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Beth's Turn

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Synopsis: A husband shares homemade porn and pays the price.

Beths Turn


Beth and Tony had been married for more than 30 years. Beth was still stunning having stayed slim with her blond coloured hair kept in a mid-length up-to-date style. She had always been pretty and age had made her more so if in a more mature way. He figure was a little rounder than years before but not so much that chubby entered the discussion. The changes were mainly in her rear and chest, both of which Tony approved of.

Tony had not put on weight but no longer looked like a young guy. What had not diminished was his sex drive. Beth still enjoyed sex but not as aggressively or as often as Tony. They were very typical of long married people of their age.

Beth had not liked her own sex drive going lower. She had always been a full participant in whatever Tony had in mind. Other than involving other people there were not a lot of things they had not explored over the years. Beth being dominant was one of those they had not tried. She wasnt crazy about the role and had always discouraged any suggestions Tony made that she try.

Lunch with two of her oldest friends made her think a little differently. Conversation had drifted around to sex and one of her friends had mentioned that their sex lives had become less about giving her husband what he wanted and more about denying it to him while at the same time she got what she wanted. It had been a careful discussion with nobody wanting to give away too many personal secrets but with enough talk for everybody to get the idea of what was being talked about. Beth left the lunch a bit turned on with her imagination going full steam. As she said her goodbyes one of her friends took her aside to tell her there was something she had to know.


Tony and Beth kept a small isolated cabin on a river that they used on weekends to relax and even work. Since their kids had left home they tended to go there most weekends except in winter. It was early October and they arrived Saturday morning. Their bags went upstairs in the bedroom and it wasnt long before they were sitting on the deck enjoying the first Bloody Caesar of the day. Beth asked if Tony had brought his “bag of toys” and he responded that of course he had.

“You know what I would like, “Beth asked? “Go upstairs and have a shower, clean up really well, shave everything and then reappear with one of those tight rubber ball rings you are always showing me. Put it on when you are warm after the shower. Pick a very tight one.”

Tony was to say the least surprised but didnt waste any time doing as he was told. Interesting he thought I wasnt “asked”, I was “told”. He quickly used the toilet, showered while shaving his face and genitals, put on a little aftershave, put on his tightest ball ring and made his way back to the living room.

“You didnt say what I should wear any suggestions?”

“Just nothing will do.”

When Tony entered the room he noticed that Beth hadnt changed and the only thing she had done was move an old oak chair in front of the sofa she was now sitting on and brought his toy bag downstairs.. She motioned for him to sit in the chair.

“Not sure what you are up to here Love but OK.”

The chair had a back of 3 slates which could be adjusted to tilt backwards in several positions. Tony sat and Beth rose from the sofa to move his arms through 2 of the slates behind him, put his wrists together and handcuff them there. Beth said nothing as she tilted the chair back halfway so Tony had to bend his neck to watch her. Taking the dog collar straps he often used on her ankles she fastened one on each of his legs just below the knee. She hooked a clip to the ring on one strap and ran the attached rope behind the back of the chair and attached it to the other strap pulling them tight.

“Hey, that hurts a bit. A little looser would be better.”

“Not quite tight enough I think”, Beth said as she pulled several inches in off the rope and retied the end.

Moving in front Beth produced a role of Tonys bondage tape (black of course) and bound his ankles to the front of the arms of the chair. The bondage left Tony helpless with his encased balls and ass fully exposed. Quickly his cock started to harden as the full reality of his position became apparent. Beth stroked his cock a little to encourage him and then stopped. Leaving the room she came back with a scotch and water and a small blue pill.

“This is scotch and this is Viagra. The pill goes in your mouth followed by the scotch. Drink,” she ordered as she pushed the pill in and held the glass to his mouth.

After Tony swallowed the entire glass Beth left the room telling him laughingly to relax and that she would be back in a while. With no choice Tony tried to relax and figure out what was happening. He tried to see how much slack was in his bonds but Beth had left none. He was stuck.


Beth took her time returning. 45 minutes later Tony heard her heels coming down the stairs. As she entered the room he could see that she was wearing a knee length robe below which was visible the bottom of leather boots and 4 inch heels. In her hand was a glass of red wine. She sat on the sofa in front of Tony and sipped from the glass.

“Sure looks like that ring on your balls is starting to hurt. You cant see but they are turning a lovely shade of dark red. Not that it matters since today is all about what pleases me, not what bothers you.”

Standing, Beth slipped of her robe. She was dressed in the black leather corset Tony had seen many times and which always turned him on. It fit her perfectly and left her breasts naked and beautifully presented. She had worn her highest heeled black boots over top of crotch-high shining black latex stockings.

“I found these kinky stockings in your bag of toys. I assumed they were for me but maybe you have a tranny side I dont know about. They look fabulous dont they,” she said turning to show herself off? “I see you noticed my shaved pussy. I just did that. I want you to be able to see how turned on I am going to get.”

Beth leaned over Tony and began stroking his already swollen cock. Above the silicon ring around his balls she tied a leather thong letting the two foot end dangle over the edge of the chair. Placing a pole under each of Tonys bound knees she looped the thong over the pole and let it dangle.

“You know how you love to tie up my tits when we play bondage games and I always tell you I dont really like it. I thought I would find out why you like doing it so much so Im going to stretch your balls a bit and see if it turns me on.”

Beth pulled lightly on the leather thong earning a groan from Tony as his balls extended another inch upward leaving his asshole fully exposed. To the end of the thong she tied the handle of a childs sand bucket and let it dangle off the floor in front of the chair.

“I am going to use our change jar to slowly fill the bucket. I tried it earlier and would you believe it holds over 10 pounds of coins when its full.”

Beth scooped 2 handfuls of coins out of the jar and dropped them into the bucket adding a half an inch to Tony stretched ball sack.

Searching through Tonys toy bag Beth came up with a rather scary looking butt plug. The plug was about 4 inches long with a tapered point at one end widening to the thickness of her fist at the other before tapering down to an inch before a large knob on the end.

“You will want to suck on this first. Get it really slimy. You tried to put this in me last year remember. No way would it fit.”

Beth shoved the plug into Tonys mouth and pushed it to the back of his throat making him gag. Pulling it out she placed the tip on Tonys asshole and began to push. Tony had done an adequate of lubing and with some resistance it started to slide in. Tony whimpered begging her to stop.

“Did you stop when I asked? I dont think so, besides you are bigger down here than I am.”

Beth pushed hard until Tonys ass spread and then clenched hard around the narrowing before the ball handle. Now in, there was no way Tony was going to be able to push it out. Beth again began stroking Tonys swollen cock and added 2 more handfuls of coins to the bucket.

“I have one more job for your mouth before I gag you. I want you to lube up my favourite vibrator so I can enjoy myself while I watch you get more uncomfortable.”

Pushing the silicon toy with its clit stimulator extension into Tonys mouth she ordered him to keep it there while she added more coins to the bucket. Pulling it out she replaced it with a penis gag attached to a leather belt which she fastened behind his head. The gag was long and wide enough to completely muffle anything he tried to say.

“About now you do probably understand why oral sex is not my favourite. Oh did I mention Adele, you know Adele who is married to Chuck who you go drinking with, told her that you shared some hidden camera photos of me being your bondage slave. He even showed her the pictures hoping it might encourage her to play the same games.”

Tony tried to speak but could not. Beth gave his cock another tug and dropped two more handfuls of coins in the bucket. Tony tried to protest but only earned a not so gentle slap on his ball sack. Sitting on the sofa legs apart Beth inserted her vibrator into her pussy.

“See, I am already turned on. I like this dominance thing. Did you know that Chuck was bisexual? Adele says he always comes home horny after your drinking nights. Tells her how hot the guys were. Apparently he likes your ass just as much as mine. Did you notice that the penis gag you are sucking on tastes a little salty? Guess who was made to salt it up for you? Good Lord I am enjoying this. I may cum quickly. Oh, did I mention that Adele and Chuck may drop in later. He apparently has been as bad a boy as you.”

Unsure of how much weight Tonys balls could take Beth started putting in a few coins at a time. 10 minutes later she pointed out to Tony that his sack was at least 3 inches below his cock.

“If I make you cum think of the trip it has to take. I bet I can get it to spray all the way to your face, but not just yet. At this point it would feel good to you and I might miss a thrill.”

Beth set up a camera on a tripod behind the sofa with a great view of the action and started a recording. “I almost regret this next part but you deserve it.” She started to gently squeeze his puffed out balls getting a bit harder with each squeeze. “Remember when you tried to pierce my nipples. I was tied up and you brought out those ugly needles and actually pushed one through my nipple before I went berserk. I saved the needles.”

Tony started to throw himself against his bonds. His eyes rolled backward but all he managed to do was bounce his agonized balls around. Beth showed him one long needle with a small handle on one end. She placed the tip on one of his balls and pretended to push. Tony screamed into his cum tasting gag.

“Well, maybe later well try that especially if you give me any trouble for the rest of this trip on what I tell you to do. Got it?”

Tonys head wagged up and down in agreement.


Working her way towards her first orgasm Beth sat back on the sofa and worked the vibrator into her pussy and against her clitoris describing her rising arousal to Tony as she worked. Standing she pulled out the toy and walked to Tonys side wiping it under his nose to smear her juiced across his lips. She could see his cock get stiffer.

“Before we have company I have few adjustments to make. See this, it is what is known as a testicle collar. It is three inches long and two inches across. It opens like bracelet and has a cool little locking thingy that snaps shut and cant be opened. Once on and locked it has to be cut off. It goes between your cock and your balls. It makes any stretch I achieve here permanent. As it is fairly heavy, over time who knows how much more can be acquired. Lets measure. We now have just a little over three inches so on it goes and there “click” and its locked. Lets cut the thong and get on with the fun.

Beth used a pair of nail clippers to cut the leather thong around his balls scrapping the tip over his ball sack as she did. Tony jumped at the sharp touch and winced as his trapped balls pulled back against the metal collar.

”Thats perfect Honey, now relax while we wait for our friends.”


Tony was pretty sure that Beth was fooling about inviting Adele and Chuck right up until there was a knock on the door. Beth stroked his cock a few times and headed to the door. Tony had been bound in the same position for over two hours and had most forgotten the huge plug in his ass. Beth had kept stroking his cock just enough that he had remained horny the whole time and the Viagra had kept him hard as a rock.

There was nothing he could do but stare as Beth showed two women into the living room. As they approached him he realized that one was Adele and the other was his buddy Chuck done up in full drag making him a not bad looking woman. He wore full makeup with wide bright red lipstick. His long blonde hair had been curled and set. He walked behind Adele led by a leash attached to a wide punishment collar around his neck. Adel was wearing a trench coat and high heels.

“Hi Tony,” said Adele as calmly as if they were meeting on the street, “I am so pleased that Beth invited us. Chuck, show Tony how pleased you are to be here. Look how swollen his balls are. Please suck on them until I say stop. I want to see them covered and glistening with that beautiful red lipstick I bought you.”

Chuck dropped to his knees in front of Tonys chair, slurped Tonys balls into his mouth and began sucking. Adele let him continue for several minutes and the stopped him. When Tonys balls emerged from his mouth they were as red as Chucks lips.

“Good job Chuckie, now lets get that dress off so Beth can admire you properly.”

Chuck stripped off his dress and was quickly naked. His cock trying to erect itself was trapped in a plastic tube which only allowed half an erection.

“Chuck, get back on your knees and properly greet Beths rear end.”

Chuck knelt in front of Beth as she sat and raised her legs exposing her pussy and asshole. Chuck did as he was told and ignoring Beths swollen pussy thrust his tongue up her ass causing her to moan and begin to orgasm a second time. Chuck kept licking and thrusting until Beths stopped shaking. Adele told him to stand and produced a strange looking key that fit neatly into the lock on his cock sheath. As it popped off Chucks cock sprang into a full 10 inch erection.

“Tony, Hes had it on for over week ever since he tried to tempt me with your sexy pictures. He really needs to fuck something. Since he did such a great job on your balls and Beths ass I think he should have a treat. Chuck, right here you have two pussies and three assholes available for fucking. You get to choose. It wont hurt my feelings if you dont choose me. I think Beth might have something in mind for me.”

Chuck took no time deciding. Turning to Tony he grasped the end of the plug in his ass and ripped it out. Without a pause he thrust all 10 inches of his massive cock in Tonys ass and began pounding. A week of chastity had left Chuck with very little control and on the ninth or tenth strokes he erupted pouring a huge volume of cum into Chuck.

“That was pretty quick Chuck,” chastised Adele. “Ill show you how to do it so Beth enjoys it but Tony does not.”

Adele dropped her coat to the floor revealing a spectacular body wrapped in a crotchless skin tight leather bodysuit. Moving in front of Tony she gripped his swollen balls in her hands and twisted them sharply causing Tony to moan loudly through his gag. Pulling Tonys balls up and out of the way she put her fist to Tonys cum dripping asshole and pushed it in right up to her wrist. Her other hand grabbed Tonys swollen cock and began to pull and stretch it rapidly.

“Beth take that phony cock out of his mouth. I want to hear him scream.”

Beth removed the penis gag and Tony began to beg Adele to stop. Adele increased her rate of stroking and as she felt the first throb of Tonys orgasm she cruelly dug her nails into his balls causing him to open his mouth and scream. He came at the same time and his cum flew over his body like water from a hose hitting him directly in the mouth. Before he could spit Beth had reinserted the penis gag and strapped it back in place. Tony struggled to breath and quickly had to swallow his own cum. All the while Adele kept her nails digging into his tortured balls.


“You cruel woman. You have hurt my husband, “laughed Beth as she dragged Adele away from Tony cuffing her hands behind her as she did.

“Chuck, bring me the piano stool and set it here.”

When the stool was in place Beth reached into the toy bag and produced a huge vibrating dildo with a suction cup on the bottom. She licked the cup and stuck it to the polished seat of the round stool. Grabbing Adele under one arm and one knee she ordered Chuck to do the same. Together they lifted Adele above the 12 inch wrist thick Phallus and lowered her pussy on to it. Once the tip was in Adele, Beth sprayed the shaft with lubricant and she and Chuck forced Adele downward.

They released Adeles legs which flopped down but failed to reach the floor impaling her on the huge cock. Beth began to turn the stool in circles slowly lowering it towards the floor. As Adeles toes touched ground she took as much weight off her pussy as she could. As her feet touched flat Beth stopped the turning and ordered Adele to go on her toes and back down again. The intruding cock pulled several inches out of Adeles pussy as she obeyed and slammed back in as Adeles legs weakened and slipped back onto her feet.

Satisfied with the positioning, Beth slid each of Adeles high heels off and stuck short thumb tacks inside at the heel. Slipping the shoes back on allowed Adele to take weight off her pussy again but when her legs again weakened and her heel touched the bottom of the shoe she shot onto her toes as the tack pricked her. The effect was just what Beth wanted. Adele was now fucking herself violently up and down on the monster shaft caught between the ecstasy of her coming orgasm and the pain in her feet. Each thrust upward exposed at least 6 inches of shaft onto which she then plunged herself.

Beth pushed Chuck to the ground and straddled his face alternating her pussy and her asshole onto his tongue. Holding the vibrator to her clitoris she began to cum not caring if Chuck could breathe or not. As she exploded in her orgasm she wondered if she would ever tell Tony that Adele and her had been sharing sex life photos and videos for years.

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