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Wifely Direction

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Synopsis: You never know what you\'ll get when you marry a dominant woman!


Benny Price rolled around on the bed with his beautiful new wife, Nora. They were necking like teenagers, which was nice, and he was feeling her up but over her snug brown tank-top, and around her denim miniskirt.

This was nice, but a little ridiculous for four months of marriage. This was what you did on the second date, usually, in Bennys experience. Bennys cock swelled, and felt somewhat free, as it wasnt in that nasty chastity device.

Nora was an expert necker, and Benny kept hoping theyd get to the point where he could find out whether she was enjoyable at real, adult lovemaking. But it had been eighteen months theyd been together, and hed never gotten to put his thingie in her thingie.

Benny was naked, in contrast to Noras clothed body, and he felt a little embarrassed at this. But things were a little weird in their household. Recently he had gone through quite a time when he discovered he wasnt allowed to go to the bathroom inside the house anymore.

Certainly Benny was quite excited about his first chance to be a male submissive in a real female dominated relationship. Being under the control of Nora, who was a hot babe if there ever was one, turned him on like no ones business!

But this was getting a little ridiculous, banning pissing privileges. At first Nora had just had all the bathroom doors in the housein the house Benny had allowed her to move into, BENNYS houselocked, and he had to beg her for the key.

Sometimes shed hide the key and while he was hopping around from a desperate need to urinate, shed say “Warmer” and “Colder” to hint to him where the fucking key was. “Its all about mind over matter, Benjamin” Nora would say as he begged her, telling her that he was going to explode!

Then Nora decided that Benny should go outside in the yard to pee and shit. She was angry because hed given his poodle to the Buttermilk Falls Animal Shelter when it was too much trouble to walk it anymore, and then, before the dog-loving Nora could rescue little Snickers, who she was quite fond of, hed been adopted by someone else!

“Think, Benjamin…the reason it was too much trouble to walk that SWEET dog was because of your addiction to cocaine, prostitutes and laziness…and thats pathetic.” Now she apparently was going to make Benny pay for the times hed whipped Snickers when Snickers had peed all over the floor because Benny had been too coked-out to get home in time!

Going outside was a bit embarrassing in the warmer months, and he had to hide behind a bush so old Mrs. Lazenby from across the street didnt ask why he was peeing or shitting in his back yard…but then winter came.

Benny remembered arguing on a cold night, when he was reading with Nora in front of a burning fire that HED BUILT FOR HER, DAMMIT, suddenly he had to pee. Nora had actually left the john door unlocked from when shed gone to pee,  but she shook her head as he tiptoed towards the door, and she pointed a long red nail to the outdoors.

And then when he reluctantly went out, she said “Take off your clothes, Benjamin. Ive decided that since poor Snickers had to go outside naked, why shouldnt you?”

And shed forbidden him to take a roll of toilet paper out with him when he had to go out again to shit…she handed him an old Buttermilk Chronicle to wipe his ass with!

Being out in the snow, taking a shit, and feeling his ankles freeze over was really bad, and then he had to hide behind the bush for five minutes while some goddamned Christmas carolers had to sing “Silent Night” in front of the damn house.

Then, the sadistic bitch Nora offered them all hot cider and asked them to sing “Jingle Bells” and “The Little Drummer Boy!”

By the time Benny got inside, he felt as if he had pneumonia.

Could it have gotten worse? But indeed, it did! Benny came home from work one day and found F.X. Copeland, the weird little guy who built kinky stuff over at the PainCafes Dungeonopolis Gift Shop.

“Im having you re-fitted for a chastity device that doesnt permit urination unless I unlock the tip. This will be so good for your self-control issues, Benjamin.”

Yes, Nora was a whale on self-control. Shed already teased poor Bennys cock and then whipped it down, outlawing the erections that she made happen again and again with her sexy body and teasing fingers!

But now he would have to control his bladder as well? Now Benny had to drive home every day for lunch so Nora could unlock him to pee. Several times, she was in his bedroom with some guy, and he had to bang on the door until she came out, naked, and undid the nasty little tip to his new chastity belt.

“Now while youre here for lunch, Benny, you can lick the semen out of my quim, and give Roscoe here a blowjob so he can get excited and fuck me again!” Great.

Benny really had to cut down on his drinking of everythingcoffee, iced tea, beer, Cokes, screwdrivers, martinisand now he had to ration himself to three glasses of water a day!

This was remarkable. Benny had actually gone through rehab for alcohol addiction several times, and never could cut down, and now he was quite controlled. It was remarkable!

It had been difficult enough to adjust to being in chastity God knows. Benny had had to give up his habitual masturbation when being locked up for the first time, and of course being around a curvy ash blonde like Nora, who was rubbing her big boobs against him all the time just drove him mad…

Horny constantly, and now of course Nora was forbidding him to pee without permission! And when they were home, Nora felt that Benny shouldnt pester her too much for the urination key.

“Ive seen how you treated your poodle, Benny, you made him hold it, and only took him out five or six times a day” she said acidly. “You can learn to hold it, and have a strong bladder, too!”

But Nora wanted Benny to go out twice a dayseven in the morning and seven at night, and he had really not adjusted to this plan at all. He would beg Nora, his kidneys killing him, for a key, and shed ignore him, reading her Elle magazine, and then finally, in irritation, shed give him the key.

“But when you come back inside, Im going to mark you up a bit with the cane, just so you understand that youre getting on my freaking nerves!”

So that meant that Benny would endure twenty hard whacks with the cane, and hed howl miserably….and try not to complain! Sometimes, when Benny thought he wanted a drink, hed moisten a washcloth and just suck some of the water out until his thirst was parched so not to bother his beloved Nora!

She also sometimes would put his “Pee key” into a little locker and put a combination on it, and then poor Benny would have to spend an hour or two fiddling with the lock to open the door…and sometimes shed lock one hand behind his back to make it a LEETLE bit harder!

But, Benny thought, as he necked with his beautiful Nora on this evening…she was worth it!  Now Benny accidentally on purpose ran his hand up Noras shirt and tried to feel her bare boob.

OUCH. Nora apparently had just kneed him in the balls. Benny grabbed his balls and fell off the bed, crying. She really knew how to kick a guy. Nora, at one time had been a point guard for an inner-city unisex basketball team, and had been able to elbow and knee her way to several championships without the referees catching her!

Nora, who had expected Bennys attempt on her breasts, giggled to herself…what a riot these submissive males were!

Nora looked over  at poor Benjamin, sitting on the floor, and bit the inside of her cheek, trying not to laugh too hard. She really loved Benny, but he was an impulsive, childish male, and of course she had to keep him reined in.

Men were always trying to push their little macho agendas on her, Nora thought amusedly. Especially the guys who had a submissive nature. It was as if they had an inner struggle, trying desperately to prove they were the Man.

Nora had been engaged at one time to Ionides Leonidas, a shipping magnate. Ionides had wanted to be Noras slave, or so it seemed, theyd met on a local femdom listserv. Hed looked at Noras full breasts hungrily when theyd met, and told her that he needed to be whipped!

Theyd gone back to his place, and it went well. Ionides had undressed, and Nora had bound his hands and feet and laid him on his king sized Vividus bed and shed worn out the cane he provided on his tanned ass.

Ionides had bit his lip, and taken the thrashing well. Then Nora had turned him over and stroked his cock, never having undressed, but giving him little looks at her cleavage…it worked out well! But within a couple of dates, Ionides began trying to top from the bottom.

This was anathema to Nora, who was a tough dominant girl. She had recently taken three stockbrokers, annexed their fortunes, renamed them Tripper, Trotter and Tupper, and sold them to a gay biker gang. She was not used to submissives having attitude, but Ionides was one of these troublesome ones.

“I do not like the makeup thing. I dont want to be a slut.” Ionides told her one day; when Nora explained her plan to turn him into a lady. “No, do not try to shave my body hair. I am a man, the slave thing is just part time, do you understand?”

Nora had tried to break up with Ionides. “I dont think youre a genuine submissive, maybe you just need to go to hookers and act shit out, but Im the real thing, Ionides.”

But Ionides cried, begging Nora to give him another chance. “I will do anything you ask. You are so beautiful, and I do want to marry you!”

Nora had become quite annoyed, and shed ordered Ionides to strip, and then shed tied him to a St. Andrews Cross and whipped his cock and balls with a wooden spoon, telling him, “Youre going to have to learn to be my sissy-bitch, or youre on the way out, you little scuzz-bag!”

And Ionides had howled and screamed as shed turned his genitals into purple, welted mush…following up the spoon beating by putting cigars out on his penis for nearly a hour. But Ionides kept asking her to marry him, and Nora said she would, if he would go through a test. After all, the money, all that Greek shipping money was quite attractive.

But she knew she had to re-arrange his self-esteem, as it were.

Nora had ordered Ionides to come to her house another day, and shed cuffed his wrists to a ring on the floor in her basement dungeon, and shed left him there for about five hours in total darkness.

Then Nora had gone out and found her friends, the McCoy brothers. These were five large black men, Myron and Byron (twins) and Leon, Deon, and Neon, triplets. They were quite active in the BDSM movement, and excited when Nora said she had a white boy who was in need of cocksucking lessons!

“Ionides, I dont believe in safe words, and you really have to make it up to me, if you want to have a long-term relationship!” Nora had said angrily. “Youve practiced deep-throating on several strap-on dildoes, and now I want you to suck off my friends, the Crawford triplets, Neon, Deon and Leon!”

Ionides had tried to pull away, but of course his wrists were locked, and Nora had once again told him that if he used his safe word, shed unlock him, but the relationship would be over.

Finally, Ionides had relented, and Nora had coated his lips with garish fire-engine red lipstick to turn the triplets on, and theyd taken turns skull-fucking him. Of course Ionides had resisted, and Deon had had to really grip Ionidess ears to keep his cock in Ionidess mouth. Ionides had bitten at one point, and the three black guys had kicked the living shit out of him.

After it was over, Ionides admitted to Nora that he had been quite aroused. “I could not believe how exciting it was, being dehumanized by those colored men. I must learn to be more submissive, you are absolutely correct.”

Then Nora had worked on other training things for Ionidesshed gotten one of her biker buddies, Pagan ONeill, to drive his chopper while she sat in the sidecar…shed had Ionides run naked around his property as she rode just behind him in the little carriage, whaling at his bare buttocks with her blacksnake whip.

Afterwards, shed allowed Pagan to cornhole Ionides until hed screamed in agony, and she really felt like this was true progress as well. It had taken some time before Ionides became as weak as a kitten when in the same room with Nora, and then she began working on body modifications.

Ionides was such a masculine man, but Nora finally got him to allow her to strip him of his body hair, and put in breast augmentations…and then one happy day, Pagan had frozen Ionidess balls and removed them!

“But we are engaged!” Ionides had said to Nora in distress. “How will we make love?”

Nora had assured Ionides that this was not that important. She told him that he would be happier when all that male bullshit was gone.

Some time after this, shed taken Ionides to Denmark, and filmed him doing some interesting and quite depraved things…when his father and brothers, also partners in the shipping company had discovered this, they had grabbed Ionides and put him in a mental hospital, and the poor thing still wrote Nora letters!

Benny, sitting now on the floor, looked at his laughing wife. Thank God he didnt have to pee. This was one of those rare occasions where he wasnt wearing his chastity device, so she could stroke him a little bit…but now shed kicked him.

“Benjamin, when are you going to learn?” Nora asked with a friendly grin. “I told you that we are going slowly. At MY pace, not yours. I do love you, but you are not going to use me as a petting zoo, understood?”

Benny nodded and sat up, rubbing his balls. Nora patted the bed and put a little pink tongue between her lips as if nothing had happened, and of course Benny instantly forgave her.

He climbed back into the bed and they began kissing and fondling each other, Benny quite careful to keep his hands over Noras clothes…those were the rules!

Benny couldnt believe this. He remembered living in an apartment complex where he was involved with six different tenants (he was president of the tenants association) and theyd ALL fucked him on the first date, and sometimes one chick would be pounding on his door while he was being blown by another girl.

Of course even then he had had BDSM fantasies, and had gone to see various professional dominants…and dreamed of his own dominant wife! Now that  Nora was here, he was quite pleased with her. But it was so frustrating. Especially since she  slept with all these other guys.

Some months before Benny had come home and there had been this disgusting brown man in the house. “This is Heriberto” Nora had introduced him.

Benny had stiffly walked up to Heriberto and shaken his hand. It was really revolting, as the spic had been rubbing his hand on Noras blue jeaned inner thigh.

Of course Nora had forced Benny to suck Heribertos dick, which had been rather horrible…but then Nora had informed Benny, as he was wiping semen off his jaw, that she was going out of town, and Heriberto was going to be his babysitter.

That had been quite a difficult week for Benny Price. Heriberto had treated poor Benny like a traditional Mexican wife. Benny had had to share Heribertos bed, where he was ass-fucked constantly, and  hed constantly had to make Heriberto food, and had taken a vicious caning after not putting enough avocado into Heribertos chimichanga.

What had also been difficult was when Heriberto had put Benny into a short rather dazzling hot-pink miniskirt and high heels and made Benny accompany him to salsa dancing…

Benny had not been feminine enough, and (Benny stepped left when he was supposed to step right) and Heriberto had turned Benny, in his full drag over Heribertos knee and pulled his panties down and his short skirt up, and whipped Benny with his own high heel!

By the time Nora had returned from her trip (which had been with Maynard, the mail clerk in Bennys office. Theyd gone to Belize on Bennys Visa) her husband was quite subdued…and shed promised him that Heriberto would not be his babysitter again!

Now, Benny looked at his beautiful wife with begging eyes. “Cant we please make love, just a little?” he said looking terribly depressed. “Ive never been…inside you!”

Nora smiled, and began removing her clothes, and Benny Price got quite excited. Now she was naked, her glorious breasts bouncing as she beckoned to him. Benny ran to the bed and Nora told him to lie down and she got on top of his swelling erection…she began riding it up and down.

But, as Benny, who was now in heaven came close to orgasming, Nora hopped off his cock and kneed him in the balls again! “No no, big boy. I never said you could cum. I just said you could fuck me…I dont want your nasty inferior scum in my slit.”

Benny was almost ready to pass out, but Nora jacked his cock a little bit, and it became erect once more. She hopped back on and squeezed her vagina around Bennys hard penis.

“You can fuck me whenever you like, Benjamin” Nora said solemnly, “But you cant cum inside of me. Right now I have you on a 2 month cum schedule…once every eight weeks…and then you can cum on the floor…and lick it up! But you wont get any of it inside me, honey…

Nora paused. “Besides, you know that Im pregnant.” She smiled down at Benny, who lost  his erection immediately. Nora slid off him and began filing her nails.

“What- how are you pregnant? We have never made love!” Benny gazed at her in astonishment. And Nora began to laugh.

“Its Maynards. We conceived when we were on vacation, honey.” Nora looked at Benny and smiled. “Youll love it…were going to have a beautiful black baby.”

“Are you kidding? But were married!” How would they explain this to Bennys parents? To his business associates? A black baby?

Nora grinned and reached over, twisting Bennys nipple until he cried. “Its not that I dont love you, Benjamin, but lets face it. Youre a hook nosed little Jew, and an annoying one at that. I dont want genes like that running around in my body.”

“I have a 186 IQ” Benny thundered. “It was measured at the Naval Academy. I asked my dad what my IQ was, and he drove me there, where they are quite accurate.”

Nora looked bored. “Yeah, but youve made enough money, and inherited enough, so that my child with Maynard will not have to work. And, incidentally, Maynard is moving in with us. Hes going to help me train you, and hes quitting that ridiculous mailroom job. Youll be our nanny, and like it!”

Benny sighed. You never know what youre getting when you marry a Dominant Woman!

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