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The Machine

Part 1

Milly had invited me around to her house for the weekend. Well, it wasnt her house; she was house sitting for a family friend or something or another. It was a pretty sweet deal, she got this amazing house all to herself for the entire weekend, plus, she was getting paid for doing it. We had known each other for most of our teenage years, her family had moved to town from New Zealand, so Milly had a sexy New Zealand accent, growing up right next door to each other thats what happens and we had become the best of friends. And over the years I saw her develop into a gorgeous girl, and now at 20, she was 5 foot 7, about 130 lbs and had brunette hair and deep blue eyes. She had such perfect breasts as well and caused many who walked past her to accidently walk into lampposts. Even though we had been close friends all our lives, I had always wished something would happen between us.

“Pretty sweet, huh?” asked Milly, “it sure is” replied Charlie. “Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a massive garden and check out the massive TV in the living room” gestured Milly, “I bet porn would look amazing on that thing”, she then make cock sucking gestures with her mouth and hands and then giggled. “However, that isnt the best part” she said with a hint of an evil grin, “I couldnt help but snoop around a bit, what with being here all the time, you have to check out what is in the basement”, she started moving towards the door in the back of the house that lead down there, I trailed behind her like a puppy. She pulled a key out from her pocket and unlocked the door, strange that the door was locked I thought. When she opened the door it was completely pitch black, I couldnt see anything at the bottom. “The switch is at the bottom of the stairs, so just be a bit careful, I dont want you breaking your neck or anything”.  I walked down the stairs slowly, clinging onto the banister, when I got to the bottom of the stairs I just stopped, still unable to see a thing. Milly walked over to the wall and flipped the switch for the lights; I was momentarily blinded as my eyes had to adjust to the sudden bright light. When I opened them, they were wider than my eyes had ever been before. “Oh my god Milly, what is all this?”.

"like I said, I found this when I was snooping around, when I first found the basement door, it was locked, but the key was on the ring Mr Feudal left me with all the other keys, including the key for the shed, although there is just the normal stuff in there, like the sun loungers". I looked around the room, I could only describe it as being some sort of sex type dungeon, there were cabinets on the walls and units against them, with dildos, some of them absolutely massive, bottles of lubricant, whips and all manner of weird contraptions just laying on the counter, what was in them I could only wonder. Hung directly on the wall were different variants of paddles, some with holes in, some not, all different sizes and bolts for attaching rope in various parts of the ceiling and floor. However it was the furniture that had actually made me gasp, if it could be called that. In one corner of the room was a dog cage, although it looked slightly bigger than any normal dog cage, even the ones built for large dogs, and it didn't appear to be made of the same material, it looked more, heavy duty. Against one of the walls was a Saint Andrew's cross. In the centre of the room was some weird type of contraption that I couldn't make heads or tails of. It appeared to have five restraints in total; it had a control panel wired to it with quite a few different buttons and dials, and at one end, on a pole was a dildo. Milly could clearly see my confusion, "that is a fucking machine Charlie".

“A what?” I exclaimed. “a fucking machine Charlie, I think mr umber and his wife use it, maybe they even use it with other people, it wouldnt surprise me, not after seeing all this” she waved her arms up gesturing to the room. “How does it work?” I asked. Milly smiled “here,  let me show you, I was playing around with it the other day and figured it out, climb into it and let me show you”, “no way!, I am not climbing into anything called a fucking machine, Im straight Milly!”. “I know you are Charlie, Im not going to turn it on, pleaseeee” she said while giving me puppy dog eyes I couldnt resist. I thought about it for a brief second “fine”. She clapped her hands in glee.

“Ok Charlie climb onto it”. I did as she instructed, as I rested my neck, hands and feet into where the shackles were, I ended up on all fours on the device with my bum high in the air. “so this is how it works Charlie, when the person is in this position, the shackles are locked on so they dont squirm, then this” she tapped on the dildo “goes into the persons pussy or arsehole, in and out, you get the idea, until the person controlling the device decides to turn it off, sounds pretty hot doesnt it Charlie?”, “err I guess, anyway Milly Im getting out of this thing n..” when I heard a metallic noise, I tried to rise up, but I couldnt!, the shackles had locked, locking me in this fucking machine on all fours and my neck in place too. “Milly! What was that?!, what did you do?!”, “oh shit I must have leant on the button or something, one sec, will have you out in a sec”. “Ok please hurry!”, I could see her pressing some of the buttons when I suddenly heard a rumbling noise behind me. “Erm Milly what did you just do?, did you just turn the dildo on?”. I looked up at Milly and she looked back with a panicked look on her face “I think so”. 

“Well turn it off!”. “Im trying, I thought I had this thing figured out the other day, but I must have pressed the wrong button”. “Milly, seriously turn it off or open the shackles so I can get out”. I could hear the rumble of the dildo behind me, and from what I remember, it was quite thick and at least seven inches long, at that moment I was grateful I was still dressed, surely that thing couldnt pierce though my jeans?. I looked up pleadingly at milly “hows it going there?”, “erm well Im not quite sure what Im doing, these things arent labelled clearly”. “Well that fills me with confidence”. My eyes suddenly went as wide as they had when I first entered the basement; I had briefly felt the dildo brush up against my jeans. “milly, what did you do?, its getting closer to me”. Milly stopped pressing buttons and looked behind me “oh is actually, I can see it, with every thrust it is getting closer and closer to you, eventually, it will pop in”.

"Ok Milly you seriously have to do something here", with every thrust it was getting closer and closer to its' desired target and brushing so ever closer against my jeans. "i'm trying Charlie, i don't want to just go randomly pressing buttons, i'm not sure what else it could do to you". "Ok, just please, hurry!", by now the dildo was touching me on every thrust and starting to push into the crack of my jeans, every time it would pull back it would pull the entire length back before pushing forward again. Then the speed of the dildo picked up, thrusting forward and backwards with new energy. Milly looked at the dildo "shit, i must have increased the speed" "you don't say!, i can tell, is there not a button on there labelled off?, or surely just pull the plug out". "Nothing on here is labelled Charlie, and there is no plug coming from the machine, everything just goes into the floor". By now the dildo was thrusting so fast and so close to me, it was starting to hurt a bit as it was only centimetres away from its target.

Milly heard me groan in pain, she stopped fiddling with the control panel, looked at me, then at the thrusting dildo, she placed the control pad down and stepped around and to the side of me. She then starting reaching for my jeans, she was unbuckling my belt!, "Milly! What are you doing? Why are you taking my jeans off?, they are the only thing stopping this thing going in!". "Honey, i don't mean to scare you, but i don't think i can stop that thing, i can't find the off button or figure it out, everything i do or press is only making it worse. Right now, it's teasing you by just grazing you, but eventually that thing is going to go inside you", my heart sank at that, the thought of me, a straight guy, being violated by this, machine sickened me. "And by the looks of this machine, and the dildo, your jeans are likely to give before the machine, and eventually the dildo will thrust with enough force, it will pierce your jeans and enter you with such force it will hurt so much, by me lowering your jeans and underpants, it will still enter you unfortunately, but it will be with less pain".

Despite the fact that by her actions, the dildo would enter me sooner, i could see the logic in what she was doing, this way, there would be less pain involved. So i allowed her to lower my jeans and underpants to just below my arse.  I felt so humiliated right now, in all the years me and Milly had known each other, we had never done anything sexual or had even seen each other naked, the closest when we were in our swimming costumes, and now here i was, trapped in a "fucking machine", my arse on display to her and a dildo just pressing against my hole every second or so.

"I'm so so sorry Charlie, for putting you in this". I looked up at her pleadingly as best as i could, my neck still shackled in place, making me look forward "please keep trying Milly, you have to do something, i have to get out of this thing eventually". "i'll keep trying", she moved back to the control panel, concentrating on each button, clearly too fearful to press anything before knowing what she was doing in case she pressed the wrong thing and put me through something else. By now the dildo was really beginning to press against my hole, just enough to begin to make me open before retreating, i was shackled so well that i couldn't even wiggle at all to try to evade it. I truly believed her now when she said the dildo would pierce my jeans. I was so lost in my thoughts i hadn't noticed Milly had leaned closer to me, when i looked at her she had a massive grin on her face, "so then Charlie, fuck my little sister and film it all on your webcam and show it to your friends will you?", she pressed a button on the panel and the dildo entered me, fully, all seven inches, i squirmed and howled out in pain.

Review This Story || Author: Sir Pupp
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