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Candi’s Introduction

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Synopsis: My first time where my fantasy of submitting to a women turned to reality. I have changed the names of my mistress and her roommates.
Candi’s intro

Story Codes:    F/m F+/m humiliation, Cross-dressing, B/D D/s


Synopsis:          My first time where my fantasy of submitting to a women turned to reality.  I have changed the names of my mistress and her roommates.

                        I would love to hear any feedback or I would just love to hear what you would have done to me.  I can be reached at


Candi’s Introduction

By cissykandi

I'd like to introduce myself and let you know of my first experience. I
always have been turned on by women’s clothing and have been cross-dressing since I was in grade 9. My first introduction to female domination other than fantasy did not happen until my first year of college.

My first serious girlfriend Constance was a tall blonde who first initiated our relationship by asking me out. She controlled every minute of our time together. Not only could she control me physically but also her beauty and the way she dressed so sensual and sexy left me weak. She was the first woman I met who ever asked me out and then initiated sex. She discovered how she could dominate and tease me by the way she dressed.

Our first romantic time together she wore a tight black dress with high-heels and black thigh highs. Her black satin bra and panty combo set the outfit off.  She laughed and said “I never saw a man so turned on by the feel of silk” as she straddled my lap and teased me as she kissed my neck as she pinned my arms against the sofa so I could not even let my hands run over her luscious body as she teased me controlling every moment of the evening.

She giggled and teased me I would do anything for her. She laughed and said “ if you loved silk clothes so much you should dress in women’s clothes I bet you would like that” and she continued to kiss me and rub herself against me.  We continued making out on the couch as any regular boyfriend girlfriend do when she said to me we have to do something about this. I was struck with regret as the most beautiful women I have known was about to break up when she stated " your such a fucking tease, most real men would have tried to get me to bed by now, either be a man and get on your knees or get the hell out!"  I instantly dropped on the floor with my head at her waist I said I would do anything she wanted.  She spread her legs and guided my head to her lap. She ran her long slender legs between my thighs and giggled as I went down on her for the first time. She laughed and said “I never saw a man so turned on by the feel of silk stockings your such a sissy boy aren’t you slut?”  I gazed up and as I said “yes” I could feel my face burn with humiliation.  The sound of her voice was like steel when she said, “well strip and lets dress you up like the whore you are”.  She started off by shaving my legs dressing me in her black satin French cut panties.  She teased me again by rubbing herself over my thighs as she applied make up on me she said she would use lots of makeup so my razor stubble won’t aggravate her skin because I would be spending a lot of time with my face between her legs.  She then put on lots of red lipstick saying she loved the way lipstick covered lips felt on her cunt.  She gelled my hair up leaving me looking like a cheap tramp.  Since I was already in panties she decided I would look hot in her black corset, which she fastened on me.  Then sipping on a drink while laughing she watched as I rolled up my silk stockings I was hard as a rock and could not wait for her to make love to me.  She continued to kiss me and gently rub me as pre cum soaked my panties.  While she kissed me and fondled my ass I was in heaven when she threw me violently on the bed pined my arms down with her knees and tied my wrists to the bedpost then tied my legs on the bed.  As she sat on my face for servicing she said I better lick every inch before her wine was done.

I was so turned on her black thigh highs were rubbing against my face her full weight forcing my head into the pillow as I licked up and down and ran my tongue in circles around her clit. I found myself closing my eyes enjoying every moment. All of a sudden she slapped my balls sending a sharp pain threw my body. My head rose upwards into her thighs. She screamed you fucking slut you will never close your eyes while you are servicing me if I want them shut I will blind fold you, you stupid bitch. I will never forget the look in here eyes as she said she wanted to see my beautiful blue eyes starring up at her. She said I would always remember that she was in control of this relationship and I was just her slut whore.  I must admit I found it a turn on staring up at her as I licked her. Her expression of contempt for me plus the look of enjoyment as I licked her to orgasm was turning me on so much I thought I would explode any moment. My mind was racing and was having trouble concentrating as I could not get any relief and my desire to orgasm was driving me insane.  I licked harder and harder hoping if she orgasmed again she would fuck me and allow me some relief.  I was brought back to my senses as she started giggling. Your such a slut look how turned on you are I bet you want to cum don’t you slut? Hmmm look how wet your little panties are, maybe if you are really nice I will let you cum.  I found myself begging that instantly saying please Mistress please let me cum over and over I have no idea how many times or for how long it was that I begged her to let me cum.  She added to my humiliation by dragging out my pleas by demanding that I be more specific. Her cruel laugh rang out as she stated “I don’t think you want to cum that bad if you don’t tell me what you really want. I found myself begging for her to remove my panties and begged here to slide up and down on my cock.  No sooner did I say that than she slapped my face and called me a fucking stupid slut. You’re just a fucking whore here for my amusement. I do not care if you cum or not and you better understand if you do cum it will be with my permission from now on you ask my permission to even touch yourself.  She slid her feet over my panty-covered cock and started stoking me teasing me even more. I bet you cant wait to get home and masturbate you little slut I bet you spend half your day masturbating. She then began to humiliate me by having me confess that I masturbated at least 3 times a day.  She had me confess my fantasies about cross-dressing and serving a dominant mistress. The most embarrassing moments was my confession that I masturbated before our date thinking of her dominating me.  Her eyes lit up and a evil grin spread across her face as she leaned over me her long blonde hair falling into my face as she said well it looks like you have what got what you wanted you stupid bitch. With that she got up left me tied to the bed wearing a corset, stockings and my erection poking through the top of my panties.  She returned with a glass of wine and came over to me running her red painted fingernails over my nylon encased legs as she lay down beside me she began to lick my ears and stroking me through my panties.  “You like being my slut don’t you whore?’ All I could do was say yes as the most beautiful blonde I have ever seen had turned my fantasy into reality. However that was not good enough She was finding my humiliation more of a turn on than the oral sex I had provided she had me beg to be her slave she continued to tease me through the panties that encased my erection.  I’m sure it was not very long but it seemed like hours as I promised to be her loyal servant.  I promised to worship every inch of her body and I would do anything she said.  She had me confess this was my first experience with a mistress that I had never been bound before never been raped before she had me account every detail of my sexual experience and at that time it was very little.  I had confessed I had several girl friends in the past but only one before her that led to anything but kissing.  I told her that I had only performed oral sex on a previous girlfriend but had not had intercourse before. With that she broke out laughing as she said that she had never met a fucking virgin my age before.  “Now lets get a few things straight I don’t give a shit about what you want you are mine, you are here for my pleasure I will keep you dressed like a whore, you will be bound for hours even when not pleasing me you will be fed your cum no matter if you are liking it off my legs, feet breasts or out of my pussy if I decide to let you cum in me. This is not a roll playing
fantasy you are mine for me to do with as I please. If you want to see me again this is just a start you are going to be my slut my slave my whore is that clear?” All I could reply was “yes Mistress Constance.”  With my answer she started laughing and saying “I knew you were a sissy the moment I saw you slut, and your going to be punished for your indiscretion of not saving your tongue for me and giving another women oral pleasure. From now on you will only service me and well maybe a friend or two. Now to prove you servitude for me you are going to lick my ass and I want to feel your tongue inside my ass”.  With that she straddled over me with her panties still on she was facing my
feet as she lowered her satin covered as over my face I heard her laughing.  As I began kissing her she wiggled her ass over my face using her full weight to force my head down into the pillow. She continued the humiliation laughing and asking me over and over if I could smell her and if I liked it.  I answered yes I loved every minute of it and begged her to let me lick her some more. I felt a sudden pain as she slapped my balls she jumped off of me and yelled, “You dumb fucking slut when will you learn that I don’t give a shit what you want you are here for my pleasure and you stupid slut you will be punished for that mistake. She slid her panties off and said “you better put some more effort into servicing my ass you little slut or I will tease you for the next two days and not let you cum. I will then turn you over to my roommate’s brother who would just love to fuck a cross-dressed sissy slut ass.”  As she lowered her ass on my face I she reminded me to keep my eyes open or else and to get that hot tongue deep in my ass now get to work you sissy bitch.  I had lost track of time long ago and was so turned on I thought I would explode when she jumped off of me and asked me If I wanted to cum? I meekly answered, “If it would please her I would love to have her allow me to cum.”  She lay beside me kissing my lips rolling her tongue around my lips when she sat up and said that I was a useless slut and did not really think I deserved to cum but she wanted a cock inside of her and I would have to do.  Before proceeding I had to promise to lick the cum out of her when she finished with me. She smiled down on me and said “well not that you have a choice in the matter It just turns me on to hear you consent to being a cum guzzling slut to want me so bad that you would debase yourself by sucking your own spent cum out of me.”  With that she went to her dresser drawer and returned with two nasty nipple clips with a chain between them. She quickly clipped them to my nipples underneath my corset as she said “well slut maybe we should get you falsies to make you look like a big breasted bimbo or maybe I will just keep you clamped underneath a empty bra when you service me. Well I will decide on what to do with you later slut now for some fun.” She playfully pulled on the chain attached to the nipple rings sending spasms of pain through me as she liked my ears and rubbed my hard cock through my satin panties. She slowly lowered my panties calling me a cheap whore to be so easily seduced. The more she called me bitch, whore, slut the more turned on I got I thought I would explode any second. She gently rubbed my hard sissy cock against the folds of her sex not letting me in.   I bucked with frustration until she lowered herself on me… “You like being my slut don’t you whore?” She was riding me like I never dreamed as she laughed she rode me harder and harder then I realized the reason for the chain on the clips as we both bucked wildly she began pulling the chain sending spasms of pain through my nipples she laughed and said “the pain will keep you in line and you better not cum until I’m finished with you slut.” When she had finished cumming she released the pressure on my nipple clamps and I exploded violently inside of her. The orgasm was so intense I could feel it in my toes. I’m sure my body rocked so hard if would have lifted off the bed if I were not still tied to the bed. My nipples were sore and she jumped on my face and yelled clean my cummy pussy you fucking sissy bitch and with that she began rubbing my cum all over my face and had me lick her clean.  As I started licking I remembered the last vision of her was her lowering herself on me with white gew flowing out of her she laughed and said you fucking lowlife slut you had better get used to the taste of cum because you will be eating a lot of it and who knows maybe other men’s cum I have not decided yet but you are my new cum slut you are just a lowly servant slut slave to me.  When she felt she was cleaned thoroughly she got up slid my satin panties back on. She then slid on a tight leather skirt that shaped her thighs making them so sexy I just wanted to start licking her again. She then placed a dog collar around my neck untied me and led me down to the basement. In the basement she kicked me in the balls sending me to the ground. I then felt her jump on my back grab my hands forcing them behind my back as she locked a set of handcuffs on me. With my hands cuffed behind my back she grabbed my hair forcing my head up she took her dirty panties off and jammed them in my mouth. Then leading me by my hair she forced me over the ping-pong table. She had a chain already attached to the other side of the table that she attached to my collar she then picked up a spreader bar that she locked on my nylon covered ankles and began to beat my as red with a ping pong paddle I was so turned on I came in my panties as I rocked on the table as she beat my ass. Did you really think I would forget about your punishment session sissy and what a fucking slut you came in your panties without permission you fucking slut. She then continued to beat my ass with the paddle I lost count at how long or how many swats but when she was done she released me from the spreader bar lowered my cum stained panties and she then had me lick my cum out of the panties I had been wearing all evening.  Well I’m done with you tonight slut so be here tomorrow night at 7 bitch now before you leave I want you to worship my ass and I better feel that hot tongue deep in my ass…. Now get to work bitch and even after the severe paddling I could not wait to crawl to her and put my face into her ass. I could not help but being overwhelmed by the tightness of her leather skirt forcing my head into her ass and the smell of leather and sex was so stimulating. When she tired of me licking her ass she spun around and slapped my face telling I was to get my own black lace bra panty and garter set that I was her slut now and had better get a proper wardrobe. 


I arrived at Mistress Constance’s house at 7 p.m. and as instructed earlier by phone she had me enter remove my clothes to reveal my black lace bra, panty and garter set. As I waited on my knees she started to laugh saying how much of sissy I looked like and to help me out and not look like such a twit she said she would have my hair and make up done. 

At this point she collared and leashed me and dragged me to the living room where her roommate’s broke out laughing. Mistress Constance stared at me laughing and smiling saying “you stupid slut bitch did you really think my roommates would not know what a slut sissy whore I own.” Lisa a big blonde girl roared laughing said she always wanted a panty waist to lick her boots at this point I was ordered to crawl and lick Lisa’s thigh high leather boots. The 3 girls roared with laughter. I was beginning to get over my embarrassment and beginning to get turned on as I strained my satin panties with my raging hard on I found it difficult to keep my mind at task of being a sissy bootlicking slut.  My Mistresses other roommate Kim began to beat my ass with a hairbrush to focus my attention to my job.  When I was thoroughly thrashed Kim tied me to a chair and covered my hair in gel cream and began my new hair style When she was finished with my hair she straddled my lap and applied my make up while twisted her hips around driving me insane with my hardness now riding through my black panties.  When the girls were finished they roared laughing at the blue wide eyed sissy whore with red red lips, and way to much make up. As I sat in my bra and panty set they decided I needed a hooker dress to match and found myself modeling several skirts and dresses.  The first skirt was a loose fitting short flared skirt but the girls just laughed and said it really wasn’t short, tight or slutty enough. The next skirt was a tight tight leather mini that made me look really slutty but they decided they wanted to beat my ass some more this evening and did not want my ass being protected by a leather skirt. It was decided a tight short wool skirt that left my stocking tops and garters exposed was the slut outfit for me that evening. The skirt belonged to Kim and she said it was mine from now on but I was to buy her a new one in the morning. Lisa decided my outfit would not be complete without some come fuck me high heels. Since Lisa was a larger woman she brought a pair of her shoes with 5” heels that she had me put on. She said that a boyfriend thought they
would look sexy on her but she did not act like a whore for her men. Although they were tight on me they were now my designated slut shoes. She then giggled as she said well I hate them to go to unappreciated so maybe I will let my boyfriend into our little secret and let him come and fuck your sissy ass so he can appreciate his shoes are being appreciated.  The girls roared with laughter as I tired to walk on the high heels the roared at the way they made my ass swing around. I was wondering if I would be lucky enough to serve my Mistress Constance and her two roommates’ as well. Well I sure found out in a hurry while roaring with laughter Constance through me over her knee and said I will only have sex with her but she may share me with her other boyfriends and that I was just here to amuse her roommate’s. With that she yanked down my panties and beat my ass with a wooden spoon while my hardness was trapped between her nylon-covered legs. I could not hold on for long before I lost control and spread cum all over her legs. She then had me lick it off her legs and beat my ass into her bedroom.  The roar of Lisa and Kim’s laugher was heard over the sound of the wooden spoon echoing off my ass as I entered Mistress Constance’s room. Once in her room she rode my face and beat me some more and she new as did I, I would always come back for more not that she gave me a choice.


I awoke with my ass still burning from my spanking with the wooden spoon my panties stained with cum stuck to my thighs my feet sore from being stuffed into 5” stiletto heels but I must admit I found it a turn on to be on.  My skirt was bunched up and as I moved the sound of the metal handcuffs seemed excessively loud and I was afraid of waking Mistress Constance.  She seemed to be more turned on the more she humiliated me and the more she beat me.  I could not help but notice that she seemed to derive more sexual satisfaction from my punishment than she did when I serviced her with my mouth or when she rode my sissy cock.  I must admit I was so turned on by all the bondage, I even found the spankings very erotic I was surprised to find that I would cum while she manipulated my cock as she spanked me.  She would laugh and degrade me by calling me names as she did this it only adding to my turn on.  However I was kind of disturbed and a little jealous that she mentioned me being fucked and eating cum from other men.  Mistress made little secret that she did not care what I wanted I was here to serve and entertain her.  This also excited me beyond belief and as her blond hair draped over my face I felt her awake.


Morning slut and she started giggling as she noticed I was hard in satin panties, my make up was smeared allover the pillowcase and she continued to laugh at what a slut I was.

She rose up and went to her dresser returning with a black strap on dildo.  I thought this was it she was going to fuck my ass.  I was almost relieved when she strapped it over my mouth.  She kissed me gently on the cheek telling me we have a lot to do today that we had to expand my wardrobe but she was going to fuck my face before she had her morning coffee and there was no way she was going to let me cum this morning.


She began pounding on my face and to me it was utter torment not being able to taste her or touch her there was nothing I could do she slowed here ride as she glared down at me smiling saying “see your nothing but a fuck bitch a simple tool for my pleasure your such a sissy” She finally orgasmed and when she was done she unfastened the dildo from my face had me lick her pussy clean and then lick the dildo clean before she put it away.


She unfastened me from the bed but quickly secured my hands behind my back with the handcuffs and then pulled out a set of ankle chains securing my legs together with a tether of chain.  She then had me crawl at her feet from her bedroom to the kitchen.  Lisa and Kim could not contain their laughter as I entered the kitchen.  Mistress then pulled me up on my feet and thread the end of the leash through a hanger that was holding a hanging plant.  I can imagine the image I offered as I was leashed to the ceiling in women’s under wear an erection through my satin panties as my make up was smeared all over.


As Mistress Constance drank her coffee she said that I was indeed her sissy slave.  And as such I was there to serve her.  Since then she thought it was only fair that I arrive every Thursday night to clean their apartment and to do so I would require a maids outfit.  She also said I was sexually immature and had a lot to learn about pleasing a women and as such she thought I would require a school girls outfit and a selection of various evening slut wear that would require a lot of sexy lingerie.  The girls continued laughing as I agreed to even beg to be allowed to serve them.  The girls could not help but laugh at my humiliation knowing I was going to spend the morning shopping for women’s clothes.  With that Mistress said she was going to get ready and as she walked down the hall yelled Oh yes we will have to get you a pretty slut wedding dress for when I take your cherry tonight. 


As I was left hanging Kim noticed I still had a raging hard on as she stroked me through my panties she said it was awful of me to be staring at other girls while my girlfriend had left the room and even worse display a hard on while they were having morning coffee.  With that she reached under a pile of newspapers pulling out a black riding crop.  Well she said we will have to teach you a lesson and she began wielding the crop against my ass.  Lisa had slid off her soiled panties at this point and came to me ran them over my face while the crotch of her panties were in my face she grabbed my balls forcing me to inhale deeply my mouth opening in pain as she fired the panties into my mouth.  All this time Kim had not let the crop stop it’s dance across my ass.  Lisa whispered in my ears that I had better not spit the panties out or she would make Kim’s beating seem like nothing compared to the beating she would lay on me.   I did not hear the shower stop or Mistress enter the room as Kim finished her last stroke of the crop on my ass.  Mistress just laughed and commented how sexy the red lines on my ass and thighs look.  I was instructed to get showered and dressed; I was to wear satin panties and stockings under my pants when we went shopping.


The shopping trip was a blur I was in such a sexual frustrated state of mind.  I had purchased a multiple set of panties in every color of the rainbow and over twenty pairs of stockings and garters in red, black and white.  The sexiest outfit was a PVC panty bustier set.  Constance noted to the sales girl that I would need lots of stockings as a slut like me would be sure to put a lot of runs in them.  The sales girl lost it and broke out laughing but enjoyed my embarrassment so much she gave me a complementary dildo and Mistress Constance advised me that I would get a lot of use out of it.  The best buys were at the second had store where we picked up a used skirl girls kilt, several blouses, a leather mini skirt and shinny silver mini dress.  On our way back we stopped at a gag shop that sold Halloween consumes and picked up a maids outfit with fishnet stockings and 2 wigs a blue haired wig and a pageboys wig. I was so turned on I could not wait to get back and start my servitude.  However Mistress Constance had other plans. 


We entered the coffee shop and while we were seated she slid her foot between my legs and started to masturbate me with her feet knowing my cock would explode in my silk panties.  It did not take long before I exploded in my pants cum spilling though my panties and staining my pants.   Constance glared at me smiling saying well you useless slut look at your outfit you ruined it when we get back your going to lick your panties clean you bitch.  Mistress continued to rub the cum around my pants making the stain larger and more noticeable as she finished her coffee.  The cold cum in my pants was becoming more and more uncomfortable and I could see the delight in Condenses eyes as she relished my humiliation as I tried to leave covering myself so people would not notice my cum stained pants.


No sooner had we entered Mistress dragged me into her bedroom where she had me remove my pants and panties and lick up the cold spilt cum.  As I cleaned the cum she removed her top and jeans revealing a leather corset and leather panties and she slid on a pair of knee high leather boots making her look so commanding and sexy.  It was now my turn for me to get dressed


I was told to start with the white satin stockings and I was careful not to run them as I slid them up my legs ensuring the tops were straight I could not help noticing the sexy flower décor of the tops of them.  Next I slid into my 5” black heels and white satin panties.  Before Mistress helped lace up my white corset She ensured the dreaded nipple clamps and chain were attached to my nipples underneath the breast portion of the corset.  Next the schoolgirls kilt was slowly put on.  Mistress then slapped me in the ass and told me to bend over the edge of the bed I was to be punished for soiling my panties in public.


Mistress then pulled out a short black whip and began whipping my ass.  I must have been in that position for 15 minutes or more when the roommates knocked on the door and entered the bedroom.  They had heard the noise of the whip and wanted some entertainment by watching my humiliation of a whipping.  When the girls saw the beautiful blue fluorescent dildo they just knew they had to jam it in me now that my ass was wormed up.  I was told to spread my legs.  Mistress did not lower my panties but slid the back of them to the side allowing the dildo to slide in and out of me slowly.  As she did this she continued to stroke my cock through my satin panties and it was not long before I was moaning and Cumming in my panties.  With that all the girls roared with laughter and watched as the low life sissy school girl slut slide her panties off and began to lick the cum out of her soiled panties.  After the panties were licked out I slid them back on and straighten my skirt as the roommates left I could hear them comment on what a slut I was.


Mistress thought it was time for some romance and wanted to French kiss her schoolgirl slut.  She started kissing me laying me down on the bed her legs hooked around my ankles spreading my legs as her hand started rubbing my pantied covered crotch.  Even though my panties were still damp it did not take long for me to become erect again and I tried to get some relief when my wrists were pinned above my head.  With that mistress showed me a small chrome vibrator about the size of a finger.  All of a sudden the buzz of the vibrator could be heard as she ran the cruel tormenting vibrator over my hard erection encased in satin.  For the next hour she teased me to the point of climax over and over but was not to get any relief.  Mistress then grew bored with teasing me and laid on the bed spread her legs and had me orally bring her to climax when she decided enough was enough and decided I was to dress in the maids outfit and start making the girls dinner.


I must admit I was really getting into being dominated by Constance the more she humiliated me the more I craved the harder she punished me the harder I wished her to be.  I started getting ready in the maids outfit by sliding on a black pair of satin panties then a pair of fishnet pantyhose.  The dress portion of the maid’s outfit was from a Halloween store so the dress ended up being really short and nothing was left to the imagination if I were to bend over.  To complete the ensemble I fastened the white apron around my waist.  Constance thought that the pageboy wig would be most appropriate for my ensemble and I carefully placed it on after I had applied a ton of makeup and lipstick to give the picture of a cross between a $2 hooker and a slut maid.


Dinner was pretty uneventful much to my disappointment.  I had still not been allowed to cum so I was in a state of frustration and could barely concentrate.  I would serve the ladies and every once in a while they would pinch my ass or give me a playful slap.  Whenever I would poor a refill of their wine they would always rub my thighs trying to get me to spill some.  I was pretty much ignored apart from the odd comment on what a sissy I was and how they could not believe I kept putting up with this.  At this point I realized how Constance had control over me.  She was a very beautiful woman as well as strong.  Regardless of my fantasy she really could overpower me.  She also knew the more she controlled my fantasy and me the more I would crave.  Mistress Constance knew that everything she did to me and the more I reacted to her the more power she developed over me. 


 It was after I cleared the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen I returned to the girls in the living room.  I was then told that from now on when I served them their glasses were never to be empty and I failed my part as a maid in letting the glass go empty.  I was told I should have known better and I was to be punished for my transgression.  Since it was Kim’s glass that was ignored it was going to be her that punished me.  Although Kim was the smallest of the 3 women it was Kim that was the most powerful when it came to the beatings.  Kim seemed to enjoy inflicting pain more than Constance or Lisa.  It did not take long for Kim to grab me and throw me over her knees.  The dress rode up over me and she did not play with me at all she got straight to the beating.  Using a hairbrush she began whaling on my ass I was bucking so much I thought I would roll off her knees.  It seemed like hours but I am sure it was only a few minutes when she pushed me off her and gave me a tap in the groin with her foot.  She said that should make me remember my place.  Kim said she would see everyone later she had a date.  Constance laughed and said tonight was the night she was going to dress me up in white and fuck me like a virgin bride.  Constance decided she wanted a relaxing soak in the tub so after I ran her the bath she bound my ankles to the back of my thighs using a soft nylon rope.  She also fastened my wrists behind me with handcuffs.  In this position my face was forced into the floor with my ass in the air.  She gave me a couple of playful slaps in the ass and left.


This left me with Lisa who pretty much ignored me but decided to use my position as a human footstool.  I must admit I was totally turned on as I lay on the floor my pantied ass in the air my maids dress hanging over the top of my ass exposing my fishnet pantyhose.  I just pictured on how slutty this looked.  Lisa had a very athletic build.  Her blonde hair made her look like a pin up of an Amazon women.  It was hard for her not to look sexy.  Her nylon-covered legs began to excite me when she picked up the phone and started talking with her boyfriend and she started talking about their last sexual experience.  Listening to this goddess talk sex while she tease me with her feet just about set me off when my Mistress entered the room.  She looked amazing she wore tight leather pants with a white top that just screamed sex.   Well, well slut I can see you are being of some use but its time to get you changed into your virgin whites because I am going to break you in tonight.


I had my make up reapplied and lipstick as well.  I rolled on the white silk stockings and clasped them to the white garter belt.  I had my nipple-chain clamps fastened under the white lace bra.  I slide up the white satin thong and the satin pouch in front provided a lot of stimulation I did find the thong riding up my crack to be more than a little uncomfortable.  A frilly white dress with short sleeves and puffy shoulders was then put on this was just like a lot of the dresses I saw when looking at what few sissy magazines I had.  I thought everything was done and ready when mistress pulled out a Vail and clipped it to my head.  The Vail flipped over the back of my head was fairly simple white mesh but had a huge white bow on top that made the outfit outlandishly sissy looking.


We must have looked like the perfect switch couple me in my white sissy outfit and Mistress Constance looked so sexy and dominant in her tight shinny black leather pants.  She wore a basic white see through top and I could not help admiring her beautiful breasts that were so close yet so far from my reach.  Her outfit was set off with a very sexy shinny pair of 3” pumps giving her a bit of height over me and providing just one more aspect of her command over me.


Constance informed me that sluts like me have one purpose and that is for entertainment and being used.  My place is on my knees and I was to spend a lot of time there.  My mouth and ass were for her pleasure and I was to find out it is not uncommon for a sub to require permission to cum even when Mistress was not around.  Mistress produced a strap on dildo harness and had me fastened it around her hips.  As I fastened the straps around the back I could not help wishing I could lick and kiss every inch of her luscious ass.


She then had me suck on her strap on I licked every inch running my tongue in circles down the plastic shaft staring up at her as I sucked and sucked on her strap on.  I could see the power in her eyes as she glared down at me. 


She finally grew bored with me sucking her plastic dildo so she used her foot to push me to the ground then roll me over. Her booted foot flipped my frilly dress over and I felt the wet dildo I had just been sucking slowly enter my virgin ass.  When Constance was done with me you could here her laugh as I could barley walk after my first ass pounding.


It was entertainment time for Constance and her roommates.  I had just finished getting ready for the Ladies.  I had put on my makeup perfume slipped on white stockings blue cotton skirt with white bra.  Having nothing to fill the bra I looked quite ridiculous as I crawled into the living room where Constance, Lisa and Kim waited.


As I crawled into the room I first noticed Kim the smallest of the 3 women but the most vicious she really loved to punish men and it seemed especially me.  Kim’s dark hair shinned in the light but my eyes were drawn down her body as she lay on her side leaning on the arm of the sofa.  She was dressed to tease and play in a black top that fitted very tight pushing her breasts up.  The top ended where her hot pants started shaping her thighs her knees were up towards her stomach so I was unable to see her crotch that I so desired to see but the site of her in the black knee high boots holding the riding crop left a shiver run down my spine as I knew she would soon be letting lose on me with that crop.  Her eyes sparkled and her smile was so mischievous she was a vision of a sadistic man hating dominatrix.


Lisa then filled my vision as she towered over me.  Her long blonde hair flowing over her shoulders.  Her black top was held on by a flimsy string done up the front.  Much like a shoelace does a shoe up.  This allowed a gorgeous view of her breasts.  Her stomach was exposed and all I could think about was kissing her all over and working my way down.  My eyes lowered down viewing how sexy she looked in the tight leather pants.  I gazed up into her eyes and saw she had swung her hand back and I received a blow to the side of my face.  I then heard the doorbell ring it was Lisa and Kim’s boyfriends.  Kim tossed the crop to Mistress Constance and said here your going to need this for your insolent bitch.


Lisa had let their men in and I buried my head at Mistress Constance feet so I would not have to face the men.  They could not believe their eyes here was the sissy cum slut that they heard so many stories about.  Dressed in women’s clothes with his face buried in a women’s shoes.  Constance nudged me with her boot demanding I start liking her feet.  I was left with my Mistress as the other couples left laughing and calling me a wide range of names the nicest of which was slut and bitch-Whore.


Mistress wore a dark blue mini dress with blue and white pantyhose.  The blue looked like stockings and were woven with a delicate lace pattern but above the top of the blue over the thighs was the white pantyhose.  All over the stockings was glitter so her long legs were sparkling from the sun glinting off the sparkles.  She was an absolute dream.


It did not take her long before she had me tied to the floor my arms secured to the couch legs and my feet bound together with rope.  I could not take my eyes off my Mistress she straddled over my head looking down at me from between her legs.  As I gazed up I had a vision that drove me wild.  Her sex was framed by the crotch of her stockings her breasts firm as I became lost in her eyes.  There was no smile no hint of teasing just her cold orders of “eat me you fucking bitch I’m going to hump your face until you beg for air you will eat me to the cows come home you sissy fuck slut.” 


Her thighs engulfing my face then cut off my vision.  She wiggled around until she knew my nose and face was stuffed into her folds.  I licked and licked through the nylons and I could tell from the moisture she was loving every minute as much as I.  Although her full weight was upon me and breathing was difficult the air I did get was very musky and a dreadful turn on.  She began to gyrate her hips in circular motion over my face as my tongue twirled and poked at her sex.  Every once in a while she would lift up a bit stare into my eyes and say, “do you like it bitch? Do you?  That’s it fuck me with your tongue because that’s the only way a sissy like you can satisfy a women.  She began rocking frontward and backwards trying to get her ass over my nose and when she did she forced her weight down yelling “can you smell me you whore can you?”  All I could answer was yes mumbling over and over as she smothered my face with her ass.  I was in heaven and desperate to cum myself.  Constance then forced her thighs forward swung her feet behind her and began teasing me by rubbing my crotch with her feet but she would not let me cum.  She lifted off of me smiled with an evil grin and said, “oh no bitch you’re not getting off that easy” 


I had not noticed until now but Constance had a small shinny silver vibrator tucked into her belt.  The vibrator was very small like an index finger she slid the mechanical tormentor into my mouth where I sucked on it for a few seconds until she pulled it out and lowered herself back on top of me.  “ I knew you were such a slut you serve superior women but I bet you dream of sucking on cocks don’t you, you sissy fag.  I bet you would like to worship another sissy boy I bet you would get off sucking him off through his panties wouldn’t you bitch.”    Constance knew me all to well as she knew I would not be able to resist anyone is sexy lingerie all I could do was mumble yes yes.  She began laughing and giggling as she continued to verbally berate me with insults.  I became wild with lust when she switched on the vibrator and began running it over my hard nylon encased erection bringing me to the brink but never letting me achieve and orgasm. 


I don’t know how long this had gone on for I was in a daze as she untied me but my release from bondage was short lived.  Exhausted as I was it did not take much for her to roll me over her hands pulling down my panty hose and then jamming the vibrator in my ass.  My hands were tied behind my back rope was slid between my legs and around my waist securing the vibrator into my ass.  No matter how I squirmed it would not come free.  My ankles were tied then secured up behind me so my ankles and wrists were behind my back.  The last thing Constance said to me was “I am not going to help you get off, If you want to be such a slut I could fuck the floor and spend the rest of the night lying in your own cum.  Who knows when the girls get back they might let their boyfriends fuck you one in the ass the other your mouth I bet you would like that hmm fag.” 


I dreaded that though unless they were dressed as sluttish as I but I don’t think that would happen and so I was left as I watched Constance shapely ass walk down the hall to her bedroom leaving me bound with a humming vibrator in my ass as I began humping the living room floor to get off.  I could not believe how much of a slut I had become but the trashier I acted the more I craved.  The more I was humiliated the more I craved and harder I was spanked the harder a punishment I craved.  I was surely under Mistress Constance spell.





It was Friday night and I had not seen Constance all week, we spoke over the phone a few times but she would not allow me to pleasure myself.  She told me we were going to a private fetish party that some friends of hers were having.  I was told to be at her house by 4 pm that she had plans to make me ready.  Mistress advised me that with what she had in mind I was sure to be the center of attention.


As instructed I showed up right at 4 but Mistress left me waiting for her for a while so when she answered the door it was no surprise she told me I would have to be punished for being late.  Mistress was already dressed and to say she looked hot was an understatement.  It was a simple outfit of black pantyhose with a dark green leather skirt.  For a top she wore a simple black cotton top with just 2 thin straps that held the fabric tight against her luscious breasts.  She did not look trashy but she certainly looked domineering. 


I could not wait to worship her but the first things first it was time for my punishment.  I’m sure the neighbors could here her scream at me “you useless slut how dare you keep me waiting, get those awful clothes off you now you will be in panties and skirts for the rest of the weekend you miserable slut.”  Once I was naked she locked the leather collar around my neck.  And led me down the hall into her bedroom.  She had me bend over her makeup stool and stare in the mirror so I could watch her wield the cane across my ass.  It was only five strokes but my ass was on fire and was so turned on by the site of her and by wondering what is to come.


Constance face was alight with a mischievous grin she was loving every minute of this and I knew this would be a highly erotic evening for us both and I knew I would do anything and could not wait to explode in ecstasy.  “First you slut its time for you to learn what it is like to wear pantyhose on a hot summer evening.”  After applying excessive amounts of perfume, makeup and lipstick that would make a French whore envious she had me slide on my first pair of pantyhose over my naked body.  She smiled and glared in my eyes and said “there were to be no panties for sissy slut tonight…if you are lucky you may get to take mine off” she said.  Then a slap to my face as she said, “one pair of pantyhose was not enough.”  She sat back and giggled as I slowly rolled up 5 pairs of white pantyhose up my legs.  The feeling of the tight pantyhose against my thighs was not as erotic feeling as I had hopped they were extremely tight around my waist and I was becoming very hot (as in temperature in addition to being hot as in turned on.)  Constance knew how much women’s clothes turned me on and there was no arguing the 5 pairs of white pantyhose looked very sexy on my shapely legs with the 5 pairs there was a definite shine and glimmer all down my long shapely nylon enclosed legs.  Constance began rubbing me but would stop when I was close to coming as a result my pantyhose began to show a wet spot from precum flowing.  She opened her drawer and pulled out a pair of thigh highs. Well sluts always look so sexy in thigh highs so put these on and be quick about it.  So over the 5 pairs of white nylons I rolled up a pair of thigh high stockings. 


As I rolled them up I noticed they were a little small and barely went over the tops of my knees.  Then Constance threw a satin nightdress at me and had me put that on.  The satin nightdress was small and clung very tight the hem of the dress just covered my thighs.  I was then pulled in tight to my darling Constance and she began to kiss me, her hands rubbing my satin nightdress over my pantyhose covered member.  I was in heaven or on my way when everything stopped and she told me not to move an inch.  I saw a flash of steel and when I saw her lower a pair of succors down toward my groin I froze.  After a few short seconds and a few sounds of the scissors clipping away I could feel the cool air and I realized she had just turned my 5 pairs of pantyhose into a crotch less outfit. 


This was starting to drive me wild the tightness of the white pantyhose, the feel of the satin was now firmly rubbing against my member driving me wild.  It was then Constance said, “ you know you could not look much more like a sissy but just in case there is any question in anyone’s mind this will tell the world.  In black magic marker she wrote on the one white nylon covered leg the word sissy on the other leg she wrote slut in huge letters.  I was then bent over and across my ass she wrote cum whore.  I must admit the site of me in the mirror was turning me on the black thigh highs ending just above my knees then written on my white pantyhose one work on each leg “Sissy” “Whore” then a bright red satin nightdress that just covered my ass.


The outfit was capped off with a fluorescent blue wig that made me look like a real fuck machine.  The words sissy slut were visible no matter what and cum whore written on my ass would only be visible if my dress was lifted up.  If I were to sit down my hard throbbing cock would be exposed.  We entered the house party and everyone men and women began giggling and laughing at my outfit.  Constance led me to a kitchen chair and sat me down and doing so my nightdress rode up exposing myself.  She produced a set of handcuffs and fastened them around my ankles and clipped them to the chair.  With rope she tied my shoulders to the back of the chair and with my hands at my side she used rope to tie my hands down with the rope running underneath the chair leaving me quite immobile.


She caressed me for a while ensuring I was hard as a rock and then after sliding her hand beneath her skirt she withdrew a most finger and ran her juices down my face. And with a giggle she said well I’m going to hook up with some old friends but I am sure it will not take you long to meet new people.  Before she left though she took out a sheet of paper wrote on it “This is the property of Mistress Constance use as you see fit but don’t let the slut cum.”  After attaching the sign to some string she hung it around my neck and left me bound.


It did not take long before people were going by making all sorts of comments many would insult degrade me and lick my face and whisper insults in my ear.  Masters and mistresses pinched my nipples and my face was slapped over and over until I was red as a lobster.  Many women slaves and Mistresses would sit on my lap there asses protected by leather, satin and vinyl would rub all over my hard exposed cock it was not long before I felt I was being rubbed raw and was begging to be released when a Master and his slave approached he quickly slapped my face yelling for me to stop begging that I knew I was not allowed to cum.


His slave was a brunette girl with here hands tied behind her back. He glared at me and said “sissies like you make me sick.  Look at you; you’re a pitiful slut begging to cum from men and women.  I have this whore here and she will blow me or fuck me do anything I want and you dressed like that begging to strangers to cum”.  As I was getting this lecture he was standing behind his slave running his hands up her skirt she lifted her skirt and I could see his finger pushing the girls panties into her pussy soaking them thoroughly.  I was going mental he then had his slave slide them off and had her stuff them in my mouth.


The master then produced some rope tied his slaves hands behind her back ran the rope between her legs so the rope dug into her crotch.  Her ankles were then tied to a table keeping her legs apart.  Even though she was bound like that there was no question in anyone’s mind I was sluttier than any other slave slut in the room.  As I was left tied to the chair in my ridiculous outfit I could not help but to be turned on.  Even as I gazed out and saw my Mistress Constance dancing close with the Master that had just ridiculed me and stuffed soiled whores panties into my mouth. 


The morning was quickly approaching and the party was dwindling down when Constance came to collect me.  As she untied me she started yelling obscenities at me you whore you slut how dare you have another women’s panties in your mouth your going to pay for that.  I was then dragged by my hard on to the center of the room where I was thrown down and with several other masters helping mistress I was tied face down over a footstool.  The room erupted in laughter when my satin nightdress rode up exposing my ass with the words cum slut written across it.


Now bitch its time to pay for your insolence I am going to spank you and so is everyone in the room with that she pounded on my ass with riding crop she had been carrying all evening.  Then the next hour was a blur as Mistresses, Masters and slaves beat my ass as they left.  I was then released by my Mistress and led back to her house.  My night of degradation and punishments had turned her on as much as they excited me I quickly satisfied here with my face and then she rode me and allowed me to finally cum.  And of course before going to bed finally I had to clean my cum out of her with my mouth.


It had been a wild week on our first week of summer.  Constance has been riding me wild all week to say we had sex 3 times a day would not be an exaggeration.  I was always in women’s clothes and bound for hours a day.  When we had sex I was always in a subservient position.  It was unusual but we had started using condoms for the past week.  Normally after sex I would use my mouth and clean Mistress out but with the condoms it was not really required but Mistress did not want me to get out of the discipline of going down on her after we had intercourse.  I actually found this very exciting because mixed with the smell of her musk was a definite smell and taste of rubber.  This act made me feel extremely sluttish and subservient.


I thought we would be having sex again because Constance began kissing me and feeling me when she sensed I could not last any longer without exploding she stopped and ordered me into my white thigh highs and white satin panties. Over top she had me wear a white dress with small pink roses all over it.  We picked up the dress yesterday at a second hand shop It was a 2 sizes 2 small but I managed to get the dress on it was extremely tight and not easy to breath let alone move in.  I did not think anything else was required to restrict my movements but Constance locked my ankles together with handcuffs.  I must have looked quite the site as I followed Mistress down the hall with the tight mini dress hugging my ass and thighs my legs barely able to move more than an inch at a time due to the handcuffs around my ankles.


I was pushed down onto a kitchen chair and bond using a yellow nylon rope.  After tying me up Constance sat on my lap grinding her hips into my lap teasing me wildly.  She reapplied my makeup and put on the bright red lipstick and cheap perfume.


I was surprised that a wig was not placed on me yet but then Constance whispered in my ear “you are such a slut you are nothing but a cum eating cum loving cum guzzling whore.  You are going to know what it feels like to be covered in cum have it dripping down your face matted in your hair and have your panties and nylons soaked in cum.


All the time Constance was whispering in my ear her scent was driving me wild her lips inches from my face had my head reeling.  It was not long with her hands underneath my skirt rubbing my satin panties that I exploded soaking them in cum.  Constance withdrew her hands sticky from the cum that soaked through my panties.  She wiped the cum on my cheeks and said don’t go away ill be right back.


It was not long before I heard her heels clicking on the floor I saw she had returned with a container that she had hidden in the fridge.  Inside she had all the used condoms from our week of wild sex.  The first 2 were emptied on my head she had gloves on now so her hands would not get sticky as she wiped cum all though my hair.


She then through my hair back and emptied several condoms of cum over my face.  The feel of the cold gooey cum oozing down my face was not a turn on at all but the look of Constance giggling at me dressed in women’s clothes tied to a chair covered in my own cum was.  She then emptied another condom of cum down the top of my dress and the rest was spread over my nylon covered legs.  When she was done spreading the cum over my body she had me like her stick latex covered fingers clean took off the gloves and stuffed them in my mouth and used a pair of her dirty nylons to tie them into my mouth.  Constance leaned in close and whispered sweet dreams you fucking cum sucking cum soaked slut.  With that she left me tied covered in cum alone in the dark.


It was not long before I heard the door open and voices of Constance’ roommates Kim and Lisa.  This was with out a doubt the most embarrassing and humiliating situation they have seen me in I just hoped they were alone lucky for me they were.


The light clicked on revealing me in my disgusting state and the girls freaked there were a lot of obscenities and laughter.  Kim was the one who was most vocal how can you debase yourself over and over like that you useless fucking whore god I don’t even want to touch you filthy slut.  With that she spit in my face and left saying I was a sick slut and how she just loved seeing women exerting their power over me.  Lisa on the other hand seemed to really enjoy seeing me in my state the glint in here eyes and smile on her lips as she stared at me.  Lisa was so turned on she was rubbing her hips masturbating herself with the corner of the table I was so aroused.  Lisa then picked up the phone sat down and called her boyfriend.  I was so wound up here was Lisa sitting across from me her hand down her pants as she masturbated while having phone sex with her boyfriend.  I was so turned on but there was nothing I can do so I sat gagged covered in cum and tied to a chair in such a desperate need to cum.  Lisa finished herself off said goodnight to her boyfriend and she leaned into my ear and whispered good night slut sweet dreams and just so you remember me by here is a little gift.  Her hand with her sex soaked fingers was run across my upper lip so I could smell her for the rest of the night.    And there I was left for the night covered in cum desperate to cum a tied helpless slut.










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