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Synopsis: Man convinces his wife to dominate him and gets everything he asked for.
Hi everyone

Hi everyone. I have decided to share a little about my relationship with my husband. Weíve been married for two years now. Counting the 5-year courtship, weíve been together for 7 years. Weíre both in our mid-40ís and at that point where a lot of relationships start to struggle. Iím happy to report that ours is in great shape, though, and it all came from an idea my husband had.

After weíd been married for 6 months or so, my hubby made a rather dramatic confession to me. He had always dreamed about being dominated by a woman and wanted me to try it. I was not at all enthusiastic. I knew a fair amount about the dominant/submissive lifestyle and didnít think it was for me. We are friends with a couple that practices D/s in a 24/7 relationship. I never got excited seeing this couple. I never understood why any woman would let herself be treated this way. In fact, I often got angry when I would see her running around in outfits that would embarrass a hooker and performing her silly curtsy every time she approached her husband. When we were out I was usually embarrassed for her.

Anyway, back to my situation. I wasnít interested in the whole whips and chains thing and I told my hubby so. Earlier in our relationship we did experiment with BDSM. I did try to play along but it didnít do anything for me. It wasnít bad, though. It just wasnít very exciting for me. There was that time he kept putting off mowing the lawn and I got very angry. I paddled his behind good and there was nothing erotic about it. He didnít enjoy it much but it did make me feel better and he did cut the damn lawn as soon as we were finished. Still, it didnít seem like anything to build a sex life on. We struggled with this type of experimentation for months and the whole idea just faded away. Or so I thought.

One day hubby told me he really wanted to act on his submissive fantasies. He had given it lots of thought, too. I appreciated that he had considered my feelings about this and acknowledged that this wasnít really my thing. He suggested we start slowly and methodically and just see how it goes. His first suggestion was quite simple and very easy for me. What he wanted was a to be "required" to be naked whenever possible. He explained that this would clearly demonstrate the different status each of us had in our relationship. Obviously, with me being clothed and him being nude, everyone would know I was the boss. It seemed easy enough although I wondered who the "everyone" was that he referred to. I wasnít expecting to invite a bunch of friends over to watch my subby hubby prance around nude. Anyway, we agreed that weíd try it for a weekend and then talk about it Monday.

I was pleasantly surprised at the change in his demeanor once his clothes came off. He was pleasant and attentive. He helped around the house. He even spent a little time on foreplay Saturday night. There were a couple of occasions when we had unexpected visitors and he had to dash for his clothes, but for the most part he stayed naked the entire weekend. The following Monday I realized that I had enjoyed the experience. I loved the changes it made in him and it was no effort at all on my part. I found myself looking forward to our discussion about it that evening and hoped he wanted to continue with his "required" nudity. It had been a little weird having him naked all weekend but the effect it had on his attitude was worth it. I had to admit I was also enjoying the feeling of power I got from it, too.

I was disappointed that he was wearing clothes when I got home from work Monday evening. Iíd hoped he would be nude for our little recap of the weekend. With his clothes on, John had gone back to his old ways. He poured himself a cup of coffee but didnít ask if I wanted one. I held my tongue as I got my own coffee and sat back down at the kitchen table. I asked if our little experiment with nudity was over and he just shrugged. We talked about his feelings and what I learned was encouraging.

Surprisingly, my subby hubby didnít grasp that I had enjoyed having him naked all weekend. He felt I was merely tolerating his nudity. Iíll admit he was exactly right about that at the beginning. He completely missed the change in his attitude and my response to it. He also said he was disappointed that I had let him dress when company had dropped by. This shocked me but he explained that his nudity was a status thing and it really didnít mean much if nobody else knew about it. I questioned him closely about this. I learned that it wasnít so much that he wanted other people to see him nude. What he wanted was for his nudity to be forced. He told me it would have been better for him to have to stay in another room or even be exposed to our guests than to be allowed to be dressed. He finished up by saying the whole thing wasnít going to work for him unless he felt required to be nude. Having me tolerate his nudity when it was convenient was not feeding his need. So, he concluded, the nudity experiment was over.

I let him know that I had enjoyed having him run around naked all weekend and I felt it could continue. Obviously, there was more to this than just having my husband naked. I suggested we needed to talk about every aspect of this. I wanted to understand everything he wanted out of this and where he expected it to go. I also pointed out that being constantly naked was going to be inconvenient at times and embarrassing for him at other times. Fortunately, he was ready to talk. He started to tell me what he thought I wanted to hear but I stopped him. I told him I would ask questions and he was to answer me completely and honestly. When I was done with my questions he could volunteer any additional information he felt I should have. I also told him that we could start our discussion as soon as he took his clothes off. His eyes lit up. Within minutes he was naked and we talked for several hours.

I learned a whole lot about my husband that evening. He wanted me to be the dominant partner in our marriage. Initially, I though we were just talking about our sex life but he made it clear that he wanted me to have the final say in every area of our life. We were discussing some very dramatic changes. John was never one to help around the house much and he pointed out that I had the power to change this if Iíd just take it. His laziness around the house was one of the few things we argued about. The other main area of argument was money. John makes a lot of money, far more money than I do, and has always had control of the household finances. We often argued about money, mostly because we lived far below our means. John was a compulsive saver and we lived like a couple that earned half as much as we did. I was a little surprised when he immediately agreed to give me complete control in this area, too.

After we had discussed all the benefits I would get by dominating my hubby I asked him how I could be sure that he would follow through on this. He was obviously horny and I have too much life experience to trust the promises a man makes when his dick is hard. He told me I was free to punish him for disobedience and that he expected punishments to be real and unpleasant. He told me he needed the threat of punishment for this to work for him. I rolled my eyes at this point, thinking Ďhere comes the whips and chains partí of the discussion. I asked for an example of an appropriate punishment. His answer shocked me. He suggested withholding privileges as a punishment and used watching the Super Bowl as an example. I was speechless. I knew how serious he was about this when he used this particular example.

I asked him if he realized that he was volunteering to be my full time maid, chef, and errand boy. He said yes. I asked him if he realized I could now spend all the money he had been saving and not even consult with him about it. I asked him if he realized that I could expose and humiliate him in front of anyone I wanted. He said yes.

Next we talked about where he wanted this relationship to go. He mentioned that he just wanted to be dominated and his focus would be to please me. I would be free to add requirements at will without getting his agreement. The only thing he needed was to make sure there was some sexual element to the whole thing. In short, as long as I kept him nude, I could do what I wanted. He pointed out that he didnít expect to like everything I did and actually hoped he didnít. He said if he enjoyed every part of this it wouldnít feel like submission to him and he needed that feeling. He was almost encouraging me to do things to him that he wouldnít like. I was intrigued. We agreed to just see how things went and that we would have a discussion about the relationship every month.

Next came the fun part. We talked at length at the mechanics of keeping him naked all the time. I let him know that I didnít enjoy his critique of the weekend and that from now on it didnít really matter what was going on at the house, he was just going to have to deal with it without clothes. I warned him that there would be very few situations where having him dress was an option. He agreed. We talked about his options when we had company. I told him I would not let him dress every time someone dropped by. I was not willing to lie for him and tell our guests he was away from home when he was really hiding naked in another room, either. We live in a close neighborhood and are friends with virtually all of the neighbors. He agreed that I shouldnít lie for him and that hiding every time someone dropped in would not be an option. I laughed at this. I asked him directly if he understood that some, maybe all, of the neighbors were going to find out about this. He understood and told me it was completely up to me to decide who would learn about our arrangement and see him naked. I was afraid we would end up arguing about this eventually but he simply repeated that the decisions in this regard were completely mine. I told him that wasnít enough and that he must agree that he would never question my decisions or even talk about my decisions when it came to deciding who learned of this and who saw him naked. He agreed.

I pointed out that this was going to be terribly inconvenient for him. He understood and pointed out that the inconvenience and embarrassment were necessary components of his submission. There were things he needed to be made to do that he hated in order to feel like he was being dominated. He urged me not to worry about whether he was enjoying any particular thing and that we both needed to evaluate the big picture. He mentioned that the monthly relationship discussions would be the only time we were ever truly equal and could discuss individual experiences them. I laughed and pointed out that we wouldnít be truly equal even during our monthly discussions since I would probably be wearing clothes. Even if I decided to have the discussion naked, it would still be a choice for me. He had already made his choice.

And so, after a couple hours of discussion our deal was set. I gave hubby a list of chores to do and I went off to surf the ĎNet. I needed to do a lot of research on BDSM relationships. I was sure I was going to enjoy our new arrangement and I wanted to make sure I was giving hubby what he wanted and needed from it. I also wanted to get some new ideas about how to take full advantage of my newly acquired power. I checked on hubby about an hour later and found him happily on his hands and knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor. I couldnít resist taking a few pictures of him. I enjoy digital photography and have long wanted a really nice digital camera. Hubby never wanted to spend the money to get a really nice one but that was about to change. Around 11:00 I checked on hubby again. He was just starting on the half bath on the main floor of the house. I went to bed and watched the end of the Monday Night Football game. I couldnít help chuckling at the thought of my hubby, possibly the biggest football fan in the world, happily scrubbing floors naked while I watched the game. Life was good.

I spent hours searching the ĎNet and found lots and lots of material on BDSM. I started with a search for forced exhibitionism (where else would you look if your partner told you he wanted to be naked all the time?) and found that there was a lot of material linking forced exhibitionism with an interest in humiliation. That made sense to me, so I searched for humiliation. I found a lot of great ideas and started making a list of things to try. One of the items I discovered on my search through humiliation topics was forced masturbation. I was in my mid-40ís and had never seen a man masturbate in person. This was going to be one of the first things I tried. I also stumbled onto some information about orgasm control. This seemed like fun. There were two schools of thought on thisÖdenial, or making orgasms infrequent, and the opposite, or having the male have enough orgasms so they become difficult for him. I read a great story about a woman who made her subby masturbate multiple times a day, every day. That seemed like fun, too, so I put it on the list. I also found lots of general ideas about the maintenance of submissive men.

The next morning, our first real full day of hubbyís submission was a bit surreal. It was funny to see him do all of his morning routine except dressing. We usually had a cup of coffee together before leaving for our jobs and having John nude was fun. I told him he could get dressed for work as soon as I left and reminded him that he had to leave the house the instant he put clothes on. His little penis twitched a bit when I gave my order and it was adorable.

I suppose I should explain my remark about my hubbyís little penis. The sad fact is that heís quite small. Iíve heard that some men are Ďshow-ersí and some men are Ďgrowers.í John is certainly not a show-er and heís not much of a grower, either. His penis length varies from time to time. When not aroused, he ranges from an inch and a half to about 2 and a half inches. Believe me, itís not very impressive. Fully erect, he "grows" to about 4 and a half inches. He is well below average in length and probably slightly below average in girth. All in all, he just doesnít have the equipment you would expect from an exhibitionist. His penis is not his best feature. I bring this up here for a few reasons. First, Iím not sure where Iíll post this article, so I donít know if Iíll be able to include pictures. Second, since the man now spends 2/3ís of his life with his penis exposed, everyone that sees him already knows how small his package is. If youíve taken the time to read this, you should know, too. Finally, it illustrates the complex mind of a submissive man. My husband finds erotic stimulation from being embarrassed or humiliated in a sexual context. Having everyone know that he is somewhat under-endowed embarrasses him. So, laughing at his small penis arouses him and he likes it. Lest you think my husband is alone in this, do an Internet search for Ďsmall penis humiliationí and youíll be surprised at the hits you get.

Anyway, that first day at work I couldnít help myself and told one of my work friends about what was going on at home. We laughed so hard my sides hurt. Irene, my work-mate, found the whole idea hysterical. We agreed to go out after work and discuss it some more. We were at a table in a bar when I called my husband. Iím sure he could hear Irene laughing in the background as I talked to him. I verified that he was naked and assigned him some chores to keep him busy. Irene and I laughed some more at the thought of my naked hubby vacuuming and dusting the house while I had a leisurely dinner and drinks. She was so interested in how I was dominating my hubby I suggested she drop by on Saturday to see things for herself. I knew John was going to be mortified when she came over and saw him naked. I was having a great time just thinking about how Iíd add to my husbandís embarrassment when she came over.

The next night I had John pose for some Ďbeforeí pictures and then sent him up to the bathroom to shave his legs, pubic hair, and underarms. He hated the idea but he complied. It took him about an hour but it was worth it. I knew as soon as I saw him hairless that I was going to make him stay that way. He was horribly embarrassed. I photographed him for about 15 minutes. Then it was entertainment time. I was surprised at how reluctant he was when I ordered him to masturbate for me. He had never masturbated in front of anyone and Iím sure the presence of my camera added to his intimidation. He was very concerned about having pictures of this and wanted to know what I was planning to do with them. He pointed out that masturbation is a very private activity.

I ordered him to stand in front of me and masturbate. While he did, I photographed it. I also informed him that he no longer had a right to privacy and that I hadnít really decided what I would do with the pictures but I would probably show them to people and maybe even post them on the Internet. I reminded him of the things he said to me earlier about not needing his consent to do things and not worrying about whether he liked the things I decided. I also teased him about our monthly discussions, telling him he was free to discuss the issue with me in about 27 days.

All together, I had taken about 70 pictures of my hubby that evening, including his before and after shaving pictures. I had taken 10 pictures of him on Monday night, as well. Since he had been working so hard, the house was pretty clean. I didnít have a lot of chores for him that evening so I told him to order a pizza and print out the pictures I had taken on our photo printer.

My hubby did not enjoy answering the door naked for the pizza delivery guy. Unfortunately, the delivery guy was a little angry about the whole thing, too. I didnít care a bit about hubbyís feelings, but I didnít want to offend people that came to the door. Nor did I want to be responsible for answering the door all the time. So, in the end I came up with a clever solution that really embarrassed my hubby. I made a sign for the front door that warned people. It said, "WARNING, THE MAN LIVING IN THIS HOUSE IS ALWAYS NAKED AND WILL ANSWER THE DOOR NUDE WHEN YOU RING THE BELL. IF YOU CANNOT TOLERATE THIS PLEASE RING THE BELL 6 TIMES AND BE PATIENT WHILE HE COVERS UP." John was mortified when I had him hang this sign on the door. He pointed out that this would embarrass him in front of everyone that came to the door, whether they actually saw him naked or not. I just laughed at him and told him if he had a problem with the sign he could put it on his list for the monthly relationship discussion. Now, 18 months later, that same sign still hangs on the front door. I made him laminate it and apply it permanently.

We finished that eveningís activities with hubby printing out all the photographs. He did have to get dressed to go out and get more printer ink and photo paper. I also had him pick up a couple of photo albums. Heís become a regular customer at the computer store. I have taken nearly 5,000 pictures of him, nearly all of them with a very expensive, high quality digital camera that he bought me shortly after we began our dominance/submission lifestyle. After every photo session he is required to print the pictures and put them in an album. I made him buy a bookcase for the living room and there are about 40 full albums of his pictures. We keep the two most recent albums on the coffee table and they are a big hit with our guests.

In the first couple of months of his required nudity all of our neighbors learned of my hubbyís new status. The sign on the front door helped a lot, of course. Surprisingly, very few people ever ring the bell 6 times to signal him to cover up. His lifestyle has greatly impacted his standing in the neighborhood. Most of the men in the neighborhood regard him as being weird and not very masculine. Heís not included in a lot of the male activities now. When we have our neighborhood barbecues, for example, he is not drinking beer and working the grill with the other men. He is in the kitchen with the other women, making salads and cutting vegetables. Everyone in the neighborhood knows he can be counted on to clean up so heís always assigned chores to do, no matter whose house we get together at. If one of the neighbors is hosting a party I usually lend John out to them for prep work and post-party clean up. There arenít a lot of young children in our neighborhood so itís not uncommon for John to scurry down the street naked to help get a party together.

Since my hubby had basically become one of the girls, I started thinking about how to make him appear more feminine. I wasnít sure if he was going to like this or not, so I waited until the day after our second monthly relationship talk to spring it on him. I knew from our talks that being embarrassed was a big part of the thrill for hubby and I was about to make it much more thrilling for him. I got him dressed and took him to a fetish lingerie shop downtown. He was very obedient and stood silently blushing as I told the young clerk all about him and what I had in mind. Soon we had purchased a nice pair of red 6-inch stiletto heels, a half dozen pairs of pink thong panties, pink bras, and pink thigh-high stay-up stockings. The young clerk was fabulous, suggesting we have John model one of his new outfits and try walking in the heels. She made him walk around the entire store and he looked adorable with his face bright red from embarrassment, tottering around on the extremely tall heels and wearing pink lingerie. The other clerks all laughed and made comments about it. Poor John was mortified to be putting on this show in front of four girls that were less than half his age. While we were paying for the stuff I explained to him that the panties were for work only and that from now on he would wear a bra, stockings and heels while at home. Everyone giggled at this except my subby hubby.

Hubbyís pink outfits were a big hit. They further isolated him from the men in the neighborhood but all the women loved it. He was more and more becoming one of the girls. Stacey, one of the older women in the neighborhood had a daughter who was going to cosmetology school. She suggested we have her daughter give John a little makeover to complete the effect. The very next night she came over. Some of the other neighborhood wives came over and we all laughed as Beth gave John a feminine style hair cut and taught him how to put makeup on. She made John up like a trailer-park whore and we all laughed till we cried. Beth was also selling cosmetics and I had John place a huge order. I let John know that is lifestyle was about to become a little more inconvenient for him. I told him I wanted him in full makeup whenever I was home. Poor John had to adjust his working hours a bit to accommodate this, leaving just a little bit earlier each day and arriving a little later. His sleep suffered a little bit, too, since I also decided that as long as I was awake he needed to be "dressed" and made up. So, he couldnít get ready for bed until I had and had to be up early to be in his heels, bra, and stockings, made up when I woke. He stayed that way until I left for work and then transformed himself back into a male for the workday.

For the first couple of months of Johnís new life I controlled his orgasms very closely. I let him masturbate once every few weeks. We stopped having intercourse altogether as soon as we had started our new life. This wasnít a hardship for me. With hubbyís small penis, intercourse was never very satisfying for me. I did require a lot of oral attention from him. Once I had started dressing him in lingerie he became eager to give me head. He knew the best way to get to bed himself was to get me to fall asleep. So, every evening he would give me a licking between the legs in the hopes of delivering that super-satisfying orgasm that would put me to sleep. He got quite good at this and could get me off in a matter of minutes. I taught him how I liked being brought to the edge of orgasm and held there for a while before finally having my orgasm. While he could get me off in a minute or two, he needed to work about a half-hour to get the intensity required to put me to sleep after my orgasm. I enjoy this treatment almost every night now.

One side effect of hubbyís restricted orgasms was the unwanted erections. After about 10 days without an orgasm, he would become erect very easily. As cute as it was to see him walking around with an erection in his little pink outfit, it wasnít very feminine. So, I switched course and ordered hubby to masturbate to ejaculation twice a day. His orgasms have to be supervised and are usually photographed. Iíve tried to make this as undignified and humiliating for him as possible. He is responsible for the timing and when heís ready he must approach me with the camera in hand and ask me if this is a good time for him to masturbate. I love the submissive look on his face as he does this. After a couple weeks of this I decided he should also have an erection before asking me to supervise his masturbation. Itís a strong acknowledgement that my time is more valuable than his time. I figure if he wants me to supervise his masturbation he should be ready to masturbate when he approaches me. He doesnít like this requirement at all, though. Masturbating twice a day his difficult for a man his age and he sometimes has difficulty getting erections. As a result, he spends a lot of time playing with himself, camera nearby, trying to get erect so he can ask me to watch him masturbate. Itís very humiliating for him and extremely amusing for me. He wanted visible cues that I was in charge and having him in his "pinks" playing with him self is one of the best Iíve come up with. Another thing he hates about this is that so many of the pictures Iíve taken of him show him fondling his penis.

There have been numerous benefits to his requirement to cum twice a day. In addition to the total humiliation he feels, it takes up a lot of his time. He is still responsible for all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry and I donít give him much free time. What little free time he has is spent playing with his penis. He is well aware of how damaging these pictures of him fondling his penis could be to his future, but he dutifully carries the camera to me every day so I can take more. This has had a very positive impact on his attitude, at least from my perspective. Finally, it has rendered him completely impotent. He has spent almost a year and a half working his penis by hand, most times coaxing it to cum when it doesnít really want to. I donít think he could get laid now if he had to.

His twice-a-day requirement has also provided lots of entertainment for the neighbors. All the girls have seen the pictures, of course. Most of them have seen him do this in person. Beth, the young woman that taught him how to do his makeup watches him whenever she can. She has even brought some friends around to see him masturbate.

Another benefit to my hubbyís requirement to masturbate twice a day is the opportunity it presents for punishment. Masturbating twice a day is a tough order for a man his age to do on a regular basis. Most of the time he doesnít even get fully erect and he has to pull on his penis for 15-20 minutes to finish. So, when he displeases me, I simply make him have more orgasms. For example, one Friday night I wanted another glass of wine and we were out. I made him go get more wine, of course, but he also needed to be punished since I had to wait. So, I told him he would owe me an orgasm for every 5 minutes it took for him to pour me another glass of wine. He threw a coat on and raced to the store, still wearing makeup, heels and hose, to get the wine. Despite his best efforts, it took 25 minutes to fill my glass. So, that weekend he masturbated 9 times! I almost felt sorry for him. He was stroking his penis every available minute of the day, all weekend long. The pictures I took were great. The picture of his face as he coaxed a little cum from his penis for the ninth time that weekend is still hanging on the refrigerator, months later.

About 6 months ago I made John get a piercing and a tattoo. John didnít want the tattoo at all. When he realized that he was getting it anyway his body betrayed him. He was begging me not to make him do it but his little penis was erect the whole time he was talking. At least I knew part of him wanted the tattoo. I donít usually take him far from the house in his "pinks" but the trip to a very busy tattoo parlor was an exception. I put a coat over him and off we went. At the tattoo parlor he got my name tattooed on his ass in big red letters. I also had him get his scrotum pierced during his visit to the tattoo parlor. From his piercing I have hung three chains of different lengths. Each chain has a bell attached to it. Between the clicking of the high heels he always wears and the ringing of the 3 bells hanging from his balls on chains, he makes a very distinctive sound.

Over all, I think my subby hubby has enjoyed our new relationship. He was unhappy when I started to bring other men over to the house. I mentioned that his penis is pretty small. We never had great sex before he became my little wimp and I went for a fairly long time without getting laid at all since I donít permit hubby to use his little tool in that manner. So, it was inevitable that I would start dating. John was very unhappy that I was sleeping with other men and even more unhappy that I was doing it in our own home. Even after 18 months of exposure and over a year of wearing pink lingerie, heels, and makeup all the time, he was worried about what the neighbors would think. I just laughed and told him I didnít think it would hurt his reputation much.

We recently had a frank discussion about just where we stood with each other. As I said earlier, my hubby understood just how vulnerable he was to me with all the pictures I had. If he tried to divorce me, he would have to take any settlement I offered. He could not contest a divorce without the pictures becoming part of the divorce proceeding. Not only could he not divorce me, he had to keep me happy so I wouldnít want to divorce him. I made sure he understood that if we did divorce, I would take everything. I sat with him and flipped through his photo albums with him, explaining that all of these pictures would become evidence. There just wouldnít be a good way to explain them away to a judge. Nobody would think that he had been a good husband. He understood my point.

He begged me to keep his pictures private. I had a big laugh at this. I told him the best he could hope for was that his family never saw them. He didnít know it at the time, but I had already posted hundreds of his pictures to the Internet. His was a familiar face on the CFNM sites and a couple cross-dresser sites. I will never forget the look in his face when I told him this! I pointed out that he was still relatively safe since his family was unlikely to visit such sites. I have plans to make a huge web site and post all of his pictures there. I plan to get that web site up in the next couple months. I have warned him that if he ever does consider divorce, all I would need to do is put his full name on the site and his secret would be out. Any prospective employer would likely do a Google search on him and find everything. Not only would a divorce wipe him out financially, it would also ruin his ability to earn.

After our little chat my subby hubby was once again committed to our relationship and my happiness. While we no longer live as husband and wife, he is certainly devoted to keeping me happy. He treats me like a queen. I donít know of a single married couple where the man willingly spends every moment of his life trying to please his wife. My home is spotless and well stocked with food. My floors are scrubbed and vacuumed twice a week, laundry is done every other day, and my shoes are polished after each wearing. If I bring a date home, hubby fixes the drinks and snacks and makes us a wonderful breakfast the next morning. After breakfast my dates always find their clothes freshly pressed and their shoes freshly polished.

I donít know if my hubby still finds all of this as thrilling as when we started it, but I donít really care. He told me he wanted to be forced to live like this and thatís exactly what Iím doing. Iím going to wrap this up now and have hubby proofread it before posting. Iíd love to hear your comments about it!





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