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The Machine

Part 2

I couldn't believe what had just happened, all in one go, the dildo had entered me right to its' balls, and was now fucking me hard and fast, and there was nothing I could do, despite all my pulling against the restraints, they wouldn't budge at all and I was stuck here until Milly decided to let me out, I now realised she knew exactly what she was doing and had planned this. "You didn't think I would find out?, just because you showed the video to your friends that you go to football practice with and I don't know, well your friend Tom, who you showed it to, has a sister that I go to dance school with, she found the video on Tom's laptop and recognised my sister as she goes to dance also. She showed me the video and I couldn't believe you would do that to my sister, show the video around just to have some laugh with friends. Luckily my sister doesn't know about the video and never will, but unfortunately for you, I do, and as you may have now pieced together, I will have some fun revenge on you".

"Milly! Please let me out, I'm so so sorry" I screamed as the massive dildo continued to pound into me "you've had your fun, you've humiliated me and managed to fuck me with a dildo, now please let me out". Milly laughed "oh my dear little anal slut, we have just begun", she then pressed a button on the panel, the dildo completely retreated, exiting me fully, pausing briefly, before quickly entering me, I howled again. It did this on each thrust, it would exit completely, then fast and quick it would enter me all the way. Milly just stood there with a huge grin on her face and patted me on the head "be right back slut". Milly moved behind me and I could hear her climbing the stairs. Where was she going? was she leaving me here? Surely she wouldn't.

Now that i was left on my own, i contemplated my situation. I was a straight guy, a 100% straight guy, liking girls only and had never even looked at boys in that way. But now here i was, strapped on all fours, arse in the air and a seven inch dildo fucking me. So why was my dick rock hard?. I had just begun to question that when i heard Milly returning, i could hear her footsteps on the stairs. I looked over at her as best i could; she was carrying a chair and her laptop. What was her laptop for i wondered. She set the chair down and placed her laptop on the chair and walked over to me and checked each restraint, probably to check i couldn't escape. She then looked under my chest and noticed i had a raging hard on, "oh Charlie, are you enjoying this?", she stroked a finger along my cock, making me moan slightly, "well by the time we are done i'm sure you will love anal and will be begging me to put something larger in you". "Milly please, just stop this and let me out", Milly walked behind me and smacked me very hard on my arse, causing me to jump forward what little i could and yelping in pain, "oh pet, not for quite awhile, now if you don't mind being quiet, i would like to watch a movie, but if you speak again before i say you can, i will gladly spank you some more" she sat down and opened her laptop up, she then rested her feet on my back. On top of everything that had happened so far, she was now going to use me as a footstool!.

It had now been about thirty minutes into Milly's movie, during which time she had only paid attention to me once, when i had begged again for her to let me go, to which she administered ten spanks to my arse which all hurt, she warned me that each time i spoke without permission i would be spanked again, harder. She had then gone back to watching her movie and using me as her footstool. So i was now quiet, just staying there on all fours, not that i could do anything, accepting the seven inch dildo pounding in and out of me, every time i had begun to get a bit used to it and accept it, Milly would notice, reach over to the control panel and change the setting. So it had shifted between going in all seven inches, then pulling completely back out, to only going in a few then coming out, going slowly to going fast. She did this so i never had the chance at being comfortable, if one could become comfortable continuously being fucked in the arse.

With all the moaning and screaming and begging I had done, I hadn't noticed how dry my mouth had become and I was now very thirsty, "Milly can I at least have something to drink please?". "Jesus Christ slut!, will you shut up!, I can't hear my movie!", she stood up and walked behind me and spanked me again, this time 15 spanks, I screamed out in pain as each was administered. "Charlie this looks so cute, your arse is so red from the spanks and it's nice seeing this dildo pound you. She stood there for a minute "hmm I know something that will shut you up and give me some peace and quiet so I can watch my movie". I could hear her rummaging around in a few of the cupboards. She then stood in front of me, in one hand she had a metal pole with some wires attached, and in the other hand, a dildo similar to the one at the back, white and seven inches long.

"W..What's that for? What are you doing?". She began to attach the new pole to the contraption I was stuck in "oh just something to provide me with a little bit more entertainment and to allow me to watch my movie in peace and quiet". When she was done, the new part of the machine was wired up to the same control panel controlling the dildo in my arse, and at face level, well, mouth level, was the new dildo and due to the restraint around my neck, I couldn't move my head. "let me just get something to ensure your cooperation with your new friend". When she returned, she had in her hands a ring gag "NOOOOOOOOOOOO", she moved behind me and gave one hard smack to my arse "this will keep you quiet". She attached the ring gag to me, my mouth was now held open and in an o shape. "close your mouth if you don't want to give your new friend a blowjob" she said with a wicked grin on her face and pressed a button on the panel, the dildo began moving towards my mouth.

There was nothing I could do to stop it. I couldn't close my mouth nor could I move my head out of the way. The dildo then entered my mouth, I didn't like the feeling at all, at first it felt like I was suffocating and couldn't breathe. "It's ok slut, you will learn how to give good blowjobs, just breathe through your nose". The dildo hit the back of my mouth and I began to gag "we will train that out of you too". I tried to beg her to take this thing out of my mouth. Milly smiled "now I will be able to watch the rest of my movie, oh and just to keep it fun for you, I have set it so that when one of the dildos is entering you, the other will be withdrawing, but I don't want you speaking, so the one in your mouth will withdraw just to your lips". Milly sat back down on her chair, rested the laptop on her lap and put her feet back on my back and continued watching her movie, not paying a blind bit of notice to my torture. "finally some peace and quiet, although I can still hear the machine, I don't have to put up with your begging and whining like a little puppy" she said as the dildo pumped in and out of my mouth, as it had been now for about an hour and a half and I was forced to suck on a dildo as saliva and tears fell down my face.

After about thirty more minutes I could hear the credits of Milly's movie begin, indicating it was over, she closed her laptop, placed it on the floor and stretched "how is my little anal slut doing?" she got up and walked around me "despite your moaning and begging I honestly think you enjoy this, your cock is rock hard and dripping precum". She pressed a button on the control panel and the dildo assaulting my mouth stopped, she then withdrew it all the way out, giving me a little respite. She then grabbed my cock, wiping her hand all over the head "wow a lot of precum here, you little slut". She then brought her hand up and smeared it all over the dildo. My eyes widened as I realised what she was doing. She pressed the button again and the dildo started its' assault on my mouth again, only this time covered in my precum, which I could very clearly taste. She pressed another button on the panel and the dildo in my arse stopped moving "I just want to check something, don't think I'm stopping". She pulled the dildo out of me; oh my god was it nice to have that thing removed. Milly burst out laughing, "wow you have a massive anal gape, it's like a yawning hippo, I guess it must have hurt when that thing first went in you, it didn't have any lube on it, poor little puppy", Milly then placed the dildo back at the entrance and pressed the button again, it sank all seven inches into me, although it didn't hurt that much, I mentally sighed, how long was she going to keep me here?. "hmmm what to do with my little pet now?, oh! I know!" she said with glee.

She sat back down on the chair, got her laptop up and started typing away, resting her feet back on my back. "I wonder if I can make any money out of this" she said to no one in particular. What? How could she make money out of this?, what was she going to do to me now?. "Have you heard of a site called chaturbate my pet?, what's that? I can't hear what you're saying, god Charlie you are so busy sucking cock to talk to me, well let me explain, it is a live webcam site, for sexy stuff of course, you broadcast your webcam, do sexy stuff, people join and watch and they can tip you money, most of the time you set it so that for example, once you have received a certain amount of tips, you will perform a certain sex act, and that is what I am going to do with you my little slut, we will start of showing people in your current state, then I will set some numbers and once I receive certain amounts of money, I will do extra things to you, it will be so fun". I couldn't believe it. What she had already done to me was bad enough, now she was going to show me in this state to god knows how many people, and do much more to me, while she was pocketing money from it.


"Mr Feudal actually gave me this idea, that's right, he knows everything, I told him what you had done to my sister and he was the one that came up with this idea for revenge, see I'm a bit more kinky than you might think, mr Feudal is my master basically, but I won't go into all the details as it isn't important, but what is important is we get my pet ready for his big show". Milly walked over to one of the cabinets and came back with a large pair of scissors, "hold still pet I'm just going to cut your clothes off and I don't want to hurt you, at least, not in this way". Snip snip snip and after a few minutes Milly had cut away all of my clothes and pulled them off, now I was still stuck in this fucking machine but completely butt naked with two dildos going in and out of both entrances. She sat back down on her chair and was typing away for a few minutes before announcing" ok then pet here are the tip targets and what will happen to you once each is reached".

"Oh but before we begin my pet I should tell you, in case you are thinking of not obeying your mistress, Mr Feudal has four cameras in each corner of the room, which have been filming the entire thing, which I have copies of, so if you do not obey me and be a good little slut, your friends and family will seem them, are we clear?, nod if you will behave". In the position I was in I couldn't really nod but I made a slight nodding motion and a noise. She smiled at this, "ok pet here are the goals, when someone tips 20 tokens, I will put nipple clamps on both your nipples, for every additional 10 tokens that get tipped, 10 grams of weight will be added to your nipples, up until 50 grams, if they rip off, I will take 10 off and reattach". Oh god this sounds awful I thought, but Milly continued on "at 100 tokens tipped, I will spank your testicles ten times, hard. Now, at 100 tokens I will spank and whip your arse 100 times, maybe you will even cry, that will be cute. At 150 tokens, I will put a strapon on and fuck your arse for five minutes, then put the machine back in you". By now I was cringing at the thought of this stuff, but still, milly continued on. "At 200 tokens, I will swap the dildos around, so the dildo that has been fucking your arse all this time will now be fucking your mouth and vice versa" what? I thought, surely I would throw up at that. "At 250 tokens, I will take the dildo out of your arse and swap it for a longer and thicker one. At 300 tokens, I will take the dildo out of your mouth, wank you and make you cum all over the dildo, then reattach it to the machine. What happens at 400 tokens tipped will remain a mystery until it happens to you, but remember what happens if you disobey, now, I'm ready to begin and I've even put a description up of your situation so people know you aren't doing this willingly, now let's begin". From the corner of my eye I could see a green light on her web cam, indicating it was on, and I assume, broadcasting to chaturbate and other people. I closed my eyes in shame, yet still I had a hard on.

So now I was broadcasting to chaturbate and a number of strangers, all around the world, who were taking delight in my predicament and possibly even wanking to it. It hadn't been too long before Milly happily announced "there are 30 people watching you". So now 31 people, had seen me naked, bound to a machine and having two dildos pounding into my arse and open mouth. By the time Milly gleefully announced someone had tipped 20 tokens, meaning I would have nipple clamps would be attached, she had informed me there were now 100 people watching me, how humiliating. Milly got off her chair, walked over to the cabinet and grabbed the nipple clamps I would assume. She reached under my chest, attached one and I was awarded with blinding pain, she did the same to the other nipple. After the initial high amount of pain had faded, there was a dull throb from each nipple; she flicked each nipple, causing more pain and me to gasp. She sat back down on the chair, "ill thank user horny 125 for you, I would get you to say thank you but you are too busy sucking cock you slut". It can have only been another minute when I heard the noise indicating someone had tipped tokens, "you know what that means pet". She walked over to the cabinet and grabbed two weights, walked over to me and leant under my chest, I felt her attach them, and my nipples exploded in more pain.

Apparently in total 70 tokens had now been tipped, so that now 50 grams of weight were on each of my nipples and they were in excruciating pain, as the weights tried to rip my nipples off. Milly had also informed me there were about 350 people in the room watching me, I couldn't believe it! 350!, apparently I was among the top featured on the front page of chaturbate as it had proved so popular. Then I heard the noise indicated a tip and dreaded what was to come. "Thank you littleunicorn for tipping 30 tokens, we have now reached 100 tokens which is the next goal". Milly walked over to me, oh god what happened at 100 tokens again?. I was knocked out of my train of thought by Milly's hand slamming into my balls, then again and again, I screamed into the dildo in pain, remembering it was to spank my balls 10 times, one was bad enough but I was tearing up by the time she reached ten. My nuts were in so much pain as Milly sat back down on her chair "ok guys just 50 more tokens and I will fuck my pet in the arse for five minutes. I was now in so much pain, from the dildo still pounding my arse, the clamps trying to rip my nipples off and the throbbing pain from where my balls had been spanked. Every now and then Milly would thank random users for donating different amount of tokens, 5, 10, 20 etc. Until finally she announced "pet, it's time for me to do you with a strapon, oh, and you now have 1000 people watching you". 1000? Who were these people taking delight in my torture.

Review This Story || Author: Sir Pupp
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