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Becoming a Rubberdoll

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Synopsis: Cody Jackson recently got a job at a Fortune 500 company. When he signed the paperwork he signed his life away to become a Rubberdoll

Becoming a Rubberdoll Part I

By: Chloe Latex 69

This story is a work of fiction. I have always fantasized about becoming a woman and in real life that is what I am working on right now. I have also fantasized about being a rubberdoll. That might happen in real life for me as well, but my story will be fun!

My name is Cody Jackson. I am a recent college graduate who got two degrees in Biology and Psychology with an emphasis in genetics. In college I did an independent study on Alzheimer's and I discovered a way to alter or reduce the decay of the brain. My research was well received and I got a fantastic job opportunity straight out of college for a company called Femco Genetic Institute.

Femco is a Fortune 500 company who is one of the leading researching institutions for medical and military purposes. Over the past 10 years their profit margins have gone through the roof and their is a FGI building in practically every major city in North America. Over the next 10 years they plan to expand even further to have offices all over Europe and Asia.

I went to the Femco corporate headquarters in Minneapolis for my interview.The main entrance is covered in pink and black from the tiling on the floor to the walls that were covered in what looks like latex.I walked across the huge entryway to the receptionist desk. The woman behind the desk was possibly the sexiest woman I have ever seen. She was wearing a skin tight midi-dress that barely covered her huge breasts and tight ass. Her bleach blond hair was very wavy and even without her makeup on she would have been a goddess. I think to myself what I would give to have 30 minutes with her, but I knew that I didn't have a chance in hell.

I was 5' 10" and 180 lbs. I was fairly handsome, but I had no muscle mass or charm. I was a nerd who had hardly any experience with being with a person. I was romantically involved with a woman in college. Things went well until I became romantically involved with Claire. We would make love but I was never able to climax. One day I came home and I found out that my girlfriend was cheating on me with my best friend John. He was a very handsome, attractive, smart, and wealthy guy. Seeing my girlfriend having sex with him made me mad, but I was more turned on than anything else. Claire was wearing a very sexy set of lingerie that emphasized her features. Her hair and makeup was flawless and she probably could have passed as an up and coming movie star or porn actress. Thinking of my ex-girlfriend getting pounding by John made me with that I was in her place instead. I came so hard and my friends finally noticed me. They then called me a loser and got back to making love. My girlfriend broke up with me shortly afterwards and started dating John. They recently got married and are living a very wealthy life.

I walked up to the receptionist and told her that I am here for an interview. She tells me to follow her to the interviewing room. As we are walking she tells me that her name is Sasha and that she is very glad to meet me. She was chitchatting about the company and other menial things, but all I could think of was the buzzing sound coming from somewhere. I thought it was weird that no matter how far I walk with Sasha the sound stayed the same. I then realized that the noise was coming from her. It turns out that she was wearing a vibrating egg up her ass. I couldn't believe that this woman was so beautiful, sexy, and constantly horny.

We got to the interviewing room and I was told that my interviewer Amanda will be with me in just a little bit. The room was pink and black just like the main entrance. It is a very pretty color scheme, but it feels a little too girly for my taste. I will suck it up though for a year because of the reputation that this company has. Hopefully I can move up the corporate ladder and either move to another building or possibly run a FGI facility when we start expanding globally.

A few minutes later and my interviewer Amanda comes in and greets me. She made Sasha look like a trashy whore by comparison. I could not believe how beautiful the women at Femco are. I know that their staff has more females than any other company of their calibur. Amanda was a stunning redhead in a white blouse and black pencil skirt. She was wearing some of the tallest and slimmest stiletto heels I have ever seen, but I'm sure she loved to show off her physique to her lovers.

The interview took about 2 hours. Some of the questions were situational like what would you do if you caught a person stealing or what would you do to make Femco a better company, etc. Eventually she asked me questions about my sexual relationship status which I thought was irrelevant to the job, but I answered the questions within reason.

Later on she started to ask questions that I thought no company would ask like: have I ever been in a gangbang, does bukakke interest you, does having sex with coworkers or clients turn you on, and what is your opinion on latex clothing? I answered as best as I could despite being extremely embarrassed that I was asked if I would fuck my interviewer.

Amanda offered me the job and I gladly accepted. I started to fill out the paperwork without even glancing at what I was signing. I was just too happy that I got the job. After I finished signing the paperwork Amanda jabbed a needle in my neck and I passed out.


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