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Raya Becomes a Puppy-Girl

Part 2

    She had become accustomed to walking on all fours. Her back stump legs didn't give her any chance of rising straight up. Her mutilated arms only served as front legs now, as she crawled around the vicinity of Jessica's back yard. She appeared bigger to her now. Maybe it was the position she was in, her face always a few inches from the ground. Or maybe it was her complete helplessness towards this woman that made her seem so imposing.

Jessica had took the time to explain to her pet how her men had staged the 28 year old woman's death. An experienced forger prepared what would appear as Raya's suicide note. Her car was never found, and so, Raya would become lost in the sea of missing people throughout time. Raya couldn't help but cry at hearing those words. No one would come look for her, especially here, since no one saw the two women ever together.

To her pet's dismay, Jessica wasn't over with accessorizing her new puppy. Her tail was introduced to her the very next day of her arrival at the estate. When Jessica showed it to her, Raya understood its purpose immediately. She whined behind her snout, but couldn't avoid it, as she was chained to her post since Jessica left her. The tail was about 10 inches long, white and soft to the touch. At the end of it was attached a not particularly small plug. It certainly wouldn't come off without an outsider's helping hand. Jessica made "Trixie" sit still, even if it took some shocks to her collar to do so, then slowly shoved the plug in the girl's ass hole. "What's wrong? Don't you like your new tail? Come on, wiggle it so i know you like it" she ordered cheerfully. If she wasn't painted all over, it would be obvious how red from embarassment Raya had turned, as her tail swung left and right with the movement of her hips.

Jessica loved humiliating her little bitch. That's why she bought three small bells that she would attach on her nipple and clit rings. Just the sound of them as she crawled made Raya miserable. It was weird how that small detail made it so degrading. The bells would also later serve Jessica during Trixie's training. If she was to be her little dalmatian pet, she would have to let go of her human nature.

   But it wasn't easy for her. She cried herself to sleep every night. chained inside her pink dog house. Jessica thought it'd be nice if she had a mirror installed there, so that Trixie could become familiar with her new appearance. Trixie couldn't bear to look at herself like that, and the sudden glances at her form would send her into a sobbing fit every time during the first week.

A first week that went by mostly uneventfully, as Jessica was preparing her pet's training schedule. But Raya had gotten a very distinct taste of her new life. One example was the taste of dog food she was fed every day. Her pink plastic bowl was filled twice a day, usually with dry dog food. "Meat will be only for special occasions" as Jessica told her. Raya never liked the smell of it, never mind the taste. She remembered when she used to feed the family dog, and rush to the sink to clean her hands of the dry food. But now, she gobbled it up with no hesitation, after realizing that it was this or nothing at all.

She'd even learned to push the food in her mouth with her protruding tongue, which was now stretched well enough, so that it didn't hurt as much, as in the beginning. After a few days, Raya would sometimes not even notice the pool of saliva that formed in front of her from her constantly drooling snout. When she did though, it made her feel like a real animal and she'd whine by herself, humiliated.

Her tail was removed once a day by her mistress so that she could defecate, then put back in its place. Jessica was not very patient with her pet. When the tail was off, she had to go then and there, otherwise she would have to hold it for another 24 hours. Raya was mortified at being forced to poop in front of another person, but after the first few incidents, she relinquished any shame, in order to ease the pressure on her aching belly. Jessica loved to watch her doggy defecate in front of her. She often made her look straight into her eyes while she was doing it, with the simple threat of the shock collar. Raya tried to hold back her tears at those times, she didn't want to give Jessica that satisfaction, too. But she soon would find out, that her pride was only harming her. 


   Raya was not a chubby girl. She was actually very beautiful and curvy, even though she had never really worked out in her life. She was lucky in that way. But Jessica wasn't satisfied with mediocrity. She would make Trixie the fittest and prettiest pet possible. Her training was programmed to do that, but not just that. It would also condition Raya into an obedient and docile pet, and tranform her from this physical and phychological mess that she was now. Raya might have looked like a dog, but she wasn't one, yet.

She was curled up outside, chained next to her house. At least there wasn't a mirror there, to remind her of her situation. She also liked the feel of grass on her tummy, better than the rough wood of the dog-house, which she only used when it rained or it was too cold outside. The french door opened and out walked Jessica, dressed in a pretty, sky blue tracksuit that showed her toned physique. Raya kept looking at her, worried, as the tall redhead approached her. She unclipped her chain and led her to the center of the yard. "Today we begin your training. I expect you to be a good little bitch and not make me zap you, at least not a lot." said the woman, looking down at her pet.

Raya started moaning in fear, breathing heavily through her snout. "Shut up!" her owner yelled. "Now, today we'll start slow with a few positions and then we'll go for your first walk." Raya stood still, looking up at her tormentor, praying inside her head. " The first position is STAY. You will take that position every time i am in the same room with you, and off course in whatever other case i want you to. You sit on your butt with your back legs open and your front legs in front, straight down." Raya kept looking at the woman, a wave of defiance hitting her. Who does this woman think she is? She was a human being, she had to stand up for herself! She tried to curse at Jessica, although what was heard was a loud unintelligent sound. Jessica sighed dissapointed and took out her phone from her jacket. She kept her finger on the phone's touch screen for a while, to show her pet that she wouldn't take any objections.

"The next time will be twice as much." she warned Trixie, who was now mad at failing to exert any kind of freedom. Still, the shock was really painful and she wasn't ready to suffer like that again. She lowered her head and let Jessica continue. "Where was i? oh, yes, the signal for the STAY stance is this" she said, and pointed her index finger downwards with her right hand. Trixie looked at her owner, hesitant, then slowly assumed the position described. The position forced her tail, and subsequently her plug, to bend inside her. It was very uncomfortable but Raya didn't move at all. "Spread your back legs more" Jessica instructed her pet and she obeyed quickly.

"The next stance is BEG. You arch your back until your front legs and head are on the ground, and you wag your tail with excitement, ass as high as possible. During begging, it's important you always look the person in the eyes at all times. For now, you will beg whenever it is time for your meals and poops. If i don't think you're enthusiastic enough in your begging, you won't get food or have your tail removed. Now let's see what that will look like."

Raya couldn't take this degradation anymore. She launched at the woman, in an attempt to knock her down, but she could only reach her up to her legs and just managed to nudge her. Jessica couldn't help but burst into laughter at Raya's effort. "HAHAHA, that was priceless!" she laughed as she took her phone again and zapped Trixie until she almost lost consciousness. " I didn't think i would start your bell training this early, but i guess you earned it, Trixie" she said, in a more serious tone. Raya was still twitching from her latest shock. She had regreted standing up to her. It only made her look silly and earned her shocks. And now, whatever punishment Jessica had in store for her.

The last stance was DISPLAY. Jessica ordered her puppy to lay on her back with her legs raised and her holes presented as clearly as possible. A snap of her fingers was the signal for that position and Trixie obeyed this time without any more shocks. If her clitty bell was on, she was to always jiggle it as vividly as possible.

   Jessica took her time alternating between positions and commands with Trixie for about 45 minutes. When she reached a point where they were performed quickly and succesfully, she sighed. "Enough for today, now let's go for a walk." She led Trixie by a matching pink leash through the house and out into a empty road. Jessica owned a lot more than just the mansion and no one would bother them there. The sight was beautiful, with trees and flowers stretched all around. But the road was cement which as Raya found out, was very hard on her stump legs. She could follow her mistress while she was walking, but when she started jogging she couldn't keep up. "Come on you lazy bitch, i don't have all day!" she heard, followed by a couple of encouraging zaps on her collar. She tried her best, panting after only 5 minutes. Every time her leash became taut, another small zap would force her to step up her speed. Jessica had installed the same technology in her mp3 player, so that she could discipline her puppy, while still listening to her jogging playlist.

after about an hour they returned home. Raya was drenched in sweat, even though Jessica was a light jogger. Her feet hurt, her lungs burned and she was ready to collapse. Jessica picked up a water hose and sprayed Trixie all over. The girl screamed as the cold water hit her body. Luckily for her, her mistress went inside and returned with a towel made just for her, judging by the drawings of doggy paws on it. After a thorough cleaning, she was fed her usual dry dog food. The sun had set and Jessica was about to go inside after a productive day. "Don't think i have forgotten about your little tantrum earlier.." she remarked to her pet as she was hungrily eating her meal.

   After she was done, Jessica led her to her dog house. She'd chain her inside at nights, by an iron ring, located at the back wall. She'd use a smaller chain, so that Trixie couldn't step outside her small house. But this time she was carrying a small box with her while she led her inside. She took a small microphone and reached inside the dog house, placing it in a holder that Raya had never noticed, up in the ceiling. Raya was scared, she didn't know what this meant. Jessica attached her collar to the ring and then took out 4 bells. The girl had seen the first three, but the fourth was attached by a thread to what looked like a clamp. Jessica clipped the bells on her nipples and clit and placed the forth one snuggly on her exposed tongue. Trixie let out a painful moan.

"Now, here's what your bell training is about. It will improve your concentration and hopefully, we'll also teach you some humility." Raya looked at the woman, petrified. "Inside this box are about fifty cockroaches. I know how much you're afraid of them, so you will spend the night with them." Trixie was now visibly shaking in fear, making the bells on her body rattle. She was afraid and disgusted by cockroaches more than anything. "Here's the thing. This microphone here will pick up every bell ring or moan. It will also count the amount of rings and moans using a program. So, tomorrow, you'll receive as many shocks as bell rings. You'll also stay plugged with your tail as many days as the moans recorded." She then opened the box and dropped its contents on her unsuspecting pet. "Goodnight, Trixie!" she said with a sadistic smile and closed the opening of her house with a slide door. As she walked towards her living room, she could hear the sound of the bells ringing furiously.

   The next morning Jessica was very excited to see her pet. She had stayed awake for a while, imagining her puppy's torment, but it was a certainty that Raya had slept even less. She drunk her morning coffee looking outside into the yard, at the pink house. It looked so peaceful from there, but what occured inside was far from it. She opened her laptop and clicked on the mic icon on the screen. After a few seconds the screen displayed two numbers. Bells:84   Moans: 4

The redhead smiled satisfied and sipped the last of her coffee. When she opened the slide door of the dog house, she saw Raya in a terrible condition. She hadn't slept at all. Roaches were roaming all over her body, from her back to her head and her private parts. She was still shaking, from exhaustion or fear was unclear at this point.

Jessica released her from the metal ring and pulled her out into the sun. It was a warm, beautiful day. But Raya had suffered like she never thought was possible.Jessica chained her to outside post and begun stroking her back. "I know it must have been a tough night, but you have to understand your place now." she said to her. She didn't have the strict tone that she had other times , though. She appeared to genuinely try to comfort her puppy. Raya slowly started sobbing. She didn't know if they were tears of relief, that her torment was over, or fear for what the shocks that awaited her. It didn't matter though. She wept and wept and Jessica caressed her lovingly. She knew she had broken new ground today. She placed her hands on the girl's face. "I know this is hard for you, but i promise you, it will get better. We don't have to put the roaches again. It's all up to you." She kept her hands on her pet's face, looking in her moist eyes.

"Now, i'm going to give you your zaps. i want you to remember all this, though, cause i don't want to be doing it again." She lied, but she knew that her pet needed strength now. A cruel and caring mistress was better than just a cruel mistress. "I want you to be silent at all times." she continued more assertively. "I don't ever wanna hear you trying to talk or even moan again. You will reply only by ringing your clit bell, if it's in place, ok?" Raya shook her hips, producing a ring on her bell. "Good", Jessica smiled and took out her phone.

Review This Story || Author: Denkira
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