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Training Day

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Synopsis: A snotty executive woman undergoes a change in attitude.

Training Day

by NorthernWolf

As the elevator rose to the thirtieth floor, Beth watched as the city descended outside of the glass windows. She felt foolish. After all, she was a professional, and didn't have to rely on the way she looked to impress her clients. She had argued with her husband that her skirt was to short and her heels to high. After all she was going to a training session, not a dance. He had insisted that looking good was important to her professional image and she had given in. Now she had to admit she felt better when she looked sexy. Her confidence rose as she stepped off the elevator. This was a wonderful hotel both elegant and sophisticated like herself. The tailored suit fit her perfectly giving just the right message - she was a sexy woman, but not one to be fooled with.

As she entered the suite, the three senior executives from her client rose to greet her. The two men, Don and Phil, were well dressed in blue suits. The woman, Wendy, was about her own age but much taller and heavier in size. She wore a business suit similar to Beth's. The session had been Wendy's idea and Beth had been surprised to be included. Wendy had assured her that the time was billable and that the session would be valuable in developing her relationship with the other senior managers. Since Beth was usually at odds with all of them over policy issues, she saw the sense of attending. Her role as corporate conscience often brought her in conflict with these managers, each of whom was paid based on performance. Lately, the animosity between them had been particularly high. Beth had been told that the training was to involve "conflict resolution techniques" and "compromise training".

"Welcome Beth," said Wendy. "Please have a glass of wine and take a seat. As you know this evening session is to a large extent necessary because of your difficulty in becoming part of our team. I think we should start by discussing past areas of conflict."

Beth was immediately cautious. She had not thought that the attack on her would be so open and obvious. "I thought that the idea of today was to move forward, not to assess blame."

"You are right," responded Wendy looking away. "Although there is no question that you have made our positions more difficult over the past few weeks, perhaps we should be constructive. The session leader will arrive in a moment. Before that there is a small exercise we are to undertake to develop an atmosphere of co-operation. Beth, please sit between Don and Phil at the table. I'll sit across from you. Join hands and close your eyes."

Beth held each of Don and Phil's hands and closed her eyes. The men's grip was quite firm and she thought they were overdoing it a bit but held on anyway. Wendy instructed them to rotate their necks loosening the muscles and to stretch their jaws. Beth co-operated but when she opened her mouth to stretch the grip on her arms tightened and a leather bit was suddenly pushed between her teeth and tied behind her head. Startled she struggled to rise but was held in place by the men who pulled her arms behind the tall back of the chair and held them while they fastened handcuffs around her wrists.   

"Training time," Wendy laughed, leaving her chair and walking to Beth's side of the table. "Nice suit. It'll be a pity to tear it, however...". Wendy tore the front of Beth's jacket open exposing the black bra underneath. She pushed the cups of the bra beneath Beth's nipples leaving it in place to push up her breasts. Before Beth could react Wendy pinched the end of her nipple with her fingertips, pulled it outward and drove a piercing needle through the nipple from the side. As Beth screamed into the gag Wendy repeated the piercing on the second nipple. To each needle she attached a ring pulling them in place and removing the needles. A small dab of rubbing alcohol and the small amount of bleeding stopped. To the nipple rings Wendy attached a gold chain leash.

Releasing her hands from the chair and re-cuffing them behind Beth's back she gave a short jerk to the chain forcing Beth to her feet. Leading her around the room by her breasts she stopped in the middle. A rope was strung from Beth's wrists across the room and tied to the wall. The nipple chain was stretched forward distending her breasts and fastened to the opposite wall.

"You can't struggle" Wendy said undoing Beth's skirt and lowering it with her panties to the floor. "Look at this, garter belt and stockings. Open your legs you fucking tart and keep them there or I'll tighten the chain on your tits."

Beth complied, spreading her legs as the men fastened her ankles to rings in the floor and was thanked by a slap on the pussy from Wendy. "I guess you've figured out who gets trained by now. You have been such a bitch the past year we decided to teach you a lesson. Boys your turn."

Don and Phil moved beside Beth. Don ran his fingers through Beth's pussy gathering the moisture as he probed inside her. "Wet, but not wet enough." he said taking a jar of lubricant and covering his fingers. Moving his hands over Beth's crotch he slid one then two fingers into her ass forcing her to jump. He moved Aside for Phil who held a butt plug with a luxuriant foxs tail attached to the end. He forced the plug into Beth's ass until the thick part was inside her and her ring closed around the narrower shaft. The plug stayed. "Now she looks like the foxy bitch she really is."

"Bring the bar over." ordered Wendy. The men placed small stands in front and behind Beth. Between the stands they attached a thin metal bar with its edge pointed upward. Several twists on the stands winding gears and the bar rose snug against Beth's pussy. Wendy reached between Beth's legs and spread her pussy lips so that one hung down each side and past the bottom of the metal bar. The men gave a final wind and Beth found most of her weight supported by the inside of her cunt.

"This is my favourite part," said Wendy clipping Beth's cunt lips together with a tight metal clamp, sealing them around the bar. From the clamp she hung a metal ring to which she attached a round metal weight. Beth's lips sagged with the weight. Wendy added an additional weight to the first. With a look of satisfaction she swung the weights in a circle. "I wonder if I can stretch the bitch's cunt all the way to the floor. Perhaps later."

Leaving Beth totally unable to move and in a dazing mixture of sexual arousal and pain, Wendy removed her clothes and bent over the chair facing Beth. "Now boys fuck me good while she watches. I want her cunt turned on so that it will stretch on its own."

The men didn't hesitate, Phil stepped behind Wendy and in one motion pounded his swollen cock into her pussy and began to pound against her his balls slapping against her ass. Wendy screamed for him to fuck her deeper and pushed her ass into the air. Despite her pain and anger Beth was aroused by the animal action in front of her. She felt her abused pussy moisten. Suddenly Phil erupted into Wendy's cunt and pulled away leaving her bent over the chair. Don quickly took his place sliding his cock into her seeping cunt and suddenly pulling it out. "That's just for lubrication," he said,

lunging into Wendy's ass to the hilt. Wendy began to buck against him screaming obscenities as she began to orgasm. Suddenly they came together and lay quietly with Don still inside her. Beth couldn't believe it but she was actually turned on by the scene.

Wendy lifted herself from over the chair. Running her hand over her ass and pussy she wiped the men's cum down the front of Beth's face. "Lick." she ordered, leaning on the cord attached to Beth's breasts. Beth's tongue licked Wendy's hand clean. "That's better. Now, how is that stretched pussy coming. I think another weight is in order." She hung a large weight from the chain attached to Beth's pussy lips. The excitement of watching the men fuck Wendy had loosened Beth's lips and the weight pulled them down several inches below the bar.

"Phil, take out the bitch's tail and coat it with the pink lotion. Let's see if we can get some movement out of her." Wendy ordered.

The plug made a popping sound as Phil pulled it roughly from Beth's ass. Smearing the lotion over it he handed it to Wendy. She held it to Beth's lips and the heat of the lotion forced her head back. "Heats up nicely on contact doesn't it. Wait until you see how it feels in your ass." she laughed, forcing the tip of the plug into Beth's rear. The heat was instant forcing Beth to writhe on the bar like a bucking horse. Her motion set the weights swinging, punishing her pussy lips and distending them further. She couldn't stay still. Wendy slid the metal bar out from inside Beth's cunt lips and let the weight pull them towards the floor. "At least an eight inch stretch. Not bad for the first time."

Wendy released the clip on Beth's pussy but her lips stayed distended and swollen. Wendy forced a closed fist between them and drove her hand into Beth's cunt. Beth felt herself open to let the hand enter and close against Wendy's wrist. She shuddered in near orgasm as Wendy pulled her hand free. "Pull these apart for me." she ordered Phil and Don who each drew a pussy lip far out to the side. Wendy began to slam a riding crop into Beth's gaping cunt flailing the tender inner pink flesh as each blow fell with a solid wet smack.

When Beth came back to consciousness she was tied over the back of a padded chair. Her legs were strapped open and her hands were tied, but the ropes had been removed from the rings in her nipples. Wendt, Phil and Don were sipping wine, sharing a joint and waiting for her to wake up. Don calmly crossed the room and began to whip Beth's rear with a leather strap. He continued until her ass was bright red. Sliding his hand into her gaping cunt he announced that she was ready. Phil left the room and returned with a huge black man. He as naked and had the largest cock Beth had ever seen. Erect, it was almost 18 inches long and four inches around. "This is Charles,: said Wendy. "He does novelty shows."

Charles moved behind Beth and set the tip of his huge cock in the entrance to her pussy. A slight forward movement slid the first two inches into Beth as her cunt strained to accept the width of him. The size forced her legs further apart. Charles began to slid into her and slammed against the back of her cunt. With deliberate strokes he began to batter her insides. Beth tried to relax and accept him but felt that she was being torn apart. Suddenly he withdrew leaving her cunt lying wide open. Wendy entwined the finders of both hands and made a single fist which she shoved into Beth's cunt. "Geez, I didn't think a girl could be that wide. How about her ass, Charles." On cue Charles stepped over Wendy leaving her arms inside Beth and lay over Beth's back with his huge cock against her ass. Slowly he impaled her, feeling Wendy's hands churning the inside of her cunt as he went.

Beth felt Wendy's long fingers pushing through the flesh barrier separating Charles cock from her hands. It felt as though she was masturbating the enormous penis from within. Suddenly Charles slammed into her ass and exploded cum inside her. As he withdrew, the heavy white scum flowed from her ass and covered her legs. Wendy popped her hands free and stood back. "Aren't you just the filthy little pig.

"Stand her up and put the cock stand between her legs. Fix the big one to the top of it. Now lift her over and set her onto it. Let her go. She'll slide right on to it. Her feet will be at least six inches off the ground. Leave her, let's have lunch."

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