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Blackmailing Sue

Part 6

Part Six

Sue had just got home and with the door slammed shut, she broke down in tears thinking about her unpleasant ordeal. On the drive home she had decided not to tell Dave about what had happened as his work was important but he would be told everything upon his return.

She dried her eyes and poured a large glass of wine and tried to compose herself and think things through. She still had no proof that the photos had been destroyed so knew she would be contacted again. She was in such a mess and was about to get a shower, clean herself up and get to bed as she had work in the morning and it was close to midnight already. Then came the dreaded text:


Without hesitation, Sue replied to the text message "YES SIR"


Sue had no choice and reluctantly unlocked and opened her front door. position the wooden dining room chair in the lounge as instructed, she stripped completely naked. Her nipples stiffened as she positioned herself on the chair, she trembled as she started stroking her clit. At least 15 minutes had passed and with her eyes closed,  her mind was doing overtime thinking about her earlier experience with Madam Kathy, her cunt was dripping juice on the chair and her other hand tugged her nipples, stretching them. She was shocked at how turned on she was. Then she heard footsteps, opened her eyes and was instantly shocked.

Her neighbour, John, stood in the doorway.

Sue, instantly moved her hands to cover her nudity as John said "Remember what I said about the pictures Sue? Continue playing"

The old bastard thought Sue, my fucking decrepit fucking neighbour, the bastard. Sue had no option but to continue playing with herself. John sat opposite on the sofa and watched her for about 5 minutes, admiring her fantastic body, he was going to enjoy her for sure.

Sue shut her eyes trying not to think about him being there but incredibly, after continuing to stroke her clit she found herself getting even more turned on, masturbating naked in front of her fully clothed neighbour, old as he was, made her heartbeat quicken and cunt juice run onto the chair. She was close to an orgasm and was building up to one, her first of this long night, when John ordered her to stop and put her hands behind her head. As Sue did this, Johns eyes twinkled as he saw her beautiful large tits raise up, the long teased nipples pointing slightly left and right, and her heavy breathing told him she was ready.

"Sue, I have over 20 photos of you on my phone, do not speak or interrupt me" said John.

"You will have them removed by completing tasks and obeying my orders until Friday evening "

"I am a man of my word and tonight you did well and I will remove 2 photos"

Sues heart sank and her breathing had now settled down, even though her cunt was still on fire and aroused. She had hoped all would be deleted. John moved over to her and she watched as he deleted 2 photos from his phone.

"Now" he said, "Are you ready to continue?"

"Yes Sir" she reluctantly replied.

"Good, tomorrow morning you will email your employer and take the rest of the week off, tell them that you are not feeling well. You will spent the next 4 days with me under my supervision as my slave. You will address me at all times as Master and obey every order that I give you. Do you understand?"

Tears started to well up in her eyes as she uttered the words "Yes Master".

"Your cunt is wet slave, open your legs wide, put 2 fingers in it and stroke your clit with your other hand, NOW!"

Sue obeyed and within a minute was back into a highly aroused state.

"Do not orgasm slave, you will have one if you please me".

John reached forward and cupped her left breast, Sue flinched slightly at his touch but continued to probe her cunt with 2 fingers, delicately teasing her clit. John then took hold of both nipples, rolling them between his fingers before stretching them and squeezing them hard. Sue groaned and closed her eyes, and orgasm building in her.

"STOP NOW!" barked John.

"Now you will sign this contract I have prepared. It confirm that you will be my slave until the end of the week and that I will have complete control over you. Sign it here and I will delete another picture of you from my phone".

Sue reached for the offered pen, her wet fingers and shaking hand, gripped it and signed the bottom of the rolled up contract.

"Very good my slave" he said as he deleted another picture of her from his phone, "only 17 to go now slave, let's hope you obey my orders"

"Up you get, you are coming to my house".  He put a thin leather collar on her, attached a lead and dragged her naked out of the front door to his home across the road.

Sue was horrified at being naked in the street, anyone could see her, her only bit of lick was that at 1am all lights were out.

She was in a daze, her world totally turned upside down, being blackmailed by her pervert neighbour, a guy in his late 60's, when Dave got home he would kill him.

John lead her into his lounge and removed the lead.  He ordered her to stand in front of him, legs apart, hands behind back, head bowed. He wanted a full inspection. He sat on a comfortable chair and admired her fit toned body, large firm tits, amazing nipples and shaved cunt. She looked fantastic, even with her messy hair, ruined make up, cum stains on her belly and cunt juice still wet on her inner thighs. He knew he had hooked her and with the slave contract signed, she was his until Friday, to do anything he wished with. He chuckled to himself, by Friday she would be his for good if all went well.

"At Madam Kathy's home you wanked my cock, you still wear my cum stains, I hope you liked the size because it is ready again. Get on your knees and crawl over to me Slave".

Sue obeyed and crawled over to her neighbour, her Master. She reckoned that if she obeyed everything, she could get all the pictures deleted in 24 hours, then she remembered that she had signed the contract, shit.

"Good slave, you appear to be a natural, now stand, put these leather cuffs on your wrists and ankles." John admired her body as she bent to fasten the ankle cuffs."Now go up stairs and into the first room on your right slave".

Sue went up alone and was shocked at what she saw. The room was a large fully equipped dungeon with every conceivable item of BDSM equipment and items. She shuddered as she looked around, a cage, spanking bench, gyno chair, Saint Andrews cross, padded horse, several poles from floor to ceiling, leather swing on 4 chains, the walls adorned by whips, paddles, crops, canes, hoods, gags, cuffs, ropes, a table with dildos, vibrators, plugs, weights, clamps... oh my god, what the hell was happening.

"I have been into the BDSM scene for many years slave" came John's voice behind her. "Obey me as your Master and no harm will come to you. In fact you will learn to love everything in this room and what you will be doing, trust me slave".

"Stand between those two poles and open your legs wide slave" ordered John.

He moved quickly and fastened her wrists to each pole, slightly above head height. Her ankles were secured to the bottom corner of each pole, spread eagled and ready for him in the centre of the room. He caressed his hand over her naked torso, over nipples watching them stiffen, then between her legs and across her wet slit. The finger continued to her arse crack spreading her juice over the hole. He felt her shudder and groan, yes he thought, this woman is definitely the slut he hoped she might be, she was now his slave for a few days and he was going to enjoy every minute of her.

He stepped back, what a fantastic sight, then selected a leather crop and gave her 10 gentle strokes on her beautiful firm round arse, observing every move of her body.

John then selected a short soft leather flogger, stood on front of her and gave her 10 strokes on her belly, her eyes widening with each strike. He smiled and stroked her wet slit again, then used the same soft flogger with 5 strokes to each buttock, 5 to her back and 5 to each inner thigh. He then stood in front of her, her erect nipples against his chest, gently stroked her wet slit and leaned his head towards hers.

Sue was so aroused, desperate for an orgasm, ashamed how she felt , frustrated, humiliated, but so aroused. She also moved her head towards his, their lips met, she kissed him with real lust, his tongue probing into her mouth as he slid his finger into her cunt. Sue pushed her hips forward and John, sensing her desire, removed his finger but pushed his hard tongue further into her mouth. She groaned and she responded to his tongue with her own, their saliva mixing, until he pulled away.

"Good slave" he said "I see you enjoyed that, so much so, that we will continue. Take the handle of my soft flogger between your teeth and do not drop it. If you do I will punish you with a cane".

Sue accepted the flogger and gripped it tight between her teeth, although aroused and desperate, she did not want caning.

John selected a leather paddle and gave her 3 soft taps on each buttock, followed by 3 slightly harder, lovely he thought as her buttocks wobbled. He stroked her slit, still extremely wet, then gave her 5 even harder strikes to each buttock. Well done to her, she didn't drop the soft flogger. He followed up by giving her 10 on each buttock and noticed them glowing red. Perfect.

He moved around to face her again and noticed the lust in her eyes. He removed the flogger from between her teeth and they kissed passionately again for a few minutes. This dirty little slut from across the road was desperate for him, she was virtually begging him to make her orgasm, not such an innocent woman after all he thought. He pulled back, and gave her tits 5 strokes each with the soft flogger, watching the nipples turn rigid. he caressed each tit and then gave each one 5 more strokes. John stood back and Sue watched him remove his clothes, his body was decent for a man of his age and his cock was huge and erect, to say he was well hung was an understatement. She forgot all about the predicament she was in and wanted him to fuck her. her cunt was dripping for him, her nipples hard and proud, her arse cheeks stinging and sore, she was restrained and at his mercy but she wanted his cock.

"I am more than pleased with you slave, you look beautiful tied between those poles, desperate for more aren't you. I want a photo of you in this situation for my private collection, so please smile".

Sue stammered and tried to protest, but John calmly went over to her and slapped her face hard.

"Shut up slave, you signed a contract to obey every order I give you, now smile and make it genuine". He kissed her again, her hungry lips and tongue meeting his, she wanted to orgasm so much.

As he moved back, he held up his phone to get a picture and Sue smiled, genuinely smiled. John was now happy and said she would be rewarded.

He undid her cuffs and led her over to the gyno chair. He told her to get comfortable and clipped her wrist cuffs to the side attachments giving them no room for movement. Her legs were put into the stirrups and fastened tight. the collar she was wearing was fastened by two clips either side giving her no head movement and 2 straps were fastened across her waist. Sue was now helpless and at her Masters mercy. He opened the raised leg stirrups to position 5 which displayed her wet cunt and arse hole perfectly.

Once again, he leaned over her, kissed her passionately for several minutes then said, "Let's have some fun slave, you look very inviting in this position and your dripping cunt juice is starting to trickle from your slit to your arse hole, perfect, you dirty little cunt".

Those words and being called a dirty cunt really turned her on and she groaned with desire.

John took a 5 inch black butt plug from the table and very slowly inserted it into her. Next was a black 8 inch dildo which easily slipped into her wet cunt. He fastened a red leather belt around her waist and from its back, he brought the wide soft leather red strap up between her legs and fastened it at the front of the belt. This held the dildo and butt plug in place. He looked at her face and the spectacle of seeing her in pleasure made his cock hard. He wanted to fuck her but that would wait a while. He was going to savour every moment of this.

He took two pieces of thin rope and looped it tight around the base of each tit, tying each one off. The heavy firm tits now splayed either side of her chest, the nipples teasingly firm at the top of each hard mound. He then kissed her and she greedily accepted his hard probing tongue in her mouth for several minutes.

"You will now suck my cock, you have deserved it and I am happy with your progress".

With that, he inched his cock forward and watched her mouth open to take it. He her hair in one hand, stroking it gently and teased his other hand over her nipples. She took the tip of his hard cock into her mouth and let her tongue go to work. Sue could move her arse slightly and with each small thrust, she could feel the dildo and butt plug bury into her holes. It was just not enough to allow her that desperate orgasm but she was now so turned on, she thought if this is what she had to do to get the photos on Masters phone removed, she might as well enjoy each teasing moment.

After taking her Masters cock for nearly 20 minutes, he pulled away from her. He went to the wall and selected a hard leather flogger. Before Sue had chance to get her breath, he brought the flogger down on her tits, giving each one 5 hard strokes. Sue yelled out loud with the pain stinging each tit and nipple.

"Scream and shout all you like slave, the room is sound proofed, no one will hear you" laughed John.

He then spent an agonising 10 minutes using the flogger on inner thighs, as much of her arse as he good see and her tits. She didn't know how many times he hit her but the parts he hit were stinging and red. John then selected a thin cane and whacked it twice on each upturned back of her thighs. The marks from this were immediate and delighted him.

Sue begged him to stop "Please Master, please, no more, I will do anything".

"Good", he said and instantly slashed the cane across the screaming slaves tits 4 times.

Once Sue had calmed down, John unfastened the leather strap and removed the dildo and butt plug. He brought them up to her face and ordered her to lick each one clean until he was satisfied. He looked at her cunt and arse and both holes were covered in cunt juice. He looked at the cane stripes on her tits and arse and positioned himself and took another photo on his phone. Next he brought a ring gag over to her, placed it and tied it to her so her mouth was gaping wide. What a sight it was before him. He put a long thin suction tube on each nipple and used a suction gun to stretch each one nearly  1 1/2 inches into each tube. All poor Sue could do was groan at the pain and torment to each nipple. One each nipple was stretched and sucked into the tubes, he fingered her cunt, marvelling at the juices she was producing, spreading it to her arse hole, slowing getting two finger in, then three. He gently worked on her arse hole using her cunt juice, gradually increasing its size. Sue was groaning aloud now, breathing rapidly, never before having been this turned on. The bite on her nipples in a strange way, felt pleasurable. Please fuck me she thought, please.

John positioned his cock at her arse entrance and slowly inched his cock in. Slowly he got nearly 7 inches into her, her groaning and grunting exciting him. He gently started to fuck her tight arse, pushing a further 2 inches in. He then withdrew, his cock harder than it had ever been, inserting it into her gaping saturated cunt. Now she was really grunting and as he felt himself reaching a climax, he went into a slower movement, each slow thrust going right up in her cunt.

"Want to cum now you dirty fucking slave?" he asked.

"Yes Master, I beg you, fuck me and allow me to orgasm" Sue replied.

"Do you want my cum shooting into you slave?"

"Yes Master, yes, fuck me and cum in me" begged a delirious Sue.

With that, he leaned over, spat in her mouth several times, then stood firm and fucked her fast and hard, using both hands to flick the tubes on her tortured nipples. Sue screamed through her ring gag at the nipple pain and the thrusting of her Master cock, and when he started to shoot his cum in her cunt, he again leaned over while thrusting, spitting into her mouth watching it travel down her throat. Sue bucked her hips as best as she could, enjoy the best multi orgasm she had ever had.

John withdrew his cock, removed the nipple suction tubes and took another 3 photos of Sue, cane marked tits tied, grossly elongated nipples and his cum starting to trickle out of her cunt.

She shook her head, unable to talk, her eyes imploring him not to take any photos. How many did he have now, added to those he already had she thought.

John then used one had to tease her clit, the other tormenting her nipples. He then took a small spoon and took the cum dripping from her cunt and slowly spooned fed it into her ring gag. Sue closed her eyes, enjoying the clit and nipple teasing, unable to stop the cum sliding down her throat.

"Very good slave, we will have so much fun together, you dirty little cum slut" said John as Sue orgasmed again.

Review This Story || Author: robert
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