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Raya Becomes a Puppy-Girl

Part 7

    It's a warm Sunday morning. The sun is shining bright above Jessica's garden. Jessica is relaxing outside,

reading a book. Her two pets were allowed to play with each other on the grass for a bit, a few yards away

from her. Trixie had just finished "nursing her baby", as Jessica called it, and was trying to get some sleep.

It was important for them to take advantage of this break. Jessica had exhausted them over the past months.

But it was definitely worth it. She occationaly glances over at them, enjoying the sight. Even after all these

years, it never fails to send her on a momentary power trip.

After all, these aren't just any ordinary bitches. They were once both beautiful, sophisticated and respected 

women. They didn't walk on all fours, certainly not naked. They could converse, flirt, laugh and joke. They

had dreams and aspirations. The fact that she, herself had crushed all these things that made them human, and

had turned them into pure beasts, completely obedient and depended on her, was what Jessica loved the most

about them.

   She was, once again, feeling bored. That, mixed with a feeling of loneliness had been washing over her,

more and more, every day. She wasn't the type of person that craved affection. She had friends and was by all

means enjoying her life, but every now and then, that feeling would come up. Not a man or woman in the world

could give her what she was after. But she had found the way to battle that feeling, to scratch that itch.

With the help of her pet-girls. She wanted them to ADORE her and she would make that wish true. It was an

artificial affection, but it was much more fun for her. She wanted to mold these two people, even more. She

would find the way to bring them even closer to her AND to each other.

   So, she paid another visit to her trusted ""veterinarian" for a few alterations. While she liked the way

their fake snout stuck out of their face, the plan she had in store for them required Freckles to be able to

suck with her own lips. But she didn't let their stretched tongues undecorated. Golden round rings, matching

those on their breasts an clits were pierced on them.

Jessica needed to make sure that her bitches didn't communicate in any way that resembled actual women. Only

sound that would come from them would be yelps and barks, the first to beg and the second to show they

understood. She also made them howl, during the rare times she let them orgasm. It de-humanized them more. No

more nods and moans for them.

Jessica was curious to see if they would utter any words once their ring-gags were off. She was certain they

would like to throw more than a few mean words her way. To her pleasant surprise, they were both too tamed to

utter a single word. In the end, she would have both their vocal chords cut if they did, a warning she made

very clear to them.

Raya and Judy just watched with eyes full of hate, wanting to curse her out so bad, but knowing the

consequences. Jessica didn't forget about that look her puppies had given her when they returned home. She put

their new tongue rings to use, attaching each one's through a self-locking ring to each other's clit-ring. She

left them like that for the rest of the day. She liked the way their locked 69 looked and decided they would

spend their nights in the kennel like that. After all, Jessica needed to make sure that her bitches didn't

communicate in any way that resembled actual women. She needed to be certain, not have to check a camera,

microphone or anything. She needed to KNOW, what her puppies were capable of. Trixie and Freckles were not

thrilled with the idea, but didn't have a say. They would have to get used to falling asleep with the smell of

each other's pussies on their noses, every single night.

   After tattooing the newly visible parts of their faces, giving them both kanine, black noises and black

lips, (with a thin dark line connecting the two), and giving Freckles some cute whisker implants that made her

even more fox-like, Jessica focused on their new, actual tails. She was tired of plugging and unplugging their

assholes everyday for them to shit, a realistic dalmatian and a fox tail, surgically attached to their coccyx

was more pleasant to look and less work. That made their tails a true part of their body, and the puppy-girls

could feel it swing with every step.

Their assholes had been stretched throughout the years from the plugs though, and it would take a good amount

of effort from the doggy-girls, if they were in a position where deficating wasn't allowed. And that was most

often the case, as Jessica made it very clear that they could shit during their walks with her, and only then.

She usually walked them everyday, but when she wasn't bothered, they just had to toughen up, and keep their

bowels in check, whenever she was too hangover, or not in the mood to walk them. Shitting on their mistress'

beautiful grass was strictly forbidden, and they found out, when an incident where Freckles couldn't help

herself any longer, resulted in both puppies having to clean up the messy spot, by eating what Judy had

dirtied the grass with.

   Jessica wanted to have complete control over their sexual pleasure, and not just command it. She figured

the girls probably never touched themselves, after that last time, but again, she had to know. She had each

one implanted with a small micro-chip on the inner walls of their pussy. This device could measure moisture on

the part it was placed, and sent a painful electic shock if the humidity surpassed a desired point. The chip

could be remotely switched on and off by a remote, but Jessica liked to have everything on her smartphone, and

so, she controlled her puppies' orgasms literally with a touch of her finger.

   The last part of the newest modifications was done on Trixie. The older pet had gotten settled to her new

role as Freckles' mother-figure very much. Raya always wanted to have children, but now that she knew that

this fate wasn't meant for her, she had grown attached to the young doggy-girl in a very motherly way. Jessica

wanted to re-inforce that relationship by making Trixie nurish the young puppy with her own milk. After being

injected with tons of hormones, Raya's breasts grew to a size G in a couple of weeks. They would almost touch

the ground in her crawling position. After her sessions would be over, she would lactate on her own,


When Trixie first showed signs of lactation, Jessica brought Freckles with her and informed her that she would

be not be fed by her anymore, but from her "mommy's nutritious breasts". Judy pleaded with yelps, but after

the first whole day she had gone without any food, she soon fell on Raya's large breast, sucking her tender

nipples hungrily. Her dignity was far less important than her hunger. Maybe if she hadn't been broken for so

long, she would have lasted more days. Judy was a prideful woman once, but now she sucked the life-giving milk

from another woman's breasts without a glimpse of shame.

In time, Judy forgot how dogfood, or any kind of food, tasted, Trixie's milk was the only thing she had for

meals. Her "mom" was fed dry dog food like before and she had to eat a good amount to keep the young pup

healthy. Jessica's friends were delighted by the sight and always made a big fuss around them whenever they'd

catch them during breastfeeding.


   After the "external" changes, Jessica moved on to her bitches' behavioral re-conditioning. She believed

she was too soft on them at times and that they had too much "free" time on their stamped paws. That needed to

stop. They were good pets, but Jessica wanted them to be great ones, exhibiting devotion and submission at all


   On the early days of Judy's arrival, Jessica was worried that the girl's presence could reverse some of

the work she had done, breaking Raya. But eventually, Judy fell into the same submissive pit, and the

helplessness of her situation made it apparent that she had to adapt, and submit to this strange woman she

didn't even know before. As a result, they both fell into the new guidelines rather easily, something that

pleased Jessica.

Upon losing herself, Judy had gone to Raya for kindness. Nesting under her warmth and feeling her breast on

her face was her happy place. And the same went for Raya. Feeding her "child" wasn't only a release from the

pressure on her full-of-milk breasts, but a comfort and closeness she didn't have, since Jessica gave away her

last dog, Spike. She trully cared for the girl and often tried to keep her away from any sadistic plans

Jessica had in mind for her, without ever succeeding ofcourse.


   The instructions were simple, but not easy by a long-shot. The dog-girls would have to express their

gratitude and obedience to their mistress at all times. That meant that whenever they saw her, they were to

automatically express joy, by wagging their tails and sticking their tongues out, like excited bitches. They

had to offer to be petted by cuddling with their heads and beg to lick their mistress' boots, in a display of

love. All these things had to be done, every time Jessica appeared to them, unless they were instructed

otherwise, (usually with a simple hand-gesture).

Most of all, they had to SHOW that they really wanted this, a trait which was easier said than done,

considering the ordeals the petgirls suffered through. Jessica instructed them, that the same rules applied to

any guest she might have had over. Trixie and Freckles would become trully loveable pets by any standar and

according to everyone.

Jessica didn't want them slucking much either. She programmed her cellphone to shock her dogs awake at 07:00

every morning. When they weren't "exhibiting their love" or going through anything else, Jessica's bitches

would always have to be sitted from either side of their owner in the "staying" position. They were to remain

docile in that position, when she wasn't around.

   Her parties still had a lot of success. In one of them (one of the few times they were let inside the

house), guests had fun tormenting them by rubbing their nipples and forcing them to kiss and play with each

other, for their microchips to fry their helpless cunts once they were turned on.

Sometimes her guests would bring their own dogs over. After strapping both her puppies on the grass by poles

on their collars, they had a pretty straightforward gangbang. Trixie and Freckles had to make every dog cum at

least three times, with constant zaps and the fear of "the box" motivating them to move their hips and suck as

sedactively as possible. Needless to say, they were both covered in dog jizz by the end of the party. Their

faces of complete disgust and exhaustion were documented on Jessica's video-camera. At least this time, they

had gotten one or two orgasms out of it.

   Jessica resigned from bathing them, too. But, that didn't mean they had the right to violate her nostrils

with their filth. The dog-girls were both trained extensively, to lick each other clean in all areas. It was

another way for Jessica to degrade them, but also bring them even closer than two regular people could ever

be. Everyday, Judy got a taste of Raya's salty sweat, from her armpits to her privates, and the dirt that was

stuck with it. Especially after the hormone treatment, Raya was sweating much more, much to the young girl's

dismay. Raya would get her share of filth tasting as well, though, cleaning the young pup with care. The

latest training made both girls try to sneak, wiping their bare assholes on the grass after returning from

their walks, but Jessica put them in their place right away, after a visit to their least favorite box.

Whatever remainings of excrement were left, had to be removed by the other's delicate tongue.

The last part was the most painful for them to swallow. Literally, as Jessica made sure that they were to be

pretty thorough in licking each other's assholes to perfection. After all, if she noticed any of them stunk

even the slightest, they would both be punished horrifically.

It was vital to her that they were disciplined as a unit, and not individually. That strengthened their bond,

and thus their teamwork. They were loyal to their mistress, but also cared for each other. Now both puppies

were careful not to make any mishaps, and cause the other unearned pain.


      As Jessica was daydreaming about what could she do to make her day more exciting, she noticed a pair of

pointy ears over her book. Freckles was making her way towards her. Sitting with her legs crossed Jessica saw

the doggy-girl seductively lick her right boot, wagging her tail in what was the begging position.

It was a usual thing for them to do, as a way to beg for things. They knew how much Jessica enjoyed making

them lick her bare feet, and they also knew she was more likely to be nice to them, if they served her well.

"What do you want Freckles?" said the woman, not waiting for any responce. At any other time she might had

kicked the pet away, if she didn't want to be bothered. This time, Jessica stood and watched her. Judy, who

was now only known by the name written on her collar, kept licking at her high, black boots with her wet

tongue, her eyes fixated on her mistress, as if she was asking for something. She was never really given the

time to use those charming eyes on any guy in her lifetime, but she had learned how to use them to beg.

   Jessica let her doggy do its thing for a bit, nailing her with her dark eyes. She was definitely hers now.

The woman grabbed her pet from under her shortened arms and placed her against her raised leg. Freckles'

pierced pussy was now resting on the edge of her boot. Judy then saw her press something on her phone.

The doggy-girl's eyes lit up! Sexual pleasure was one of the few things she had left to enjoy in this world.

She didn't come much, as orgasms were a big NO NO without her mistress' permission, but she did get horny at

least in the past. She kind of scratched that itch, be it a kiss by Trixie, or dryhumping on the grass. That

had been taken from her as well, during those last months, by her mistress. Could she actually let me?!? Judy


She began yelping more desperately, begging her mistress, simply to allow her to hump her leg, hugging her

calf with her "front legs". Jessica placed her hand on her pet's smooth head, between its two pointy ears,

then started swirling her toe against the girl's pussy.

Without missing a beat, Judy started grinding herself on Jessica's boot, like a bitch in heat. Just the boot's

leather, wet from her slurping earlier, would easily do the trick. But Jessica snapped her fingers, commanding

her to stay completely still.

   Judy tried to remain motionless and not hump Jessica's leg, but it was so hard! She remembered the family

dog doing the same thing to her leg when she was little. She tried to push the degrading thought away, as the

realization that she was now trying to do the same thing to that woman caused her tremendous humiliation. She

just wanted to cum, if only that woman would let her!

Jessica's foot was the only thing moving, rubbing Freckles' aroused clit. The doggy's breathing intensified.

But she didn't dare cum without some sign of approval. She kept still, hugging Jessica's leg, looking at her

mistress' eyes, yelping, pleading for release. She knew Jessica could leave her fighting like this for a

while, or just get off her and ruin everything. But she had to try, this was a rare chance!

"Come on, get it", said Jessica casually. Freckles knew she had to concentrate if she was to cum like that.

If she moved again, her mistress would probably take that orgasm away from her, if not punish her, too. Slowly

but steadily, with her eyes fixated on her mistress, her soft yelping sounds built up to a loud howling one!

Just as Freckles was climaxing, Jessica pressed the button on her phone, activating the pet's microchip.

Freckles' howl's of joy quickly gave room to agonizing yelps, as her wet pussy was now torturing her. She

writhed in agony for a couple of minutes, before she could stand again. "Clean up your mess", ordered her

owner. With tears in her eyes and a ruined orgasm, Freckles slurped her juices off Jessica's boot.

   "Break's over!" she said so that Trixie could hear her as well. Both doggy-girls quickly gathered on

either side of her and stayed still, their eyes fixed forward, as their mistress petted their heads, relaxing

under spring's sun. "It's a good day to be alive, don't you think so, girls?", she sighed with joy.

"Girls". Even the use of that word alone seemed like a jab to them now. Raya, a brunette goth, party animal,

and Judy, a shy, engaged redhead, didn't remember the last time they had a good day, or the last time someone

actually called them "girls". Whenever it was, it seemed centuries ago. They couldn't tell which of their

lives was the most surreal, anymore. The earlier, peaceful times that were fading away or the much more real

hell they lived in now.

"NO". That was the answer they wanted to give. They had plenty of things they wanted to say. "It's a shitty

day today and it will be a shitty day tomorrow. And the only one responsible for this is you, you heartless,

sadistic, twisted evil bitch!"

But the only responce Jessica heard from them was ..."Aarf!".

Review This Story || Author: Denkira
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