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Getting Even

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Synopsis: Seven years in Jail for something someone eise did is plenty to figure out how to get even

She stopped outside her neat prim and proper suburban executive villa, she stepped out of her neat little Chevvy, all prim and proper in a knee length floral pattern skirt and short sleeved white top, and she opened the back door to reveal two little kids strapped in back.

I watched her from across the street, I watched her take her bags inside and come back for the kids, just an ordinary suburban scene. It all seemed so sweet and innocent, from a distance, to the untrained eye, to people who didn't know her. But I knew different.

Seven years ago, she was just the girl down the street, headed for university,Yale maybe, now she was Mrs Matt Johnson, trophy wife for a fading Major league legend now property developer, and me, yeah, I never was going to University but I had a place in Engineering school all lined up, and I felt bitter as hell.

They let me out early, "Plead guilty!" my so called lawyer ordered, "maybe they'll go easy on you."

But for what, I just had a few drinks and sort of had this gap where Saturday night should have been and I woke up with a hangover, as my Dad kicked me out of bed and down to the deputies and next thing I knew I was dragged down town and charged.

Rape, Melissa Stephens, the girl from number Ten, the high flyer, way way out of my league, she got raped I lost track of what in the hell I did that night and it was all far far too convenient.

I got ten years, and they let me out after seven, oh yeah and I couldn't go within fifty miles of home, so they said, "Sign in at the Sheriff's office every Thursday," they said, so I signed in and I hitched straight out and down the highway, straight back to where I knew she lived.

Not through my folks who disowned me but I still had friends, real friends, who wrote me when they remembered, every seven or eight months or so, whenever they had a spare minute or the cost of the postage, and most Christmasses someone sent me a card.

You could say I was bitter but that in no way began to describe that unholy mass of seething resentment boiling away inside of me.

I had it figured out to the last detail, from my first setting sight of her, through my first touch as she ran away from me, to the ripping tearing splitting as I tore her dress right off her, snapped her pantie elastic so they fluttered to the ground, to show her soft downy, or was it shaved, mound, and I knew exactly how I would flip her tits out of her soft warm bra cups, and leave her bra hanging uselessly as I threw her to the ground and did what she said I did all that time ago.

I imagined how I'd wrestle her to the ground, wrench her legs wide apart and force my tool deep inside her, maybe I'd shove my tool in her mouth instead or was that first, maybe not as she might bite, shit, I hadn't had a woman for seven years, never had a proper woman at all, only Jessica who worked at the diner and turned tricks for twenty dollars, and lets face it she was my moms age.

I just watched her, there were trees opposite the house, between the creek and the road where she lived, maybe a mile from where we grew up, I just slipped between the trees and watched through the leaves, she looked real sweet, I wondered whether she ever regretted not going to uni, and I started thinking I maybe should wait until the kids were in bed before I did what I needed to.

She came out later on, with a pail and a cloth, and started cleaning the car, hell it was immaculate before she started, I started to get doubts, and I crept back into the trees a way so I could just settle down to watch.

She even gave the hub caps a polish with her cloth and what looked like silver polish, she'd changed, denim shorts and a tee shirt, and little white ankle socks and trainers, wow! my tool was playing up, straining, leaking pre cum, god I wanted her so bad!

A guy came walking with a big dog, it headed my way but it just wanted a leak against a tree, maybe ten feet from where I lay, it smelled me but the big bearded guy was in a hurry so he dragged that dog away with a yell and I was safe again.

It got dark like it does around eight thirty and I was still there for an hour or so after that when her husband came home, sweeping in in his late model Mercedes. I watched him slam the door and storm in the house locking the car with a flash of indicators as an afterthought as he strode in the door, I saw her through the window, I guess they had words, a row maybe.

I got stiff as the night grew colder, my joints ached, the passion and need ebbed away and finally I made my way out the trees and down to the stream side for a palm full of water.

I decided on plan B except there wasn't plan B, plan A was teach the bitch a lesson and high tail it, I figured the eastbound highball freight still changed crews at the depot, and that would shift me two hundred miles east in maybe four hours, useful, trains didn't figure too high in the Fed's directory of get away vehicles, Motorcycles and Automobiles, Airplanes, Boats, Helicopters even but not Trains.

I heard a westbound freight rumbling over the switches at the east tower, and I decided she Melissa would have to wait.

I had all my worldly goods in my backpack, spare pants underwear and shirts and about two hundred dollars, and that wasn't going to get me far, but it was enough for a big mac and a coke and fries at McDonalds, and for a bed, well there was a culvert under the railroad tracks out by the Auto wrecking yard that never had water in it even in the floods back in ninety three and it was my favourite hide out when I was a kid, and even maybe ten years after I was last there it was still there and still dry.

That concrete felt real soft after the rock hard prison mattresses and it wasn't till the switchers started tearing a slow freight apart just after sun up, clattering backwards and forwards over my liar that I stirred and decided to check the Johnson place again.

The Mercedes was gone but she was strapping the kids in the Chevvy as I headed down the street, she never gave me a second glance as she drove past so, on a hunch that she was taking the kids to some pre school, I found my hiding place back in the trees and waited.

It took maybe an hour, then the Chevvy appeared again and Melissa headed right back into her driveway and climbed eagerly out of the drivers door, she was dressed all prim and proper again in a pastel blue knee length skirt and short sleeved white top, her golden hair cascading to her shoulders, god did she look wholesome.

I let her get inside, then, as my heart pounded fit to burst I made my way across the street and walked right up to her door.

I just banged on the knocker, and she opened the door, all innocent like. "Yes," she said and then she tried to slam the door shut again, she was too slow. I had my shoe in the door and it hurt like hell as she tried to squash my foot through the thin trainers.

She managed to get the chain on though, but it was a cheap Wal Mart chain and it just busted off of the door frame as I pushed, "I'll call the Police!" she insisted, "What do you want?"

"You!" I said, "Remember me?" I got inside and kicked the door shut, "Surely you remember me?"

"Your Gary Danske  right?" she said, "You lived down the street right?"

"Half right, down the street sure," I said, "You forgot Phil Goerbals already,"

"Oh god," she said, "You changed, You're the one who raped me, but you changed, you changed your beard," she said like she was real scared.

"Well I never shaved yesterday," I agreed.

"You had a beard, that's how I knew, in the dark." she insisted.

"Woah," I said, but she struggled and scratched my face, her top slipped off real easy right down her back pinning her arms and her tits just popped out of her bra.

"Why?" she asked, "What did I ever do to you,"

"Shut the fuck up," I ordered.

"Why," she said, "What you going to do dislocate my jaw again?" she snapped, "You ruined everything for me,"

"Sure looks like it!" I suggested.

"Yeah right, married to a moron, I was going to uni before you put that kid inside of me." she announced.

"Kid?" I said.

"Still born, would you believe it, nine months and then nothing." she said, "Your kid." she snapped, "I was glad it was dead," she said but her eyes were full of tears, it was time for plan B, except there was no plan B, so I ad libbed, I let her up and pulled her top back on her shoulders.

"I never had a beard in my life Mrs Johnson," I said, "And I swear to god I never knowingly touched you, you was way out of my league."

"You pleaded guilty." she exclaimed, "That sort of proves it!" and then she did it, "I'm calling the cops."

I looked at her, all pink with her tits hanging down and I decided I was having my seven years worth right there and then, and I had her skirt and panties around her knees in one swift movement, she didn't shave but the fur was so fine and fair it just shone like gold.

I guess I should have took her upstairs but I hooked my shoe in her panties and dragged them right down and then I was pushing her down onto the Hallway carpets, spreading her legs with my knees and her labia with my fingers.

"Look, just don't hurt me," she said, "I won't scream, I won't do anything, you can tie me up, get a head start before anyone checks up on me." she seemed sincere, "Ok,"

"Sure," I said.

"So what you waiting for?" she asked.

"Where's the rush, I waited seven years for this," I told her and I shuffled down and tasted the sweet soft flesh of her pussy lips.

She shuddered, "Look mister, just do what you have to and," she moaned softly,"Don't torment me, please."

Her pussy tasted mighty fine, all sweet and golden, and I traced that slit up till I found that little nub, I gave it  little bite and she near screamed the roof down.

"Hey no screaming," I said.

"How in the hell do you expect me to keep quiet when you do that to me you bastard!" she wailed, and then as I looked at her she just says, "You can't stop now, please."

I dipped my head back down, I had no idea her friend Becky was due around for a game of Tennis, I just let her moan right on out loud and then next thing there was Becky stood there dialling 911 on her cell phone, she was talking to the operator she gave the house number before I could react and I figured it wasn't worth trying to run.

"It's the guy that raped me," Melissa said.

"Really, gee he looks different without the beard." Becky observed, "Kept his self in good shape,better than when he worked at the five and dime."

"He just broke the door and came on in." Melissa said, "He's so strong!"

"Guess he worked out in Jail." Becky observed, "But you ain't struggling much if he's raping you?"

"I don't want to get hurt. Ooh," she said as I gave her little nub another little nibble.

"You gonna stick that thing of yours in her before the cops get here?" Becky said, "Cos she's got Aids."

"Can't get Aids from Pussy Lickin'" I suggested, but then I heard the cruisers howling up the street.

"You ought to go," Becky suggested, "like run."

"Just stall them a minute Becky, please!" Melissa said unexpectedly, "Please!"

"Well you better put up a better struggle than that if you want the Feds to arrest him." Becky said and she went outside and pulled up the door so the catch clicked on.

I heard talking, "OK come on out with your hands up," the Sheriff shouted and then he tried the door.

"You still owe me," I said.

"Coming!" said Melissa, "let me up, ok," I moved away and she dragged her panties and skirt back on.

"What is it officer?" she asked all innocent.

"We had a report of a rape?" he said.

"I saw him rape on you," Becky added.

"Oh, that's my pool man Becky," Melissa said, "What the hell did you think we was doing?"

"Well first off you ain't got a pool." Becky suggested, "Holy hell, look guys I'm so sorry." she said as she looked at the three cruisers and a Minivan clustered around the front.

I walked up behind Melissa and put my hand on her shoulder.

"I guess you made an honest mistake," the officer agreed, "But you, Pool man, you better watch out, prostitution's illegal in this county and what you're doing's prostitution  far as I can see."

Then with a wave of the office's hand they all went away, crunching over the gravel drive.

"You guys want Coffee?" Melissa asked inadequately.

I sat at her table drinking coffee.

"It all happened so quick," Melissa said, "He just forced me, right, you know, nothing then he was ramming and banging at me and then," her eyes were filled with tears at the memory, then he was inside of me."

"Right," I agreed.

"I told my Mom and they had the guy next morning and Daddy's lawyer did a deal so he pleaded guilty for a shorter sentence." she explained.

"Seven to Ten," I agreed.

"Then I was pregnant," she said.

"I don't remember a thing that night," I told her.

"All I remember was the beard," she said, "That's how they knew it was you."

"I never had no damned beard," I insisted.

"So what now?" Becky asked, "You gonna fuck her till you're even?" she asked or what?"

"If you promise not to come looking for me when you get back out of jail you can fuck on me right now." Melissa said.

"Maybe upstairs?" Becky suggested.

"Hell," I said, "I wanted to rape you, sort of being willing sort of spoils things sort of." I explained inadequately.

"I got a letter from the prison, if you come within fifty miles of me you get another three years." Melissa reminded me, "You do what you need to then you do three years, do we have a deal?"

She just looked too sweet, like some little kid's mom.

"No, I can't," I apologised, "It ain't the same."

"You sure?" Melissa asked.

"Because she's missed her tennis class and she's horny as hell." Becky said, "You can't turn a girl on and then deny her mister, you two get upstairs right now!"

I looked at Melissa and she smiled shyly at me and she stood up, "Like I said," she said, and I stood up and I followed she went right upstairs to the guest room, all immaculate white paint and white carpets and brown drapes and there I was like I hadn't washed for two days and she slipped off her skirt and her panties and lay on the bed all pink and clean and fresh, "You want to start again where you left off?" she asked.

"I feel dirty," I said.

"Hell that's her line." Becky said as she followed us upstairs, "So get a shower big boy!" she said "Voila, shower room" and she hauled a door open and there was this cute little shower room.

I did like she said, took a bathe under the shower head, let the water flow over me and part way through Becky grabbed my shirt and took it away with her, not my pants just the shirt.

Melissa looked real scared when I came back, she had her skirt back on.

"What?" I asked.

"The smell," she said.

"I ain't that bad now I washed." I said.

"I remember the smell, as he forced me you know, it wasn't this smell." she said, "and if it wasn't you then, oh my lord, he's still out there."

My tool went down like when the blow up a high rise. "Gee," I said, "I never thought about that." and I dried myself some more and sat down by Melissa.

"Aren't you two going to fuck then?" Becky asked.

"I guess not," I said.

"It makes me horny seeing guys fuck," she added.

"Becky is my girlfriend, you know girlfriend, girlfriend," Melissa explained.

"Matt likes Guys." Becky added, "Mostly."

"And you?" I asked Becky, "What do you like?" I asked, I stared at her, she was slim, too slim, her hair was too short and dark, and she looked like a schoolgirl in her short white tennis skirt and tight top.

"She likes me," Melissa announced, "Don't you babe?"

"Maybe she ain't met the right guy yet," I suggested.

"Are you making a pass at me?" Becky accused.

"You want to feel how I suck pussy?" I asked.

"Guys, leave me out of this," Becky exclaimed, "Gee," but Melissa put he arms around Becky, "hey, he's joking." she said but she caught sight of my tool now busy swelling, "Oops I guess he isn't," she chuckled, "Actually, he damn good, let him show you," Melissa suggested, just let him ease those skimpy panties aside and," she said and as she done it she ran her finger down Becky's pubes and eased the thin cotton aside.

I just rolled and eased those sweet little panties to Becky's knees and buried my tongue between her sweet little cunt lips, she moaned, I heard Melissa say "Kiss me," and then the two girls were kissing mouth to mouth as I worked on Beckys lower lips and clit.

Melissa pulled up Becky's top releasing her small tits and then after a while as I looked up she worked her way around behind Becky so she could kiss her neck and play with her tits until finally Melissa said. "You can put it in her now."

"No," Becky protested feebly, but I slid up the bed a piece as Melissa indicated.

"She's afraid of guys so be careful with her ok?" she asked.

"No!" Becky protested but Melissa took my tool and pressed it gently against Becky's sweet little pink slit.

"Woah!" I protested, "She said no!" I said, "Look I can't do this,"

Melissa stared at me then she started laughing. "oh my, fine rapist you make!" she chuckled, "You're cool with it aren't you Becky?" she said but Becky shook her head.

"No, I can't do that!" I protested, "No,"

"Yet you came to rape me," Melissa exclaimed, "You're really screwed up, you know that?"

"Yes," I agreed, "I know."

"So what you going to do now?" Melissa asked.

"Mell, you seen the size of his thing?" Becky asked, "It'd split me right in two."

"I don't know," I said answering Melissa.

"Gee that is big," she said, "Gee no wonder you didn't want." she said to Becky as she pushed Becky aside, "So come on big boy, you wanted pussy, well you come and get it."

"I can't!" I protested but she gripped me around my shaft and pulled me to her, I felt my tool against her soft wetness and then I was sliding my helmet gently inside of her and everything seemed right.

"You fuck me good big boy," Melissa whispered hoarsely, "You got seven years of cum in those big balls and I want it,"  she said, "Like now big boy, you spurt that cum right deep in your Melissa's womb big boy."

Her cunt just swallowed every inch of me like I was made for her, and when I was right in the neck of her womb was really gripping me, I shuffled up the bed a couple of times to get more angle as I fucked into her, but the pleasure was too much and long before I wanted I knew I was going to cum.

I thought of New England, Dirty socks any old thing as I humped against her, but it was useless, pre cum was leaking from me making her slipperier than ever, and I just fucked right into her, feeling her warm tits against me, until she did something with her cunt muscles and that cream just poured out of me like a busted faucet.

"Wow," Becky exclaimed.

"Was that how you planned?" Melissa asked as I pulled out.

"No, maybe a thousand times better," I agreed.

"You know," Melissa said, "There was no way that was you that raped me all those years ago, hell I had thee kids and still you stretch me!"

"Mell!" Becky exclaimed, "That's disgusting!"

"Well I had to know," Melissa exclaimed, "he didn't smell right and," she said then she went off at a tangent, "But if it wasn't you who raped me then there's a rapist out there."

"I guess," I agreed, "I better get going, thanks for," I didn't know what to say.

"Look!" she said, "We need to talk ok, you needed to fuck I need to talk, do you understand?"

"I guess," I agreed.

"Me and Matt don't get along so well, so." Melissa admitted.

"So I guess anytime you need a fuck!" Becky added.

"Becky, that's not what I meant at all." Melissa added, "But you know when you confessed and everything."

"I got to go," I said "I guess you got kids to see to?"

"I don't," Becky suggested, "You got anywhere to stay?"

"No," I admitted, "no plans, no cash, no job, no prospects."

"You want to stay in my spare room so you two can talk tomorrow?" Becky asked and I agreed.

"Maybe you can fix up my yard?" she suggested.

"Sure, it'd be great working outdoors," I agreed.

Becky took me back to her house, it wasn't more than a block away and we walked a well used short cut across the hill through the bushes and small trees to Becky's place, it was an old wooden place with a huge yard and wooden barns, and it was a real mess.

"My folks left it me," she admitted, "They crashed and burned in a car wreck." she said sadly.

"Right," I said, "I'm sorry."

"That's why I don't have an Automobile," she said.

"Or a boyfriend?" I asked but she ignored me.

She asked me my shoe size and pants size and collar size and everything, and then she set me to work and said she would go down town, and she headed off on foot.

I started tidying stuff up, then I got real hungry and raided her refrigerator, she had half a cooked chicken and it tasted real good, and orange juice, we never had orange juice inside.

She was a bit mad when she got in, "You should have said an I would have got some food in," she said, "That was my dinner! and tomorrow's lunch." but she had brought some cheap Taiwanese fake Levis and some fake Nike trainers and some shirts and socks and things for me.

"Say, thanks!" I said as she dumped them down on the kitchen counter, "That's real thoughtful." I said, and then I saw a there was a pack of Condoms in the bottom of her bag.

She blushed, "Don't get any ideas!" she insisted.

"Never crossed my mind," I said, she was too thin for me, dark haired when I like blondes.

"You know I was a year below you and Melissa in school," she said,"I thought you were John Parkes,"

"No. I've always been Phil." I said.

"I thought Phil Goerbals was a guy with a beard," she said, "Like when Melissa came back in the dance hall all bleeding and her clothes ripped and that," Becky said awkwardly, "And she said about a beard, I told her it was Phil Goerbals that followed her outside."

"Oh, right," I said and sat down, "You saying this is your fault."

"Maybe," she said, "Maybe you thought so."

"I was too drunk to know what I did that night," I said, "Only I reckon I was too drunk to rape anyone, anyhow."

I looked at her, "You think I'll rape you now do you?" I said as I figured it all out, "Is that it?"

"Yes!" she said.

"Well little girl," I said, "That won't settle the score," I paused for effect, "I ain't had no girlfriend for seven years, hell I got plenty of catching up to do so you don't think one fuck levels the score do you?"

"No," she said looking scared.

"You're going to need more than one pack of condoms to pay off this debt little girl." I said sort of threatening although right then I was jesting.

"There's some more in the other bag," she said.

"Hell that''s real sweet, but it ain't right." I told her, "taking advantage of a sweet honourable girl, that's not my scene."

"You nearly did this morning," she said, "Aren't I pretty enough for you?"

"Hell I'd screw anything in a skirt I'm so horny after seven years," I told her, "you strip off your panties and lie down and you're fucked darlin'," I said joking, and do you know she took my hand and led me up her stairs.

"You be gentle with me, do you hear." she said, "Like you was my boyfriend or something." and she hauled her skirt and panties down round her ankles.

You couldn't blame me, I had my pants off so quick, that I surprised myself and then I had her legs wide apart and I just pushed my helmet into the groove of her pussy and leaned against her.

"No!" she wailed.

I stopped,

"God dammit, just do it you stupid man," she said, "Put that damned thing in me,"

Well can't disappoint a lady so I just lazily eased my whole length right into her.

"It's too big, it hurts," she confessed.

"Feels real fine to me, real fine," I said, "Can I kiss you," I asked.

"I don't." she said and I kissed her, kissed her head a few times and then her mouth sort of opened invitingly.

I kissed her mouth, ran my tongue round her teeth and then  started humping gently, she moaned, "Oh" she said, she sort of gasped a few times, "That's nice!" she said, "be gentle please."

It sure as hell felt a lot better than nice, real tight yet slippery you know, yet she was just scared I was going to do something to hurt her, why in the hell would I want to do that? I wondered.

"Hell we ain't wearing a rubber," I announced as I realised.

"I can't get pregnant first time," she said real stupidly.

"You just as sure as hell can," I corrected her, "First time, first time with me, any old first time I advised her.

"Oh," she says, and she wrapped her legs around me, and pulled me to her, "Is that so,"

That velvety smooth hot wet snatch was too much for me, my balls were boiling my tool was twitching and that seed just shot out of me so hard I thought it would cum out of her nose! and then it was over, I lay there with her, quiet, least aways I wiped my tool on the sheet and lay there while she frantically dabbed herself with her skirt as my cum leaked back out of her.

"Phew," I sort of said, "I  could get a taste for that,"

"It's disgusting," she said, "There's so much of it,"

"Let it alone and come here," I told her and I just scooped her up in my arms and kissed her, she struggled some but she relaxed when I took over wiping her, though she started getting wetter than ever instead of drier.

She looked me in the eye, and my tool began to swell again, "It'll be nicer second time," I said, "Promise,"

"Condom," she whispered, "Bit late for that," I suggested, and I just slid in her so smooth and natural it seemed like we as made for each other, and we jut fucked for ever until I cummed in her again just rolled off of her closed my eyes and had the best sleep I ever had in my entire life.

To be Continued?

Melissa Johnson nee Stephens  Matt Johnson


Phil Goerbals Narrator

Gary Danske attacker

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