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Blackmailing Sue

Part 3

Part Three

John had just finished a cold beer, his fifth of the night and was contemplating one more before bed time. He was thoroughly fed up living on his own, it had been over 4 years since his divorce. The only thing that kept him going was his lifelong interest in BDSM which he had enjoyed with his ex wife, visiting clubs all over the country. He had made many friends through his club visits but had not had much luck in securing a 24/7 slave which was his long term aim. However, at the age of 68, time seemed to be slipping away.

He had retired at the age of 60 and was financially very secure, having made some smart property deals in his early 50's. After his divorce, he had decided to relocate and start a new life, deciding a nice new home on a new estate would be the thing for him. He bought a 4 bedroom detached home with a large secluded rear garden. The extra internal space gave him the option to use one of the bedrooms as playroom which he sound proofed and furnished with spanking bench, bondage chair, St Andrews Cross and hundreds of toys, including gags, hoods, butt plugs, dildo's, clamps, weights, nipple stretchers, suction pumps, cuffs, spreader bars, in fact almost everything you can image. Unfortunately, he seldom got the use of the toys as submissive women were hard to find.

As he stood up to fetch another beer, he saw his neighbours across the road arriving home in a taxi. They seemed a little tipsy and he heard them giggling. John felt a touch of envy as he guessed they would be fucking away soon after a good night out. He like the couple and had got to know them quite well over the last year since he had moved to his new home and had been impressed by her appearance. He would love to have a few hours with her and teach her a few tricks!

He stood by the window slowly drinking his beer, after he saw them disappear in doors, contemplating giving his neighbours wife a good fucking, which he guessed she would soon be getting. She had a super figure with great legs and his cock began to twitch at the thought of her. He then saw their lounge lights go on and didn't think too much about it. He finished his beer and turned off the light and just as he turned to leave the room, he caught sight of his neighbours window blinds open wide. He hadn't  spotted this earlier so it must have just happened. He was speechless at what he saw.

His neighbour, Sue, was wearing a blindfold but more interestingly, she wore a corset and stockings with her tits on display, standing legs apart fingering her cunt. He saw Dave taking photos of her with his phone. John was amazed at what was going on and wondered how long and how often this had occurred in the past. It soon became clear that Sue was unaware the window blinds were open, or this was his assumption, or that she was being photographed by her husband. The lucky bastard thought John.

John knew he could not be seen as his lights were off and he couldn't  resist getting his cock out and stroking it. What an amazing body she had, he wanted to touch her tits so badly, then suddenly the blinds over he guessed.

Over the next few days John couldn't stop thinking about what he had seen, looking each night hoping for more fun and games across the road, no such luck.

A few weeks later, he bumped into Dave in town while shopping and after swapping hello's, Dave informed him that he was having a BBQ at the weekend for friends and neighbours, why not join them, just bring a bottle or two. John accepted and told Dave he looked forward to it.

Sunday arrived and the BBQ was in full flow. John had drank a few beers and was having a nice glass of red wine, finding it difficult to keep his eyes off Sue in her skimpy top and shorts, when he noticed a phone on the patio next to Dave's chair. He was about to reach down and pick it up and suddenly had a flash of genius. He dropped his arm slowly and retrieved the phone then excused himself and went to the toilet. He looked at Dave's phone and couldn't believe his luck that it was an iphone5 like his and was aware of its functions.

He quickly found the photos of Sue in a folder titled "SUE" and without wasting time looking at them, he sent them to his own phone, then deleted this transfer from Dave's phone so he would not be aware what had just happened. John then returned to his seat and carefully replaced the phone, just in time as it then sounded an alert. That was a close call thought John as he watched Dave search his pockets for his phone before noticing that it was on the floor and must have slipped out of his pocket.

John was desperate to check his phone and view the photos he had transferred from Dave's phone, so he finished his wine, made his excuses and thanked his neighbours for a lovely day and entertainment, but had to go as he had a headache, too much sun.

Once home, John opened his computer and went to his documents and opened his photo file. There was the folder titled "SUE" which had been picked up from his phone via icloud.

What a shock he received. There were loads of photos of her and a video, not only fingering her cunt in the lounge that he had witnessed, but of Sue tied spread eagle to a bed wearing a blindfold, head harness, gag, big dildo in her cunt and covered in cum. The little slut thought John, there she was, that magnificent body so vulnerable and sexy, writhing away to an orgasm.

John was desperate for her now and decided to make a plan, knowing he must act quickly while his neighbour, Dave was away. He had heard their conversation during the BBQ that he was away with work for a week so it was time to devise a plan and chance his luck. If it failed, he would move home quickly but he would use all his knowledge with a couple of back up plans to get Sue to submit to his desires, even if he had to blackmail her.

The thought of seeing her body in the flesh, running his fingers over her tight curves, that wonderful cunt and tits that he was viewing on screen, would soon be under his command if things went to plan.

To be continued......

Review This Story || Author: robert
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