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Countess Waltrude

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Synopsis: Dominant countess reigns over Bavarian mountain domain. Women rule there and men grovel, enslaved for their pleasure.


The chill air of the dungeon chamber raised goosebumps on his nakedness as he knelt in the pitch darkness, bound and helpless, awaiting the arrival of the woman his mistress Elke had assigned him to service that evening. The silence was profound. As always before such an assignation Kurt felt fear and sweet anticipation in equal measure but on this occasion both were amplified. His mistress had told him this woman was special and he must put forth his best effort and give her most exquisite pleasure and absolute satisfaction.

Part of his resolve to not fail her was born of fear. Elke's punishments could be harsh, even for seemingly trivial transgressions or failings, and who knew what might befall him by her hand if he failed in his most important assignment yet. But on a deeper level he was motivated by his love for her and born of that love was a desire to help her in any way in the furthering of the cause to which she had devoted her life: the subjugation of the male.

The woman he awaited was one whose persuasion Elke considered vital. She would be Elke's first recruit and ally since they had come to America nearly a year before to sow the seeds of the Schwesterschaft, the Countess Waltrude's secretive society, in the New World. Kurt had served to recruit other women to the "Schaft" as it was called for the sake of brevity, back in the Countess's domain in a remote region of the Bavarian alps. But they were only additions to an already thriving network that was growing in power throughout Europe. Elke was the Countess's favorite and protégé. Her Nordic beauty and the strength of her dominant will were like onto those of the Countess herself. Hence, she was chosen to further the ambitions of the Countess across the sea. And Kurt had been sent with her as slave, lover and helpmate.

Kurt was the favorite slave of the Countess among the many she owned. The pleasure he gave, the profundity of his submission, caused him to be treasured by her as much as a woman such as she could treasure any mere man. As Elke had come to be ever more in her favor she had shared Kurt with her generously. Sometimes they would pair up on Kurt for long evenings of mad pleasure and over time he came to be hopelessly in love with each of them, longing always for the attentions of either or both. And he was their willing and eager agent of persuasion and recruitment. He would submit without limit to the pain and degradation inflicted upon him by the kind of cruel, lustful and emasculating woman the Countess sought out to join her network. His duty was to introduce them to the delights membership would bring them and he had never failed.

He heard footsteps approaching the door, the click of heels on stone. Then there was the sound of the heavy bolt being thrown and the creak of hinges. The corridor outside was dimly lit by flickering torches. Elke had a flair and taste for the classic and dramatic and had prepared the basement dungeon accordingly. The silhouette of a woman appeared in the doorway. Her hand reached out for the light switch and torches mounted in the walls ignited, filling the chamber with a flickering amber glow. And Kurt saw for the first time in the flesh the woman Elke had introduced him to with pictures, videos and written information from the dossier had compiled on her back in the old country and added to since their arrival. Elke had befriended her not long after they had come, found her a kindred spirit and had become her confidant. She had confessed to Elke one night when plied with drink the cruel and perverse urges she felt but had yet to act upon fully. All had to do with the degradation of men and her contempt for them. She told Elke she often made men come to her office and eat her pussy for the sake of "job security" but she yearned to do so much more to them. Kurt knew well what might await him under her tender mercies.

The woman before him was tall, somewhat full of figure but her broad shoulders and regal posture suggested it was muscle not flab that gave her those voluptuous curves. Her hair was dark brown, worn in a short and severe cut, her eyes large and gray blue, cold as steel. Her face with its strong chin and wide full lips held a seemingly permanent expression of imperious arrogance, that of one long accustomed to immediate and absolute obedience and submission from any to whom she spoke. She wore a finely tailored black, pinstriped women's business suit with knee length skirt.

Her name was Karla Block, age 35. At the age of 30 she had become the de facto queen of Block's Mill, the small Wisconsin town along the banks of the Mississippi river outside of which Elke had taken up residence in this old mansion on a towering bluff overlooking the river and the town. The city had suffered greatly from the collapse of its economy, major employers closing one by one making jobs scarce and wages low. And Karla Block's power had grown in proportion since gaining control of the company her family had owned for generations, which had survived as the town's only major employer. There was a mayor and city council, hand-picked by her and "elected" on a regular basis under a long standing implied threat. If her chosen candidates, mostly women and a few men who were slavish lackeys, didn't win nobody should bother showing up for work the day after the election.

The countess had chosen this place as the incubator of the new world network after Elke's extensive research. It seemed perfect, a somewhat remote location, a place where women already held sway with one particularly strong one in charge.

Karla's eyes grew wide at the scene before her. An expression lit up her face, one of lust kindled and longing fulfilled. Her gaze took in Kurt and the implements of torture and pleasure arrayed about the chamber and hanging from hooks along the walls and she began to shed her clothes. The jacket was tossed to the floor, followed by her blouse and bra. The skirt dropped straight down and she stepped from it. Standing now in only stockings, garters and black pumps, she wore no panties. The lovely curvature of her hips and convergence of her comely thighs enfolded and framed the dense wedge of her coal black bush. She stood with broad shoulders back, tall and regal in her posture, full breasts jutting forth firm and proud.

He knelt in the chambers center, hands cuffed in front of him, ankles bound tightly together by rough hemp rope. Above him was a mechanical hoist. A cable dangled from it with a hook at its end. The control box hung from a cord nearby. Karla covered this distance between them with a few long, slow strides and took the control box in one hand, lowering the hook while raising his hands above him with the other. She locked the hook onto the chain, hoisted him so he was on tiptoes and his arms fully extended. Then she went to the wall where an array of whips was hung and chose one to her liking, a heavy single tail two meters in length. It was a brutal whip that required no finesse to wield it, just a strong arm and a heart of stone.

Stepping over to stand facing him she put a hand between her thighs, scooped deep in her pussy to gather her wetness and smeared it over his face. A familiar blending of terror and longing came over him and his cock stiffened as the medley of scents filled his nostrils, sweat and piss and the musk of woman in the throes of lust. He looked in her eyes and she spoke her first words. "Smell it boy, drink it in! I can see you like it!" She grabbed his cock and gave it a harsh twist. "Perhaps it will help you enjoy your whipping."

She stepped behind him. There was a whooshing sound and the first cruel lash bit him and then more in quick succession, causing him to jump and hop, feet writhing in his pain with each stroke, a dance he knew so well. The healed welts crisscrossing his body bespoke much practice at it. The women in his life found it most pleasing and amusing. She worked her way around him until she faced him once again, a look of warm satisfaction crossing her face with each lash, her big breasts jiggling and flopping as her strong right arm did its work.

He knew a hundred lashes when he felt them and at about that number she stopped, tossing the whip aside. She lowered him and unhooked him then took his balls in both hands and twisted them twice around. Keeping a grip on his twisted sack with one hand she turned and pulled him, making him hop behind her to where a leather throne was placed along the wall. With a downward shove, she made him kneel and flopped into the seat, spreading her thighs and resting her ankles on the arms. Unbidden he bowed forward. The sight of her raven-haired mount, riven by the hot pink gash, it's ragged lips swollen and protuberant from the heat of her desire drew him in as if to a magnet.

As her scent dizzied him and his first taste of her sparked its familiar craving part of his mind turned to recalling how he had come to this pass, a willing slave to Woman, eager to give any pleasure, suffer any pain, no indignity too profound or vile for him to submit. But the memory of his life before was faint and fading and it did not seem to matter. All that mattered was he loved his mistress Elke and his Countess more than life itself and nothing was too much for them to ask of him. And he would not trade his former life or any other for the one he lived now.


Kurt's great-great grandparents had emigrated to America from their village in a remote mountainous corner of Germany in the mid 1800's. The family's ethnic identity had remained strong as had ties to the family back in the old country. By tradition each family member was expected to become fluent in the German language and make a sort of pilgrimage back to the ancestral home village at some time during young adulthood. At age twenty-five Kurt had made his travel arrangements and set out one summer in July, planning to stay for a month, as was customary.

He had grown up to be a muscular, robust, blonde and blue eyed young man and had gone to college in Colorado where he had come to love the mountains, becoming an ardent backpacker. His good looks were such that he might have become an arrogant cad but instead he was a bit shy, sensitive and romantic. No lady's man but no virgin either he had had a fling here and there but had yet to find the one.

When he flew into Munich he made arrangements to have his luggage shipped on ahead of him, having found a hiking trail through the mountains that intrigued him. It led from a small inn near the top of a lofty pass through the highest and wildest part of the Bavarian alps and ended at the village. With just his heavy backpack he took a train out of Munich to where the rail line ended and then a bus up the winding mountain road until he reached the inn where he planned to spend the night before setting out at dawn for a hike that required spending a night in a tent at high altitude before reaching his destination in the afternoon of the following day. He arrived just at sunset.

The inn was half timbered and thatch roofed, a classic structure from a bygone time. It was perfect to set the tone for his trip. At the front desk he was greeted by a tall, mature and matronly woman with flaxen hair done in long braids. As he checked in it seemed there was a knowing gleam in her eye, making him feel like a mouse being eyed by a cat. He felt unnerved at first but shook it off and after lugging his pack upstairs to the room we went back down to take a table in the inn's small restaurant. A tall young blonde woman wearing traditional garb approached him writing pad in hand.

"Good evening sir. I am Elke and I'll be your server this evening. Can I get you something to drink first?"

She was tall, broad of shoulder and wide of hip but narrow in the waist with large firm breasts half exposed by the low cut, richly embroidered white blouse she wore.  The essence of a young Nordic goddess, her deep blue eyes had a flirtatious gleam and he felt a stirring in his pants. He blushed and she smiled warmly, waiting patiently for his order. He composed himself and ordered a liter stein of the local brew and wiener schnitzel.

There were just a few others at the tables at first but the dining room filled up with customers as he waited for his meal. It was mostly couples and it seemed all the women were in charge and assertive and the men meek and under their thumbs.

Elke was busy, going from table to table with quick light steps but she was especially attentive to him and more and more those blue eyes held an expression of frank invitation each time she came to his table. He finished his meal but lingered to nurse another liter. Elke came by his table more frequently than mere service required  and as things settled down for the evening and the room emptied out he found excuses to ask her questions about the inn and the trail he meant to take the next day. She brought a map and laid it out on the table before him then leaned over his back too point things out to him. She told him what a difficult and exhausting hike lay ahead of him. Her lovely breasts enfolded his head. He couldn't help nestling his head deeper between them and she giggled, giving him a light slap of mock reproach and flouncing away, yet turning to give him a wink. She disappeared then but later he caught glimpses of her helping clean up the kitchen. He sighed and made his way up to his room, meaning to hit the hay early so he could be up with the sun.

The beer and food took hold after his long day of travel and he drifted off within minutes. He awoke to the clicking of the door latch. The door opened and Elke slipped inside, now wearing a red silken nightgown. A silvery stream of moonlight came through the window, illuminating her as she stood for a moment by the door, eyes riveted upon him with a gleam of brazen desire. She pulled the string behind her neck to untie the nightgown and it dropped to the floor, caressing her exquisite nakedness as it fell. She stood for yet another moment, tall, shameless and proud in the moonlight. His eyes roamed over her, drinking in the firm jutting breasts, their nipples taut and wrinkled in her lust, the curvature of her hips, the golden haired nexus below her firm belly and between her comely thighs.

She came to him with the graceful motion of a young lioness, tossing aside the blankets, covering him with silken flesh, hungry mouth pressing soft wet lips to his, invading it with her tongue, melting him. One hand groped and fondled him. stroking his rigid length, kneading his swelling balls. She kissed her way down over his belly and he gasped as his shaft was enveloped in the velvet heaven of her eager mouth. He lay helpless in his rapture, head lolling side to side as she transported him, mastered him. Then, keeping him in mouth she swung her body around to mount his face. In the room's dim light he saw her golden womanhood descending to cover him. The wet tickle of her bush, her scent, her taste dizzied him. He had not known a woman in this way but only knew he must lick so he played his tongue about aimlessly but with a passion that pleased her. Taking charge of matters she pressed her clit to his lips and rolled her hips to direct his attentions there. He took her cue and wriggled his tongue hard on the her tender berry and soon she convulsed and shuddered in her climax, flooding his mouth with salty sweet elixir.

But she never lapsed in her sucking of him and he felt the welling up of his release and an extra hardening of his cock. She felt that too and as he moaned his delight she passed her lips and tongue softly over him swallowing his each creamy spurt with a soft gulp of purest delectation. Then she came around to snuggle her fleshy satin loveliness beside him, murmuring tender words in his ear. He was giddy, trembling, babbling words of gratitude. He pressed his lips to hers in a deep kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth, tasting his cum there but not caring.

He was overcome, conquered, already lost in his infatuation. It seemed after imbibing her juices the essence of her was imprinted upon him. But she wasn't finished with him. She went back down to take him in mouth again. Soon she had him stiffened like stone and came back up to lie on top of him, giving another deep invasive kiss before rising up to straddle and mount him, slipping his pulsing organ into paradise. She rose and fell along his length, clutching and caressing with a heavenly grip and brief minutes sufficed to make him come again, spouting up inside her with lusty spurts.

After brief respite she used her mouth yet again to harden him and then rolled onto her back with legs parted in invitation. When he rose to mount her, first going to his knees between her thighs to insert himself she raised her long legs rested her ankles on his shoulders. He gripped her thighs and fucked in a frenzy. But this time it took far longer to come and as he drove his shaft with jackhammer thrusts over her G she lapsed into rolling orgasm, crying out her ecstasy. It drove him to rut all the harder and when he finally erupted and collapsed upon her gasping in exhaustion she enfolded him in an embrace of arms and thighs and gave him a deep grateful kiss.

As he lay there regaining his breath she whispered sultry words in his ear. "Thank you my sweet tourist. Your journey will continue tonight until I've taken you around the world!"

He wondered at the meaning of this as he lay on top of her but when his breathing eased and she thought him ready she made the meaning clear. With a push on his shoulders she bade him roll to his back. He was a rag doll in her hands. Once more she used her mouth and to his amazement she brought him to rigidity again. When he was stiffened to her satisfaction she went to hands and knees, offering herself in lewd presentation.

"One more destination my darling. Please! I want you inside me everywhere!"

He rose to mount her from behind and slipped into her vagina. She moaned her enjoyment but then reached back to seize his shaft and guide it to the third of her orifices. He was reluctant at first but she pleaded. With a shrug he aligned himself with her tight portal and pressed forward. She flinched as his glans slipped into her fundament and gave a little cry of pain but still urged him on. A few more thrusts served to take him to the depths. Her vortex clenched the base of his shaft, caressing, coaxing. He fell to thrusting in and out and her rectal massage inflamed him. She loosened and he fell once more to manic rutting, exhausting himself again, collapsing spent and wilted when he came his last few drops, not to rise again that night.

He rolled to his back and she nestled beside him. They shared tender words.

"Kurt. You were wonderful tonight. The local boys just can't measure up to you. I can't even trouble myself with them."

"Thank you. And I've never met a girl who comes close to you. Forgive me but I think I'm in love."

"It's mutual my sweet. Will I see you again?"

"I'll be back. How could I not?" He laughed softly. "But you've worn me out. It's past midnight and I wanted to be on the trail at dawn. I don't know how I'll make that climb tomorrow if it's as hard as you say it is."

"The hike would be much easier if it weren't for the Countess Waltrude, that regal bitch. She owns that valley I pointed out, the one you have to skirt on that steep trail at high altitude. If you could cut across that it would be much easier. But he countess is possessive of her domain and strictly forbids trespassing. There are rumors that trespassers simply disappear."

"Well, I'll make it somehow. I prepared for this before I came, worked myself hard on the trails back home."

"Kurt. I know a secret I should tell you. There is a way across the valley. The countess's castle is at the base of the valley and most of it can be seen from the main tower and I think she has it watched constantly. But there's a place that's mostly hidden from view."

She went on to describe how he might find the faint trail through the forest that led to a low stone wall marking the edge of the countess's land. A rushing stream flowed down the center of the valley and just beneath its surface were stepping stones at the top of a small waterfall. Crossing the valley there cut off several miles of the hardest climbing.

Elke left him then to get what sleep he could. She woke him at 5:00 AM with breakfast and coffee ready, then walked with him a bit down the trail as he began his journey. They parted with a deep longing kiss and she stood for a while watching him go. He reached the bend in the trail that would take him from sight and he turned to wave and smile. She waved and smiled warmly in return and when he rounded the bend out of sight she took a phone from her apron pocket and sent a quick text. Then her smile went cruel and wicked as she turned to go back to the inn. She went inside briefly and came back out dressed in halter top, shorts and sandals, carrying a small leather suitcase. She went to the nearby garage and entered through the service door. The garage door opened and she backed her black BMW Z3 out and sped away on the winding mountain road.


The trail steepened and the morning grew hot as Kurt made his way along. Fatigue from the night before remained and it wore him down by mid­morning. He looked ahead to see the trail rising ever more steeply with many switchbacks. And just before the worst of the climb he found it, the small pyramid of stacked stones Elke had told him marked the trail to the shortcut across the valley. It was just a faintly worn path through a patch of low trees. With a glance ahead at the steep climb and a sigh he followed it, having to stoop low beneath the branches. In just fifty meters or so he came to the low wall of stacked stones marking the boundary of the countess's domain. He looked to his right. The valley fell away down toward the castle, the ground covered with edelweiss and other soft greenery, a few patches of naked rock here and there.

A rocky promontory projected from the other side of the valley about a kilometer down. He could just make out one of the castle's corner towers in the distance. It appeared unlikely he could be seen crossing. Just a few steps would hide him completely from view behind the promontory. He guessed it was two hundred meters across the valley, a hundred down to the stream at the bottom and another back up the other side. Sure enough, there was the waterfall just ahead. He made a quick run for it, helped by the downward slope and glanced toward the castle. After a fourth of the way down he was hidden from view but the distance to the stream was longer than it had appeared. He hurried until he came to the bank of the stream just above the waterfall. There they were, just under the surface, the stepping stones, just half a dozen or so across the ten meters of water.

He stepped onto the first and then the second and then he heard it, a thudding of hoof beats from down the valley. He paused to look that way and saw a rider on a black horse round the end of the promontory, coming toward him at a gallop. He was at the point of no return, same distance to safety either way. Fear took him as he stepped for the next stone and he lost his footing on its wet surface and fell headlong, carried over the edge of the meter high waterfall by the current. He floundered, losing many precious seconds before he got back to his feet and out of the water running uphill as fast as his feet could carry him, burdened by the heavy pack. He lost more time when his feet slipped from under him and he skidded back down the slope for several meters. The horse crossed some rock and he sensed a wrath in the clatter of the hoof beats and panicked, tossing aside the pack, bent on nothing but escape, already gasping for breath in the thin mountain air. He glanced back and saw horse and rider perhaps three hundred meters away but with fifty more for him to go uphill. Soon there was the splashing as the horse crossed the stream. Ten meters from safety he heard the thudding hooves just behind him and something wound around his ankle, tripping him up. He flopped on his face and rolled to his back to see his pursuer.

Astride the splendid black stallion sat a woman who made him draw in breath in mingled fear and awe. She sat tall in the saddle, long golden hair tied in a ponytail that fell to her waist. Shapely and broad in the shoulders, her face was a finely chiseled sculpture, strong chin, wide mouth, high cheekbones, finely sculpted nose. It held a multifaceted expression, regal, haughty, angry, lustful. A gleam of cruel amusement lit up her steel blue eyes. She wore just a black leather halter top that barely contained her swelling breasts and a pair matching briefs that scarcely covered her down below. On her feet were thigh high black riding boots with gleaming spurs. She exuded a sense of timeless beauty, mature womanhood in its fullest flowering. From her hand trailed a long whip which she had used with skill to wrap around his ankle and trip him up. He knew beyond any doubt he had met the Countess Waltrude.

Kurt jumped to his feet and turned to flee again but a searing lash stung his back, tearing a hole in his thin shirt. Another and then another persuaded him of the foolishness of this course. He turned to face her.

"Strip naked, now!"

He just gaped at first but another cruel lash struck his ribs, cutting him and he began to fumble with his clothes in comical haste, shedding shirt quickly but getting his shorts tangled up with his lug soled shoes, making him tumble to the ground, incurring her wrath.

"Faster!" More lashes bit him. Somehow he forced his shoes from his feet without untying them and finally he stood naked before her. With a graceful motion she wielded the whip again, wrapping it this time around both ankles and giving it a yank that pulled his feet from under him so he lay on his back. He knew better than to try and stand. She dismounted and approached him holding a thin but strong looking coiled rope and a pair of handcuffs. Placing a foot beneath his waist she rolled him to his belly and cuffed him, then rolled him back over and slipped the rope into a noose around his balls, drawing it up painfully tight. Keeping hold of the rope she returned to the horse and leapt back into the saddle with feline grace.

"On your feet!"

He managed to stand with some difficulty and then: "Follow! And you had best step along smartly if you want to keep those balls!"

She turned the horse and headed back down the valley at a brisk trot that made him run at three quarter speed just to keep up. She didn't deign to look behind her, just rode along with back ramrod straight, golden hair flowing on the soft mountain breeze, as if the fate of his balls meant nothing to her. And it was clear it didn't.

He was nearing exhaustion as they rounded the promontory and he saw the lower valley spreading out ahead with the dark stone castle brooding at its base. There was a wide spreading oak tree some distance away and she seemed to be heading there. She rode on, back turned, indifferent. He stumbled often, sometimes stubbing his toes on rocks but kept his feet somehow, driven by the fear that if he fell she would drag him by the balls until they popped from their sack and were ripped from his body.

They arrived at the tree. Its limbs spread out forming a pool of deep shade beneath. She stopped there and he crashed to the ground and lay on his back, panting hard, gasping, balls aching from the cruel and relentless tugging. But the shade and rest were blessed for a few moments. She dismounted and stooped to untie the rope from his balls, then kicked him harshly to make him roll to his belly. She tied the rope to the chain on the cuffs and he lay face down, dreading what might come next. She barked some kind of sharp command and he felt his arms being pulled upward painfully behind him. He rose to his feet to escape the pain and the pulling continued until he was hung up with his feet just touching the ground. He heard her bark another command and he saw what she had done. She had tossed the rope over a limb and tied it to the saddle. On her command the horse had taken a few steps, pulling him aloft, and stopped on the second command when he was suspended to her satisfaction.

The pain in his shoulders was fierce. He craned his neck to look around and saw her shedding halter top and briefs. She stood proud and regal in her nakedness, the essence of womanly strength and eroticism, like some comic book caricature incarnate, impossibly voluptuous and seductive. And yet she was no figment but very real, unlimbering her long whip with a sultry glare lighting up her face. He hung there already dizzy with pain. But nevertheless his cock stiffened at the sight of her and she gave voice to her amusement.

"You like what you see then? Well and good. You will soon come to know this body well but in ways you can't yet imagine. But first you must suffer. I abhor trespassing and punish it without mercy!"

With a graceful motion of her arm the whip snaked out and wrapped around his body, down low at the height of his ass, its tip flicking around him to snap hard on his dangling balls. His knees weakened from the agony and his shoulders cried out in their torment as they absorbed his weight. He regained his feet only to feel a second searing lash wrapping around his back and across his chest. She worked her way around him, not a lash wasted, each one striking its target unerringly, each inflicting maximum pain. He blubbered apologies and pleaded for mercy but got the opposite effect. It seemed only to incite her cruelty. He abandoned all hope and hung there sobbing in despair as lashes fell unabated, more than a few striking his helpless junk. Suddenly she stopped, seemingly satisfied with his torment and barked another command to the horse. The rope slackened and he sank to the ground to lie fetal, whimpering, broken, chastised.

She let him lie that way for a while then came to him and kicked him onto his back. She put a foot each side of his shoulders and stood over him leering. Her nipples were taut and wrinkled, projecting to sharp points. His eyes traced the graceful taper of her legs to where they joined at her sex. Her lush tissues were engorged in the fullness of her lust, the ragged lips of her cunt protuberant, a lurid gash splitting her dense reddish golden bush.

"Have you tasted pussy my sweet?" He shook his head yes. In fact he had but only just hours ago. "Only once," he managed to gasp.

"Excellent! Did you learn anything?"

"Just a little."

"Well we'll give you another lesson. Lick and learn my darling!"

She lowered herself and he saw it descending, at once fearsome and irresistible. The lush, tickling, fragrant wetness settled over his face, the musky scent of a woman long in the saddle on a hot summer day filled his nostrils. He licked. Wisdom surely dictated it, the consequences of disobedience seemed clear. He was clumsy, aimless, untutored, casting about to find ways to please. He sensed she enjoyed it despite his lack of skills, finding his desperate submission pleasing in itself. She let him continue and her beauty and the taste and scent of her grew on him, her essence so much like Elke's. It lent a passion to his efforts. She took control, first giving wordless but clear instruction, pressing her forward part to his lips so they enfolded her swollen pink little orb.

"Lick! Suck!"

He obeyed, at once grinding his tongue on her hot berry and massaging it between his lips. Her lust boiled over and she gave a panther's shriek as orgasm rocked her. A salty gush flooded his mouth and with a gulp he swallowed it down and that strange intoxication came over him again. With a deep sigh of satisfaction she sat down on his chest with her pussy near to his face. He raised his head with tongue extended to get another taste but she drew back from his reach and gave out a lusty laugh.

"Kind of grows on you doesn't it? All of you poor pathetic fools come to crave it after the first taste or two. Being irresistible is a cross I bear!" She laughed again, with a smugness. "But there's something else I want you to taste. It may take some getting used to but you'll learn to like it soon enough."

With that she turned around and settled over him, now presenting her sumptuous ass to his face. She used her hands to part her cheeks. Before him he saw her golden tuft and just above it the pinkish pucker of her anus. She moved backward, pressing it toward his mouth. Suddenly it flared, turning itself outward to form something like soft pink lips.

"Kiss me my sweet. Make me happy. You know what I'm like when I'm not happy!"

But it wasn't just fear that made him raise his head to press his lips there. Intimacy with such beauty made him tremble as much as terror. His manhood was stiff as steel and he felt the birth of longing.

"Now get your tongue in there! Push it in deep!"

He placed his tongue's tip in her center and wriggled it to push it home. Her orifice was open, receptive but when half his tongue was in her she clenched it and it pulled him in.

"Move it! Wiggle it! Deeper!"

He strove to comply and she pressed her weight down, enfolding his face between her lovely golden mounts. He wriggled hard, deep in her rectum, and she moaned her enjoyment but his tongue tired and he slackened. She grabbed and twisted his balls with one hand, giving a harsh slap with the other. Pain drove him to greater efforts and he slithered his tongue in and out with abandon, ignoring fatigue and she seemed to pass into a rapture of delight. But more than fear drove him. Suddenly it seemed her pleasure was his own, this goddess.

At a moment of her choosing she shifted backward to offer him her clit again. Memory of his first lesson served and he finished her with a flurry of the tongue, making her come again hard, getting a second mouthful of a nectar for which a craving had bloomed. She sighed again in sweet satiation, leaned forward on her hands with her anus inches from her lips. He kissed and licked it tenderly, now of his own accord, and that seemed to please her.

She stood, turned, lowered herself so her cunt hovered just over his lips.

"I'll wager you're thirsty already and you still have a long run ahead of you. Open and I'll give you a nice drink."

Shock made him hesitate a moment but her glare was enough to make him obey. Somehow he quaffed the salty pungent cascade, barely spilling finding it not nearly as repugnant as he feared. The taste of her was strong in it, a taste that had grown on him by the moment. She stood and flipped him over on his belly with her foot and untied the rope from behind him, then rolled him over to his back and trussed his balls tight once more. She gathered up her scant garments and stuffed them in a small saddlebag and with another graceful leap she was in the saddle and she set out at a trot before he had a chance to stand. Somehow he got to his feet and followed again. The land had flattened and the ground was more level and soft. Still she rode on, never turning, heedless of his cruel predicament. But the sight of her naked splendor urged him on. His erection jutted forth, bobbing has he ran.  He wondered if he would even flee now given the chance.

They reached the castle, crossing the drawbridge, entering through the gate. There was a broad cobblestone courtyard and to the right, along the wall, a stable. The Countess rode that way but stopped equidistant between the stable and the towering keep in the castles center. Kurt collapsed onto the cobblestones in exhaustion, gasping in some deep breaths but then rose to his knees to look around.

Two things happened in quick succession that dizzied him with fright and bewilderment. First a naked man emerged at trot from the stable door and took the reins of the countess's horse in hand. Kurt just gaped and trembled at the sight of him, sweat pouring from him from more than the arduous run. The man's cock was pierced through the tip with a heavy golden ring that made it dangle low and limp over a long ago healed incision where his balls had been.

The countess laughed. "There are ways to be sure you'll keep yours. There will be ample opportunity for you to learn. This poor fellow was a slow learner. But he still has his uses."

The countess dismounted, the eunuch led the horse into the stable and Kurt heard a creak of hinges from the direction of the keep. He turned to look and his heart sank to his feet. A small door in the wall of the keep opened and a lovely tall blonde walked through it, naked but for a pair of black knee boots and a belt around her waist from which hung a short mean whip. It was Elke. 

He stared at her, wounded to the quick, withering in his heartbreak, and Elke just laughed and then looked to the countess for instructions.

"Take him to a holding cell for the night Elke and in the morning, first thing, clean him up and bring him to my audience chamber for judgement and sentencing."

The countess walked away, entering the keep through a larger doorway at the head of a short stairway.

Elke picked up Kurt's lead rope and, without a word, turned and tugged him by the balls toward the small door from which she had come. She led him down a long corridor with cell doors on each side. She chose a door, opened it and led him through, then untied the rope from his balls but left him cuffed and turned to leave without even looking at him.

"Elke! What about last night?" He cried out as she walked through the door. She turned to him with a look of contempt and annoyance on her face.

"Last night was pleasurable in its way but mostly it served my purposes, and those of the countess. My goal is to rise through the ranks in her service and my assistance in your capture will elevate me to the place I have worked for since I became a woman. I'm to be a member of a select group of women now, women who have taken charge of their lives and know how to keep men in their place. Many are women of means who pay generously for their privileges and pleasures.

But it was my lot to earn them through service."

She looked down. His cock still jutted. He blushed. Elke gave out a cruel chuckle and took a grip with the sharp nails of her thumb and forefinger on the tender tab of skin beneath his glans. It caused burning sting that doubled by the second. The pain made him bend over. She grabbed his hair and pulled his face up close to hers, keeping her cruel grip.

"This thing will never be inside me again. But perhaps one day before too long I'll have my pleasure with you once more, though in a very different way. But you are nothing to me now."

She let go, turned, slammed the door behind her and he heard her throw the heavy bolt.

He fell to his knees, exhaustion, humiliation and heartbreak wilting him. He rolled onto the thin foam mattress that was to be his bed and used his teeth to pull its meager blanket over him as best he could. Sleep came, filled with nightmares he knew might well come true. "Judgement and sentencing" the countess had said.

The sound of the bolt being thrown woke him. He lay on his back.  Elke entered the cell and stooped to grab his balls in a hard grip, tugging on his sack to stretch it. In her other hand was a chain leash with some kind of contrivance of leather straps and laces at its end. She went to work with practiced hands. When she finished his balls were spread apart wide and projecting upward and outward with his cock between them and forced to point downward. She gave one final sharp tug that tightened the apparatus. His sack was stretched out tight and shiny around his balls and they soon turned a deep shade of purple like a pair of ripe plums and began to ache. A set of leg irons was hung on the wall of the cell and she clamped those to his ankles then tugged him to his knees and spoke to him.

"This morning you will learn your fate under the judgement of the countess Waltrude. A fine and fitting name for a woman such as she. It means "ruler of strength". You will soon know the truth of it. Now follow!"

With a sharp jerk on the leash she urged him to his feet. In spite of himself he was growing erect at the beauty of her nakedness. And the memory of their night together lingered. But the swelling of his cock made his binding tighten all the more, adding to the already cruel ache. She looked down at his organ as it grew, shook her head, rolled her eyes and spat out one word that oozed contempt: "Men!"

With a tug she led him from the cell and down the corridor to a door near its end. She swung it open. They entered a small room with a mechanical hoist at its center. Elke led him there and and hooked the hoist to the cuffs on his wrists and pulled his arms up behind him painfully. There was a large floor drain between his feet. A hose was coiled by the wall. She took it and turned it on him. It first sprayed hot water that came near scalding him. She soaped and scrubbed him roughly with a sponge, then shaved him with a straight razor. Then she stepped back.

"Come on! Do your business."

Red­faced in his shame he relieved himself and she used the hose to flush it down the drain.

Then she finished by rinsing him with ice cold water and drying him with a coarse towel.

"Now you'll be presentable before the countess."

There was a door in the very end of the corridor and she led him through it. They were on a landing of a shallow curving stairway that seemed to lead around the central core of the circular tower of the keep. The stairs went downward to the left and upward to the right. She led him upward. His leg irons caused his gait to be an awkward shuffle and he struggled to keep up. She urged him along with sharp and painful yanks on his tormented balls. They rounded the circumference of the tower twice, passing by several doorways that led to circular rooms in the center. Finally they came to a broad landing and a wide arched opening. Elke led him through it and into a large circular chamber. Hanging on its walls around its entire circumference were portraits of nude women standing tall and proud, each blonde and regal of bearing and stature, like onto the countess herself. And each woman had a naked slave at her feet, on his knees, forehead to the floor in a posture of utter submission with her booted foot across the back of his neck.

It was clear the countess was one of a long line who had ruled this place for generations. And directly across the spacious round room the countess herself sat enthroned in a large black leather chair set on a dais raised three steps above the floor. She was splendidly  naked except for the same thigh boots and spurs she had worn the day before. Two other women stood beside the throne on right and left. Their heads were shaven bald, only the hair at their loins remaining, one bush being raven black the other ginger red. They were tall and muscular with a menacing presence to them. Each held a short thick whip.

Elke led him across the room toward the throne. On his knees before the countess was a young man, naked and bound as was Kurt. And another naked young slave keeper stood beside him holding the leash. Behind them was another such pair, the man on also on his knees, hands cuffed behind him. He heard the click of bootheels on the floor and turned to see another keeper with another bound and naked man falling in line behind them and yet another coming through the doorway.  Elke stopped and gave a downward tug on Kurt's bound balls in wordless command that he kneel as well. He went to his knees and heard the countess speak to the young slave keeper before her.

"And what brings this one to kneel before me and await my judgement?"

The keeper answered. "This is a store clerk who was rude to the baroness Von Hoffman a couple of days ago. She reported him to the Mistress of Discipline and he was duly apprehended."

"A serious offense then and rather a clear cut case. It will be the usual sentence, enslavement for life. Take him to the dungeon and place him in the custody of the Mistress of Discipline for the customary punishment and have her proceed with his training."

The young man gasped in horror but then showed foolish defiance, spewing out profanities and idle threats. Then the two women beside the throne descended upon him. One forced him to his back with her foot across his throat. His organs were bound in the same manner as Kurt's. The other gave him several harsh whip strokes to his stretched out balls that made him cry out and curl into a fetal position reduced to whimpering and pleading. The two enforcers took their places beside the throne again.  His keeper dragged him to his feet by his aching orbs and led him away. The countess watched them go with a look of satisfied amusement on her face then spoke again. "Next case!"

The second man was made to grovel ahead to take his place before the throne. He trembled and sweated. Kurt noticed ten marks on his buttocks, five on each cheek, the letter "X". They were brands burnt into his skin and in various stages of healing, some just old white scars, some still red and one fresh and inflamed. He could also see the end of the slave's penis poking down between his legs.  Kurt couldn't see but he could assume his balls were also stretched.

The countess just nodded at his keeper to let her know she should explain the slave's presence before her.

"This one picked up his tenth demerit last night my countess. His service to the your close friend, Madam Von Moltke, was utterly unsatisfactory and she put the mark on him. At this morning's inspection his marks were counted and he was sent before you for disposition."

The countess glowered down at the cowering slave. "Ten times you have failed in your duty. Ten chances have been granted to you to redeem yourself and improve your performance to a satisfactory level. And even then and knowing the consequences you have failed. Incomprehensible and intolerable! Do you have some lame excuse, some reason you should not pay the penalty?"

The slave just sobbed and sniveled half coherent pleas for mercy. The countess looked on with eyes like stone. But then a wicked leer crossed her face and a lustful gleam lit up her eyes. She parted her legs, rested her knees on the arms of the throne, her woman parts on lewd display, and clapped her hands to get the slave's attention.

"Perhaps one more chance to redeem yourself? I have been known to show mercy even to the likes of you at times if I believe remorse is sincere. Come here then and serve me!"

The slave groveled up the three steps, banging knees and barking shins in his desperate haste. He buried his face in her waiting pussy and set his tongue to its work. The countess let out a deep moan of delight and grabbed his hair in a fierce grip, giving him guidance. She had him go down to lick her anus first, keeping him busy down there for some minutes as her head lolled and her eyes glazed over in her bliss. Then with a sharp upward tug she directed him to her clit to finish her. She writhed and convulsed, making animal sounds as the orgasm rocked her and then gave a deep sigh and went limp and semiconscious in her savoring, eyes closed.

Then her eyes opened and a her mouth turned up in a thin cruel smile. She dug her spike heels into the slave's shoulders and shoved him back so he tumbled off the dais and rolled to the floor.

"So that's the best you can do to save your miserable worthless balls?" The slave went to his knees again, begging, abject but the countess just spoke to the keeper.

"Take him away! Schedule his castration and let me know the date so I can send out the invitations. But tell Dagmar his unmanning should be quick and merciful. I can tell the poor fool was doing his best. I think his tongue is just too short. And you girls have some fun with him down there in the meantime."

The keeper thanked the countess and led the whimpering slave away. Elke led Kurt forward to kneel before the countess and learn his fate. The countess addressed the young women first.

"I know it's cruel to give a slave false hope like that just to have a bit of pleasure but how can a woman help it? The orgasms are always exceptional."

Then her steel blue eyes turned to Kurt. He cringed and looked at the floor.

"Ah! My sweet trespasser. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a capture like that, riding a man down in the far valley under the blue sky and dragging him in by the balls, stopping off for some pleasure along the way.  Our little love tryst beneath the tree was delightful. The locals know better than to wander about on my land. But sooner or later some naive tourist is bound to happen by. And Elke, you are to be complimented for your cunning, your ruthlessness and above all your cruelty. You set him up for capture so perfectly. But better yet you made him fall in love with you too. He just wilted when he saw you walk through that door. You crushed his heart like a bug beneath your boot. Excellent! As I promised you are elevated to full membership and may now enjoy yourself in the pleasure chambers whenever you please."  "Thank you so much my countess!"

The countess looked at Elke with a special fondness in her eyes.

"Don't mention it my child. You've earned it. And I have use for your talents. You have capabilities well beyond your years and your skills at seduction and enticement have always impressed me. I'd like you to help the other girls with that, develop something of a training program."

"Surely my countess. I won't let you down!"

The countess turned her attention back to Kurt. "Now trespasser. I think you can see where this is going. You too are sentenced to enslavement for life and will be taken down and placed in the custody of Dagmar, my Mistress of

Discipline and her staff. Two of it's members stand beside me here. I think they make the hopelessness of your situation obvious. You have witnessed the consequences of resistance, though only in small measure. You will be trained to give pleasure. If our 'lovemaking' under the tree is any indication I think you'll be an exceptional slave and your balls will be safe in their sack for many years. Take him away Elke. But later come upstairs for lunch. I would like to talk more about your new status and my plans for you."

Elke led him away, back though the archway and then down on the stairway past the level where they had entered. They made two more turns around the tower and arrived at a heavy, iron bound oak door. Elke had a few last words for him.

"I look forward to meeting again under different circumstances. If you can please a demanding woman such as the countess without a lick of training there's no doubt you'll give exceptional pleasure once Mistress Dagmar and her assistants have done their work. You will take your place in a properly ordered world now and you will find out how lowly a place that is."

She opened the door, pushed him through, then raised her foot, put her boot heel against the small of his back and gave him a shove that sent him sprawling. Pitch darkness fell as he heard the door slamming behind him and the sound of a key in the lock.


After her morning audience the countess returned to her living quarters at the lofty top of the keep. An elevator was available as a courtesy to visitors but, being a disciplined woman, she took the stairs. Maintaining her strength and vigor was a highest priority for her. Daily rigorous exercise and the complete sexual fulfillment her station in life gave her had combined so that she had retained her youthful vigor and beauty at age 55 with no slackening in sight. It was a common thread among all her predecessors as well. Perhaps genetics played a role or perhaps it was the lifestyle, or both. She did not know nor did she care.

She reached the top of the tower and went out onto the circular balcony that ran around the circumference. First she drank in the view of the lovely mountain valley and the deep forest surrounding that were her unquestioned domain. She sighed in contentment, unable to stop herself from gloating. Then she strolled half way around the tower to look down on the small town she reigned over as the twentieth in her line. It was a secret that had survived the centuries in this mountain fastness, a place where Woman reigned over man, a place properly ordered according to the lights of the countess and her devoted followers.

It's real inhabitants were all women. Most had roots here for generations, all bearing one or more girl­children to carry on. The semen of the the most desirable slaves was used to impregnate them. Due to a genetic anomaly boy children were rare and those that did occur were taken to distant cities and abandoned where they would be easily found and adopted. There had always been discreet outreach to women on the outside, a search for kindred souls. The town had grown in size over the years, albeit slowly. Like minded women moved there to find sweet haven from oppressive rule of men. And others had stayed on the outside, forming secretive cells, abducting and training men to serve as slaves and "husbands". The town was a sort of Mecca for these, a place to visit and enjoy the special delights of the castle dungeon's pleasure chambers and the rigorously trained slaves kept imprisoned there.

In ages past the women had often gone naked when weather permitted. Naked eunuchs, slaves who had outlived their usefulness for pleasuring and had been castrated, did the work about the town, cutting the grass, cleaning the streets, maintaining the buildings. In those days of slow travel by foot or horse the sounding of a horn sufficed to warn the inhabitants of the approach of the occasional traveler on the steep, winding mountain road and by the time the town was reached all appeared "normal". But in the age of the car appearances had to be kept up at all times and the occasional tourists and others who happened to pass through never suspected. Those who happened to stop were treated with a stiff, unwelcoming politeness that encouraged them to move on quickly. And those lone male travelers who met certain standards of desirability had a way of never reaching their intended destinations.

The countess usually took some time after the morning session in the audience chamber to enjoy the two slaves she kept in her living quarters for her personal use. They were always the best of the best the dungeon had to offer and each knew his position was precarious. The countess regularly tested new candidates for this privileged position. Both slaves knew demotion to common dungeon slave awaited them if their efforts were found wanting by comparison.

But this morning her orgasm on the throne had eased her but moreover she looked forward with great anticipation to lunch with Elke. When she had called Elke "my child" she had hinted at a secret known only to those closest to her. Elke was her daughter. By tradition, at the age of 30 she had conceived a successor in her womb by a slave who was special to her. The countess had sequestered herself during her pregnancy and only a select few knew of it. The pain of parting with Elke at birth still lingered. She had been given into the care of her cousin Gertrude, the woman who ran the inn where Kurt had spent his fateful night. Gertrude had posed as her adoptive mother. By long standing tradition it was considered fitting that the daughter of a countess not grow up in a state of privilege. Each was expected to start life in a lowly station and work her way up to foster the iron will needed to rule. Their wits and wiles were sharpened and character and self discipline instilled. Gertrude had indoctrinated Elke in the ways and beliefs of the Schaft.

The countess had to suppress the temptation to accord Elke special favor over the many years as she watched her grow. But in a moment of weakness for which she forgave herself the shiny black Z3 had arrived at the inn on Elke's eighteenth birthday, the same year she had entered service at the castle as a slave keeper, hell bent on promotion to full membership. Elke was the embodiment of ideal Teutonic womanhood, the image and likeness of the countess herself. Only members of highest rank were privy to this secret tradition and the code of silence remained unbroken. If any others suspected they held their peace. 

Lunch was served on the balcony overlooking the valley, brought up from the kitchen by two eunuchs bearing trays of food and bottles of chilled white wine. A young keeper led them on leashes by the rings in their limp and dangling cocks. Elke arrived minutes later and the countess beamed at the sight of her. Joy and pride swelled her heart. She choked back, as she had many times before, the words that would divulge her secret. Elke was 25 now and five more years lay ahead before all could be made known. And the countess had plans for her daughter, a challenge that, if met, would secure her place among the greatest of her line.

They had a leisurely lunch while enjoying the view and the cooling breeze. Elke was a bit nervous at first out of reverence for the countess but the wine flowed freely and after awhile the two women lapsed into bawdy girl talk, tipsy and giggling.

"Elke, what do you say we go to my chamber and get out my private slaves and we'll have a little fun?"

"That would be wonderful Countess! Such an honor! I've been dying to see the inside of a chamber. You hear things from the outside, the sounds the mistresses and slaves make, the pleasure and pain. But of course I've never been in one."

The countess led the way through a heavy oak door like most of those in the castle into to a circular chamber at the center of the tower. Elke looked around the room, at the walls festooned with assorted whips and restraining devices, at the peculiar and unique furnishings, the uses of some obvious, others not so much so. And all were of the finest materials, leathers, woods, hand crafted wrought iron and showed superb workmanship. She felt a thrill at the thought of such now being hers to use and enjoy at will.

There were two low doors in the wall. The countess picked up a remote from a side table and pushed a button. The doors rolled up and two naked slaves groveled through them.They crawled to the center of the chamber and knelt at attention. Their purpled balls projected up and outward before them, spread wide apart. Their cocks were pressed downward. But at the sight of the two naked beauties the slaves' cocks stiffened and grew and they groaned as the restraints tightened on their balls. Each wore a leather collar around his neck. Their bodies were crisscrossed with whip welts in various stages of healing.

"Here they are Elke. Eric and Wilhelm."

Elke eyed the slaves with a hunger. "Countess, I am so horny! Thank you so much. I need this!"

"Yes Elke. I feel for you young slave keepers sometimes. You never get much more than what you can from slaves awaiting castration. One slave at a time or maybe two for the dozen of you to share must be tough. But it's necessary to motivate all of you. And you all get full membership by and by. You're past that now and today you can have a sampling of what life will be like from now on. What would you like first? Perhaps a ride in the saddle?"

"Oh please yes! I've always dreamed of what it's like to have two tongues at once. Everyone talks about it! Is it as good as they say?" One hand found its way between her legs to fondle herself.

."Of course it is dear. You'll soon see for yourself. Just give me a moment."

The countess snapped her fingers to get the slaves' attention and pointed to where the apparatus stood along the wall. It was a leather saddle split down the middle with a wide opening. Wide leather straps with buckles hung from it. It was mounted on a short pole that ended in a "U" shaped bar. Each prong of the bar supported one side of the saddle. There was a horn jutting upward at each end.  The slaves crawled over to it and knelt facing each other chest to chest straddling the pole. The countess strapped their collars together into the saddle so they were chin to chin with their faces upturned in the opening.

"Mount up and enjoy dear. Start with Eric in the rear. He's the best rimmer. But you can reverse to give Wilhelm a taste too. I'll spot you."

"Spot me?"

"Yes child. The orgasms are so powerful you're likely to fall off and hurt yourself the first few times."

Elke mounted the saddle trembling in anticipation feeling a wet itchy heat and a tingling fullness in her cunt. She pressed herself down onto the slaves faces and gasped, nearly falling as the two highly trained tongues turned to their work. She grabbed the horn for balance. Eric's slithering tongue probed into her rectum, wriggling and swirling about, sending shudders through her body. Wilhelm tongued her vagina first, in and out and all around, unerringly finding the spots that brought delight. But soon her clit screamed for attention. She reached down and shoved back on his forehead and pressed it to his mouth. The two strong supple organs caressed her tender parts unrelenting and she seized the horn in in a fierce two handed grip as she felt her climax welling up. It struck in a convulsive wave, one great surge of ecstasy. She passed from consciousness, felt herself falling but then felt the sure strong hands of the countess on her shoulders, steadying her. But the two tongues continued, Eric rimming all the harder but Wilhelm giving just a feather's touch to her now tender berry, his tongue trembling softly. And then it began. A second orgasm rocked her, then another and another, continuing beyond counting. Unsupported she would have toppled from the saddle but the countess held her firm until she came to her satiation.

The countess helped her down from the saddle. Her legs went to rubber and she eased her down to lie on the floor in a daze of savoring contentment. Minutes passed. The countess stood by patiently until her eyes regained focus and her body firmed. Elke held a hand out and the countess took it and helped her to her feet.

"My Countess! Nothing I had dreamed of even comes close to the real thing. And now I'll have it whenever I want?"

"Yes, of course, every pleasure chamber has a saddle. Standard equipment. Now if you don't mind I'll take my turn."

The countess mounted while Elke watched. Her full lovely hips gyrated as she took her pleasure. When the surge of orgasm took her she grasped the horn of the saddle, riding the waves of ecstasy, basking in her delight like one long accustomed. To Elke it was clear this was routine for her but her enjoyment was a deep as if it were her first time. She finished with one great deep sigh of satisfaction and dismounted, holding on to the horn awhile, legs unsteady. Then she released the slaves and directed them to kneel before Elke and took her place by her side.

"Ah! How could one ever tire of that? But of course I always have the best slaves and train them rigorously myself. What do you say we queen them for awhile and talk some more?"

She pointed to a long low leather padded bench with leather cushions on the floor running alongside it. The slaves groveled over to it at her wordless command and laid themselves down face up with heads a meter apart. The countess took Elke's hand and led her there. She stepped across so she straddled Wilhelm's head and lowered herself, engulfing his face in her golden haired wetness, making a gesture of invitation for Elke to do the same upon Eric. She settled her pussy over him and shuddered as the worshipful tongue went to its labor. The countess smiled at her and spoke to Eric.

"Gentle rimming now Eric. We want to relax awhile."

Elke felt the tender caresses to her anus and brought her full weight down on his mouth.  The countess reached out and touched her shoulder.

"Enjoy it child. He might just be the best rimmer I've ever had. That tongue can go so deep!"

As if on cue Elke felt the slithering organ penetrate her, fabulously deep but ever so gently, nestling in her rectum, swirling softly, also working in and out. She sighed as the feeling of warm contentment came over her. Her head lolled and her eyes lost focus. A vacuous smile came across her face.

The countess looked upon her fine daughter, heart swelling in maternal love. She settled herself down over Wilhelm's face and directed his attention to her anus as well. He was also a fine rimmer. Exceptional performance was demanded from all of her personal slaves. She felt the tongue probe deep and commence its ministrations and reached out to pinch Elke's cheek softly to get her attention.

"Now my dear girl, today you're having your first sampling of what life will be like for you from now on. You have earned these pleasures and please partake of them to heart's content. Never be bashful. I have some special plans for you and you'll be invited often to come here and enjoy this. But we must be discreet. There could be envy from other members. But privileges of membership also come with certain obligations to the 'Schaft.' Each member must give back. In your case, as I mentioned earlier I would like you to teach the younger keepers the skills that have enabled you to rise to membership at such an early age. You have been infallible from the beginning at seduction. Every male you have set about to capture has wound up in the dungeon sure as fate. And all have been fine specimens, handsome, fit. Any fool can seduce some balding, pear shaped loser. The kind of slaves you bring in justify the high fees paid by members for use of the pleasure chambers. They also fetch a fine price at auction when the dungeon fills up and some excess slaves must be liquidated. Thanks in large part to you this has happened often. It's not cheap to keep this place going and to keep myself in the style befitting my rank. But enough of this. What are your thoughts Elke? Your hopes and dreams?" Elke was silent for a few moments, immersed in enjoyment of Eric's tongue so deep within her and thinking.

"Needless to say my Countess if just this past hour is any indication I feel like I've gone to heaven. The thought of life being like this forever fills me with gratitude and makes me want to serve as well. I want the Schaft to grow and spread, bringing in members from far and wide. I promise you I will train a cadre of young predators who will keep the dungeon overstocked with the finest specimens of the male beast. The pleasures they provide will be impossible for the right kind of woman to resist. Money will be no object to them. The wealth and power of the Schaft will flourish as never before. And I have another idea I'd like to run by you.  It's related to Kurt, the trespasser who you just apprehended..."

But the countess put a finger to Elke's lips to silence her. "Enough talk of this for now. Let's just enjoy. But I want you up here regularly to tell me about that and any other ideas you have."

The countess beamed and once again had to choke back the words she longed to speak: "My darling daughter, light of my life!" But instead the conversation fell to raunchy girl talk as the tongues of the slaves inevitably aroused them. The countess saw the vacant look in Elke's eyes that signaled impending climax and she felt the first twinges of her own orgasm as well. She reached out to put her hands on Elke's shoulders.

"Let's come and then we'll get the whips out. Would you like that dear?" Elke just nodded and her hand went down between her legs to work her clit as she ground her ass hard on Eric's face, urging him to the hard rimming that would enhance her orgasm. The countess did likewise and they joined hands, coming simultaneously with cries of animal abandon, gushing the warm juice of their pleasure over the faces of the slaves. Their bodies relaxed, wet cunts pressing down hard over the slaves' faces, rendering them breathless. Wilhelm thrashed feebly and went limp and senseless as the countess slouched semiconscious, lost in her savoring. Elke recovered in time to rouse her and she rose to let him breathe. She shook her head to clear it.

"Whew! Almost lost him there. Lucky for him. But there's always another one ready to take his place. Now for the whips. Come along slaves!"

She walked over to where a pair of hoists hung from the ceiling about three meters apart. The two slaves groveled behind her. Each took a place beneath a hoist, facing away. The countess turned to Elke.

"Lets cuff their hands in front of them and tie their ankles tight."

The slaves were bound in short order, thin leather ropes wound in a figure eight around their ankles and their cuffed wrists hooked to the hoists. Each woman took the control box of a hoist in hand and pressed the button that would raise the slaves. They were pulled upward with hands stretched above their heads.

"Stop just there Elke. We want their heels just off the floor. I'll show you why soon. Now lets pick out some whips."

The whips were arrayed along the wall, coiled and hanging on pegs. The countess chose a pair of tight woven single tails, each two meters long and handed one to Elke. They went to where the slaves hung trembling. It was clear they knew what awaited them. The countess gave instruction.

"These are good for beginners Elke. Not much skill needed, just the right attitude and a strong arm. But form and stance are important for the sake of achieving the greatest velocity of the lash to inflict maximum pain with each stroke. Stand sideways in relation to the slave, not facing straight on. Spread your feet a bit for balance and lean backward, extending your arm backward as well and lay the whip on the floor full length behind you. Extend your other arm toward the slave, again for balance."

The countess demonstrated as she spoke, taking the proper stance behind Eric. Elke mimicked her, taking aim at Wilhelm. 

"Now swing hard from the shoulder stepping forward with your trailing foot to get your whole body into it."

She delivered a fierce lash across Eric's back, to show Elke how it was done. Eric screamed and hopped up and down, feet writhing in their bonds. Elke laughed and felt a wet warmth between her thighs.

"Your turn dear!"

At the countess's words she swung the whip hard, making sure to follow proper form. The lash struck Wilhelm square across the ass and he cried out, taking a long hop forward, then all about before swinging back to regain his feet. Both women laughed and the countess slapped her on the back by way of congratulation.

"They're so well trained and obedient I seldom have to whip them for punishment. But a woman has her needs does she not? I do it for pleasure most of the time. And every now and then some man out there frustrates me and my poor boys just have to take it to cool my anger down a bit. Do you see why I bind them this way? I love the little dance they do. Let's get them doing the pain polka!"

With that she gave Eric three quick lashes, making him scream and hop about in his helplessness and agony. Elke fell into rhythm with her and soon the slaves were doing a fine dance. They kept it up until their gales of laughter made them unable to swing and they paused for breath. But worse was in store for the slaves.

"Now Elke, go unbind Wilhelm's cock and balls. We'll leave Eric as he is for now."

Elke stepped over to loosen his junk while the countess went to where the whips were hung and selected a long slim bullwhip.

"Turn Wilhelm sideways Elke and turn Eric around all the way."

When the slaves were positioned Elke resumed he place beside the countess who continued with her tutorial.

"I always give their tender organs some special attention. Hold the bullwhip and give me your single tail so I can demonstrate on Wilhelm first."

The women exchanged whips and the countess took her stance.

"This calls for a sidearm stroke but the same principles apply. Feet apart for balance, full arm extension, swing from the shoulder. But here you step forward with your leading foot and bring the whip around in a wide arc."

She swung the whip and it whooshed through the air catching poor Wilhelm squarely across his balls. He howled and hopped, bending in at the waist in a vain effort to protect his gonads, sticking out his ass in the process. With a whirl of the whip the countess delivered a searing backhand stroke to his tender behind, making him thrust his hips forward, exposing his helpless junk once more, only to suffer another cruel lash on the testes. Another lash bit his ass in a heartbeat and the cruel cycle continued. Elke was amazed at the countess's skill with the whip and a pulsing tingle and a swelling grew in her pussy. She felt her wetness squishy between her thighs but also fell into peals of laughter at Wilhelm's dance. The countess stopped after twenty strokes. Elke gasped and suppressed her mirth.

"Countess! You're amazing! How long did you have to practice? And the way his junk jiggles as he hops about! My sides ache I laughed so hard!"

"It will take some time to acquire that kind of accuracy child. But give him a few as best you can now. You have to start somewhere."

Elke's first three strokes missed their mark but then she found the range. But the answering strokes to the ass were beyond her skill so she settled for a dozen cruel lashes, taking her time for the sake of accuracy, her aim improving steadily as he rendered poor Wilhelm's organs black and blue. The countess held her arm before the next stroke.

"Better give him a break dear or you'll beat his junk to a pulp. I still have use for him such as he is. Now I'll show you something. This is a much more advanced technique."

She uncoiled the long bullwhip. Eric trembled and sweated, whimpering pleas for mercy even before the countess began, terror in his eyes. His stretched and spread out balls looked like ripe plums. The strong right arm of the countess sent the whip swishing through the air and at just the right moment a flick of her wrist made the tip snap around with a cruel force catching Eric precisely on his left nut. He screamed and bent inward in a futile attempt to shield himself but the next lash was already on its way. It caught him on the right nut and seconds later yet another struck his left. The whip was a whirling blur and not a stroke missed its mark, even though he hopped about in a pathetic attempt to dodge the lashes. The countess gave him twenty and stopped. Elke nearly expired from laughter and a hand went to her pussy, where there was now a wet itching heat and a throbbing. The countess didn't notice at first and continued her lecture on the finer points of whipping.

"I have to pull my strokes a bit when I do that lest I pop the sack wide open and splatter his balls like ripe fruit. Of course I have used my whip to castrate the deserving in the past and will again no doubt..."

Then she looked at Elke who stood with a glazed look in her eyes, fingers busy in her cunt.

"Oh dear! I guess it's time! Let's finish them up with another twenty lashes and then we'll mount our thrones."

The whips whistled. The crack of leather on tender skin, the pathetic cry that followed and the hopping dance of the slaves in their torment pushed Elke almost to the point of coming where she stood.

After the final lash bit Eric the countess dropped her whip, lowered the slaves from the hoists, unhooked their hands and grabbed each by the balls and led them hopping behind her to where two leather thrones stood along the wall. Elke followed. The countess forced each slave to his knees before a throne and settled herself in before Wilhelm, draping her long legs over the arms, presenting her cunt. Elke needed no coaxing to follow suit, taking her place before Eric. And the slaves needed no command, the message being clear and simple, give satisfaction or suffer more under the lash. They buried their faces in the waiting pussies.

Elke felt a wild thrill at Eric's terrified and abject submission. She was on the razor's edge of climax as it was and got straight to the point, feeding him her tingling clit. His practiced tongue and his fear combined to trigger her within the minute and a great surge of ecstasy coursed outward from her pulsing snatch to her extremities followed by another and another. With an earthy animal grunt of purest satisfaction she went all to jelly, arms and legs going flaccid, nearly sliding from the throne onto the floor. But Eric, well trained and dutiful was no stranger to such results of his attentions. He braced her thighs with his shoulders to bear her up and wallowed his face down low to offer tender tongue worship to her anus as she lay savoring. On the fringes of her consciousness she heard the countess cry out in her own delight and heavenly release.

Eric continued his caresses to her anus, ever so gentle and adoring. Her desire rekindled and after a minute or two she rolled her hips to urge him on and felt his slithering probing organ go into her nether depths and lay back to immerse herself in bliss. She glanced to the side and saw the countess lost in her own rimming rapture, fingers of one hand entwined in Wilhelm's hair, working his head back and forth so he tongue-fucked her orifice, eyes closed, head lolling. Her eyes opened briefly to catch Elke's and she reached out her free hand. Elke took it in hers and they held each other in a grip of sharing and bonding as they awaited the next waves of pleasure. Elke felt the countess's grip grow fierce and passionate as the second climax took them both. The clutch of her hand bespoke a love long suppressed and Elke puzzled over that for a moment but then the pleasure of orgasm drove all else from her mind. They finished as one, hands raised up and clenched tight, going limp and letting go when their release consumed them.

The countess lay in her afterglow, using the time to compose herself and fight down her temptation to spill all to Elke. But she finally regained herself and resumed the role of hostess and instructress. She released the slaves from their bonds.

"Let's just relax awhile and then we'll get out the cocks and finish things. Eric! Wilhelm! We'll want some foot licking now. See to it. And bring us wine too!"

Eric fetched two leather upholstered footstools and set them before the thrones while Wilhelm hastened to open a bottle and fill two glasses. He knelt and offered them to the women. The countess put her feet up. Elke followed suit. Eric knelt before the countess and pulled off her boots. Wilhelm did the same for Elke. Then he took a foot in each hand and began a soft massage while bending down to suck and lick the toes on one foot, then the other, switching off, making sure to get his tongue between her toes. Elke sighed in contentment.

"So this is life for you my countess?"

"Call me Waltrude child. We're friends now, equals. And this will be life for you as well. It's a hard road for young women like you but you'll find the rewards more than compensate."

They fell once again into small talk that by and by turned dirty as the submissive attentions of the slaves to their feet renewed their arousal. When Elke's fingers went to her pussy once again the countess noticed and put her heel against Eric's forehead, shoving him backward.

"Slaves! Fetch the cocks! Now!"

Eric and Wilhelm scurried over to the place on the wall where several strap-on dildos hung on hooks. Each took one and returned to kneel before the women. Each slave held an exquisite instrument of pleasure, one end being a thick ten inch false cock, realistic in fine detail. A "scrotum" of equal realism hung below it, the "balls" contained within it being powerful batteries. At right angles to the cock was a smooth, bulbous shaft. The slaves trembled but this time to Elke it seemed to be in eager anticipation. The countess stood with legs apart a bit and put hands on hips. Wilhelm installed the device on her, inserting the bulb in her vagina and fastening the jewel studded straps that held it around her thighs and hips.

Elke watched in wide eyed fascination for a moment but then took her cue and stood so Eric could install the cock on her, shuddering as the bulb slipped into her vagina. She had heard rumors of the woman cock and its delights from the other keepers and now thrilled that she was to partake of them. The tissues of her pussy swelled to enfold the bulb and she felt her nipples tighten.

The countess took Elke's shoulders in hand to turn her sideways and stepped back with a proud look on her face. Such an exquisite specimen, tall, broad in shoulder and hip, full firm breasts pointing out proud, nipples hard and taut in her lust and now with a thick phallus jutting from her golden haired loins with big balls dangling below, the "organs" looking as if they grew there. Tears welled up. How fine a daughter and successor! But then she shook her head to snap from her admiring reverie and turned to the slaves with an impatient glare.

"What are you waiting for bitches? Let's get sucking!"

As one the slaves each took cock in mouth, Eric on Elke, and commenced to worship, running lips up and down the shafts, licking the balls. The women's eyes met and the countess explained the device and its use and significance to Elke as the slaves continued their sucking.

Elke grabbed Eric's hair and guided his efforts working his head back and forth, getting rough with him as her lust grew.

"Countess...I'm sorry, Waltrude, have you castrated many men? The thought of it excites me so. Will I get to do that?"

"I've lost count over the years Elke. There are the ones I've done myself and then the many I have ordered. And yes, you will have a chance to claim a set of balls as your own in due course. I'll send you an invitation to the unmanning of that slave from this morning. There's a lottery held among the guests for a chance to do the honors. Maybe you'll get lucky."

"I hope so! But I'm wondering why slaves aren't castrated right after capture. Might it not be better to get it over with since it's going to happen anyway? I sometimes think if I owned a slave I would cut him right away. Why put up with all of their lusting?"

"A number of members think that way Elke. There are some mistresses who purchase slaves and take them home and castrate them right away. They just like the docility and once the slave's lust is extinguished he can focus entirely on serving the needs of his mistress. But it's a personal thing. I find slaves much more amusing with their balls than without. Their desires can be used to torment and humiliate them. Soon you'll see what I mean."

"I always finish a pleasuring session with the cock. It never fails to bring complete satisfaction and reminds the slaves of their place in the world once and for all. You notice how they tremble and whimper as they suck us, how they worship it? That's because the want it, yearn for it, can't resist it. It's the only way they can have the pleasure of coming. I personally and publicly deflower each new slave when he completes his training and is ready to be put in service in the pleasure chambers. There is a little party held for the occasion. I'll invite you to the next one. The experience for them is so powerful, so pleasurable, and, above all, so emasculating they are changed forever."

"I have them on elbows and knees with asses presenting and mount them from behind. I give it to them hard and hurt them at first but as I fuck them their tight virgin holes stretch out and they start to like it. Before long they're begging to get it harder and deeper as they feel their cum welling up inside them, And then it happens. They come with an intensity never dreamed of and know a pleasure they will crave their life long. And then they wilt in shame and humiliation because they know what has been done to them. They have been made bitches to Woman and the sight of a woman with cock on will have them presenting their asses and begging once again. And again they will be unmanned and know their shame. It's much like castrating a man but you can do it to him over and over. And every slave's balls will be taken in due course. But you can have so much fun with them in the meantime. Now let's get down to business. There's a big diamond on your hip. Press it and see what happens."

Elke felt for the gem on her hip, found it and pressed it down, feeling a pulsing vibration deep within her and waves of pleasure that matched the motions of Eric's lips up and down the shaft. She quivered and grew weak in the knees, looked at the countess, who smiled and nodded.

"These cocks are the state of the art Elke, perfected just about a year ago by some quite brilliant members, a gynecologist and an electronic engineer. The vibrator is nothing new. The innovation is the thousands of microscopic sensors embedded in the shaft that transmit tactile sensation to the erogenous tissues. It makes the cock sensate organ. Can you feel Eric's lips and tongue running up and down your shaft?"

Elke just nodded, kept her grip on Eric's hair, lost herself for a moment in the waves of delight. The countess pressed the gem on her own belt, threw back her head and shuddered. Elke just watched at first.

The countess took Wilhelm's head between her hands and thrust with her hips. Elke gasped in delighted surprise as the big shaft disappeared down his throat. Taking a fierce grip on Eric's hair she drove her own hips forward, looking down to see her cock plunge to its length until Eric's nose was deep in her bush. She could feel the tight clutching caresses of his gullet propelling her toward climax. She rutted hard down Eric's willing throat, ramming with her hips, pulling locks from his head in her abandonment. Upon one last plunging thrust she came, wave upon wave coursing through her as she gushed her juice and felt it trickling down her thighs. Her knees went to rubber and she collapsed with her shaft still buried but Eric, ever dutiful, eased her gently to the floor. She lay gazing at the ceiling for a while, torpid in afterglow. Then a lusty climactic howl from the countess drew her attention and she turned to watch. Then golden haired amazon had her back arched, head thrown backward as she drove short brutal upward thrusts into Wilhelm's gullet. She finished with a deep breathy grunt of satisfaction, bending forward, propping herself with hands on his shoulders as the surges of her pleasure waned. Then she pushed him away with a shove on the forehead. There was a soft pop as the thick glans slipped from his throat and she turned off her vibrator.

Elke regained her feet and pushed the button to turn off her vibrator too. The slaves knelt with heads bowed, waiting. Wilhelm's unbound cock jutted upward, turgid, pulsing, dribbles of glistening pre­cum running down its underside. Eric's bound penis seemed to have grown as well, poking downward all the farther, also dripping. The countess looked down at them and chuckled.

"Look at them. They know they're going to get it soon and they can't wait. But I just came so hard it will take me a bit of time to get horned up again. What say we relax awhile and have a bit more wine and toe sucking, perhaps a bit more rimming. We can just keep our cocks on. "

Elke nodded her assent. Her own orgasm had been exceptional and her lust was eased for the time being but she knew it would soon return. The slaves fetched bottle and glasses and set them on the small table between the thrones. Each poured a glass and offered it to his mistress, then went down and bent to his work on her feet. The women basked in their enjoyment. Elke felt her lust returning and raised and parted her legs, slouching in her seat and drawing her knees up, presenting her anus. Eric took his cue and soon had his tongue busy there. It didn't take long for the wriggling organ and her anticipation of unmanning a slave with her cock to pique her arousal once more. She looked to the countess who also had her slave at work in her hole. Their eyes met and they nodded. Each shoved her slave away with sharp pokes from spiked heels.

The slaves were made to grovel across the floor to the place where they would be taken, urged on by mean kicks from pointed toes and heel jabs. The countess snapped her fingers and they stopped and knelt, facing away.

"Now bitches, foreheads on the floor, asses in the air and spread those cheeks!"

Their obedience was immediate. Each bent over and offered his ass, using hands to part cheeks and present himself. Their orifices puckered and twitched in anticipation, pleading to be violated. The countess pushed her button and Elke heard her gasp and sigh.

"I'll take Wilhelm first. Just watch."

First, she bent down and puckered her lips, releasing a wad of spit that landed in his crack and trickled down over his anus, the only lubrication he would get. Then she stepped forward to stand with his raised ass between her legs and lowered herself to align the cock with his waiting hole and reached down to grab his hair in both hands, jerking his head upward while driving downward with her hips to impale him to his depths. He whimpered "please!" though Elke could not tell if it was out of pain or pleasure. The countess shoved his head back down and dropped to her knees behind him, giving him a few sharp hard thrusts, digging sharp fingernails into his skin to gain a grip. Then her strong lovely hips rolled in wild fluidity as she ravaged him. He squealed pig like, panted, moaned, sniveled, begged to be taken harder. The countess obliged. Soon he gave out a deep quavering sigh of helpless delight and hopeless surrender and Elke saw the white spurts splattering on the polished black granite tiles of the floor. She thrilled at the sound and a hot wet itch started inside her. And that same sound triggered the countess who came with a snarl like onto a golden lioness, a sound of predatory triumph. With a deep exhalation bespeaking utter and final satisfaction she fell forward to hands and knees over Wilhelm, gave him a few more pokes for good measure before withdrawing and rising to stand over him. He lay flat on his belly, sobbing softly in his shame with his limp balls laying out on the floor between his legs. The countess gave him a grinding stomp upon them with the toe of her boot, making him weep and blubber then stood proud with hands on hips, foot on the small of his back, giving Elke a nod to let her know it was her turn with Eric.

Elke turned to him as he presented his hole and went to her knees behind him, pushing the button as she did so, sighing as the vibrations commenced. Her lust was inflamed in a way beyond her wildest imaginings. Poor Eric had to take it dry as Elke thrust with her hips in heedless abandon, bent on nothing but her own satisfaction. He screamed as the pain of her entry tore through him but his hole was much used and well stretched so the cock went in to the hilt regardless. Elke reached around in front of him and grabbed one of his stretched-out balls in each hand, squeezing hard to get a grip, digging sharp nails into his taut sack and twisting. He cried out in torment once more.

The countess looked on, beaming, a swelling of pride in her breast as she watched her fine young daughter taking her first slave as if born to it, as indeed she was. Elke rutted in merciless, driving undulations. She could feel the tight clutch of his sphincter running up and down the shaft, propelling her to a frenzy. And inevitably Eric's pain morphed to pleasure and he came to be her slutty bitch, urging her on until that sweetest of sounds was ripped from his soul. It set off Elke's own mad shriek of brute release and she squeezed and twisted his balls all the harder, feeling them pulsing in her hands as his cum was forced through them. He collapsed to the floor. Elke's climax melted her and she toppled forward over him to lie sated and savoring.

Then Elke recovered, switched off her cock and stood. The slaves were made to lick their semen from wherever it lay splattered or smeared, either from the floor or from each other. They missed spots here and there and got some sharp kicks and heel jabs when their failures were discovered by the two women. Finally, they were ordered to lick and suck the cocks clean. Then they knelt, awaiting their next duty. Elke was beside herself.

"Countess...I mean Waltrude, is this really what it will be like for me from now on? Can I enjoy slaves whenever I please?"

"Yes child, the pleasure chambers are open around the clock and slaves are always on duty. You do have to make reservations though. My, it's gotten late. I'm smelling supper cooking. Please stay, we'll have dinner and more wine and we can continue if you like, start all over with them. "

"I'd love to. Just one thing. Where's the bathroom?"

"There are two mouths right here in front of you dear girl. Take your pick or use both depending on the situation."

Elke's eyes grew wide and a wicked smile came over her face. She shoved Wilhelm onto his back and squatted down over him, aligning her anus with his wide-open mouth.


Kurt lay in the darkness where Elke had left him for he knew not how long. Eventually he rose to his knees and tried to look around but the blackness was absolute. He waited longer. Then there was a faint glow from somewhere, increasing in brightness only gradually. After some time he could make out three vague ghostly shapes before him and ever so slowly they resolved into the forms of three women. Directly before him, naked but for black pointed knee boots stood a lean and muscular creature, creamy of skin, tall, sinuous, with small yet shapely breasts. Her head was shaven bald, her face of mask of sensuous beauty, strong chin, high cheekbones, aquiline nose, large, wide set green eyes aglow with lust and cruelty. At her loins, she was unshaven, the dense raven wedge there forming the focal point of her body.

Behind her, flanking her left and right a step or two back stood two hefty giantesses, naked but for black, thigh high leather boots, studies in voluptuous curvature, hips uncommonly broad yet waists narrowing gracefully then torsos tapering upward into wide shoulders framing huge, jutting firm breasts. Their heads were also shaven and the dense thickets at loins were reddish golden. They were clearly twins, their round faces and blue eyes alight in lascivious anticipation. Each woman had a coiled whip hanging from a narrow belt around her waist. Kurt sagged in despair. One of these women was more than a match for him, could probably crush him like an insect. And there were two of them. The woman before him broke the silence.

"Greetings slave. I am Dagmar, Mistress of Discipline here at the castle. It will be my duty to see to your proper training. These are my assistants, Olga and Helga by name. Impressive specimens are they not? Twin sisters as you can readily see. But for the tattoos of their initials on their shoulders I can never tell them apart. And you need not bother. I am sure the sight of them impresses upon you the hopelessness of your situation and the dire consequences of any foolish resistance. Your course of training will last thirty days. You will be rigorously instructed in the arts of giving pleasure. When it is complete you will be tested by a select group of women and if it is determined that you have properly learned your lessons the countess will "deflower" you and you will be placed in service as a slave in the pleasure chambers. If your service is found wanting at that time you will be punished accordingly and given two more weeks of training and a chance to redeem yourself."

"The countess is a merciful woman. I myself do not believe in such second chances. But failure at your second chance will be punished by immediate castration and other labors will be assigned to you here at the castle or perhaps you will be sold to some woman of high birth and means who will make what use of you pleases her. But without further ado let us proceed to the chamber and begin."

Dagmar turned and walked toward a door in the wall behind her. The two fearful twins approached him and he cowered. One grabbed his hair in one hand and lifted him by it bodily to set him on his feet. The other took the leash that hung from his bound balls and gave it a cruel and painful yank, wordless command that he follow. A rough kick from behind by the trailing twin urged him along. The walked down a short corridor to another door that opened into a large circular chamber. Kurt's heart quailed as he entered the room and looked about. The chamber was lit only by flickering, gas fired torches along the walls, giving off amber glow. Whips and instruments of binding festooned the walls, hanging from wrought iron hooks. He could only guess at the purpose of the "furnishings" standing here and there about the room but there was no doubt this was a place of torture.

Dagmar strode directly across the chamber to where a large black leather upholstered throne stood. She turned and took a seat and the twins dragged Kurt before her and forced him to his knees. Then they took position, standing left and right of the throne.  He glanced up to meet her eyes and quickly looked down again, withering under her cruel and lustful glare. He heard her iron voice.

"Come here! Closer!"

He dared not look up again but groveled toward the throne until within her reach and felt her grab his hair and twist it, bringing pain as she pulled him toward her.

"Look at me!"

He tried to look up but her grip on his hair directed his gaze and he saw only her parted legs and her womanhood lewdly displayed a hands breadth from his face. The ragged hairy gash before him seemed a predatory thing, a devouring thing that would consume him. It's feral scent filled his nostrils but even in his fear of it he felt his cock swell and felt drawn in. His tongue reached out toward it as if by a will of its own and he leaned in. But her iron grip held him back and she spoke.

"Ah! So you want to lick it. I see hope for you already. Take a good look at it. What you see before your eyes is the only thing that matters to you in the world of which you are now a part. There are so many ways to please a woman down there and you will be trained in each and all of them and perhaps we will discover a new one or two. Now taste me. I would like to get a feel for you before we begin matters in earnest."

She tugged him forward, pressing his face into her hairy, aromatic wetness. His tongue snaked out of its own accord. It seemed clear that he must serve her, give pleasure, though he was unsure of himself. He just slithered his tongue about with neither aim nor skill but he heard her gasp in delight and a rolling of her hips commenced. She moaned and ground his face in her cunt with growing urgency, covering his face in the ooze that flowed from her. He probed with his tongue and found her cavern, plunging it as deep as it would go and swirling it about. It pleased her and she kept him at it for a while, then pushed his head back to make him look at her once more. One hand held his hair and the fingers of the other parted her labia at the top. He saw it then, that tiny orb of female delight whose mystery had eluded him in his sparse experience with woman. Dagmar hissed her instructions through lips clenched tight in a grimace of lust.

"Lick! Suck! Hard now!"

Desperate to please he wrapped his lips around it, sucking her soft tissue into his mouth and tonguing her round little button without restraint. In moments, her thighs clenched his head between them, her back arched and she convulsed, quivered, let out a deep, high pitched sigh. A salty sweet flood filled his mouth and he swallowed as she went all to softness, feet dropping to the floor. After brief savoring she used her boot heels to shove him back and he knelt with head bowed as she spoke once more.

"Ah! You are apt! But the countess told me of your tryst beneath the tree so it seems you have a head start on your training. Pleasing though you are already, you do not yet show the depth of submission required of a slave. For that you must know fear and to know that fear you must first know pain. Hang him up girls!"

He felt the hard hands of the twins seize him, feeling like a helpless doll in their clutches. They carried him to the chamber's center where a winch hung from the ceiling with cable and hook dangling down. They laid him on his belly and one twin planted her foot on the small of his back, digging in her sharp heel to hold him down.  A control box for the electric hoist within reach and she lowered the hook to the floor. Her sister stooped to put the hook on the chain of his leg irons and he heard the whir of the hoist and felt his feet pulled upward until he dangled head down and helpless. He was raised until he saw the golden bush of a twin just before his eyes. Then a spreader bar was put on his ankles to hold his legs apart.

Dagmar gave further instructions. "Unbind his junk".

The leather stretcher was removed and he felt his organs dangling, hopelessly vulnerable. The three women now stood shoulder to shoulder. All he could see was the three cunts lined up before him and their legs and booted feet and, ominously, three wicked looking long whips trailing on the floor. Her heard Dagmar's steely voice once more.

"I like to begin each slave's training with brand new whips, well oiled, supple, thirsty for man blood. We will now seek to instill proper respect for women in you and make clear in advance the consequences of refusal to change any bad attitudes you may still entertain. When I feel your suffering has been sufficient you will be tested by serving each of us and we will decide if your lesson has been learned. If not, we start over! Give him a spin girls!"

Each twin grabbed a foot in one hand and as one they gave the bar a hard push. The world spun dizzily and he saw the women had spaced themselves out equidistant around him. The first lash struck a searing stripe across his ass and another struck his back barely a second later, a third following near simultaneously, striking his poor dangling balls and ripping a scream from him. And the strokes continued from there, one blending into the next, burning torment constant and unabated. He writhed and twisted, tried to double himself over to escape the frequent lashes that struck his tender organs. But all was futility. His spinning slowed and the twins gave another push. Pleas for mercy only seemed to make the lashes come harder and faster. As he spun he could see each woman now with a hand between her thighs, fondling herself as she wielded the whip. He broke down into despairing sobs and soon after saw whips fall to the floor. The spinning ceased and he was lowered to lie belly down facing the nearby throne.

A twin grabbed his hair and jerked him to his knees. He saw Dagmar seated in the throne with her long legs draped over the arms, exhibiting herself boldly as woman can, a glint of lust in her deep green eyes. The twin who held his hair now tugged him toward the throne while the other loosened the cable of the hoist so it trailed behind him as he approached Dagmar, the hook still attached to the bar. When he came close his face was shoved into her waiting cunt. The wetness of her cruel desire saturated her, flooding her crevice, smearing over her thighs, soaking her bush. Driven by dread he set to work with his tongue, every lapping stroke meant to convey his utter and abject submission. She came with a great shudder and gasp but was unsatisfied and grabbed his hair, driving her cunt into his face, demanding more.

Casting about in his desperation to please he went down low to find her anus and tongued it with a passion, showering worship on this vile orifice to let her know his submission knew no limit. It pleased her much and she kept him busy there for untold time until, in her excitement, she could bear no more and she fed him her clit again. He sucked it in, massaging with lips and tongue until she bucked and gyrated and let out a grunt of primal satisfaction before going limp. He lay his head across her mount as her afterglow passed and she shoved him back, dismounting the throne.

A twin slipped in behind her, parted her ample thighs and raised her knees while her sister grabbed his head in both hands and shoved his face into the depths of the lush golden-haired canyon. The great thighs clenched. He felt the deep layer of her softer flesh compress, enfolding his head and then the steely muscles beneath hardened, holding him in remorseless grip, engulfing him in sucking wetness, all air and light banished. He knew struggle was pointless and only her satisfaction would relax the iron grip.

He plied his tongue about, probing the cave of her vagina, hearing moans from her as she found him pleasing. Her enjoyment caused a slight unclenching of thighs and he seized the chance to breathe and moved upward to find her grape-sized clitoris and enfold it in his mouth. The thighs clenched once more but at least now his nose was free for breathing though buried deep in her fragrant bush. She was as inflamed as Dagmar and the wild wriggling of his tongue on her grape set her off in short order, thighs clenching ever tighter, stretching his neck until he feared it might break. Then there was the salty sweet flooding gush and with a brutish sound she relaxed, feet hitting the floor. He swallowed the nectar with a gulp.

He knelt with forehead still pressed into her dripping cunt, waiting. And then the knees rose again and he saw the fullness of her crotch displayed. Her hand went down with index finger extended to touch her anus, her meaning clear. Her pinkish brown vortex was wide, deeply creased, the black hole in its center large and loose looking. He hesitated but then felt her grip on his hair as she pulled him in, burying his face once more in her soaked pussy. He reached out with his tongue to find her orifice and indeed it was loose and he probed deep within, slithering his tongue about seeking the movements that would please. She rolled her hips forward to urge him deeper and he stretched to his limit, then began drawing in and out, fucking her with his supple organ. A sigh of pleasure escaped her and she settled in to enjoy. When his tongue tired a harsh twist of his hair spurred him to renewed efforts. He let go of any thought of time, just focused on pleasing her and soon felt a tug upward on his hair signaling her readiness. He fell upon her berry with a passion born of sheer terror. Her satisfaction soon followed and she lay flaccid for a while until her sister poked her, impatient to take her own place on the throne.

The pleasuring of the second twin was as identical as they were and his learning hastened its end and he sensed even greater pleasure from her. But then Dagmar called for a vote and all thumbs went down. He heard the whirring of the hoist as he yet knelt before the throne and felt his legs being pulled from behind him. He was dragged face down across the floor until the cable tightened and he was drawn upward once gain. The whips whirled and snapped and he screamed and blubbered until he saw hands go to cunts again and soon after the flogging ceased and he was lowered for another round of pleasuring before the throne. He had thought his submission had reached its ultimate depths the first time but now he reached yet deeper to convey his utter surrender to his tormentors. This time all three thumbs went up and he wilted to the floor, weeping in relief. The twins hoisted him to his knees and Dagmar mounted the throne again and spoke.

"Excellent! Most slaves require three or more turns under the whip. You are a most pleasing specimen and quite handsome into the bargain. I foresee a long and illustrious career for you in the chambers. I think your services will please the most discriminating women of highest rank and status and also fetch the highest fees for the countess. But you yet have much to learn. You do seem to have an instinctive grasp of the importance to a woman of proper attention to her anus. You show fitting reverence to this sacred place but your tongue tires and your technique needs work. We will spend the remainder of today's session attending to that. Girls, take him to the horse!"

He ankles were released and he was lifted under the armpits and hauled with feet dragging to where a black leather upholstered furnishing of some kind stood by the wall. Indeed, it was a kind of large high bench but tilted slightly upward with padded boards running level along its sides. At its lower end was wooden pillory and down below that perhaps half a meter from the floor a metal device resembling a clam shell with a threaded rod extending from it up under the horse. The rod was hung from a bracket mounted below the horse and there was a "T" shaped handle at its end. A spring was wrapped around it.  Without a word one twin opened the jaws of the pillory and the other pushed his head through. Then it was locked down around his neck. A twin fumbled down below a bit and he felt his balls clamped in a cold iron grip. Dagmar came around to lean on the horse with one hand and inform him.

"This piece of 'furniture' if you will, allows a woman to lounge in comfort while a slave attends to her anus. This one is fitted with a special training device into which your balls are now clamped."

She reached below the horse and took hold of the handle, giving it a quarter turn. He felt a crushing agony in his balls as they were squeezed by a plunger inside the shell. Dagmar let go and the worst of the pain subsided except for a dull ache that lingered. She continued.

"I think that makes things clear. You will use your tongue to please but when it tires and your efforts fail your mistress can turn the handle to urge you to greater effort. When your attentions become properly pleasing no woman can keep her grip on the handle in the throes of such delight and your pain will ease. The session will be long this afternoon and you will serve each of us to satisfaction. This should start you well on the way to acquiring the artful and tireless tongue you will need to ensure your balls remain where they are. Now one of you girls mount up and lets begin!"

The mountainous behind of one twin loomed over his head. She lowered herself and his face was rubbed in the musky depths of her crack as she went down to press her anus to his lips, pressing his head back against the hard board of the pillory with force. He ran his tongue in deep and she moaned softly. He felt her sphincter clenching his tongue as she basked in her enjoyment. But inevitably his tongue tired and he knew the crushing ache of the clamp as she bore down much harder than Dagmar had in her demonstration. He redoubled his efforts in desperation and she sighed once more, handle slipping from her hand, forgetful of it in her bliss. But he flagged again and was squeezed again, pleased her again and knew relief. The cycle continued until one final time she released the handle and put her hand instead to her pussy, grinding her grape hard with her fingers while he rimmed in the abandonment of terror. Orgasm took her and she convulsed and bucked against his face, pushing his head back and to the side against the board until he feared his neck might break before her powerful body spent its lust. Then she fell forward, languid and sated, took a few deep breaths and dismounted, only to be replaced by her sister.

The servicing was repeated, only different in that his tongue was fatigued all the more and he was squeezed all the more before she too satisfied herself with her fingers and eased herself from the horse.

Then Dagmar's firm shapely ass was before his face and he looked upon her deep brown, tight orifice as it puckered and twitched in anticipation. Suddenly it flared out into and obscene pink rosette edged in brown. She hissed instructions.

"Kiss my lips! Then lick!  Clean me! Softly now! Oh yes! Like that! Now inside me! Deep! get it in there!'

He strained to follow her rapid-fire commands, not knowing how long his tongue could hold out before the cruel grip of the clamp brought him to agony. Sure enough, despite supreme effort, his tongue weakened and the dreadful squashing ache was felt. He knew not how he summoned the will to slither his tongue deeper and harder, earning blessed respite as she lapsed into rapture. Perhaps watching the twins work their will upon him had aroused her because much before expected she raised her ass high and backed her swollen cunt up to his face, putting her clit within reach of his tongue as she pressed his head back hard against the board. He finished her with the last swirling motion his tongue could muster and she shrieked and writhed before flopping forward, long limbs hanging like vines down the side of the horse.

The twins released him from pillory and clamp and made him kneel.  Dagmar summed up the day's session.

"We got off to a fine start today. Your progress was exceptional but you still have much to learn and rigorous practice will be needed for you the achieve the level of skill necessary. But most importantly your submission was deep and real, a vital component in the making of a proper slave. Before we adjourn for the day one more thing will be required of you. This act will serve to make clear the depth of submission that will be expected of you if you want to keep those balls of yours. I believe I can speak for the three of us here when I say you have given satisfaction. The feeling of relaxation and contentment that goes with this makes nature take its course. You will now lie on the floor and open your mouth. I think it will be obvious what comes next."

He hesitated a moment but the twins were upon him quickly and forced him to his back. He lay looking up in bewilderment and fear. Dagmar jabbed his balls with her bootheel and barked a command. "Open! Wide!" Then: "One of you girls take the first turn."

One of the twins squatted over him and he could see the puckering whorl of her anus aligned with his wide-open mouth. It bulged and stretched and a wave of horror and revulsion coursed through him as the dreadful thing began to emerge from within her and descend toward his waiting mouth.


Elke strode up the stairway that wound around the center of the castle's keep on the way to preside over her first class as training mistress for the aspiring young slave keepers. She was nervous, wondering how she would be received now that she had been elevated in status above her friends. She had been popular and respected as the eldest and informal leader. But now that she was privy to the pleasures of the chamber and clearly had the favor of the countess would there be envy or jealousy? If so it might interfere with her effectiveness and she had made strong promises.

The Schwesterschaft was growing, women taking up the cause of subjugation of the male in ever greater numbers and the demand for slaves had grown apace. It fell to the younger women, the slave keepers, seeking to earn their spurs to entice and ensnare suitable man flesh. The foolish and reckless lust of the male could always be depended upon as his greatest weakness but cunning and guile were still needed so that abductions were carried out swift and sure and the victims vanished without a trace. Some of the keepers, Elke especially, showed natural aptitude but others were more hesitant. Elke wondered if the necessary ruthlessness and cruelty could be taught or if they were inborn. It was her job to find out.

She entered the room where her dozen naked trainees waited, seated in a semicircle around the room's perimeter. Three slaves knelt in the center of the room, facing the class.  She felt a surge of confidence as all the young women's eyes turned to her, attentive, respectful, hungry to learn. Elke took her place before them and began her lesson.

"Good evening everyone. First let me say how much I appreciate your coming. I hope to make the time we spend here interesting and rewarding. I like to think we will grow together here as sisters, honing the skills and above all cultivating the attitude that will makes all better keepers and abductors. It will hasten your elevations and, above all, enhance the growth in power and wealth of the Schaft. Here before you are three slaves who will be used to demonstrate the weakness and foolish lust of the male and the techniques of arousal and seduction we will learn here. Please unbind their junk and we will begin."

Three of the young women rose and loosed the bound balls of the slaves, letting their limp, stretched sacks dangle free. All three of the cocks stiffened, jutting upward at fullest hardness. The girls giggled and Elke just smiled and nodded, a knowing look on her face.

"Yes. As you can see, unlike us they have no control of their lust. Here they are, captive, enslaved, each doomed to be castrated by and by and yet when nude female bodies come before their eyes their 'little heads' do all their thinking for them. That alone serves as proof of their inferiority to women. And the prospect of satisfying those disgusting rods will make them abandon all caution and reason. They have neither pride nor shame."

Her first training session went smoothly and her students were apt and eager. Elke adjourned the class after two hours. It had exceeded her fondest hopes. Subsequent classes went equally well. All the young women seemed to thrill at the challenge before them, even those most hesitant at first soon had a predatory gleam in their eyes as they listened rapt to her words and took part in the role playing and training exercises.

And the sessions always aroused her uncommonly. Before her elevation, as a young slave keeper she had recourse only to whatever slave might be available in the keeper's quarters and it was most likely she would either have to wait her turn with him or resort to her fingers to ease herself. But now she had the privileges of membership and after a class she would hasten down the stairs of the keep to the dungeon deep below where a chamber and a slave had been reserved for her.

On the night of perhaps her tenth visit to the chambers, she had lost count, she passed several other women who were ascending from the dungeon, having taken their pleasures. They walked on rubbery legs, most clinging to the railing, languid in their pace, eyes glazed, faces with vapid smiles. Other women were descending, a few ahead of her, others behind. It seemed the chambers were busy that evening. Elke forced herself to slow her pace, not wanting to pass the women who were ahead of her and show unseemly haste.

The pleasure chambers were like slices of pie around the circumference of the keep, their doors opening from a circular corridor. There were twenty of them. Elke made her way to chamber seven which had been reserved for her, open the door and entered. The room tapered toward a small low door at its end. She tugged on a rope by the entry door, ringing a bell that let the slave keepers know she was ready. The small door slid upward and she could see the kneeling naked slave framed by the opening and the booted feet of the keepers beside him. The slave groveled through the doorway, propelled by sharp, mean kicks and jabs from stiletto heels. The door slid down with a ringing thud. The slave knelt trembling before it. His cock and balls dangled free per her instructions. Elke snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor at her feet. The slave crawled toward her in haste born of fear. She felt a warm wet throbbing between her thighs, her need urgent. When he came within her reach she grabbed his hair and half dragged him to a throne that stood along the wall, settled into it with legs parted and shoved his face into her dripping cunt. She gasped as the practiced tongue turned to its duty, clamped the slave's head in the scissor lock of her long comely thighs and came hard within the minute, melting in sweet release.

Her orgasm was such that she felt relaxed and in the mood for slow rimming. She took the slave's ear and tugged him over to the horse, locked his head in the pillory and his balls in the clamp and mounted, pressing her shapely ass back into the slave's face, forcing his head against the board, giving instructions. "Softly now slave, very softly, I want to relax and think."

The first tender, lapping tongue strokes brought a soft moan of contentment from her and she lay draped over the horse and let her mind wander. She had been in sweet euphoria since the time the countess introduced her to the pleasures of the chambers but still felt slight disbelief that such delights were to be hers forever. She had also joined the countess for lunch every other day to discuss her plans and ideas, especially for bringing in revenue. One innovation had piqued the interest of her mentor.

"Countess...Waltrude I mean, I keep thinking of how much you said you enjoyed your capture of Kurt, the trespasser."

"Yes Elke. It was a rare treat. I'm a victim of my own success in terrorizing the locals I suppose. Back quite a few years such captures were more common. At least once every summer some unlucky fool would blunder into my domain and I would ride him down, give him a sound whipping, have my pleasure and drag him in behind my horse by the balls. Once in a while one of them would stumble and lose his balls, have them ripped right off. I would have to sell him cheap. But it always gave me rare satisfaction. I've had some of my most memorable orgasms under that big oak tree. There's such a thrill to it all."

"By the way, Elke, I've been wondering about something. I know you fucked that new slave Kurt around the world the night before I caught him. What led you to go so far as that? I would think a bit of cock teasing would have sufficed."

"I know it was, shall we say, generous of me. But to tell the truth I found him kind of sweet and gentle. Not like most men. I was curious. We did a sixty-nine and he took to my pussy with such a hunger. He's just a natural I think. I came so hard! Then I finished the blowjob and he seemed so grateful, kissed me so deep, even with his cum on my breath. And when I fucked him I found he really cared, did it in the way I found pleasing, satisfied me before he satisfied himself. So, I gave him one heavenly night. And I'm sure it hurt him even more when he found out the truth. But oh well, he's just a man, a slave. I haven't thought of him since."

"And Waltrude, going back to what we were talking about, I've been thinking. Wouldn't any woman, any member I mean, find that kind of capture equally pleasurable and satisfying? A lot of the wealthy ones are horse lovers like yourself and quite handy with the whip. Might they not pay handsomely for, shall I say, a man hunt? I duped Kurt into trying to cross the valley so easily. It just took one quick text message to alert you and you had him dead to rights. I could have my girls do something similar, perhaps just seduce some horny fools, make them fall in love, gain their trust and arrange little trysts in the valley. They'd sneak out into the meadow expecting to find their hot new lovers nude on a blanket. Then the members could waylay them, ride them to earth, perhaps toy with them a bit, give them a sound whipping, satisfy themselves and drag them in. And then their "lovers" could be waiting at the castle to greet them. You saw how Kurt was crushed by my betrayal. Perhaps a small audience could be gathered to laugh, jeer and taunt and welcome them to their new lives."

Elke continued. "Or maybe a hunt in the forest maze would be preferable to some. The fool could be duped into going deep in those woods seeking his lover.  Perhaps the huntress could use a gun that shoots darts tipped with a slow acting sedative. And I know some members are accomplished archers so perhaps they would prefer the bow. They could have a fine chase; keep stinging the victim with darts as he flees down those endless winding trails until the drug overcomes him. Then they could truss him up and wait until he wakes, have some fun with him and drag him in.

The countess nodded. "Excellent Elke! I knew I wasn't mistaken in you. How soon could you make some arrangements?"

"Perhaps in a week or so. I could take matters into my own hands at first. I'll just go visit some city far enough away, go to a few bars and clubs. I doubt I'll have any trouble finding a suitable dupe. I probably won't even have to fuck him. He could stay a night at Gertrude's inn. We could let her know what's up. I'm sure she'd be happy to help. Going forward, young Elsa is the most apt and advanced among the keepers. The girl has a heart of stone. She'll be ready to be unleashed within a month and woe indeed to any man she chooses. Others won't be far behind."

"Go with it Elke!" the countess had said with one of those looks of fondness and pride in her eyes that Elke found so inspiring, and so puzzling.

The slave's attentions to her anus brought her to an arousal that woke her from her reverie and she used her fingers to finish herself and dismounted from the horse. She was feeling mean and horny that night and the slave got the worst of it. After ravaging him into sniveling submission with her cock she went to where the branding irons lay hot and ready in a small fireplace in the wall. Taking one in hand she stepped over to the slave who lay on his belly whimpering. She examined his ass, counting nine demerit brands, four on the left cheek, five on the right. In fact, Elke had found his pleasuring more than satisfactory. The nine brands served to explain his performance. It was born of desperation to save his balls. He had earned a reprieve but she was just in the mood to be cruel and unfair. A slave was a slave with no "rights" or entitlement to "fairness". She pressed the hot iron to his left cheek and he screamed before falling into sobs of despair, knowing his balls were forfeit. Elke relished the feeling of power that came over her and looked forward eagerly to watching when the Countess rendered judgement and passed sentence in the morning.


Kurt lay face down in his cell after being returned there following his first training session. His mind reeled at the cruel depravity of the women who now held him as a helpless captive, escape merely a forlorn fantasy. He had been forced to swallow all that had come from the orifices of his cruel tormentors. Much had spilled on the floor, a grave offense. After he had licked the floor clean Dagmar had planted her boot on his back and pushed him down to lie on his belly. He felt a sharp sting in his left buttock and a swelling, then the same in his right. A twin grabbed him by the hair and jerked him to his knees. He saw Dagmar holding a large, heavy gauge syringe which she had clearly used to inject something into his behind. He felt as if a golf ball was embedded in each of his cheeks.

"Just a little something to counteract the effects of what you have eaten," she said. Then: "Your punishment for spilling will be meted out tomorrow morning. That will be all for today."

One of the twins had pulled on a rope near the doorway. Then the three women exited the chamber through a door opposite. Darkness fell again but soon a keeper arrived to lead him back to his cell. The swelling in his buttocks subsided as the medication was absorbed. They reached the cell and the keeper opened the door and gave him a rough shove, propelling him through it to collapse in despairing degradation onto the floor. His exhaustion brought blessed sleep, temporary respite from his ordeal.

But all to soon he was awakened by the sound of the key in the lock. A keeper entered the cell. She carried two white porcelain bowls and set them on the floor beside him. One contained water which he gulped down in raging thirst. In the other bowl was some kind of mush or porridge. He found himself to be ravenous as well and slurped it down. It was bland but filling and his hunger waned. The keeper bound his balls tight and tugged him to his feet by them. She led him to the cleaning chamber and the previous morning's ablutions were repeated. Then it was off to the chamber again where Dagmar and the twins awaited him. He was hung by his heels and whipped ferociously and his lessons in oral pleasuring were repeated and elaborated upon. At length Dagmar seated herself on her throne and he was made to kneel before it.

Then another woman entered the chamber, a petite creature, an exquisite beauty, of Asian descent, animal naked, carrying a black leather valise. She stepped over to take her place beside Dagmar who offered introduction.

"Allow me to introduce Kiku who comes to us from Japan. Her skills and arts are highly refined and her cruelty amazes even me. She is here to teach you how to endure torture. It will please your mistresses to inflict pain on you in a variety of ways. You will now be acquainted with them in the worst way. Take him to the table girls."

Each twin seized him under an arm and dragged him over to a low wooden platform along the wall. It was about knee high. There were leather restraints at each corner and a wide leather belt at i's mid-point. Dagmar and Kiku followed. He knelt beside the table with heart aching in dread and saw Kiku take her place across from him. Dagmar continued.

"It is pleasing to a mistress when a slave lays himself on the table of his own accord to accept torture rather than having to be forced. And forced you will be, of course, should you be so foolish as to refuse or resist. And it will be all the worse for you. Now lay yourself down slave!"

He looked up at Kiku first and shuddered at her wicked smile, the gleam in her eye and the way she fairly glowed in delighted anticipation of his suffering. Terror and the urge to flee came over him but he slumped in resignation, then mounted the table, stretching out his arms and legs toward the corners, offering himself to be bound. The twins went to work and he felt his wrists and ankles drawn up tight, stretching him. Then the wide belt was fastened across his waist and he lay helpless, unable to move but an inch, utterly at the mercy of the ethereally beautiful yet evil creature who leered down at him.

One of the twins brought a small table over at set it beside the platform. Kiku opened her valise and laid out the tools of her trade upon it. She held each item out for Kurt to see. Some things he could identify, alligator clips, needles, but others were mysterious. The was a small golden pitcher which had a large red candle filling it. Kiku lit the candle and set the pitcher aside for later use. Then she picked up a fine linked chain from which depended half a dozen sharp toothed clips. A wicked lustful grin came to her face and she stepped onto the table where he lay, placing a foot each side of his chest, facing his feet. Then she lowered herself and he saw her raven haired snatch descending toward his face. It settled over him, lush and aromatic with the musk of her cruel desire. In spite of himself he extended his tongue to taste her and felt his cock swelling and straining against its bonds. She wiggled her hips to press his face deep in the wetness of her and gave a little sigh of pleasure at the attentions of his tongue.

He felt her release his organs and his shaft swelled to its fullest length and hardness. Then he felt a fierce burning sting just beneath the tip of his member. Was unbearable from the first instant yet the pain seemed to double by the second. It wasn't hard to guess what she had done and she added another clip down lower on his hyper­sensitive underside, then the rest down his full length, each as excruciating as the first. He writhed, or rather attempted to, in the inextricable bonds. Kiku forced her pussy down hard on his face in a humping motion, her wordless message clear: "Make me come if you want it to end!"

In desperation,  he set his tongue to its labor, employing lessons learned under the tutelage of his trainers. Kiku's first orgasm soon followed as she gyrated, shuddered, flooded his mouth with her juice and relaxed. But his hope of deliverance was dashed when she pressed her anus to his lips for rimming. He felt the tightness of her hole slack a bit to let his tongue in deep and he plunged in as far as it would go, straining for every millimeter of penetration, his entire being focused on ending the relentless torment to his member. Mercifully, his rimming was pleasing to her and soon she fed her clit to his tongue once more and he finished her with a bone melting climax that earned her mercy. She let him suffer a few moments more while she savored but then one by one the cruel clips were released.

Then she stood and turned to the table, laying down the chain with the clips and picking up a silvery rod about centimeter's diameter and twenty long, slightly flared at one end. She remounted the table, this time straddling his thighs, facing him. Grabbing him by his cock, stiff as an iron pipe in spite of himself, she gave him to know what his next torment was to be.

"I'll slide this rod down the little hole in this thing of yours all the way. The pain cannot even be described. It must be experienced. Lucky for me I don't have a cock that can know such agony. Unlucky for you that you do! Dagmar, have a seat. I'll continue until you have finished with him."

He looked up to see Dagmar plant a foot each side of his chest but facing his head this time. Her cunt came down over his face, moist and redolent from the lust kindled as she had witnessed his torment. Then another fierce burning itch started at the tip of his cock and ran down its length until he felt it inside him. He let out a cry of hopeless misery that was muffled by Dagmar's dense bush and lush wet tissues. She pressed her clit to his lips and he found her at hair trigger, a fierce climax taking her with just a wiggling of his tongue. Waves of agony went up and down his shaft as Kiku slid the rod in to his depths and out to near his tip, then back in again, over and over in a slow and remorseless rhythm. Dagmar recovered from her first orgasm and gave him her nether vortex to serve. He drove his tongue deep, straining, slithering, desperate to please and excite, to hasten her satisfaction. But she just moaned and settled down to enjoy, taking her leisurely time about matters while Kiku continued, relentless.

Minutes passed. Kiku quickened the cadence with a knowing cruelty. Hope of deliverance came when Dagmar gave him her clit again and he set her off within mere seconds. But hope was dashed when she pressed her anus to his lips again. Once more she settled down to enjoy, this time for longer. But then, with sweet inevitability she offered her pulsing pink pea again and she went gelatinous in her final ecstasy, rolling off the table, limp in her satisfaction, having to be caught by a twin and eased to the floor. He felt the dreadful rod being removed and whimpered in relief.

But the twins remained to be serviced and he spent more time beneath their smothering bulk as Kiku first heated up fine needles in the candle's flame and he felt tiny searing points all about his poor organs as the first twin was satisfied. Then it was hot wax from the candle dribbled and poured until the second twin took final release and slumped down, spent and flaccid, semiconscious, having to be roused from her savoring lest the life be snuffed from him by her smothering flesh.

Then only Kiku and one of the twins had anything to feed him and he managed much better than the day before, spilling less. The second days training came to its merciful end and he was taken back to his cell to once again to wallow in despair.


Franz Bauer crept through the undergrowth along the faint trail that led toward the verdant mountain valley. He burned with anticipation, having met and fallen in love with the most gorgeous lass his wildest dreams could have conjured. He had met her in his favorite bar and she had come to his place soon after. He was a fine Nordic specimen, flaxen of hair and blue of eye and he fancied himself to be quite the ladys man. He found conquests of the female heart a thrill and he had loved and left many. But this time he was smitten himself, knowing that headlong feeling of true love. Elke was unlike any woman he had ever met.  When they were alone together she made it known it would please her if he went down to serve her golden pussy and he had abased himself for her, though that act was one he had always spurned as beneath his dignity. But some subtle thing about her made him eager to yield to her wishes.

After he had satisfied her all she gave him by way of reciprocation was relief by way of an artful hand. But she had promised much more if he would meet her in a secret and beautiful place high in the mountains not far away. There they would lie on a blanket beneath the open sky and she would offer all three of her orifices for his enjoyment until the sun set.

It was a lovely afternoon, a fresh breeze blowing white clouds across the cornflower blue sky. He had stayed the night at an inn back down the trail a few kilometers and the matronly innkeeper had been most helpful in directing him to his destination. There was a knowing gleam in her eyes and her smile held a hint of cruelty but he had passed that off as imaginings. He reached the low stone wall that bounded the mountain meadow and gazed out over it. There was the stream and the small waterfall just as she had described and on the other side near the bank was a blanket. And upon it lay the nude figure of a blonde-haired woman. He quickly stripped naked, as she had asked him, and vaulted the wall, trotting downhill with his erection bobbing, to the bank of the stream just above the waterfall, finding the steppingstones there and beginning to cross. When he reached the stream's center he looked to where she lay upon the blanket, a vapid smile of love and lust covering his face.

But he reeled in shock when this closer look revealed that his naked lover was nothing more than a mannequin set in a tempting pose. He stood open mouthed in confusion on the stepping stone, feeling stupid and shamed in his nakedness. Then he heard he hoofbeats coming from down the valley. He looked and saw a rider on a black horse, still in the distance but closing fast. He turned to run but his bare foot slipped on the wet stone and he found himself carried over the falls to flounder around before regaining his feet and wading up to the bank to flee back the way he had come. But his fall had cost him critical time. The horse was fast and the rider was drawing near. He glanced up and saw it was a woman with long, flowing raven hair, naked in the saddle save for riding boots. She uncoiled a long whip and whirled it about her as she closed on him.

He ran in a panic for the refuge of the woods but was no match for the horse. She cut him off and sat on the horse facing him some thirty meters ahead barring the way, the stone boundary wall just behind her. Her face was a mask of cruel and regal beauty, her large wide set black eyes alight with a sparkle of delighted anticipation. She was tall, voluptuous, swarthy of skin. Her full heavy breasts jiggled when she set the horse trotting toward him.

He fled back down the hill plunging into the stream, crossing it, hoping to gain refuge in the woods up the slope on the other side. But it was to no avail. He heard the horse splashing in the stream and she passed him and whirled around to face him once more, the look of cruel lust on her face even more pronounced. He fled downhill again but he heard the hooves close behind no matter how hard he ran. Then there was a whooshing sound and a sharp crack and he felt a searing pain across his ass. Her whip had bitten him and within seconds it bit him again. He zigzagged about the sloping green meadow in vain hope of dodging the stinging lashes but she was right behind him, flicking out the whip with unerring precision. Yet he ran on. He heard her cruel, cackling laughter and knew she was toying with him. His capture was inevitable but she was taking time to amuse herself and prolong his ordeal.

At the time of her choosing she brought the chase to its end with a lash that wrapped around him at ass level and struck him cruelly across the balls. It doubled him over in pain and he flopped to the ground in despairing exhaustion, lying flat on his belly, head across folded arms, moaning. He heard the horse stop near him and the sounds of her booted feet hitting the ground and of her footsteps approaching. Her shadow fell within his vision and she grabbed his hands and pulled them behind his back. He felt the hard metal of cuffs on his wrists. There was a click and his hands were bound behind him. Then she flipped him to his back with the toe of her boot and stooped over him with a thin leather rope in hand. He felt the rope slipped around his balls and then a painful constriction as she gave it a hard yank, stretching his scrotum tight and shiny. She loomed above him, leering down and spoke in a tone of one accustomed to unquestioning obedience.

"On your feet!"

He managed to rise though bound and exhausted, balls still aching and saw her remounting the horse, holding the rope in hand. She gave one more sharp command before spurring the horse into a trot back down the valley.


The rope tightened and he found himself running behind her lest he be dragged by his tortured fruit. She rode with regal posture, back ramrod straight, giving him not a backward glance but sometimes tugging the rope, making him stumble and struggle to keep his feet. Her cold indifference to his plight chilled him with terror. He noticed she was heading toward a wide spreading tree that stood alone in the meadow. He could see the brooding stone castle in the farther distance.

When the tree was reached, she ordered him to stop beneath a long thick limb that stuck out straight from its trunk some three meters from the ground. She dismounted, walked around behind him and tossed the rope over the limb. He saw it dangling just in front of him. Then she took the rope and tied it to the horse's halter, stood aside looking at him and barked a command. The horse stepped forward, drawing the rope tight, pulling his balls upward, stretching his sack so that he thought it might rip open, forcing him to rise onto the very tips of his toes. She barked another command and the horse stopped, leaving him standing tiptoed, straining not to fall and lose his plums.

Then she unlimbered the whip. Fierce lashes struck him everywhere in quick succession making him dance in pain upon his toes, cries and sobs being torn from him. She worked her way around him in a circle, raining lashes without letup. Some of the lashes found his balls with cruelest intent. When she came within his sight her glow of unalloyed happiness at his suffering sent a lance of starkest terror through his heart. An even more cruel gleam came to her eyes and she commenced to slinging her whip at his feet and toes, making him dance about in desperation, drawing peals of laughter from her. Finally, his feet slipped from under him and he felt the dread tightening of the rope. But just in time she gave the horse another command and he was eased to the ground as the rope loosened.

He lay limp on his back in relief for a minute or two but then felt his balls being tugged upward again, forcing him to arch his back and rest his weight on shoulders and toes. He looked up to see her standing with his head between her feet facing away from his body. His eyes traced her long legs to where they met at the dense wedge of raven hair. Between her thighs, he could see the jagged pink lips of her cunt, taut and protuberant in her arousal. She lowered herself upon him, riding his face, forcing him to serve her with his tongue everywhere from her swollen grape of a clit to her clutching, flaring anus, making her come repeatedly until she collapsed forward onto her hands in satisfaction. Then she lowered him and it was back on the horse and she was leading him across the lush green pasture toward the castle.

The ground was more level now and she set the horse to a slow canter, forcing him to a near sprint. They crossed the drawbridge that spanned the moat and entered the courtyard within. Standing at the base of the towering central keep was a group of perhaps two dozen women, all nude save for booted feet. They broke into applause, laughter and jeering catcalls as his captor approached them. Standing front and center in the group were two tall blonde women, one mature yet ageless in her beauty and beside her another, younger, somewhat shorter in stature but even more beautiful. It was Elke.

Exhaustion and the revelation of her cruel betrayal made his legs go to jelly and he crashed to the cobblestones to lie gasping and sobbing, and ignored. He heard a woman speak, presumed it was the tall blonde who appeared to be the leader.

"Well baroness Szabo...Katerina... was the little amusement we arranged worth the trip from Romania?"

"Worth that and your exorbitant fee and more Waltrude. What a joy, riding him down like that, toying with him, breaking in the brand-new whip I had specially made for the occasion. And the orgasms! Brutish! I haven't come that hard in years from just a tongue in my pussy. I'm still tingling down there."

"Katerina, may I introduce Elke, a young woman of very special talents recently elevated to membership. This is her innovation. I'm thinking this will be the mode of capture for many more slaves from now on. I know the price was high but you know I only reserve for myself the funds needed to keep myself comfortably. The rest go to the furtherance of our cause. These little entertainments for women of means such as yourself will bring in much needed revenue. Membership is growing vigorously. And under Elke's tutelage a corps of fine strong young women is being trained in the arts of seduction so greater numbers of men can be set up for capture. I'll have to be adding cells to the dungeon very soon to accommodate them all."

Franz rose to his knees' staring at Elke, a forlorn look of pleading in his eyes. Her eyes turned his way for a moment but the brief look she returned was one of cold and amused contempt. Then she turned away and looked at him no more, instead turning her attention to the baroness, explaining how his capture had been arranged. He saw motion from the corner of his eye and turned to see a naked man take the bridle of the horse and lead it to a nearby stable. He quailed and trembled at what he had seen before the man turned away, the limp cock pierced with a heavy brass ring and dangling over the nothingness where his balls had been. Some of the women observed his reaction and cackled wickedly. He looked to where Elke stood with back now to him, talking to the countess and the baroness. The countess spoke once more.

"Katerina, do please come upstairs and join Elke and I for some wine and dinner and, of course, some other pleasures."

She turned to one of the younger women in the group. "Take him to a cell for the night and bring him before me for judgement in the morning."

The group of women dispersed and the one assigned to take him away took the rope, yanked him hard to his feet and walked toward a door in the castle wall at a brisk pace. He followed as best he could on weakened legs, getting several impatient and painful tugs along the way. They entered through the door and he saw the rows of cells down each side of the chamber. The slave keeper chose one, opened its door, gave him a rude shove that sent him sprawling inside. In the sound of the thrown bolt he heard the sealing of his fate.


On the seventh day of his training Kurt knelt in the darkness as usual after being shoved into the chamber by the keeper who had awakened, fed and cleaned him. He waited for the lights to go on wondering what rigor he would have to endure that day. Much of his fear had subsided. Dagmar was most pleased with his progress and the whip was spared for the most part. He had even come to have an eagerness to please his trainers even looked forward to having his face buried between their thighs to give them satisfaction.

Light slowly filled the room and there they were as always, standing in the formation in which he had first seen them. But that morning he gasped at the sight of them and chill of renewed fear raised goose bumps. Each woman appeared to have grown the organs of the male from her loins. Cocks long and thick jutted from their dense bushes and big balls dangled below. He gaped, trembled, recoiled and the women laughed. Dagmar spoke.

"So, you are impressed by our cocks then? Eventually you will come to know the cock well though that tight virgin hole in your behind is reserved for the countess to deflower. But today you will learn to suck, to give proper worship to our members and give satisfaction that way. Now come here! Get on your knees slut and we'll begin your lesson!"

He crawled the few feet between them and knelt at her feet. She grabbed his ears and pulled him toward her, pressing the tip of the shaft to his lips. His instinct was to clench his jaw and resist, foolish though he knew it was. He got harsh fore and backhand slaps and then a sharp kick to the balls that made him gasp and open his mouth. With a thrust of her hips she plunged the cock in to the opening of his gullet, then held him that way while she gave instruction.

"Now suck! Run your lips up and down the cock. Run your tongue along the underside. Worship it! You are my whore, my slut!"

He set to sucking, doing his best to emulate the sluttish women had had seen in porn videos, hoping this would please. He saw her touch a jewel on the belt and felt a vibration and a pulsing of the cock. And with that Dagmar gasped and quivered with every caress of his lips and tongue. Her hips began to roll and gyrate. She grabbed his hair and forced the cock against his throat, pushing it into the opening past the base of his tongue. He gagged and back away but she knew no relenting, forcing it in again and deeper.

"Down your throat whore! Take it all the way! I want my bush to tickle your face!"

He cringed at the thought of what might befall him should he refuse, resist or fail. He probing of his throat was remorseless, insistent. He suppressed his gagging and somehow found a way to open his gullet and the big shaft slid home. He found himself with his nose pressed deep in her raven thicket. It exuded the musk of her growing lust. She pushed his head back, withdrawing the cock until his lips just enfolded its glans and then drove her hips forward again. This time his throat yielded and the shaft slid to its depth once more. She grasped his hair in both hands and commenced to fucking his throat, passing into an abandonment, propelled by the humming vibration of the cock. Making her come seemed his only hope of respite. And it seemed every stroke of lips and tongue made her sigh and moan in pleasure as if the false cock were a real and sensitive organ. As she fucked he ran his tongue tip along the underside. She seemed to find this most pleasing and it pushed her over the brink. With one final hip thrust she drove the cock to its length, burying his nose in her aromatic bush as she gave forth a sound of bestial satisfaction and shoved him away.

He looked up at her and withered under her leer of satisfaction. And she pointed at the cock of one of the twins who stood ready to be served in her turn. He serviced the twins, though not without some gagging and slobbering and he was hung by the heels and whipped as punishment for that. There was another round of sucking and he managed to perform to their satisfaction. Then there was the usual practice at cunnilingus and rimming and finally toilet service for each of the women. Dagmar brought the session to a close and informed him of what awaited him in the coming evening.

"Tonight, you and the other slaves will be pleased to witness the castration of one of the likes of you who has failed repeatedly to perform up to the high standards set by the Countess. It will serve to reinforce the lessons you are learning in your training regimen, reminds all the slaves of their inevitable fate and provides motivation to serve their mistresses well so their own unmanning can be postponed as long as possible. Fortunately for the subject of tonight's entertainment the countess has ordered a quick and merciful procedure. Others are not so lucky. Certain offenses and failures warrant more severe punishment before the cut. You will be returned to your cell for a while and be brought to the punishment chamber at the appointed time."

A twin pulled the rope to send for a keeper and the three women left the chamber. The keeper returned him to his cell, leaving him there with his organs bound tight, and he lay trembling at the thought of what he was about to witness. After what seemed too short a time the cell door opened and another keeper entered. She put leg irons on him, clipped the leash to his bound balls, yanked him to his feet and led him into the corridor. All along its length cell doors were open and slaves were standing at attention beside them.  Perhaps half a dozen keepers were there and four of the muscular, shaven headed enforcers whose menacing presence served to suppress any thought of resistance among the slaves. The slaves were ordered to turn sideways and they were bound together in a string, leashes passed back between their legs and clipped to the bound organs of the one behind.

Then one of the enforcers gave a sharp command to march and the line of slaves, all in leg irons, shuffled down the corridor on the way to the chamber. Kurt shuffled along with the rest. They reached the door that opened onto the spiral stairway running around the outside of the keep's central cylinder and were led upward for one turn around the tower and then through a wide, arched opening into a small amphitheater. The was a semicircle of seats in rows and tiers. The entrance was a tunnel with seating above it and the Countess sat enthroned, resplendently naked, above the archway's center. Perhaps fifty women were in attendance also in various states of nudity. There was a stage two steps up from the floor. The slaves were aligned before it and ordered to kneel facing it. On the stage, at its center was a low wooden platform with leather restraints at its corners and a wide belt leather belt across its middle, much like the torture table to which Kurt had been bound during his training session with Kiku. The was a wooden block at the table's center with a sort of clamp or vise on it.

Once the slaves were settled in place the keepers and enforcers withdrew to stand at the side but at the ready. There was a double door behind the stage and two keepers opened it wide. Dagmar stepped through it onto the stage leading the sniveling slave whose balls were forfeit by a leash tied tight around his stretched and purple sack. The hefty twins followed. When they reached the table, the twins seized the poor victim in their powerful arms to lay him on the table and strap down. He writhed in their iron grip, whimpering futile pleas for mercy. But the strength of just one of them was double his and he soon was lain on his back. Then one twin stepped across his waist facing the audience and lowered her fleshy bulk down to pin him helpless, pressing her expansive behind over his face to smother him into submission while her sister bound his wrists and ankles to the table's corners. Then the belt was strapped across his waist and Dagmar untied his balls. She grabbed his scrotum and pulled his nuts through the clamp atop the block, stretching the sack to its limit before locking the bar of the clamp down. His balls could now be severed with one quick cut or chop. The clamp would prevent bleeding and allow the doctor in attendance to stitch the wound.

Dagmar turned to address the audience.

"Greetings ladies and welcome to the evening's entertainment. Slave Helmut surrenders his balls tonight having failed ten times in his service to your pleasure. Several among you have experienced his ineptitude and put the marks of demerit on him. Tonight, the procedure will be quick and Helmut will be spared the punitive procedures that often precede a slave's unmanning. This is because our Countess is a just and merciful woman. She has determined that Helmut's efforts have been sincere and that his failures have not been willful. They were just the result of innate inadequacy, not entirely his fault."

"Without further ado let us continue. Bring up the urn please!"

One of the slave keepers mounted the stage carrying a golden vessel into which each woman in attendance had dropped a small coin­like token bearing her name. She held out the vessel to Dagmar who reached inside, withdrew one of the tokens and looked at it.

"Well ladies, it seems our newest member, young Elke, will do the honors this evening."

Elke gasped in disbelief at first and then in delight. She hopped from her seat in the third row, stumbled and nearly fell in her eagerness to mount the stage. The women laughed but with affection and empathy. Each had been privileged to make the cut at least once before and had known the heady feeling that came with it. Dagmar and Elke stood beside the table with the slave between them. Dagmar handed Elke the razor sharp curved knife that would be used for the severing. Most in the audience were long familiar with the procedure and silence fell in the chamber save for muted heavy breathing as the lust of the women mounted in their anticipation of the special moment. More than a few hands strayed between legs to fondle itching pussies. Dagmar gave Elke some brief instructions.

"First I'll stroke his shaft until he comes. When I give the signal just pass the knife across that stretched out part of his sack in a sawing motion so he feels the pain of the severing and the moment when he went from "man" to eunuch is stamped forever in his memory. When the balls fall to the table pick them up and hold them in front of his eyes so he can see them and know the truth of matters. Then toss the balls on the table and leave them there.

With practiced hand Dagmar stroked the slave's limp cock, bringing him to hardness. So artful were her ministrations that the slave appeared to forget his dire predicament. Soon he was humping upward as much as the tight bonds would permit thinking only of coming, though his castration was but moments away. Dagmar and Elke looked at each other, each rolling her eyes and shaking her head in contempt for the foolish weakness of men. Dagmar stroked harder and Elke could see the slave was near the brink. She poised the knife over the slave's sack with its tip on the block. The slave gave out panting grunts of mindless pleasure as the last cum of his life spurted up over his belly but then the realization hit home that his balls were soon to be cut. He whimpered and pleaded but Dagmar gave the signal and Elke made a sharp stroke backward across the stretched-out skin then another forward. The slave gave out a scream that tailed off into sobbing as his balls rolled to the table. To her amazement, she came without even touching herself, in a hot tingling rush that weakened her knees, making her lean on the table to keep from falling, and felt her warm juice trickling down the insides of her thighs. There was little blood due to the clamp. Elke picked up the severed organs and held them before the slave's eyes bringing a moan of despair from him. More than a few cries of orgasmic release were heard from the audience. Elke dropped the warm orbs to the table. A feeling of triumph and empowerment came over her the like of which she had never felt before.

The doctor in attendance bent over the slave and sutured the wound with skill, then pierced his glans and implanted a heavy brass ring there. A leash was clipped to it and the slave was unbound and led away. He would be assigned menial tasks around the castle and most likely later be sold at an auction the Countess held several times during the year. Then eunuchs brought out folding tables, snacks and wine and set them up for the social hour that always followed a castration. And the slaves were put to use easing the lust that was always kindled in the women. Some grabbed slaves by the hair and dragged them to the theater seats where they settled in with legs parted and took oral service. Others just forced slaves to their backs and queened them on the floor until they got satisfaction.

Elke's lust was inflamed as never before and she grabbed the flaxen hair of a slave kneeling nearby and dragged him to a theater seat. She plopped herself down and draped her legs over the arms while pulling the slave's face into her golden-haired crotch. He began to serve her and she felt an adoring passion in his attentions unlike she had felt from any other slave who had served her. She pushed his head back to look at his face and found him to be Kurt the trespasser. Their eyes met, she saw love in his and felt a brief confusion but then just made him finish her. After coming with a special delight, she made him go down low to serve her anus. Again, there was that passionate and adoring hunger and it transported her. She felt a strange emotion, a sense of reciprocation of the slave's feeling. There was a power to her second orgasm that rocked her universe and left her limp and sated. She lazed awhile with her legs draped over the Kurt's shoulders while he showered tender kisses upon her pussy and the insides of her thighs. In the end, she summoned her will and shoved him away with her sharp bootheels like she would any slave and made her way over to partake of wine and food and the camaraderie of her kind. But the effects of the experience lingered, a feeling of weakness that discomfited her, and she knew she must seek the counsel of the Countess the very next day.

Elke joined the countess for lunch. Afterward they went out on the balcony to enjoy the view and the fresh breeze, standing and looking out over the parapet as the talked. The countess was puffed with pride at the way Elke had performed her first unmanning and gave high praise.

"You were wonderful last night Elke. You showed such confidence and lack of hesitation for your first time making the cut. How did it feel?"

"It was a thrill I'll never forget; holding those still warm balls in my hand. I came when I cut him. There was such a feeling of empowerment and triumph at what I had done to him, what I had taken from him. To change a man like that in an instant, deprive him of his lust and the pleasure of coming forever at one quick stroke. I can't wait until my next chance. I just wonder when it might be. How often can one expect to win that lottery?"

"Certain arrangements can be made dear. I've been known to pick a slave from the dungeon from time to time and bring him up here for my own private enjoyment. Perhaps you would like to join me some time. There's always a slave who deserves a more punitive castration. Those are the most pleasurable."

"That would be wonderful. But there was something else last night, something that's been troubling me. I feel as if I have a confession to make but I don't know why"

"You can always speak freely here child. What is it?"

"Well, as you might imagine, I was horny afterward and I grabbed a nice looking, flaxen haired slave and made him suck me and get me off. But he was different from other slaves who had served me. I felt something from him, like he was serving me out of more than simple fear. There was a passion, an adoration in it. I looked to see who he might be and it was Kurt, you remember, the trespasser. Our eyes met and I saw something in his that confused me. But I just made him finish and I came like I never have before from being simply sucked. Then I made him continue, made him rim me for a while and it was there again. And it made the rimming so exquisite. It aroused me so fast. I had him get me off again and it rocked me like the first time. Worst of all I started feeling for him in return, a tenderness. I know it can't be right to feel for a slave that way. I felt weakness."

"It's obvious he's still in love with you Elke. You gave him the night of his life. We all know the way to a man's heart is through his cock and balls."

"But what's really bothering me is that I want him again. I have a chamber reserved for this evening with one of the slaves and usually I'm horny all day thinking about it but now I'm just kind of lukewarm. I want it to be Kurt, to feel that again. But I hate the weak feeling that comes over me. And his training isn't even complete so he's not available right now anyway. He was just there to witness the castration and be used just for the evening."

"I once had a slave like that Elke, when I was young like you. His name was Karl. I seduced him much like you did Kurt, using my body as bait for his capture. I made him suck me first and he was so tender and adoring and unselfish. A sweet and gentle man and very handsome as well. He could have been an insufferable cad but he wasn't. I gave him the gift of my body that night, let him enjoy me in every way. When he came himself dry and fell asleep I stuck a needle in his neck to put him out for good and some enforcers came to take him away to the dungeon."

"You captured slaves too? Just like me and the other keepers? I wouldn't have thought that with you being the Countess."

Waltrude fudged the truth because it might have given Elke a clue to her secret. Indeed, she had once been a mere keeper striving for membership, not knowing the countess who reigned at the time was her mother.

"Yes Elke, when younger I did go on the prowl once in a while for the thrill of it. That slave was put in dungeon service at first. But I was curious about him and one night had him audition to be one of my personal slaves. And he gave me pleasures born of his love for me. It was exquisite, very special. I too struggled with feelings of weakness but got control. The key is that you must not love but rather enjoy being loved. The slave must do all the giving and you all the taking. Be utterly selfish and assert your dominant will. I know yours is stronger than most."

"Well, I hope I can have him again when he's put in service. I know assignments are usually random. Is it possible to make a special request?"

"I think a string or two can be pulled my child." The countess looked fondly at Elke and leaned over to give her a hug. Karl had been a rare treasure as a slave and his love had brought her mad delight for years. But the poor man had passed suddenly and all to soon from the bursting of an aneurysm in his brain. And then there was the deepest secret of all. He had been Elke's father. When it came time for the countess to conceive her successor it had been Karl who was granted the honor of sharing her bed every night to fill her with his seed until her pregnancy was confirmed.


Herman Koch drove the winding road through the forest in his Porsche convertible burning in anticipation. He reached the hairpin turn in the road that Elsa, the fetching green eyed brunette he had met in the bar the night before, had described and saw the castles tower just poking above the trees up ahead. And just as she had said, there it was on the left, the rutted dirt road that led into the deep dark old forest. He pulled in and drove perhaps fifty meters to where three big rocks barred the way. He hopped from the car and began to shed his clothes, hands shaking in his lust, already fully erect. He glanced about and saw nothing but towering, spreading ancient trees, no sign of another soul. Ahead he could see the ruts continued beyond the rocks and he went that way, padding softly on bare feet. Soon the ruts gave way to a single well-worn trail.

The day was warm and humid, even in the deep shade of the woods. He moved along at a slow trot wanting to quickly cover the kilometer or so that lay between him and the clearing Elsa had told him of where she had promised to meet him, nude and eager for an afternoon of mad outdoor sex. He saw rays of golden sunlight pouring through the trees ahead and he slowed a bit at first, creeping forward until he saw her there in the clearing, lying on the pure white linen blanket, animal naked, creamy skinned, one hand down between her thighs fingering the lush pink flesh, no doubt randy as a stoat.

He stepped into the clearing boldly, his thick erection jutting. Their eyes met but in them he saw not lust or invitation but cruel contempt and cold amusement. Then she hopped to her feet and fled down the trail that led off into the woods beyond the clearing. He took a few steps in pursuit but then felt a sharp pang in his right buttock and looked back to see an arrow lodged there. With a howl of pain, he spun around and saw a tall woman standing on the trail behind him about forty meters back, holding a bow. She was naked but for a pair of lug soled hiking boots and a leather belt from which hung a rope and a pair of handcuffs among other things. She was lean yet muscular, her auburn hair bound up in a tight bun, her full firm breasts were parted by the strap of a quiver full of arrows. And she was reaching for another as he stood gaping.

He yanked at the arrow in his cheek and the shaft pulled free easily, leaving the tip still embedded. He tugged at that and found it to be barbed and immovable. And the sting of it was worsening by the second.  So, he fled across the clearing as fast as his legs could carry him along the same trail Elsa had followed. Trails branched off and he took one at random, turning left into the semi­darkness beneath the arching boughs. He paused by a big dead tree to look around.  More trails led off in all directions and he chose one aimlessly, then another. He ran on, knowing he was lost and this was confirmed when he found himself back at that same old dead tree. He crouched behind it, peering for any sign of his pursuer.

The Baroness Von Hoffman nocked another arrow and unhooked a GPS device from the belt at her waist. She looked at its screen nodding her head with a smile of lustful anticipation. Her first arrow had planted a small tracker firmly in Herman's behind and she could see her position relative to his. She had hiked this forest often, knew it well, and could see that Herman was somewhere near the old dead tree, one of the few landmarks in the deep dark wooded maze. The thrill of the chase was on her and she looked forward to hours of inflicting pain and terror on her quarry before finally bringing him the earth. Her remaining arrows were tipped with long needles coated with a muscle relaxer that would work slowly, building up in her victim as arrow after arrow pierced him. And each would bring a fierce burning sting as well, one that would not cease for an hour or more. Already she felt moist warmth and a tingling between her thighs. She set off through the trees, stalking like a tigress, grateful beyond words to the countess's young protégé Elke who had devised such a fine amusement for her. She had brought many a beast down with her deadly bow in many corners of the world. But now, so close to home, she hunted the most thrilling game of all.

Herman slipped furtively from behind the tree and crept along the trail searching with his eyes through the trees for any sign of an exit from the tangled woods. He had covered barely fifty meters before he felt a fierce sting in his left buttock, howled in pain again, and turned to see another arrow there. It pulled out easily but the searing pain continued. He whirled around and saw her there again, beside the dead tree, nocking another arrow and leering. He sprinted now, panic taking him, fleeing helter-skelter down this trail or that until he dropped, exhausted. He crawled off into some undergrowth and hid for a while, regaining breath. The fierce sting from the arrow had not slackened but he suppressed his urge to whimper and moan lest he give away his refuge.

When rested, he crept from hiding once more, crouching low as he made his way along. But again, after just a short distance he felt the sting again on his right side. He yanked the arrow free and looked about. There she was again, this time taking aim at him. He fled once more, zigzagging, now feeling rubbery in the legs. And a third arrow bit him unerringly as he ran.

So it went for what seemed an eternity. His terror spurred him to superhuman effort to escape but arrow after arrow struck him from any angle as his pursuer seemed to find him no matter where he tried to hide. And it seemed with each arrow his legs grew yet weaker, his whole body growing slack until he found himself stumbling along, lurching from tree trunk to tree trunk to keep balance. In the middle of a stagger he looked up to see the huntress some distance ahead on the trail just releasing an arrow. It took him in the left testicle, pinning it to his thigh and causing an agony that overshadowed all others and bringing him down for good. He belly-crawled a short distance but soon felt her boot on the back of his neck, pinning him down. He felt his arms being pulled behind him and heard the click of the cuffs locking on. She flipped him onto his back and he stared up at her, this cruel beauty, standing astride him with a predatory gleam in her hazel eyes. Then Elsa appeared above him too and laughed as she exchanged a high five with the huntress. Elsa kicked him in the ribs and addressed the other woman.

"You wouldn't believe what a pig he is. We went to my hotel room and I saw him slip something into my drink but I pretended to spill it. Then he tried with all his might to make me suck him, all the while bragging about how he never ate pussy. I cooled him down by jerking him off and then promised him use of all three of my holes if he would meet me here."

"Well you did a fine job of it Elsa. Doesn't eat pussy he says? Let's drag him back to the clearing and we'll see about that."

They each took Herman under an arm and hauled him away, his feet dragging behind, the arrow still through his left nut. He moaned and sobbed, pleading for it to be removed.  As it happened the clearing was only about a hundred meters distant. They reached it and dumped him on the ground face up. The baroness took charge, squatting down so her cunt hovered close above his face.

"So boy! My young friend here says you don't eat pussy. That will change now and if you learn your manners I might pull that arrow out of your nut. Or I could put one through your other if you are foolish. Now lick it! Get a good taste and then I'll teach you how to make me happy.

She lowered her dripping cunt over his face and reflexively he turned away at first but she reached back ant took hold of the arrow, twisting it, bring agony. Desperate he pressed his face into the musky hairy wet and went to work with his tongue, casting about to find a way to please. The thrill of the hunt had aroused the baroness to hair trigger and despite his lack of training she came hard within the minute, gushing heavily over his face and into his mouth. The orgasm eased her and softened her heart a bit and when afterglow passed she tugged the cruel arrow free.

But his lesson was far from complete and the women took turns with him, introducing him to rimming as well, punishing any reluctance with sharp whacks of the arrow shaft across his tortured balls. When both were sated the baroness looked down on him shaking her head and offering her appraisal.

"Well boy, you managed to satisfy us. Thanks to the excitement of hunting you I was aroused in rare fashion so that made it easy. You'll be trained and put in service in the chambers like all who fall into our hands but I predict your career will be short and you and your balls will soon be parted. Let's bring him in Elsa."

She stooped over him and tied the thin rope she had on her belt tight around his sack bringing whimpers from him. With sharp tugs on the rope and kicks from Elsa he was forced to his feet and the two women set off down the trail in the direction of his car. When they reached it, Elsa fished the key from the pocket of his discarded pants started it and backed it out to the road while the baroness led him behind. She climbed into the car and sat on the trunk with her feet hanging inside. Elsa drove in low gear, heading for the castle about a kilometer distant. Herman had to follow at a brisk trot too keep from being dragged by his tender organs. The day was sunny and the tarmac was hot beneath his feet.

They reached the castle and drove across the drawbridge. The baroness raised her arms in triumph as they entered the cobblestoned courtyard. A group of women stood there, most of them nude and booted, all cheering and applauding. Elsa braked and Herman stumbled in his pain and exhaustion and hit the stones hard. He rolled to his side and saw two tall blonde women step forward to greet the huntress. The younger of the two spoke first.

"Baroness, did you find your hunt enjoyable? Is there anything we might have done to enhance the experience?"

"It was perfection Elke. There are things I might have done on my own to make it better but I'll see to that next time. And there will be a next time very soon, please, whenever you can make the arrangements. Countess, I'll be spreading the word for you. I know so many who would find this to be an excellent adventure and a bargain at twice the price."

"Thank you, Gretchen. Let's go inside and relax a bit. Elsa, throw him in a holding cell and come upstairs and join us. I'll have some extra slaves brought up and us girls will make a fine evening of it. You've earned it dear girl."

Elsa tugged and kicked Herman to his feet and led him through the small door where the holding cells were. She chose one, untied the rope and shoved him in, sending him sprawling. He lay there, head spinning, knowing his life had now turned in a way his worst nightmare could not match. And indeed, his career in the chambers was to be short. He failed in his initial training, barely redeemed himself on his second chance and acquired ten demerits within the first month, never ceasing to show reluctance and resistance when ordered to please. His inevitable unmanning was most cruel, his entire package severed after suitable torture was inflicted. He was then sold to the baroness Szabo and sent off as a nullo to labor under the whip in a gold mine she owned in the Carpathian mountains, his life there to be brutish and short.


Kurt's training proceeded through its thirty-day course. By the end of the third week he had mastered his lessons in a way his trainers found most pleasing and the final week was a mere formality. During those last days, they even showed something like affection for him sometimes because he gave them such satisfaction. The whip was spared for the most part, punishment being unnecessary, except for a couple of times when they hung him up and whipped him for pleasure and to enhance their arousal as a prelude to his serving them. For his own part, Kurt had come to savor the taste of pussy and anus and served them with a hunger. His cock was usually stiff and his balls ached, since he was denied the relief of coming.  He even accepted that which came from their bodies with grace. Dagmar praised him for this and predicted his balls would be spared for many a year. Perhaps he might even find himself a personal slave of the countess for a while. He had lost track of the days and wasn't sure when his course would end. One day at the end of the session Dagmar made the announcement.

"Today was your last day of training Kurt. I will notify the countess and you will be taken to the amphitheater and deflowered tomorrow evening before an assemblage of our members. First you will give oral service to three women appointed as your judges. If you are deemed worthy in a unanimous vote the countess will deflower you. If you fail to please you will be whipped for the amusement of the audience and given another week of training before having a chance to redeem yourself. If you fail at this second chance your balls will be forfeit then and there. But I consider this unlikely."

Kurt trembled at the thought of this and made bold to speak, his voice quavering in his anxiety. "Will it hurt?"

All three women laughed and Dagmar answered, still gasping in her mirth at first. "Ah! You're all alike. Every slave asks that. Yes, it will hurt. The Countess is not a gentle woman and you will be taken hard. That virgin hole of your will get a proper stretching. But after that the pain will pass and you will find yourself liking the shaft plunging so deep inside you. And finally, you will come and you will know a pleasure you will crave forever. You have been deprived of coming these past thirty days on purpose."

A keeper was then summoned to take him back to his cell. He slept for a while at first but then awoke to lie in the darkness, tossing and turning in fear of what awaited him. In spite of himself, he was erect and his balls ached for relief all the more. The ache had grown slowly during his training, almost unnoticed at first. It seemed the more he had ingested the essence of woman through what came from the bodies of his trainers the worse it had become and now as he lay in solitude it made itself felt in the worst way. Despite his fear the thought of relief made him almost look forward to his deflowering.

After seeming eternity, he heard the key in the lock. A keeper, a raven haired, creamy skinned, green eyed beauty he knew to be named Elsa, entered the cell. Out in the corridor he saw two of the menacing enforcers waiting. Elsa bound his balls up extra tight causing his ache to redouble. Then she made him go to hands and knees and bend over. He felt a warm trickling down his crack and a probing of one finger in his anus as Elsa explained.

"Just a touch of lube lest the countess split you like wet pine when she enters you. Now come along virgin and learn how it feels to become a woman!"

She tugged him to his feet by the hair and led him into the corridor. The two enforcers fell in behind as they made their way to the amphitheater. He shuddered in fear and in the sense of humiliation brought by the warm squishy feeling between his cheeks, a constant reminder that he was to be fucked like a girl. They entered the amphitheater and there stood the countess center stage, regally naked save for her boots. On a golden stand off to the side was the cock she would use to deflower him. It was bigger than the ones his trainers had made him deepthroat. Behind her enthroned on black leather arm chairs were the three women who were to judge his fitness for servitude. On the left was a lank but muscular big breasted woman with long auburn hair, in the center was a hefty and voluptuous, very dark black woman with hair in a short Afro and the third, on the right, was a golden-haired beauty. It was Elke.

The countess stepped aside as he was led up the stairs to the stage and Dagmar entered through the door at the rear to serve as mistress of ceremonies. Kurt was made to kneel facing the audience.

"Good evening once again ladies. First let me introduce our judges. One the left is the baroness Von Hoffman, a much-revered member whom most of you know well. In the center seat is Empress Nandi, a member from the wilds of Africa who rules her domain with unquestioned authority. They know how to treat men down there. Women rule and men grovel. And finally, our newest member, young Elke. It is she who masterminds the man hunts some of you have enjoyed and others no doubt have heard of.  Allow me to introduce slave Kurt. He has completed his training and should our three judges all deem him worthy he will be deflowered by our Countess and later placed in service in the pleasure chambers. My assistants and I found him to be a quick study and his attentions to be most pleasing. I have no doubt he will serve you delightfully for years to come. So, let us proceed."

Dagmar took Kurt's hair and turned him around. She pointed to the baroness who had reclined in her chair with her long legs draped over the arms and was fondling herself, writhing in anticipation. With a snap of her fingers she pointed to her waiting cunt. The message was clear and Kurt groveled to her. He leaned in to lick her and she used her fingers to part her labia, exposing her hot pink berry. Kurt had come to know the signs of a woman in full arousal and knew no preliminaries would be needed. He set his tongue hard to her nubbin and she rammed her wet cunt against his mouth in wordless command. Orgasm rocked her within the minute. She arched her back and wrapped her long legs around his neck as she convulsed, shuddered, then relaxed and shoved him away.

He heard another snap of the fingers from his right and looked that way to see the ebony goddess piercing him with her dark eyes and pointing her finger between her spread legs. In haste, he crawled to her. The dense nappy thicket between her thighs was riven by a ragged red gash and its animal scent filled his nostrils as he pressed his face into it. He ran his tongue up, then down that oozing crevice and when he was down she raised her knees and shoved his head yet lower so his lips met the black vortex at her bottom. Desperate to please, he plunged his tongue into it straining for every millimeter of depth while wriggling and slithering it about. She gasped in delight and forced her ass upward, insistent, demanding. His face was buried in the sucking wetness of her cunt. He felt her fingers slip in under his forehead and her knuckles rubbing against it as she worked her clit while he rimmed her with abandon. She came suddenly and the big thighs clamped together on his head in an iron grip, immersing him in lush smothering darkness. Somehow, he knew to continue his rimming and bring her to a multiple climax. He feared his neck might be snapped like a twig as she writhed and bucked in the throes of her ecstasy. At last she shuddered and drooped flaccid, shoving him away.

Then he heard yet another snap of the fingers and turned to see Elke beckoning. He was beside himself in his longing to taste her once again and he fell to her golden cunt with the hunger of one starving. He poured out his love in every flicker of his well-trained tongue and he could feel her delight in his attentions. Her first orgasm was brutish, atavistic and she nearly pulled a hank from his head as she made a bestial sound and went limp. But then she softened and became almost gentle with him, pushing his head down low to bring his eager tongue to her anus. He rimmed with worshipful tenderness, letting her arousal build as it would. She opened herself and he ran his tongue in, first probing deep, then withdrawing, wriggling and slithering the while. She moaned, melted, passed into rapture.

A hush came over the room as all sensed something rare and special was transpiring before their eyes. Elke gave a soft tug on Kurt's hair, inviting him upward once more to put tongue to the tingling berry at her top. Unbidden, he slipped a finger in gently where his tongue had been and nestled it in her rectum, finger fucking softly as he gave adoration to her clit. He was overcome in his yearning to make her feel his love and it inspired him to a performance that would become legend in the annals of man serving woman.

At the first touch of Kurt's tongue Elke had felt his love and his passion in a wave that coursed through her. She felt the weakening she had feared but the words of the countess hung in her ears. Letting go, she let the pleasure carry her along, sensing she was on the verge of delights beyond imagining. But yet she took control and thrilled at Kurt's adoring submission. No slave she had used had transported her thus and she knew it was his true and limitless love that made it so. She came hard and quickly, then put him to work down low and passed into her bliss. When ready to come again she had guided him upward and gasped as his finger went in and he began to love her clenching orifice with it. The first orgasm shredded the fabric of her universe but what followed was to be stamped in her memory forever. He ceased the wriggling of his tongue but let it press upon her tiny twitching fruit with a trembling feather's touch. It triggered a sequence of soul shattering climaxes, like storm waves washing up ashore, one following the other, relentless. She lost count at five and just let them wash over her until she felt her bones go to jelly and her sated flesh seemed to form to the contours of the chair as a soft pink haze of supernal contentment fell. Her feet hit the floor and she lay savoring.

When she regained herself she found Kurt to be resting his head on her mount as her hand tousled his hair and stroked his head with sweet tenderness. She felt that weakness for him again but recovered and shoved him back and away with the sharp heel of her boot lest she betray herself. Dagmar took hold of Kurt's hair and tugged him on his knees to center stage facing the audience.

The judges vote in Kurt's favor was quick and unanimous. The countess picked up the big cock from its stand but to the surprise of all she didn't strap it on herself but rather beckoned  Elke to come to her side. She then turned to the audience and spoke.

"Ladies, I think all will agree we've witnessed something special this evening. Young though she is, Elke has already done so much in the furthering of the cause we serve and it behooves me tonight to bestow on her the honor of deflowering this new slave."

She held the dildo out, offering it to Elke, who blushed at first but then took it in eager hands. She went to Kurt and had him kneel facing her, then held out the dildo for him to take it. His hands trembled as he accepted it and then helped her install the instrument of his deflowering upon her.

First she wanted the fellatio and his training served well. He heard approving whispers and sighs of voyeur lust from the audience as he leaned forward to accept the big member into his worshipful mouth and ran his lips and tongue over it. Elke hit the switch and shuddered as the waves of delight coursed through her. A mere soft shove on the back of his head served to signal her next wish and she thrilled as she watched the shaft disappear down his gullet and his nose bury itself in her golden bush.

Then commenced the throat fucking that would propel her to climax. But nothing could have prepared her for the depths of his adoring submission and the pleasure it would bring. His oral caresses on her cock bespoke a consuming passion. Ordinary slaves had served her thus and given brute satisfaction but here there was another dimension. Every stroke of lips and tongue expressed love without limit. She felt her orgasm welling up long before expected and her knees went to rubber as its tsunami engulfed her, depriving her of ability to stand. Kurt wrapped his arms around her and eased her backward onto the floor with greatest care and tenderness, the shaft still buried to its hilt down his throat. He lay waiting, still orally impaled as she savored, semiconscious, giving out soft sighs of purest contentment. Her hand strayed out of its own accord to pet and tousle his flaxen locks with an answering tenderness.

Suddenly she snapped back to herself with a sense of guilt at the exposure of feelings for him that had blossomed within her. She shoved his head away with fitting contempt, roughly dislodging the cock from his throat, and stood up, giving him an impatient glare. He rose to his knees and gazed up into her eyes with a look of love that melted her once more though she hid it well.

Though a virgin he knew her expectation and turned, bent over with forehead on the floor and reached back to part his cheeks, presenting his tight tender pink hole, trembling in mingled love and fear. Elke stepped toward him, stood with his waiting ass between her legs, then flexed her knees, lowering herself to mount him. She positioned the pulsing shaft at his portal, placed her hands around his waist for purchase and thrust hard with her strong thighs and hips to plunge the cock home. Half its length disappeared inside him and his cry of pain and whimpering were sweet music to the ears of the assemblage. And Elke was fittingly cruel, answering his sniveled pleas for mercy by drawing back and then driving in harder and deeper, the big cock plunging in to its length. Kurt's sweet song went on in sobs of helpless torment.

Elke felt her lust inflamed as never before. She drew back for another thrust that went to the depths with ease as Kurt was stretched. Her lovely hips rolled with a wild fluidity as she ravaged him, his hole now receptive. The clutch of his orifice along the length of the shaft as it went in and out sent waves of mad delight from her cunt to her extremities. And almost imperceptibly Kurt's song of pain morphed to one of pleasure and he answered her driving thrusts with wild gyrations, lapsing into pleas for more and harder. This drove her to a frenzy and she felt her climax welling up. But it stayed stubbornly at the brink, refusing to go over until Kurt came, crying out in helpless pleasure and surrender. It triggered a cataclysm within her evoking an animal shriek of ecstasy and triumph. Cum spurted from Kurt in copious wads that splattered onto the floor beneath him. Elke's legs failed her and she flopped forward over him. They went to the floor with her on top, cock still buried. 

Kurt lay beneath Elke as she melted in her afterglow, wilted in shame and humiliation, feeling unmanned and yet he knew in his heart that he would submit himself again to the woman cock, such was the pleasure of his coming. And if it was Elke who offered it to him his eagerness to be taken would be redoubled. The words he spoke came from his lips unbidden.

"Elke! My mistress! I love you more than ever now! I'm yours. Please fuck me some more!"

These words went to her heart and the weak feeling returned. But she her satiation helped her to steel herself.

"Some other time slave. I'm finished with you now!"

She stood with cock jutting proudly and faced the audience which broke out in a wild standing ovation. With a few sharp kicks she urged Kurt to his knees. The cock was smeared with the blood of his deflowering and she made him suck it clean before spurning him with a shove backward on his forehead. She removed the cock and set it back on the stand.

Then eunuchs entered the theater bearing wine and food on trays. Slaves were also brought in and the social hours that always followed a deflowering commenced. Elke took pains to avoid Kurt, making sure he saw her being served by other slaves when her lust returned. Kurt was passed freely from woman to woman so each could sample the pleasure to be had from the new dungeon slave. Finally he was led back to his cell with the others when the proceedings were adjourned. His heart was heavy. He had declared his love with heartfelt passion and she had turned from him coldly after satisfying herself. But he knew his love was eternal and resolved to show it when next they met.


Elke joined the countess for lunch the next day, much in need of her counsel. She was pensive, silent at first but the countess noticed and drew her out.

"So subdued today. Not what one might expect of a woman after her first deflowering. Was it not to your liking?"

"Almost too much to my liking Waltrude because it was Kurt. Make no mistake, it was a delight the like of which I never could have imagined. I felt it, the same feeling I had when I cut that other slave. I had unmanned him as surely as if I had cut him, taken his manhood, changed him forever. And then as we lay there after I finished he told me he loved me more than ever and begged for more. I felt that weakness again but fought it down. And yet I want him again. He really does pleasure me more than the others. Knowing I am loved like that makes it special. I'm at war with myself. What should I do?"

"You were wonderful last night dear, all the more so because you did fight off that weakness. You made him your bitch and then scorned him as a proper woman should. But I think you must abstain from him for a month to bolster your pride. He'll be put to duty in the dungeon now. I'll let him have a taste of it for a month as well and then, if you don't mind, I'd like to bring him up here and sample him myself."

"Of course Waltrude. Maybe you'll gain some insight from it and be able to help me."


Kurt was rudely awakened by two keepers the morning after his deflowering. A bowl of mush was put on the floor so he could eat from it like a dog and then he was taken to the cleaning chamber to be groomed for his first day of service. His balls were bound and a collar with a tag bearing a number was put around his neck. He was made to grovel down the corridor and into a circular chamber in the tower's center from where the pleasure chambers were entered through low doors in the surrounding wall. All the other slaves were assembled there for morning inspection, standing in a circle, their bound purple balls jutting out like ripe fruit ready for harvest. Kurt took his place with them. A tall, muscular shaven headed enforcer with a thick reddish bush stood in the center eying the slaves, cruel short whip in hand. A keeper holding a clipboard stood by her side. Several other keepers stood along the wall.

Then the enforcer stepped over to the first subject of inspection, looked him up and down, made him turn around, then back again, spoke to the keeper. "Number one passed!"

She looked to the next slave who stood trembling. When she made him turn around she glanced at his ass and addressed the keeper again. "Number two, fresh demerit mark. Send him to the Mistress of Discipline for punishment and refresher training." A keeper led him away.

So it went as she made her way around the circle of two dozen slaves. About half way around she confronted a slave who withered under her gaze. He pissed himself, a golden stream squirting from his downward pointed cock, forming a puddle on the floor. The enforcer glared in fury and gave him a wicked stroke across his stretched out balls that doubled him over. She spun him around and the cause of his terror was revealed by her words. "Number eleven, tenth demerit mark. This one is to lose his balls. Take him before the countess for judgement and sentencing...after he sucks up that mess he made!"

Kurt, being newest was number twenty four. The enforcer gave him a quick looking over and laughed. "Number twenty four passed. Tender new meat here. I wonder who'll get the first taste!"

She left the chamber and the keepers set about placing the slaves on their knees before the low doors. One by one the doors were raised and the slaves were urged into the chambers with whip strokes and sharp kicks. Lastly it was Kurt's turn.  A keeper tugged on a rope to raise the door. Within stood a nude woman though he could only see her from the waist down. She was hefty, broad of hip, heavy in the thighs with a dense wedge of reddish gold hair at her loins. He was urged to enter with a few sharp kicks and he crawled through the door. First he glanced about, taking in the chamber's furnishings, just like those back in the training chamber, all meant for his suffering and degradation. Then he looked to the woman.

There, in her rubenesque glory, with a gleam of amusement and lust in her blue eyes was Gertrude the innkeeper. Her long Saxon braids fell down over her ample breasts. She chuckled and spoke to him.

"So here you are. You were easy prey. Elke never fails and she promised me I could be first with you in return for my help in your capture. I think a good taste of the whip will be in order first and then a good taste of my pussy. Get under the hoist slave!"

The hoist hung in the chamber's center and Kurt promptly crawled over to position himself beneath it, knowing any hesitation would surely earn him a demerit brand on his buttock. Gertrude went to where the paraphernalia hung on the wall and selected some handcuffs and a length of thin rope. She cuffed his hands in front of him, bound his ankles tight together and attached the hoist's hook to the chain of the cuffs and pushed the button to lift him. When he hung with toes touching the floor and heels slightly raised she stopped the hoist and went to the whip rack to select a wicked six foot single tail.

"Now let's see how well Dagmar and the girls have taught you to dance!"

With those words the first lash bit his flesh, a searing white hot stroke from a woman he could tell had wielded the whip with vigor over many years. The pain of it made him howl and hop and more lashes followed in quick succession until he found himself doing the familiar dance of pain, bouncing about in a futile effort to dodge the lashes though bound hopelessly with naked flesh utterly at her mercy. He could hear her cruel, cackling laughter in the intervals of silence between the crack of the whip and his screams.

She circled around him as she worked his body over all around and when she came in front of him his heart chilled at the wicked gleam of lust and delight in her eyes. Her big breasts flopped and jiggled and her ample flesh rippled as she put her large strong body full into each stroke. His stretched and helpless balls were not spared, lashes falling on them by chance or on purpose. The force of the lashes slackened a bit as she made her way in front of him one last time and he could see it was because her free hand had strayed between her legs and she was fondling her sex while panting softly as lust overcame her, weakening her arm.

The whip fell from her hand and she lowered him, then half dragged him over to the queening bench and laid him on it, face up. Stepping across it she leered down at him.

"Now's your chance to ease me and persuade me that you don't want me to hang you up again and start all over. I need to come rather badly now, very soon and very often!"

With that she lowered herself. As her big snatch descended to cover his face he could see her erectile tissues were swollen to their fullness. She went to her knees on the cushions and her hairy fragrant wetness engulfed him and her smothering  mass settled down. He put his tongue to its labor, almost feeling grateful for his time in the chamber beneath the bulk of the twins since it prepared him well to serve this woman of generous proportion. And he knew well the signs of a woman close to coming and knew what to do. His tongue on her clit set her off in short order and she convulsed with an animal grunt of satisfaction, filling his mouth with her salty pleasure juice, her tense muscles relaxing as she went to jelly in her afterglow. Her weight settled down all the harder and the breathless blackness fell, her wet suffocating lushness cutting off all air. But his breath held thanks to the rigors of the training chamber and he worked his way unbidden with his probing tongue to find her anus knowing it would please her. He was near passing into unconsciousness before his slithering tongue in her orifice roused her from her savoring rapture and caused her to rise a bit to ride him, allowing him a quick deep breath before she settled back down.

She rolled her hips in her enjoyment of his wriggling organ, grinding hard upon his face but at least allowing fleeting breaths. He felt her knuckles against his forehead as she used her fingers to get herself off a second time and soon after a third. This brought her to final satiation and her bulk settled down once more, heedless, remorseless. Her sucking, smothering tissues cut off any hope of breathing and he kicked and writhed a bit but then darkness fell and he lay still. He woke to pinching of his cheek and soft slapping and saw her face above him wearing a smile.

"Ah! You are a treat! Your reputation preceded you and you have lived up to it. But we have much yet to do so let's get about it!"

Gertrude enjoyed the gamut of pleasures the chamber could provide. She finished by fucking him hard and deep after taking toilet service, giving forth gleefully about how she loved to make a man her bitch with his belly full of her excretions. Then she pulled a rope by the door to signal the keepers that she was finished and left the chamber.

The small door rose and he was ordered to crawl through into the corridor. The keepers took him to the cleaning chamber again to prepare him for his next appointment then led him to another chamber where a tall and regal red haired beauty awaited.

So the day went. He lost count of the women he serviced after four. It was all a blur of wet aromatic pussies in his face, lashes of the whip and ravaging of his tender behind. He was fucked until he was emptied of cum and had no idea what time of day or night it was when he was finally returned to his cell and left there with another bowl of mush to eat. Exhaustion brought sleep at first but he awoke later and slobbered up the bland but filling content of the bowl with ravenous hunger.

He was roused again in the morning and another day began, it being the same as the first. The days wore on, one after another, each seeming more grueling than the one before. He earned a couple of brands of demerit and the fear they brought spurred him to greater effort. Resignation set in to the grim life before him, being slave to these cruel and lustful women, the only end to the ordeal as it was being his inevitable castration sometime in the dim future. He had nothing to hope for save that his ultimate unmanning might be quick and merciful. Time ceased to have meaning. And at length the odd psychology of the helpless captive took hold and an eagerness to please those who held him in bondage came over him. He served them with a will and no more brands burned him.

And yet he yearned still for Elke, wondering every time a chamber door rolled up if it would be her standing within. He clung to a thin hope that his worshipful attentions might soften her heart and she would somehow deliver him from this hellish existence. But Elke did not appear. Then one morning he was roused and cleaned but instead of being taken to a chamber he was bade to walk at leash behind the keepers as they led him upward on the long spiral stairway to the keep's very top.


The countess had chosen to let Kurt have a month-long taste of life in the dungeon before having him brought to her so she could sample and test him. Reports about his performance from Dagmar were more than favorable. On that morning she enthroned herself in her favorite chair and Kurt was led before her by the keepers and made to kneel. The countess dismissed the keepers and sat staring at Kurt with a lustful curiosity.

"So dear trespasser, by all accounts you have become an exemplary slave. Only two demerits so far. Most slaves acquire four or five within the first month until they master the learning curve. My curiosity is piqued. Now come here and serve me so I can see for myself."

She raised her long legs and draped them over the arms of the chair, presenting her womanhood. Kurt needed no further instruction. He crawled to her and pressed his face deep into the fragrant lushness. He took one long lapping stroke of his tongue from bottom to top and it hit him like a lightning bolt, the taste, the scent, the essence of Elke! His passion ignited and by reflex he served the countess with the same worshipful ardor he showed for Elke. His attentions triggered her climax, a convulsive surge of ecstasy that left her limp and languid. The gush of her salt sweet juice filled his mouth and he guzzled it with thirst. And he knew then the truth. This goddess woman he served was none other than Elke's mother. How could it be otherwise?

The countess had offered her cunt expecting a routine pleasuring, perhaps of a higher caliber than an average slave but nothing more. Nothing could have prepared her for the outpouring of passionate adoration she felt from him or the exquisite orgasm it would bring. In the sweet haze of afterglow the realization came to her. When her savoring passed she pushed Kurt away albeit gently. He cringed before her, glancing up sideways as if to ascertain her temper. "Kneel up straight Kurt and look at me."

He complied, face crimson.

"You know don't you? And you love me as well now and as much."

Kurt could only nod as he knelt there trembling, thinking only that some cruel and special punishment might await him. The countess read his fear.

"Don't be afraid Kurt. You will not be punished. Quite the contrary. You will remain up here with me now. Elke will visit often, most likely daily, and you will serve each of us and for the most part no others, at least for the time being. You are rare and special Kurt, much like Elke's father Karl, a sweet slave who adored me and gave pleasure unmatched by any except for you at this moment. He was given the honor of sharing my bed and siring Elke. And this will be your lot now, to love and serve Elke and myself and later, after certain years have passed you will share her bed for one night and your seed will start a girl child within her to carry on our line. But there must be a bond of secrecy between us. If you love Elke and me you must never tell. All will be revealed in good time. Now come here again. I want some more of that tongue. Start with a nice rimming."

The countess enjoyed him for the rest of the morning, finishing with a good hard fucking that drained them both. Kurt's cock hung limp. Elke arrived at lunch time and found Kurt on his knees before the countess who sat slumped in her chair with that certain glow of a woman well satisfied.

"Waltrude. So, you enjoyed him this morning? No need to ask how it was. You're glowing. Do you have any thoughts to share with me?"

"Not much more than the obvious Elke dear. He's a rare treat and he'll be staying up here with me now for my personal use. Poor Wilhelm will be demoted and sent downstairs. Eric will remain up here to serve as second tongue. And needless to say you are free to enjoy him whenever you wish. Why don't we have lunch and then we'll pair up on him, see if he can satisfy both of us?"

"I'm right there with you on that. But I could do with a good sucking right now. I haven't come yet today. Do you mind?"

"No need to ask. He's as much yours as he is mine. Enjoy!"

Elke settled into a chair, spread her legs and snapped her fingers. Kurt was there for her in a heartbeat and his worshipful tongue gave her sweet release within the minute.

Lunch was served and Kurt knelt by the table. They tossed him tidbits to catch as they drank wine and chatted about this and that. When the meal was finished they had some more wine to bring on a glow and then two sets of blue eyes fell on Kurt with a randy gleam in them. He trembled, more out of anticipation than fear, and the women burst out in lusty laughter when his cock stiffened and jutted forth at fullest erection. They repaired to the chamber. Eric was let out for a while to serve as second tongue but then locked away again. They hung Kurt up for a whipping to arouse themselves once again and he delighted them with his song and dance of pain, the suffering now sweet to him because it pleased the women he adored. Then the cocks were strapped on and he was ravished down the throat and up the behind until he was emptied of cum and his mistresses were sated. The countess then summoned keepers to drag Wilhelm from his cell and take him to the common dungeon. He was led away begging and pleading and Kurt was placed in the empty cell. Elke and the countess went to the parlor to talk and have some more wine. Elke was pleased with herself, her confidence restored.

"It was kind of a tough month without him. The common slaves took the edge off but I missed him. On the other hand I know I can resist him and assert myself now. He's my slave and to be treated as such. I'll take the special pleasure he gives me as my due and dismiss him when I'm finished with him."

"I knew you would come around dear. You have a rare strength about you and you amaze even me at times."

As for Kurt his enslavement now became a heavenly thing. Every morning he awoke in anticipation of the profound intimacies he would know with two goddesses who reigned over his life and the sweet indignities and degradations they would inflict upon him. His mind was void of any thoughts other than how to give them more pleasure, show greater depths of submission and be a perfect slave. He found he could not sleep at night, even when thrown into his cell used up and exhausted, unless he was sure in his mind both his mistresses were fully satisfied.

His zeal and devotion impressed even one so jaded and discriminating as the countess and she formed in her mind a plan for how to use this for the furtherance of the greater good. She consulted with Elke one evening after Kurt had been put away for the night.

"I think Kurt could be used to add to the ranks of membership. Recruitment of new members has been flat for some time and your efforts have resulted in a bit of a surplus of slaves. They have to be fed and housed but aren't bringing in revenue. Young Elsa seems apt enough to take over supervision of the seductresses who bring in slaves. I would like you to turn you attention to recruitment and use Kurt to help you. It will involve research and investigation to find likely candidates, women of wealth with pride in their gender. Once they are identified you must make their acquaintance and pique their interest. Then how could a night spent with Kurt not seal the deal?"

Elke nodded in agreement. "I would love a new challenge. Truth be known I've got my girls working like a well-oiled machine and don't have that much to do any more. Elsa has actually taken over training of new keepers already. I just give a pep talk once in a while and hand out a few awards I've created for exemplary performance. I'm ready to start any time."


Katja Markova stood looking from the window of her plush top floor corner office in the Moscow headquarters of the oil and gas empire she had inherited upon the passing of her oligarch father some five years ago. She was the image of the imperious czarina, tall and regal in her bearing, her face tapered sharply from her wide tall forehead to her high cheekbones and strong pointed chin. Wide set blue eyes looked out upon the world with a cold arrogance. Her hair was a reddish golden main falling down over her broad shoulders. She wore a finely tailored charcoal gray women's business suit with a skirt that came to mid-thigh. Black fishnet stockings covered her long legs and on her feet were black stiletto pumps.

Katja was a rarity in the male dominated Russian business world but her iron will and cunning made her a formidable competitor. Age 39 she was of high intellect and multilingual thanks to her mother who ensured her education in the finest schools. Her reign over her empire was one of terror, at least for the dwindling number of men who worked for her. As for the women she was demanding and expected unquestioned loyalty but promotions and advancement in the company were assured if her high standards were met. Katja's goal was to purge men from the upper ranks of the company, cleanse the headquarters of them entirely, relegate the male to brute labor. As new women gained the competencies required their male counterparts would not only be fired but their reputations ruined with hints and rumors of sexual transgressions and embezzlement. This was done out of Katja's loathing of men.

That loathing had been born of the abuse by her lusting, piggish father who had beaten her mother with regularity and slipped into Katja's bedroom at night to have his way with her with similar regularity. Despite her man hatred she was not a lesbian but rather was possessed of a persistent and burning, itching lust that only the humiliation of men could soothe. The idea of a penis entering her body brought revulsion but a man on his knees with his face buried in the hairy wet between comely her thighs giving desperate worship with his tongue brought intense orgasms that eased her so she could function but complete satisfaction escaped her, always seeming just out of reach.

Her office desk was a vast expanse of fine walnut she had custom made for a special purpose with an extra-large space beneath it. She loved nothing more than to have some male underling whose job hung by a thread on his hands and knees beneath it for days at a time serving her down below in an ultimately futile effort to keep his miserable job. She would induce him to degrade himself by giving him false hope and when satisfied that his humiliation was complete she would fire him and ruin him like the others. And then the next victim would take his place. It came to be that there was always some pathetic groveler under the desk and today was no exception. Katja turned from the window, went to her desk, hiked up her short skirt and settled into her plush leather chair. She wore no panties.

The poor fool beneath the desk had been there every day for a week and she had trained him well to serve her. A simple hand sign bade him to lick her softly so she could relax and think. Her laptop lay before her. Opening her email she read once more the message from one Elke, a woman from Germany who claimed to have a proposition she would find irresistible. Her interest was piqued because Elke was clearly a woman of like mind who hinted that there were many others like her, spirits kindred to Katja's.

After much research and investigation Elke had found, to her surprise, that the nation of Russia had yet to be infiltrated. She had looked further seeking women of power and strength and had come upon Katja, one who more than held her own in the male world with a reputation for ruthlessness in her dealings and contempt for men. The gates of the empire opened by just a crack. She reported to the countess who told her to proceed forthwith. Elke reached out.

Katja had mulled over Elke's message without replying for the past few days but finally her decision was reached. She agreed to meet Elke two evenings later in a suite in a posh hotel not far from her office. She had worked late and still wore on of her usual business suit. Elke wore and elegant red silk robe with nothing underneath. She found Elke to be a formidable woman in her own right who earned Katja's immediate respect. There was instant rapport between them. They sat side by side on the sofa with several bottles of wine on the coffee table in front of them and after a bit of that had loosened things up and they fell to girl talk Katja hinted at her sexual frustration. Taking her cue Elke got to the heart of the matter.

"Katja, I know you're rich and powerful. You seem to have everything a woman might want but is it enough? Are you happy? Are you satisfied?"

"You cut right through things don't you Elke? It shows doesn't it? I'm horny most of the time. I have my ways of getting myself off but there's an itch that never goes away. Sometimes I wonder how I sleep at night and sometimes I can't. Can I trust you with a dirty little secret?"

Elke just nodded and Katja divulged what she did to her male underlings. Elke's heart skipped a beat and any doubt of the success of her mission vanished.

"Katja, the real reason I invited you here is because there is someone I want you to meet. I think this person will be able to help you see your way clear to finding real happiness in life."

Elke clapped her hands loudly three times and the bedroom door opened. Kurt came crawling out naked and knelt before the women, balls bound up extra tight so they projected upward and out, shiny and purple like an offering of succulent ripe fruit, cock forced downward between his legs by the bonds in denigration of his maleness. Katja's eyes grew wide and she fidgeted in her seat. Her breathing deepened and a flush came over her face. Elke offered introduction.

"This is Kurt, Katja. He is an example of the state of men in my world. Yes, no need to ask. He is a slave and he has been trained with rigor to serve women. His obedience and submission are absolute and unquestioning. Allow me to demonstrate. "Kurt, lay your balls over the edge of the coffee table. I want to whack them."

Without the least hesitation Kurt laid his balls on the table, offering them. From beside the couch Elke picked up a thick riding crop she had kept there and brought it down on his helpless fruit in a cruel and wicked stroke that put him on the floor doubled over in a fetal position sobbing. One of Katja's hands strayed between her legs, hiking up her skirt and Elke was pleased to see she wore no panties.

"Katja is there something you would like Kurt to do for you? He'll do anything, everything in fact."

Katja just lifted her skirt higher and rolled her hips, presenting herself, no words needed. Kurt still lay on the floor moaning softly.

"Kurt! On your knees. My new friend Katja would like some attention. See to it!"

Kurt rose with some difficulty and there before him was Katja's hairy mount, riven by the pink ragged gash, her labia engorged in the fullness of her lust, her knees now raised to her breast. He leaned in and bent to his sweet labor, tasting, caressing seeking.  His training served and he sensed her readiness. Tongue touched clit, wriggling in the way sure to trigger her and she bucked and writhed, gave out a shriek and relaxed, her feet hitting the floor hard as her tension drained. But he wasn't finished and neither was she. He used his shoulders to raise her legs again and went down low to find her vortex, plunging his tongue in, slithering, probing. Katja gasped in delight and lapsed into that special rapture only good rimming could induce. But she was soon rekindled and signaled he readiness with a roll of her hips. Kurt moved upward but replaced his tongue with a finger, nestling it in her rectum and then fluttered his tongue over her clit like a butterfly's wing, bringing climax after shattering climax. Animal cries were ripped from her until with one great shudder her feet dropped again and she lay limp and still.

Kurt backed away and looked to Elke for approval. She smiled and nodded, then made a sign that he should kneel at attention and wait. Katja roused slowly from her savoring stupor. Her eyes opened and met Elke's with an expression of sweet surprise and gratitude. She sat up straight and expressed her feelings.

"Amazing! My orgasms have always been strong but they have never "finished" like that. They cool me down but the itch never quite goes away. I'm just so content now. It's like years of stress just melted away. What is it about him? What makes him so different?"

"He has accepted his lot as a slave and above all accepted his status as an inferior being whose purpose is to submit and serve women. As I said, the men in my world are all like him. Any who fail in their duty suffer certain severe consequences."

"Well I would like to know more about "your world" Elke. Much more."

"Good. Let's have some more wine and talk awhile. Would you like to take those shoes and stockings off? Your feet must be hot and tired in them after a long day. Kurt! Help Katja off with them!"

Kurt bent to remove her shoes and the unclipped her garters and removed the stockings. Elke had further instructions.

"Fetch the ottoman now and put Katja's feet up. That's good. You know what to do now."

Katja sighed in delight as Kurt's tongue went to its work on her feet and toes. Elke refilled her glass and the two women fell into relaxed conversation. After an hour or so Elke could see Katja's lust growing. Her breathing deepened and her hand strayed to her pussy to fondle.

"Katja, would you like some more time with Kurt, perhaps alone? You're welcome to the bedroom for a while."

"I'd love to! Somehow I think I've only gotten a hint of things so far."

"Excellent! Just one thing first. That wine has taken a certain effect. Kurt! On your back!"

His obedience was swift and he laid himself down with mouth open wide. Elke squatted over him and the golden cascade poured from her. Not a drop was spilled. Katja stood staring. "He'll even do that?"

"Yes, and from the other hole too when the time comes. Like I said, anything and everything. Why don't you take the crop with you into the bedroom and one more thing."

Elke picked up the dildo that had also lain unseen beside the couch. Katja's eyes grew wide as she explained its use. Then she took crop and dildo in one hand and Kurt's hair in the other and dragged him into the bedroom. The door slammed. Elke smiled to herself and picked up the TV remote and selected a movie. As the minutes turned to hours Elke smiled at the sounds coming from the bedroom, the moaning, panting, the crack of leather on flesh and cries of pain and best of all the cries of animal ecstasy. At length the door opened and Kurt emerged first on hands and knees followed by Katja, animal naked and unsteady on her feet in languid satisfaction. Her dazed look and vapid smile told the tale. She flopped onto the couch next to Elke, took her hand and kissed it.

"So Katja, I trust everything was satisfactory?"

"I presume you're kidding? I haven't even known how to dream of anything like it. And that cock! A work of genius! The way he worshipped it, took it down the throat until he nuzzled my bush, then gave me a blowjob that melted my bones when I came. He wants it, craves it, doesn't he? When I wanted to fuck him he just assumed the position, offered his ass and begged. I rutted like a brute until he shot his load and then I came too like never before. That feeling, making him my bitch, unmanning him as surely as if I had cut off his balls. I felt so sated, so relaxed. Nature took its course. He just laid down and opened his mouth, took it all down and cleaned me with his tongue."

"Excellent. I think its time you visit a very special place where you will meet a very special person. When would you like to go?"

"Would now be soon enough?"

"You must be tired Katja dear. Why don't you go in the bedroom and get some rest. Take Kurt with you. I'll make the arrangements to fly out first thing tomorrow."

Katja went to the bedroom with Kurt in tow. Elke emailed the countess with her report giving every detail and told her to expect a special guest. Then she went online and booked the next available flight to Munich and they flew out at ten o'clock. Kurt was clothed, posing as Elke's husband. Elke sent a text to the castle to arrange for pickup at the airport. The countess's own black limo met them there with an enforcer in livery at the wheel to drive them to the castle. They crossed the drawbridge, entered the cobbled court and disembarked. Katja gaped in awe at the imposing ancient fortress and towering keep and gaped all the more at the sight of the eunuchs who labored there, sweeping the cobblestones and tending the shrubbery under the supervision and whips of the naked, booted, shaven-headed enforcers. She turned to Elke, eyes sparkling.

"I think I'm going to like it here!"

Elke just nodded. "I had no doubt. Now let's go upstairs. Someone there is dying to meet you!"

They climbed the spiral stairs. It was a normal day at the castle and slaves and eunuchs were being led up and down for various purposes. Katja's eyes were everywhere, agog. They entered the countess's quarters to find her enthroned and resplendently nude, feet on an ottoman with her slave Eric busy upon them with worshipful tongue.

Two similar thrones were set facing her and the countess invited them to undress and be seated. Kurt was ordered to strip naked and kneel. The countess greeted Katja with warmth.

"You simply must stay with us for a week dear. By chance we have some very special entertainments scheduled over the next few days. I'm hoping you'll be persuaded to join a very special group of women."

"I do believe little persuasion will be needed countess. You might say I've been leaning that way ever since last night. But please proceed with any persuasion you have in mind!"

"Of course dear. Elke, why not show Katja to my private chamber? Take Kurt and Eric along and let her enjoy herself for a while."

Elke took a few minutes to familiarize Katja with the chamber's apparatus then rejoined the countess, who wore an approving smile and had words of high praise.

"You've outdone yourself this time my dear. I've no doubt our next new member is coming hard as we speak and our "persuasions" will be merely formalities. But we'll leave nothing to chance. Get Elsa and her girls busy arranging a man hunt for later in the week. Katja must enjoy every pleasure membership will bring."

After two hours Katja emerged from the chamber. She had Eric on hands and knees and sat astride him. Her long legs draped limp, her feet dragged over the floor, her head lolled, her eyes were vacant, her face wore a crooked smile. She was unsteady in her seat and had Kurt walking beside her. She clung to his cock for balance. Elke and the countess laughed as she approached. Katja flopped into her chair and joined in their mirth. Soon dinner was served. Later the countess ordered a third slave to be brought up from the dungeon and the women shared a long evening of pleasures before retiring. In the morning after breakfast Elke and the countess took Katja on a tour of the castle and its surroundings. Elke asked Katja if she rode or hunted. Katja was indeed quite the huntress and prided herself in her sharpshooting. Elke hinted at the unique and thrilling game animal that she would hunt a few days hence but gave no details. Katja was intrigued but didn't press for details.

As it happened two deflowerings and a castration had been scheduled for the upcoming week. The first deflowering was to be held that very evening. Katja sat in the gallery rapt and entranced as she witnessed the countess plunging the big cock deep into the slave's virgin hole and ravaging him. The castration was held the next evening and it was a cruel one.Katja found herself coming without touching herself as the knife severed the scrotum and the balls rolled to the table. The second deflowering was to be held the following evening.

The countess and Elke conferred and decided Katja should participate in the proceedings. The ceremony was to be the slave's second chance to redeem himself. The fate of his balls hung in the balance and he stood to lose them that very hour if he failed. Katja was given third seat, the slave's last resort. An excitement beyond her wildest imaginings took hold at the feeling power that came over her as the slave knelt and leaned in to serve her. She could sense his terror and desperation in every flicker of his tongue. A chain of orgasms rocked her bringing sweetest satisfaction. The two other women had voted in the slave's favor after coming ,each pointing  thumbs up. Katja felt him to be deserving as well, her pleasure having been exquisite, but then a cruel impulse took her, coming from her loathing and contempt for men. She looked down at the slave who knelt at her feet with hope in his eyes and turned her thumbs down.

The slave cried out in shock and horror as four muscular enforcers seized him and lifted him bodily onto the table. Katja stood watching, one hand between her legs fondling, as the slave was strapped down and his balls stretched out cruelly tight over the block. The urn was brought out to choose the woman to do the honors but the countess politely intervened and offer the honor to Katja who accepted the knife with trembling hand and took her place beside the table. Dagmar gave her instructions

The castration was to be a cruel one since the slave had failed in his attempt at redemption and in his former life had been a notorious date rapist. A two pronged fork was heated red hot with a blowtorch. Dagmar used her artful hand to coax him along to the final coming of his life but before he could enjoy it the fork was driven with a hammer through his balls, pinning them to the block. A howl of agony echoed through the chamber and the slave was left to suffer, all waiting patiently until his torment overcame him and he begged for the mercy of the cut. Then Katja stepped forward knife in hand and sliced through the stretched out scrotum, then tugged the fork from the block with the balls impaled on it and held them before the slave's eyes. Her lust had been welling up again during the procedure and when the slave moaned and sobbed in his despair she felt herself coming, the gush of her juice trickling down her thighs and into her boots.

She reveled in the orgy that followed and retired with the countess and Elke to the countess's suite where she was shown to a bedroom and nestled into the satin sheets, drifting off into a sweet creamy sleep, waking the next morning feeling refreshed as never before. In the morning she awoke to sunlight through the window and left the bedroom, still nude and booted from the night before. She found the countess and Elke awake and having breakfast in their throne chairs. They greeted her warmly. Kurt, Eric and the other slave waited on their knees nearby. She felt an urgent need and without even thinking grabbed Eric's hair and pressed him onto his back, squatting down over him to relieve herself in a golden cascade into his mouth. Then she took a seat. A eunuch was summoned, bearing her breakfast. The countess was eager to hear if she had enjoyed the evening before.

"Katja! You look so rested and refreshed. I trust you found last night's entertainment enjoyable."

"I can't help thinking it was all the sweetest dream I've ever had. Deep down I know I've always wanted to do that to a man. I came when I cut him. But there's just one thing that's bothering me. You see when he served me I really did find him deserving of redemption. That string of orgasms turned me to jelly. But I saw that hope in his eyes and wanted to dash it and condemn his balls anyway just because I could. That feeling of power! So I gave him the thumbs down. It didn't seem fair to me but I just couldn't resist. Was that OK?"

Elke and the countess laughed and the countess answered.

"The words "fairness" and "justice" do not apply to men Katja. No slave has the "right" to anything. All that matters is what the mistress finds most pleasurable. It's very cruel to lead a slave to believe his balls will be spared if he serves you properly and then send him to the block anyway. I've done it many times myself. That kind of cruelty is to be encouraged and enjoyed. Never deny yourself. Men are to be used for pleasure and degraded in any way your whim can devise and when they have outlived their usefulness for pleasure they are to be castrated and put to other labor."

On the second last day of Katja's visit she experienced the thrill of a man hunt in the forest maze. A swinish, lusting pig was duped into coming to the forest for a tryst with Elsa. He rode in on a motorcycle, stripped and set off down the trail. Katja's aim with the dart gun was as true as ever. More than a few charging wild boars had fallen to her rifle in the forests back home. She implanted the tracking dart in her quarry's behind and pursued him through the woods, biding her time, dragging out his ordeal as long as possible before placing her last dart in the tip of his cock with unerring precision, bringing him down for good, writhing in agony. After she forced him to satisfy her Elsa helped drag him back to the motorcycle and she tied a rope to it and to his balls hopped on the bike and tugged him along the road at a run back to the castle where the countess, Elke and a cheering crowd waited.

On the morning of the last day Katja joined the countess and Elke once more for breakfast and the offer of membership was made. Katja dismissed the rather high fee with a wave of her hand. Money was no object to her in most things and twice the price would have been a bargain for the delights and sexual fulfillment that were now to be hers.

As it happened a dozen surplus slaves were to be auctioned off that afternoon. Katja claimed half of them, running up the bids with casual abandon to the amazement of all in attendance. She meant to have the basement of her headquarters building remodeled as a dungeon and reward the hard working women of her staff with the exquisite pleasures she had come to know. 

And the conquest of Russia began. Katja's corporate headquarters and her dacha in the countryside outside St. Petersburg became strong outposts of the Schaft, males being subjugated and enslaved there by the score within the year. And above all, membership swelled in the new realm, women of strength flocking to claim their birthright.


The heart of the Countess nearly burst with pride and joy at the efforts of her fine young daughter. She knew Elke was ready now for another even greater mission of conquest. The Schaft was as yet unknown across the sea in America and the time was ripe for the women there to stand tall and proud with men groveling at their feet and crushed beneath the heels of their boots. It tore her heart that Elke must leave, surely for years, to sow the seeds of the reign of woman there but afterward she would return, bear a woman child to succeed her and assume her rightful place as Countess.

She met with Elke for lunch one day with Kurt kneeling at their feet and broached the subject. Elke accepted her mission without showing fear or doubt though both were within her at the prospect of leaving the home she had known all her life. But there was a thrill at the thought of conquest too. She had just one question for the countess: "Will I be all alone?"

"Of course not child. Kurt will go with you to give you pleasure and comfort. He can pose as your husband for public purposes and as your persuader and recruiter. Now go do some research and find a likely spot to sow our first seeds over there. Find yourself a home to your liking and I'll buy it for you.  Money will be no object. And I'll send over some of our enforcers with a crew of eunuch laborers to refurbish it and build a proper dungeon so all will be in readiness when you arrive. No delays now! I want you over there within six months."

Elke set about her work with her usual focus, searching the vast untamed land for a remote and beautiful place where the seeds of the Schaft could be planted and be nursed along until they could branch out and entwine themselves inextricably. And well within the allotted time she found it, a lovely little town set among rolling hills and valleys with the great river running through, towering bluffs along its course, so much like the Rhineland of home. There was a Gothic mansion there set high on a hill with a sweeping view of the town and all below. And in that little town the rule of Woman was already in its infancy, needing only guidance and direction.

The day of departure came. The countess accompanied Elke to the airport with Kurt in tow. He was clothed, appearing to the world to be a henpecked husband to the stern and regal young goddess who led him by the hand up the ramp to the plane. Elke and the countess exchanged on last fond look before they boarded.

The countess shed silent tears on the ride back home. Five years were to pass before she would see her fine and precious daughter again when she would make her own way across the ocean to see what fruit had been born there. And then the secret could be made known.

To be continued.

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