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The Lady Next Door

Part 3

                                     Chapter Three - The Fantasy Realized

         Thursday morning arrives quickly, I only manage about two hours sleep, but it really doesn't matter because I'm running on so much adrenaline. In between school and work I have some time to stop at the drug store to get some hair remover, but of course, they're out. I find some at another drug store down the street. I can't believe how excited I still am, my heart is constantly racing and my cock has been semi rigid since I got home from Diane's. Friday morning comes but only I got three hours sleep. It's a short day, I get out of school at noon, I get a short nap in before I have to be at work at 3pm. I get home from work at 7:30 and eat dinner. I tell my mother I'm going to a party, and am not sure what time I'll be home, but no later than 2am. I go upstairs to prepare for Diane. I rummage around the bathroom closet and eventually find the electric sheers. I place a plastic grocery bag in the small bathroom trash basket and place it in the sink. I raise my arm and position my armpit directly over it to catch the hair when I quickly buzz it off with the sheers, then I do the other. I now proceed to my pubic hair, I set the basket on the floor and I get on my knees, spread my legs and am able to get the basket under my genitals. I take my time trimming this, it's more intricate, and I don't want to cut myself. I also do my best to trim any hair between my ass cheeks, I'm not sure how much hair is there, but Diane stressed it be hairless. The rest of my body hair is light, the hair remover should take care of it. I grab the bottle, I've already read the directions, and begin to spread it on my entire body and I let it sit for ten minutes while I shave my face and brush my teeth. I get in the shower rinse the hair off, the drain clogs a few times, I constantly have to clean it, but the lotion works well, thank God. I wash thoroughly, I spend extra time on my genitals and ass, I've know got to be clean. I get out of the shower and see my hairless body for the first time. The main difference is the lack of pubic hair, I feel so naked, and it makes me look so, so… young, it's a bit strange. I get dressed and kill some time before going downstairs, my heart is pounding and my mouth is dry. My mother asks what was going on in the bathroom, was I using the sheers? Luckily bicyclists will shave body hair to increase lap times, hair causes wind drag. I told her this, I just didn't tell her how much hair I removed. I grabbed my keys and headed out.

            I can't believe this is actually happening, it had been just over a year since I first noticed Diane getting her mail that spring day. One year of fantasizing about having sex with her, and more recently, fantasizing about being tied up by her. I drive the car around the block and park at the end of Densmore, it's a dead end. It's still only 9:45 and I can walk to Diane's in less than 5 minutes. I turn the radio on, I keep looking at the clock but it never changes. One thing I learned about woman is that a little late is OK, but a little early is a bad thing. I walk over to Diane's at 10:00.

          I walk to the back door from the side that doesn't border my house. The light over the door isn't on, did she forget? I knock, I hear nothing, but lights are on, I know she's home. I knock again, this time I hear footsteps approach the door and it opens.

         "Hi Jack, good to see you, come in." she says calmly. ''I'm so glad you didn't cancel out." 

           ''That's funny, I thought the same thing about you." I say awkwardly, as I'm pretty of nervous.

         "Jack, let's skip the small talk, I can tell you're nervous, and that just makes me nervous. There's a few ways that this can go, but I find role playing seems to makes it go smoother."

           ''What do you mean by role playing, exactly?" I ask.

           "It's simple. I assume you've masturbated, right?"

            "Well yes" I admit.

              "So when you masturbate you have to think about something or someone     that turns you on. You envision a scene in your head, it may have a little dialogue, or you may be doing something to a girl that really turns you on."

             "Right" I respond.

              "You liked the way I talked to you the other night didn't you?" 

                "Yeah that was amazing"

                "I was playing a role. The role I was playing was the older lady who is going to discipline the hot, young boy. Doesn't sound to far from reality does it? So I'm no longer Mrs. Marshall the next door neighbor, I'm Mistress Diane who's going to have her way with her cute little slave boy."  

                 "Right, I think I can do this!" I say.

                  "OK then, let's try it" She says.

                "But first I think this naughty boy has to change his clothes, Mistress Diane has a special outfit picked out just for him."  she says in that voice that drives me wild. She pulls out a pair of briefs and hands them to me.

                "This is just a thong, what else am I going to wear Mistress Diane?" I do know the rule about always addressing her as Mistress.

                  ''That's all you get, and you're lucky you get that. What I like about this thong is that it has two velcro tabs for when I want you naked, it makes it so much easier when you're all bound up for discipline.  Now, change in this bathroom and when you're done stand here and wait for me."

                  ''Yes Mistress Diane."

        This is incredible, how did I get this lucky. I go into the bathroom and take my close off, which was a bit harder than usual since I was shaking with excitement, so balancing on one foot was a challenge. Getting dressed was easy, I've never worn a thong before, I always thought they'd be uncomfortable with the thing riding up your butt crack, but they were surprisingly comfortable. The front didn't offer much coverage and I needed to position my penis downward because an erection would pop out the top. Having my penis pointing down is going to get uncomfortable if I get hard, but maybe that's what Mistress had in mind.

         I wait for Mistress for about ten minutes before she comes down the stairs, I'm amazed when I see her! She's wearing black, thy high leather boots over tight, black, yoga pants. The pants are very form fitting and show off her ass, which now with the help of the pants, are defined as two separate globes. She's wearing a very sexy black corset looking garment which shows off her curves, over a simple black tank top under a red leather jacket. I quickly realize this is the same jacket she wore the day I saw here get her mail, the beginning of everything. Her whole outfit is beyond sexy to me, as much as I love it, it teases me to the point that I just want to rip it off her to expose that sweet, delicious body that lies underneath.

        "So how did my little slave boy do, oh very nice, I like what I see." I also see you need some training, when you are waiting for your Mistress you need to stand correctly. That means your hands together, fingers between fingers like this, and hands behind your head. Yes, good, like that. Keep your eyes towards the floor unless I say otherwise. You also have to keep your feet apart, legs spread, good, a little more, oh maybe just a little more, good. Well, my new little slave is certainly a pleasure to look at." She says as she smiles and looks me up and down, before her eyes come to rest on my encased cock. I get the feeling she isn't lying about this, her eyes are devouring me. I sense her excitement, which in turn gets me excited.

         ''What's going on here? It looks like my slave is already excited and is trying to burst out of his brand new outfit. Remember sweetie, it's only velcro, if it comes apart I'm going to have to punish your little cock, is that clear, and I have many delicious ways to do it." she said as she ran her index finger over the thong and my trapped penis.

         ''OK, let's go up to the play room, Mistress has a lot of things that you may really like, now follow me up the stairs."

        Following her up the stairs was fantastic, her ass is just in front of my face, it's incredibly sexy, I never realized she had such a nice ass, she must be working out. She definitely has this role playing thing down, she's a master at saying just the right thing to excite me, or humiliate me, which excites me. Her tone is playful and feminine, not like a drill sergeant. Very Hot!

         We enter her play room in the attic, it's filled with a small assortment of bondage equipment, most of it I don't know much about. There are a few whips on the walls, and chains hanging from the ceiling. She leads me to a frame made of 3 inch piping, it's about 8 feet high and 8 feet across. It has eye hooks running along the inside portion of the frame every foot or so.

       "There's a good amount of toys in here that I'll slowly introduce you to, but I think this bondage frame is a good place to start. You're not afraid are you sweetie?"

        "No Mistress Diane, I'm not afraid." I say as I see her produce a set of leather cuffs.

         "Good, now I want you to attach these restraints to your wrists and ankles."

   I take them and put them on, I can't believe this is happening.

     " OK good, now why don't you just step back inside the frame and Mistress will string you up. OK good. Now raise your right arm, good, now your left, OK."

        Mistress has a small stool that she stands on to clip the cuffs to the top of the frame, my arms are bound up over my head, wrists three or four feet apart, but I'm not stretched excessively. She now gets off the stool, goes to a cabinet and returns with black rope.

      "Let's take care of those legs." she says.

   She runs the folded rope through the ring in the left ankle cuff and feeds the two ends in between the rope just before the fold, securing it simply, then does the same on the other ankle.

      "OK, be a good boy and stand straight up, right in the middle, right….here. Good boy. now don't move or you know what will happen…. or maybe you don't." She laughs as she moves me into the center of the frame.

   She grabs the rope on my right ankle and pulls it around the bottom of the right frame rail.

      "Now I want you to bring your right foot over this way, good boy, but I think you can go a little farther."

    " Yes Mistress Diane." My right leg is spread pretty far, maybe more than 2 feet, and now she is working on the left, uh oh.

      ''I think you can spread a little wider so your left matches your right, you don't want to be lop sided do you?" she says as she yanks the rope splaying me apart, making sure the distance from the frame pole to ankle is equal on both sides. Now that my legs are bound far apart, my body lowers which fully stretches my arms. At this point I'm stretched into an X, Mistress has me so tightly bound I can't move a muscle, I feel extremely vulnerable, especially my sex parts. 

      "Oh sweetie, don't you look all yummy strung up like that, with your legs spread so far apart. You're perfectly stretched in the center of the frame, a perfect X, so symmetrical, so pretty. You really do have a great body, nice and firm."  

      Oh God this is incredible, the feeling of finally being under her complete control, it's better than I ever imagined. The thong actually makes me more aware of my sex, the feeling of my trapped penis fighting the thong to straighten up, the way it rides over my now exposed asshole and between my hard cheeks. She is again eyeing me up and down, front side, back side. I have so many emotions running through me at once. The one I have never experienced before is this feeling of being so DESIRED, she looks at me as if I'm a piece of candy, or some delicious treat on a dessert tray. I'm the prey and she's the predator who has finally caught her quarry, and is getting ready to devour it. Her eyes keep darting to my sex package and I start to wonder what she has in store for it. I feel humiliated, which for some strange reason is hugely exciting. Here I am, tightly bound in a very exposing position, with nothing more on than this embarrassing little thong that barely covers my sex, and my body shaven clean.This is not the way I'd want anyone to see me, but here I am in front of my neighbor, who I'd had a crush on for the last year, a sexy older woman in this amazingly sexy outfit  complete with leather boots. The fact that she's fully dressed and I'm almost, and I'm sure soon to be naked, also adds to my humiliation and dominance.    

        She runs a finger down my chest all the way to the thong. She slides her finger inside the top of the thong, pulls it out, quickly peeks inside, before letting it snap back. Unfortunately I'm really hard, and the thong offers no way of hiding it, in fact I hope it doesn't pop open,….or maybe I do.

       "My My, what's this, you really can't keep your little cock under control, you just get excited so easily, remember what I said about the velcro…..and  what an incredible bum my little slave has, it must be from all that bike riding, hopefully I won't  have to spank it." She laughs.

        "I really like you in this position, I think this how I'll tie from now on, with your legs well spread, I like easy access to your delicate balls and asshole, I'm sure that won't be a problem for you will it sweetie?" she teases.

      She walks over to a cart and rolls it over in front of me. It's like a mechanics rolling tool box, but made of wood. It has drawers, about 3 feet high, and the top is covered with a small sheet. 

       "So my little slave, being that you're so new to all of this, I thought I'd start by showing you some of the toys in my toy box, then I'll decide which ones I want to use on you."

       With this she removes the little sheet covering the top of the toy box revealing at least a dozen toys, some were unfamiliar, some not.

    "Some of these you may have seen before and some you haven't, but I'll go through each one with you. First up is my collection of nipple clamps, I think the name says it all. I have a few varieties, some are connected with a small chain to add weights should I want to stretch your nipples, which of course I will. These clothespins are versatile, also effective clipped to your ball sack."

    "Next up are the butt plugs, I think you know where I'll be putting these, right sweetie. They come in different sizes, we'll start small and work our way up as I slowly stretch you out. Which then leads to these, my strap ons, here's my favorite, this dildo goes into me and this one, this one goes into you, right into that amazing ass of yours, I'm really looking forward to using this. Oh sweetie, you look a little concerned about this, don't worry I'll have you securely bound and gagged when I fuck you with it." she laughs.

     "Speaking of gags, I've got a few different types, here's the standard red ball gag in different sizes, I think you'll look great in this one. You know, no time like the present, let's try it on.''

     She comes up behind me, gag in hand, and proceeds to strap me in.

     "Yes, that does look good. OK where was I….oh yes gags. Here's a bit gag, kind of like what you use on a horse. This is a ring gag, it's good for keeping you quiet, but it still allows me to use your tongue for my pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, this one is all about pleasure, unfortunately mine, not yours. Yes I know it looks like one of those strap ons, but it's different. This part is the gag part, it goes in your mouth and is strapped in place. This part is why it's called a dildo gag, once it's strapped on you I can mount this portion and ride it, and you'll get a close up view."

    "OK last but not least, these are my favorite toys, my cock and ball torture toys. Here's a simple cock ring, it fits around your cock and balls, it looks very sexy, it may become your regular outfit when you're here. Here's what's called the Gates of Hell, this large ring goes on like the cock ring but then your soft penis goes in these small rings, and they are small. I think you can figure out the predicament you'll be in when you get excited, and judging by the lump in your thong, this toy has you written all over it."

     At this point I'm amazed I haven't popped out of this thong, I'm beyond excited, not sure how much I can take, I really need to cum, it'll only take a few seconds.

    ''Here's another favorite, it's very innocent looking, it's my ball stretcher. Just a round piece of metal that I can open and close. See I just screw it around your ball sack, below your cock and above your balls. The weight of it pulls your balls down, plus I can add additional weights here and here. Or instead of the weights I can attach this mechanism to it. This bar sits below your balls and by turning these two screws the bar raises and slowly squeezes your sweet little dumplings. This you should be afraid of, but don't worry sweetie, I'll only put you in it if your very, very bad."

            I start to whimper and protest into my gag, I even tug at the restraints holding me in this bondage frame, but Mistress just laughs.

         "Hahaha, so cute, hearing you whimper and try to escape is my biggest turn on, it just confirms the total control I have over you."

      "Well, there's more toys here, but let's move on, I think my slave needs to experience some of these things first hand. I think we should take it slow though, maybe start with a nice set of nipple clamps."

      Mistress approaches me with the clamps, they look kind of like tweezers or cotter pins, with a ring around the base that can be slide up to adjust the pressure, and they're connected with a thin chain. She doesn't immediately attach them, first she runs her finger tips lightly up and down my chest and back, occasionally using her tongue as well, commenting on how good I taste. She cups my package in her hand and laughs. Finally she attaches the clamps, she adjusts them so they aren't very painful.

     ''OK, yes. very nice. You are one hot little boy with that blonde hair and those big, blue eyes, I can see why the girls go for you. Imagine if all those girls in school could see you now, hmmm. I know, I said we have to be very discrete, but I just need to take a few photos for my own collection, I hope you don't mind…. What's that your trying to say through the gag, I can't understand you, haha."   

     OH GOD! My protests are muffled under the gag. PHOTOS!?! I think, NO!! Who's going to see them. She mentioned girls from school, she WOULDN'T?!? The INTERNET??!!

    ''OK let's see, your gagged and your nipples are clipped, what's next? Ah Yes…of course. Well… you may not want to hear what I'm about to say….but it's finally time to take your cute little outfit off, I hope you don't mind." she says with a menacing grin.

    She walks up to me, lightly putting her hands on my hips and whispers in my ear, "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this." 

   She slowly squats down in front of me so her face is directly in front of my crotch, she then hooks her index fingers under the sides of the thong and slowly slides them down towards the bottom of the V. The feeling of her fingers grazing my smooth sack feels exquisite, I release a moan of pleasure hoping she will continue with this caressing. Unfortunately she does not, and with one finger lightly pressing on my asshole, she looks up at me and laughs. Pulling her fingers out, she then gently peels the 2 pieces of velcro apart, the pressure of my erection quickly pulls the back of the thong around and out from between my ass cheeks, she is still holding the front up in front of my crotch but quickly tosses it aside, all without taking her eyes off my crotch, finally revealing my fully erect, and cleanly shaven cock and balls.

       "Oh my, what a beautiful cock you have….and these two little jewels…beautiful…and so well shaven, you're such a good slave boy. And look at this, …see how your cock is throbbing and lightly bouncing up and down, it's even starting to ooze your boy juice. It's as hard as it can get….. poor baby needs to cum."

       She lightly stokes my cock with her finger, before lightly caressing my balls between her thumb and fingers, her tongue running across the tip of my cock to clean away my pre cum.

      "Oh you taste so good" she says as she rises to her feet, then steps back to take in the whole view of her prize.

      She grabs her camera and takes a few more full shots of me, along with a few close ups of my rigid cock, balls, and ass. The pictures of my sex really add to my humiliation. She backs up to take in my entire form, I'm now completely naked, which really makes me feel like a piece of sex meat. I feel like a fly caught in a spider's web, I know I can't escape, no matter how I struggle. I'll be kept here until the spider decides that I need to be consumed, and like the fly, I'll be eaten in the same way, my essence will be sucked out of me. 

       "Sweetie, I know you're cute little boy cock just wants to explode, and you've waited so long for this. So I'm going to take care of you before I take you downstairs…….where I plan to tie you to my bed and fuck the shit out of you, do you think you can handle that?" She whispers.

      I nod and grunt through the gag. She walks away, picks something up off the cart, and walks up behind me cupping my ass cheek in her hand.

      "What a nice…slap…tight …slap….little…slap….ass….slap… you have…slap my little sex slave."

     I squeal into the gag with each slap, my erect cock bobbing up and down, the tip glistening with pre cum.

     "Do you remember the other night when I told you all the things I wanted to do to you?" She whispers in my ear from behind, as I nod yes.

     "Good, I remember one sounded very appealing, it was the one where I slide my finger into your bum bum and make your sweet little cock squirt out all it's cream, do you remember that one?" she whispers, as I nod and give a long moan of approval. 

      "Oh it sounds like you might like that huh? Well I'm going to change it up just a bit, instead of my finger I'll be using this little butt plug." She says as she lubes it up in front of my eyes.

     " Now just relax, this is pretty small so it should slide right in, yes, there it goes, just a little extra push and it's locked in place. It's even red so it matches your ball gag, I want you to look nice,"

         Oh my God it feels sexy, I can feel it stimulate in my asshole before the sensation travels up my cock, if she starts to fuck my ass with it I'll probably cum.

        "So I bet that's the first time your bum bum has been penetrated?" she asks as I nod and give another long moan of approval. She is now kneeling in front of me and is holding my cock up and beginning to run her tongue along the shaft, followed by some licks to my sack.

    "Mmmmm" she says looking up at me, "you're such a tasty boy, did you know that?"


       "This is the part when I make your sweet little cock squirt it's cum, it's going to squirt right it in my mouth, I'm going to let your cum sit on my tongue, I'll roll it around so I can fully taste you, then I'll swallow you, you'll be completely….eaten, none of you will be wasted." she says as I whimper, almost ejaculating there and then. 

         I see my entire cock disappear into her mouth, all 7 inches are gone. She reaches from below, between my legs and grabs the butt plug with her right hand and slowly begins to fuck me with it. She pulls it all the way out and slowly pushes it all the way in, over and over.The feeling of it entering and exiting is amazing. She has her left hand  wrapped around my cock and is stoking it, being sure that when

my cock pops out of her hand it goes directly into her mouth. This feels completely amazing, I can feel an orgasm building, God, I can't last much longer, Oh God. Oh God, Oh Ohh… Here It Comes….


       I feel the most incredible sensation surge through my cock and balls as I erupt. I'm screaming uncontrollably into the gag, and in rhythm to my cock's ejaculations. My whole body is thrashing in my metal framed bondage as I try to escape Mistresses unrelenting tongue on my extremely sensitive cock head. She's holding my cock with one hand and her mouth is glued to the end of my cock as she sucks out every drop of me. She's dropped the butt plug and using the free hand to brace herself from my frantic thrashing. It passes and I am completely spent, I'm hanging exhausted in the frame, but Mistress is still sucking the last of me out of my slowly fading cock.

     "Wow baby, that was the most powerful orgasm I think I've ever seen, you're quite a little screamer, which is very hot, I'll have to be sure you're always gagged when I make you cum….and I loved your attempts of escaping, also very hot!

      "My little slave served up quite a big serving for her Mistress, I thought you'd never stop shooting your sauce….but I'll let you rest a while before I fuck you."

    At this point I can see that my penis is very much deflated, probably less than half the size of it's erect self. My balls have relaxed as well, now hanging lazily in their sack. It's going to take me a little while to be able to fuck my Mistress, and I hope I don't disappoint her. She comes over and takes off my nipple clips, I'm surprised how much they when she takes them off as I squeal into my gag.

       "Yes I know they hurt a lot more coming off than going on sweetie."

         "Oh No….. I think someones been a bad slave and let their cock drip all over the floor!! I just cleaned this floor too! It looks like my slave boy needs to be punished!!" she says, her voice becoming much more stern.

          "Normally I make a slave boy lick up his cum, but since you're still bound and gagged, I'll have to clean it myself!''

          She wipes up the drops of cum with her finger, and to my surprise she wipes the cum off her finger onto a butt plug. This plug looks a little bigger than the first one she used. I whimper and tug at my restraints.

        ''Don't worry bad boy, you're not going anywhere. I told you your cum wouldn't go to waste, I'm using it to lube up your butt plug."

        This plug doesn't slide in as effortlessly as the first, the tip is fine but the last inch takes a little bit of time before my ass relaxes to accepted it. I'm a little worried about my punishment, considering Mistress's change of mood and her collection of toys. Once the plug is in place Mistress quickly pulls a long, course, thin rope from a drawer in the cart. She quickly approaches me, and without saying a word, squats down in front of me and quickly cinches the rope around my ball sack, just below my limp cock, so both balls are trapped. Then she braids the two free ends around the length of my cock, tying it off just under the head. She then wraps the rope around my waist tying it off, this holds my cock against my body. The remaining rope is laced down the crack of my ass, over the base of the butt plug securing it in, and finally tied where it all began, around my ball sack. Upon finishing this she retrieves a full length mirror from the other side of the room and leans it against the cart in front of me. Just as quickly she retrieves a black, leather covered paddle from the wall, about the size of a ping pong paddle, and approaches me.

        "As you can see you'll be getting a paddling, but let me explain the rest. I've set up the mirror so you can see yourself being punished, I think you'll learn much better this way. I didn't only bind your cock and balls to keep them from swinging around when I paddle you, but your sexy boy parts are in a bit of a predicament. If you stay flaccid everything will be OK, but if you start to get hard all the ropes start to tighten, both your cock and balls will be squeezed more and more the harder and more excited you become. So your pleasure will be your pain, and I know you don't have a lot of self control so this should be very amusing." she laughs.

      Seeing myself in the mirror bound up is a bit of a shock, I can't believe how exposed I am, Diane has seen everything I've got in detail. My balls are bound up into a little sphere and just completely exposed. My limp cock is constricted within Mistress's rope work, and I now understand how bad it will be for me if I can't control myself. I know Mistress can get me hard with speech alone, and I'm hoping she doesn't know this. Mistress is now behind me, paddle in hand.

     "Let's get started, I think 15 paddles is about right for a bad boy like you, but wait I think some pictures are in order first." she says playfully.

      Oh no, I feel a twinge of excitement, her mood and tone are changing. I think Mistress knows exactly how to get me excited. She takes a few close up shots of my bound cock and balls, so she can compare before and after pictures, as well as the butt plug. She knows the humiliation is a turn on for me.

      '' Sweetie I noticed the rope is already getting snug and I haven't begun your paddling. Now I want you to count for me, do your best" She says right before the paddle slaps my ass.


     "God boy, you're taking this so well, you're barely whimpering, maybe you need it a little harder on your bum bum."


    ''Now your sweet buns are getting red, lets take a look how you're sweet little cock is doing, ooooh it looks like it's trying break out, how about your delicate plums, oh my, they are really tight, they can barely move.

     Between Mistress's comments, the butt plug, and the paddling I'm definitely getting turned on. I can feel my cock being squeezed, but worse is the burn caused by the corse rope. My sack is so tight that when Mistress tries to wiggle it it barely moves.   

     "You didn't loose count did you? We'd have to start aaaalllll over if you did."


   I'm squealing into the gag after each hit now, it's starting to hurt, but Mistress stops to rub, and even kiss it which helps some.

      "What a nice smooth bum bum my bad boy has, and it's getting so red, it will probably match the red plug he has buried inside him." she laughs

     I'm glad this is almost over because everything is starting to hurt, I hope she doesn't drag this out to much longer.

      "Just five more, how about fast and hard?"


       "Good boy, you got through you're first punishment with no tears. Your rear is nice and warm, and red, how about your front, Uh Oh, I guess that spanking got you really excited, you're cock looks truly tortured, the rope is really squeezing you. I think you're already to fuck, but first you don't mind if I play with you for another minute or two?

     My ass and my cock are burning. Mistress walks back to the wall and hangs up the paddle only to return with a riding crop! I protest in my gag and again try in vain to break free, but I know this just further excites her.

     ''Don't be afraid baby, I'm not going to hurt you. It's just that the site of your tight little nuts makes me want to play."

      She places the crop just below my balls and rubs, then taps them, she continues this on each side, as well as the back, rubbing and tapping. Each tap gets a little harder as she searches for my limit based on my groans. She finishes up this little session by snapping a couple pics of my tortured cock and balls.

    ''Your balls are so smooth when I have them bound up like this, it's one of my favorite things to do! You look so delicious strung up as you are. So naked, so stretched, so squeezed. You realize how vulnerable you are right now, don't you? The dominance I have over you at this moment is a huge turn on for me, I could really hurt you, but you have to trust your Mistress. It's all about trust. Right baby….trust."

     Finally she begins to release me.

     "OK my little slave I think you're ready to be released, your boy parts are starting to turn purple."

      She unties my cock and it springs up and out, next my balls are released and the color starts to come back. The butt plug is slid out, but for fun Mistress begins to fuck my ass with the tip to watch my cock reach it's full size. The ball gag is pulled out of my mouth, but Mistress wants me to keep it hanging around my neck for later. Finally I'm released from the metal frame and can move my arms and legs again, but the cuffs are left on my wrists and ankles. Mistress leads me downstairs to a bedroom, not hers, just a room with a huge four poster bed.

     "So sweetie I know your sore, so I'm going to be very gentle with OK? Now hop up on the bed and lay down on your back, mistress will get you all nice and secured."

     Once I lie down on the bed, which was very comfortable, she very quickly has my wrists and ankle secured to the bedposts, I'm tightly spread-eagled once again, I can't move a muscle. She dims the lights and lights some candles and then leaves the room for a few minutes. When she returns I'm amazed at her combined beauty and sexiness. She's removed everything except for those extremely hot, thigh high boots, and a black G string that just barely hides the object of my desire. Her long blonde hair is hanging over her breasts, but I can still see the delicate pink nipples.  She teases me by slightly pulling her G string down and letting it spring back up, and it's working because if I wasn't tied down I'd rip those little panties off with my teeth to get to the treat underneath. Finally she slips out of the panties and I see here sweet, cleanly shaven snatch for the first time. I just want to taste her, to run my tongue over her entire body, to inhale her. This little strip tease is all the foreplay I need. To my surprise she rolls her G string into a ball and pushes it into my mouth, it's very wet, I can finally taste my Mistress, I suck her tangy juices out, slowly savoring every drop.

         ''I've been wet all night," she says. "After all of this I'm so hot, remember I haven't cum, you have. Having you strapped to the bed like this just makes me hotter, you just look so good. I know your cock is sore from the rope baby, so I'm going to rub some lubricant on it."

       She squeezes some lubricant into her hand and lightly begins to stroke my cock with it. She wipes the excess lubricant on my leg before positioning herself over me, her hands on the sides of my waist, knees between my legs. She lowers her head and softly licks and kisses my stomach before slowly working her way up my chest and stopping on my nipples. Her long blonde hair caressing my body the whole time. She leaves my nipple and gives me a kiss on the forehead and pulls out my panty gag, before kissing my mouth. Slowly at first, just tongues darting back and forth, lightly making contact. Gradually it become more passionate, deeper, until we are trying to devour each other. Abruptly she stops and crawls up towards the headboard and hovers one of her nipples over my mouth before lowering it in. I lightly caress it with my tongue before securing the nipple between my teeth, I alternate between sucking  and flicking it with my tongue. She releases a moan of pleasure before removing it and replacing it with her other breast. Crawling still higher towards the headboard, she now has her delicious pussy over my mouth, her knees on either side of my head. It's the moment I'd been dreaming about, and even though I want to suck her inside out, I follow her commands.

       "OK sweetie your going to use your pretty mouth and that tongue of yours to eat my pussy, I'm going to tell you exactly what to do and what I like. First I want you to lightly lick on each side right here."

      "OK" I say as she points to her outer labia.

      "Ummm yeah ooh ummm, Now slowly work your way inward….good ummmm….yes…ummmm…now the full length of my slit….oh God yes…just….like….that…ummmm…ooh…now fuck me… with your tongue…aaaah….uummmmm….oh yes yes..keep…going…..ummmmm….I need you to suck my lit…..ummmmmm……right…. here…..OH GOD…YES….UMMM….IT FEELS….SO….GOOOOD…OOHHHH……..SUCK IT….UM…UM..UMM…I'M GOING TO…CUM…..IM GOING TO CUM …ALL OVER YOUR PRETTY…FACE…UMMMM…UMMMMMM…UMMMMM…UUUMMMMMMMM " She screams as she orgasms, quickly pulling her clit away from my mouth and the unrelenting stimulation.

      This is something I'd been fantasizing about, to eat her tasty little snatch. Her woman scent is intoxicating, she tastes both sweet and tangy on my tongue. The folds of her sensitive pussy feel so soft and delicate, I gently trap her swollen clit between my teeth as I lash it with my tongue before I suck it into an explosive orgasm. I wasn't expecting the huge release of juice that came with her orgasm, I would have liked to have drank her in, but as it was, much of her juice ended up on my chin and neck. I did however feel relieved to have her guide me through it, I have to admit, I have only done this once, and am not sure what a woman really likes, and I certainly don't want to disappoint her here. After she came she leaned forward and gave me a long deep kiss, still straddling me, she slid down my body, reaches between her legs and grabs my rigid cock and begins to slide the head along her well lubed slit. Oh God, I knew where this was going, I'm finally going to feel myself inside her, at which time she positions my cock at her opening and slides back on to it. The feeling that ran through my sex was incredible, my cock now deliciously  encased inside her.

         "Now I don't want my sexy little fuck toy to cum too soon……I don't want to have to string you up again and punish you.''

        Oh God, she feels so good that I don't think I can last long, and the fact that she's teasing me with her threats isn't helping. I really need to control myself, but I'm not sure how, I really don't want to blow my load too early. Then to my surprise and relief, the immense pleasure in my sex starts to fade, I don't feel the imminent orgasm that I did when I first slid into her, it's like the feeling has stabilized, maybe due to the fact that I came less than an hour ago. I feel a wave of relief and confidence, I realize I'll be able to last with her. She's now riding me up and down as best she can considering that her boots seem to be a hindrance. Even though she has me secured very tightly to the bed, I try to undulate my hips. She reaches around behind me and and plays with my balls which are held close in their sack. Her finger then makes it's way down to my recently lubed anus, where she briefly slips it in. Now with her hands above my shoulders she begins to slowly moan, she's looking into my eyes, but I can tell she's somewhere else as her moans slowly begin to rise in intensity.

        "I want you to make me come….can you…do that?….ummm…that's it…..ummmm….so good….I never knew you had such…a….mum….talented….tongue…um….and….sweet cock….umm..ahhh…ahhh…Oh God… I'm…cuming….ahhh…Ahhh…. .AHHHHH….AHHHH…..AHHHHH…UMMMMM…YES…FUCK ME….YES YESSS….AHHHHHHHHHH…UMMMMMMMM….UMMMMMMMM…..UUMMMMMMMM" she screamed before collapsing on my chest.

     Seeing her cum is pretty damn hot, I feel her love juice drench my balls with it's warmth. I love feeling the weight of her feminine body laying on top of me. She rests for a minute to catch her breath before she sits up and begins to ride me again!

        "That was amazing, who new you were such a good little fuck. I want you to cum with me this time, do you think you can do that?" she asked.

      I nodded yes as she pulled the ball gag over my chin to silence my mouth. It had a familiar taste, as I realized that it had been coated with her juices on her first orgasm.

       "Have to keep you quiet, don't want to wake the neighbors."  she laughs.

     She slowly starts to ride me again while her tits lightly bounce up and down. She soon begins kneading and pinching her nipples which I find to be very hot, and immediately start to feel the beginning of an orgasm developing in my groin. She then reaches down and begins to pinch my nipples, which puts me another step closer. From here she moves a hand to her crotch and starts to rub her clit, soon  she begins to softly moan in pleasure, this went on for a bit, all the while her moaning slowly intensifying.

       "How's my slave doing, are you getting close?" she asks.

        Not being able to speak, I try to tell her I'm not ready.

        ''Remember slave, I want you to cum with me, I want you to cum on my command."

       This could be tough I thought, I'm not sure I can do it, and I can tell Mistress is not be far from cumming. Luckily she already knows how I react to the power of suggestion and it doesn't take long before she has coaxed an orgasm out of me.

       "If you don't cum on command I may have to flip you over my knee and spank your sweet ass, you wouldn't want that would you?" she asked as I pleaded "No" through my gag.

       "Or maybe I'll just flip you over and reattach you to the bedposts, so you'll be ass up, cheeks spread. I'll clip some clothes pins to your sensitive ball sack, and slip an enema nozzle into your tight little hole and fill you up, your cock would get nice and hard when you feel the water flowing into you, ummmm yes! Maybe I'll do it regardless….visualizing your tight body bound spread eagled with an enema hose running into your sweet ass is really starting to turn me on."

        I continue to protest, but in actuality, her threats of what she'd do to me are so erotic, that they really turn me on, and I immediately start moaning in pleasure as I feel an orgasm approaching. Mistress seems to have turned herself on as well, and I can tell her orgasm is not far away.

      "Good boy, I can tell you're  getting close….and I want…I want you to cum….ummmm….I want you to shoot……your boy cream into me ummmmm…..I want to feel…….your hot squirts….ummmmm…..oh God….ummmm….oh fuck yeah…..I'm going to CUM…CUM  NOW SLAVE, CUM….UMMMMMM…..AAHHHHH…..AHHHHH….UMMMMM. 

       We're both moaning together, as I feel an incredible sensation which begins in my balls and quickly makes it's way to my cock. Soon I can feel my jism traveling up my cock erupting into the most magnificent orgasm I've ever had, the feel of my cum squirting into my Mistress is incredible. I cum just seconds after her, screaming into my gag, and bucking violently up and down in my restraints as I instinctively try to fuck my Mistress and shoot my load. Mistress continues fucking me after I finish which is torturous on my now, extremely sensitive cock, as I desperately try to escape the overly intense feeling. As the sensitivity passes and I calm down, she removes my gag and gives me a long, deep kiss. Finally getting up, she removes my restraints and curls up with me on the bed, resting her head on my shoulder. I lay completely exhausted and almost dose off, before Mistress's voice brings me back.   

            "So Jack, how did you like it, was it as good as you'd imagined?" she quietly asks.

            ''My God, it was incredible, even better than I'd imagined." I reply.

            "Good, It was better than I imagined too. You were great, I wasn't sure how this would all go, you could have freaked out and wanted to stop, or we may not have had any sexual chemistry, but everything went great, you were awesome." She calmly states.

             "I'm glad I pleased my Mistress, of course you were phenomenal, the best sex I've ever had, by far." I awkwardly say.

              "You can call me Diane now, you don't have to call me Mistress if we aren't playing" she laughs.

              "OK sure. You said it was better than you'd imagined, I thought this was my fantasy alone, were you fantasizing about doing this too?" I ask.

              "Well, I don't know…maybe….yeah I guess. I may have pictured you naked….tied up…..cumming in my mouth. Not to inflate your ego, but you're a very good looking kid, I'm sure I'm not the only woman who has fantasized about you."

             "Wow, I'm surprised, I just never would have thought. One thing I really love is how well you describe sex, you use just the right words to get me excited. I think it was your enema description that enabled me to cum with you." I tell her.

              "Yeah, I discovered that about you quickly, you respond to verbal imagery and humiliation, so I try to use it to control you. Some people don't respond to it, some people like to be degraded and yelled at, everyone's different."  she explains.

              "When did you first have these thoughts, you know, dominating men, bondage, and stuff." I ask.

               "Hmmm, let's see. I think I was about 10 years old, me and my friend were talking about boys from school, you know, like who was the cutest. We narrowed it down to three and had a lot of fun debating the order of them. We talked about who we would like to date, who we would like to kiss, and even what it would be like see them naked. It was the first time I really felt sexually excited. I didn't tell my friend this, but as we were discussing them I kept visualizing the three boys naked, that I had somehow caught each one and had them suspended in these nets. There was a button that I could push to  raise and lower them, and I had them suspended over these caldrons of water and was planning to slowly lower them in. I'm not sure why, it all sounds very strange, very weird now, probably something I saw on a cartoon or on Batman. I used to love to watch Batman on TV, I loved it when Batman and Robin would get tied up by the criminals, seeing Robin tied up was really exciting. I liked the creative ways the criminals would plan to slowly torture them. A few years later my friend had a brother who was a year older than me, I imagined tying him to a tree in the woods and pulling his pants down, silly I know." she laughs. 

          "So it sounds like you had these feelings right from the beginning. I've occasionally thought about tying a girl down to a bed, it's kind of a turn, but I've just recently thought about being tied and dominated myself. You actually put the idea in my head last year when we were raking leaves, do you remember, you said 'you'd put a collar around my balls' - that's what triggered it. I researched femdom online to find out more about it, then I started imagining you one day dominating me, very much like you did tonight." I say.

           "Interesting, I remember making the comment about putting a collar around your balls, I just wanted to see how you'd react. It's also interesting that you desire to dominate women, it sounds like you may be a 'switch', did you ever fantasize about dominating me?" she asks.

          "Umm, well ah… yes…I guess I have. I've envisioned you naked and tied to the bed while I ate you and made love to you. I know I'd love to see you bound to the frame upstairs, wearing only those boots you have on now, I think that would be super hot!" I told her.

          "Ah, 'made love to me', how sweet. Well someday maybe you'll get your wish. So are you up to for this again?" she asks.

          "I'm surprised you asked, of course, just tell me when." I answer.

           "OK, I'll let you know. Remember, no one can find out about this, especially not your parents. Is your cell phone in your name or your parents?" she asks.

           "Mine" I reply.

            "Good, let's exchange numbers and I'll call you. Don't call me unless it's very important, don't walk over to my house, definitely don't email or mention me for any reason to your parents, understood?" she asks.

           "Yes, understood, I'll wait to hear from you." I answer.

            Noticing the time I realized I have to leave, Diane gives me one more long kiss, walks downstairs with me, I get dressed and head home.
























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