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Blackmailing Sue

Part 5


Sue was starting to get scared now but knew she had to do this and have the photos destroyed. The last thing she wanted was being humiliated and degraded on the web and everyone she knew seeing her exposed in bdsm scenarios.

She followed this woman, Madam Kathy, into the hallway and closed the door behind her. She instantly decided to do whatever this scary monster of a woman wanted and get out as fast as possible, she just wanted to get her life back to normal.

" Follow me you cheap looking slut" said Mistress Kathy in a calmer voice, "You will obey me for the next two hours, failure will result in a poor report from me and you know what the outcome will be don't you"

"Yes" replied Sue.

"Yes fucking what Slut!" shouted Mistress Kathy.

"Yes Mistress Kathy" replied Sue.

"That's better Slut, now do as you are told, obey all that I say, no harm will come to you, do not complain about anything, do not speak unless ordered to, and perhaps you might just enjoy the next couple of hours."

Mistress Kathy took Sue into a room towards the rear of the hall. Sue quickly scanned the room, it was about 15 feet square, sparingly furnished, a small sofa, a high backed chair, a coffee table, a couple of chests of drawers and a wardrobe. Nothing to be afraid of.

Mistress Kathy sat in the chair and told Sue to stand in the middle of the room facing her.

"Now Slut, its inspection time, turn around very slowly until I tell you to stop"

Sue felt totally stupid but did as she was told, slowly turning in front of the horrible woman. She knew her tight fitting cheap clothing showed every curve of her body. How humiliating.

"Stop now Slut, go to the kitchen across the hall and bring me a glass of red wine from the bottle on the work surface, and do it fucking quickly, NOW!"

Sue did as she was told and brought the wine to Mistress Kathy who then uttered her next command.

"Stand in front of me Slut and remove your top and skirt and put your hands behind your head".

Sue hesitated for a moment but quickly realised she had to do this. She reluctantly slipped her skirt off then removed the tight top. Her arse, thighs and tits were now fully exposed, her hands behind her head pulled her shoulders back and thrust her large tits forward, overflowing the 1/4 cup bra. She noticed the smile on Mistress Kathy's face and felt like running home, she knew she couldn't  but vowed to sort her out once this was over. Dave would see to that she thought.

"Good Slut" Mistress Kathy said "Move over here and stand right in front of me, I want a much better look"

Sue did as she was told and moved forward until she was told to stop. She was now in touching distance.

"Open your legs Slut" came the next order.

Mistress Kathy scanned Sue's beautiful firm body as Sue opened her legs. She reached up and delicately brushed a finger over each nipple several times, causing them to stiffen. The reaction was exactly what she hoped for. She then moved her hand over the thong Sue was wearing and held it there for a few seconds.

"You have a wet cunt and stiff nipples Slut, are you feeling aroused?"

"No Mistress Kathy" replied Sue.

Sue tried to hide her feelings, but she had fingered and stroked herself earlier  which had got her turned on, even in the predicament she was in, now standing semi naked in front of this stranger, she did feel a tingling sensation running through her body.

Mistress Kathy laughed "You lying Slut, I can smell your cunt from here and look at those nipples, you are turned on like the SLUT you are"

With that, Mistress Kathy stood up and pulled Sue to the middle of the room.  She went to one of the drawers and pulled out some items.

"Put these on Slut" she ordered.

Sue took the items and did as she was told. She fastened on the black leather ankle and wrist cuffs while Mistress Kathy searched for a few more items.

A pair of black leather upper thigh straps were fastened to Sue followed by a high red posture collar. This was a bit uncomfortable as Sue's chin was forced up and limited her vision. Mistress Kathy acted quickly and expertly in clipping Sue's wrists to the thigh straps giving her restricted hand movement of about 4 inches,  making her helpless. A  3 feet wide spreader bar was attached to the ankle cuffs and finally a ring gag.

"There now, you look much better, not much resistance either, you learn fast Slut".

Sue groaned into her gag as her tormentor admired her. She felt the woman's hand caress her back, then arms, then thighs followed by her arse. Her tits were then caressed gently, Sue closed her eyes, there was no escape and despite the awful situation she was in, her heart was beating and knew her cunt was itching.

Mistress Kathy continued rubbing Sue's tits gently, tweaking the hard nipples occasionally, then leaned close and whispered "You are enjoying this you dirty slut, I had better check your cunt".

Sue felt the thong being removed and her wet cunt was now fully exposed, "Nice" said Mistress Kathy and ran her finger over Sue's clit, "What a beautiful wet cunt you have" Sue groaned into the ring gag, her cunt throbbing and becoming desperate to be fingered.

Mistress Kathy stepped away and said "Well Slut, you are doing very well, you look lovely, you are turned on like fucking cheap whore, let's have a little more fun, then if I am satisfied, I will take you home"

With that, a rubber sleeping mask was fitted on Sue putting her in complete darkness.

"Don't panic Slut, I am here, I know you are as hot as hell, there is cunt juice trickling down your thighs. In a minute you might feel a cock in your hand, be a good whore and wank it" laughed Mistress Kathy.

Sue tried to talk but couldn't, she tried to move but couldn't, she tried to see but couldn't, she was helpless in total restraint.

She then felt Mistress Kathy's hand on her tits again, circling her nipples and pulling them, she arched her head back and tried to fight her urges but was losing the battle. She had lost control to this bitch of a woman.

She then felt her clit being flicked, then nipples being flicked, then clit again, it seemed like 30 seconds of clit flicking followed by 30 seconds each nipple being flicked, which is exactly what Mistress Kathy was doing. It made them rock hard and her ache with desire.

Then she flinched at a new sensation. She felt a hot hard cock brush her right hand.

"Play with it you dirty fucking Slut" whispered Mistress Kathy in her ear "Make it spit"

Sue opened her hand and felt the cock offered to her, she felt excited by it but deeply ashamed of her predicament. She wanted her husband to sort this nightmare out and for it to go away. How could she stop herself getting turned on in such a terrible situation?  What did this guy with his cock in her hand look like? She gripped the shaft and realised it was big, much bigger than Dave's, she felt the balls as best as she could, they were swollen and full, this guy was turned on all right.

Sue was now totally lost in her thoughts, her nipples and clit hard from her tormentors flicking, the bitch had aroused her, her drool pouring out of the ring gag, down the posture collar onto her tits, her cunt leaking juice down her thighs, a huge cock throbbing in her hand, she started to wank it.

"Yes, you cheap Slut" whispered Mistress Kathy and inserted a tongue in her ear while nibbling her ear. "make him cum and image that big cock in your hot cunt, shooting cum in you, you dirty cunt".

With that, Sue started to stroke the big cock as her husband liked his wanked, her clit was no longer flicked and her nipples were being stroked, pulled and pinched, by who she wasn't sure, her cunt was now on fire and wanting attention, she thrust her cunt forward beckoning one of them, to no avail. She could feel the hot woman's breath and mouth working around her ear, licking, nibbling, biting, with words telling her how cheap and dirty she was. She was desperate for an orgasm.

Suddenly the cock withdrew from her hand and she felt the guys hands on each of her arse cheeks. He was standing in front of her and then she felt the jets of hot cum hit her, four, five, six, seven, how many? My god she thought as it hit her above her cunt. She heard him grunt several times as he emptied his load on her while the woman bit her.

Then it was over, the rubber blindfold and ring gag removed. Sue adjusted her eyes to the light but he had gone, only Mistress Kathy was there.

"You did good Slut, we are nearly done. I know you enjoyed that, 30 minutes and I will take you home"

Sue was shaking from head to toe, her ear was sore, her throat was dry, her nipples were swollen and sore, her clit felt the same, her cunt was hot, desperate, wet with the guys cum running down onto her clit and slit. She was still in the spreader bar and wrist cuffs to thigh straps, immobile.

Mistress Kathy sat down and told Sue she would remain like this for 15 minutes to calm down and try and relax before she would release her. It seemed like hours to Sue. A lead was put on her, Sue was then released and made to kneel at the side of Mistress Kathy.

"Tell me Slut, how much did you enjoy that?"

Sue thought for a moment and guessed what the woman wanted to hear.

"I really enjoyed it a lot Mistress Kathy" replied Sue.

"Good Slut" replied Mistress Kathy "In a few minutes you will put on your top and skirt, I will take you home. You will receive an envelope once I have given my approval to the holder of your pictures. First, move in front on me, remain kneeling, kiss my boots and slowly work up until I tell you to stop".

Humiliated and beaten, Sue obeyed.

Mistress Kathy sat back as Sue knelt at her feet, kissing her boots, working her way to her knees. The Mistress raised her skirt enough to allow her to open her thighs and told Sue to continue kissing. Sue reached the inside of the woman's thighs, something she had never done, a tingle running down her spine. She kept kissing upwards, eyes closed until she smelled Mistress Kathy's cunt. She paused, opened her eyes and saw the bare cunt in front of her, pierced clit and labia, trembling, she continued. Once again, she felt her own cunt leak juice as she moved her head towards the cunt in front of her. Her lips reached forward and she kissed the wet cunt and clit, kissing the piercings, tasting The Mistresses juices until she felt her head being pulled away.

"Home time Slut" said Mistress Kathy regaining her composure.

As Sue pulled  her skirt and top on, she didn't notice Mistress Kathy press the remote control by her side which turned off the three video cameras around the room.

Sue tried to tidy herself up as best as possible, she knew her hair was a mess, she had cunt juice over her face, spunk  all over her cunt, she felt disgraceful but she followed Mistress Kathy out of the front door to the woman's car, desperate to get home and have a hot shower and get to her bed.

Review This Story || Author: robert
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