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Blackmailing Sue

Part 2


Part one

Sue and Dave had been married for nearly 6 years now and enjoyed a great vanilla sex life. They would fuck three or four times a week, mainly on Fridays and Saturdays, good long sessions with plenty of foreplay.

They had no children so no interruptions and a great social life in their English country town.

Dave had tried to get Sue to be a little more sexually adventurous to spice things up over the last couple of years. He got some porn DVDs which Sue was ok with. She liked seeing the size of some of the guys cocks and it was a great turn on for her. She would really get excited and it made for a great evening of sex.

Sue was a very attractive woman of 29 years old and kept herself in really good shape with lots of swimming and gym workouts, ensuring she could remain a UK size 10. Sue was always meticulous in her appearance, her brown bob-styled hair always clean and neat, nails kept manicured and painted, pubic hair kept trimmed and always well dressed. Dave often told her that she had a fantastic pair of tits, measuring 36D, lovely long nipples and a great bum.

Dave had started getting an interest in different fetishes like BDSM. He thought Sue might like this type of thing too so he downloaded a couple of films from the internet for them to watch. Well that turned out to be a disaster as Sue told Dave that it was not her cup of tea and that it did nothing for her. Dave thought that was fair enough thought and never pursued the idea.

However, he still wanted to spice up the sex life so he bought some sexy underwear for Sue online and a few toys. About a week later when they arrived, he planned a great Friday night for them, after they had been out for a few drinks with friends at the pub. Before they went, he asked Sue to wear a nice short skirt as they had been on holiday a couple of weeks before and her tan was great, her slim legs lovely and brown. Sue was pleased Dave was taking a bit of notice on how she dressed and always liked to look great for him, more so as she knew it made him keep his eyes on her and not other women.

Sue had showered and put on a white thin lace bra and thong, her white short skirt and pale blue top. She complimented this summer look with white open Greek style sandals and matching bag. Her hair had been trimmed and styled that morning and she knew Dave would be pleased.

They had great fun with their friends and Sue had one glass too many, but feeling tipsy had made her a little horny for a bit of a sex session and she couldnt wait to get home. In the taxi on the way home, Dave was sat in the back with Sue and surprised her by discretely sneaking his hand up her skirt, then on top of her thigh, gradually moving it across to the inside and prodded her clit. Wow, he had never done anything like this and it really made her wet. She stopped him after a minute as her heart was thumping and she was afraid the driver might see them in his mirror. When they got home, she couldnt wait to get her hands on him and felt his bulging cock through his trousers. They kissed in the hall, long and hard, Sue stroking her hand over the shape of his hard cock, Dave running his hands over her rock hard nipples. He knew she was turned on and this was a good time to see if he could introduce his new ideas.

When they were upstairs, Dave told Sue that he had bought some kinky underwear and would she try them on for him. She laughed couldnt wait to see what he had bought for her. He went to his wardrobe and gave her the nicely wrapped present and then a shoe box which he said she could open once she tried the underwear on. She giggled and stripped off completely. Dave suggested that he go downstairs, get a glass of wine and wait there for her, so she could prepare herself for him in private.

Once he had gone out of the bedroom, she opened the present. It was a black cup-less corset with suspender attachments, sheer silk stockings, and a ribbon choker for her neck. Very sexy she thought and was eager to put it on for him. She worked out how to put the corset on and managed to get it comfortable, although it was a very tight fit. She pulled the dark silk stockings up and attached the suspender straps, five on each side and then put the ribbon choker on. Next, she opened the shoe box and saw the black 6 inch stiletto heel court shoes he had bought for her. Now these looked fantastic, little tight again but they made her legs look different altogether as she stood up to admire her body in the long mirror.

Dave had dashed downstairs and poured himself a drink then sneaked back up and watched Sue getting dressed in her new sexy attire through the slightly open door, not only that, he had filmed it on his phone. He then quickly went back down to the lounge so she was unaware of what he had done. His cock was really hard and he gulped a mouthful of wine down, thinking to himself, that this could be the start of a very new sex life for them both.

Sue entered the lounge and walked in, finding it a little difficult as she was not used to the height of the heels. Dave gasped, amazed at how the corset and heels transformed her body. It was more than he hoped for. Her tits bulged over the top and had wobbled and bounced with each step. They were magnificent. He asked her to stand in front of him and said he wanted to try something new with her and it was the final part of her sexy attire. Sue was so turned and agreed. Dave pulled out a sleeping style eye mask for her in black silk. He slipped it over her eyes and asked her to stand with her legs apart and hands behind her back. Sue loved this game a lot and complied. Dave put some music on and went up to Sue and stroked his hand gently over her nipples, making them stand hard and erect. Sue groaned with pleasure and Dave then moved to her clit and teased it, noticing how her cunt had become moist.

Dave then whispered that if she stroked her own pussy slowly without an orgasm for 15 minutes, he would take her upstairs and give her the best sex she had ever had. Sue didnt even hesitate and took a nipple in one hand and pulled her clit with the other. Dave took this opportunity to open the front window blind so she was fully on view with the side light on, and took a dozen photos of her touching herself up, on display to the neighbour across the road due to the open window blind, while she was totally unaware as she was wearing the sleeping mask blindfold, turning herself on.

He then closed the blind quickly, and sat in front of her. All this had happened in the space of a couple of minutes and he decided he had pushed his luck far enough. While Sue moved both hands to her super wet cunt, Dave asked her if she had liked it when he put his hand up her skirt in the taxi. Sue just groaned and Dave took that as a yes. He then pushed a bit further by asking her if she thought the taxi driver had seen and would she have liked him to have seen. Again Sue groaned and Dave now saw her juices trickle down one thigh. My god, she is fucking rampant he thought. He didnt want her to orgasm yet so he told her to slow down as she had only done 10 minutes and there was 5 more minutes to go. Sue just gave another groan.

Dave had never seen Sue this turned and was exited at the prospect of how far he could go with her, having got some camera phone video footage of her getting dressed sexily and a dozen camera phone photos of her displaying her sexy body, fingering her cunt, for all the neighbours to see.

Finally, Dave removed her blind, took her upstairs, and fucked her for all he was worth. Knowing she had several orgasms, he withdrew his cock and spurted his hot cum over her tits and face. They both lay there for what seemed ages before Sue asked Dave to get the vibrator he had used on her once or twice. He was surprised as she had always said she wasnt too bothered about it, she preferred the real thing.

He pulled it out of his bedside cupboard and gave it to her and told her to use it on herself. She agreed and Dave watched as she slid the 7 inches right in and flicked it on. She was really getting turned on and so was he, his limp cock starting to get hard again. He loved the sight of her doing herself and pinched her nipples, tweaking and pulling them. He kissed her neck and took a chance, while she was so turned on, asking her to image sitting in a pub with him, no thong on, legs apart, him fingering her. Sue shuddered and said yes she could. Dave then pushed a little further saying she must imagine him undoing two buttons on her top, revealing her cleavage and part of her tits while she wore a cup-less bra. Dave said his fantasy would then be a couple in their 60s joining them at the semi discrete table and sitting either side of her. Sue was getting heady at Daves fantasy and turned the vibrator to maximum speed. He then told her that the couple would put one hand each in her top and feel her tits and nipples, placing their other hands up her short skirt and play with her cunt.

They would take it in turns kissing her and when Dave put his tongue in Sues mouth after whispering that part, she shuddered to a massive climax.

I think she might do it thought Dave.

To be continued……

Part Two

Several weeks had passed since the evening that Sue had dressed so sexily for Dave and he had thought many times on how he could persuade his beautiful wife to go a few steps further. He would love to get her into some BDSM fun, they could both enjoy it and she would make a lovely sub girl for his private use of course, wearing a collar and cuffs.

Dave loved looking at the short video of his wife getting dressed sexily and the photos he had taken of her masturbating by the window. He had wanked himself many times looking at them.

Dave was booked on a five day company training course from Monday to Friday so the Friday before he was due to go, he asked Sue for a special favour. He asked her if she would let him tie her to the bed then fuck her. Now Sue had her reservations about bondage and that sort of thing but agreed as she knew it would turn him on, also it would be a good fuck, he would give maximum effort she was sure. Sue told him it was a one-off and a treat as he was going away next week.

Dave thought he had died and gone to heaven as they both stripped naked. His cock was hard as Sue lay naked on the bed and he tied her wrists to each corner post. She was ok with that as she had plenty of movement. Then he tied each ankle to the bottom corners of the bed. Dave realised Sue had too much movement but decided he would rectify that later. He told Sue he had bought a couple of items online that week and would like to try them but first he put the blindfold on her. He began caressing her lovely tits and nipples, kissing her passionately and arousing her with a little flick of her clit every now and again.

Sue started raising her hips, a signal to him that she was getting turned on. Great, he thought, this is perfect. He went to each corner and pulled each rope tighter so her movement was totally restricted, all she could do was raise her hips. He noticed the glistening moist around her pussy lips and decided to take the next step, a step he had always dreamed of.

Dave took the head harness with attached ring gag from the drawer and told Sue to open wide. Expecting his cock, she complied and as quick as he could, he inserted the ring, she automatically tried to close her mouth and Dave fastened the gag tight and then proceeded to fasten the rest of the straps around her head. Sue groaned through the gag and tried to move, to no avail. Dave stroked her head and told her not to struggle as he would untie her in half an hour. This calmed her down but she was really cross as she had not agreed to this, just tying to the bed.

Dave then got a butterfly vibrator and fastened it on her, switched it on and heard her groan. Now he guessed that she was starting to enjoy it. He took his phone and clicked a couple of photos of her in this position. He would enjoy a few wanks over this while he was away. He then told her to poke her tongue out and he kissed it and licked it, telling her that her body looked fantastic and he would fuck her in soon but would she like the vibrator in her first. Sue was getting so wet, she nodded and groaned.

Dave grinned, because she was going to get it anyway. He told her there were no batteries but she might like to try his new toy. He took the new 10 inch black dildo and began sliding it into her. When half in, he left it and asked Sue what she thought. Groaning and raising her hips was the only response. He then got the two ˝ inch wide leather straps, like mini belts, fastening each one around the base of each tit. He used the middle notch of five, making the wearing of them bearable. What a result. Sues tits stood out like melons, firm and proud. They looked magnificent. This called for another photo.

Sue was getting so horny now and accepted her fate once the tit circling straps were fitted. Dave was aware of this and slowly inserted the rest of the 10 inch dildo in her. He then stood over her, stroking his cock, using his phone to video her bucking and writhing on the bed. He gave her nipples the occasional pinch and watched her having the most amazing orgasm he had ever seen. It was all a bit too much and he shot a spurt of cum over her tits and he quickly moved to her head shooting more jets of cum over her face and hair. He managed to stop the phone recording after the last drop was on her and week-kneed, he took about 20 photos of her, dripping in sweat, cum spattered over her head and tits, running over her mouth, her nipples rock hard and her cunt juices dripping. What a great sight, he managed to get one photo of her tongue poking through the ring gag licking cum.

Dave removed the toys, straps, head harness and gag, untied her and they fucked until they were exhausted.

Sunday arrived and they hosted a BBQ in the afternoon, inviting friends and neighbours. It was a great time, enjoyed by all, plenty of food, drink and good company. Dave thought Sue looked great, tight little shorts showing off her great bum and legs. He heard his phone beep out a text message, reached in his pocket to view it but couldnt find the phone. He saw it on the floor next to him and guessed it had slipped out of his pocket as he sat down, checked for any damage and seeing it was fine, read the text. It was just from the conference hotel confirming his room for next week. He wished he didnt have to go and leave his gorgeous wife but his career was important.

Monday arrived, Dave left satisfied that they would surely be enjoying more BDSM sessions in the future, and who knows, Sue might even go a bit further and agree to some extreme wear. He dreamed of taking her to fetish events and showing her off. Everyone would be so envious of him. He imagined her dressed provocatively, revealing a good amount of cleavage and leg, maybe on a collar and lead?

Now he really was dreaming.

To be continued……..

Review This Story || Author: robert
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