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Ashtray Slave

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Synopsis: Title says it all

Leah opens the door. "Hi Nikki, thanks for coming over this evening."

"Are you kidding Leah, I wouldn't miss this for the world."

Nikki kisses Leah and they walk back into the living room where Gilbert is sitting. Naked with his wrists and ankles bound together, holding a large glass ashtray in his hands.

"Nikki, this is my ashtray slave. Slave, this is my friend Nikki. I've invited her over to help me torment you tonight."

Gilbert looks up at them. "Pleased to meet you, Mistress Nikki."

Leah takes Nikki's coat and hangs it up. "Where did you find him, Leah?"

"We met at the club. He took me upstairs and asked me to blow cigarette smoke in his face while he sat next to me and held the ashtray. I gave him my number, and he comes over every month or so and pays me to torment him."

Nikki laughs. "How's he going to pay me all tied up like that?"

"I've already gotten your money." Leah gives Nikki $300. Nikki counts the money and puts it in her purse. Leah and Nikki undress each other, kissing and caressing. Gilbert watches them undress, walk to the sofa, and sit beside him.

Nikki lights a cigarette and takes a puff. She blows the smoke in Gilbert's face. She flicks the ashes in the ashtray, smiles, and looks over at Leah. "You devious bitch. You tied his wrists to his balls."

Leah giggles. "The better to torment him, Nikki."

Nikki takes a puff of her cigarette and blows the smoke in Gilbert's face. "Do you like this, slave?"

"No Mistress Nikki."

"Why did you ask us to blow smoke in you face, then?"

Gilbert takes a while to answer. "I get aroused watching a beautiful naked woman smoke. I get excited when she torments me with the smoke."

Nikki takes a puff of her cigarette and blows the smoke in Gilbert's face. She looks at Gilbert's stiff cock. "I see. Do you think I'm beautiful?"

Gilbert looks at Nikki's golden blonde hair, her soft blue eyes, and round grapefruit sized breasts. He remembers her cleanly shaved pussy. "Yes Mistress Nikki, I think you're beautiful."

Nikki laughed and took another puff of her cigarette. She held her face in front of Gilbert's for a bit before exhaling. She puts the cigarette in the ashtray and cups her breasts with her hands. "You'd like to play with these, wouldn't you slave?"

"Yes Mistress Nikki."

Nikki pulls up her right breast and licks her nipple. "You'd like to suck on my nipples, wouldn't you slave?"

"Yes Mistress Nikki."

Nikki picks up her cigarette, takes a puff, and blows smoke in Gilbert's face. "Sorry slave, but right now you're holding my ashtray." She laughs and rubs her breasts against his arm while she finishes her cigarette.

Leah lights a cigarette, takes a puff, and blows smoke in Gilbert's face. "Do you think I'm beautiful, slave?"

Gilbert looks at Leah's petite body, her shoulder-length straight black hair, warm brown eyes, and her smallish breasts and stiff pointy nipples. He remembers her girlish-looking cleanly shaved pussy. "Yes Mistress Leah, I think you're beautiful."

Leah laughs, takes a puff of her cigarette, and blows smoke in Gilbert's face. "Who's more beautiful, Nikki or me?"

Gilbert squirms uncomfortably.

Nikki rubs her breasts on Gilbert's arm. "Yeah slave, who's more beautiful?"

Gilbert ponders a while before answering. "You're both beautiful women, and I'm lucky to be sitting here holding your ashtray."

Leah laughs and blows smoke in Gilbert's face. "Diplomatic answer, slave." She rubs her breasts against his arm while she smokes. "Slave, tell Nikki about some of your stories. Nikki, slave writes sex stories and publishes them on the Internet."

Nikki and Leah take turns smoking and tormenting Gilbert while he tells Nikki about his dominant female / submissive male stories. Nikki and Leah laugh and fantasize doing to Gilbert what he describes.

Leah takes the half-full ashtray from Gilbert's hands. She unties the rope from his balls, but leaves his wrists and ankles bound together. "Hop into my bedroom slave, and prepare my vibrator for me."

"Yes Mistress Leah."

Gilbert struggles to stand up. He hops into the bedroom, and gets a vibrator and ashtray from the nightstand. He kneels down by the side of the bed, puts the vibrator in his mouth, picks up the ashtray, and waits.

Nikki laughs at the sight of Gilbert hopping into the bedroom, his cock bobbing up and down. As soon as he's out of sight Nikki turns to Leah. "Wow, what a bitch-boy!"

Leah giggles. "Keep it down, he can still hear you. Let's get a cup of coffee while he warms up the vibrator."

Nikki and Leah go into the kitchen and pour themselves a cup of coffee. Nikki notices the time. "Wow, I've been here over an hour already. The time just flew by."

Leah smiles. "Yes, tormenting slave does make the time fly by. Do you have to leave soon?"

Nikki sips her coffee. "No, the money he gave me covers what I'd have made dancing tonight. I'd much rather be tormenting slave than fighting off rude customers. I still can't believe some of the things he writes about. I'd love to see him crawl around the floor, dragging a weight with his cock."

Leah sips her coffee. "So would I, but he won't bring anything with him. Damn, my head is spinning from all those cigarettes."

Nikki smiles. "Mine too. How did you torment him by yourself?"

Leah giggles. "Not very well. I'd spend most of the time sitting and talking. When I smoked, I'd have to threaten to burn him to make the cigarette last longer."

"Does he want us to burn him?"

"No, but the threat makes him squirm. Thanks for your help."

Nikki kisses Leah. "Thank you for inviting me. My pussy is tingling just thinking about doing some of the things slave described. I can't wait to see him kneeling by the side of the bed with a vibrator in his mouth."

Leah smiles. "Let's make him wait awhile. Finish your coffee and we'll cuddle on the sofa."

Nikki grins. "That sounds great, Leah."

Leah and Nikki go back into the living room. They sit on the sofa and kiss. Nikki puts her arms around Leah and they hug. Leah kisses the back of Nikki's neck. They kiss and caress each other for a while. They go into the bedroom and see Gilbert kneeling by the side of the bed, vibrator in his mouth, ashtray in his hands. Nikki sits in a rocker and watches Leah lie down next to Gilbert.

Leah takes the vibrator from Gilbert's mouth and presses it against her moist pussy. "Slave, you did a good job warming up the vibrator for me."

"Thank you Mistress Leah."

Leah turns the vibrator on and rubs it against her clit. "Mmm, this feels so nice. Much better than you could do with your tongue or cock, slave."

"Yes Mistress Leah."

Leah holds the vibrator against her clit. Gilbert watches her bring herself to an orgasm.

Leah slides the vibrator in her wet pussy, and moves it slowly in and out. "This vibrator is so much harder than your limp dick, slave."

"Yes Mistress Leah."

Gilbert watches Leah enjoy a couple of orgasms. When she's finished, she holds the vibrator in front of his mouth. "Lick my pussy juice, slave."

Gilbert licks the vibrator a few times. Leah puts the vibrator in his mouth, gets a cigarette from the nightstand, and relaxes. He can smell the scent from her pussy.

Leah takes a puff and flicks the ashes in the ashtray. "There's nothing like a cigarette right after sex." She finishes her cigarette and gets up from the bed.

Nikki lies down next to Gilbert, takes the vibrator from his mouth, and presses it against her wet pussy. "This vibrator is so warm, slave!"

"Thank you Mistress Nikki."

Nikki turns the vibrator on and rubs it against her clit. She holds it against her clit until she has an orgasm. She turns the vibrator off. "Quit staring at me, slave."

Gilbert turns his head away. "Yes Mistress Nikki." He can smell the scent from her pussy.

Nikki turns the vibrator on and fucks it, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Gilbert watches three orgasms engulf her body before she takes the vibrator out and holds it in front of his face. "Lick my pussy juice, slave."

Gilbert licks the vibrator a few times. Nikki puts the vibrator in his mouth, gets a cigarette from the nightstand, and lights it. She takes a puff and flicks the ashes in the ashtray. She relaxes and finishes her cigarette, and gets up from the bed.

Leah commands, "Hop back to the sofa." Gilbert puts the vibrator and ashtray on the bed and gets up. Leah and Nikki laugh while they watch him hop into the living room, his cock bobbing up and down. He sits down in the middle of the sofa.

Leah puts the ashtray in Gilbert's hands. Instead of sitting down, Leah and Nikki go into the kitchen to make another cup of coffee.

Nikki sips her coffee. "Wow Leah, I'd never had a guy watch me vibrate before. It felt interesting."

Leah nods. "It took me a couple of times to get used to insulting slave while I played with myself. You did pretty good for your first time."

Nikki smiles. "Thanks. I watched you and tried to do the same thing."

Leah sips her coffee. "A couple more cigarettes and we're done. Are you up for it?"

Nikki grins. "I think so. Damn, I still want to see slave crawl. Do you have something heavy that slave could drag with his cock?"

Leah puts the cup down. "I don't know. Let's look around. It'd be fun to see slave crawl for us." Leah and Nikki look around the kitchen.

Nikki finds six gallon jugs of spring water in the bottom of the pantry. "What about a couple of these?"

Leah laughs. "That's a great idea, Nikki! What should we have slave crawl to?"

Nikki smiles. "That's easy. My pussy. I want slave to eat me out anyway. It'd be more fun to make him work for it."

Leah finishes her coffee. "I usually finish up by untying slave's ankles. He cleans the vibrator and ashtrays, and afterwards I untie his wrists. After he cleans up, you can have him crawl to you."

Nikki grins. "That sounds great. Let's go torment slave some more!"

Leah and Nikki sit down on the sofa. Leah lights a cigarette and takes a puff. She kisses Gilbert as she exhales. Nikki tickles his rigid cock with her fingernails while Leah smokes and kisses him. Leah and Nikki take turns smoke kissing him while the other tickles his stiff cock with her fingernails.

After Nikki puts out her third cigarette, Leah takes the ashtray from Gilbert's hands. She unties his ankles and commands, "Clean up."

Gilbert gets up and cleans the ashtrays. He wipes the vibrator with rubbing alcohol and puts it away in the nightstand. When he's finished, he returns to the sofa and stands in front of Leah.

While Leah unties Gilbert's wrists, Nikki grins and commands, "Kneel down between us and put your hands behind your back."

Gilbert moves the coffee table out of the way, kneels down between Leah and Nikki, and puts his arms behind his back.

Nikki pats Gilbert on the head. "You deserve a reward for being such a good ashtray slave. Would you like to eat my pussy?"

Gilbert grins. "Yes Mistress Nikki."

Nikki smiles. "Get up and move the coffee table over by the wall. Go into the kitchen and get two gallons of spring water from the bottom of the pantry. Put them by the front door, tie them to your cock, and get on your hands and knees. Crawl over to the sofa and eat my pussy until I tell you to stop. Do you understand, slave?"

Gilbert nods. "Yes Mistress Nikki."

Leah and Nikki watch Gilbert get the spring water and put the jugs by the front door. He ties a rope to the base of his cock behind his balls, and the other end to the two jugs. He gets on his hands and knees and crawls toward the sofa.

Leah kisses Nikki. They kiss and fondle each other, watching Gilbert slowly crawl to them. He can only drag the jugs an inch or two before he has to rest his cock. Finally, he makes it to the sofa and licks Nikki's pussy. She's very wet from watching him crawl, and he laps the pussy juices before he kisses and nibbles on her clit. She quickly has an orgasm.

Leah lights a cigarette and takes a puff. She bends over and blows smoke in Gilbert's face while he licks and sucks Nikki's pussy. Once, the smoke makes him cough.

Nikki grabs his hair and pulls his face from her pussy. "Did I tell you to stop eating me, slave?"

"No Mistress Nikki."

Nikki slaps Gilbert's face. "You don't stop until I tell you. Get back to work." She lets go of his hair and he goes back to licking and sucking her pussy. Soon she has a second orgasm.

Nikki has Gilbert eat her to three more orgasms before she grabs his hair and pulls his face from her pussy. "That's enough, slave. Untie yourself, put the water away, and get us both a cup of coffee, cream and two sugars."

Gilbert unties the rope from his cock and the water jugs. He gets up and puts the water away. He makes two cups of coffee and brings them into the living room. He hands the cups to Leah and Nikki. They take a sip.

Leah looks up at Gilbert. "The coffee table is still against the wall, slave. Kneel between us and hold our cups."

"Yes Mistress Leah." Gilbert kneels down and Leah and Nikki put the cups in his palms.

Nikki leans forward, cupping her breasts in her hands. "Would you like to play with these, slave?"

"Yes Mistress Nikki."

Nikki laughs. "Too bad slave, you're always holding something when I want you to fondle me."

Leah and Nikki finish their coffee. Leah commands, "Slave, bring the cups to the kitchen."

Gilbert gets up and rinses the coffee cups. He returns to the living room.

Nikki grins. "Slave, go get four gallons of spring water from the pantry and bring them here."

Gilbert goes into the kitchen and brings back four jugs of water, two at a time.

While Gilbert is in the kitchen, Leah turns to Nikki. "What are you doing now?"

Nikki smiles. "You'll see. Just do what I tell you to do."

Nikki looks up at Gilbert. "Put two jugs on each side."

Gilbert moves the jugs so two are on each side.

Nikki turns to Leah. "Tie his ankles together and tie his wrists to the water jugs."

Leah gets up, ties Gilbert's ankles together, and ties each wrist to the two jugs on the floor.

Nikki smiles at Leah. "Perfect."

Leah sits down on the sofa.

Nikki looks up at Gilbert. "I'm going to stand in front of you and smoke a cigarette. While I'm smoking, you may fondle my breasts. The water jugs should make it somewhat interesting."

Leah laughs hysterically. "Nikki, you're a cruel cruel bitch!"

Nikki turns to Leah and smiles. "Thank you."

Nikki lights a cigarette and stands in front of Gilbert. He tries to raise his hands, but he can't lift the jugs more than a couple of inches off the floor. Leah laughs watching him struggle. Nikki blows smoke in his face. He stops struggling and stands motionless while she rubs her nipples on his chest and finishes her cigarette.

"Too bad slave," Nikki mews as she puts her cigarette out. "I offered you my breasts, but you just stood there." She sits on the sofa and turns to Leah. "I'm finished with slave."

Leah gets up and unties Gilbert's wrists and ankles. "Clean up this mess, get dressed, and go."

Gilbert cleans the ashtray, moves the coffee table back in front of the sofa, puts the water jugs and rope away, gets dressed, and leaves.

Nikki relaxes and smiles. "I can't believe I've been here almost four hours. It seems like I just got here. We have to find more guys like slave. This is so much more fun than dancing."

Leah hugs Nikki. "You are so right. See you tomorrow night at the club."

Nikki gets dressed and leaves. Leah takes a shower and goes to bed.

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