzz ran through me. I had the uneasy feeling that something awful was about to happen.

"Here's the deal," he continued, pulling out his enormous hunting knife and holding it out to me.

"Take this knife. Go into the woods over there and pick out a number of straight, thin, flexible branches. Cut out about a half dozen and bring them back."

"What for?"

"You'll see."

I didn't quite see yet, but I nodded. "Okay."

I took the knife and headed toward the stand of high, spindly trees.

"Oh," Sue called after me. "And come back naked!"

"What?" I spun back to them. "What are you talking about?"

"Naked. Buck naked. Stark naked," said Jack. "Leave your clothes in the woods. And I don't want to see any hardon, or you'll be sorry."

"Oh, shit," quoth I. The picture was becoming clearer. Again I started to flush, the red of embarrassment deepening the pink of exertion.

I wanted to talk my way out of this. It seemed especially important not to be humiliated in front of Reba, my longtime object of desire and new quasi-love partner. I looked at her face for any sign of concern, any glimmer that would suggest I should defy Jack's orders. All I saw was a fond, beatific smile. She seemed in complete agreement with the others.

"Suppose there are people up there?"

"Suppose your dick gets bitten off by a bear," said Jack.

Shaking my head, I turned back to the woods. I walked a few yards and delved into the trees. Looking around I quickly saw some promising saplings with soft, pliable branches. I sliced them down and stripped them of cross branches. I didn't want any rough nub to remain. When I was done, my heart pounding, I quickly pulled off my clothes and stuffed the pile of garments under some leaves. I grabbed my branches and the knife and worked my way out of the woods, more slowly, this time, because I was now barefoot. I emerged from the woods and Reba, Sue and Jack were nowhere to be seen. For a moment I panicked. Was this a cruel joke? Did they just want to see how gullible I was? I blocked that thought. I reasoned for a second. They wouldn't have turned back down the mountain without ever reaching the top. They must have gone up. Clutching my bundle of branches, I turned that way as well. With each step my excitement and apprehension rose.

In fact, that's not all that rose. As I swung my bundle of switches aside to pass a large boulder, the fresh wood grazed my penis and it began to erect. I thought "not a good idea," but my cock didn't obey.

Then as I neared the top, I heard a voice I didn't recognize--an older man's voice:

"Are you telling me we have to clear off the mountain so you can have your initiation?"

Then I heard Sue, clever quick Sue, responding calmly and rationally:

"No, not at all. You decide for yourself. I said the ceremony was secret, the meaning of it is secret. But it doesn't have to be private. You're taxpayers, you have every right to be up here. I'm just warning you about what's going to happen."

"And you said you got permission for all this?"

"Oh, Yes, it's on file down in Lake George."

"Well, I think this whole thing is sick!"

I was standing still by now, feeling certain that what they were talking about had something to do with me, bare-assed, hard-cocked me.

Then I heard another strange voice, a woman's: "Henry, just calm down. We can just go over to the other side if we don't want to see this."

Then a girl's voice: "I want to see it dad, it sounds neat!"

A boy's voice, same age: "Me too!"

Then the dad again, growling: "You're not seeing anything!"

Then another man's voice: "Well, we're certainly not staying for this. We'll see you down at the bottom. Come on, honey, let's go. Come on, Bob."

With that I heard the tromping of footsteps, and in a few seconds I was face-to-face with a forty-ish couple and a boy of about twelve.

"Get out of the way, you sick fuck!", the man growled.

The boy stopped and stared at me, looking hard at my hardon.

"Dad, what's wrong with his thing? It's sticking out."

The mother, an attractive redhead with freckles, pale skin and a deep blush looked me over sternly.

"We'll talk about that later, Bobby. Let's move on.

Then, looking back at me with what I hoped was a bit of motherly tenderness, she said to me, "Good luck with your ceremony. Your friends are waiting."

I nodded thanks, and as they passed I pushed on, redder than a beet, hoping I wouldn't have to confront the other family of strangers I knew was still up on top.

In a second, I walked onto the bald peak of Mount Ampersand. Before me I saw an ocean of green hills and forests that must have stretched all the way into Canada. If the Canadians had good eyes they could see my penis.

Then I looked to the right and saw Reba, Sue and Jack by the massive sign that dominated the peak. It's made of heavy wood and reads, "Mount Ampersand, Adirondack National Park, US Forestry Service."

The sign is held up by two massive steel I-beams, each about 8 feet high and six feet apart from one another. The sign dangles from a steel pipe which functions as a crossbeam. The pipe must be about three inches in diameter and can hold a lot of weight.

And one more thing I noticed: Attached to the top and bottom of each vertical beam was a heavy piece of rope, each rope several feet long. I knew what that rope was for, and my penis got harder.

Jack looked up from tying off the fourth length of rope. He looked me over and his eyes narrowed. "I thought I told you no hardon."

"I'm sorry, I stammered. I can't really..."

"I said you'll be sorry," Jack interrupted with a grin, "And you will."

I hung my head--I actually did, like a shamed schoolboy. And as I looked down I saw yet more stiffening. During my whole marriage with Nanette I never had erections like this, and that might have been one of the key issues; the guy she started having the affair with could stay hard for hours without coming. She had offered me this heart-warming information when she told me, "I love you--but I need his penis."

Now, stark naked and erect on a mountain top a world away from that relationship, confronted by three old friends who are just getting a humiliating glimpse the real me, moments away from being bound and beaten, maybe in the presence of strangers, I'm as hard as a rock--when I've been warned not to be hard or I'd be sorry.

I felt ashamed, humiliated, embarrassed, frightened--and thrilled.

"Put down the sticks and help me move that log," Jack said.

He was pointing to a sizeable tree trunk that was partially burned. It had obviously been lugged up here some time ago for a campfire or a beacon.

"What's that for--you're not planning to burn me alive, are you?" I was trying to inject a little levity into the situation.

"No, it's just for you to stand on."

"I can't stand on the ground?"

"Oh, we'll push it out from under you once you're tied."

"Gee--is that really necessary? That will really make the ropes tight."

Sue chimed in: "Teddy, that's the idea isn't it? This is your fantasy being fulfilled. You want it to be half-assed or the whole ball of wax."

I pondered for a moment, again looking at Reba for a sign.

she looked down--ambiguous. I felt a pang and looked away. I had to make the decision for myself.

"I want the whole ball of wax."

"Then let's go." said Jack--"we've got a lot to do today."

Chapter 6: Flogged at the Top

I dropped the sticks, which I should now call 'switches', gave Jack his knife and walked with him to the log.

As I reached it I saw the other family across the top of the peak. The hard-looking man was glaring at me; the pretty wife in short denim shorts was distracting a coltish girl of maybe thirteen. Starting to get breasts. I looked again at the woman. She was the spitting image of the other woman who went down the mountain.

"I'll bet they're twins," I thought. Why would I think about that at a time like this?

We tried to heft the log. It was really heavy and I was afraid that without support I could get a hernia. I felt the strain in my scrotum. Fortunately my cock was going down.

The man saw our difficulty and came over to us.

"I guess I can give you a hand."

"Thanks," said Jack.

I was too embarrassed to speak; but together the three of us and Reba, who came to help as well, moved the log under the cross beam.

Jack thanked the stranger, who nodded curtly and turned to leave.

"I might need your help to get it out."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, once Ted is tied I want to push away the log he'll be standing on so he'll be suspended. It's...It's part of the ceremony."

"Sounds painful."

Sue chimed in: "Well, it's supposed to be. You know how secret societies are--corporal punishment and everything."

The man nodded as if he knew indeed.

"Well, call me over if you need more help. I'll stand by."

I thought to myself 'this guy might be a middle-aged redneck, but he's being very accommodating--and at least he's not calling me a sick fuck--though I am'.

Then Jack motioned to me:

"Okay, Teddy, up on the log."

With some effort Jack expertly tied one of my arms to one side, and drew the other tightly in the opposite direction and up. He directed me to spread my legs, his words causing me to blush and begin to erect once again--but I obeyed. I guess sometimes I like obeying.

Jack drew one leg far out to the right and tied it off. Then he pulled hard on the other leg so I was really split wide. Soon that leg was tied as well. I tried the ropes and they held me fast. I let out a big breath and felt a little terror rising.

"Maybe you can just let me stand on the log. This is awfully tight."

"Nope. If you're gonna do a thing like this, you got to do it right. I learned that in the scouts and again in Nam."

"You did this in Nam?"

"I'm afraid I did--but it wasn't for fun or 'personal exploration'. It was to get information."

"And... and did it always work?"

Jack said few words for someone with a big intellect and a lot of incredible experiences.

"Not as well as it worked for them on us."


"Maybe because they were fighting for their homeland. We were the invaders. We had less to lose and we broke easier. I know I did."

He did? That made me very curious. But Jack shook off the mood.

"Excuse me," he called out to the stranger, who had rejoined his family.

"I don't know your name, but I could use that help again if you don't mind."

"It's Myron Quincy. You can call me Mike. I'll be right over."

Mike returned to the site where my torture was about to take place. He looked me over frankly, surveying my helplessness.

"You did a good job."

He sounded cooler, not disgusted or hostile as before, but respectful, almost clinical.

" I heard you talking. I did some of the same work with the Japs during the war."

Great--two army torturers. At least I was in expert hands. I almost regretted I had nothing to confess. But that's not true, I had plenty they'd all be surprised to hear, even though so much had already been revealed, and I don't mean just my erect penis.

But I was safe from interrogation because they didn't know what questions to ask. They'd just do the torture.

Jack and Mike and Sue and Reba all pushed on the log, and it rolled away,

With an enormous "oof" my body dropped. I was suspended in air for just a moment, and then the very tips of my toes touched ground as the ropes stretched.

I was hanging in a perfect "X", and I felt like I was being racked. I groaned.

"Any last words?", asked Jack

I gasped my reply. "I'd like you all to do it. Simultaneously. Start easy and build it up."

Jack and the girls nodded.

Reba, who had been mostly silent all morning, now asked softly "how hard do you want us to go."

"Harder than you think you should. Maybe even until you draw a little blood. Use your judgment--but don't listen to my pleas for mercy."

Reba gasped and nodded. Her look was more sympathetic and understanding than horrified.

"I wanted something else," I said.

"What," asked Jack.

"I wanted the girls bare-breasted. I wanted the sight of my torturers to turn me on--not just the torture and the helplessness and my nakedness. I wanted to see their sweat as they worked me over." I liked the phrase "worked me over." It always gave me a charge. I looked back and forth from Reba's face to Sue's. "I want to watch your nipples get hard as you beat me. I want to see you get excited."

Sue said "I doubt you'll see that!"

Reba spoke. "But, we're not alone here." She looked to Mike who was standing a couple of feet away.

Mike responded, "At this point I don't care. You kids all crazy anyway. Might as well get crazier. I'll go over to my family."

Then he added, with what was either a twinkle or a leer, "Might even take a peek at the proceedings if you don't mind. It's only fair."

This time Reba blushed. Then she nodded. Sue and Jack did as well--and so did I.

Though I was moving off into some sort of endorphin-enriched state, I knew exactly what was going on. I had at least one additional witness to my humiliation, a stranger among friends. Well, the die was cast.

"Girls in front, Jack. You in back."

"So you can lech on my wife."

"She's so wonderful--she definitely deserves my attention. And you can beat the lechery out of me."

Jack nodded. He looked to his wife and to Reba. Both girls pulled off their shirts. Neither wore bras. I saw four nipples, Sue's soft, Reba's already erect. Just like my penis, I thought.

I saw four beautiful, pale, yielding breasts. Not what you expect to see on your torturers.

Jack also pulled off his shirt. I saw the scar he didn't like to talk about.

They all picked up switches, each about 40 inches long.

Reba stepped to my right, Sue to my left.

Jack moved around behind.

They just stood there.

"It's funny," I said. "Here I am being crucified, and I'm calling the shots. It's like the slave directing the masters. Right now you are my master--and mistresses."

I took a deep breath and let it out. I was stretched so tightly it was a little hard to breathe.

I nodded to the beautiful, bare-breasted hippie girl to my side, the one with a little hair visible under her armpits.

"Reba, you first."


"Every inch of my body, from above the knees up. Everywhere but my face."

Reba nodded. She tested the switch in the air. Its whistle was a shock. Then she stepped up close to me, her face well below mine as I hung suspended. She whispered, "You are a beautiful, wonderful, fascinating, brave man."

She ran her hand down my chest onto my hard penis. She held it tight and moved her hand in and out. "And you do excite me. I envy you."

I was surprised. I wondered what she meant.

"Don't...don't make me come. Once I come it's just torture, the pleasure is gone."

"Oh, I won't make you come. That was one of the things you said--keep on arousing you but don't let you cum. You're a very lucky guy. This day is all for you."

I nodded. "I know I'm lucky."

I gasped as she pumped me once more. I was aching and I was frightened, but I knew this was the moment of a lifetime.

Reba stepped away, drawing back the arm with the switch. I noticed the perky way her right breast rose with her arm.

And then she brought the switch forward with a 'wissshhhh' and it bit into my belly. I screamed. Startled, she dropped the rod, and stepped up. She looked at the angry line she had drawn across my belly. "Do we stop or go on?", she asked.

"Go on." I was gasping.

Then there was another wissshhhh, as Jack's switch bit into my shoulders.

And another as Sue whipped me across the chest. And another. And another. And I was writhing and screaming. I was looking out across the vast, calm wilderness, looking down into the faces and onto the breasts of two of my torturers. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the forms of all three members of Mike's family, including his young daughter, staring at me in frozen, horrified curiosity. I thought, 'how strange. How incredibly amazing all this is happening. All this for me'.

The blows must have rained down for ten minutes. I was sobbing, hysterical, pleading for mercy, deranged and outside of myself. Sliced and diced. My body was jumping and slumping. Jack's blows would drive me forward toward the girls, my cock bobbing upward. Then with determined, distracted looks, almost of enjoyment, the girls would beat me and I would jerk back. Then Jack would begin the cycle of my self-willed torture again. Sometimes all blows would land at once and it seemed the only way I could go was up or down--I'd jump or slump.

But my true, dear friends wouldn't stop. That's how much they cared.

Until at last Jack cried "there's blood!" And the whipping ended.

Sue reached into her bag and pulled out a camera. I saw her nipples were now fully erect. She asked the stunned Mike to take some pictures. She, Jack and Reba gathered around me. Mike snapped off pictures. Sue and Jack made 'thumbs up' signs.

Reba reached for my erection, it too bearing a couple of welts.

She took it and pumped.

"Hold on, now," said Mike.

He wound the camera, and as he pressed the shutter.

My body spasmed. I came in spurts that shot out away from me toward the camera. I wondered if he caught that on film, and I felt the betraying blush.

Suddenly I felt ashamed and I looked up to see the face of the little teeny-bopper watching, fascinated. I saw her look up to her mother as if wanting an explanation for the strange milk that poured from my thingie. I had come and I wanted to get down. I was humiliated and miserable.

The mother held the little girl's hand in hers. Her other hand was clutched to her heart, or the ample breast over it. I was in total agony, total shame, and yet I saw all this. I saw Mike, the middle-aged torturer from World War II, clutching his lower abdomen--or it could have been his penis, if it were hard. I glanced at Jack, who had turned facing me to assess the damage. I'm sure I saw a bulge in his shorts.

Reba and Sue were both breathing heavily, their naked chests heaving. How hard those four nipples were. I fantasized that it was pure animal arousal, though it might have been mere exertion.

Jack looked me in the face. "You're pretty marked up--Teddy, can you understand me?"

My eyes were opening and closing., but it was more from sweat burning me than from a drift toward unconsciousness. I nodded. "Water."

Reba rushed to her canteen and opened it as she sprinted back. She lifted the canteen to my lips, pressing against my bow-taut body. The contact burned like sandpaper against an open wound. I gasped and spasmed again.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," cooed Reba. More carefully she held the water to my lips and I drank.

"Not too much," warned Jack. "It'll make him sick."

"Can we just cut him down?", asked Reba.

"Not yet," said Jack. "Let him hang for a while, he's all right. Let him savor this moment. It may never happen again."

They say the victim sometimes learns to love his torturer through some perverse kind of identification. At those words I sure felt love for Jack.

"Let's take a rest, have a bite to eat. Then we'll get him down."

The girls looked at him like he was crazy. Then they looked at me, hanging there lacerated and groaning. And I nodded. Let me come down slowly from the heights I've scaled.

"Move the log," I requested.

Jack agreed. Mike came over to help, and with the girls they shifted the log back under my feet, relieving some of the strain on my wrists and toes.

I sighed and nodded in gratitude.

The girls went to get the picnic blanket and the food.

Now Mike and his family stepped up before me, as if on a receiving line at a funeral.

"We're gonna go, " he said.

Jack took his hand. "Thanks for your help."

Mike nodded, turning to his wife.

"This is what it was like in the war. You did things you never could imagine doing. You accepted as normal what was pretty insane."

Mike's wife nodded. "I finally understand."

"It's just a test," I rasped.

"A test of what?" the woman asked.

I paused, considering. "A test of what I can take."


"…I don't know."

"It's not an initiation, is it?"

"No," I said. I paused again, still struggling for breath.

"Just some friends having a good time."

"With friends like that…" she said.

"Honey, they're damn good friends," said Mike. "If somebody asked you to do this to them, could you?"

She just shook her head. But I think she understood. One thing I got at that moment hanging there naked in front of her and her family: I got new respect for Mr. and Mrs. Middle America.

Chapter 7: Hanging In There

I looked down at them. "My name is Ted Fineman."

"Jewish, huh?" Said Mike's wife.

"Like Jesus," said the girl. "He's like Jesus on the cross." Indeed, she was looking up at me in wonder, as if I were a god. That is, when she wasn't staring at my half-hard circumcised Jewish penis. The mother kept trying to turn the girl's eyes away from my member, but I think she was too stunned to be very effective. Or maybe she realized deep inside that staring was very much in order.

Mike said "I'm Mike Quincy, you know that. This is my wife Karen, and our little girl Anna."

"I'm not so little. I'm thirteen," said Anna eagerly.

Mike turned to Jack. "Better give me an address so I can send pictures. I took some with my camera while you three were going at it."

"Putting him through his paces," quipped Sue.

Jack said "right," and found a pencil and paper in his pack. He scribbled on the paper and handed it to Mike.

"Well, we're heading down the hill," said Mike.

"How are you going to develop those pictures, Mike?" asked Sue. "A photo lab might not understand."

"I've got a darkroom at home. My daughter and I work as a team developing our own stuff. We'll do it there. I work for the Binghamton Bugle."

I was amazed. Binghamton--that's where we lived, or right close by. These people were practically neighbors.

Reba looked alarmed. "This is not going to find its way into the Bugle, is it?"

"Nobody would believe it," said Mike flatly. Then to his family, "Let's go."

But the girl, Anna, could not take her eyes off my wounded body and my still-thick penis. She considered for a moment and said to Reba "can I try it?"

"Try what, Honey?" asked Reba.

"Can I touch his thing?"

Karen, the mom, exploded. "Absolutely not, shame on you! That's a private part! You know they call it private!"

She began to wrench Anna away.

I gasped "It's okay, it's only natural curiosity. And I certainly am in no position to bite her."

"I'm not sure any of this is natural. I don't know, maybe it is, but I never heard of it before."

"You learn something every day," said Mike philosophically.

"That's for true," said Karen.

"Then can I try the stick?", asked Anna.

"What do you mean?", asked Karen.

"Can I hit him?"

I liked the fact that she was speaking of me in the third person. More dehumanizing that way.

"Anna! I'm shocked at you! Why would you want to hurt Ted any more than he already is hurt. Look at those marks all over his skin! No!"

"But he wouldn't mind, would he?"

Anna reached down and picked up one of the switches.

"Anna! Put that down! How can you say he wouldn't mind?"

"Well, look. Look at his thing," said Anna.

"Penis," I said.

"Penis," said Anna. She had me dead to rights.

"What about it?", asked Karen.

"Well, watch it."

Then she looked up at me with wide, child's eyes. She was thirteen and a regular beauty.

"Ted, I'm going to beat you with this stick. I'm going to whip you."

It was almost funny the way she fluttered her eyelashes, a little coquette.

But all eyes were on my penis, and as little Anna asked the question they all saw it stiffen and rise.

"See!", said Anna. "That means he wants it."

Karen looked amazed. "How do you know that?"

Anna rolled her eyes at her mother. Karen looked up at me.

"Five, but no more," I said. "Not too hard."

Anna stepped back, measured the distance, and laid on four quick blows, all to my lower abdomen. Then she brought the fifth up, but softer, under my erect penis, landing the blow in the most sensitive part of the shaft. I gasped.

"See," said Karen, "You hurt him."

"Well, I was supposed to," protested sweet Anna.

I was breathing heavily from the renewed pain. She was strong.

Anna looked me right in the eyes. "Now he'll say thank you."

"Anna," I gasped, "Thank you."

Then I said to Karen, "You better watch her. She's got a gift."

Karen stared at me for a minute and then hustled Anna away toward the trail. Mike followed.

And as they walked into the distance I heard Anna say "I'm glad he didn't ask me to take off my shirt like those other torturers. That would have been sooo embarrassing!"

And I heard Mike reply sternly to his daughter, "Maybe next time."

'Maybe next time!' I thought. 'God, this is a crazy world! He's talking about next time! Maybe he thinks he's back in the torture business. Maybe he is'.

As I hung in my ropes my dear friends spread out their blanket at my feet, and pulled out a luncheon of sandwiches and beer. Jack had put on his shirt to protect his fair skin from the sun, but the two girls remained topless.

Reba pulled out a tube of sun block.

"This has aloe vera. It will protect your skin and help you heal."

I nodded gratefully.

Reba slathered an enormous dollop on her hands and went to work. She didn't miss an inch of me from head to toe. I gleamed and the aloe was cooling. Reba carefully worked lotion into my cock and balls, bought her hands around to my bottom and then worked the lotion into my butt crack. I was amazed at that intimate touch. That was one part of my anatomy that had never been entered, except in medical situations. But this time, for the first time, there was an erotic component to the entry--and her finger went in deep!

I grunted and my penis stiffened. Sue and Jack looked up at my protesting noise. Reba pulled out her finger, blushed and shrugged.

Sue grinned: "Reba! What were you doing to his asshole?"

Reba flushed. "Sorry!" she said. But she said it to Sue and Jack, not to me, as if I weren't there or didn't matter, as if I were a dumb animal or a slave, whose feelings you didn't consider. You never asked permission from animals and you didn't apologize to slaves. Amazing, even at this moment of hyper-reality I was engaged in perverse fantasy.

I loved it!

Reba turned to fair-skinned Sue. Indicating the tube of sun block she asked Sue, "you want some? You're a little red."

"Maybe I better."

Sue reached for the tube, but Reba said "I'll do it." She squeezed the goo onto her hands and worked it into Sue's bare back and shoulders. Sue smiled and closed her eyes in pleasure. "Mmmmmm…"

Reba smiled too, squeezed more goo into her hands and, standing behind Sue, she reached around and massaged sunblock into Sue's belly and breasts. Sue 'mmmmm'-ed again; Reba 'mmmmm'-ed. Jack looked on with interest and went "Hmmmmm." I groaned, and it wasn't all from my pain. This was an age of sexual experimentation, and I thought 'maybe these girls have a history'. I thought about the two of them making love and I felt jealous of Sue. I was falling in love with Reba. And I was certainly in no position to make a move.

Then Reba sat with Sue and Jack as I hung above, still feeling the tingle in my asshole from Reba's exploring finger. My lovely friends lounged, chatted and ate as I was stretched there, nude, flies buzzing about my face in one of nature's more effective tortures. Obviously I couldn't swat them away, so I just groaned--and glowed. I thought the scene below me looked like Manet's "Dejeuner Sur l'Herbe," "Luncheon on the Grass." It looked so bucolic. Except for me, hanging above. I must have looked like something out of Goya.

Eventually they finished their meal, packed up, leaving the blanket out to receive me, and turned to the task of getting me down. Jack first undid the lashes on my ankles but, no surprise, I couldn't support my weight on my aching, wounded legs. So Reba and Sue had to support me as Jack removed the bonds from my wrists and I slumped downward into their arms. They laid me on the blanket and each worked to restore circulation to an arm or leg. As my limbs slowly came back to life I felt a thousand hot needles piercing my skin. I wailed out loud like a child. Reba held my head in her lap and spoke soothingly. I looked up between her puffy, pointy nipples to her sweet face.

Then she laid my head down.

"I know what will make it better, poor baby."

She moved along my body, her eyes twinkling behind tears of sympathy. She spit into her hands and reached for my penis. She began to pump. And, once again, I came to life.

These are the next chapters in the ongoing story, "Adirondack Hard," which is part of a longer piece called "My Perv." This story is copyright 2004 by . No portion of the story may be printed or reproduced electronically without express written consent of the author. This story contains adult themes and subject matter, and may not be read by minors or any persons living in areas where it is illegal to read such matter. The author feels teens (and adult persons living in repressive societies) would not be hurt by reading this or any other written work, but the law is the law. Though the author states that this story is based on actual events, and the characters based on real people, readers should consider "Adirondack Hard" and "My Perv" as works of fiction, the outpourings of a twisted imagination.

Dedicated to Crimson Dragon, Jym, Cyan and John Willie.

" Adirondack Hard "

Chapter 8: ""Descent to Paradise"

In mountain climbing, the way down is generally easier than the way up. In climbing down this mountain the process was made a little more difficult for me because I was naked (except for socks and boots), I was covered with welts, I had a rope tied around my penis and testicles that extended into a leash held by Reba, I was always half-hard at least, I was deeply embarrassed to be nude among my now fully-clothed companions and I was apprehensive about encountering strangers on the trail in this condition.

Jack led the way, as always. He was fast and aggressive on any trail. Today he was probably more so because of the aggressive process of my beating on the mountain top. Maybe he was also moving ahead to make sure we didn't encountered the strangers I feared. I think that, though he went along with this whole bondage-and-punishment scenario, he was, like me, embarrassed by it; maybe he couldn't help but imagine himself in my predicament, and he didn't like what he imagined. Understandable, after all, since this was my fantasy being fulfilled, not his.

Behind Jack and ahead of me was Reba, in her skimpy top, short, tight denim shorts, socks and hiking boots. Reba was a dark, honey-skinned beauty with strong, tanned legs. The movements of her ample behind were a joy to watch. She continually looked back to check on me, which was reasonable because she was holding my life at the end of a 6-foot leash. Reba was always sweet and warm and solicitous. "You doing okay?" she'd ask. And I'd usually turn red and say "I'm doing great." The turning red part seemed to be because Reba was not shy about looking me over from head to toe, and because every time her sparkling eyes shined on me I got hard and my penis saluted her--I was very turned on to her and did not want to turn her off by seeming too perverse.

Behind me was Sue, by far the most adventurous and intellectually restless of us all. Sue was always the first to try any new drink or drug (beer and acid was one of her favorite combinations), and was unafraid to bawl out a college president, a mayor or even a congressperson. As a teenager she had been sprayed by police firehoses in Alabama on civil rights marches; I had only gotten as far as Washington, DC. In college her dual major was political science and philosophy, and when she got worked up her professors dove for cover. She also sang beautifully and fucked liberally--until she met Jack and began to settle down. Unfortunately, the settling-down phase was not to last very long. Now Sue was hiking behind me, carrying one of the switches down from the mountain top, and periodically she would tap me with it across the butt, saying "move on, move on." I would skitter forward, half-offended, half-aroused by her constant prodding.

Walking was at first quite difficult. My legs were weak from my extended bondage and my skin was raw. Movement made it hurt more. Sweat was an irritant in my wounds, and this afternoon the mountains were hot and muggy--I was covered by a sheen of sweat. For this part of the descent my hands were free, because there was no practical way to climb down the steepest sections of the trail without the use of hands. However, my hands were still a bit numb from my tight semi-suspended bondage on the mountain top, and were somewhat useless; so I had to take my time, and occasionally I was handed down by Sue above to Reba below me, Reba looking up at my balls and cock and she helped me down. Then, typically, Reba would smile sweetly at me and reach for my penis, stroking it back to hardness, cooing "keep it up, little baby--you're going to be just fine." I think the words "little baby" alone would have gotten me hard, but I wasn't about to protest against the stroking.

Eventually the truly-vertical part of the descent was completed. Ahead was a gentler downward path that was mostly free of loose rock and was cushioned with leaves and pine needles. Also at the bottom of the steepest part was the stream we had stopped at on the way up. We took a breather at the stream and drank deeply. Sue suggested I might be more comfortable if I washed a little. I agreed; my body was sticky and stiff. I tried to remove my boots and socks so I could step into a small pool, but I couldn't make my fingers close about the laces--my hands were still numb from my bondage. "You're really helpless, aren't you," said Reba. "It's kind of sweet."

"I am helpless. Thank God I've got the two of you."

"Well, we'll get you undressed," said Sue.

Carefully, I sat on a rock by the side of the tiny pool, favoring my flogged buttocks. The two girls knelt before me, each removing a boot and sock.

"Could you take off the rope?" I asked, looking down at the cord wrapped around my penis and balls.

"Oh, I don't think so, not yet," said Sue.

I sighed and looked to Reba. She smiled sweetly and shrugged. I nodded, accepting my fate.

Then the girls helped me up and steadied me as I stepped into the pool.

"We'll take a nice swim when we get down to the lake, but this should make you feel more comfortable until then," said Sue.

Reba and Sue scooped out cupped handfuls of chilly water and opened them over my body. At first I flinched from the cold, and then relaxed, grateful that my soreness was being eased.

Finally, I said "this is just wonderful. I feel so much better. But I think I'll need to have you help me on with my boots again. And my shorts."

Reba laughed, a melodic alto laugh.

"I don't think you'll need boots or shorts. I think you can go completely naked from this point on. It's such a pretty trail."

I protested, but Sue was with Reba on this point, and, frankly, I couldn't have dressed myself if I had wanted to. Blushing, I agreed to do as they directed. I've always liked being directed by women.

The girls helped me out of the little woodland pool. I stepped onto the trail and started to walk.

"Hold on, a second, big guy. We've got a little work to do."

I looked at her quizzically."

"We've got to tie you up."

"Is that absolutely necessary?"

"Yes, it is--absolutely."

"But what about my circulation in my wrists? I don't want to be damaged!"

"We'll go easy on you," said Reba. "Sue's right, though, we really need to have you tied. Your helplessness is fun!"

I could tell she meant it and my penis flexed its muscle.

"Turn your back," Reba commanded gently.

Obediently, passively, resignedly, I turned away from Reba, automatically crossing my wrists. Reba and Sue discussed the mechanics of the bondage to come. Neither was the rope expert Jack was, but Jack was far down the trail, nowhere to be seen. The girls did agree that the six feet of rope dangling from my penis and balls provided the perfect opportunity. The pulled the rope between my legs and wound it around my wrists. Reba still had a little bit of trouble tying me inescapably, but with coaching from Sue and good old trial-and-error, they soon had me fastened; not tightly enough to compromise my circulation, but definitely tightly enough to prevent my escape, especially with my hands still semi-paralyzed. The rope was taut but not too tight between my legs. I experimented with my bound wrists and found that if I pulled them back and up the tension on my penis and balls created a feeling both of mild discomfort and more than mild pleasure. The girls noticed my experimental movements.

"There is no way you're gonna make yourself come! Don't even think about it!" Sue commanded.

I blushed and relaxed my arms, reducing the pressure from the ropes.

Reba said "Okay, naughty boy. I've got a great idea."

Then to Sue: "Let's leave him here and walk on ahead. He'll have to make it back to the canoes from here on his own."

"No, I don't think that's such a good idea, " I protested. "What if something happened? What if someone came along?"

"Teddy, you're such a 'what-iffer'--you always have been," said Sue. Then to Reba: "C'mon, Reebs, let's go."

Reba looked me in the face and said gently--but firmly--"Teddy, I want you to stand here and count to 500, slowly, before you start down the trail. No cheating, or we'll punish you!"

"Ooh," I said, joking. "There's not a square inch of me left to punish!"

"Then we'll punish you on the punishment, so you better do as I say. 500--remember!"

I nodded. Then Reba gave me a sweet, chaste kiss on the cheek, reached for my penis, and chastely began to pump me hard. "And you better not come!" "I won't", I gasped. Reba released my hard penis and, to my surprise, Sue took it into her grasp. She squeezed and released rhythmically.

"You do have a very nice dick," she cooed.

And Reba and Sue took off down the trail as I struggled to hold back orgasm. Counting helped me get my mind off the guy down there between my legs with a mind of his own.

For the first few steps away from me Reba was actually skipping. Before I got to 20 they were out of sight. By the time I hit 50 they were out of earshot as well. And when I finally reached a slow count of 500, I knew I was alone in the woods, stark naked, helplessly bound, penis and balls tied in front, my wrists bound in back. I felt little crazy, more than a little turned on, still a lot sore, and I moved forward down the trail. I was cautious because, of course, I could not protect myself if I were to lose my balance. I would fall on my wounded and welted body, and that would be painful and ugly.

I eased my way down the trail, constantly looking forward in anticipation of another climbing party consisting of middle-aged parents and an adolescent daughter or son. My face blushed hot in fearful anticipation. Each time I would turn a bend I would expect the worst--and the worst never came. Instead, even in my bondage and soreness, I began to appreciate the beauty of this extraordinary environment, free of any of the crap of civilization. In fact, the only element of civilization anywhere to be seen was the mass-manufactured clothesline rope binding my balls and wrists. I began to feel high-spirited and confident, in spite of my bound humiliation. I was now looking at nature rather than looking for unwanted intruders into my space. I felt, amazingly, free--and carefree.

And then I was jumped.

I had no warning, and of course no defense. Some dark cloth was pulled over my head. Arms were around my chest. A knee was pressed into the back of my knees and I was down, kneeling helpless. I was shocked. I started to scream, a deep, primal, fearful bellow. My assailants said nothing, not a word. Then a piece of cloth was shoved into my mouth and another cloth was wound around my face, holding the first balled cloth in. I was now blindfolded and gagged as well as wrist and ball tied and naked. Roughly, they pulled me to my feet and hustled me along the path. I emitted a muffled "mmmmmph!", but could articulate nothing more. I was totally helpless, totally ineffectual and totally terrified. We moved on, my hunting party and me, their captive game. More than once I stumbled, and each time they swatted me roughly across the ass with a stick, or hard across my penis, tied into erection by the constricting ropes. I did my best to cooperate and concentrate on my breathing. There was obviously nothing else I could do.

Eventually the party came to a halt. I heard the sound of water. Then I was walked into the water. Two or three people lifted me and put me into a canoe, laying me flat in the bottom. Then they lashed my ankles together. Someone else pushed the canoe away from shore and climbed on. He started paddling. I wondered if I would ever see my friends again. I felt hopeless.

Then I realized that, of course, this was my little family, Jack and Sue and Reba, playing an enormous joke on me. I was at first furious, then relieved. I chuckled (to myself, of course, being gagged.) I would play it cool, not give them the satisfaction of my panic or resistance. I relaxed in the bottom of the canoe as it sped across the water.

And then I realized I had no reason to feel safe and smug. This could be a real kidnapping or worse. Maybe the people we encountered on the mountain had told others down below of our bizarre doings. Maybe a bunch of self-righteous, hormone- and cheap wine-amped teen-agers had decided to take the law into their own hands. Maybe they were going to punish me or rape me or just turn me over, naked, to the police. The crime photographer would be there on the other side by the squad car. He would document forever my crime and humiliation. I started to feel panic rising again and I began to squirm. I was now rocking the canoe--and I realized if I tipped it over I could drown! I lay still, my heart pounding in my chest.

And then the canoe scraped against the shore. The paddler climbed out. I could hear him removing gear and tossing it onto the beach of the lake. I heard another canoe hit shore. And then, suddenly, my canoe was flipped and I was under water!

But only for a split second. Then I was up, and a man was laughing. Jack was laughing. Then Reba was saying "God, Jack, that's enough!" She was pulling the blindfold off my head and kissing me on the eyes and cheek. Then she reached for my gag, but before she could remove it, Jack said "Wait--he looks really pissed. I don't want to hear him yelling at me. Leave it in until he cools down!"

So Reba stopped attempting to untie my gag. She sat with me on the beach, once again cradling my head in her lap. I looked up at her big, beautiful dark eyes, and her erect, puffy nipples. That's right, her shirt was off. In fact, her shirt had been over my head for the past half hour. The sight of Reba's nipples aroused me and calmed me. As she had done so many times this weekend, Reba reached down, took hold of my penis and began to pump.

And a few minutes later my gag was off. I protested Jack's cruel joke, but the edge was gone from my anger. I was relieved to be back at the campsite among my friends whose little prank had slightly backfired but was, indeed, very convincing. I was embarrassed as Reba openly aroused me and then stopped, pumped and stopped, as Sue and Jack looked on, sharing a beer and a joint. Finally, Reba said "let's get this rope off his balls," and she and Sue worked to untie that particular part of my anatomy.

Relief! I hadn't been aware of the ache those tight ropes caused at my groin, but now that the ache was gone I had a sudden sense of how extreme it had been. I was naked and sore. I was the only completely naked one; my friends were dressed, Reba topless. But that changed quickly, as Jack, Sue and Reba stripped. Then, helping me up, we all entered the cool, still lake. We swam and sat in that water for a half hour. Rather they swam. I was still tied, and I never even raised the question of my freedom. I resigned myself to their control. A bar of soap was produced and Reba stood me up in shallow water and washed me down thoroughly--totally thoroughly, head to toe. And once again, her soapy finger found its way into my asshole, and I liked the intimacy of her touch, I liked being violated by this dear girl. I wondered whether this was what a virgin bride felt on her wedding night, though technically I was no longer a virgin, since Reba's finger had penetrated my asshole earlier in the afternoon up on top of the mountain. Now she was fingering my asshole and pumping my penis simultaneously and cooing "don't you come, little baby! Don't you come." And a moment later I had to beg her to stop.

Chapter 9: "Rest Period"

Eventually we left the lake, and Reba gently patted me dry. She fed me my sandwich from lunch, which I hadn't been able to eat earlier because I had been hanging in my ropes. She and Jack and Sue ate lightly. Then we all went into the tent for a nap. Reba, naked, cradled me, also naked, in her arms. With my hands tied behind me I felt like what a swaddled baby must feel like, and the feeling was intensified enormously when Reba guided my face to her swollen nipple. "It's time for you to nurse, little baby," she sang, and she brought my mouth to her breast.

"Reba, you're incorrigible," chided Sue.

"I can't help it," joked Reba. "This baby is hungry."

I kissed Reba's nipple, not fully understanding what she was offering, but she said, "no, suck on me, suck and drink your milk." There was no milk, but the sucking was incredible. I closed my eyes and nursed at her breast. I felt myself grow harder and I heard Reba's breathing grow heavier. At the corner of my vision I saw Sue watching us, the thumb and forefinger of her right hand squeezing and pulling on her right nipple.

I tried to maneuver so my tied fingers could enter Reba's pussy as they had the night before. She understood what I was doing and said, "no, later. Close your eyes." Later? Was there a promise for later? I closed my eyes and stopped trying to reach her wet, warm opening. I concentrated on nursing at her glorious bare breast. Reba sang "Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee, all through the night…"

I woke, immediately aware of my stiffness and a sore tingling on the skin of my back, belly, chest and butt. My hands were free, but when I opened my eyes I saw nothing. For a minute I thought I had slept into the middle of the night. I reached up to rub my eyes, which felt itchy. Then I realized I was blindfolded. I was about to remove the cloth binding, when I heard Reba call from some distance, "no--leave it on!

"Why? I called back.

"You'll see--or you won't see."

I smiled at her joke and was immediately curious about this new game, this new mystery. I heard Reba enter the tent.

"How are you doing?" she asked.

"Much better."

Reba offered me some water and a toke on a joint. I accepted both. I drank and then she stuck a roach into my mouth. She lit it and I inhaled. She took it back and took a drag. Then I heard a sizzle and I knew she had extinguished the joint by squeezing it between wet finger tips.

"Not too much," she said.

"Reebs, I have to go to the bathroom," I said.

"Teddy," she chuckled, "there isn't a bathroom for twenty miles."

"Okay, I've got to piss."

"Well, get up and I'll lead you."

"Can't we just take off the blindfold so I can go on my own?"

"Not right now--we've got other plans for you."

My curiosity was aroused and I stood up, my head a little tingly. Reba steadied me.

"Reebs--I have to do more than pee. I have to take a dump."

"I'll get the paper and the shovel," said Reba.

"Please--you can't come along with me on that mission."

"Let's go," insisted Reba. "Take this."

She handed me a folding camp shovel and a roll of toilet paper.

She took my penis and started leading me to the woods.

"Have fun, kids," called Sue from somewhere nearby. Obviously she was watching us. I could feel myself heating up into a blush.

As Reba led me, her tugging on my penis had its usual and predictable effect. I started to worry about being able to pee--or shit--with a big hardon.

After a couple of minutes, Reba said "Okay, here we are. Go to it."

"Can you please go away and give me a little privacy here?" I pleaded.

"Okay, I'll turn my back and walk a few feet away."

"Reba, I've got to take off my blindfold. Some things you've just got to be able to see."

Reba sighed. "Okay, take it off. But I don't want you looking at me. As soon as you're done put the blindfold back and call me."

"Thanks." I removed the blindfold and kept my eyes forward. I dug a little hole, squatted over it and relieved myself. I wiped, stood up and buried the evidence. I replaced the blindfold, which was hanging loosely about my neck.

"Okay, Reebs, I'm done."

"Great, let's go," she said from a few feet away. I heard her walk quickly over to me, and surmised she had her boots on, which was infinitely more than I was wearing. She led me back to the camp.

"Mission accomplished?" asked Jack. I hadn't heard much from him for hours.

"Yeah. Though I'd like to wash up."

"Go ahead," said Reba. She handed me a bar of soap and led me to the lake.

"Wash yourself completely."

"Very completely," said Sue.

"We'll be watching," added Reba.

'Great', I thought, 'I'm going to be washing myself for their entertainment. They're as perverted as I am'.

And, in fact, Sue and Jack and Reba must have all been sitting by the side of the lake watching me, because they proceeded to offer me directions, encouragement and advice.

"Get your dick hard for us," directed Sue. I felt a tingle at her words. She was telling me to put on a masturbation show for my closest friends, something I had not yet done on this fairly explicit weekend. Her words alone accomplished part of the deed. And when I soaped my good left hand (I'm a lefty and am useless at masturbating with my right hand) and started fondling my penis it quickly grew hard--to wolf whistles and catcalls from the peanut gallery.

I splashed water on myself to remove residual soap, and then turned toward the shore. Reba met me at water's edge with a towel and patted me down as I stood patiently. I felt like a racehorse after a workout.

"Good boy," she said. I liked it so much when she called me 'boy' or 'little baby'. I thought it was so sweet and sexy, and I liked that it was a little bit of fantasy role-playing on her part.

"Now for the main event," she purred. "Come with me."

Chapter 10: "The Main Event"

Reba led me away from the shore toward the tent, but then turned me a couple of steps toward the right. She led me forward until I was walking on a soft groundcover of opened sleeping bags.

"You know those two small trees where we suspended the food?" she asked.

"Yeah." They were about six or seven feet apart.

"You're heading right between them. Okay, stop and feel forward."

I did, and my hands encountered a horizontal beam about four feet above ground. It felt like a sapling, but how did it get it horizontal, and what was it doing here?

"What is this?" I asked.

"Jack cut this down," said Reba. Those were the days when we cut trees out of the woods with impunity. I think it might be a federal offense now.

"He tied it between the two trees. Now we're tying you to it."

"Why?" I was curious and a little apprehensive.

"First we tie you, then we tell," said Sue.

"Turn around with your back to the sapling and kneel down," Reba directed.

I obeyed.

"Great, it's the perfect height," said Sue. "Let's do it. Sit."

I sat. Reba and Sue stretched my arms out in opposite directions and up along the bar. They tied me securely. I was now sitting on the ground, blindfolded, naked and stretched out--kind of crucified. My front felt very vulnerable, and I was hoping they were not planning a whipping, since I was still quite raw.

"Okay, what's going on here?" I asked.

Sue began. "Well, you remember how we all told our fantasies last night?"

How could I forget? I was wearing my fantasies as stripes all over my body. In fact, my present situation was directly in line with my fantasies.

"Well, the rest of us had fantasies too, and they were all the same: a boy-girl-girl orgy."

"Yeah, I remember," I said, a little breathlessly. My mind was running through the combinations: girl on girl with a boy chaser, girl on boy with a girl chaser, girl and girl both on boy, girl and boy both on girl…. I did the math, computed the number of combinations and waited to hear what was coming next. Then for a second I felt a little angry, or hurt.

"So you're about to do this and you've tied me up to get me out of the way?"

"No, Teddy," soothed Reba. "You're going to be right in the middle of it. You're gonna hear, you're gonna feel, you're gonna taste, you'll probably smell… you just won't be able to see."

"And won't that be sexy?" asked Sue.

It would be.

"What do you mean 'taste'?" I asked.

"Tonight, Teddy", said Sue, "you're going to be our lubricator. An engine can't run without lubrication, and you're going to be lubricating our parts."

"You mean…" I began. But Reba interrupted. "No more talking."

And those were the last words I heard for probably an hour.

But I heard a lot more. I heard moans and sighs. I heard kisses. I heard zippers going down and clothes being drawn off.

And then I felt hands drawing my head forward, and my face was in a thatch of pubic hair. And I knew my lubrication services were required. I tongued and licked and sucked. I was almost certain it sounded like Sue receiving my efforts, but I couldn't be sure. Whoever it was, she stopped, released me and dived back into the action. A few minutes later a different thatch was pressed into my face, and again I offered my best effort to pleasure the thatch's owner. Again I heard sighs and quickened breath. Again I was released. I was thrilled, knowing that I had eaten my delicious Reba, and my dear, wild Sue--whichever one was which.

Occasionally body parts would pass over my extended legs. Frequently a hand would reach out from what I imagined was a tangle of bodies. The hand would grab my penis and pump me, until my rising excitement was obvious. Then the hand would disappear. This was amazing, and it went on and on as I strained for audible details and performed service with my mouth.

And then my head was taken again. I opened my mouth and in slid a penis--a hard penis!

I had a pretty good idea who was on the other end of this penis and I tried to pull away, disgusted. But my head just banged against the wood sapling to which I was bound. The strong hands held my head tight.

Then Reba spoke: "Come on, little baby, take it in, it's good for you. Let him come in."

Relieved that she was approving of this strange coupling, I did my best to relax. She told me to get him nice and wet, and I did. Then his shaft was gone.

I was a little bit in shock from this invasion, but I got over it fast when I heard a female gasp, and realized my lubrication work directly connected Jack's penis to…to somebody's pussy--I didn't know whose. Was Reba violating her oath not to have intercourse? Was Jack sliding into his wife? I listened but I couldn't quite get the picture to be perfectly clear. Maybe that's why it was so lovely.

Then a hand was pumping my penis again, while a pussy was simultaneously in my mouth. I figured there was a really good chance the pussy belonged to a girl--but who was working my erect penis?

The combinations continued to change and the level of excitement rose, until I heard what I was sure was a woman's orgasm.

And then that penis was in my mouth again and my head was being held in strong hands. And the penis was pumping into my face. And on it I tasted pussy juice. It had definitely been in someone.

And Reba spoke once again. "Suck him now, Teddy. Slow and steady."

A rhyme--at a time like this. Would they be calling me 'Teddy slow and steady' for the rest of my life?

I was a little bit disgusted but I had done it before, and Reba seemed to want me to do it; and I assumed Jack wanted it too. I relaxed into my role as mouth, and sucked. And as I did, I heard Jack begin to moan, and I felt a strange quivering in his penis. I thought 'oh my god, he's gonna come in my mouth'! I tried again to pull away but I was held tight.

And Reba cooed in my ear, "let him do it, Teddy. We all want to see it. Let him do it."

'We'? What about me? I thought. I don't want this! But I continued to suck, deeply, slowly, steadily.

I knew Jack was nearing orgasm and I braced myself, apprehensive.

And then a mouth was on my penis, sucking deeply on me. A mouth and a hand. Something I hadn't felt in months and had rarely felt in my life. A truly magnificent feeling.

And then a finger and thumb were squeezing my nipple, just like I had seen Sue squeezing her own nipple earlier. And then a finger was sliding into my rectum, just as Reba had impaled me earlier. I was sucked, squeezed and entered in two places, above and below. I felt my own orgasm approaching. I sucked on the penis that had been thrust into my mouth. And Jack came. Jets of 98.6 degree, sticky, salty fluid poured into my mouth. I swallowed it, gagged just a little, and swallowed the rest. And the urgent pumping, prodding and squeezing of my various parts quickly pushed me over the top and I ejaculated in powerful, thrilling orgasm--into somebody's mouth. And that somebody swallowed all that spewed from my penis and continued to suck until I groaned "no more."

Of course I knew who owned the cock that filled my mouth that summer night--but I never learned for sure who owned the mouth that did me that same honor and service.

And now it was over, and Reba was sitting in my lap facing me and kissing my face and chest, my eyes and lips. "Oh, you are so good!" she said. And I could smell pussy on her breath, but I couldn't tell about semen.

I heard a splash. Reba removed my blindfold. In the last of twilight I could see Jack out in the water and Sue, naked, her tight little butt gleaming, heading in the same direction. And then I looked into Reba's face and saw what seemed to be the biggest eyes in the world, and they looked adoring.

I didn't know what to say about what just happened--but she did.

"Oh, you are such a man; such an amazing man!"

I wanted to fire off a million questions but for once I kept my peace.

Reba unstrapped me from the crossbar and helped me up. We walked naked into the water, Adam and Eve in paradise.

Chapter 11: "Afterglow"

A while later Reba got cold and left the cool lake. Sue followed her. Hesitantly, I swam out toward Jack. I thought something had to be said. I had no idea what.

Jack was looking up at the sky from a hundred yards out in the dark lake.

I came up alongside and began to tread water.

"That's never happened to me before."

Jack was silent for a moment, then replied, "You did a good job."

"I didn't really enjoy it," I said.

"The girls seemed to."

"Yeah. And what about you?"

"You give good head."

I felt myself blushing.

"Have you had head from a guy before?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah," sighed Jack. "In Nam. Out there everything changes. You do things you might otherwise never do."

"Like up on the mountain."


"Jack--have you ever given a guy head?"

"In Nam. But it was different from this."

"What do you mean?"

"I had to be persuaded."

"Yeah? What persuaded you?"

"A white-hot knife blade, pressed flat against my chest."

That long scar. No wonder he didn't talk about it.

"You were tortured into giving somebody head? Who was it?"

"The Viet Cong."


Jack went on, more talkative than usual. Maybe my mouth on his dick loosened his tongue.

"I was tied naked on my knees, with my back pressed against a post. My hands were tied behind the post. I had ropes around my chest and waist. My feet were tied behind the post. Ropes were tied around my legs so my upper leg was tied to my lower leg--I was tied into a kneel. A rope was around my cock and balls, tight, like we had you. So during this whole thing, I was erect--but I definitely wasn't aroused. A rope was tied around my neck, holding my head to the post. Another rope was around my forehead. I couldn't move my head a fucking inch. In fact, the only thing I could move was my mouth. I could open it and close it. They told me to open my mouth and I wouldn't. They pressed that knife blade against my chest and I did. Then they stuck a metal ring into my mouth with two leather straps attached. They tied that behind the post, so my mouth was propped open with a big hole in the middle. And then they came at me. There literally was a line in front of me. One guy after another. There were twelve of them. They all fucked me in the face. Some were so long I could feel them poking into the back of my throat. And they all came. I tried to spit out the first one's cum and I gagged. They whipped my stomach a couple of times and slapped my dick and the next guy stepped up. When he came I swallowed it, and then I swallowed all the rest."

I was stunned. "God!" was all I could say for quite a while. Then I asked "were you thinking of that when you were in my mouth?"

"I guess I was," said Jack laconically.

"How did it make you feel?"

"A blowjob feels good, Teddy."

"Even to someone who was gang-raped in the face?"

"You weren't being raped. I wasn't raping you. I didn't feel guilty at all. It felt kinky, but it felt good."

"Even though I didn't want it?"

"Nobody held a knife blade to your chest, Teddy. You did want it."

I considered for a while about what Jack had said. The whole experience really challenged who I thought I was. I guess the whole weekend challenged who I thought I was. It seemed I was somebody who liked to be whipped, and controlled and taken; and pleasured, of course. I got plenty of that.

But about the most profound thing I could manage to say was "even if in some way I did like it, that doesn't mean I'm a homosexual, you know."

Jack laughed, and I guess I deserved it. I wasn't giving him much credit--I was just voicing my fears about myself. I felt embarrassed.

"Me neither, Teddy."

"What I mean is…"

"You ever read Karl Jung?" Jack asked. "You know how he writes about the anima and the animus, the female principle in the man and the male principle in the woman? We're all a balance of male and female. Sensitivity in men, toughness in women, stuff like that?"

"Yeah…" I knew about Jung.

"Why not just look at it as my Animus making contact with your Anima? It was natural, it was fine. At that moment it was a perfect fit. Don't make a big thing of it. It was in the heat of passion. We were all very turned on, including you. I liked it, and I think deep down behind your manly fear of not being a real man you liked it too. And I won't be tying you up and face-fucking you every day because, you know, I'm not a homosexual."

I could tell Jack was getting a little worked up.

"I know you're not, Jack. You're right, under the circumstances it was natural."

I paused for a minute, feeling what I was feeling. There was something I wanted to say, but it took courage.

Finally, it came out.

"It was actually kinda hot."

"Yeah," said Jack. "And I'm cold. I'm going in."

Jack started to swim for shore. I floated on my back for a few minutes, looking up at the now-dark sky over the wilderness. The way I was looking there was not another light for a hundred miles maybe. The stars were countless--even though as a kid I had tried to count them many times.

I wondered, as we all do, how many planets were up there, how many supported life, how many intelligent civilizations there must be out among all those stars. I figured thousands of people must lie on their backs every night on our little planet and think the same thoughts. Then I wondered how many people in the universe had been forced to suck off one of their best friends' husbands tonight. And once they got past their humiliation, how many of them could admit to themselves that they liked it? I chuckled, thinking that right at this very moment I could be the only man on earth thinking these forbidden thoughts. I smiled and headed for shore in a racing crawl.

When I entered the tent everything was dark and silent. I could hear Jack and Sue breathing over on their side. Reba was quieter. I toweled myself dry and slid naked beneath the top sleeping bag, which was opened double to cover the two of us. Reba was lying on her side facing me. Her big eyes were open and I could see their glow, as if they shone with an inner light. She was so sweet and beautiful!

I gently reached out and stroked her hair.

"Please don't kill me!" she whispered.

"What?" I couldn't understand what she was saying.

"You've got me tied and helpless, do what you want with me, only please don't kill me!"

I still didn't get it. "What are you…?"

I reached my arm around her, and that's when I felt the ropes on her wrists. Her hands were tied behind her back.

"I'm young, take me, ravage me, punish me if you must, but please don't take my life!"

Now I got the picture, and was extremely happy to play along.

"Where did my people find you?"

"That wench tied me when I came into your tent looking for food."

"Ah," I whispered. "Stealing is a serious offense. I could have you whipped… or killed… or I could rape you. I could take you right now!"

I slid my hands around to the front of her body, confirming that she was naked. I tweaked her hot nipples and delighted in their hardness. Slowly, I slid my hand down Reba's warm belly. I felt her pubic hair beneath my fingertips. Gently I began to massage her clitoris. Her breathing grew heavier. I slid my hand further down and eased my curved finger into her moist pussy. I pressed on her clit with the palm of my hand and pumped in her with my finger--then two fingers.

"Are you going to come inside of me? I can't stop you. I'm helpless." Her words came out raggedly as her arousal grew.

"Even when you're helpless you drive me wild. You're the mistress of my heart."

"Well, then, please--please fuck me!"

I pumped faster with my fingers. I kissed Reba's eyes and her lips, I suckled on her glorious, puffy nipples. Reba's hips began to pump more urgently on my hand.

"I'm not going to come inside of you, Reba. We made a deal at the beginning of the weekend that it would not be fair to Todd. I'm gonna keep that deal."

From across the tent I heard Sue murmur, "Teddy--you're such a wimp!"

I snorted. So much for our little private heaven. I stopped my hand.

But Reba cried "Don't you dare stop!" She thrust against my inserted fingers and I began to move them in her once more. And in seconds her body stiffened. She let out a loud moan, shook, sobbed and came like an earthquake.

Jack sat up and cried out "Jeez!" He looked our way, realized what was happening and lay back down. As Reba's orgasms began to subside, I heard a rhythmic rubbing sound from across the tent, followed by a low moan from Sue. In a second, Sue reached her own climax. It wasn't as dramatic or intense as Reba's, but it was wonderful to hear.

Reba leaned in to me, kissing as much as she could reach, considering her bound hands and the fact that she was impaled on my fingers. To make her more comfortable, I began gently to draw my fingers out of her. But Reba squeezed down firmly onto my hand.

"Oh, please don't go away. I want you in me all night!"

"You are so beautiful," I said. And then simultaneously we said to each other the oldest thing in the world: "I love you."

I brought my right hand under Reba's head, cradling her. Reba turned partway onto her back, though she couldn't lie flat because her wrists were bound.

"Do you want me to let you go?" I asked.

"I never want you to let me go."

That felt totally fine to me. Tomorrow Reba would be going back to the apartment she shared with a jerk named Todd, and I would be alone on my farm, though greatly enriched by my memories--and my welts--from this glorious weekend. It would be hard to live without her.

But that was tomorrow. I slid my fingers a little deeper into Reba's pussy, and she moaned.

I whispered in her ear, "tonight we belong to each other. You may be tied, but I want to be tied to you forever."

I eased my tongue into Reba's ear, tickling it. She moaned again and moved against my lower hand, still deep inside of her.

I turned to face Reba. I had a raging erection. I knew exactly where I wanted it to be--but it wasn't going there. Reba could feel my cock laying against her side. She moved her hips laterally, rolling my penis across her soft belly.

"I can make you come," she whispered.

I pumped against her, pushing into the boundaries of my own arousal and restraint.


We relaxed. We had done enough for one day. A canoe trip, a hike, a whipping, all kinds of orgasms, exhibitionism before strangers, surprising intimacy between friends and even vows of love. Now it was time for sleep.

Coming Next: Chapter 12--"Hanging High"

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