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The Birthday Present

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Synopsis: A young wife wants to improve her sex life and give herself to her husband for 48 hours.PLEASE leave me feedback. This is my third attempt and I have not had sufficient feedback on my other two and they are both left unfinished. This is viewed as a three parter but could be extended if people like it, or I could just leave it as is. Pleas let me know if you have any ideas or things that you would like to see.
The Birthday Present

                                                The Birthday Present


Andy and Carol were best friends for 20 years, lovers for the past 10 years and married for the last 5. They met when Carol was in kindergarten. She was 5 years old.


Carol was already studying gymnastics when they met. She was on her High School Gym team. She was very good and was on track to be on the National Team until she grew from 4 ft 10 and an A cup to 5 ft. 4 and a C cup. She did get into college on a Gymnastic scholarship, and she was now, after graduation and marriage, teaching gym in a private school.  She was proud of her physical condition and still had a gymnasts muscular flexibility.


Andy had been a wrestler, in High School and College. He too had been quite good in High School, until he grew out of his 150 pound weight class. He now was 6 ft. 1 and 190 pounds of muscle. After graduation, he went into the real estate business with a Frat brother, and by the time he got married, 3 years later, he was a millionaire many times over. He owned a large beautiful home, with a very private back yard and pool.


They had been dating since Carol was 13. When Andy was 18, on his birthday, Carol decided to give Andy a special present. She offered to give him a blow job for his birthday. After that, she gave him blow jobs on a regular basis and he reciprocated by using his tongue where it would do the most good. So they enjoyed each other on a regular basis for 5 years before they were married. Carol was still a virgin on her wedding night. Although Andy wanted to fuck, Carol refused. She was afraid of becoming pregnant which would cost her college scholarship. She insisted that the only sure contraceptive was abstinence, and Andy loved her enough, and enjoyed her blow jobs, that he never made an issue.


When they first got married they fucked twice a day. It was great. Carol could not get enough of Andy’s cock. But she was reluctant to do anything beyond the missionary position, and Andy loved her too much to  insist. As a matter of fact, if Carol turned Andy down on any sexual request, he never asked a second time. So their sex life became more and more vanilla. Anal sex was out of the question. Even oral sex became more and more rare, as Carol felt that now that they were fucking they didn’t need to do anything else. But after five years of marriage, Carol realized that there active sex life had deteriorated. From twice a night, they were down to twice a week, and the passionate love making of their days as newlyweds had become perfunctory, and, if she looked at it honestly, boring.


So as Carol looked forward to Andy’s birthday as a chance to get a new start on their sex life. She realized that she must make it clear to Andy that she was willing to do anything that he wanted, she loved him dearly and wanted to please him in every way. She had been afraid, and a little lazy when she got married. She took Andy for granted. She now knew, as Annie Oakley discovered in the Irving Berlin Musical “You can’t get a Man with a Gun.” If she continued to call the shots, Andy’s gun would not be loaded.


 So she planned a Friday night out at a fancy restaurant, with low romantic lighting, excellent food and wine, attentive staff. She booked a quiet table for two. She took special care with her make up and perfume, dressed carefully, in attractive clothing that flattered her figure and rehearsed the speech that she had prepared. It would be difficult, but she could not think of any other way to change the dynamics, to make sure Andy knew that he was in charge.


They had a delightful meal, The food and service did full justice to the reputation of the restaurant, and to the high price. They ate and drank their fill and were lingering over dessert and coffee when Carol told Andy that she had something that she had to say.


“Honey ,something is going sour in our lives and it is my fault. I have said no to many of your requests and you have abided by my wishes. I was wrong and I am going to make up for it. My birthday present to you is me. Tonight is Friday. I don’t have to be back in school until Monday. For the next 48 hours, I will do anything and everything you want, I will be anything you want to me. You can use me in any way you choose. For the next 48 hours, I exist solely to give you pleasure.”


Andy sat in his seat, trying to absorb Carol’s words. When she finished he remained quiet. Carol asked him if he had anything to say. Andy responded calmly. “Carol, you obviously took a long time thinking about what you just said. I am going to take some time to think over my response. Meanwhile, since you said you would do anything that I want, I want you to just sit quietly and wait my further instructions.” With that Carol smiled and remained quiet.


Andy was thinking hard. He loved Carol, and had no desire to harm her, but she had to learn a lesson. He spent some time thinking it over, finishing his coffee and dessert, and finally spoke. “Carol, I accept your present. First thing, I want you to know that I love you very much, but I want to make sure that you know what you are letting yourself in for.  I am giving you a safe word, “RED ALERT”. I will be in full charge over the next 48 hours. I will use you. I will humiliate you. I will hurt you. As long as you do not use the safe word, I will ignore any pleas for mercy that you make. Do you understand?”


“Yes, dear.”

“You will address me as Sir for the next 48 hours, is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I may call you any number of things. I may call you slut, I may call you cunt, I may call you whore, I may call you bitch. Do you understand, cunt?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Unless I ask you a question, you will not talk. If you have to piss you will bark, like a bitch, once, If you have to shit, you will bark twice. Do you understand, my little bitch?”

“Yes, sir.”

Carol was pleased that Andy was taking such complete charge. She could feel her cunt getting wet as he insulted her. But she realized that she had to piss, and so she barked, once. Andy laughed. “You should have taken care of that before you gave yourself over to me. Now, you will have to wait until we get home. What I want you to do now is to reach under your dress and remove your panties and pantyhose and give them to me. You may kick off your shoes.”


Carol was stunned. She was at a public restaurant!! Still, she kicked off her shoes, reached under her dress, and took off her panties and pantyhose. She thought that she must really like being ordered around as her panties were soaked with her juices.


Andy had thought it over. He did love Carol. He was going to enjoy the 48 hour gift period, he was going to enjoy her fully. He was going to tame her. He was going to frighten her.  He would even hurt her, but not more than she could handle. She was an athlete, after all, and could tolerate pain.  But mostly he would humiliate her. And that would start now. It was only 20 minutes back to their home, but Andy thought that a stop for certain supplies might be in order. If Carol had to piss, she would just have to control herself. He called for the bill and left a big tip on the table, along with his wife’s panties and pantyhose. Carol turned red all over as he signaled her to follow him to the car.


As they went to the car, Carol was wondering if she bit off more than she could handle. She had anticipated all types of kinky sex, but she did not anticipate the total control that Andy had assumed. She really did have to piss, but she would have to control herself. She was not about to call it quits so soon.


When they got into Andy’s Ferrari, Andy surprised her again. “Before I start the car you will remove your slip and your bra.” Carol struggled to take off her undergarments while seated in the car, hoping that no one else would notice. When she finished, Andy started the car and pulled out . Carol noticed that he was not heading toward their home, but in a different direction. She started to speak. “Sir, that is not...” She stopped because she felt a sharp pain in her right tit as Andy reached across her body and pinched her nipple hard. “I ordered you to be quiet, not to talk, didn’t I, cunt?”

“Yes sir” she moaned in pain.

“And were you just talking?”

“Yes, sir” She continued to feel his strong fingers pinching her nipple.

“ So you are a bad little bitch and deserve to be punished, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir”

  “Well don’t worry, I will punish you when we get home. I think you should thank me for taking the trouble to train you to be an obedient bitch.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you for punishing me and training me to be a good obedient bitch.” She sobbed with pain as Andy finally released the pressure on her nipples. In a few moments Andy pulled into the parking lot of a Wal-Mart. He ordered Carol to follow him as he picked up some supplies. Carol was embarrassed. Without a bra, her nipples were showing, and without a slip, it was obvious that she was wearing no underwear. She was red all over, but she followed Andy into the store. Andy went first to pet supplies, where he selected a number of dog collars and leashes, and tried them on Carol’s neck, to make sure they would fit. Carol could only look at the floor and pray that no one who knew her would see her. Andy selected two collars, one plain black leather with metal studs, and the other, a fancy silver collar. He then went to laundry supplies where he picked out a length of rope and two bags of clothespins, one wooden and one colored plastic pins. In office supplies he picked up a few paper clamps, the kind used to hold reports together. Then he went to hunting supplies where he  picked out a knife. Carol started to panic at that point, but Andy noticed and reassured her. “The knife is only to cut the rope, my little slut. Do not be afraid. I love you.” He whispered in her ear. Carol was reassured and took the opportunity to bark, once, to remind Andy that she really had to piss. Andy responded by ordering her to pick out a bag of disposable diapers for adults and meet him at the car as he proceeded to check out his purchases. The store was not crowded that late at night and Andy checked out quickly. Carol found the diapers and went to the check out counter where she felt so conspicuous. Her pussy was dripping, she was obviously wearing nothing under her fancy dress, and her only purchase was adult diapers. She made up her mind that this was one Wal-Mart that she would never go into again.


She made it back to the car, where Andy had a further surprise for her. “Put on a diaper. I am ordering you not to piss until we get home. If you do, I will punish you severely. But under no circumstance do I want you to ruin my Ferrari. Do you understand, little whore?”

“Yes sir,” Carol replied as she struggled to put on the diaper while in the parking lot. Again she prayed that no one would notice. Andy pulled out and zoomed home, making it back in 20 minutes. Having Carol piss in her diaper was not what he wanted this evening. He had something more humiliating in mind.


Carol was squirming They reached their garage and Andy ordered Carol to take off her dress and crawl to the bedroom on her knees. Andy allowed her to go into the bathroom, but followed her in and said she must not sit on the seat, but on the porcelain. Andy watched as she sat herself on the cold porcelain seat and told her to keep her legs and knees well spread. Finally he allowed her to piss.


Carol never expected this. She never dreamed that she would piss with anyone watching. And Andy was staring right at her cunt, waiting to see the piss leave her body. Carol hesitated until Andy said that if she does not want to piss, he would move on to the next item on his agenda. Carol had no choice. She released a large stream, her face turning all shades of red as she emptied her bladder. Finally, she finished and reached for the toilet paper to wipe her pee hole. Andy grabbed onto both her nipples and pinched hard. “Bad Bitch, I did not give you permission to use toilet paper. Clean yourself with your fingers and the lick your fingers clean. When you are finished, you will thank me.”

Carol hesitated, and Andy squeezed her nipples even harder. She had never felt such pain and could not hesitate. She wiped herself with her fingers, and licked the piss off. She did not like the taste. Finally she was finished. Andy had stopped pinching her nipples as she wiped herself. She caught her breath and thanked Andy for allowing her to piss, for allowing her to wipe herself, for allowing her to clean the piss off her fingers with her mouth.


Andy was ready to move on to the next item on his agenda. He took out the black dog collar and leash and commanded Carol to follow on her knees as he led her to the living room. He sat himself on his favorite recliner and commanded her to stand up, spread her legs, and masturbate for his pleasure. Again, Carol was stunned. Of course she had masturbated, sometimes in the shower, sometimes in bed when Andy was not home, but never in front of anyone. Again, she hesitated. Andy pulled on the leash and placed her over his lap. “When I tell you to do something I expect you to do it immediately, not think about it. I will teach you to obey.” With that she gave Carol the first spanking of her life. (Her parents did not believe in spanking) Andy held her around the waist with his left hand and used his right to spank her ass hard. He alternated between cheeks, first the right, then the left. He paused after the first 20, rubbing her ass tenderly for a minute, and Carol thought that her ordeal was over. But then he resumed. Carol was screaming. Tears were running down her cheeks when he finished his second group of twenty. Again he paused, rubbing her cheeks gently, looking at the pink color of her cheeks. As Carol relaxed, he started yet again. This time he paused more between each stroke as he spanked her even harder. Her cheeks were turning red from the spanking.


Carol kept screaming. She begged him to stop. She begged for mercy. But she would not use her safe word. She knew that if she did, she would never get Andy to take charge of her as she knew she needed.

Finally, Andy ordered her to stand up and masturbate for him. This time there was no hesitation. She stood up with her legs wide apart and played with her clit while Andy watched. “You will not cum without my permission.” Andy ordered. He knew that would not be easy as he saw Carol quickly get excited. She actually enjoyed the pain and humiliation. She would have to learn that his cock was the most important thing for her, not her own cunt.


He saw her breathing quicken and realized that she was rapidly reaching climax. He reached between her legs and pinched hard on her pussy lip. The pain and the shock quickly stopped her climax and for the next 60 seconds all she felt was pain. Finally Andy released her lip and ordered her to masturbate again. Again Carol played with herself. Her body quickly responded to her touch. The background of pain only added to her passion. But Andy was not ready to allow her to cum just yet. Again he pinched hard on her pussy lip, even harder than before and kept it up for a full two minutes.


“Do you want to be allowed to cum?”

“Yes, sir, please sir, if you will be so kind as to allow your slut to cum”

“Get down on your knees and suck me. When you swallow my first spurt of cum I will allow you to cum too. If you should cum before I do, you will be punished.” 


With that Carol got on her knees and took Andy’s hard cock between her lips and did everything she could to bring him to a rapid climax. She was again playing with her cunt, at Andy’s instructions. She was very hot and anxious for release, but dared not climax before Andy. She started by licking up and down his shaft, then took his head in her mouth and ran her tongue lovingly all around it while she sucked. Then, while continuing to use her tongue, she leaned forward and brought her lips all the way down his big shaft, until his entire shaft was in her little mouth and his head was down her throat. Deep Throat. She had seen that classic movie many years ago. She found herself closer and closer to reaching her own climax. She sealed her lips against his shaft and moved her head up and down faster and faster over his shaft. From only sucking and licking on his head to all the way down her throat. She sucked and licked as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. She kept swallowing the precum. She could tell Andy was getting more and more excited. Finally, she felt Andy grip her head and push her all the way down, till her lips were on his pubic bone and his cock was down her throat. She could not breath and was afraid she would choke. But then she felt it. He was shooting his cum in her mouth. She swallowed hard, time after time. She moved her fingers hard on her clit and she exploded. She had never in her life experienced such a powerful climax. She just remembered to keep swallowing as Andy kept shooting his cum down her throat. When he finished and released her head she collapsed on the floor. She almost passed out from the intensity of the pleasure that she felt.


Andy also was drained by his climax. He had greatly enjoyed humiliating his beautiful wife and controlling her every move. Then her lips and tongue were highly motivated and did a terrific job at bringing him to a powerful climax. But Andy was not ready to let Carol off so easily. Carol had given him 48 hours to control her and he was going to use her for that period. He allowed her to rest for a few minutes.  He hoped that this 48 hour period would lead to a permanent change in Carol’s attitude, so it was important that, as dominating as he was going to be, Carol received her own sexual satisfaction. He was glad that she climaxed so powerfully that she was almost knocked out and waited for her to revive.


Finally she began to stir. “I want you to lie down on the floor of the shower and wait for me.”  This would be another exercise in humiliation, before another episode of hot and cruel sex.


Carol was lying on the floor of the shower, trying to absorb all that had happened so far. Her ass ached from the spanking and she was still trembling from the aftershocks of the hardest climax she ever felt. She wondered about the humiliating treatment Andy was putting her through, wondering if that might have contributed to the wonderful climax. As she thought of how she had to wait for permission to piss and how Andy watched her she felt he pussy start to get wet all over again.


Andy had gotten undressed. He came into the shower and pissed all over Carol. Carol sputtered. She wanted Andy to use her, but she never anticipated being used as a toilet. She almost used her safe word, but decided that she would not. She enjoyed her climaxes too much and felt that she would wait and see how the weekend progressed.


Andy turned on the shower and cleaned Carol off. He paid particular attention to her tits, her ass and her cunt. He then ordered Carol to wash him off, and pay particular attention to his cock, balls and especially to his ass. When Carol was finished, he turned off the shower and had Carol dry him off with the big white fluffy towels. Carol was still wet and shivering when Andy started fingering her ass. First he rubbed his hands over her cheeks, then he took one finger and pushed it up penetrating her sphincter. This was the first time Carol had anything there and even though it was only one finger, not only did it hurt but it was humiliating. Andy took his other hand and started massaging Carol’s cunt and clit. He continued to fuck her ass with his finger while  he gradually brought her again to the peak of excitement. As she got more and more excited, Andy fucked her ass harder and harder. Finally, he took his finger out of her ass, put two fingers in his mouth and then inserted the two fingers up Carol’s ass. Carol was in agony, the two fingers up her ass felt like a baseball bat. Andy kept fucking her ass and brought three fingers up her cunt. He fucked her harder and harder with his fingers.  Finally, as she got more and more excited , she was anxious to come and knew she had to wait for Andy’s permission. Andy used his fingers to literally lift Carol up in the air bouncing her up her down as she neared her climax. With his fingers up her ass, Andy gave Carol permission to come.  Carol was in ecstacy. She clenched her cunt and ass around his Andy’s fingers. She was dripping with sweat and her juices were dripping down her legs. Again Carol collapsed under the power of her second orgasm of the night.


Carol was exhausted and wanted to go to sleep but Andy was quite horny and was going to continue his use of his beautiful wife. This time he would take advantage of her training as a gymnast. He let her recuperate for a few minutes, and then ordered her to do a split while she was lying in bed. He took the rope and tied her wrist to her ankles. He left about 8 inches of slck, because he was going to leave her this way a long time. When he finished tying her down, he started to gently play again with Carols pussy, until Carol was again breathing faster and her cunt was again becoming wet. He then took out the clothespins and attached 5 to each tit, 4 around the aureole and one on the nipple itself. Carol clenched her teeth in pain. Andy then took out the metal paper clamps that he had purchased and clamped them on her pussy lips, three on each lip. He then used the rope to tie the clamps to her thighs so that her pussy was as wide open as it could be. Tears were running down carols face as Andy began to finger fuck her wide open cunt. Andy sat himself with his ass above Carol’s mouth. “Lick my ass, you little whore. If you do it well, I will play with your clit, If you are not enthusiastic enough I’ll play with your nipples instead.” With that, he started to squeeze on the two clothespins that were on Carol’s nipples. Carol was in agony. She never anticipated licking Andy’s ass, but she realized that she had cleaned it herself in the shower not long ago. She could not bear all the pain and started to use her tongue between Andy’s ass cheeks. Andy moved his hands from her nipples to her clit, where he started to rub the cilt harder and harder. “Use your tongue harder, I want to feel your tongue pushing itself through my asshole” Carol did her best as she was becoming excited through her pain. Or maybe, she thought, because of her pain. She did not know, she would have to think it over later, but right now she was concentrating on getting her tongue through Andy’s sphincter. Finally she succeeded. Her tongue had reached inside Andy’s ass. Andy enjoyed the sensation as he continued to massage Carol’s clit, watching her become more and more excited.  Finally, Andy decided to take advantage of her wide open cunt. He got off her face and put a big pillow under her ass. He left all the clamps and clothespins in place as he, with one thrust, pushed himself as deep as he could into her wide open cunt. his pubic bone crashed into hers as he slammed into her as hard as he could. He felt Carol becoming more and more excited and told her harshly that she was only allowed to come when he did. He continued to slam into her as hard as he could. It took a few minutes and Carol was biting her lips, trying not to come. Finally, Andy picked up the pace as he was going to shoot deep into Carol’s pussy. When Carol felt the first spurt of Andy’s cum, she again climaxed hard, for the third time of the night.


 It seemed to her that each one was stronger and more enjoyable than the one before. The first, with her own fingers, after a severe spanking, the second, with Andy’s fingers in her ass and cunt, literally bouncing her in the air with their strength. The third, just now, with Andy’s cock deep inside her wide open cunt, and clothespins and clamps on her tits and pussy lips. She did not know what more Andy had in mind but She had never cum like she had this night.


Andy rolled off and told her to lick off his cock. When she finished swallowing their juices he told her that he was going to leave her as she was for the rest of the night. He was going to sleep and she was welcome to do the same, but she was to remain open for him, if he woke up in the middle of the night he wanted her available for his satisfaction.



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