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A tight circumcision from my Muslim neighbour

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Synopsis: Time to tell a story. One that’s just happened, recently. My name is Paul. For my 18th birthday, last year, Dad bought me a used Ford, as my first car. Nothing too flash. I shouldn’t have had a beer with my friends because when I returned home alone with my new prize, I made a mistake.

A tight circumcision from my Muslim neighbour

Time to tell a story. One thats just happened, recently. My name is Paul. For my 18th birthday, last year, Dad bought me a used Ford, as my first car. Nothing too flash. I shouldnt have had a beer with my friends because when I returned home alone with my new prize, I made a mistake.

We live in a cul de sac dead end street and as I was parking, I scraped the neighbours car. Not just any car but my neighbours European Merc. Just a small scratch on the back but still a scratch. Boy was I in trouble. I had only been driving a few months and I knew new drivers were not supposed to drink, even small time.

Gathering my strength and courage I walked up the driveway to my neighbours house to own up. There was some comfort, at least my folks were away and no one was home at our place. My neighbour was a Doctor and his son and I were good friends. Well more than that actually. Early on when I couldnt find girls we had like some other teenage boys, we made our own fun. Masturbation as a dare in front of each other and then the ultimate dare two boys can have, giving oral sex . Actually, it was me that gave my friend a suck. I watched it coming closer and closer the first time, and then it was in my mouth, soft and warm. I never thought too much of it and still liked girls. But I enjoyed the games of dare we played and sucking Muhammads cock. Thats my friends name.

I was very nervous and shaken, as I rang the doorbell of Muhammads father. Him being a Doctor and an expensive car, made it worse. There was sound of footsteps and the door opened. The Doctor recognised me instantly and I told him what had happened. He didnt know what too think initially and I showed him the damage I had caused. I knew I had very little money, I was still studying and had no way to pay for repairs. But I offered anyway, stuttering with fright. The Doctor looked quizzically at me, pondering matters. His family including his wife and two sons were visiting relatives and he had tried hard during the early evening to watch television, bored with the silence.

The Doctor seeing I was shaken tried to calm me down with only half effect. I continued to make my promises of repair as he led back into his house. Still worrying arent you, he said. As we sat down in his lounge room, he told me he realised I was honest and how I had confessed, owning up. He said, he would put it through insurance and I wouldnt have to pay. He would keep it quiet but reprimanded me on the difficulty of not taking more care and drinking alcohol, especially as a new driver. I was still shaking and jabbering. What about my parents, I asked. The Doctor thought for a moment, and then assured me nothing would be said.

That was the last time I would have even one drink, while driving thats for sure. The Doctor seemed to know he needed to calm me down and his own evening wasnt exactly a bed of roses either.

Paul, I cant offer you a drink as we are Muslim and we dont touch alcohol here. But I can offer you something else, if you agree to remain quiet about it. That was a turn around for the books.

What came next was the surprise of smoking hash in the Doctors lounge room. Reluctant at first, the Doctor rolled one and then another. As we both slowly got used to the situation we were both puffing away. Very soon I began to relax and ease up.

We discussed the worlds problems, all the violence that had been in the news and how the worlds religions should live in harmony. Muslims, Christians, Jews, everyone.

We were so relaxed and at one stage I was frightened the Doctor would nod off, leaving me in a strange house. However he roused and took another puff followed by another. One thing I noticed, I dont know if was the weed was how hot it was. I guess it wasnt the weed really, as I remembered it had been hot driving home. I asked the Doctor, if he had air conditioning or something. He replied he did but it hadnt been fixed since last summer and wasnt working. I walked toward the back of the room and remembered the Doctor had a pool. Want to take a swim he wondered, which was echoed by the Doctors own words.

I dont have swimwear, I replied. I couldnt be bothered going across the road to get something. Well you cant just dive in clothed, the Doctor replied. What to do, as we were both stoned. Eventually the Doctor got up, went upstairs returning with a pair of nylon swimming trunks. They didnt seem very big and they resembled a girls bikini bottom. The Doctor threw them across to me and I realized they belonged to Muhammads younger brother. Havent you got anything bigger, I asked?

No, said the Doctor. Muhammad doesnt like swimming and mine will be too large. I wasnt going to give up now and so I reached for the yellow briefs. I wasnt going to wait forever and I stripped off and slid them on. They were at least two or three sizes too small and there was a clear outline of my manhood pushing an outline through the front of the nylon.

As I started to walk toward the pool, the Doctor turned on the outdoor lights, asking me to careful. As an after thought, he handed me a small apricot oval tablet and told me to take it. I wondered what it was but figured it was just something to ward off possible infection from anything in the pool. I was soon splashing in the water, cooling off in the process. I invited the Doctor in, as its no fun sometimes on your own but he simply declined.

After a while I had had enough and I climbed out drying myself on a towel which had been left for me. As I dried down I noticed the bulge in the costume between my legs was nylon tight pressing forward. I had a serious erection in the pair of nylon briefs which were way way, too small for me. I tried to turn to one side but the Doctor noticed. Not my turning but the tightly stretched briefs with my teenage manhood out of control.

Dont be embarrassed Paul, I can see what you have, sit down. With that, I sat on the couch still with my erection and joined the Doctor having another smoke of the fragrant hash.

What came next, took me by surprise. The Doctor asked me why I fancied his son, Muhammad. I played dumb and said, excuse me. The Doctor who had been peaceful all evening started to become edgy. He said, youve been honest up until now, that I was not to lie to him. I protested for a while. Then I just remained dumb. The Doctor said he would make things easy. He then told me he had spotted the pair of us one day, doing stuff. I then gradually told him everything. How I had given into Muhammads dare and had regularly given his manhood oral sex with my mouth. Our secret until now.

The Doctor sighed at the victory of my truth. I wondered how long he had known for and what was going to happen now. The car didnt seem important anymore.

Paul, summoned the Doctor, I have always had fantasies and tonight we are going to amuse the evening. You dont have anything to do, do you? No, I replied. Then we shall begin. That tablet you took before you went in the pool is for old men. Its to give them erections, so they can have sex with their wives. I gave you the maximum size for really hard cases, so welcome to having the stiffest cock right now in the suburbs. Yours. Also, while you were in the pool, I invited some of my other friends round. Just as he finished speaking there was a ring on the doorbell. As if almost by cue but it was a coincidence.

There was little to do but greet the Doctors guests and introduce myself. There were five of them, mostly under thirty with one clearly in his early 20s. They noticed my swimsuit and the pool lights still on outside. It was hot and after we all smoked some more, it was decided they would cool off also in the pool. No messing about this time and all five stripped off all their clothing until they were completely nude.

They jumped into the pool until the water had saturated the heat and they had become tired, like myself before. The stretching from my teenage erection was becoming a real fight between nature and the nylon cloth on my briefs.

The new guests dried off and sat around the lounge room. However, they didnt dress and I could see what nature had given them. The youngest of the five was named Said, and had a tattoo on his upper back between his should blades. It seemed to be some sort of crest. Also on Saids upper right bicep and travelling down the side toward his elbow, was a large separate grey green intricate patterned tattoo, covering his arm. I marvelled at the sight because he was only young and considerable work had gone into it. I noticed most of his body was hairless which made his tattoos even more prominent.

See, I told you, as the Doctor caught me staring at Saids body, just a little too long. Paul likes the male body. Dont you. I dont know whether it was just tiredness or the smoking but straight away, I confessed. I told them how beautiful Saids body was and I complimented him on his purple tipped member, which had started to twist to one side. I had recognised it straightaway as a prelude to erection and instantly I was super horny.

Paul, I want you and Said to go into the next room and bring the bench there into the centre. Just sit it in the middle, on the tiles. Puzzled we both got up, went into the room he pointed and brought the bench in.

It was adjustable and I was told to bring one end up, and then lie upward on it at a slope on my stomach. I lay there comfortably with my seemingly swollen dick underneath pressing into the cushioned surface. It was then evident what was in store.

The Doctor asked who was to be first. After that, each man in the room, except the Doctor lined up in front of me at the end, pressing their cocks in turn into my mouth. I didnt need much encouragement and unlike my own cock, which now had a life of its own, each man was circumcised. My mouth explored each of them marvelling at the purple head and its purple corona rim, both with my eyes and mouth. As I looked and serviced each one, I noticed the difference in the skin color and the jagged barbed scar caused by marks from the piercing of the skin by stitches.

I was still horny and was still tightly erect over an hour later. I was told to get up of the bench and it was lowered flat. The next part I was told would be my big test. After smoking another one of the Doctors rolled bit of hash, I was superman. Well nearly.

The guests were told they would need to crouch doggy style on the bench with their backsides at the end. I was pushed to the rear reluctantly and I sort of knew what was coming next. The first man put his hands on his buttocks and I could see the outside of his arsehole. Pink, puckered and clean from the water of the pool. Hidden hands guided me and my face was guided in front of the strangers buttocks, guiding my face at the same level, as the males taboo rear rose.

In life there are some things that can never be undone and with a very gentle almost nothing press from behind my head, my face was pushed in between the two buttocks of the man, squatting in front of me. I was not there for nothing and instinctively I started to lick and slurp at the cleft. Soon I began to measure with my tongue and I pressed my tongue in as deep as I could, finding the centre of each hovering mans puckered ring. I knew now I had crossed some sort of line in life but I didnt care. Each of them had his turn including the Doctor who smelt of fragrant soap and I realised by the end, how much I had submitted not just too each one, but to the eyes of each of the others, as they watched me service each of the friends, taboo style.

The next step was to come. I was now instructed to take up the position the men had been in, after they raised the bench up, a bit. I didnt need too many brains to work out the next part. Like the pornos I had seen, I squatted with my teen backside facing out from the end of the bench, kneeling. The Doctor confirmed my suspicions, as a jar of oil was produced and put on the coffee table nearby. The yellow briefs of Muhammads younger brother which I was still wearing were pulled down until my buttocks at the back were showing. I felt the air of the room move in between the area of my backside. There was no pulling down of the front however and my teenage cock was still pulsating away, fighting the nylon fabric tension of the briefs.

The men instinctively knew what to do and as the first one greased up from the jar, I felt the coolness and his fingers a moment later, working on my own rear entrance. I hadnt given it much thought before and realised them were going to use me like a women. Like all the girls I had seen in the mens magazines.

Magazines I had found and hidden away. Tonight, I was not only just going be a teenage man but also was going to be the substitute female for all the group, as well.

My cock was fighting hard under the nylon and my hands struggled to give it relief but they were pushed away. The only satisfaction I was going to receive was what was coming next. The first man lined himself up and I felt the shaft and head of his dick move vertically up and down, between my buttocks. The contents of the jar had done their work and my own pink puckered rose was ready for something now totally new. The stranger pressed hard forward and I knew instantly his member had gone in. I knew his dick was very smooth. Not only was it circumcised but like my own manhood, it was seriously stiff and erect. The man behind moved it and out and my tight puckered rosette which gripped it tightly and enthusiastically.

They then all took turns and I realised by all their breathing and exclamations that each one of them had used my behind, just like a girls vagina, until each one had put a spasm of his milky ejaculation liquid, inside me. There was just lubricant, nothing else. It was a very select group, so no condoms were deemed necessary.

Each man in the heat of the evening and the heavy moment of putting their male ejaculation inside me had put fresh perspiration on their bodies. I noticed Saids skin. Noticing my interest, one of the men instructed me to dry Said off. I needed no encouragement and I licked his entire hairless body with abandon. My mouth and eyes explored the tattoo on his upper back before doing the same on his grey green intricate tattoo on his upper right arm. I was so horny but still they kept pushing my hands away from myself.

My final task was to suck each cock clean. On each there would only be lubricant, my own self and the remains of semen from each of the men. I was an expert in no time and they quickly all jumped into the pool afterward, including by now, the Doctor.

I had been told to wait and not touch myself which I obeyed. I wondered why. After the others had rinsed off in the pool, I was told to go too but not touch myself or remove my trunks. After cooling off, I returned.

I was beginning to get fed up by now as the others had all had their fun. The Doctor now told me what the matter was. It was evident something had been wrong.

It turned out, it was because I was uncircumcised. Thats right, I was uncircumcised. I had never been done.

The men being Muslims, didnt like seeing my uncut teen cock, as it would have worried them, despite my age being over eighteen. The Doctor explained it was big hurdle for me in life as, if I had it done, now or later, it would cost money and be embarrassing for my age. I felt quite left out and wondered why it hadnt been done, why my foreskin hadnt been stripped away like the others and why I hadnt been ringbarked like Muhammad, his Doctor Father and all his friends.

My face flushed red with embarrassment. After tonight things were going to always be different but I still wanted a girl of my dreams. What was she going to say? It was clear I had missed out on not being circumcised.

The men laughed for a bit and Paul asked what the men were saying in their own language. The Doctor told him. They are saying you will always be a child and that you are not a man. That your front is not that of an adult, despite your age. All our boys are fully circumcised as part of the Muslim faith. You are our friend but you are not complete as a man because you have missed out. You should have gone through what we call Sunnat.

They talked and laughed again enthusiastically.

Now what were they saying, I wondered. The Doctor anticipated my puzzled face and I was shocked to hear what had been spoken.

Muhammads Father, being a Doctor, it was part of his profession especially as a Muslim, to circumcise boys and men. Traditionally it was mostly done during a boys teenage years. The shocking part was the other men had just challenged the Doctor to circumcise me. To do it, there and then. To give me a full Muslim Sunnat circumcision.

I didnt know what to say and the Doctor, although hosting an erotic evening hadnt quite expected this, either. The laughter continued and we both realised we were on the spot. It was the moment of truth. Muhammads Father certainly didnt want to lose face in front of his friends.

The Doctor asked me, why couldnt you just of been done already? It was a silly question, as I was a Christian and had simply been missed, for whatever reason. The yellow nylon briefs still struggled down in front of me. I was still frustratingly erect. Foreskin and all.

My own words next surprised even me. I asked, could the Doctor recommend anyone after the night, to do it. The others laughed again and again talked in their own language. The Doctor came up to me close to me and I listened.

Paul, you could let me circumcise you and give you a full Muslim Sunnat circumcision.

Despite all the pot and smoking, I was startled. The Doctor explained he could do it without cost and the embarrassment of a hospital.

When, I asked.

I think I already knew the answer that was coming, without even asking.

Paul, we will do it right now, straight away, here. Its your problem but for discretion sake, our respective families should not be aware.

He looked at me and there was just silence. Just silence across the room. Silence.

After what seemed an eternity, I looked up, very slowly at first and then again before slowly bringing up my head once, then down again, repeating the nodding silently, without speaking. 

Straightaway, the others all understood. Tonight, there was going to be a very special moment in the Doctors house, the full circumcision of a Christian, receiving permanently a Muslim Sunnat style circumcision.

After the realisation had set in to those in the room, I was told to go to the Doctors bathroom. Words were spoken and Said, followed me in.

I was told to stand and Said reached into a nearby drawer. I didnt see what it was in it at first but then I realised it was hair clippers. As I looked again at Saids body and arm tattoo, I heard the power turn on. To cut a long story short, Said shaved all the blondish hair completely from the top of my head, until the whole surface of my scalp was just close sandpaper styled, stubble.

Before he left, he pulled the yellow nylon briefs down between my legs and my cock was finally at last, free. Said played with it a moment, moving the foreskin up and down on the shaft, like I had always done, during masturbation. He told me to have a go in front of him. Up and down I went, moving the skin over the head underneath. Suddenly, Said moved my hands away and told me to quickly shower. I did, while he watched, careful not to again touch my manhood, which he had just instructed. After I had dried off, I returned to the lounge room now fully naked, with my teen erection leading the way.

The bench had by now been replaced by a large table in the centre of the room. They were there all waiting. Waiting, for a Christian boy, to submit to the Doctors special skills.

I was told to lie on the table on my back. It wasnt uncomfortable, just sturdy and a cushion was placed under my head. My next bit of amazement came next. The others wanted to take videos from their phones, as was their custom. I was bit alarmed by this until I was told a small blanket and cushion would cover my face, stopping any identification.

All was ready. To cover himself, the Doctor had me sign a quick patient release. Of course what was to happen would never ever be on the books. As I signed, I knew it meant I was about to submit to having my foreskin being sliced off by my Muslim neighbour. I was to be cut. To be truly done, Muslim style.

The moment was ready and I was told to lay back and rest. Another cushion was produced plus a small blanket and my identity was covered. The others pulled out their phones straight away and began the souvenir of myself for the evening.

The Doctor started by injecting the base and tip of my cock with anaesthetic. The pin pricks hurt initially but the area quickly numbed itself, with my stiff uncircumcised cock penis finally going flaccid. Because I couldnt see, the Doctor was going to talk me through it.

First of all, he put a small spatula in between my foreskin and glans head to make sure nothing was sticking and to apply disinfectant solution. After the probing, it was serious time. The Doctor got two forceps and pulled my foreskin downward. At an angle, a clamp was slid behind the two forceps.

At this point there was chatter in the room. What I didnt know was the guests were trying to talk the Doctor into doing a special job. They wanted the Doctor to give me the blessing of the tightest male circumcision, possible. To make it with absolutely no loose skin at all afterward, as was the custom of extreme tightness applied to the deepest religious families back in the Middle East. The Doctor nodded back, answering yes, yes, to the others, in the same language.

I remained laid back and relaxed.

Slowly it started, my absolute moment of truth. To be modified for life.

The Doctor repeated his checks, pulling just slightly one more time, by now my doomed teenage foreskin, through the slot in the clamp. He tugged and pulled a number of times till he was satisfied, then closing the clamp till the ends locked. My foreskin hung out the top, almost like a sock over the top edge of a laundry basket. It was trapped waiting for sentence. The Doctor knew I couldnt feel anything but he spoke anyway.

Are you ready Paul, he asked slowly, patiently waiting. I could hear the breathing of the others and for a moment I hesitated, guessing what was to come. With trepidation I hesitated before finally blurting quickly.

Do it, Doctor. Do it please, I exclaimed, in frustration.

Do it. Please make me like the others. Make my cock tightly bald and one clean surface like yours and the others. 

With that utterance, the Doctor in a flash of an instant of Pauls words completed the rooms wish, pressing the razor blade hard flat against the surface of the clamp. Then evenly, with pressure from the Doctors hand, the razor blade moved from side to side. Within seconds, the blade was through the doomed foreskin and the foreskin came totally free from the rest of the shaft, along with the two forceps that were still attached to each side of it. The clamp was still in place and the Doctor pressed the two sides carefully inward, to ensure the wound he knew that was underneath, would stay shut.

After a minute or two, the Doctor opened the silver clamp removing it from my cock. The skin at the top had been moulded temporarily by all the pulling and the severing. My new cock now looked like a closed clam shell. But this wasnt to be for long. Carefully, the Doctor pushed the sides of my clamshell looking member down and the previously hidden purple acorn glans inside shot up, leaving the two newly cut frayed edges travelling down on my teenage shaft.

The Doctor again reassured me momentarily. Now Paul, we are going to put in some stitches to finish. I mumbled Ok, as the Doctor put a ring of stitches to join the last of my foreskin, to the rest of the shaft. It became evident to all. that my new cockhead was pulling prominently tightly down, by the over stretched excised skin.

You Ok Paul? I mumbled Ok again as the Doctor finished the job, with the final part of the sixteen black cotton stitches. Because I had been given, an extremely over tight procedure with razor circumcision, the Doctor had to make sure nothing would come free. Silently, the Doctor marvelled at his work and wondered what it would be like for me to masturbate, now that I had gone from one extreme to the other.

Finally, the Doctor told me he had finished. As he spoke, he asked the others to stop using their phones to film, which they all did straight away. When the coast was clear, the cushion and blanket were slid off and I lifted my upper body upright. Sliding to the edge of the table with my legs over the edge, I looked down at my new member.

As I looked, I saw the circumference of black stitches about an inch behind the purple acorn of my newly permanently exposed purple colored, glans. I looked in amazement. Although sore, I now looked like the others. No need to be conscious now. I had been done.

Now I had a smooth shaft with a domed purple acorn head at the end, which would now forever hang down between my legs. The Doctor quickly reminded me of the cultural value of circumcision, as well as the cleanliness of it.

Another of the guests told me, I would have the scars on the shaft of my cock from the stiches, for the rest of my life, as a symbol of manhood.

After that, the Doctor had one more special surprise. He showed me a small video of when he had circumcised his own son, again seemingly with a tight circumcision, using a sharp razor blade across a clamp. 

Although I never saw my own, I watched as the Doctor apparently did the same as had done to me, pulling the foreskin through the slot, then razoring it off, waiting a while, and then pushing the clamshell down until Muhammads purple acorn cockhead pushed through. Like my own, black stitches were applied.

I remembered the first taste of Muhammads cockhead in my mouth and now I realised I had been sucking another recipient of one the Doctors circumcisions.

The stitches healed well on my own member, leaving a pattern where they had been. It was quite obvious when I was naked, that I had been given a pretty extreme circumcision. I had been tightly circumcised with the ultimate feature of extreme tightness and had visible stitch scars to prove it.

I had to learn straight away how to masturbate again, as in that last moment in the Doctors shower, that was my last ever experience I ever had of my doomed foreskin sliding. Just prior to it receiving the final sentence of being neatly sliced off by the Doctors, sharp razor blade.

Later, I couldnt forget Saids tattoo and I had one done as best I could to be the same. The first was on my upper back. Like the circumcision, it would be difficult to reverse. Then just like Said, I had a full intricate grey green one on my right bicep running toward the side of right elbow.

My circumcision is a never ending story with its tightness and I was always looking for relief. Fortunately, after moving I found a new neighbour. After a few drinks, we talked about circumcision in the news and he pulled down his pants showing me. I was able to see he too, was circumcised. Later we both would find relief from our circumcised cocks, with each other. Time and time again, we would try to pull the skin on our shafts back over the head but it would never ever be possible again, especially for me. 

I never knew such a single car scrape and a Muslim Doctor could lead to the experience of receiving such a tightly circumcised cock. Especially being done like that, in a private home.

To receive a full male circumcision, tribal style with the sharpest of razor blades, close style, with my doomed foreskin being pulled tightly, for maximum effect, with five other people watching my moment of truth, as the blade turned my member into a protruding bald purple acorn, with absolutely no possibility of movement on the shaft. Permanently and totally circumcised, for the rest of my life.

Author: Wayne T.


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