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Synopsis: the exsperiances of a expat working in the arab country of ADC. according to Gulf News Central Bank, statistics show that of the 28.5 million cheques worth AED 1.2 trillion written in 2011 in the UAE. 1.6 million Cheques worth about AED 55 billion bounced. 200 expats are in jail, for up to 55 years.

DONE!  AND ABOUT TO BE DUSTED.  Sunday, 27 Oct   according to Gulf News Central Bank, statistics show that of the 28.5 million cheques worth AED 1.2 trillion written in 2011 in the UAE.  1.6 million Cheques worth about AED 55 billion bounced.  200 expats are in jail, for up to 55 years.

       Georgina sat staring out of the window, though an elegant modern style bow window, its style marred only by having big black ugly bars bolted across it.  Looking out at the vibrant city that glistened brilliantly in the bright sunlight, a vista that she was prohibited from visiting, mainly because she was a convict.  It seemed to mock her saying, 'you're are in prison', get used to it.  She just could not believe where she was, dressed in a ridiculous comic stripped convict suit; and having to walk slowly, or the heavy metal fetters around her ankles would trip her up; her mind going over and over how she had got herself in such a mess. 

       The police arriving early in the morning had been a rude awakening to the day.  Even more so, as she had just resigned from her job and only being in the country for 2 months had nobody to turn to. 

       Not they gave her a chance and she was amazed with the efficiency, she was in court within 4 hours, locked up in prison within 8; but then if the Company were at the back of it, they were efficient, money talks.  They did have the decency to remove the cuffs, while she was actually in court, but once she had received her sentence and had been hustled out of sight, they seemed to take some perverse delight in putting one of the elite European bitches back in cuffs, by adding leg irons for her discomfort.  

       That was possibly the biggest shock, when they had her held securely, with one of the offices kneeling down and gesturing his intention by literally slapping painfully the inside of her thighs.  It wasn't until she got the insinuation and had spread her legs wide enough to be almost lewdly indecent; that they finally clamped the iron leg irons around her ankles. 

       It was just a discrete iron bar, between the two clamps, holding her legs wide open, but horrible by its implication, and the whole process was done with great delight and malevolence, it was obvious the intention was not just to secure her, but to thoroughly humiliate her by some type of medieval bondage.  And that it did, forcing her to walk with a bandy legged stance leaving her as intended, ashamed and bewildered.

       They nearly fell over themselves to force her legs open and clamp huge heavy shackles around her ankles as if she was some vicious criminal, She also had the first taste of the contempt the prison staff felt towards prisoners.  Seeming to relish her shame and humiliation when as a newly convicted convict, she nearly fell.  When taking her first steps. 

       And Jesus they were heavy, she could hardly shuffle in them; even the walk to the cells had been exhausting.  For god sake, she had only got 5 months, for some poxy cheque that bounced, though she did understand that once she was released she would be kicked out of the country forfeiting any possessions.

They had almost thrown her into the prison van, so small she was squashed by the door, as it was forced shut on her body.  At least at the other end, she didnt get the strip search she was dreading, but instead was literally dragged out of her prison van by her hair, along the corridor, then with no privacy given, a uniform to put on and locked in here


She had kept in touch with Malinda when she had taken a job in the Arab Democratic Union, or A.D.U for short; a oil rich country on the Gulf, and she seemed to have done well for herself.  In three years, she had amassed an impressive portfolio, three houses, a very nice Porsche, numerous boyfriends, possibly too many for her sanity and safety, and for a Resources& Property Personal Assistant that was excellent.  

       Several times, she was tempted to follow, but boyfriends in the cold and damp UK and her life working in the City always put a damper on it.  She had a very good salary where she worked in the City, but just didnt seem to be having the fun that Malinda was.

From reading her emails, it seemed that she was invited to parties nearly every day, and the amount of private intimate dinners she attended made her extremely jealous.  Where as she was expected to work till the job was done.

       Then one day, after a failed marriage from which she had yet to get a divorce, behind her, things firmed things up, she got a message imploring Georgy to come out.  Malinda had signed on for 6 years and now wanted out, as she had other things to do.  However, before they would release her early from her contract, she needed someone reliable to hand over to cover the redundant three years,

       Georgina wrote back.  Why?  You couldnt have a better job.

Thats it, its just a job and I'm finding its intruding too much on my private life.  I want to get married, but at the moment, I have to be literally married to my job, and I want an annulment.  However, I've still three years left on my contract, and if I can't find anybody reliable to replace me, it could cost me $750,000.

       The temptation was too much, especially with the incentives on offer.  The first was the free flight out and a week in a five star hotel, so no risk if she didnt like the place.  The second was, after one-month probation, she was eligible for a reallocation, interest free disbursement.  A amount that would allow her to rent an apartment near the beach, buy a medium priced sports supercar, even a Porsche, not new of course, but a second hand ones were inexpensive,  And have still some to furnish her apartment in line with her new grand title.

       Ok it was really a loan, but as long as she completed her contract of 3 years, after that time it would be wiped out, it wouldnt need to be paid back.

       Just exactly, what that contract consisted of, she really didnt have a clue when she resigned her job.  However, Malinda had explained that she would be looking after Elite clients who were looking to buy property in the Union; each had millions of dollars to invest.


       Her first question when she met up was.  Whom are you marrying?  Not a client I hope, that's very unprofessional.

  No laughed Miranda, he not local, Allah help me if he was.  Hes an Arab, but hes international.  He at least lets me have a little of my own life, but even a enlightened Arab bulks at letting his wife stay out in Nightclubs till 2 in the morning with strange men, and sometimes they are strange.  However, that all part of the job.

But surly hes a Muslim?        

Of course.

But dont they have funny ways with women?

Well not funny, she said embarrassed, but strong deep-seated views.  If he was a native, then I would be stupid, they still recommend whipping the wife for domestic disputes here.  They say first talk, and then whip her gently till the dispute is settled.  In fact, you can buy a thin marriage switch just for that purpose.

        Have you ever slept with a Arab?  And didnt wait for a answer after seeing Georgy embarrassed face. 

       Well if you do, youll find compared with western Europeans, their indomitable lovers.  If you think youve had a good shag, try a Arab, theyre awesome. 

       Western men spend too much time checking if the girls happy instead of getting on with the job in hand and not caring a hoot if hes doing it right.

        If Abdul wants a shag, I dont really get a say.  Not that he would rape me, but headaches are no excuses.  I havent tried it on, but Ive a feeling if I did he would respect my wishes, by simply turning me on my stomach and bugger me, without too much thought.

        However, if I'm really not well, his concern is touching, and of course, theres the four luxury houses in New York, Paris, South Africa and London to consider.  However, the locals do treat women rough, being allowed to get their cock up, four women as long as theyre married to them, but if a wife gets caught getting her rocks off, she's liable to find the only erotic writhing she does, is as she's pelted with rocks.  And that sort of treatment doesn't stop there, even immoral young ladies get the stick here, its just the married ones that get buried and stoned.  The consequence being, as Im about to be married I must give up this job.  And all that salary; and all those perks she moaned.

        However enough about me.  Let me give you a quick rundown on your responsibilities and the down side of this job.

       The people we deal with  are new investors, Private and Government that want to invest in the country,  either in infrastructure, like Hotels, Airports, Government offices; or social projects like  Hospitals, Universities, Prisons, Power stations, Collages and Schools.  They provide investment capital now, and take it out as future profit against the oil that still coming out of the ground, or as service contracts, to run the infrastructure they have built.

        Some of the buildings are spectacular; you saw the Airport when you came in, stunning wasnt it.  When they built the new prison, they gave the visitors centre a glitzy feel, almost like a five-star hotel lounge, but that's all done for impression sake.  Helps to disguise the fact that things are not quite so rosy for the prisoners inside, the cells are pretty basic, and definitely, without the air conditioning we installed in the front part.

   In the Government offices, you forget what you came in for as you gaze at the architecture; which is a good job as it takes ages to get anything done, even with a bribe.

         As for your employment, youre a free agent, self employed on a very basic salary, no boss as such, though of course there are codes of practices and customs, you must observe.  You will take over my contract, which has 3 years to run so youll be allocated one of mine till youve passed your probationary period, and then youre allocated your own client. 

       We call them tasks because youre totally responsible for the client, whether hes buying property, shares in a local companies, or just investing.  After arranging hotels, flights for portfolio viewing etcetera, you're then accountable for the clients total well being.

       Your job is to sell the country and its infrastructure, and take his money, anyway you can.  Your immediate boss is a guy called Frank Wells, a large middle-aged man, rather overbearing, and at times a bully, the rest of the time, one who feels he's god gift to women

       Jesus you paint a nice picture: and this guy is my boss?

       Yes, and its worthwhile culturing that second aspect, he is the sole arbiter who gets which clients, and he's been known to be quite discriminatory in his selection.  It's this bit that he has a big influence over.  So, that's why we all suck up to him outrageously.

You mean he tries to get kick-backs.

       No not so much that, just he likes his sweetener to be of a more romantic nature.  Moneywise hes loaded, his bonus is 5 times ours; and has 20 operators under his control; therefore, he's making his money, luckily, the guy is a bit of a woost.

You mean a poofter, a homo?

       No not that.  Underneath I'm sure he is as red-blooded as any European can be likes to think he's a bit of a swinger and tries to bed anything with a crack, instead of balls.  Trying to prove he's Casanova, not exactly into the looking after his women, more enjoying demeaning them seems to like his lovemaking to be a contest. 

       I don't think he's actually got the balls to uses his position to blackmail you into bed; but likes to think hes has that power.  Its like hes doing you favour by not coercing you to be his plaything.  Likes copying the local very macho Arab style around him which is why he gets on so well with them , normally he's a great support, but somehow if you got on the wrong side of the company, I think he would enjoy using his influence to ensure you are very obliging to his needs.

        But luckily, considering the way we flirt with him, he's a little shy, but underneath I suspect he could be a little brutal if given the chance

   We just fall in with his suggestion a lot and challenge him to do something about it ; double bluff him, agree to have a relationship and hed runs a mile, it's our way of intimidating him back.

       Last week we were invited to a Celebrity Party, held in the Civic Hall and we attended with one of the special clients

On the way over in the taxi, we'd both had a couple of drinks to get ourselves in the mood and he started getting a little frisky, sort of challenging me to kiss him.  So to keeping quiet, I slipped my hand inside his trousers, stroked his penis and gently wanked him off, but not before pointing it down the side of his leg, only took 4 or five tugs and he shot his lot into his underpants.

You didn't!  You bitch?

       But unfortunately, that's not all, it not only left him suffering horribly sticky underwear for the rest of the night;  unknown to him some of it seeped through the cloth, leaving a white stain down the side of his leg; it made him a laughing stock, as it was so bloody obvious he wanked himself off.

       Jesus that was a bit risky, or should I say riskay. 

       More than you think, we were a little rushed for time and instead of waiting for our usual company car, we grabbed a passing local cab.

       Why, does that matter?

       Well maybe you will understand a little more when I tell you more about the country.  But enough at this stage just leave it to say if things had gone wrong I wouldnt be talking to you sitting comfortable, even sitting on the edge of my chair; I would be uncomfortably pacing the room trying to keep my agitation under control

.        Georgina gave her a curious look, but was more interested in facts, than speculation.  So, I've got a boss, whom you like to humiliate?

       Yes, that's just about it.  Let's say, he's now the only boss I know, who now, regularly keeps two spare pairs of underwear in his desk draw.  However, don't worry, he has 5 female operators like us, who he is in charge of; and whom he regularly propositions, so I'm not the first one to get him back. 

       However, he also has about 40 female self-employed agents, who do some of the more dirty work for the company.  These are paid in cash, by assignment; theyre more loyal and happily tolerate his obsession, maybe it's because they get paid approximately $2000 a night as backup for you, if you get propositioned.        

       Prostitutes!  Said Georgina shocked?

       That's the common term for them in Europe; here they're called Harlots, a nice mediaeval term for a nice ancient profession, practised in a mediaeval country.  Basically, they're here to head off any unpleasantness immoral propositions you get from clients.  The harlots are completely under Franks control to stop any traceability to us; we just dial a number if we feel the need, then the phone and GPS arranges the rest. 

        Frank has full control, arranges it so their continually changed around to stop them being associated too much, with a certain place, or a certain pickup time, however Frank isn't slow in taking a little sly cuddle for himself.  And the girls are in the unenviable situation, and are pretty well ripe for pressure to provide a little private entertainment for him in their spare time.  No attentive nights in his apartment!  No work!  But there again, it takes the real pressure off the operators who do the main work, us.  Frank is sensible about most things, but unfortunately, in this business, a lot of it is done on the sly.  He seems to get some sort of kick out of taking advantage where the employee are at a distinct disadvantage, so just be a little cautious if thing do get out of hand.

       What does that mean?

       Just watch your back, was all Malinda would say.  Hes usually got his employees welfare at heart, but sometime gets a little mixed up with self gratification.

       So that why you take the piss out of him, now I understand

       So don't knock them, there will be times when your necks literally, on the line if you don't get their backup.  Unfortunately that's what this game is all about, with most of the clients being male, it's a males game all about money; money, cooperation and sex appeal.  Were the Hustlers, the girls to get the guys to buy, and buy they do if you pitch it right.  The clients looking to you to guide him for good business decisions, a task that you have to throw yourself at wholeheartedly, so for this you need to be looking at your best and showing confidence especially when initially collecting a new client from the airport.  Hence the loan

  Unfortunately, being wined and dined at the clients expense, plus, you looking for your own personal profit, in the form of gifts, can have romantic consequences, thus the hookers, to keep it down to a acceptable risk.

        You need to look your best, and depend on other agencies to keep you out of trouble.  Don't knock it just play it carefully.  In someways you could say we are smartly dressed enticement, a bit of available pussy, to make him spend more money than he intended; though for god sake don't let him know that.  Some of them are terrible people and like Alpha people, the world over, if they can see some way of getting a slight advantage over you they will.  

        The trick is to get the client to spend his money, first buying property, then spending just a little of his portfolio on giving you a good time.  A sort of tip.  Thanks for the ride sort of thing.  Escort him or her; remember not all buyers are male, around the shopping malls and tourist spots; in the evening accompany him to the latest shows, restaurants and nightclubs.  Then at the end of the evening just steer, they safely back to their hotel. 

       If you arrange it right, you should be attending parties, private of course, twice/three times a week; restocking your wardrobe and gently filling your jewellery box.  Late-night dinners with a nightclub, afterwards are usual three or four nights a week, though they do like to see you in the office on Friday after 12 o'clock.  And of course, the tips are amazing,

       But don't forget you're just a small cog in a big organization, and there are many people above you who depend on you for their bonuses and they'll drive you hard for the results; expect to feel knackered        

       And queried Georgina, the downside? 

       You need to be discrete, if out with a client, but sometimes the client doesn't realise your circumstances

       My circumstances?

       Well she said reluctantly.  As well as being wined dined repeatedly, you have to remember that you will be here for the next 3 years; he will be gone in less than a month.

  Goody.  So, I get a new suitor every few weeks

       Maybe.  But you have to remember where you are.  This is not London or New York.  With the inhabitants now at 4 million against a local population of 100, 00, most management jobs are filled by expats from many countries, but with a GNP of $40,000,000, a day there's plenty of incentives.  We have a sort of unofficial diplomatic immunity, but it's just that, a unofficial, agreement acknowledged in confidence, by the Ruling Elite who actually run this country. 

       But its a democracy isnt it, the name Arab Democratic Union?

        Sheer authoritarian clap-trap, means nothing.  Okay up to a certain level of government people have got the vote.  But the candidates are picked and the Royal family still has a veto on candidates.  Here contact are everything, it is possible to work your way up from being born in a farmhouse, often into selected government jobs.  Mess up and you're quickly into a different system; the prison system!

       The problem is that 20 years ago this was desert, sand, sheep, goat and camel herders, and a lot of the old attitudes still exist, but under the surface.

       The education system is still struggling to turn children from rural upbringings, into technical managers, and with the system still feudal, with a King, President, Dictator, Sheik or Sultan, call him what you want, it stills a Police state, still run on Islam Shari law.  But there's money to be made if you dont mind the heat, the flies, and the natives. 

       Dont worry for that sort money I can be very compliant.

       Malinda laughed at the choice of words, not too compliant, that carries its own consequence and connotations here.  But seriously, you have to think on your feet; your client will want all your attention; wants to have grown-up, even racy fun while he's here, while you lust after his expense account.  So, its an all hours job, thats okay because the overtime pay and perks are brilliant.  But dont let him think you are there for their pleasure, as you might find yourself attending some slightly risqué bistro, shady nightspot, and very dubious adult stage shows on the way.  And live to bitterly regret it.

       Regret It?

       Yes, Ill come to that in a moment.  Often the client doesn't realise the moral or religious environment you have to work in; they think because gambling and drinking, with a lively nightlife are allowed, that this is Las Vegas, just with a different language.

       We can drink here?  That does surprise me I was expecting to be teetotal.        

       You can do anything you want in this city, as long as you don't get caught out doing it.  Drink, gamble, and fornicate to your hearts content; enjoy your pleasure.  Just be very careful.  You can do what you want, if youre discreet; but getting caught is a different matter. 

Officially Europeans can drink, but only in discreet private places, And by that I mean hotel and tourist bars only, don't even think of drinking anything but coffee in public places.  Hotel restaurants, you can drink with a meal and obviously nightclubs, but don't do anything that the local people could take exception to, and then compounded it by doing something even sillier like mixing drinks and fornicating together especially in a public place.

       However aside from that, this is a pretty safe place for expats to work you go out in public, just respect local sensibilities, and cover any exposing dresses and bare flesh, where you can be seen publicly, just remove the cloak or robe when you get to semi-private places.  Then youre free to act as you want, there's no need even to cover your hair in public.  The main rule here is; in public don't flaunt yourself; in private if, you want to, let it all hang out

       What's the crime rate like?

       Fairly good, the Police presence sometimes can feel a little heavy, but you'll find most crimes are cleared up within a week, or at least reported to be, though it's not always clear whether they've got the right person.  A lot of assumptions are made just because you're from a certain country you'll do certain things; and beating the crap out of suspects is, let's say 'common practice,' often with a belt or whip ,and it seems that included female getting it

  However, because of that, it's perfectly safe out there at night, if you're about your lawful occasion as they say.  All the police placement above Inspector are reserved especially for resident Arabs, as are the higher government.  Lots of nepotism, you know family members in connected jobs.

Yes!  I do know what nepotism means, Georgina said slightly peeved.  Jobs for the family.

       Sorry apologised Malinda used to working with people who have been plucking chickens a month ago.  A lot of the building donkey work in this country is done by immigrants from Third World countries; thats why you have to be a little circumspect in getting around any petty restrictions.  However, if anybody is going to shop you for any indiscretions, its likely be them.  Youre bartender, your taxi driver, your shopkeeper and of course, your local traffic warden. 

       Yes, they have them here, as sometimes the traffic can get quite bad and coming from strict Muslim countries like Africa, Pakistan and India and Indonesia, they don't have the wealth like us to allow them to be tolerated by the locals.  So, make good scapegoats for all sorts of minor crimes and a few major ones.

        But even then, remember this is a very male orientated culture, so just be careful, it's bad enough in the UK for a attractive girl to drive a sports car, and brings out the worst in any male.  Here youre liable to be run off the road, get a good slapping and be made to apologise for your attitude by sucking the guys dick.

       Youre joking!

       Of course!  But believe me thats what's on their mind, thats the sort of mentality you've got to cope, with; and the woman can be the pits.  Theyd have their men urinate on you if they that would prove their superiority.  The woman have no option, but to have to accept they are second class citizens, and we are the privileged, if they can knock us down to their level, particularly if they can get us detained on morality charges they will; then enjoy watching us made to be subservient. 

       Though saying that, crime is light; but mainly because they back it up here this with a very horrendous penal code.  Even though from the outside they look good, the Town halls, Police stations, and Prison are in splendid new buildings, the old regimes that sometimes sit behind them can be quite intolerant.

       You know all the fuss was made about Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq, you know where that wicked dwarf woman was photographed dragging male prisoners around on a leash, making them stand naked, while she tickled their testicles with a electric current, and other sort of sexual abuse; making naked male prisoners wank off in front of her.  If that had been taken here in UDA she would have been castrating them, then finding a female prisoner and make, them lick the guys arse to enforce what he'd lost.  What wasn't mentioned was the day by day rape and exploitation of local women, with the everyday abuses was left to lie.  

       Lesbians lighter, in hand burning the genitals of both men and women for not showing enough sexual enthusiasm.  And the one reason it was sanctioned in Iraq, was that that sort of treatment is not only relished, its demanded by ordinary citizen in most Arab countries as part of the punishment of offenders, under Shari law; and the Americans just copied it off the Arabs.  And that's how it's practised here, along with the beatings and regular physical and sexual abuse of prisoners, even for minor crimes, and the occasional disappearance of inmates, supposedly released, who just disappeared

       Some offences get a strong reaction,   Get drunk in a hotel and it will be ignored.  Drink and kiss in the back of a local taxi, that will get you arrested, and then you are looking at 3 months in jail.  This is a rich city and it draws in thousands of undesirable whore's from Russia, prostitutes from Albania, rent boys from Brazil, fraudsters, thiefs, that why we had to build the new prison

       Jesus!  Sounds a good reason to be a good little girl and party with the girls. 

       Yes, but remember Gay of any type will get you big trouble        

       Oh, I didnt mean that, I meant keep my nose clean

                I know.  But maybe you get a turn on by being lets said spanked.  No problem if thats your turn on, but there not so sophisticated here, as a spanking, is what done to a wilful spouse, with a big stick. 

       Youve got to be joking, thats for weirdoes, not me

       You sure, if you arent?

        It would stand you in good stead with some of our clients; its difficult to get our Ladies of the Night to do spanking, unless theyre paid really well, but wealth seems to attract this kind of fetish for pain, not theirs of course, but others.  

       And remember, some of your client will be female, not many, but a few, so be careful.  If youre thinking, Gay dont!  Officially, the term doesn't exist though believe me, you'll find some nasty species hitting on you, if you're at all indiscreet.  Dyke behaviour is unknown, not because it doesn't exist of course, but because it isnt allowed to exist, except in much prohibited much undisclosed places, including the prisons.  As for them, dont even go there, even in jest; unless you want to be locked up in a cell with prisoners and guards who will enjoy turning you into their bitch for 20 years. 

       No problem there, I'm strictly a man's woman at the moment. 

         Good, because if you go there, that could be drastically altered, whether you like it or not.

        In this business, youve got to be totally dedicated, no point in blaming anybody else, if you're out till three in the morning, and he is drunk enough to start pawing you.  Think ahead and get a Pro there, before it gets that far and youll do well.  I hope you're not averse to a little spice in where you spend your evenings. 

       What do you mean; I might have to go to bed with him?

No!  That the pros business, they all try it on and laughed at Georgina's discomposure.  Youre no good at your job if you dont flirt outrageously; they love it, makes them feel special, and are easy with the gifts; as they would like to be with their cocks

       However, that why we have safe procedures for that.  Pass him off with promises, lots of them if necessary, and then you pass it over to people who are paid to take that possibility.  What you dont do is go beyond the lounge in the Hotel.  Use your phone before you get there, one quick text and it's not your problem; there you will be met by a high class working girl, and over drinks she will integrate into your group and make it quite clear shes interested.

       Georgina pulled a face; I don't mind where I go as long as they pay me, Im broad minded, might be a laugh.  However, I'm not getting involved and certainly not climbing into bed with him, if that what he wants or anybody for that matter.

       Malinda had grinned at her firmness.

       Good because that's one excitement you need to make sure you keep well clear of; young ladies of the night here are not very well received by Society; though as you would expect there are plenty of them.  But get caught in a patrons room; not even in his bed and you'll spend more than a night in the cells and the Company will not be pleased.

       It's illegal for any single woman to be found alone in a room, car or taxi, with a male who is not related to them.  And married women have to have their husbands permission, to even go out with a chaperone

       There's no argument; you're in a hotel room with a male, guilt proved even as you stand in the dock in court.  However, the 3 to 9 months prison sentence will be nothing compared with the condition that not laid down, but officially sanctioned.  That's not so much, down you go, but over you go: and how would you like your bottom caned for immoral behaviour Madam?

       They cane people here!

       Definitely, women mainly, though occasionally a couple, mainly for international consumption, not as viciously as they cane a harlot, who is taking money, but nasty if that sort of thing doesnt turn you on.  Its one of the unofficial tourist attractions; as they call them here, but I gather it's pretty unpleasant experience for just being in mortal danger and something you really only want to imagine, believe me.  Remember fooling around, even a peck on the cheek is a lewd sign to someone; and theyll be biased towards getting you arrested. 

       That's why that episode with Frank was so bloody stupid.  The driver had only to see us in his rear-view mirror or worse had CCTV, and as I said, I certainly wouldn't be sitting here comfortably talking to you.

         I don't understand said Georgina; surely, you were private in the back of the taxi. 

    Yes but both of us had consumed alcohol, and were fooling about indecently.  At the best, the taxi driver would have challenged us, and I would have been lucky to have got away simply by kneeling in the dirt by the side of the road sucking his cock off.  Not that Frank would have been a lot of help; as I said he would most probably enjoy the joke and watch me with great enjoyment,  as I was humiliating being made to suck the guys spunk down my throat. 

       Ugh!  The thought makes me shudder.  It wasn't that the guy was particularly ugly, but in his 50s and definitely not the sort of personality, that sent you giggling into bed.  To him I was aloof tart, well above his class.  A piece of well-dressed, rich floozy that he had no chance of bedding, and he would have used to blackmail me that to his full advantage

          Jesus said Georgina.  You told me to be careful; you're telling me he will have actually forced you to give him a blow job, even with Frank there.

       Frank would have thoroughly enjoyed my discomposure, most probably slyly paid the guy to open my top and massaged my breasts, so he could more enjoy my humiliation.  But more likely, the guy would have had me over the bonnet of his car and would have enjoyed an attempt to get me to reproduce.

               He would have raped you

         Not in his eyes, look at it, not from a Western female perspective, but an Arab males perspective; and you'll see why you need to be careful being one of the elite. 

       He was quietly sitting there irritable that his wife were unavailable due to menstruation, and suddenly he gets hailed by two of the elite.  The woman is dressed exquisitely, and except for TV, he's never seen a woman's tits and sexual emphasis being shown so blatantly by her clothing, however knowing his place he sensibly lowers his eyes in deference.

        However once the journey progresses he sees what shocks him to the core, two of the elite, behaving disgusting very on the back seat of his cab, breaking all moral laws and deference to women.  Suddenly he is in the right, and feels righteously that the blatant exhibition needs to be punished.  With males having 1 just 2% of sexual characteristics and women having the other 8%, he can understand the guy wanting to get his end away, but the woman needed to show much more constraint further weakness of the male and therefore needs not only punishment, but pain and punishment as decreed in the Koran.

   So you see well it goes Georgina, I'm the temptress, the male is weak therefore, I need to show compassion, for arousing the male beyond control, as a taxi driver I can either report them to the police, but then see the male also punished.  Or take a slice of the cake myself.

    But that's against everything I believe in,

       But yes.  Youre Western, and educated in a different set of values that don't hold here, that's why you need to be extremely careful of the mindset around you.  To him I was a whore of the worst type, someone needing punishment.  I could either settled down and service him there and then, or we could discuss it all down the police station.

       Now that wouldn't have worried Frank in the slightest.  I could see him standing back and urging me to bend forward and let the guy have me, so he could watch, and then follow up with a little bit of buggery himself; as I say he is that sort of guy.  But you can bet your life; once it had got to that stage, I wouldn't have even been considering accompanying him to the police station

       Surely, you been better off down the police station, bluff it out. 

        Hardly!  As I said, that's the best that could have happened.  The worst is that he could have driven to a police station to make his complaint officially, and then waited around for me to be charged with being a whore.  Luckily, even in this country, you can't brand someone a whore without two other accusations as backup, but you can bet your life he would have scored with a charge of immoral hussy.  And unfortunately, I mean scored. 

  Frank would have been all right okay he would have to pay a fine and get another taxi home, but I would have been down in the cells, feeling very distressed.

       Theyd arrest you and put you in the cells surly the Company card would have proved who you were. 

    Yea!  Not in the way you think, this would have been unofficial, officially I would just had been held for court appearance in the morning, or till the lawyers got me released  But somehow  I would be stripped naked before I got to the cells, and you can bet your life the taxi driver would have been right behind me.  And it's the behind bit that would be bothering me; whores get their heads cut off over here, but immoral young ladies get them smacked, hard, as I said the cane still in use.

       Okay as I said the lawyers would have had me out of there, but they can't work instantly, on the way down, I would have slipped and fallen over some desk and the cane would have accidentally made a dozen or so marks across my backside.  And I don't know whether you've ever seen anybody caned, they find it very difficult to get up for several minutes, enough time for the taxi driver to get his end up me, and any other officer who felt in the mood.  Well before, I could stand up and close my legs so better the car bonnet, than the police station; at least that way I can still sit down in the morning

       As I say looking back, I sweat over what a stupid fool I was. 

       However, theres a more subtle danger.  If you're out to a Nightclub after the bewitching hour of 12 o'clock; and either of you has had even a sip of alcohol; Get him to leave his car and call up a Company taxi, arranging for his car to be picked up later and delivered to his hotel.  If he feels the need to drive, tell him you're worried about him, as the driving limit for alcohol is zero and you care about him.  That way you have a chaperone in the shape of the taxi driver in case you get stopped at a roadblock.  


Yes, don't worry!  Their common, usually on the city limits, but also around dens of iniquity, like bars and nightclubs.  Mainly so they can collect bribes from late night revellers.

However, theyre also out to catch immoral local young ladies in a car, whos not related to the male; and as from the minute, you took this job, youre a honorary local girl.  In most cases, your Company credit card will get you out of any trouble and might even get you an escort home. 

However, there are a couple of police precincts that we try to keep clear of,

       There, the local police superintendent seems to like to deliberately challenge the Company.  They seem to think their devotion to Allah, overrides all earthly dictates.  They won't disobey a direct edit from the King, but if your Company ID is suddenly was lost irretrievably down a near storm drain, he won't take any prostrations, and just utilize the 12 hours before the Company can come up with further evidence, to make your life a misery.  And 12 hours is a long time in a Police station in this country and I'm not talking of saying prayers.  Thats why you must carry your locator with you at all time, so if you do go under the radar, youre reachable.  

       Your client will be okay being a bona fides short-term visitor and with money, but dont expect any gallantry.  Youve been good fun: but!  He gets a fine he can charge to his account, and gets escorted home, leaving you to be escorted to the police station.  You get marks transferred to your backside.  Once inside the police station, no matter how much you protest you're doing Company promotion; your proof will be floating down the sewer.  And with your local status as a resident much more easily proven, it's so easy to find yourself charged with immoral behaviour. 

       While that is very unlikely, as the Company, lawyers are good; you will inevitably be locked up in a cell, with a appearance booked for sentencing and possibly three months in prison awaiting you next day; though the Company should have you out before it gets that far.  However even a night in the cells can be very disconcerting, especially if someone decides justice will be much better served, if as you're taken from your cell to the toilet, you slip and fall over the charge desk, just as someone is unfortunately product testing, a new cane.  It doesn't matter how it administered, officially or unofficially, and how insincere the apology after, it hurts just as much.  But it could just be followed through next day, resulting in you bending over in the public square.

       But you said the Company could sort it.

       They can but they're not miracle workers.  Prison they can get you out of, but they won't know about you till the morning; by then you could be lying face down on your cell bed, unable to sit on it, and while theyll get you out, they can't undo the humiliation, and  the horrible sting you'll feel for days. 

       No!  Taxi to hotel; leave him in the Foyer bar after just checking he has all he needs for the night, and make your way home on your own, not even with another woman, that way you can thumb your nose at any roadblocks you come across

       You didn't tell me that in your emails? 

       Surely if I'm only just working here as a British national I'm immune.

       Of course you are, but becoming a local resident, does mean that you owe some allegiance to this Country for your living, like obeying their laws, but that's also has some advantages as you then become one of them; not the ruling Elite in this country of course, thats reserved for natives, but damm near that. 

       The British embassy will do the best they can; you can reckon they'll be something like 6 to 9 months behind on your case by which time you'll be on your way home deported, with most probably, some enduring marks still on your backside;  While everybody Tweets and Twitters sniggering, How brave Miss Georgina Masters was.  What a shame the slag got caught with her legs spread

Did you know?  They spanked her bottom with a cane, and in the public square, before she was deported, bet she loved that;  And so on, feel you could handle that?

Just be careful, it's one of the allures of this place, knowing they still carry out mediaeval punishments, seems to attract people, from what I've seen it's quite brutal.  This country still executes people by beheading.

Oh my God!

But then, so do a lot of countries, just a little differently.  Some by shooting; which is just a matter of damaging the body enough so they die of their injuries, some by poison injected into the veins, some by strangling with a rope.  This country just happens to believes cutting of someones head off is a good way of preventing reoffending.

Yes!  But cutting someones head off is pretty barbaric!

       In someways no!  Mercy can be given by injecting the criminal with a local anaesthetic to reduce the pain and anxiety if it takes more than one chop to kill, which is more than some countries do.  One I know puts you in jail then 5-10 years later, then frys your body with electric, now thats barbaric.  However, nobody like to be killed, so sometimes there are a bit of hysterics. 

       Look I know you eat meat and like me like a nice piece of veal.  Unfortunately, a calf has to die for your taste; they feel the same way about criminals; this is a barbaric country still, and their punishments must be worse than normal life.  People still starve to death in parts of this county; get pregnant without a husband or family who would look after you and your baby, you starve.

       You've actually seen one, someone being caned?

       Yes several times, and before you ask; unfortunately one caned, before they took her to be topped off, in the prison yard.  Caning are quite common one or two a week sometimes, though they dont announce them.  Luckily, executions are rarer. 

       Whenever a harlot gets arrested: next day about 10 am, she ready for whacking.  It's that knowledge of where and when you need.  I'm still looking to get the addresses to attend one of the small number of clandestine caning that go on, where the woman involved is too sensitive for public consumption.  Usually some shady politician or a minor Sheik worthy wife, daughter, concubine or mistress and those I'm told are medieval, sexy and very cruel,

As I said, it's part of the shady background here.  If youre foolish to get caught up in it, get ready to have what we say at home, as having "Ants in your pants", except you won't be wearing any.  All you'll be wearing is a natty light cotton shift, a garment officially designed to cover any licentious display of your body, but which, in practice nicely outline your butt, And you'll find shrieking really doesnt help with the pain; only give you a sore throat to add to your misery

       So when they bend you over the bar, in a quite a salacious, even to our minds kinky way, it publicises your shame.  All the enforcer has to do is aim for the outline of your bum, and you'll find it a bit like being branded with a red-hot poker, or so they tell me.

Very quickly, the pain builds up, and you'll be squirming, wriggling and gyrating your arse, in a violent but very sexy motion; for the entertainment of all the voyager's down at the Town Square, including some very shady European tourists.  Fancy your serpentine gyrations being displayed on 'YouTube'?  As Miss Masters dances

They say that cane hurts, especially the way its done here.  And that I can believe.  As I say Ive seen a several get the stick, and they scream right from the first, as I suspect they are meant to.  It quite horrific if you let it get to you.  But also from a academic interest is wondering why they scream, not faint

        A thin cotton shift for modesty does nothing to stop the smarting stinging burn of the cane especially the one they use.  Thin so it stings, but thick so it caused plenty of bruising to keep you awake for days after; its certainly no schoolgirl six of the best. 

       Which is why you must be so very careful, for a single woman to be caught in the company of a man, especially a married man is a very serious offence, which is why the courtesans we pass the client over to get so well paid.

        Hour for hour; they earn more entertaining the clients during the night hours than we do being wined and dined during the evening. 

        However, I think I know which I would rather do.                 A Russian woman who we use as a top of the range Courtesan, fortunately not only got caught in the same hotel apartment with a client, but naked, with her knickers around her legs. 

       Nice woman only 22, how she coped with 60 strokes of the cane descending on her bottom hard enough to nearly break the skin I really don't know.  But then if youre secured, you really dont have any option but to take it, and shriek your agony.  You could see her face contract as the cane hit, then screw up as the pain struck ,only then did she scream, sobbing hysterically after, till the next one repeated the sequence . 

   Georgina grasped astonished 60?

       They used her as an example, she was white and European, or nearly.  The bloody woman wielding the cane, a fucking Les you can bet your life, nearly dislocated her spine twisting from the waist so that she could get maximum force behind the stroke. 

       And after she'd been soundly dealt with, they yanked her off to prison where she did three months; and as a bonus, I gather that cane wielding lesbian officer instilled a few more erotic and disturbing memories.

       You actually went to see the Russian woman being beaten?  Wicked, said Georgina not sure of her emotions. 

       Well yes.  I had a contact that let me know when one was in the offering, and in this case, it just happened to be someone I knew.  But that didnt change the morality of it, someone was going to get her bum whacked, who and why didnt matter.  Never did, it was just a recommended, decadent self-indulgent thing to do while in the country. 

  She was the one who had broken the law out, not to me, and up to the point she got caught and was arrested, it was quite lucrative for her.  After that, I admit it wasnt so excellent, but it was her choice.  I had three clients who had pestered to me, well before that, wanting to see, let's say a whores spanking, including her client on the night she was arrested so I just took the highest offer.  Quite entertaining in a perverse sort of way.

        You made a profit out of the misfortune of one of your colleagues? 

         Why not?  Cant see any problem with that, no more than people attending a bullfight in Spain, nobody complains that the organisers are making a profit at the expense of the bull.  All I'm doing is arranging a visit to a ethnic cultural event, and covering my expenses.  The woman concerned user risk was quite prepared to make money out of her association with me and the Company.  The fact that she was involved in a very unfortunate situation didn't mean I was exploiting her.  She got caught breaking a serious law, and was paying a painful forfeit.  I take visitors around the prison here, the show the examples of exquisite taste in the visitor's area to allow my client's to see more of the country, doing it for money, which is why were all here including the courtesans.  It was solely a financial decision to let the guy screw her for money, there was no pressure.  She certainly wouldn't blame me for taking advantage of her misfortune. 

       If she thought of anything, in between the excruciating whack of the cane, the excruciating agony, and her screeching, plodding and screaming.  It certainly wasn't because I was taking advantage of her misfortune.  However, my client was obviously disappointed that he hadnt got his end away up either of us that night, and got fined  for the privilege, and basically blamed me, so I really had no option but to arrange for him to watch at least one of his bits of “ pussy” pay for his frustration.         I just happened to charge it to his account for the pleasure.  The guy got so ensnared, that he wanted to meet her once she had been locked up.

       He wanted to have sex with her when she was imprisoned?

       No that wouldn't have been so easy; the prison keeps that privilege for nationals employed in the prison service, it's one of the perks.  Same sort of thing as in the past in the UK, with any homosexual activity taboo, the queers get their activity where they can.  Bending for the soap I gather is quite rife with so many homosexuals male and female being employed as guards, it's the only way they can follow their perversions. 

       From what I gather, the male guards are very quick inducing a external stretching in a youths tender anal tube.  However, the female though finds that lesbian love can quite sadistic, having her first penetration using the prickly feel of a circular hairbrush.  Somehow, I suspect that would make you very submissive, enough to return the favour with your tongue

The male guards of course get first crack, but that just lasts till they orgasm.  But the lesbians here have got a reputation of being quite sadistic and making their sessions last far longer .

   I heard the woman who used the cane on the Russian woman's staked her claim, and for the next three months, the Russian woman was literally required to be her very submissive bitch.

Oh my God!  You mean she was not only raped by the male officers, but ravished by the female ones as well        

       Oh, you are so naive Georgina! 

The Russian woman was made to have sex with the lesbian.  Big difference.  The Russian woman wouldn't have any options of what was done to her, or who it was doing it.  Her time in prison would have been as a rented whore, the crime she was beaten for.  Nice bit of cunt to make profit from, she will have been very busy practising bending for the soap and licking out orifices, something I suspect was more stressful, than the 60 strokes across her bottom. 

        But it wasn't that only that seemed to turn him on.  No, it was much more devious than that.

        He said that he knew a couple of other guys who'd had sex with her, and paid for the privilege.  That worried me,  here were four guys accusing a girl, not of immorality, but prostitution, and all prepared to swear they paid for it.  That sort of accusation gets you a short swing on a long rope, a rope around your neck, and that's what he was angling for. 

       Could I arrange it that so they could go and see her strung up?  And he meant it.  Quite prepared to pay big extras to see her being beaten; now he wanted to finish the erotic scene by watching her struggling on the end of the rope.  For a second I was tempted, it's not something you see every day and the bonuses I could get was massive

       Then I saw sense.  Arranging to see something that was nothing to do with me, except my employment was OK, however changing the scenario to arrange something wasnt justify was too much even for my loose conscience. 

    Id seen one and it certainly wasnt my taste; or to the harlot involved I suspect, she wisecracked, to cover her distress.  However, if I hadnt been part responsible, leading on the client by making sexy eyes at him, for my bonuses,  and they were just someone I was acquainted with.  Maybe I wouldnt have hesitated?  I dont know        

       I was only able to nip that one in the bud by explaining tactfully that it could be dangerous for him, and for me.  While he had hadn't actually passed over any money, her costs would have been charged to a Company account, and that he could be charged with immoral practices;  if he wanted his hairy bottom exposed in public, for a similar dose of the cane he was welcome, but he wasn't taking mine along with him.  Thank God for good bookkeeping

       Don't ever underestimate your client Georgina, some of them are proud arrogant perverted people.  Later on, he called me back not only to gloat but boast.  He hadn't got to see the woman who frustrated him lynched; but he got some form of perverse compensation. 

       He got to know the Prison Governor and was able to get a couple of hours session watching the woman paying for her crimes.  It seems that she was dragged around by a dog lead, from dyke to dyke, putting on a show for him and she got it's quite badly.  At one point, they jammed a candle up her pussy as a sadistic timer.  Satisfy six lesbians in the time it took for the candle to burn, or suffer a scorched pussy. 

       He said he'd never seen a whore so busy between a girl's legs.  And I think he also got the chance to apply the cane again in person for his disappointment, he was quite boastful in saying he found it quite satisfying to see the girl held down and a extremely large candle force into the pussy he had been denied.  Saying she wasnt the only bit of cunt that should have been stretched that night

       He was quite conceited, saying he enjoyed watching the pussy hed been denied stretched wide open by a large wax candle and then see the hair around it sizzle as it burnt, and insinuated it wasnt only and the Russian woman who deserve such treatment.  I was as much responsible for his disappointment as her, Going as far to threatened me with a similar fate if I didn't knuckle down and arrange seeing a lynching for him.

       I cut him off over that and nearly lost my job, but Frank backed me up, as that was way beyond what the company could protect me from, or want to.  But if you're to be an efficient operator you need to know what draws the Clientele to this country, and it's not always good investments, often its investing in debauched night clubs. 

       Coming from more settled part of the world, the primitive brutality of this country fires the erotic imagination.  Whether the interest is sexual, or they just enjoy seeing some unfortunate lady of the night, getting her comeuppance, I don't know and don't care.  It's part of the culture here and I accept that for what it is.  I just make sure I keep well clear of experiencing it personally. 

       However, don't depend on your boss looking after your interests; it effects people in different ways, Im sure one of the Gentlemen who visited Maria was Frank Wells, my boss, and soon to be yours.  The dire circumstance, this employee was in seemed to bring out the pervert in him Difficult to get confirmation exactly, but I'm pretty sure the Russian woman got to know Frank quite intimately. 

And left it at that without saying anymore, continuing... 

However, you will however need to know, as you will be asked, and expected to know.  Just where and when, some poor foreign working girl is going to get it.  But if youre sensible that all you need to know, and that only comes from keeping in with the police and getting inside knowledge.

       However, saying that, I do find it very efficient as a fast, swift and effective form of deterrent; you don't see any of display of sexual affection in a street, as you do in a Western city.  It's all discreetly kept for the bedroom.  However, what it's like to be on the receiving end of the cane thrashing your backside is almost too horrendous to think about; though in this country at least, I will say it seems fast and efficient.

       Someone make a complaint, your arrested, sentenced, and find sitting down extremely painful within 24 hours of the act of lust being committed.  That alone must cancel out any kicks you got.  However, during those 24 hours the anticipation and emotional conflicts in your head must be quite horrendous; making the punishment both physical and mental.  Maybe that's its appeal; as a deterrent; the anticipation and the pain of being made to bend over, so someone can inflict unbearable agony on a intimate and sensitive part of your anatomy.  However, unlike Western deterrents, it over and done with quickly; though I should imagine the after-effects is quite severe; you don't see many harlots coming back for a second dose.  That Russian woman didnt, she scarped toot-sweet, and so I imagine it's quite difficult for the next couple of weeks, to enjoy a further bout of debauchery, when even just thinking about sitting or bending, bring back painful flashbacks

       But you will find a big interest.  I usually take any clients who do, to the site, wait until the unfortunate women is paraded, then after arranging a meeting point, walk away and leave the client what watch what he wants, otherwise it can be mentally wearing, watching someone else suffer for your amusement, Though I do admit to sometimes getting a kick out of watching.  But that usually if 'it's someone who a minor celebrity, individual concubine or mistress that got caught; the more important ones attending private session.  But that just I, unless that's what turns you on, better to preserve your emotions.

Dont worry thats not the way I get my kicks.  Just can't believe it still happen, it's so unenlightened. 

And said a rueful Malinda.  So painful

       Well at least that won't be a problem to you; just treats it as the locals do, a fascinating way to spend an hour or so.  sexual perversion, practiced that way in this country are still a taboo subject, however it's best to attend one or two to start with, then you can be an authority on the event.  I do my best not to get involved, but sometimes you'll find it very difficult with a zealous client, and then you have to play it by ear, but that's what you get paid for.  

       Just remember any sort of romance, even kissing is risky in Muslim countries.  A European woman was caught recently getting amorous in the back of a taxi, the taxi driver complained and she got a lenient three months. 

A started Georgina swallowed.  Three months! 

       Yep!  Terrified by the sentence, she appealed and even went to the length of being stripped and intimately examined by the prison doctors, which she said proved she hadn't had sex within the last year.  Subsequently her sentence was put on hold while the evidence was investigated again.  However still not satisfied the silly bitch whinged to the local paper that while her conviction was under appeal she wasn't allowed to work, and being broke, she will be better off getting it over and done with.  So, the courts obliged and within hours of the press release, she was rearrested and they slung her into a particularly unpleasant and nasty jail to serve the three months.

    However, that wasn't the only outcome of her protest.  Because she tried to pressurize the legal system by complaining to the international press the system reacted in it usually masterly fashion.  Besides condemning her to three months in a very nasty prison where they knew she would be abused sexually for being a whore, they conveniently forgot the about her, and was still there eight months later enjoying her sentence.

Oh, my God explained Georgina

But that wasn't all continued Malinda

  She again protested, and again got the wrong end of the stick literally, finding out that stroppy prisoners not only have to put up with sexual abuse but also can be caned under prison rules for disobedience. 

Overall, her drunken fumble in the back of a taxi got her eight months in prison, sustained sexual abuse and rape by prisoners and guards, her final protests getting her a very sound caning of 36 strokes

Eventually she got out okay; they just kicked her out of the country afterwards, but not before charging her the airfare.  And the diplomatic service hushed up the whole affair for the sake of international cooperation.


       Georgina started to panic.  She went to prison for three months, and was left there for eight months?  Shit!  Thats callous.  Melinda winced realizing that Georgina wasn't getting the full story almost accepting that female prisoners had to accept abuse, if they went prison.

Yep!  To rot!

You're telling me that I could go to prison to kissing someone.

  Malinda calmed her down.  Caught kissing in public, and someone complains; that's the two bits to keep in mind.

  Look, those are only official statistics, and those are notoriously inaccurate and biased.  It takes two people to confirm they paid a woman for sex for it to be even considered by the police, and hopefully you'll have the local inspector in your pocket.

       Even then, it's rare, but you have to be careful; the system here is corrupt as hell, Security cameras are rife everywhere, And Westerners while they tolerated, can be a little insensitive to local feelings.  The main thing to remember is don't actually get caught doing what prostitute call turning tricks,  If you want to take a guy to bed make sure it's in private and not in a hotel.  It's only young ladies who are less than discrete so can't depend on the Company to get them, literally off the hook, which end up, deservedly in my opinion, getting their bottoms soundly smacked in the public square.        Mix drink and sex and its 8-16 months in very dubious conditions; if you're raped when drunk, look at a possible 3 years

       Pardon said Georgina incredulously.  If I'm raped???

       Yep!  Tough that.  However, the police say you put yourself in peril by drinking, which allowed sex outside of marriage to take place, Serves you right; down you go.

However, thats all in hand, I'll explain in a moment

Only last year a 24 year old Norwegian sales staff on this Company just across the border in Dubai, was raped and complained to the police and was jailed for immoral behaviour for eight months.  To be fair her attacker was also sent down for eight months, the rape charge not sticking as it needed four people to confirm it.

Remember if youre tempted; under Shari law, the punishment for immoral sex by a woman shall be one of one hundred lashes.  For a proved prostitute or adultery it's stoning, or being more contemporary, the rope

But don't lose any sleep about it; as I said its exceptional and the Company have got most situation farmed out so theres very little risk.  Most of these people were lone operators, that's why you're working for the Company.  A discreet telephone number will let others like her take the risk.

All you do is ring that number and they will provide you anything your client practically could want.  They cater for gays, lesbians if your client is female.  You will find a lot of your clients want something that perverted. 

Georgina looked blank. 

Yes just that.  Thats why we give you a telephone number to call.  Shock you does it?

Georgina pulled a face, and said.  I hope you're right, I like the life style and I like the luxury, but I'm not sure whether I like what you're saying.

You wanted highflying job, look I've been doing this job for the last three years and I'd never had any trouble at all a little panic maybe ,but the Company's come good    However, I thought Id warn you sometimes the client wants much more than just watching strippers, that's something they can get in most countries.  Here he's looking for the erotic and the exotic, and sometimes that means you go to see something that's quite vulgar and physical.  Mainly they just want to rubberneck, but sometimes they will try and involve you.  I'm just warning so you don't make a silly mistake. 

  Even then, the Company has plenty of clout to sort things out quickly.  Ive got to know some very dubious dives and its part of your duties to find out about where they are.  That's how I know all about where the Harlots get a stick across their bottom, as I say it's quite a underground tourist attraction.  The bosses are well aware of the dilemma and working with the Government and have got it all under control. 

Your position as an adviser will be registered with the police, and this will ensure that any relatively minor offences will be ignored and any more serious transgressions will be just as treated as leniently as possible, usually at the local police chiefs discretion.  If you're caught in a raid on the nightclub, usually again instigated to catch out local people.  Just show your Company identity card and you will find that even if you accidentally get caught up in the roundup, the police will ignore your local status.  The worst that will happen is that your client will be escorted back to his hotel, and you will get a lift back to your apartment.

Thank goodness for that, said Georgina.  Bit worried when you said that prostitutes get lashed here.  Last thing I want, is having to sit on a cushion for a couple of days, and laughed embarrassingly.

No fear of that unless you really blatantly overdo it, its all a matter of being shrewd, get your kicks but dont get caught.  Your Company identity card won't stop you being on trial if you commit murder, however it will get you a very, very good lawyer.

Again Georgina laughed.  Okay, I'll leave the baseball bat at home.

       No really said Melinda.  You need to be a little careful; Expats have a lot of liberties here, but the religious police are always at the back trying to catch us out.  Something about jealousy of being a group of elite Europeans, rather than elite Arabs. 

       However, saying that, in the time I've been here, I'm only once been caught in a raid and they were very polite, and believe me I've been to some very dodgy nightclubs.  As I've said, your biggest problem is one combining private drinking and fornication leading to public complaints.  Get drunk and someone complains your getting frisky with a client in public, then you will be arrested.  Keep away from those and hotel bedrooms and there's no problem. 

So, I drink and fornicate in private do I, said Georgina.  I can't wait.


       If you are tempted as we all maybe and get caught at it, your identity card will get you very preferable treatment in the Courts.  A Kings pardon is usually granted within 20 minutes of you being found guilty   However if the worst comes to the worst and you are jailed, it won't be for more than couple of hours will while the Company appeals to the King.  And as I said the new prison we built is fantastic, and just in case things do get out of hand, we've even got a couple of executive cells reserved for holding our employees and their clients if they do find themselves accidentally in fault of the system "In Flagrante Delicto" so to speak. 

       No chance of that said Georgina; I like to keep my private love life and my work completely separate.

       Due to the of complications of this silly country, it's sometimes more difficult than that said Melinda, you'll just have to play it by ear.  The main thing to remember is that women are definitely second class citizens and your client as far as the Company and A.D.U is concerned is sacrosanct.  You as a woman come second; most Arab states still whip their citizen, usually for immoral offence; though the police do lay about them with sticks, and horribly enough the prison service officers carry a strap on the belt as a matter of custom, ready for instant use

       What!  They whip people here as well as caning them.

One of the main stays of their punishment system, and I'm told reliably it is damn painful.  They say you just have no capacity to understand what agony is till youve had the cane across your backside.  

       And I believe them from the way the girls I seen; jerk violently as if burned, and then rip out their throats in a scream.   Remember most Arabic countries are about 100 years behind in attitude and can be very mediaeval in their outlook.  Children still get smacked, wives get slapped or worse and criminals not only get the lash, but also are executed.  I put it down to the country still being 80% rural, and the callousness of the farmyard. 

       Jesus!  And you accept that, as a acceptable risk.                 

       I do.  Statistically for a $500.000 a year tax free, it's about the same statistics as being hit by a bus.  I know I told you about those cases, but that was to caution, not scare you.  It's unlikely but more than imaginary.  I just hope I don't get hit by that hypothetical bus, and if I do, I'll cope with it.  Does that worry you?

       No, not now you mention $500.000 cash in hand

       Plus expenses and tips quoted Melinda

Georgina's mind turned windmills at the thought of the money.  Yes definitely the expenses and tips.  Let's hope I'm good at dodging the hypothetical bus.  It's not that, as you say I run that risk just being with a client,  I'm just a little worried, how I would stand if I get caught pimping, which is what I will be doing?

       Don't worry this no such thing in Arab land.  Pimping is an offence, but very difficult to prove.  Either as far as the Koran concerned, you're a harlot or not: though the punishment for keeping a brothel is pretty wicked from what I hear.

       .Just keep well clear of any self-indulgent debauchery, no matter how much you're tempted, otherwise it could easily boomerang back.  The penalty here is simple; an officially sanctioned B&D event; which you're obliged to attend.  And worse still because it's a custom the Religious courts have jurisdiction over it, you are forced into indulged in it, in public

        However don't let it bother you, keep your nose clean, and nothing shouldn't bother you.  I've never had any trouble and Ive pushed the limits sometimes.  Any sanctions rarely involve foreigners; the international press would have fun rocking the boat.  However if you do get caught because you've decided to indulge, we'll all exhibit shock and horror at the barbarity of the sentence, then have a quite lewd chuckle at your expense and go home and gloat in private that you won't be sitting down for a couple of weeks.  Before calling your latest clients and getting the best price.

Once we've all showed our disapproval by photographing you for Facebook as you wiggle and screeched your way through having your seat tanned, while we sit and watch.  Then we'll leave you to deal with the pain the embarrassment and the shame as best as you can while we get back to the far more serious job of making money.  

       I find is a fascinating country with its combination of religious and moral laws, as you say it' very reminiscent of mediaeval times that way, that's why I'm writing a paper on its transformation to a modern democratic country.  That's assuming that the fundamentalists don't win and we get kicked out as is happening in a lot of Muslim countries.  Male dominance is still very much a part of Muslim culture and to be fair it has given mankind a big boost over the last 45,000 years; whether female liberalism will take over is down to Allah

       But don't worry about it, as I said thats all taken care of.  The Company provides about 20% GDP excluding petroleum products, so we have a very good working relationship with the King, As long as youre working for the Company, youre pretty safe from the police.

       Get annoyingly drunk in public, and youll spend the night in the cells as you should, but in the morning, youll get a apology.  Get picked up with your client in a Night club late at night, a highly immoral offence for a local, and the police will escort  both of you back to the hotel just dont make the mistake of going further than the bar.  I'll explain more when you know a little more about the job.

Georgina looked intrigued, I'm all agog.

       Good said Melinda, because that's all there is really to the job.  Provide good service, make the satisfying your clients requests a priority, take his money for some very desirable investments and you'll have a laid-back and very involved social life over here, and cash in the bank

       Georgina then asked about the loan, I'm really looking forward to having my own apartment and a nice new Porch.

Second-hand one smirked Melinda; you have to be really dedicated at the job to get a new one in the first year of working. 

The loan or grant, which is what it is, is really quite simple, theyll give you, in your case $500,000 and reduce that every month you stick at the job.  They don't have any complicated banking facilities in this country; they still work as if the bank manager was lending you the money himself, therefore, no messing about with stupid direct debits etc.

You just write out post dated cheques, which are covered by the loan. 

In your case 36 months and its all paid off and if you want, you can renew the contract or leave.  However, if you decide to leave after the probation period, if you leave early, then you need to repay those un-worked months, unless you can find someone to take over

That why I needed someone to take over from me, I decided that after three years I wanted to leave so Im having to pay back $100,000, three years loan.  By recommending you, I save that and you get a good, well paid, interesting job

And, the grant is simplicity itself.  No complicated paperwork, just a simple agreement, you get the money; they get a post-dated multi cheques guarantee.  You'll find that most transactions are done this way, it's good because it allows you to budget the expense over several months, or years.  You find your apartment give them post dated cheques for the rent and each month one of those cheques is honoured by the Company,, and of course, absolutely no interest being an Arab bank, just a standard transaction charge. 

If you're going to be shopping in the Malls, attending Nightclubs, high class dining establishments, you need to dress for the occasion you need to impress.  Buy it by post dated cheque and get it written off.  Image, and impressions are the name of the game in this part of the world; appear to have money and you collect

Yes thought Georgina remorsefully reminiscing, thats while I'm in here.  Still remembering her arrest and prosecution for cheque fraud.  I collected five bloody months shut up in here, and nobody cares a fuck. 


She had been woken in her newly decorated flat by a pounding at the door

    The police who had arrived at the door had been respectful enough to her, apologising and let her get dressed even if it was whatever was to hand.  However, she felt a tension in the air that frightened her; the police kept nudging each other and wandered out around the flat where she couldn't see them, as if casing the joint.

  When they got round to actually cuffing her she couldn't help, but catch the snidy grin; and the walk to the car was a nightmare.  The police car had bars in the back making her feel as if already in prison; and she was sure the hand she felt on her bottom supposedly guiding her in was, if nothing more, slightly indecent.

       And she felt extremely concerned when her bad language skills caught a mention of a liano Kano being reserved for her, whom she assumed from what she could remember from her Esperanto lessons, was some sort of Bamboo cage.  She knew they were archaic here, but a Bamboo cage?

       In Court, while clean and formal, she suddenly felt the atmosphere change perceptively from courteous to ill-natured spitefulness, as a judge said something about 5 month for a bounced check.  And she was ushered out the back way, still in the cloths; she had worn last night, now adding the hateful legs irons that she still wore a day later.  However, what really upset her was they seem now the only refer to her by a number 22354, pushed very callously into the back of a filthy prison wagon, and driven away. 

       At the Prison, things got worse, away from prying eyes, she got a real taste of third world prison treatment.  Two officer came to get her and dragged her from the wagon, literally by her hair, and pulled her squealing, to a cold stone room; where she was ordered by two female guards in broken English, to strip and change into some horrible coarse comic convicts costume.

The forced walk to the clothing room also confirmed the first real cultural shock.  While having no idea of conditions in a prison in the UK, she didn't think there would have been a hand goosing and caressing her bottom as she was forced marched to be put into prison clothing

       But with the handcuffs now inexplicitly attached to a collar around her neck, and wearing leg irons that was so heavy she literally shuffled, the bitch's hand had complete liberty to continue is urgent wanderings around her bum

       They gave her no privacy as she changed, again those snidy looks, then they played some sort of sick joke on her. 

Okay prisoner 22354, let's have you picking up your kitbag.  Georgina looked round worried, she been told never to bend over in prison, but this time the hand on the back of her neck was giving her no option.  Suddenly she leapt to her feet her hands holding her backside; one of the guards had deliberately thrashed her bum for her.

                Again, the command bend over, reluctantly though this time though more forcibly pushed down by the hand she went over and got a second good solid whack across the arse.  However this time the natural reaction to stand up was blocked, her arms were grabbed, and she was held face down.  She suddenly remembered what liano Kano wasIt wasnt Arabic, but possibly Albanian for, rattan cane and she froze. 

       Suddenly she started to get really anxious, as one of the guards started to pull down the back of her prison trousers.  Suddenly her naked arse was exposed to the weather.  And a wandering finger was running its finger around the entrance to her vagina.  Now desperately worried she started to struggle, but was unable to break the trained grip of the guards.

       Suddenly she was being raped, only by finger, but she had a feeling this was going to be the start of something very heavy.  The finger withdrew and this time she got six good hard whacks across her bottom and a badly accented voice told to keep still.

        Again, that finger slipped in and masturbated her clitoris however, what worried her was that another hand was fingering her brown button.  Suddenly that was violated and she squealed violently.

        However, at this point her Angel in disguise, the guy with hard, but concerned eyes had intervened.  Shouting at the two in their own language, she quite enjoyed watching one of them gets a slap around the face.  The stone-faced male officer then escorted her to her cell.  Which she had to admit, was far better than she had ever expected.  However she was now terrified, if that officer had not come along when he did, she was sure that the Dyke would have had her.  Just how, she wasn't sure, but didn't want to know. 

       Just then, the door was unlocked and slammed back with rather a violent action, making her start, and stopped her reminiscing.  Fear and trepidation went through her when she recognised the female dyke who had taken her to be changed and shown that unhealthy interest in her bottom.  But was reassured by the sight of the accompanying male guard, who was the same guy who had rescued her

  The male officer she seemed to remember was called Mohammed, werent hey all?  Though he seemed a amiable enough guy, a little short on the brain matter maybe and huge and coarse with it.  However, with, come to bed brown eyes, that Georgina found comforting in a place like this.  An answer to her questions brought a brief grunt of.  Visitors!

Again the shock of being handcuffed, and she had to fight the urge to try and twist out the horrible cold things, restricting it to just unconsciously wriggling her wrist uncomfortably. 

       She knew even if she were here for months, she would get never used to feeling like an enslaved animal.  Luckily, they were taken off in the cell otherwise, life would have been intolerable.  Unlike the distressing iron-shackles, these she seemed to have to wear all the time.  When she asked why, all she got was the got the bored response.  "Because you have to, it's part of your punishment for being a thief and a fraudster". 

       Pushing the emotion to the back of her mind, she depended on keeping a positive frame of mind, allowing herself to be taken out of her cell to see her lawyer.  At least the Company has kept one promise, support if things got out of hand.


  She was taken back as she entered the interview area, compared to the grubby area she had left, it was brilliantly lit, the room seemed to go to on forever, right to the large picture window, which she admitted took the metalled gold finish well;  not bars, more ultra thin louvers, but just as efficient at locking her in,.  The whole area was carpeted in a rich blue in which her feet seemed to float into. 

       The roof was ribbed and held up by deep fluted pillars, their outline only marred by some prominent gold plated fixings, that the spotlight seemed to especially illuminate, their use as yet, Georgia couldnt fathom.  The whole area was expensively set out, fitted as if a extravagant five-star hotel lounge, with glass and chrome tables set out in sets with sofas and cosy chairs in groups, near the fluted pillars, then she remembered Malinda mentioning it

       However coming from the dire almost squalid conditions she had been confined, she wasn't sure whether it was a pleasant or unpleasant shock.  It was so nice to be out in a civilised place again, but the contrast between her hot and stifling cell, and the cool drinks residing so calmly in her visitors air conditioned hands, seemed like a deliberate kick in the teeth to remind her of her predicament.

       As she was tugged across the room like some naughty puppy, behind her owner, she was surprised to see the Company lawyer sitting right away, on a table on his own, as she was led passed the table where horribly her ex-boss Frank Wells and the hated Melinda Pinter sat lounging on the furniture.

However, she wasn't invited to their table, as the guards deliberately tugged her past the two and made her stand facing a pillar; it was then she realised what the gold fitting were for.  Fixed at waist level, above a uncarpeted area, they were prisoner hitching rails, where she was meant to stand on view so she her disgrace could be seen from everywhere.

        Arriving at the nearest pillar to the group she stood docile while her escort, unshackling her hands locked them to the pillar, and tested the shackles were still tight, the shame of which made her cringe. 

       Frank rose to his feet, and Georgina heard him deliberately snigger, as the guard made her, not let her turn to the centre, off the carpet, making her face them once her handcuff were transferred, leaving her standing, transfixed by an overhead spotlight. 

       However, her repressed shame and anger wasn't improved when the guard spoke just one word to her, as if she was a dog.  Stay!  Even Frank heard it, and sniggered again

Sorry Sweetie, I really would like to offer you a chance to sit down and relax in a little comfort for the half hour or so that we'll be here; it doesn't feel right that you have to stand.  And sniggered again, as the guard briskly slapped the side of her thigh, with the palm of her hand.  Enforcing the rule; that when talking to her "Betters", she stood up straight in a more disciplined position, Georgina again prickled, swallowing bile

       Looking around he commented.  Malinda and the Company really did a good job on this place; if it wasn't for the bars on the windows, you could really imagine you are in an exclusive hotel relaxing with a client.  However I gather it's not so good back there where you are being lodged, make you sit on the floor don't very, must be very hard on your that cute bottom of yours, never mind you'll soon get used to it.  And I gather the food is a bit basic where you are; pity if I knew you were going to be a bit late coming in, I'll have got them to put what was left of the cocktail snacks we had in a doggie bag for you.

       However you're looking perky, and that the uniform really suit you, sham-zebra is it, sort of like your fake cheques.  Definitely not very sexy, but I'm sure you can find a needle and thread to take it in a bit.  Bit hot and stifling though, by the look of it, thick serge isn't the best thing for this heat.  Never mind, the atmosphere is cool in here, in fact just nearly little too cool; however I expect you're sweating in your cell with no air conditioning, give you a chance you cool off a little while you're here, but am afraid when you get back they say it's going to get even hotter later.  Poor you!

       No doubt about it!  There is a definite chastening feel to the place, not somewhere I'd like to be made to stay.  Making you suffer are they, as they should? 

       Unfortunately, now as far as your status is now concerned you've joined the ranks of un-washed vermin; and need not only to be treated as such, but also made to be aware of your new low status. 

I do hope you're doing as youre told; and theyre not treating you too badly, maybe youre regretting that you broke your contract?  I did warn you that could happen and you have only yourself to blame.  In the meantime, Malinda had lazed out her legs, as she watched, a supercilious smile on her face, as Georgina was firmly marched up to and locked against the wall, and made stand stiffly upright and stiff by an unsympathetic guard.

       Thats right Miss Masters.  Weve given a lot of our precious time up to make sure your suitably settled in your nice little hovel, pausing for emphasis.  So I want your attention, dont slouch or fidget do as your nice guard tells you, stay!  I gather any disrespect, as in impudence, insolence or lack of respect and the guard is to give you a good slapping, though I must admit while this side of it seems quite civilised, your guard seems to have got the measure of you.  Sorry I can't offer you a whisky and soda, hefting her glass again, she apologised, as she leaned forward out of the cooling a stream of the air conditioning.  Looking up she said.  That's better it's almost chilly in that draft; though I suspect it must be quite cooling for you, it's quite sweating and humid in your kennel where they keep you at the moment.

        We did bring you a bottle of your favourite champagne, gesturing to the drinks table; however, we've been firmly informed that inmates aren't allowed alcohol; so what we will do, instead of pouring it away, we'll give it to the guard as an indulgence, it's a shame to waste it, at least that way; someone will get the benefit of a refreshing cool drink.  Once you're back in your stinking humid hot cell, relaxing on the hot, hard concrete, Im sure youll enjoy watching her drinking your cool, donated nectar in front of you.

       Nice to see you're keeping yourself respectable, deliberately taking in the striped convict suit; considering the circumstance.  I do hate sluts who let they go; she said reaching out and inspecting the cast-iron shackles chains and handcuffs, that Georgina was forced to wear.  Your jewellery?  Nice, latest style in here I expect?  Crude iron eh!  Not quite my style, but then you were always a bit cheap. Youre going to have a hard time walking out of your contract this time wearing those.

        Looks to me as if they going to keep you here for the duration, whether you like it or not.  I gather they do take your cuffs off when you're in the cell, but not the shackles.  How do you sleep with those metal things around your ankles?  Seems to me that they want you to sleep with your legs open, like to keep your pussy on ice?  I wonder why 'Poor you!

       Georgina bristled at that.  Its not me that sleeps with my legs open, its Tramps like you.

       Malinda looked at Georgina, sheer malaise in her eyes, as she eyed up the insolent prisoner.

        Careful Georgina!  You need to be very careful in what you say, her eyes flashing.    Being made to stand in the corner like the naughty girl as you are, it's par for the course here, being made to turn and face the wall and stick out your bottom so it can be spanked, with that strap hanging from your lovely feminine Butch guard is another custom they have..  And nodded at the leather strap hanging from the guard's belt, if you Georgina Masters I would remember who's in charge here, otherwise I might just forget you were a friend, and enjoy myself watching you being beaten like a whore, before you blubber and apologise

.  That heavy belt just ready to give you a good dozen or so hefty smacks across the seat that mock sleeper suit and  at the moment nothing would suit me more than watching you trying to cope with a soundly smacked bottom.  Might make you wet between the legs, to dribble down that Dykes finger when she lead you back like a whipped dog your cell

  This prison is notorious for giving prisoners a little old fashioned discipline if they misbehave and that includes female prisoners as well; ask your friendly warden.  I watched her expression as she locked you up against that wall.  She was getting genuine enjoyment in making, what she considers to be a parasites, stand resentfully  upright at attention, while we, the Elite deservedly enjoy five-star comfort.

        Know what a sycophant is?  Its a slavish, snivelling spineless submissive inmate, waiting scared witless, and ready to kneel and take any sort of sexual abuse the guard wants to make you perform.  Hate to see you been taken away knowing that once you were back in your cell, you would spend the next half-hour, using your tongue massaging the sensitive tissues between the bitches legs.   Then once youve bought back Im sure be ready to apologise even if your throat was full of female cum

        It wouldn't take much, I'm sure she would jump at the chance to transform you into one of those, to show how ruthless she is, and deserves my admiration.  

          Even I noticed you have this nasty habit of resting your backside on any seat whenever you get the chance, what it must do her discipline mind I can't think.  12 good whacks across the backside and she'll be doing you a favour, you're really think twice, before even thinking about sitting down.  For some reason it will suddenly become extremely uncomfortable even agonising even think about parking your bum somewhere once she's applied her therapy.

Just think standing on your feet could easily become the norm.  If you're not careful if have to work in the upright position, and sleep on your belly with your bottom in the air, like some whipped adolescent.  However it has its compensations. being made to stand develops the posture, pulls in that lazy stomach of yours, tightens the buttocks and strengthens the calf muscles, so you stand taller, without slumping; making you less of a tramp than you appear now.        

    I've only got make a error in my Arabic and it's so easy for them to mistake a minor complaint, for a serious insult; so that she feels affronted for me, taking it all completely out of context. 

       And I'll guarantee I can get you the biggest tanning your backside has ever had,  all would take is for me to call her over and say “I'm not happy with your attitude, you were rude and offensive ;and you won't sit down for a few days, comfortably for a week.  And couldnt resist taunting her;. 

       You really should try not to give into those submissive kinky tendencies of yours, I know you can't help it, but it's really very unsafe in here.  These guards don't fool around with sadism masochism; they practice it in earnest.  Know you think it's satisfying to experience a stinging backside from time to time, but somehow I don't think you'd cope with all the lesbian advances that go with it.

        I know you've got weird tastes Georgina, but kinky lesbian spankings: really, grinning as she continued ridicule and mocking the prisoner.  But it's possible to get even better than that.  If I added a little monetary incentives to my grievance, it would be so simple to have you taken away and dealt with, let's say more generously in that storeroom behind the bar.  It's officially used to store non-alcoholic drinks, but it has an auxiliary purpose especially as it has a nice little office bench for strapping down imprudent prisoners.  I gather you've already had a tiny, tiny touch of the strap before; Mohammed here interrupted your proposed prison initiation.

        My understanding is that they only gave you a tiny little tap, before being called off, but the fuss and squirming you made, make them look forward to giving you a proper good hiding, with your pants around your ankles, hate to see you squirming so undignified but you're asking for it.  I know Frank would enjoy it immensely

       So if you're really tempted to take up my offer please do, I'm sure I will get much more pleasure if they took you to the bar and uncovered your cute behind ready for a good whacking, watching you being dealt with by someone who would adore making love you would be fascinating. 

       Ready to play the submissive?, Just remember as I say these guards play seriously you'll find more than a strap covered in leather waiting your attention if I have you dragged into the cupboard.  Georgina looked daggers at, but also very apprehensive

       Ignoring the glaring eyes, Malinda continued.  However, it's about the only you can be glad you're a female in this country.  A man in your position would immediately be eligible to be whipped with a nice strong cane. 

       However, for children, women and female brats, she spat angrily before continuing. 

They can be a little more merciful, using the marriage switch, I was telling you about.

  But if you annoy me again, it won't take much to get that upgraded to a harlot's cane

       Got the Russian woman comments on tape but of course she was done in the public market place.  Be interesting to your comments as a European a genuine one rather than a phoney Russian tart tearful description of how she couldn't believe the sheer agony she has to put up with. 

        Which of course isn't as nearly as intimate as in here, that even she didn't want to talk about what happened when she was held in prison after experiencing the whores cane        However, the clientele seem to like her wretched comments; and would love to hear more observations from cheap sluts, who got the cane in prison where there are no public scrutiny.

  So maybe this would be a fitting time for you to put that experience on the record, besides letting the clients relish just how much whores cane can sting and smart, especially when it will be used in a place where there is plenty of time to deliberately make you screech.  Intentionally emphasizing the words sting and smart; then you can keep a blog and let the clients enjoy how long it takes you to sit on the loo to have a relaxed pee.

         How many do you fancy Georgina?  No mercy given here I'm afraid.  No pink, fur lined cuff, or toy paddles this time, though I expect you'll be allowed to orgasm, possibly several times.  Six, maybe twelve of the very best?  Might even be even able to stretch it to a whole set of 18, if I'm able to persuade the guards that I really have been insulted. 

       Won't take long to have you unofficially done over.  Should all be over, in possibly, 5 to 10 minutes, unfortunately, for you at least, those five to ten minutes will be very arduous.  From what I've seen its pain, right from the first whack; enough to make you screech, if not scream; the screaming however, is guaranteed after the third or fourth thwack. 

  So it will be really be no bother to sit here quietly, while they take you away for that lazy inclination, as well as the ability, to sit down is taken away from you.  Unofficially of course!         We'll just have to sit here and politely ignore your squealing.  Then once you're being properly house trained with the switch, Im sure you'll be much more mature in your approach. 

     Or perhaps, if you insult me again; maybe the whores cane will be much more appropriate to discipline your felons backside.  Just think, even if its just the switch, that horny guard will have no option, but to take you back to your cell after Ive observe you being spanked, shell be so excited.  Fancy finishing your initiation.  Now be a good little budding dutiful bitch and stand in the corner as you're guard tells you!

        Georgina looked at her in horror.  I don't believe you.  But her eyes betrayed she was scared.

       No, keep your mouth shut.  What is it?  Prisoner number...?

        Oh, yes!  There it is; brazen right across on your tits.  Shut it 22354!  I'm talking.  I gather there was a little unpleasant incident after you arrived to reside in the prison, once you'd finished changing into your zebra suit, that one, tried to bend you over for the soap, didnt she?  You were lucky, normal prisoners get a very unpleasant prison introductory initiation.  If they hadn't mistaken your Company identity card as being valid, and realised you are now an ex-Company employee, you would have really been in for a bad time.

       In which case, you wouldn't have even got into your prison garments, once they'd got you naked, a simple hand around the back of your neck would force you to your knees, and then they would have carefully raised your bottom, to enjoy for several hours of enjoyable spanking and penetration, maybe the right description should be impaling.  I'm sure youll have loved being spanked as a initial welcome. 

       However, due to their mistake, Lucky you; you've got the Executive cell and Executives treatment, instead of the usual prison exploitation, however now Frank has put that right, you're going to find things a little different around here. 

       One thing however, it has made me realise, that maybe I'm as kinky as you.  The thought of your bum being soundly whacked is turning me right on and making my eyes water.  However what a big black plastic dildo splitting your anus will do for your libido though, God knows?  Fancy finding out exactly what that lesbian behind you had in mind before Mohammed interrupted her thoughts?

                  Now back to what I came to say... 

The two of us came with the concession from the Company, which is a little worried that they were a little too harsh on you.  Not about, you being thrown put into prison; that is entirely your affair; but in allowing the banks to be so energetic cancelling you're cheques. 

       However for myself, I'll have absolutely no problem if we leave here without you taking up that concession, especially knowing that the bitch holding your lead has a eye on training you to be her own little “private bitch” as soon as we leave.  In fact, I'll make sure she's quite aware that now we have no interest in how you're treated; and if that means she has to beat you to get you to service her exactly as she wants, I for one will applaud.

   Now you're off the Company books, as far as their concerned, you'll find the first thing they do to all criminals is categorise them, so you to them are subhuman, to be afforded no sympathy or, compassion, just punishment and discipline, to them your just at a level above animals.  It lets them around that awful dilemma they have with Islamic law.  You are only allowed to beat a woman, to force her to have sex, if she is your wife, and they'd hate to think they were committing adultery 

       Being Shiite means the men can get round it to a certain extent, by taking four wives, as long as they haven't reached that limit, to save adultery charges, they can marry you for even 20 minutes the time it takes to shoot their lot into you.  Then mutter a quickie divorce, then as a divorcee, you're ready for the next husband to climb aboard.

        However for the women it's not so easy, and if you're a lesbian damn impossible.  But like all perverts, needs must and they all emigrate to the prison service where there's no stigma in getting their "oats".  And you young lady are a very tempting white piece of European oat

       Oh, that woman knows her place alright.  She knows she may be the person in charge, in the back corridors of this place, but will never earn enough money or privileges to sit here relaxing and drinking champagne in the facade part, in a air conditioned lounge.  And I don't let her relax and forget I'm one of the bosses.  One moan from me, and I could have her out of here, and as she's most probably not got any family, being already disowned by them for unnatural sexual practises, starving.  And she knows it. 

       However, if suddenly our positions were reversed, because me, one of the Elite Europeans was silly enough to blot my copy book and end up here, I wouldn't fancy my chances.  Don't forget, I got the funding for this place, so I know what goes on.

       My bet is she'd have me standing naked on a chair, hands chained to my neck, a smouldering cigarette in my pussy, another up my arse, while I considered my options; only the first time there wouldn't be any.  Those would only come after the first two had burnt to their ends and gone out inside me; a painful reminder of who now was in charge.  Only then, as they inserted the second cigarettes would come the option of compliance.  , And I would be a fool not to submit to the best one.

       Georgina 's looked across at with female warden and felt real fear, the woman who brought her in was standing nearby, watching and her hand almost instinctively twitched around the strap handle at her waist, when she realised she was being talked about. 

       Quite aware of the event that Malinda was talking about, she been absolutely petrified.  She didnt need reminding of the fear she felt when only in this place for an hour.  Even as they forced her head down between her knees, the few solid whacks that actually landed on her bum had been excruciating.  And she was quite aware if they carried on beating her as they wanted she would have had no option, but to submit to whatever they were going to do to her, whether she liked it or not.  She was only brought back to reality by Frank saying harshly

       Now girls, keep it down, and you be careful Miss Masters.  One word from Malinda, and they will do as she asks.  10 minutes in that room and somehow I think you will be very compliant, sore, and regretful when youre brought back.  Now apologise to Malinda.

Like hell said Masters.        

Don't Malinda!  Said Frank as Malinda raised a beckoning hand to the warden, a smirk on her face.  Georgina felt terror go through her.

Turning on Malinda, Frank spat angrily.  Be sensible.  Let's put the proposal to Miss Masters first.  I suspect she doesn't really understand the situation.  Then if she wants to assist us, then I'm sure you'll get your apology.

Oh No!  Now I want more than an apology, if you can't get the full agreement that we agreed to, I'm going to sit here and watch her being taken into that backroom, one-way or the other I'm not leaving here without seeing her slapped

  Turning back to Georgina while Malinda glared, he explained the reason we have come to see you are complex.

While the Company is hardly displeased with the fact you are now languishing behind prison bars, considering you nearly cost us $17 million in investment.  But your treatment has raised doubts to our handling of your case, considering you have only just completed, your probation period.

Unfortunately though Melinda has a legitimate grievance and bitterness against you for delaying, possibly damaging her marriage.  And on top of that, she had to come to your rescue when you messed up, a performance; which turned out to be unfortunately quite painful.

However part of that fault does lie with Malinda, she didn't clearly state our expectation of you, or to be more pacific our expectation of you in the rare but unfortunate occurrence of a client not wanting to take advantage of the expertise on tap.

Malinda butted in angrily.  Okay blame me.  I was only trying to let her down gently, any sane person would realise you don't get all these benefits without a little effort, even if that effort turns out to be slightly unpleasant.  I don't see why she shouldn't experience a little of what I had to take, to rescue nearly $17,000 worth of investment.  Not only did she will walk out on the client, she received a large amount of jewellery of the guy, that happily will now be confiscated and is now on the Prison' Governor Mistress, now she's in here

   Again, Frank interceded between the two squalling Fish-wives.  I know how you feel Malinda but let's discuss this as rational adults, especially in front of the guards.  A lot of them do understand a little English, so be careful how you phrase what you want to spit.  Bear in mind that Master's here committed a fraudulent offence, rather than a Company offence.  In fact, seven days after she gave in her resignation, therefore, constitutionally she's a criminal, and it won't be easy for the King to override a court conviction and give her a simple pardon.  In that case it very unlikely lawyers could swing it through in time for Masters to join us as we leave.

  We'll have to go to the courts to get her released on bail, while a investigation into what happens takes place.  Now this is an Arab country; things don't get done quickly unless you got money like Masters had, and your assets are available to be quickly seized; or you're a harlot and the religious police want to make an example of you. 

       Anything else takes weeks, possibly years; the investigation into how she was imprisoned could easily carry on for three or four years, well beyond the end of her contract.  And to me that is about as good as we get.

Georgina, he said changing to a more friendly term, will still have a criminal record, and would be liable for re-arrest as soon as the Tribunal published its report.  But with that being after her contract, somehow I suspect that Georgy here is not liable to want to linger in the country and will take her legitimately earned assets with her.

       All this will take at least 36 hours before we can take her out of here.  That will allow her to savour this place just a little longer; somehow, I think if she listens to what we have to say we might find a happy ending here for all of us. 

       However, if she is determined to push her disastrous resignation, in the face of our kind and generous offer, that's your time, have a little amusement with her before you walk away and leave her to her fate.

       By all means call the warden over and let them take Miss Masters, or 22354 as she is now, taken out for, let's say for argument sake 3× 6 of the best as you hinted.  It will also give you a clear motivation to get the warden to change from the marriage switch, to the whores cane, depending on how Miss Masters phrases her reply.  That way we know we can walk out of here with a clear conscience knowing that the Miss Masters was given the option, but declined, thus settling her own fate

I have no problem waiting around, and in these quite congenial surroundings sipping Whisky, while Miss Masters experiences the results of her latest decision.  It will be interesting to see how loudly she shrieks and for how long.  Then when she's bought back hobbling painfully past the Champagne and air conditioning, she can contemplate how having her identity card cancelled will change her status in here. 

At the moment, there's quite considerable confusion so naturally, they're playing it safe, but they won't be once she's back in her cell.  In fact, I might join you, watching her being put through the mill so to speak; it's not often having a desk job, that I get to satisfy my curiosity watching a impudent woman being flogged.

True said Melinda slowly.  I need to come back tomorrow to see how she coping with her first full day.  And even if she does accept our proposal, without that identity card, she's going to spend an uncomfortable night as it is.  However I would have to forfeit the satisfaction that she'd spent the night suffering from the sting of the stripes I put on her bum, and that she only had herself to blame for the extra that was coming.  And of course not have the extra satisfaction of looking back on her every couple of weeks to see if she is really knuckling down, at whatever tasks she's given, and grinned evilly, trying her best to repay some of the almost catastrophic folly she nearly caused the Company

       The way they were talking about her, as she didnt exist, really got up Georgina's nose, though, scared as she was she wasnt going to allow it to show on her face.

       I didn't break my Contract.  You forced me to, she spat.  You gave me no option, and it wasn't as if it was just sleeping with him, he wanted to put me over my his knee and spank me first and that I just couldn't agree.  As far as I'm concerned, that doesn't come under the heading of being a Resources& Property personal assistant.

        Frank Wells, her ex-boss, leered at her.  Sweetie Dear, he said slightly incorrect, he was looking to cane, not spank you, youll soon find out there's a big difference.  But what did you expect!  You've just come back from one of the kingdom notorious penal discipline gatherings; back from watching three harlots being made feel the error of their ways, by jiggling quite spectacularly, the guy was horny that's all

               Georgina glared back at him.  So you're getting your own back by having me locked up in here she spat.  Well when I get out in five months, well see who's laughing then.        

        Frank pulled a concerned but serious face, but Honey, nowhere in your contract does it say; that you're expected to engage in sexual relations with your client, that is illegal the world over.  However neither does it say anything about the acceptance of £35,000 backhanders, for personal gain, that also would be illegal?

       What it does say is that the Company expects all employees to do their very best to ensure that their client gets full customer satisfaction, and the Company will fully support any extra effort, overtime and personal inconvenience that may intrude on their private lives; as long as it's not illegal in yours or your clients country

       Georgina spat back, but we're not in the UK or where he comes from, this is an Arab country.

       You're a UK citizen, he's a naturalised Russian Honey, he said keeping up the sickly endearments.  You try to abide by some of the host country silly laws, but sometimes achievement has to overtake discretion.  That's the interpretation put on it by our lawyers, you are expected to do all that was possible to satisfy a client, and youre both adults, nothing illegal in that, and, concerning your private life, you didn't really expect us to continue paying you, did you?

       Darling Masters, It is no concern of ours, if your bank account went straight into the red.  As soon as you broke your Contract, the Company was under a legal obligation to inform the bank you were no longer employed.  If you had any outstanding debts with them, you should have taken it up with them, As it was, it was only sound commercial sense for them to report your bounced checks to the police; From then on, automatically if you have any outstanding debts not covered by your current account, then all your accounts are frozen and you are forbidden to leave the country

       Nevertheless, you sent the police around next day, I didn't even have a chance to get my affairs in order, and you stopped my pay checks, so my bank went straight into the red.  You deliberately engineered it

Well, think before you resign Sweetie.  You knew when you started that the loan was dependent on you staying in your post for three years.  You hardly made it past your probation period, and just settled into being trained to do the job properly.  Expect us to give you a free flight, three years apartment, the cost of furnishing it and a sports car.  No way “lover girl”.

As I said this place has a certain ambience that suits you, get used to it, could be a long time before you see light of day from this.  Nice here, but I know your latest nest is not so salubrious, might come down and see you there one day, see how the convicts live

       Georgina exploded.  Just because of your perverseness, Im locked up in this hell hole for 5 months, just because you were vindictive.  I intend to let the UK papers know just what happened when I get out.  Get the government to investigate your activates

Frank hardly blinked at this, hardly newsworthy is it Honey!  Trusted employee gets five months locked up in sumptuous Arab Democratic for arranging massive cheque fraud.  I can see the newspaper blog now.

       Tart complains of discriminating practices as she lounges watching the television in her air-conditioned cell.  Female cheque fraud con artist, complains in Arab country; hell hole cell is to warm.  And.  

Arabs need to get grip of fraudsters, that mischievous young lady needs a dose of the riding crop.  There's 20 a day like you sent down for fraud or cloaks the world over on their way to the gutter.  Two lines if that, in the Guardian, page 10, along with a photo of you in your luxury cell, taken just before you came down.  And its it's hardly what you will call a hellhole Baby!

       You could hold a dance in that cell of yours.  A single room with a view, en-suite toilet, through I admit the privacy is a bit short; tonight you can relax on your foam mattress and enjoy food paid for you out of companies funds.

The view from your window it spectacular, and all this is yours until tomorrow morning.

    However then I'm afraid things will change drastically.  You'll go to the usual accommodation where they put local naughty girls, which am afraid you will find a lot less relaxing.  For a start, your bed will be a little more firm, just a blanket on the hard concrete floor, and the food I'm afraid, can have quite an effect on a unaccustomed stomach.  But you'll be able to relieve yourself, in view of anybody looking in the door in a nice little Arab hole in the floor toilet.  And of course, when anybody tells you to do something, you'll do it; no questions asked or suffer for it, and from what Malinda tells me quite badly. 

       Never mind you have plenty of time to get used to it; though I'm told often, people have trouble adjusting back to civilised Western-style comfort after living that sort of ethnic lifestyle. 

  Now we've come a long way to offer you what we consider to be a very reasonable way and, misbehave and give us any trouble and we will walk away and leave you to enjoy your long spell locked up behind bars. 

       And if you do turn down this offer, you'll find things will get a hell of a lot worse.  For a start, the food is a special concession from the Governor, start complaining too loudly and we'll take it all away from you, and then you'll really find out where the subhuman criminals live. 

       Where you are now is actually a mistake due to the prison thinking you were still employed by the Company.  Being European you're still entitled to a little more comfort than the naughty girls, but it's easy to get you transferred down there.  So refuse our kind offer and you'll find you're still here next week not anything will nearly be as comfortable for you.  For a start will be allowed a certain amount of food, I've given instructions that any food that's left is to be served up next day, until, you decide you're hungry to lick the plate clean

       And that's not the worst of the "Downside;  After we finish our drinks and leave, if you haven't agreed to our terms, you stay here, in what you consider to be a hellhole, and will later be informed of your transferred to a real hellhole with real speculation. 

       Because tomorrow you're to start work to earn your living in this place, everything is charged for including the food, though as a concession to an ex-employee; we will pay the minimum amount.  But normally, if you don't earn it, you dont get. 

       However now weve got that little spat over with Malinda.  I'll explain better the two main reasons that both Malinda and I thought we'd better drop in to see you.  He coughed into his hand and looked a little embarrassed. I gather from your remarks earlier that you consider your sentence to be just 5 months.  However, there seem to have been a mistake in the translation copy; about the time, you'll be spending nicely behind bars.  The directors of the Company it seems were overly anxious that your prison sentence reflected the $170,000,000 investment funds that displeasing your client nearly cost them. 

       Both Malinda and I decided it was only fair as your former head of Department to break the bad news to you in person, if for no other reason to be able to watch the expression on your face when you figure out what the correct translation should have been.  So let's break the bad news to you first concerning the poor translation, and opening his briefcase taking out an A4 closely typed sheet of paper which he then studied, then ask a question.  I gather from your earlier spite of anger that you were told you'll be caged for five months for fraudulent cheques, i.e. dud cheques that bounced.  Am I correct?  Miss Masters looked at him warily. 

       Yes, she said slowly, considering the question, looking for any tricks, and turned round to get her own translation that she had brought with her meaning to clarify with the lawyer

  Don't bother with that Georgina; he said dropping back to the more familiar identity, maybe you'd like to sit down! Oh I'm sorry, I forgot you're a not allowed as an inmate, silly me.

Malinda spat sweetly; I think the word youre looking for is Vermin Frank. 

And got a black look from Frank as he continued; unfortunately, there's a word missing from that sentence, after the word for, the word each is missing altogether.  The correct sentence should have read for each.  Taken together that properly translated sentence reads. 

       For each fraudulent cheque, you serve 5 months; and that unfortunately translates to 48…  And trailed off in embarrassment, and near laughter.  And the merriment was rewarded by Georgina's eyes almost popping out of her head in shock, as he deliberately emphasised the word each and months

       What!  Youre demented.  Five months for each bounced cheque?  She emphasising; and desperately scanned Frank's face waiting for the punch line of the joke. when it didn't come, she felt her stomach turned to water and started to retch.

       Thats right said Malinda maliciously for every and each cheque

       But!  But!  There could be a number of them of them, and her mind did a quick calculation.  Where did you get 48?  Let's say there are 9 cheques that mean I'm going to be in here for?  That's only about 45 months.  Jesus!  That's still about 31/2 bloody years!  You've got to be bloody joking.  That can't be right

       Malinda sniggered by the side of him, as Frank went on to say.  Sorry Sweetie, again deliberately dropping into endearing phrases that he knew infuriated Georgina. 

       Again, you jump to conclusions, this time its me thats not sure where you got your figures.  Not nine, there are 117 of them; thats figure 48 I mentioned is a rough estimate; in years.

       What!  Georgina said repeating herself, and struggled with the maths again.  You must be joking thats???

       Forty nine years assessed Frank ; and sniggered roughly, over Malinda's heavy breathing. 

Malinda watched with bated breath, as she thought Georgina was going to have a heart attack, only the cuffs still holding her shackled to the prison the bar and the cuffs around her legs held her stiffly up right so that she only swayed, as she went pale.

       Again, Frank threw her a black look, as Malinda continued to taunt the helpless prisoner.   Now that! was worth all the insults she threw at me earlier, but I still haven't forgotten them; can't wait to get to my middle age, and know youre still locked up in here, enjoying the facilities that I arranged, not only the investment, but supervised the spec for.  I designed the cell you occupy.  Hope you like it that's approximately counts for the total loan, the $500,000, which sounds about right.  Cheques for advanced rent payments on the car, new dresses, furniture, hairdos alone they cost you $200 each, you certainly flashed the cheques, in your first month.

       Let me rephrase so that so you really understand your predicament. 

You're going to serve five months, in Hell for each of those 117 cheques.  That means in equivalent terms; you pay off your debt by being punished in here at a rate of about $85 a week, thats about what you would pay for a room in a 5 star hotel enjoying every night; a glass of the best wine, to be sent to your room for a week, as a nightcap; how utterly stupid can you be

       That means every 5 month you'll pay back in the equivalent, by being here of  just $1700, and it will still be 48 years before they unlock the door and let you out,  you could have earned that in two hours if you hadnt got offended by a little vulgarity.  Understand now, as Georgina swayed against the pillar.

   You Bastard!  You were pissing me about.  Dont!  And started to cry, though Malinda called in blubbering 

       You dont know what it's like in here, said a desperate Georgina panic showing desperately, her face.  I've only been here two days and it's harrowing and ghastly.  I'm scared I'm going to be raped and abused; its my worse fear.  I was coping with 5 months, but 48 years!!!! Her whinging got on Melinda nerves that interrupted quite forcibly. 

       And at the moment, you're mistakenly under the Company's protection, so you're sitting pretty in a enhanced class cell.  A cell, that came from the spec that I insisted on, just in case that proverbial bus came round the corner for me at any time.  Youve a flush toilet, not got a bucket in the corner, a nice washbasin, and the bed has a straw mattress on it, best quality.  I agree you can be seen anywhere in the cell, even on the loo, by any guard who want to leer in, but thats one of the joys of being in prison. 

       And if you dont listen to Franks last proposal it going to get a lot worse, so sitting pretty isn't a option; as I know he got something extra for you mull over before you have to decide   A mysteriously grin on her face, and consciously let out a excited whoop.  Just think!  All you achieve when your locked up for a month, in here; is to pay back just one appointment, with tips, of having your hair titivated.  Delightful!

       Frank interrupted before Malinda stared foaming at the mouth. I know it's a shock, Sweetie Darling, but listen to what Malinda is just said, its not as bad as that!  Thats only the lawyers talk; luckily someone on the Company has relented

       Masters controlled her near blackout, Thank God for that, you bastard.  You nearly gave me a bloody heart-attack, hope blooming; I hope the punch line is better than the joke

       Not quite a punch line, however it is definitely in your favour, however it does come with the few strings, which might concern you. As I said, almost shiting himself in mirth at what he had to say next.  The Bosses were concerned about its length of your sentence so were prepared to put a little effort in on your part.  I won't go into all the ins and outs, but the main crux is that the Directors asked the judge to reconsider your sentence, as they considered it too harsh; and after a lot of lawyers talk got it reduced to a more reasonable three months per cheque, taking that compounded means that you will be out 19 years earlier. 

       Again Georgina eyes popped, 19 years?  That still bloody 30 years.  Thats a Concession!!!!, and looked across to the Lawyer sitting by the side enjoying snacks and drinks, to get some kind of reality check, of course grinned Frank evilly.

It means, stopping to do the calculation ... Youll be just  elderly 55y old, instead of a old 74y, when you eventually cast off those shackles, thats as long as they're not in-growing and fused to your ankles.

        Now that got to be good news Babe, noticing Master panicking look at the Lawyer, however, dont ask him he doesnt speak much English.  But, if he could, he will confirm 32 years and three months at the last tally.

       Last tally?  Squeaked Georgina.

       When the cheques you signed for the flat you brought, plus the car debt cheques are all accounted for, however there maybe another 3-4 years left to do, once they've all come in. 

Oh just the odd 3-4 years?  Do that as a breeze when I finished the first 30.  And, to everybody delight started to whimper and blubbering. 

Serves you right!  You knew just what you were doing, when you signed them 

Only because you said it as usual business practices she said between her tears. 

Well it is

What you didnt say was that if one bounced, the Police would arrest me, then getting back to the subject.  What of it, it's only one debt.  They cant lock me up in here for 30 years; you dont get that for murder.  

Unfortunately, for you, yes, they can and have.  Its not a punishment for the debt youre being locked up for, thats still outstanding.  Ill come to it later, but the blanks checks you issued and cant honour. 

Georgina looked at him goggle eyed, unable to take in living in this place for 5 months, let alone 32 +years.  Youre lucky, some guys are doing 60 years, when you get settled in, in maybe in 3 years; Frank chortled, youll find Im telling the truth. 

And the British embassy, if you are thinking of contacting them, doesnt care.  Its a local crime, on the law books and applies to local citizens as well as ex-pats.  The British government aren't the least concerned.  You came to this country on your own violation, accepted its laws, and broke them and now you're in banged up in the nick.  Tough.  Regrettably, one way or the other youve signed enough post dated cheques to get you a couple of life sentences, the good news is we got it reduced to just 32.  You've seen Banged up Abroad; they did, or are still doing their time, as they should

The Company has covered its obligation by making sure you don't starve while you're in here, nevertheless as I said earlier they have no intention of being held to ransom by a disgruntled employee, so that's the second reason for a visit.

That interesting news is still to come and the bit that I find most gratifying. 

       Georgina looked at him in despair.  This had to be some kind of office joke; she just couldnt even image being 32 years locked up in this hell-house.  My Bosses and the Bank are both insisting that they still recover their money.  “The Company does not put people in jail; but it does follows standard debt recovery procedures.  As I said their quite happy that the court has decided to detain you, however the Banks want their money back, not just your head on a platter.  Can't send in the bailiffs as your possessions have been confiscated by the government.  But they have one open option and their pushing it vigorously

It's easier now we have a good relationship with the Governor of the Prison, thanks to some of our operatives, like Malinda, previous good work. 

Whoring themselves muttered Georgina audibly.

Now that's not fair Georgina, if it wasn't for her, you'd still be looking at the 49 years, you've plenty of reason to be grateful towards her.  It's only through her special efforts that the Governor has agreed to slightly bend the rules and use a delightful little legal ambiguity that Malinda found, had it rushed through the ruling council for you, which is the main reason we're here; to impart this delightful piece of news to you in person.  In exchange for nearly halving your sentence, they want to add the little rider of, "Under Hard Labour" to your indictment.

Hard labour?  That was what the client wanted me to do wasnt it, her voice bitter,

However, there was strong objection from Council, that to impose that sort of condition on a soft European female would be far too arduous, used to a temperate climate. 

Malinda was quick to point out in the UK that sort of discrimination was unlawful, being both sexist and racial.  Arguing that the main reason of your punishment is for you to feel wretched; and miserable as retribution, so a little exertion could hardly be called inappropriate.

Malinda was successfully able to argue that as affluent Western Europeans, we were used to a hot sandy dry conditions.  It's called a vacation, and the beach.  People just dress appropriately, for this type of climate, often in just the minimum.

So tomorrow morning bright and early, young lady; it's the Quarry, Hard labour, and a not-so dinky shovel for you!

Malinda and I thought the ruling would amuse you,

A little hard graft 9 hours a day, should take that grin of your face; she even got concessions on your attire, normally by religious decree, you should be covered from head to toe when out of youre out of your home.

However, as the prison quarry will be a part of your Home it was successfully argued that you wear what was appropriate for the work you were doing and because of that, there should be dispensation from religious laws allowing you to show a little more female flesh than usually allowed.  Hot heavy work, minimum working cloths.

Surly everybody enjoys digging in the sand.  Well gravel in your case, and we did however manage to get one more concession.  As you're not getting any younger, that you're not forced to work quite so hard, as you reach the age of 40.  So after 15 years hefting a shovel, it was felt, you should be retired to more light work, with the wheelbarrow

       Georgina was hardly hearing this.

Please she begged, you've got to be joking, 30 years??  I can't live in this hell hole, and started blubbering again.

  Melinda sat up in delight, nearly spilling her drink, at Georgina's reaction.

Leave her!  Let me get her one good thrashing that will bring her round to the ugly reality that unless she agrees, things are going to get a lot worse.  .  . 

       No, you leave her Malinda.  I think her predicament has become a lot clearer now, hasn't it Georgina?  And was watched by a curious guard as Frank caressed Georgina's bottom.

Georgina looked at him with contempt, as the female warden stood passively by, not wanting to get involved in these strange influential foreigners antics.

Making Malinda think.

If you want her Frank, say so.  Shes a thief and deserves a good grubbing.  Anyway, if I judge that dyke right;.  If she doesnt cooperate, she'll be whimpering, on the end of a plastic dildo within half an hour of us leaving.  If youre that frustrated.  By all means, get your cock up her before shes despoiled.  Ill wait outside

And decided.  No, you bitch, let's see trying to sit down tonight.  And why not let the dikes have you before we leave here, rather than having to wait till tomorrow.

       And decided to make her feelings known.  The crux of the matter is this Georgina.  Now that weve clarified the ID thing, as far as being in here, nobody will care.  You be initiated and like it, they say it can be quite edifying.  You will suffer no more than a equivalent new inmate Arab of the same age female would under the same conditions, which is fair.  Bending for the soap every day might knock some arrogances out of you

   So, with no bad bias to a European, you'll be left to get on with it; all of it 32 years hard graft, every day except prayer-day when you get 4 hours off to pray. 

       Not unexpectedly, the bank want their money back and are quite prepared to make you work energetically and relentlessly to reclaim it.  Or as Frank elegantly put it, Work your Tits off. 

The prison has no problem with the arrangement, stating you would have had to work for your keep anyway, if its a little more arduous, to repay personnel debt.  So be it, as long as for the sunny conditions, you are allowed to work with the minimum of clothing, bare legs, a pair of leather shorts for the heat, and some form of protection for those pert breast of yours, you should be able to work 9 hours a day no problem.

The Company has agreed buy you some goose fat to keep off sun-burn, as you'll be practically by Arab standards, stripped.  You'll look alluring, but thats your problem, a suitable attire for a naughty minx dont you think. 

However, youve got the Sun, the sand, fresh air, what else do you want to work in, a swimsuit?  Of course, you will still be forced to wear those matching chains and shackles, but they, should set your half baked sweating, lazy body off a treat.

However, as with all good things, there will be a downside of course, as Malinda stretched relaxingly on the sofa, flexing her long nylon covered legs in contentment and grinned.

       Youll definitely not going to like this 22354!  Normally before implanting bad news as bad as this, its customary to offer them a chair; however, I won't humiliate you anymore, though I do find it amusing that you're forced to stand; as the next bit of bad news definitely involves your sitting down.  Making Frank again quaff with laughter. 

And let Frank continued his narrative

       As I was saying before Malinda brought her toilet humour to the situation, its the Stone Quarry for you, tomorrow my girl; hope you enjoy the distraction, and their determined to get the most out of you.  To them youre just a convicted Dray horse, and as such, they have a structure here for dray horses.  Very appropriately, you'll be loading carts.

       That's that, farm thing again Malinda chipped in.  As I told you; on a farm the animals get whacked and bred from; she said, leaving the rest in the air; though I think referring to you, dray mare is far too posh; the Arab term is more like donkey!

       Frank grinned a Malinda's wit.  You will be allotted a quota.....  And then had to stop a second, as mirth took over.  Sorry shouldnt laugh at your self inflicted predicament, as he stopped giggling, but Malinda's joke is so droll.  You really don't have a clue do you?  And sniggered again, however, he said after recovering himself.  At the end of a very long and energetic working day they take a tally, they count up the number of filled trucks and empty trucks and award merits for the full ones and punish you for any imperfectly filled or empty trucks.  Not that a problem, but its the technique they use to verify them that so appropriate, its Classic.  Malinda just looked unsympathetic. 

       If they find any unfilled ones, or ones that are in dispute about being filled to the limit, they grab hold of you, and if they can rub your nose in the spoil without any part of your body being below the truck ridge you're okay.  However, any discrepancies, and this is the bit that will kill you.  It did Malinda and me.  They look across the sides, and if your nose is not fully in sight, then, youll get the cane whacked firmly and believe me painfully, across your lightly clad bottom.

       Better still injected Malinda again, after youve sweated out your guts keeping your quota, they'll bend you over, and put six nice no so little, but very painful creases across your lazy fat backside, for each one thats not filled correctly.  And I shall be there to see you scream your sorry little throat out, as the cane raises nice big blue/red welts that will throb for days. 

       Not a logical number I admit but so highly appropriate added Frank passing a belligerent scowl at the interrupting Malinda.  And of course, the emptier the truck, the further you'll have to be bent over the rim to rub your nose on the spoil; the more tightly your bottom is bent; the more...

       ...  It will fucking hurt; interposed Malinda again spitefully.  If even just your nipples go below the load line of any truck, you'll screech, six fucking times.  And with her burst of contempt over, she left it to her Boss to carry on.  

       The beauty is, its such a elegant form of justice, and so-oo self-regulating continued Frank.  If a truck is say, ½ full then your bum will be firmly bent over the side of the truck, but not as tightly strained as will be, if its empty.  And the thing about being caned is; the more your skin is tightened, the more it hurts; a cane on a upright bum is a stinging shock but youll cope.        Have your head in jammed down in a empty truck and your scream will echo nicely, they say getting six of the best across your backside, is very motivating, concentrates the mind into making sure the truck is absolutely overflowing the next time.  Believe me when that cane bites into your bent over bottom, you know the difference between being spanked and being caned; youll have been thrashed and youll be so scared youll work your butt off not to get a nice lucrative payment to add to your bank balance, but to get the Prison Governor his bonuses


       And said Malinda, you said earlier that you were scared of possibly being raped in prison, let me tell you now girl, thats a, to be expected part of what youve been sentenced to suffer.  The judge was well aware that he is sentencing you to be rape fodder in prison, with pussy the currency that you will be forced to use; but you should have thought of before committing your crime.  Knowing the prison well, the chances of your shorts staying up while they smack your bum with the cane are very, very small.  If the Governor has you dressed as we asked its almost inevitable, but then after a hard days slog, you might enjoy a good, shag; probably several of them.  As I said earlier, on a farm the donkey is led out to be bred from, and if it acts up, gets her arse whacked.  Theres little difference except you get your bum whipped before procreation. 

       I think they call the female donkey Jennie she said to Frank grinning.  Looks as if from tomorrow we should be referring to you as Jenny, the smacked bottom hussy, as along with that little ceremony, a lot of the female guards enjoy seeing a European slut being made to indulge in a little fornication.

It would confirm what they suspected that Western women are whores.  And as far as their concerned, thats something that you get your bottom smacked for in the public square, so will applaud.  From where I stand, over next few years Miss Masters I would say, tomorrow onwards, youre certainly going to be well done.  And add to that, youre going to get your pants well and truly dusted,

       Georgina Masters looked at them in alarm, suddenly feeling very vulnerable; along with terrible panic stricken fear of trying to come to terms with 30 years locked up, her mind being unable to cope with the horror of the that, and already getting the horrible sensation someone pushing his penise between her legs, using her virgina to knock her up.  Suddenly she felt not like Georgina Masters, but just prisoner 22354 doing life. 

       Youre lying all of you, nobody treat people like that, even prisoners, 30 years that's impossible, as for the rest, the Governor wouldnt allow it.

       I agree the Prison Governor would be very upset if he was told the guard were beating the prisoners.  Did you see the small niche in your cell, the ones with the bars and the lock on the outside?  About 48 inches x 36.

       Yes, said Georgina bewildered, I put my papers and coat in it.

       Wrong!  Thats your punishment cell, and if the Governor hears, hes lost his bonus, thats where youre going.  The minimum is one month; however, if you're silly enough to upset the Gov, expect at least six months shut in that hole, you have remember; youve only got 30 years to serve, so a little 1/60th of that time, spent doing penance in there'.  Might teach you a little servility as well as teach you that "Boot licking "along with other things to lick.  She grinned looking across at Frank; that sort of training goes a long way in here

       But theres not room to stand in there, now a almost begging 22354

       No, or lie down, pissing in the buckets also difficult, But if you ask Mohamed nicely enough, he might let you out for a shit. 

       But, I cant fit in there, its, its smaller than a animal cage she stuttered suddenly very scared.

       Oh, youll fit, won't she Mohamed? 

       Ask your prison officer; he has no axe to grind.  He'll enjoy having a little wrestling match with you; he likes to make it clear that criminals in his charge do as they're told, even if it is rather unpleasant.  As I explained earlier in this country, you're now a criminal, a little lower than a whore, really your now just vermin, to be stamped on hard, and only a little higher than an animal.  Which is lucky for you, as they do some pretty horrible cruel, let alone unkind things to animals in the A.D.U; like, hanging baby lambs up and cutting their throats, cutting chickens heads off. 

A kick, the boot, and the stick are used quite widely on the farms.  With this country just being out of the farming phase, a lot domestic of geese, have to be killed prematurely for the pot, because adolescent youths have practiced on them, using them to try their wedding tackle on,   

       It won't bother him a bit to grab you, as if he would a Ewe, and manhandle you like a sheep; one hand around your neck, the other up your bum, and you go in head first.  Though you'll have to put up with a good long grope of your tits, then when he feels you've squirmed enough, you'll get a final hand between your legs for the final push into the punishment cell. 

You'll most probably get a couple of fingers pushed up your arse and your pussy as a bonus as you go in. just to make sure you wiggle your way in through the door.  But that's the price you have to pay for being a naughty girl a second time, then he'll simply lock the door on you and walk away for 10 to 15 hours.  Just to turn round will take you ages, so you can whine your acceptance of his terms out though the bars

       Frank Wells laughed at the horrified look of disbelief. 

       Let me introduce you to Mohamed, he is your Personal officer, and as such has to look after your well-being; and your penalties.  It will be Mohamed here, who's instructed to make sure that every wagon is full to the brim and it will be he, who will be welding the cane;  and it will be the cane, not the nimby-wimby switch.  So my advice to you is you should be nice to him, nice , as depending whether or not he takes down your jeans and canes you on the bare bottom, and then he relieves his lust between your legs before passing you over to his mates.  And possibly, hell find a nice lesbian woman for you; will really depend on how randy he feels.  You're going to get to know what a fierce shag by a Arab is like one way or the other,  so better to be nice to him now

       She right interrupted  Frank.  tonight he going to rape you unless you agree to service him voluntary , but in the morning, one way or the other you will have been lets say , to bed with him.  Whats the program tomorrow Mohamed for this prisoner? 

       Mohamed paused and blinked as if collecting his wits.

       I believe the standing orders for tomorrow for 22354 is the Stone Quarry.  Ive been told to collect her at 7.00 tomorrow from her cell, get her appropriable garbed as per the order, supervise her work during the day and at work,  and to finish, her off if she doesnt meet her quota, I use a number 4 cane on her bottom.

       And how many will she get?

       Cane strokes, or trucks to fill Sir, he queried?

       Oh Trucks I think.

       Depends on the allotted quota, usually its eight.  However, 22354 here is a special treat, I think the quota for her is 10, but she will have little help from some other criminal to rake it flat,

To make sure she doesn't cheat, if she tries to just fill the middle only its, Whack, Whack, Whack...   and grinned. 

       And cane strokes?

       Mohamed stopped and pondered his brain almost turning over with the effort.  Depends really; being foreign it likely that bum has never had a good slap, let alone a cane whacked firmly across it.  As I believe the young lady is to be with us for a extended time, shell be easier to control once she know, just what a stick across her bum feels like. As with all virgin bums, she'll blacken and puff up in some interesting places.  So, the idea will be to get as much gratification from her misery, by giving her a proper good hiding straight away.  Its like you only get one crack at a virgin, once they've been dive in, they're never the same.  The same for her bottom, after that; it never goes as black and as swollen again, no matter how much you hit it.  So, the idea will be to get as much entertainment and lustful release, till she's a well-used, sore arsed harlot. 

       Some of that will be achieved over several weeks but the cane will be instant fun. 

       I'm sure once she settled downfall she will need is a half a dozen from time to time but I'm here to make she doesn't relapse, to keep her quota turning.  But tomorrow we're reckoning 22354 should get between 20 to 25.

        Sir.  He added respectably

       No squealed Georgina you're bluffing.  As for you bitch she spat turning on merit Malinda in fury, you set me up

       Frank grinned cruelly.  I really think we should leave Georgina, to mull this over in her own mind, she obviously has taken a exception to the way the Company treated her.  Good that's understood then and went back and sat down looking mildly satisfied.        

       As she did Georgina made a last pathetic attempt to get a little of herself respect back

               No squealed, she squealed her voice raising hysterically.  Youre bluffing all of you.  As for you, you bitch she spat turning on Malinda in fury, you set me up

               Mohamed, who until now had been sensibly keeping out of the spat between the Elite Europeans, stepped forward and grabbed the hysterical girl.  Looks to me as if you need to show some respect, he said in a strong almost German accent, and holding one shoulder, slapped her brutally hard across the face; the slap knocking the culprit head right back and leaving a red angry mark.  Then keeping her struggling under control, Mohamed turned and apologised to Malinda. 

       Sorry you had to see that Mademoiselle, but this criminal really needs to show a little respect to decent people.

       Malinda grinned.  Oh no!  Mohammad, no need to apologise.  I quite enjoyed seeing the young madam being taught a lesson.

       You normally keep smacking these lawbreaker around for in private do you?  No, don't deny it she said as Mohammad lowered his eyes.  I understand, they can be a little provoking at times, and you just give them a quick slap, or maybe a slapping, to bring them back in line.  Well don't go easy on this one just because she was once employed with the Company.  In fact, it makes her a special prisoner, one that needs to understand her special privileges have now been taken away.  Like a dog she'd been free too long, she needs a good slapping like a bitch 

       How would you like to slap the bitch again, maybe on the other side to even it a little bit?  And maybe a little more leisurely and a lot more intensely. 

       Georgina looked at Malinda in horror, who just raised her eyes questioning. 

       Suddenly she shrieked in horror as Mohammad tightened his crushing grip on her arm, turned her so that she was facing Malinda and lightly patted the side of her face.

       Malinda studied the area indicated for a second, studying Georgina's face, then said.

        Yes!  Just there would do nicely, nice and firm; she deserves another black eye to match the one that's forming nicely. 

       Deliberately Mohammad slowly brought his hand back while Malinda watched, her tongue licking her lips in a blatant exhibition of carnal desire, and watched excitedly as Georgina's face panicked as Mohammad prepared to smack his open palm viciously across Georgina's horrified face

It wasn't so much the force that stunned Georgina, but the unemotional and callous way it was done, No empathy, no enjoyment, no lust, just a punishing smack, that was needed.  Mohamed's expression hardly changed, as Georgina's head was violently swung sideways from the force of the blow, the new red mark even more conspicuous.

       Malinda applauded her hands excitedly coming together; looks as if the bitch is going to end up with two nice black panda's eyes to match that zebra stripe suit said Malinda casually and reached down and touched Mohammad's penis over his trousers.  See now what you've done 22354, deliberately using her new identity; you've got Mohammad all randy, hot and bothered, still think you're not going in that cupboard.  I suspect; when you're out of our sight, back in your cell, you're going to go back in the little punishment cupboard, wholly, totally naked.  Ever had sex with your head facing into a cupboard, you're really going to be panicking to get inside and shut the door, just to stop Mohamed enjoying his cock up, your new to him, virgina.

Frank stepped in, enjoying watching a catfight, but he was worried that things are getting out of hand.


       That's enough Malinda; you've had your little bit of fun, now leave the girl alone.  As for you Georgina Masters, that was a slap, just a mild one, however tomorrow you will be able to compare it to a cane stroke.  Don't know how you feel about that, as Malinda says tomorrow Mohamed going to be spending all day watching your hot little body sweating and squirming as you work and he's going to get horny.  I don't know about you but I'd hate to be caned by a sexually frustrated guy, he really going to enjoy whatever clothes youre wearing around your backside and, caning your bum.  Then passing you over to his mates.  And as Malinda knows there a lot of very horny lesbians in this place, after all it is a woman's prison. 

       Once they've caned your bottom and decide they want to start fucking you, you'll find that every Butch cow in the yard will also want to join in and play with you

       Now you see why we find it so funny!  It's a hoot; you calling Malinda a whore When you're the person who's going to spend the next 30 years being some Dykes bitch, who will rent you out well hourly basis, when she's tired of your assets.  Maybe you should give thought to reliving some of that sexual tension in your cell; Mohammad will be escorting you back, maybe a quick blowjob possibly combined with you going over his knee.  I know the guy has a passion for that and would help you comprehend how much a spanking, and a caning are like chalk and cheese, tomorrow will be too late, and youll suffer.  Malinda would like that, wouldnt you Malinda.

       You bet!  Because you walked out, I had to cover for you; about time, you swallowed some spunk and wriggled a little, like I had to.  And he bought you presents in anticipation, which I still havent seen

       Frank suddenly spoke out.  However, it doesn't have to be like this. 

        The bosses were quite pleased with your work at the time you walked away, and had authorised me to offer you your position back.  We would all forget the outstanding debt you owe for the cheques you've bounced, and just add it to your loan.  However, this could be your last chance, and to teach you a lesson, you're going to spend tomorrow in the Quarry; it would be a salutary lesson to you.  And I'm sure Melinda would like to know you've been caned.

       Georgina stared at him in incredulity, you want me to come back and prostitute myself, and you've got to be joking.  Frank grinned, just think, there are people in this place who have already served 10 years of a 60 year sentence for passing dud cheques.  You want me to come back in say another 10 years and see how you're going on. 

Think girl: you've made one big mistake, and tomorrow you're going to experience just a tiny little bit of it firsthand. 

       At this point Malinda interrupted.

Look, nobody is asking to prostitute yourself, we employ ladies to do that, however just occasionally thing go wrong, all were doing is asking you to put the Companies interest first.  Without them, there would be no money, no bonuses, and no one to get you out of the silly mistake youve made; just give them a little loyalty and swallow your pride.

Georgina looked at her blankly 

        Come on now Frank this is getting too silly, we came here to help out, and looked across at the male warden and spoke deliberately and slowly.

        I really think it's time for 22354 to go back to her cell Mohamed, but somehow I'm not satisfied that the slap you gave her was enough.  When you get her back to your cell, it would be nice to know she was safely locked away in the punishment cell to stop her getting into any more mischief, I'm sure you could look after her for the night.

        Mohamed grinned his eyes running up and down Georgina's slim frame.  I would be delighted to use the chance to administer a little chastisement to the prisoner for her impudence.  A little short on breast flesh, for my liking; but I'm sure a nice little cuddle and a certain massage will bring up her nipples a treat.

        Georgina went into panic, terrified of being here for another night, let alone 10 years.  Please Frank, she said turning to her manager.  The Company surely can't let me rot here for 10 years, to get the reply. 

       Again, you got it wrong Georgina.  I have already explained its 30, just think of all the good things you're going to be missing locked up in here; the good things that brought you here in the first place.  The pleasant shopping trips and the expensive presents that the client gives you, the sports car that is rusting away in your apartments garage.  The nightclubs and the posh restaurants not to mention the free hair dos, the manicures and the designer clothes.  You'll miss those living here believe me. 

       You get one chance, and then you'll do at least 10 years in here; instead of sitting down at a table about to enjoy a good meal with a interesting customer, youll be wondering how you can sit on your bottom so it doesnt hurt so much.

Even though, you're spending just one day tomorrow, we having to allow at least a week to 10 days before you can start work; it will take you that long to lose the bruising, let alone, the soreness when you walk.

       Okay it'll toughen up over the next 1560 weeks, but you could have all those weeks relaxing in a five-star hotel, instead of just being chained up in one.

I suspect that one youve actually been beaten with the cane tomorrow; we will seem to have given you a good deal.

        However tomorrow will be too late to change your mind.  Suffering a very occasional, distasteful night, with a client, as a condition of your employment; will seem far less distasteful.  Than having a condition of employment, that allows your superior to order you to give them a blow job, or worse; five time a week; and cane your lazy back side, you till you comply

       All we ask, you keep your clients happy.  If your client won't take a substitute from the telephone numbers we gave you, and the guy is threatening to withdraw his investment.  OK we cant arrange every client to suit you; you do what's necessary, and grin and bear it, its not nice I know, but take it as a compliment.

Its worth £500,000 a year for a little bit of unpleasantness, once or twice in the three years youre with us; you could easily get into that sort of situation back in the UK if you pick up the wrong guy.  Are a professional representative who wants to earn the life style you have, or a spoilt brat?

       Georgina looked at Frank Wells with tears in her eyes, and sobbed out, Okay, I'll do it. 

    Malinda looked at her Okay I'll take you on not for a trial, but for the full three years.  .  We will be keeping the cheques, and theyre be hitting the bank every month If one bounces for whatever the reason, we'll make sure you do the full 49 years, in hard labour, and the cane for company .

       Whether you spend those working as a professional, or you spend them in here as a lesbians professional whore is up to you, because any trouble and your bail will be revoked then you'll be recalled back to finish your sentence plus any you had out on bail.

Georgina looked at her scared.  You mean that if even if Im near the end of my contract say two years nine months things go wrong I'll just add two years nine months to my sentence.

       Lets say 3 years; nobody is going to bother about the odd three months, but as long as youve tried, it wont be held against you; its not blackmail, but a second chance to do your job properly, just don't mess up again.  Nobody else has, I have 15 operatives working for me one way or the other, including five working girls, and they're risking far more than you are, for a lot less pay


       When will you be released?  We were hoping to get you out after work tomorrow evening, which will give you your upmarket cell for tonight, but unfortunately tomorrow is going to be quite unpleasant.  As your release won't have come through by the morning as sentenced, the quarry will still be your assigned workplace.  There you will be made to work your pretty little tits off, shovelling gravel, but we still reckon we can get you into hospital tomorrow evening.

Hospital bleated Georgina.

You're not going to like the cane kissing your backsides, filling trucks can be painful, and if we can get you to hospital, we can get you on painkillers.  Mainly we are trying to do is keep your release hush, hush.  If the word gets around your being released, they could use the opportunity to use the opportunity to enjoy themselves.  The lesbians will love to finish the induction that was left unfinished.

    However, Melinda isn't sure whether you've got the temperament or stomach for this profession, shes not prepared to give you another chance; to find out that in another month you're dragged back here.  She's already put her wedding off once; she won't be too pleased with you if she has to do it a second time.  She's already having to lie to her future husband that she is a potential goodtime girl; a well-paid potentially goodtime girl I will agree but her new husband won't see it that way.

        So, between us weve devised a little assessment.  Mess this one up and she has to put her wedding off yet again, then Melinda will at least get the gratification of knowing that while she's not getting any, you will be, in here, year after year.  Thats why your acceptance of the contract is dependent on you bribing Muhammad with a little nooky; don't take it personally, we all hope you get through it., but youre got to get through tomorrow, your  no good to the Company if you got to spend any time in hospital, just hope you're dont get pregnant


       Too right said Malinda, I want to see spunk come out of her ears.  Now slut, I've seen your face slapped, and tomorrow, I intend to be there when they smack your bottom with a cane.  But for now, I'll be content to see you spanked, and I'm sure Mohammed would love a hand relief and slow blow job.  So here's the option; complete it, to mine and Franks satisfaction, or spend the next 32 years cuddling up to both Mohammed and your lesbian friends.  Wouldnt miss it for the world; lets see if you can take  Mohammed playing with your tits while youre wanking him off, his cock tightly up your bum; lets to see you do a little hand push ups, with his cock up your arse

        It's your choice!  A nice relaxing lay over Mohammed knee, head down bottom up, and me and Frank get to see you jerk violently each time he spanked you.  A minimum of 50 should be humiliating enough

   Don't worry about my state of mind, it's yours that will be crucial, take it and tolerate it, or else.  Ill let you take a break in the middle, and you can use this time to suck the spunk out of his testicles, but not for long.  Maximum three minutes!  Then no matter what the result, you go over the guys knee again to be finished off.  Just hope Mohammed can relieve himself in your mouth, otherwise he's going to be really peeved off when he gets round the spanking you a second time. 

       Then we'll see how you like servicing the guy, my way.  Once you've finished wiggling under his hand, you can finish the task of emptying his balls, to stop you getting pregnant, lets have you do anal.  I want to see you sitting on his cock, and take the spunk up your back passage

       So that the deal girl, what's it to be?  Become Mohammeds piece on the side, every day, in your punishment cell and repeated for the next 32 years, or for a little demonstration of how employable you are, by publicly proclaiming; if the Company needs it, youll grovel like a whore. 

       That way we see youre prepared to prostitute yourself, to the job youre paid so well for

       Georgina looked at her in horror; you want to let Mohammed make love to me, with you watching.

       Somehow, I don't think love will really be the word Id use.  Really, Georgina I don't think it's a contest, when we leave here Mohammed, is going to shag the arse off you anyway and, as he'll have all night with you as his sex slave, to get his orgasm, I suspect he won't confine it to anal sex. 

       You're no good to me pregnant,  at lease this way, you get the little option of how you're to be abused, I just set the parameters, just take it as a client who wont be swayed, and insists its you he want.  As long as you satisfy the criteria, it will be a once off job; if not hes yours for the next 30 years, or maybe the other way round she giggled.

  .Georgina burst into tears, and for a moment Frank thought she was going to prefer spend the next 32 years with Mohammed.  But barely disguising a horrified sick expression, Georgina leaned forward and reaching up to the huge prison warder, kissed him fully on the lips.

    Good girl, said Frank, that's the spirit we like to see.  

       Good whore, chortled Malinda.  Tongues Georgina, or I'll walk out of here now.

Georgina responded by opening her mouth and let a grunting Mohammed transfer oral body fluids.

   Better grinned Malinda, if you couldnt have done that, what would you do when he tells to swallow his spunk, after he give you a very sound sore bottom.

       Now slither down his legs, and uncork his penis.

   Mohammed!  Give her a little slap across the bottom while she's doing it she ordered.  Not too hard, she just might bite in shock, then when you think he's ready, take those Zoo pants down, Georgina and position yourself across his lap.

And grinned at Frank.  I had to take the cane for that bitch; I want to see her squirm

Georgina suddenly jumped as Mohammed gave her backside an impatient slap. 

  .  Georgina, this guy is going to be holding a cane, with you on the other end.  These guys don't take prison jobs because they are kind, he's going to enjoy hurting you, ready for being ravished.  If you show you hate it, he'll just hit you harder and more often, enjoying your distress and screams.  You've got to judge it just right, youve got to scream enough to satisfy his sadistic nature, don't weep, cry and beg, and make him enjoy hurting more.

       That's true interrupted Frank, as Melinda says these guys enjoy showing their mastery of females, you're just a piece of meat to be shagged, just need to be subdued first.  Tomorrow he'll be watching you heaving sand and stones practically half naked.  You'll be hot, he'll be randy, if you don't satisfy him now, and just think what the cane will do to your bottom then.

  Georgina screwed up her face; Frank wasn't sure whether it was in horror, or capitulation, Malinda thought it was hesitation

   Right Georgina said Melinda, I think we giving you enough leeway.  Get his cock out and suck it otherwise the deal is off.  You have five seconds otherwise, it's goodbye life, hello prison, and started counting, One!  Georgina scrambled frantically at Ivans crutch.

Two!  Georgina was frantically trying to get out a highly engorged penis from Mohammed trousers.

Three!  Said Melinda almost creased up with mirth. 

Four.  Georgina was stuffing cock in her mouth like a greedy schoolgirl eating sweets, reaching forward, Malinda pushed on the back of Georgina's head, almost making Georgina vomit.

    Right you whore, because that's what you're going to be now.  You have exactly 3 minutes to get your mouth full of Mohammed's spunk, after that he's going to change position and start spanking your bottom until I tell him stop.

Little whimpering noises came out of the bitch mouth, and Malinda watched grinning as Georgina exercised her neck muscles, seriously aware that if you didn't make her customer orgasm, the spanking could turn into a thrashing.

Frank intervened before serious damage was caused.  I know you want the girl spanked and spanked she will be.  But tomorrow Georgina is going to pay severely for her mistake.  I really think you ought to let Mohammed have a say.  Youve set the stage for your little drama, but Mohammed's got to do the deed. 

Let him do her his way, it just might be more fascinating          

Reluctantly Malinda agreed.  Okay Georgina, stand-up, hands on your head let's see a little of your bare flesh.  Mohammed would you like to investigate the ladies charms, give you a chance to get little more spunk generated in your balls to inject up her. 

    Georgina whimpered as Mohammed firmly crossed his hand around her head and kissed her full on the lips. 

       There I said he loved you, Melinda cooed.  Such love birds, seems a shame to spy on the debauchery, but this is a prison and safety is paramount.

Frank again took charge, talking slowly so that he wasn't misunderstood

       Right Mohammed, she's all yours mate, enjoy yourself, we need 22354 to prove she can be submissive if there no alternative, see how far she go before she rebels so dont hold back if you feel like having fun be my guest .

   But there are just a few conditions we would like Georgina to prove she's willing to indulge in, not tame alternatives.  Theyre essential but not specific; if you can think of a better preference, please feel free to indulge


The main delights we want Georgina to undergo is, obviously a soundly smacked bottom, but the route to that should be through breasts massage, you know like milking a cow, Mohamed grinned showing his understanding.

Plenty of massage between the legs, and a little light spanking before she gets down to indulging in cock sucking would be appreciated.  Always felt it was wrong that a whore shouldn't have a nice stinging arse arousing her, before she gets her horny lips around your sperm injector.

  Don't let the bitch fool you, she's had plenty of copulation experience, she's just a lazy tyke, who want money and privileges for no input, you're there to make sure that input is hard and arduous.

Mohammed grinned his acceptance; as Frank spoke to a tearful Georgina.  These been taken from the sexual delights the Malinda undertook when she took over the contract after you got cold feet, something you should have done ,but walked away from .  Understand!

        Me understand, me start fucking whore now.

       Yes please says Melinda, she's going to need a early night, she's got a awfully long day ahead of her tomorrow, and if she doesn't satisfy, a long 30 years.

Georgina whimpered, please you said you'd arrange my release. 

       Yes replied Malinda, that first you've got to prove your worth it, if not you stay in here for 30 years.  But even if you manage to convince me, you're not going to let the Company down again, we feel it would be much preferable if you undertook at least one days punishment tuition

.  Frank and I are looking to get you to walk out, that is if you can still waddles, tomorrow evening.  That game depends on a lot of variables.  We have to convince the banks to withdraw their prosecution they may want to keep you in for a week or so for extra curricula assignments be interesting if they insist you fulfil them.

   I know one perfectly respectable Government secretary who really would love several sessions with you; I hear she's an absolute terror as a dominant lesbian.  From what I gather she fancies taking you to be more respectful of the Nations morality laws, she knows you've been promising everything but completing nothing.  I don't think you'd like a several sessions of being made to fill your obligations to anybody she feels she could sell you to; shed love to watch you being raped and made pregnant.  So you'd better fulfil your contract, if not, the way I feel at the moment, I'm sure I could arrange for you to meet her tomorrow

She then orchestrated the next delights in Masters Repertoire.  Right Georgina Masters, time for the coup de grace

               If you'd like to sit down Mohammed, I will get the prisoner to drape herself comfortably across your lap.  We have rules for this sort of thing in England.  You spank her first with your hand, but to stop that getting sore, Ive thoughtfully brought along a little strap and I wants you to use it viciously, until I stop you.  If she falls off through no fault of yours, she gets to lick your arse before climbing back on.  Fair enough Georgina.  Then let the fun begin.

       For a moment, the Malinda thought that Georgina would balk, and was considering her next move.  It would do nobody any good if Georgina was locked up for the next 30 years, though she doubted whether there would be much of an international outcry.  The bitch would rot for at least 10 years before someone nit-picked.  However, she had invited her over and set her up basically, and felt a little guilty about completely ruining her life.

       Okay the silly bitch had defaulted on a important job forcing her to pick up the painful pieces.  But really the bitch was doing her a favour releasing her from her contract, if her future Arab husband had even inkling of what her job possibly involved, she wouldn't only be looking at divorce, but as a payoff, a nasty dose of the switch from her in-laws, something she really wasn't fond of experiencing. 

       It's not as if the working conditions were arduous, but just occasionally, you had to get your sleeves up and get your hands dirty to rescue things that went wrong

And giggled to herself almost in anxiety  After all this, I hope she doesn't get picked up with a client by the wrong police chief, and ends up down the city square flaunting her backside and jiggling it violently in time to cane strokes; now that would be a story for the international press to pick up.

       Now it's up to you Madam, get your kit off, and give Mohammed here the experience of his life, and maybe we'll let you out after tomorrow. 

Georgina looked desperate.  Youd say youll get me out.  How can I trust you?

       Just bend over Georgy and start writhing.  I need you to finish what you started; it will be easier to get you released than find a new employee.  However, if necessary, I can put my marriage on hold for 3 months; Ill be thinking of you working your butt off, and other things in here   .

Now do it or we leave   ?

And, watched as now totally naked Georgy, humiliated herself, by carefully bending over Mohameds lap.  Suddenly she squealed as Mohamed, bored with waiting, took time to bore her out and finger fuck her.  Then suddenly she was gripped cruelly and her arse viciously slapped.  Malinda grinned as Masters squealed shrilly as the crack reverberated around the visitors centre.

For a full 10 min, she squealed, squirmed, yelled and hollered.  As Georginas bum went from white to redder and redder, then started to show red vein marks Malinda watched with more lust than she thought she would, with growing shameless delight.  This was fun; she was enjoying this and couldnt wait till tomorrow, when the bitch had cane marks added to her red arse.

       Enough she said suddenly, and grinned broadly, as a squealing, very distressed Masters was dumped strait on the floor.  Looks like suck time, baby said Frank cutting in, enjoying the thought of Masters being forced to give the big Arab a blow job. 

       I expect youve never had a Broad sucking your cock have you Mohamed, Mohamed looked blank, so Frank mimed ,thrusting out his hips and cupping his hand thrust then back and forward in front of his crutch .  The guard grinned in agreement. 

       Yes, like a whore, and right in, all the way; the guard again grinned his agreement, and grabbed a still distressed, pleading Masters, made her knell and grabbed her head brutally.  Masters mouth was forced open and a cock shaped gag cut off the squealing abruptly.  The guard may not have ever had a blow job, but hed watch porno movies and rammed the bitches head with vigour, making Masters Head rattle.  

       Go on Mohammad fuck her gob shrieked Malinda excitedly.  Then went red with embarrassment, as she waited for the cum to spurt down the bitch whore throat, And watched as the retching criminal had its head released from its brutal grip retched and vomited.  

       Good girl, praised Frank and grinned as the guard disagreed by spinning his victim around and brutally slapping her backside.  Whack, whack, whack; taking his time for Masters to stop twisting before landing the next malicious slap  

        Making Malinda quipped, well maybe not!  Mohamed doesnt seem to like having his seed vomited.  You must learn to swallow it all, hope you have better luck later on, but that will teach you not to read up on Arab customs before you live in a country. 

       Right bum time and looked threatening as Georgina looked up in desperation.  This is the legacy you left me, so youre not going to get any less.

        Lay down Mohamed she ordered the guard ; taking a chance that her superior rank wouldnt get her ,as a woman, a  disrespectful slap and grinned at Frank and laughed in relief; this was fun.  Press up time Georgina she barked.  And watched Frank as the horrified victim realised she was going to be made to bugger herself. 

       Please she squealed,  give me a moment.  Im in agony. 

       Good!  it will dampen the distending feeling a bit, but do it or youre going down; remember 30 years, ample of time to get in plenty of practice.  NOW!

       Only fair grinned Frank.  Dont know what Malinda had to do exactly, but shes in charge.  Bum yourself or youll do it in the privacy of your cell later. 

       Slap her arse again squired a lustful Malinda, till she does.  And watched as a terrified Georgy writhed under a torrent of slaps

       Ok Ill do it .  Ill do it, screeched a dazed Masters and sat on Mohameds prone lap.  Her face wincing pitifully as she felt it penetrate her

Right!  Up and down, after its up your arse and keep on till hes satisfied, if you fall short, its piss time. 

And watch mesmeric as Masters buggered herself. 

Faster bitch, otherwise youll stay there till hes pissed up your arse as a forfeit

And Master did as she was told, for several minutes, she did press ups.

        Malinda had no sympathy; she remembered her efforts and blanched at what she had done for the Company.  If she could do it Georgina would, or get urine as a enema.   

Then it was all over .  A spanked, sodimised Georgy was allowed to rest, as Frank, with Malinda discussed to a relieved Georgina the method to get her released.  

She done well said Frank, and I keep my promises.  Let her go to her cell, shes got a heavy day before we can get this through. 

Please begged Georgina.  You just cant leave me here. 

Dont worry if you behave yourself I dont think Mohamed here will bother you.  I think youve had enough for one day,  deliberately not, mentioning tomorrow 


       However, Malinda piped up.  Who said?  I havent finished with Georgina Masters yet.  She complained that I didn't explain exactly what was expected of her if she came out here.  I don't want her complaining again she was misled again.

       Either she does what's necessary to get her out, or she will do as much as possible of those 30 years.  In addition, for that, the next two bits are critical.  I want to see, her getting a thrashing of her life, and then I want to watch her climb up on his lap, and do some press ups, enough to make the cock up her bum spit spunk.  

       Georgina showed great passion, after letting Mohammed have a good feel and grope around her body, she dived at his prick almost like a starving nymphomaniac.  I think Mohammed was a little shocked said Melinda after Georgina went at him like a starving sex addict. 

       He's not used to having the whores take control, I think it upset his manhood a bit.  The way she gobbled him off was almost frantic Malinda objected.  Oh no!  I think Madam Needs taking down a peg or two, and looked up towards the guard who was standing attentively.  Georgina went into panic; she knew enough of the prison already that this wasn't just an idle threat.

Malinda stopped for a second and asked casually.  Which do you want Georgina.  Switch or cane?  Personally, I think a light thrashing with the marriage switch will be sufficient tame you.  However, I'm quite prepared to add a extra £2.50 to the backhander, and get you a good caning.

  You're mad!  She said anxiously looking towards Frank.  This doesn't happen, it's all bluff.

If I were you, said Frank, stop the protesting and start begging.  This is an Arab country, the scourging of young ladies is quite acceptable in schools, marriage, and prisons; and this is a prison.  And put his hand in his pocket saying.

       I'd like to add another quid        to that contribution, like to see Georgina here struggling when they put the switch across her arse, and put forward another small coin, saying, add this to the inducement for the guards, might as well see the switch applied vigorously enough to make her think what she's doing.  However that should not only restrict the whipping to her arse; her thighs and inner thighs look as if they could do with a little colour in them, and looked apologetic to towards Georgina, who just shrugged. 

       Don't worry  Sweetie, we won't come in the chastisement room; well stand at the door and watch you wiggle and dance; worth the ready cash; gave a pole dancer more than that, just to watch her bum wiggle.  Then when that's been done maybe you'll be a little more co-operative, and ignoring her, turned to Malinda,

       What do you reckon? 

       Well it's got to be at least 20, the marriage switch is quite light, but they say it stings like hell. 

       Well she will soon know enough,  they do whores here with 25 to 40, be a shame to short change you Georgina, and beckoned the guard over, spitting a order in the local language.  The guard realising that the confrontation between the two girls had come to a head, turned on Georgina, and forced her to stand more upright, a smile on her face as she said, with a curt command.  Stay! 

Georgina went white but sensibly, did as she was told completely conscious that Frank Wells was smiling evilly.

       You can't do this, it's not allowed, blustered a terrified Georgina.  What she doing she said in panic?  She soon had that question answered, as along with another guard, they undid her cuffs from the wall, and wrenched her arms up behind her back.

       Just putting your arms out of harm's way commented Malinda; you wouldn't want your upper arms and hands to be showing whip marks.  Your arse you can cover up with your zebra trousers after youve been whipped, but whip marks on your arms, now that would look very bad.  You will find that you'll have a couple of rope marks around your neck; unfortunate, but they like to make sure your arms are really secured.

Georgina squirmed as her hands were pushed right up behind her back, and screeched, her eyes popping out as one end of the rope was passed twice around her neck making a loop, and the end attached to her hands, was threaded into this loop and pulled tight, using the neck rope as a fulcrum

       Doing you the Chinese way by the looks of things, you're lucky I didn't pay extra to have you put in a Cangue.

        Now that would have been nasty said Frank but fascinating.  They still use that here?

       They do if you pay them answered Malinda, Turning he said to Georgina.  Do you know what that is? 

Georgina by now hunch backed, her eyes watering badly from the rope around her throat looked at him appalled, but didn't reply, but nodded dumbly her eyes scared

        It's what the Chinese call a primitive sort of head clamp and handcuffs.  It's a plank with  three holes, one of which your head goes through, and your wrist are trapped by the side in the other two; keeps them right out of the way.  Made of wood its as heavy as hell, its a punishment on its own, combine it with a switching; well I leave that to your imagination.

  It was designed primary so that prisoners could be starved to death as necessary, as their arms couldn't reach their mouths to feed themselves

       That's the macabre attraction of it, because it's so large, when it's clamped around your neck, all you can see out front, is a wooden shelf under your chin, the rest of the room is invisible.  Allowing them to pick the target. 

        Whether you're backside or even an individual tit or nipple, the first you will know of it, is when you get a searing burning pain in the appropriate parts of your anatomy. 

        They say it breaks even the hardest floozy, allowing them to have their fun while the girl screams in agony in complete ignorance where the next searing pain will strike.  I've seen a couple of demonstration, where the whore is condemned, and is punished before being executed.  Struggling girl has been, put round her neck and then she set free in the middle of the room to dance a quite entertaining merry jig.

Then as these victims cannot see her abuses, they often take turns ravishing with the full intention of making her pregnant.  Once has happened she has to wait to she's had it before they chop her neck

       By now, the guards had secured Georgina, but as a extra humiliation stood in front of her and deliberately took their time in pulling down the zebra pants, she was wearing, leaving her completely naked from the waist down.  Frank felt his cock stiffen and Malinda was mildly aroused

Then with a mighty crack with a hand across her bare arse, that made Georgina's screech, they each grabbed a arm making her shuffle around.  Then made her shuffle across the luxury visiting room, to behind the bar, and led her into the storeroom.

       Frank and Malinda, put down their glasses looked at each other, and almost raced each other to stand at the door.

Inside the guards were taking their time, Malinda noticed that there was no extra ropes used to keep her under control.  Though she knew if she had specified the cane rather than the marital switch to the guard, by now, all they would see from the door, would be Georgina's bare bum over the desk

       How many did you say she's can get asked Frank, loudly enough for a terrified Georgina to hear?

Didn't specify any amount I thought I'd see how it went, when I feel she's had enough, she gets three more to finish her off.

What I'm looking to see is the lesie, playing with her.  Teach her the lesson that you can't always have what you want in this life; and nodded imperceptibly at the guards.

       Georgina was trying to keep a defiant, brave face, though feeling terrified inside.  However that almost imperceptible nod broke her spirit and she yelled a thin involuntary screech, a fraction of the second before she felt the thin very whippy, almost wire like cane, like a snake striking, bite viciously into the flesh of her hindquarters.  All the cane did was elongate the screech and send it into a higher pitch.

Both Malinda and Frank guffawed as Georgina jerked violently the insolent expression on her face dissolving violently into shock as the pain made itself noticed; Melinda's guffaw was more a snigger.

Neither said anything, but knew even without listening to the screech, that thin , rapidly deepening red weal that had now appeared, would be producing a lasting sting for at least a couple of days.

The other guard who had frogmarched Georgina into the office tripping over her pyjama trousers, gripped Georgina tightly by the hair, forcing her to turn slightly so that the two voyages standing at the door could see a red vicious looking weal, gradually turning darker exactly in the middle of the prisoners arse.  Looking at Malinda for conformation, which was given, she her gave her college the thumbs up.

        Jesus I bet she felt that one must have been like a knife cutting her flesh.

I think the correct term is searing burn laughed Malinda.  Must have been a hell of a shock, you can be pretty sure that's the first time she's ever had experience of someone caning her.  And that the experience is going to be continued for as long as I can bear watching her suffer.

       How much did you pass over to get her seat warmed?

Malinda grinned.  Warmed?  She's going to feel like she sat in boiling water.  £3.50 or the local equivalent, thats including the £1 you added, to put that extra sprinkle of salt on the slug's tail. 

       Somehow, I got a feeling that Masters is going to find that somehow she doesn't like the bargain price, for so much pain but shes got to realise that being here shes vermin, and someone is going to love stamping on her time and time again

       By now, Georgina had been turned round and was pleading towards the door, not that it did any good twice; in less than one second, the snake struck twice in quick succession.  As the first caught her, Georgina bucked so violently that the second cut caught her slightly differently, but still very devastatingly, across the middle of her upper thighs. 

       Fucking hell, said Melinda as a shrill screech died.  I bet she felt that one.  I know, I had to take three like that for her when she got snooty.  She said something in the local language, and Georgina looked appreciative and even grateful as she was turned slightly, and mouthed a "Thank you, thank you". 

       What did you say asked Frank?  Poor bitch, She thinks youve called it off, reading the gratitude on Georgina's agonised face

More fool her, she should have picked up more of the language, and shes been here a couple of months.  All I suggested was the prisoner wasn't really performing well enough, it would be nice to see a few more gyrations of hips, and possibly show her discomfort by screaming a little more.

I will admit I did add that if they hit her just once across the belly, with the cane, it will cause her to nicely present her backside for a nice quick and very painful cut across her buttocks.  If they were quick enough they could most probably get three or four in, and then we'd hear her scream. 

       And of course when she's bucked forward after that her pussy will be nicely presented for a good romantic grope.  A sort of compensation for the pain in her arse.  Get her used to the fact that that if she stays here, she'll be getting very romantically involved with a lot of rampant lesbians on a daily basis

       That's a bit over the top isn't it considering she was your best friend?

It's not that I'm suggesting anything beyond what she's due, if they hadn't found that ID, by now she would be well experienced in what an orgasm was like under the hand of the Dyke, and instead she's just learning a little belated lesson.  They would have had her right from the start when she came in, she's just catching up what it's like to have a lesbian woman playing with her private's.

Okay we're watching making it a little more disturbing for her, but once they use that switch again I don't think she'll care. 

       And I wouldn't miss this for the world, don't make me remember exactly what I had to put up with just because she was slightly insulted by his suggestion, I might be tempted to have her feel the whores cane, as a little extra amusement . 

       Once she realises, if she stays in here, there will be no more candlelit dinners, romance but plenty of playmates, exchanging it for a life of lesbian sex, exploitation and the use of a hard plastic dildo giving her, her orgasms it just might bring her back to a more sensible frame of mind.  If a little romantic abuse makes the bitch a little more co-operative, she might think twice about the client that gives her a gift of a diamond necklace in exchange for a little romantic interlude.

       And to achieve that that arse is going to have to be more than red and sore.  It won't do her any harm to get some idea of what life is like as a criminal, she's got to understand she's now vermin and a parasite on the system.  It's no good having her back if she upsets other clients ; she's got to realise how bad that life will be even if she does serve less than the 30 years she's now got to do.

That's unlikely said Frank, his eyes watching, lusting after the V between Georgina's legs, commenting.  However, if this manages to persuade her to come back to work, I think a little reintroduction to the ethics of the Company will be necessary.  Can't have her behaving like she did,  A little lesson in cooperation might do her good   she's going to accept the offer, or the 30 years.

       Not sure how accurate that 30 years is, I expect something will soon be sorted out between the countries, but without the Company being involved and the Arab timetable for reform even without the revolution she can do 10 years in here.  And if the government does change during that time, as an ex-Company employee she could be taken out anonymously in shot, Revolutions have that effect on regimes

       However, now she's had her Company ID revoked under these conditions are can't see her lasting five years.  Quietly dying somewhere without even anybody caring, and that's without pregnancies and the popping of illegitimate babies to increase the prison's coffers. 

If Dubai can lose a prominent businesswoman and accidentally turn her sentence from 3 to 8 months even after she's spoken to the international press; a little nobody like Masters could easily disappear.  If she thinks she is having a bad time of it now, wait till she experiences the daily whacking of the cane, as an inducement to work harder

Serves her right I gave her a brilliant opportunity, and she mucks it up.  This will teach her to muck up my private life, she's lucky I didnt have her caned.

  And would you?

  Yep!  Still will if she doesn't take notice of this warning.  I was whipped and fucked hollow by the basted she left me, just because she objected to a little slap and tickle.

       Frank sympathised.  A bit more than a slap and tickle, he wanted more like a stick and tickle; though I understand your reasoning, sometimes this job does get you down.  Don't forget the guy had just come back from seeing a whore being whipped.

       Whatever.  She didnt even try to explain, or introduce him to one of the whores who would have; she just slapped him and walked out of the bar.  I had to pay for his humiliation,

Worse still, she blabbed about how much commission she was being paid, and the guy realised it was being deducted from his investment.  Something she had been explicitly instructed not to do

       This guy had money to burn and was just about to go to another of the Arab countries to get better terms when you called me in.  He took a lot of persuading and it wasn't until I lied and said that because it was my protégé who had messed up, I'm sure I could arrange that her fee would not only be deducted from her account and refunded, but I could arrange him a far better deal.  It was then I learnt he just presented her with a £130,000 necklace, and the bitch slapped his face.

Well I'm glad you pulled it off,

I damn near didn't.  In fact, the bastard tried to set me up.  I had to take a beating ,and other abuse for two hours including being ridden like a horse around  my own apartment while he whipped me with a riding crop, as well as some very humiliating things Id rather not discuses thank you.  And I had to take it all bareback.  Well I won't continue, going slightly red.  but put it this way I'm still sore and the marks still show and will for weeks  now you can see why a little hussy is not going to get away light., So having the bitch played with doesn't give me any problem at all

Surly you should have said Mare?  And those are always better ridden bear back, sniggered Frank, and wished he hadn't

       The bastard still wouldn't sign, till he'd stayed the night and rested the next day, said he wanted to make amends.  Gave plenty of promises then gave excuses, though he  was contrite and apologised a little saying, he would make it up to me that night with a big slap up night out,, a show and promised a little gift for remorse

You used your own apartment.  Risky

Better than his hotel suite, at least I knew there werent a hidden cameras

But I should have known what he meant by a good slap up; he wouldn't take no for an answer.  We left a nightclub the next night, saying he wanted a tourist look around the city.  Really couldn't turn him down.

Risky but worth it, commented Frank

That's when I thought.  It started out all right, and then the bastard deliberately drove right across, 2 out of the 3 police precincts we know are risky.  He's obviously done his homework and was looking to get me whipped like one of the whores.

I was terrified and had visions of at least a night in the police station and a sore arse for days afterwards, that's assuming of course I wasnt the main attraction in the public sq , or worse having it repeated in the prison with a strap.

Jesus that's heavy, Im sorry I didn't know and we couldn't have got you out in time.

I know that why I was panicking

We could have easily got him someone who took a spanking and that type of submissive person, if the money is right, will take a caning as well.  Why did he pick on you?

Because he wanted to get back at the Company and especially Masters.  So because of her, I not only took a spanking, but he  used the cane on me,  as well I won't continue, but put it this way I'm still sore and the marks still show and will for weeks

       But now you can see why a little hussy is not going to get away light.  However, when we got stopped the police recognised me and waved us on.  I had enough and told him if he didnt sign when we got back I would have, the Company arrest him for rape .and he knew I would. 

So he signed. 

And I'm still looking for the bonuses for that Frank.   

Suddenly her narrative was punctuated by a shrill shriek from the bar store cupboard.  This time the thin quirt of the whip whipped upwards between Georgina's legs the end kissing smartly Georgina's pussy.

Fucking hell said Frank that was a bit vicious. 

       That's what lesbians in here like to do.  That's why they work in this condition and for low pay, she's the benefits.  Masters should be grateful, if we weren't watching; theyd have her bent over and be ramming one of those wine bottles up her by now. 

Remember despite the luxury visitor centre, this is a third world prison.  That bitch has most probably slit the throats of quite a few animals, so she's not really worried about some white whore she's got power over in prison.

By now, Georgina was quite distressed, so Malinda just put out a hand.

The action changed, Georgina, was held securely while the woman gently caressed the cut she'd put between the miscreants legs, tracing it up until her finger was massaging the prisoners pussy.  Georgina turned a pleading face towards the door but was ignored while Malinda savoured her distressed face..

       However, Melinda wasn't going to let pleasure get in the way of revenge, after a minute or two, she nodded again and this time the thin cane worked overtime.  The male guard was having great problem holding Georgina as she squirmed, screamed and writhed as the Marriage switch left red welts all over Georgina's buttocks and thighs, with several going between the legs.

Frank's eyes watched fascinated, but not surprised, knowing how vindictive some women can be.  , I will say its stimulating seeing Masters suffering, what I'm waiting for, to see, is when the Dyke properly ravishes the bitch?

Not going that far, not ready to see some lesbian fawning over a bitch, I need to see the bitch rammed and shagged not kissed.  But if shes made to orgasm ,the switch hurts more; the guards will have to wait to shes back in the cell for romance.

Come on Melinda said Frank.  We came here with the offer of her taking over your position.  Don't forget, if you want to terminate your contract you've got to find me another good worker, or you'll have to pay that whopping great refund.  You need her compliant not vengeful.  This one I liked; even though she needs a little training obviously, and don't forget she still got to get through tomorrow.

I haven't said Melinda that's a separate issue altogether, but relenting spoke to the guards. 

   The guards looked disappointed as the punishment was terminated, however Melinda had asked for the position to be changed before Georgina was let off.

Frank looked on and sniggered as the last cut raised a malicious weal on her left buttock.  And then had to stand while she was maserbated.

       Nice one!  Remind me the next time you get a client that wants to attend a harlots caning, to tag along.  Wouldnt want to beat someone myself, but can't see the harm in watching a already planned event; like that ungrateful bitch over there.  She was going to get worse than that if someone had taken her ID off her as they should.  So maybe Allah smiled on her, so I could watch

       However, hell was not over for the slag.  As predicted, now horny the cane really hurt and  With the three final strokes to go, the two guards grabbed Georgina, pushed her head down between her legs in a parody of the schoolgirl position, and the Dyke took careful aim at the tightly bent backside.  Three times the switch swished in bending right back as it came through the air, then whipping forward, the fast moving end whipping round and finally cutting a minor cuts across Georgina's flat smooth belly. 

       Malinda grunted in satisfaction as each one brought a scream and a desperate attempt to wriggle free from the torment that was, according to the guards, lightly caressing her arse.  However, she was still made to stand with her prisons' zebra trousers around her legs, like a naughty schoolgirl standing in the corner.

Frank and Melinda went back, sat and poured themselves another whiskey.

Once Georgina had been brought back trembling crying and now very subdued  and re-attached to the wall, Melinda stood up and stood in front of her.

        I quite enjoyed that she said, now Franks got a proposition that I want you to hear, if not, that was just a little taste of life in this hellhole.  I'm very aware that behind this impressive visitor centre, your quarters are not quite so luxurious, and at the moment, you're in a Company cell.  Remember I entertained the guy who funded this, and unfortunately, the young lady who I used to get that crucial funding, she ended up herself in the market square, with 120 cane marks across her backside.  So you can see, we will put ourselves out if necessary.
While Georgina had stopped blubbering, she was still weeping and reeling as she tried despite the handcuffs to rub her backside and other sore places.

Malinda looked at her satisfied.  Because of you, my marriage was put under serious threat; if my boyfriend had any inkling of what I had to do to rescue that contract of yours.  You deliberately cocked up; and he would have quite happily used a similar marriage enforcer on me and would have been justified.  

       The little tickle you just had will be nothing compared with what Ive still have got waiting for me if he finds out.  I'm still desperately worried that unless I can get out of this job and get married, he will eventually twig what's going on.

You got a mild 20, as far as he's concerned he would have no pity in having me held down in front of his family while I receive a hundred.  Then if Im lucky, he'd use it again on me in private before he dumps me. 

       If I'm unlucky, you could still see we down in the square being humiliated and caned as a whore.

Now if I unless I can get you to release me from my contract with the Company, I swear I'll make it my vocation insuring you will serve the whole 30 years in here.  And as an extra incentive, I'll arrange day release for you, So you can down to the village square and have you shamed and humiliated being caned as a whore, how does once a year, on the anniversary suit you.  .  Do you understand? 

Georgina snivelled but didn't say a word looking at the floor. 

       Once that's been done, I will be quite happy to let events take their course.  I'll stay on at the company for three weeks to make sure Miss Keeps to her obligations, I thought you said two weeks, answered Frank. 

   No, she is going to get the stick across her arse tomorrow.  She's going to need at least a week before she can even sit down.  And then she will still have a queasy tummy from the morning after pill.  I fully intend to let the others in the field enjoy sending her on her way.  That way Ive a feeling she might find it slightly embarrassing if she has to sign back in again to the prison for the next 30 years.

       Unfortunately, though tomorrow is still going to happen, starting tonight when you will spend the night in the punishment cell.  How Mohammed treats you tonight, I suspect will be entirely up to what you get up to in the next hour or so, And waited for Georgina to comply, if she didnt then she was going down for the full 30 years for all she cared.  The bitch was going suffer now, or for some time to come

Georgina looked at her in horror, but you said that was all just a misunderstanding.

       Frank interrupted.  No Sugar Babe!  You must earn respect in this game and mean what you say.  I will already told Mohammed that youre to spend the night locked up in the locker, as you call it.  And I think we inferred that you're going to be naked.  So the die has been set for the tonight.  Love it or leave it.

You can't leave me here screamed Georgina as she was cuffed up to be taken back to her cell.  You promised me.  

Were not leaving you.  You got yourself in here we're trying to get you out.  Youre just going to be grateful for what's going to happen tomorrow and be thankful tomorrow is not 30 years long


       Come the next day Malinda and Frank Wells collected a rather chastened and exhausted Georgy from the back of the prison.  Due to the nature of Malinda's last visit, relations were to say at the lest frosty between the two woman, though glad the be picked up, it was not helped by the fact that Georgina had been released dressed in a full black Jallarba, head scarf and looked censured and pale. 

At least that part of her face you could see under the half face veil she had to wear before the prison governor would even continence her release.  Nobody said anything as she limped into the back seat.  Malinda had left the back seat clear and painfully Georgina stooped, turned and lay down on her tummy groaning

Frank who had been keeping a low profile, chirped up.

       Malinda says you shifted 5 tons of gravel you did well to only get 21 strokes.  Sore are they?  Need to get you checked out!  At least for safety sake, but with no reply from the back made a decision 

       Right the Hospital!  Those cane welts will need checking; cant afford to have you unable to sit for more than a week, and chuckled at his light joke.  And other part of your anatomy in case you strained your back lifting, and maybe, he says hesitating a little; a good plan to get a quick check-up, to insure you dont grunt and drop a couple of sprogs in nine months time, that would definably break your contract. 

  Malinda retorted a exasperated retort back.  What a fucking silly question to ask.  She's just had her bottom smacked hard with a cane, and you not only ask her if she sore but suggests she might be pregnant.  Grow up Frank.  

But you said she got off with a light whacking, while you were there. 

Compared with what I was expecting.  At least I was right about draining Mohamed's urges, she got wacked brutally but not ferociously and shooting his jisam into her spunk input port made him a little protective. 

       That bitch who was claiming her, tried to move in several time and Mohamed lashed out with the cane and caught her several time hard across the arse.  Wouldn't let her or her cruel sidekick anywhere near her, till his fellow officers had a good crack at her first.

       But I bet she climaxed well once they got hold of her.  How did should she take it?

       How would you take it? 

        Badly how did you expect

       Ok point taken.  Just letching, as men do.

.  Though the bitches didn't know she was going out tonight, they were determined to put their mark on her.  It seems the plan was to make her orgasm enough for it to be nicely humiliating and degrading.  And from what happened, it seemed that four was a good number for them.  She just had to lay there and let them masturbate her off, letting her body spasm, rather cruel really not really the best way to cement a 30 year relationship.  Good job we it got out of there. 

Still on, is it ?

Yes said Melinda until I can trust it again. 

You bitch, came a fairly strong retort from the back.  And you really think you going to get my cooperation when I get back to work.

       No said Melinda not while you're in that frame of mind.  That's why you need to hospital and a chance to repair the damage you brought on yourself.

What?  Screeched Georgina, laced with a shriek, as she tried to turn sideways, as the contact with the soft luxury leather with her welted backside, produced a agonised sting. 

       You set me up, and took great delight in egging them on, even directing what they had to do.  That was unforgivable, and if you think, I can help you out.

Malinda looked at her over the back of the seat, grinning slightly as Georgina tried shifting to get in a better position.

  Painful is it Honey.  Look Georgina I think it's about time we had a frank discussion.  Frank stared out of the windscreen steering the car.

You seem to blame this all on Frank and me, when you werent even part of the Company when you've got arrested.

Of course, it all came down from your office.  That's why you came down to gloat over my that day.  I'll never forgive you for that.

Whoa!  Said Frank butting in.  You were lucky

Lucky!  Ha.  How do you make that out?

      It was this time Malinda who cut in between Frank Wells and Georgina.  Cast your mind back Georgina, when you resigned, you will given a receipt for your ID.  There was no way it could have been found in your street clothing after you changed into your convict suit.  Frank went out his way to deliberately have one smuggled in, and delivered.  Without that, just think; you'd have been initiated there and then. 

       The same when we came down, if we hadn't been there causing uncertainty, do you think that bitch would have waited when she knew that the ID was not valid.  Thats why we stood and watched them apply the switch.  Otherwise, that would have gone on far longer.

By now, Georgina was shouting recriminations.  But you still egged them on!

Malinda lost it and poured into a torrent of recrimination.

   No point in being in the theatre, if you don't enjoy the performance she said sarcastically; worth coming down just to see you dance the Irish jig, naked, and to watch the marks dance across your arse.  What would you want us to do; give away that we were looking to get you out the next day? 

       Do you think you would have got back to your cell in time to start work next day?  Best place for you was the punishment cell, that way with you behind a locked door only Mohammed had access to you were at least safe from more female attention.  Through your own foolish overreaction, without our interference, you weren't just looking at 30 years.  It was 30 years; of which yesterday was just a very small episode. 

       Okay it would have settled down, as you bed in and they broke you, but just think of the state you would have been in a year's time.  If I hadnt dropped in to see you in that last day in the quarry, things could have got bad.  Ive seen too many naive women caned for being supposedly immoral, to worry about a, guilty as hell, fraudster.  Dangling your cunt from under that poor Dikes nose, letting her smell it; then dragging it away, was cruel.  But I didnt dangle you there, you did, I should have left you there to take the consequences. 

       Yea!  I enjoyed your demeaning misery, and the squealing you did when that Dyke raped you with her tongue.  Not it was my scene, or yours I know, but you looked so horny afterward I felt sorry for you; but still enjoyed your humiliating squirming when she sat on your face.

        Yes, I can be sadist at times, I'm a bitch from time to time, but one who cares.  Youre just lucky I didnt take snap shots and sell them on a porno web site, as a set of horny photos

        But that wouldn't have happened at all if you hadn't have called the police, shouted back Georgina. 

       We didnt, the Directors did, to protect themselves from prison.  You gave them no option

       You said they weren't unhappy I was locked up.

       They weren't, but they went to a lot of trouble trying to stop the guy complaining to the Police, and getting you caned for immorality on top.  Would have been tough, but you sure did deserve it

       Nice!  So, you got my prison sentence reduced to 30 years as a apology

       Malinda had enough of it, but realised that Georgina was still going through the shock and anguish; if the Company hadnt helped, she was finally realising that home would have been a barred cage for the next 30 years.  She had just got away with luckily; just a temporally sore arse, a well rammed bum and a well used pussy, but she was a single woman and hopefully not pregnant

        Look at it this way, if you buy Marijuana, and you migrate upwards through cocaine and end up injecting heroin; who's to blame?  The first person to offer you a little light relief, or you for continuing all the way up, till you were locked up, to break the habit.  You weren't hit by the proverbial bus; you walked into the middle of a busy high street, put two fingers up to the driver, and challenged him to run you over.

       You offered a good job, with good pay, with good prospects, and because of one silly little horrified spat, you chose to break the law and break it quite spectacularly.  If we hadn't have been there with our offer.  Frank gross joke about checking about sprogs popping wouldn't even had been an concern, until they popped.  You had no near relatives who would have worried about you; the British embassy certainly wouldn't have bothered.  To them you are just another prisoner in a foreign jail; theyre for stealing money, guilty as hell. 

In the end they possibly would have got round to trying to find a better result than 30 years.  But the reckoning in the office was, by the time they got round to it, possibly 10 years, you could have easily disappeared somewhere in the prison system and not been found.  Frank and I worked hard, and sometimes it was distasteful to sort out the mess you've left

       Don't forget I'm was in approximately the same condition as you, after you've flummoxed out in a huff. 

Okay shit happens sometimes, you try your best bet, and sometimes your best isn't good enough, possibly three or four times, in the time you would have been employed. 

       You're on £500,000 a year for fuck sake, tax free, free flat, free car, goods and services paid for; just occasionally, you have to put your nose to the grindstone. 

       You flunked it.  And youre damn lucky you got a second chance.  Okay you're feeling sore and revengeful, don't you think I felt the same after I picked up the mess you left behind.        However you still got the £30,000 necklace he bought you, I just got a sore arse, and sperm in places I'm too embarrassed to talk about.  It was through our actions, instead of it being confiscated, it's still sitting at home with your sports car, your clothes; and your bail ticket.

  Remember the lawyers worked hard.  Officially, you should be working tomorrow in the quarry again.

    If you want, I'll get Frank to turn the car and you can go back and sulk, while you're shovelling gravel into carts.

       Now what's it going to be, a truce between us, a little respect and civility?  I'm not prepared to work with a sullen bitch, whos also on criminal bail.  It's time to shut up or put up, or back to the prison to be somebody's Bitch.        

       For the rest of the journey there was silence from the back, while Malinda sat fuming in front; arriving at the hospital observers would have seen emotional steam rising from the car.     

Frank helped Georgina out, Malinda stood cold watching.  There's a private ward waiting, with some very discreet doctors, and nurses and some painkillers.  Which I've a good mind to tell them, you dont need.  Seem that to me you need to suffer a bit more.  But this is your responsibility; to pay the total bill, from your salary, unless you'd like to write a post dated cheque?        What it's not going to do, is go on Company expenses.  Thats assuming you don't wish to go back for 30 years of repeat performances.  In which case I'll pay the tab again, while you can practice crawling on all fours, a rope around your neck.  

       Later that Malinda got a contrite text from Georgians phone and went in and sat entertained, taunting Georgy as she had to suffer lewd sniggers from the Nurses, and some very intrusive investigation of her private parts, while later Malinda and she compared  the state of the marks, on both their backside


               Over the next few months, Georgina settled down to rebuild her client base.  Her time in prison had mellowed her, realising in some ways she was extremely fortunate.  While the five days had been extremely harrowing; and brutal, it hadn't been callously cruel.  It made her realise that the opportunity she had been handed, and foolishly rejected, was unattainable anywhere the in any Country, except as one of the European Elite management.  Very unlike the options open to the of the millions of females who had been unfortunate to occupy countries that were being overrun by a enemy. 

       Okay she had suffered, to her, the appalling use of the cane, rape and sodamy, and the vile attention of others was unspeakable.  And she knew what it was like to be so exhausted that the final unpleasant incident employing the cane was almost a welcome respite.  But for her, it had all ended happily; her awful experience not being concluded, by having her tits cut off, being disembowelled, and as a final cruel humiliating indignity of a bayonet, being reclassified as a permanent contraceptive and used brutally between her legs.        

       She was surprised to see that it was best to have several clients in process, making it look as if she was much in demand.  By dividing her time amongst them she was able to be productive and inhabit the almost fairy tale world of Corporate life; the fun life she felt she deserved.  Rising about 11.30, having to organise herself a light breakfast was the most arduous thing she did all day.  From then on, her life was organised around conversing with intelligent people, attending to her beauty needs, arranging her daily schedules, and finding her way home after an exhausting night. 

       While being extremely careful of local customs, this didn't exclude a very well thought out intensive flirting, ensuring a life without complications.  With the client happy to arrange the restaurant to dine in, the method of transport, settling the invoice, limousine to the Theatre or Nightclub, cocktails and snacks until midnight.  Leaving her just to organise her wardrobe, arrange pedicures and beauty treatment.; choose her menu, and make her plausible ,but regretful excuses then driving home with only the company of the Company chauffeur in the vehicle that  also being billed to the client. 

       With always three clients tagging along, it could be exhausting deciding whom to privilege with her presence.  However, with most only being the country long enough to download one or two billion quid, something that took 5 to 14 days, her source of suitor's was always challengingly and interestingly.  However, the nature of the beast, rich, influential, wise and experienced, subsequently meant, they were also old and amorous.  She liked to be honest with most, as she'd stashed away the tax-free gifts they had pressed on her as an incentive to get in her knickers.  But various excuses such as STDs, not serious but better be careful; wrong time of month, it was really getting late, and with a prompt arriving of a extremely sophisticated, polished, Lady of the night who expertly took him away to drain the lust from his testicles.  So far, meant she was always able to enjoy a night rest, uncomplicated by having a ageing billionaire, jumping on her belly, attempting to transfer his body fluids. 

       However not all the clients were bald aging and pushy, of the select few she admired, there were on or two that she lusted after.  and those she rewarded by a night of discrete passion , not in a hotel ; but in one of a few but growing, single residences she had acquired from grateful clients; as a reward for gaining permission to build a luxury set of condominiums. 

       Most she discreetly sold, or rented via a subsidiary account, but one or two she kept fully furnished, serviced and spotless ready for use as emergency personnel knocking shop, when her needs got too urgent. 

Things were complicated by her bail conditions, she was certainly had not been  pardoned of passing blank cheques but the lawyers estimated 7 years before a verdict came down, and she could easily once she had honoured her new 3 year contract, ask to be transferred to nearby Dubai.  And even further by Malinda deciding that she wasn't a stay at home wife, missing the glamorous life of theatres late night Nightclubs, Fashion shows, and Celebrity get together

.  However was far to sensible to jeopardise her marriage by contacting clients, even if her new husband would countenance her staying out late, it was unlikely the Country would.  Believing as it did that wives looked after the family, which at the moment she didnt have.  But that was no excuse; people saying that maybe her husband needed to get a grip of that side of the marriage. 

     So she took a job as area organiser this allowed her to keep in touch, still be wined and dined during the day and while he was away, and get home to keep her husband happy.  It also put her in a favourable position  to pick up  satisfying enticement, but this time for valuable contacts, contacts that as yet  the still green Georgina wasnt aware of.; of where to get sex party introductions and the seedier side of life that  her past experience had taught her rather than indulging herself.  No f a deal ,and a profit

       If any clients did mistake her mission, she was quick to point out where her needs lay, she was a secret lesbian, a declaration that usually brought understanding and regret, and sometime with horror, depending on the culture they came from


Malinda stood up ,a little panicky, as the Regional Police chief burst into the office, accompanied by two burly looking policemen, normally this level of official declines to associate with the hoi-polloi foreigners.  Urgently picking up the phone, she punched the emergency call button for Frank Wells, leaving the line open so any conversation in the office would be recorded,  better safe than sorry, standing up her greeted him with the bland statement.

        It's a pleasure to meet you Sir what can I do for you Sir, the usual platitudes that you use when surprised by authority.

       The Arab public figure declined at first to speak, looking around the office not so much with disdain, but with polite disinterest, then when he spoke the bombshell fell.

       Which one? 

       Malinda her face showing panic her mind running over the 10 female operative they had on their books, to the  20 official whores who definitely weren't  traceable officially on their books

       Who Sir?

The Masters slag, I believe she is employed by this office.

Malinda a little shocked by the derogatory description of Georgina, struggled to gain a little time while her boss could get here. 

       You're talking about Miss Georgina Masters I assume, she said in her best British accent.  Yes!  She does work for this Company; may I enquire what this is about?

       The police chief answered in his typical abrupt mood.  “We've come to arrest the harlot”.

       Frank then arrived breathless from hurrying.  Police Chief!  What a pleasure, we don't see you here very often; however, the Company is always pleased to see you.  Malinda took him to one side and whispered urgently in his ear

       They seem to be here with an arrest warrant for Georgina Masters.

        I've haven't as yet had a chance to ascertain the reason for it, or how the Company is involved; or even if the Company is involved.

       Exasperated Frank swore under his breath.  Whats the bitch been up to now?  Adding aloud.  Thank you Malinda.  Would you like to establish exactly where Miss Masters is, making the request a concealed order.  To piss off out of the office and get hold of Masters as quick as possible by the ear if necessary

       Like all people, face with autocratic authority Melinda was glad to escape, and put out a quick call via her mobile as soon as she was safely outside the door.

       Georgina Masters was sleeping; she had just arrived in at 4 o'clock in the morning after a very exhausting but very productive evening's work.  Now safely back in her own flat, she had been working the last three months, regaining her confidence, forgetting the past and enjoying herself.  

       There was no doubt about it Malinda had said it was a demanding job, she had been dancing quite energetically till 1 o'clock in the morning it had taken her till 3 o'clock to shake off the guy who was after her tail.  However, Christine swooped to the rescue, in her usual sophisticated way and took a very but obviously content client, to have the red abbesses between his legs squeezed and drained.

       Since restarting her employment, Georgina had been very particular in being very glamorous, but frank with her clients.  Luckily, she had a way of sounding sincere when telling lies, saying she was sure she was pregnant, but as long as it didnt bother them, she was game;  this usually had the desired effect. 

       If not, and there was any sudden curiosity in her new breeding status, she amplified that by asking.  Was he looking to get married, as her baby needed a father?

  Except for the very unfortunate incident, which she still felt had been engineered by Malinda, not so much out of spite, but as a ungenerous prank, but now her outlook on life was more philosophic.  The night had been very profitable, besides the meal, the exclusive discotheque had been brilliant, and was now enjoying the fruits of her labour, resting.  In addition,  she had picked up a very nice set of diamond earrings, worth in the region of £3-£4000; while the unfortunate Christine, was having to put up with the pounding, the groping and the body fluids, for her share of the money pot.  But then she was unskilled, and with only one talent.

       As the phone rang, she stirred uneasily in her sleep, but a natural caution, brought on by her experience, short that it was in prison, standing in good stead.  The voice on the end of the phone rang alarm bells, but not panic bells as it said.

        Hi, it's Melinda here.  Sorry to bother you when you're trying to sleep, but, we seem to have a little bit of a panic in the office, could you make your way in as quickly as you can.

       Georgina felt annoyed, but was sensible enough to know that Malinda wouldn't have phoned her, unless she had a good reason.  That reason could have been malicious pleasure, but Georgina was sensible enough to realise she had to play along with the game, she just wasn't yet in that position to twist, Malinda's arm till it broke.

       She had been quite annoyed when Malinda had, a month after her marriage, decided to take part-time work back with the Company.  Her explanation sounded quite plausible, that she was bored, and that her husband was quite understanding, as he was away himself a large amount of time.  When Georgina had a quiet word with her, it seemed she was missing the cut and thrust of corporate life, and seemed convinced that as long as she kept away from actually entertaining clients during the evening, her husband was westernised enough to realise that women needed more than housekeeping to keep them quiet. 

       And Malinda was realistic to realise that being in the position to manage contracts, rather than administer them meant she was in a better position to obtain so-called sweeteners, which were far more acceptable to the religious moralists in the country, rather than a sexually evocative gift from clients!  So now, Malinda was her line manager

   Waiting for Georgina to arrive Malinda was on tender hooks, and when she eventually pulled up and parked her car, a nice new Porsche.  Malinda hassled her out into a deserted office well away from where the police were waiting.  Before she did, taking care to discretely let Frank know that the culprit had arrived and she would be in office 114, and give it 10 minutes or so, for her to break the news to Georgina before the police arrested her.  Georgina being no fool, picked up the panic and the fact that she was being hassled well away from the main thoroughfare into a deserted office. 

       What the hell is going on Malinda she demanded?  I've only just got back from a stimulating night at the theatre

       Yea said Malinda; the Theatre!  I'm sure; and looked at her as if holding back strong emotion, which made her seem distant and cold.  Malinda stepped forwards and unemotionally put her hand under Masters chin, looking her straight in the eyes, and the look in her eyes were cold and impersonal.

       You do really have a knack of screwing things up dont you Georgy.

       Georgy laughed and said lightly.  “Thats me”!

    Melinda paused, then looking Georgina straight in the eye said, I'm not sure how to put this, but the Police are waiting upstairs to arrest you, with as much emotion as if asking if Georgina wanted a cup of coffee.

       Georgina's reply was somewhat predictably explosive, and looked round wildly.

       Why!  Why?  Why didn't you tell me when you first called?  Why keep it a secret?  You know I've 30 years waiting for me back there; it doesn't make sense, Im better off running and taking a chance.  If you'd told me when you first called, I could have been on my way to the Airport by now; and turned to run back to her car, only to find a very determined Malinda blocking her way.

       Sorry Georgina.  I can't let you do that.  However, one thing I can promise you; this has nothing to do with you breaking your Bail, though I don't know the full details, nevertheless, I have to be extremely careful what I say.  If I help, you break the law, my own personnel liberty and welfare could be at risk,  dont know how closely you have followed the law in this country, but they have thing called “Guilt by association” here. 

       That basically means that if you help someone break the law; in your case running from whatever the police want you for, anybody helping your escape justice can be forced to do your expected punishment in your place, at least until your apprehended.

       Believe me that's a very strong deterrent.  It wouldnt take much for the police to work out that that, I was told to find you by Frank,  Last thing I want is them to think I warned you the police were here, and let you escape.

If it had been about your bail condition I'm sure we could have soothed things over, but not knowing the exact reason their looking for you ,I could be letting myself in for all sorts of repercussions.  I've been listening into their conversation and they don't realise I speak Arabic well; and from what I overheard police chief say, as long as they can take you into custody today, there will be no breach of your bail conditions.  Normally a miserable bastard he seems quite buoyant about it, seemed to be quite satisfied, so it can't be that serious.  However, what would be serious would be, if you were to run, you would automatically break your bail.  Don't forget, I was seen greeting you, and several people saw me walk down the corridor with you, leaving me to be indicted in your place, be made to serve your sentence by default.  They would quite happily put me away with the full intention of making me serve your sentence for fraud.

       Hopefully not the full sentence of course, just until they captured the put you inside; or the Company lawyers got me out.  But just because I was, a replacement wouldnt spare me any of the extra delights they had planned for you.

Remember, you didnt get fully initiated, due to Franks timely invention; you can bet they would take full advantage of that interesting situation.  In fact, they would treble their efforts to get me out of my knickers, and worse, just because Im a executive.  No, Im not putting my neck on the line with that sort of risk

   I know the lawyers will say that, as I hadn't actually committed any earlier crime; or being imprisoned like you, she said with a sarcastic dig at Georgina and eventually I should get that important pardon.  But that could take three months and with you running, I'd cop the lot.  Maybe this is just a technical thing that the lawyers can soon sort out; until you meet, we won't know.

       What have I supposed to have done this time, whatever it is Im being set up?

       I dont know but there seem to be a link with the clients and the courtesans you used. 

       Georgina was too startled to comment just looked blank.  Prostitution, that can't be right, I don't understand.

       Don't quote me said Melinda; because it is only what I heard, the police chief forgot I spoke the language.  Arrogant bastard!  It seems you've been kept under surveillance, because of your bail thing.  They've been reading your emails, and possibly male jealousy is coming to the fore.  Not knowing the bonus system we have here, the police are accusing you earning on the side, being lowest form of life here, a harlot.  We tried explaining that we have detailed account of your movements as required by your bail conditions.  But I couldn't get permission in the time to explain the bonus system. 

       As you appreciate, the Company would like to keep that as confidential as possible; anyway, that information is way above a Chief inspectors pay scale.  We could only tell him that you have been more than exemplary in your handling of your duties, and that appears to be part of the problem, apparently bouncing back on you.  Remember, weve got this investiture thing coming up with the Prince Consort.  Thats very important to the Company, hopefully this wont cause any upset or delay in the schedule, but if it does, Frank wont be very happy with you at all

       But this is ridiculous; I've been careful in keeping myself in line with all the customs and practices of this Country, suitably chaste, as far as possible with the type of work that the Company require me to undertake.  I thought all this had been settled and sorted out when the Company was authorised to operate in the Country; that certain commercial practices would need to get exemption from prosecution if the Company was to obtain the desired investment.

        Unfortunately said Melinda; that was the position, till last week, until then a "blind-eye" would be used to cover certainly not illegal, but moral questions concerning the conduct of our operatives.  However, as you know the Government has been in turmoil, and four weeks ago, a new Governing Council took on new powers.  I don't know whether you've noticed, maybe not while you've been out enjoying yourself, but as a Manager, Ive noticed all sorts of rumours have been flying about concerning a shift in the Government stance.  And that seems to have been clamping down hard on overseas workers who broke the code of morality that the religious leaders have been insisting on for months. 

       That's why I can't help you this time.  If it was anything to do with the bail charge, the lawyers would be on the case within days, but this could be a caning offence as the charges are seem to be harlot based.

But I don't understand, I had no option, with the bail conditions being so strict, I tried bending over backwards to keep the police happy.

    Yes, I understand.  It's not that you haven't been doing your job properly; possibly, youve been doing it a little too well; but from what I can gather, theyre determined to get you to bend the other way, I suppose it was inevitable, with those sort of bail conditions. 

       Their looking to Cane me as a Prostitute!!!??

       So they say!  The Company will of course release your bonuses account to the appropriate authorities, so things should be sorted out and you should be ok.  However...  and left the rest unsaid.

But that could take days even weeks ,you know that. 

Yes she apologised embarrassed, that why I couldnt warn you .  It seems that eight or nine of your clients were boasting online that they'd had you.  Several were saying they'd spent a night with you, getting their rocks off, and others were making even more exaggerated comments.  You know what boys are like, a need to keep on top even if it means making imaginary exaggerated lurid details.  Wouldn't have mattered if it had been in a drunken chat, but the authorities here monitor the Internet strictly,  while none of these, come into what we, or the courts would classify as necessary as sworn testimony under any circumstance; and there's no proof at all that you took money.  It's just as police chief is saying that with so many allegations, there's no smoke without fire.  What is more, you have been adding enthusiastically to your bank balance

       But thats the bonuses Ive earned, its all declared, we agreed transparency at least where my bail condition are involved

       But I do think you've overdone being unobtainable and being aloof a little too conscientiously; again!  If the client had been vey insistent, a friendly kiss and cuddle in exchange for a diamond ring wouldnt have been a hardship.  You seem sort of programmed for that behaviour, maybe you shouldn't be doing this job, and you really don't learn do you? 

        My Commiserations; however the shock of a 2nd good hiding across of your backside, should make you drastically re-evaluate your priorities.  From what I gather, the police chief is delighted the way things are working out; and is determined to make the best of it.  From what I could tell in the short time I was around, you're definitely being lined up to get a dose of the usual, for being supposedly immoral.  So now, you can see my dilemma;. 

               If I'd helped, you escape that whacking the police chief is angling to give you, you might have got away for several hours, but you would have automatically, by fleeing, broken your bail.  And they would have taken me into custody to send me to prison but not till the morning, at the earliest so that they would have plenty of time to put me threw the hoop ,maybe not even seeking to do for several days. 

So with you fleeing out of their reach, that would have been plenty of time for it to have been; my hands in your handcuffs, my body in your zebra suit working my arse off; me doing your backbreaking work, trying to complete your work schedule.  And if I was in need of help  that would have come from feeling the cane on my backside, my pussy entertaining first male, then the female officers.  All because your scared of a little spanking, youve earnt by your thoughtlessness.        

       Georgina squeaked.  A Little spanking!!  Youve got to be joking?  Oh!  I see her voice showing disgust.  Didnt fancy taking a whacking for me then, much better to bring me in and let them put me away; to rot for 30 years, in some stinking prison?

       Malinda hesitated...  No.  Its not just that she apologised.  There was several factors involved, and I quickly had to take each one into consideration before I made my decision.  The main one was that I overheard them saying that no matter what it was only fair that you shouldnt be allowed to suffer after your caning, for more than three days.  And I got the impression that applies even if you absconded breaking your breaking your bail conditions. 

Georgina almost exploded, just three days!  You've got to be joking.  Last time I only went five hours and it was agony to move.

       If I go down as your stand-in, I can't see me getting anywhere near that concession.  If I know the Police chief and the prison wardens, if I had helped, you out, you can bet your life, the Police chief would have had great delight in exhibiting me naked in the police station, after I inadvertently been used to demonstrate the latest cane he had acquired.  And I can't see him reducing my suffering with painkillers, rather rubbing the welts with salt.

       As for the Prison Governor, he'd relish having me in his establishment even just as a proxy inmate; hes always hated the fact that as a female I've been in charge over him.  If he gets me under his control, it would be especially arranged so that he could watch me not only being caned as an amusement; but being raped again and again.  

       And the game changer was just that.  As it's likely that all of those anonymous clients you are supposed to have gone to bed with, are being promised a replay of their alleged night with you.  If they find me there instead Ill be a unexpected bonus and I can't see them being considerate enough to use contraception; or admit to seeing me in custody, let alone admitting to raping me.  As the police chief would conveniently arrange for any visits, they made, not to be witnessed, the same as with any other visits made by males, who I had been required to bend over and open my legs for.

So, with it officially being confirmed ,it was impossible to have any males contact during my arrest.  I could have only got pregnant with them when I last with them, i.e. when I interviewed them, before putting them in contact with you And even if the lawyers intervened, I wouldn't put it past the police chief finding some way to hold me at least until I was pregnant.  Then any check on DNA would prove which of them was the father leaving me up the duff, married and an obvious adulterer.  It wont take long for the gossip to fly to the conclusion that the clientele involved were all in conference with me, before I the company took them on.

       But if you submit to the arrest order I'm sure in the space of time, something can be sorted

       Georgina looked at her, as she was demented.  In the space of time.!!!  Theyll suddenly take pity on the harlot; while all the time, theyre planning to transfer me back to the Quarry.  Where you can bet, I will be mercifully allowed to shovel gravel for 30 years after getting weals from the police chief cane, get shagged hollow, and enjoy some dyke lusting after me; unless their planning to have me shot, she spat back

       Melinda swallowed and changed the subject rapidly.  : 

       That's not going to happen, Ive been listening to the police chief; he definitely mentioned just three days.  I certainly heard nothing about you being shot, that only happens to bone fide prostitutes.

I only used the word “prostitute” out of habit, I'm sure their only talking about it, more as immoral conduct, and for that, with no money involved it's just the Square and hesitated; or for all its unsavoury implications, just a private spanking party

   Just!  Squeaked Georgina, her hair almost standing on end in rage.  You call at least 60 strokes, applied viciously to my backside just a private spanking party.  You forget being made to entertain after, some ramped up, horny guy, whos just seen me, wiggling my butt, in so called ecstasy; and not only fancies trying to make me pregnant, but stuffing his cock up my arse as a dessert before urinating on it to cool it down. 

You reckon their angling, to get me over the bar at the Citizen Initiation ceremony.  It's bad enough, from what you said if Im only held in custody overnight, that allows them time to play all sorts of fun and games with me it will be bad enough.  But that's three days away before I'm due to boogie over the bar; to me it looks as if Im being set up for the worst sort of white slaving.

       Seems you don't have the choice I'm afraid Georgina.  You could say, at the moment the police had got you over a barrel, and while my hands are tied, I certainly don't intend to keep them that way, taking your place over that barrel, just because you can't handle your life.


       Clients have been tweeting and sending emails, some of which have been of a very boastful and derogatory nature.  At least some ;you could have done without compromising yourself.  As to the others, possibly you were just a bit too quick passing them over for others to finish off, after getting them lusting after you, again, while pocketing the any incentive,

         Georgina protested.  You havent had the cane, not forgetting the marriage switch

       Melinda smiled.  Call that a caning?  I used my influence; you got off light, one days discomfort, in exchange for this lifestyle.  Ok the Lesies had a session with you and the guys did enjoy a good bunk up, each.  But Mohamed kept the worst away.  Again on my instructions!  You didnt get pregnant, catch some STDs, or have to blowjob someone, at least in public.  To be honest I was worried, you might need maternity leave and ruin your contract, again.  So I kept him from using you properly, told him he could cover you with anybodys body fluids for all I cared, as long as you didnt get pregers. 

       You can bet your life I wont get that sort of concession.  I can expect at least 2 month before the lawyers get me out; your favourite lesbian will have me shagged every hour, just for the satisfaction of humiliating me.  Knowing that even if I get out, it would be too late, for a even a discrete illegal abortion; Knowing wherever I was, in 7 months time Id be squealing, as junior forced its way out of my pussy.  And I dont fancy giving horsey rides on my back, to satisfy some dyks fantasy.

        Look let thing ride, in all fairness, even now, you should be in the quarry sweating your butt off, paying your debts.  Don't worry, events are changing rapidly, from what I overheard, in a weeks time, you won't be worrying your little head over anything.  Just want to make sure I don't get caught up in it. 

This investiture into the “Elite” have been planned meticulously for the last couple of months.  You of course as part of our successful team had been invited plus one other VIP.  Once weve been honoured with that position we can negotiate from a much stronger position and it already seems to have a effect.  Weve already won one concession, for three days after youve painfully jiggled you bum, you wont suffer any more. 

        Georgina's bleated.  Thats a concession! 

        Melinda ignored Georgina's whining.  Im sure the lawyers will find a way around what is technically, just eight email gripes from eight envious alpha males, though admittedly, technically that makes you a harlot, eight of times over.  To be dealt as a simple moral problem; and that type of charge doesnt get 30 years, or hard labour.  However, as I've explained for the moment, sitting down for three days isnt going to be an option, after that, who knows?  But once the investiture is complete, we will be in a better position to pressurise the police chief so it wont to acted on

       Once we've joined the Elite, we will have that much more influence, we should be able to overturn the lower court that will be involved in your convictions and get your bail conditions removed.  In fact a pardon.  But there's no doubt about it this recent excursion into lawbreaking has complicated matters no end; as I have a feeling, it was designed to.        

       We know that the these whore whipping sessions are designed to be a highly depraved decadent affair, with drinks drugs and fornication before and after about, it seems more of a coincidence to be holding our initiation at the same time, as one of their special; let's say spanking parties! 

    Normally that would be no problem.  I'm quite at ease seeing an ignominious harlot or two take a whacking, and wiggle her arse to add to my clients lechery and licentiousness appetite, and my bank balance.        

       Excuse me Georgina from being frank and brutal at this time.  None of this was planned, just we didn't expect you to be part of that bawdy, highly risqué floorshow, however deplorable as it seems, unfortunately though, it looks as if in this case the normally anonymous floozy involved, will have the name Georgina Masters, stapled to its exposed trembling flanks, However it does add a fascinating motivation to attending.         

       Nevertheless this does put me in a bit of a quandary, I'm not sure to carry on with the celebrations as if nothing's changed, especially considering it now looks as if I've got a unused ticket to auction off, as I gather as you will be attending... via the police chief invitation

       Youre going to auction me to the highest bidder?  Georgina face collapsing in absolute revulsion

Yes, why not?  Well she said slowly, embarrassed as she realised what she implied.  Well not you exa-c-tly, just you and your guest ticket.  Well!  I expect the police chief will be funding for your presence, with you lewdly and brazenly clothed, for your, what Ive heard be a licentious display of lewd dancing.  Or so, it will seem to those watching your screaming antics.

Especially when it gets around you have some liking, for this sort of thing back in the UK.  But that doesnt mean I wont sympathise  with you experiencing it, its the last thing this type of pain is, is erotic or that I wont be sympathetic 

       The Company really cannot take sides where it's a matter of abiding with the law of the land.  It's very similar to watching a Lion stalking a Gazelle on television.  Where does your loyalties and sympathies lie?  To the gazelle that is going to be run down and eaten, or the lioness that has cubs to feed, and who would die a more lingering death by starvation.

       It accrued to me as youre going to lose your knickers anyway in the next few hours once they take you away.  The eight guys, who will be acquiring their desires, may not pay too much to attend, as they maybe, will feel self-conscious.  So it will have to be a open tender, particularly as I suspect, some of the Ladies of the Night will shell out a bundle; to eyeball their Elite Property Personal Assistant get a fitting whacking.  Dont know what there is to think about. 

  Well!  Lets leave it that ,you ...   candidly and brazenly clothed, for a traditional party, wont need your ticket so to save  a chance of a  important ethnic event going to waste I action of to help your expenses .  

       I'm sure it will raise immense extra interest, being quite a celebrity event., youre quite well-known around the office, even if it is as the fridged Tart, but thats because they dont know of your bail terms.  So I'm sure there won't be any problem filling our guest list with some very high flying offers.  Especially as it looks as if anybody who has fancied poking you between their legs, will get the chance to know you more intimately, before and after your erotic, energetic flaunting.  Should be able to afford that new sports car I promise myself, if the word gets around Miss frigid, the mysterious whore is going to be made to perform. 

Why, dont you think you will be a bigger enough draw?  Dont you think Miss Fridged, naked and enticingly wiggling to the cane will sell it will be a great boost for my trinket box

       Dont worry I make sure no photos are taken but somehow, from what Ive seen before, it wont be the flash that bothering you.  But I can't see any way that I can head off Mr Wells though, hes is going to want to check you out, for reassurance sake of course the night before.  Just put it down to par-for-the-course, I'm afraid, now you've blotted your copybook.  Even if he hasnt propositioned you before, this is the sort of situation he savours.  All can say is I propose, you just close your eyes, and let him get on with it; and I'll try and make sure he doesn't make too much of a song and dance about it in the office later

       As for the clients however, I can't make any promises.  Though from what Ive heard, theres liable be all sorts of offers flying in from all of the clients, especially the eight who want to legitimise the imaginary notches on their cocks.  It's the bit of foreplay before the investiture that bothers me, the night before you're going to get a lot of visitors, possibly clients who besides wanting to inspect your haunches, before their whipped, but also to quantify the things they boasted about in the emails

       What are they are going to do to me, said a panicky Georgina.

       Malinda slowly questioned, and looked at her as if she was a fascinating riddle.  I'm not really sure?  Thats the interesting thing about this country.  Though the gossip is; because you are still a technically still a nominee for citizenship you wont need that maternity leave.  Something theyll assure me theyll sort out during those three days, cant have a Princess, popping a bastard later in the year can we.  But theyre definitely going to make an example of you that's clear,

       Normally, I wouldn't concern myself; it's just a inconvenience, the loss of assistant who cant keep her knickers on.  Just another case of the police catching out a harlot, being caught out on the job, and use your squealing, to titillate a client into investing a little bit more.  So whether or not you're going to be a celebrity tart in the City square; or the Star exhibit in a private caning social/party evening will be intriguing to see. 

       However, you are employed directly by the company and under my management, as well as being a European and it going to be exquisitely harrowing for you.  Looks like you're going to be a landmark occasion, I'm not happy that you will be celebrity turn in an event that could have long lasting consequences for the Company... 

So I'm betting, taking them all that into account hopefully, they won't want to advertise your arrest, so you'll miss out on the crowd, urging the whip master to lay them on harder, and substitute little more of, let's say, perverted behaviour.

  Looking at Georgina she smiled, a distant smile.  Never been to one of these private dos, but I gather that quite raucous to use a polite phrase.  You'll miss out on the shouting obscenities, that always result in a lot harder use of the cane, as the Russian woman found out, but unfortunately also miss out on the all concealing cotton shift, and do it butt naked, and smiled to herself. 

       Then thats possibly appropriate, being a being caned for allegedly wiggling your butt in private.  Possibly means, alas, several sessions of a smacked bottom, sandwiched between some serious bouts of copulation.

       But that's for a normal party; this is an Inaugural party and now with a very special performance.  In which case it's definitely imperative that you have a little chat with the waiting police chief, and as soon as possible, so that we can advertise the raffle more accurately Malinda ignored her, panicking Georgy might get away; where the hell were the police?  Deciding that maybe if she showed she was more really into saving her arse and making money

Georgina looked at Melinda a little guiltily.  Malinda ignored her, panicking Georgy might get away; where the hell were the police?  Suddenly deciding that she needed to save her arse, rather than using the interruption to fill her bank account

Sorry Melinda, seem to have got you in a mess right from the time I started.  But unfortunately, I don't feel obliged to be a Star turn at your circus.  I'm definitely not going back; I've already had one dose of the cane, as well as the marriages switch, remember!  Get out of my way I'll take my chances, maybe I'll see you being pawed over in the local hospital Youll have to handcuff me yourself before I meet the police.

Malinda panicked knowing the silly bitch was doomed anyway, all she was trying to do, was; make the best of a bad turn of the card, nothing personal.

       She had been blathering on waiting for her phone to vibrate in her pocket telling her she could stop stalling, the police would take over now with her job of detaining Georgina done, she firmly grabbed Georgiana's arm.  And it had just buzzed, sending shivers of indecision down her spine.  What to do?  Set her up and reap the benefit?  Or warn her and look to be raped in prison, in her place?  No contest, she younger than me and be a better fuck, and she single. 

        Its nothing personal, unfortunately, I daren't do anything that will let you go anywhere, And at that moment the help arrived, and as door burst open and the police rushed in; Melinda moved back to let the Police in to arrest her.  Im sorry but I've taken one whacking for you before now, this one is down to you.

        Caught off guard, Georgina had no option but to allow herself to be grabbed, without too much fuss.  Her face showing the fear and anxiety as her hands were grabbed and brutally pulled behind her back, the action bring back horrible memories of numb fingers as the cuffs again started to bite into her flesh.  She managed a squirming protest, and hence got the inevitable response of an extra squeeze tightening them even further.

       This slightly defiant act also had the effect of rapidly raising the erotic nature of her arrest, as in further response, one of the offices grabbed her by the back of the neck, forcing her head submissively forward.  Parodying, thought Melinda, of the measures taken by a tomcat when submissively subduing a queen cat, as it positioned it for a good bonking.

       The forced submissive posture, the squirming and terrified emotion on Miss Masters face ,causing Frank's penis  to engorge painfully. 

After watching the very stimulating arrest of Masters and the fact that she had been denoted to just a surname, Melinda tried to take back the control of the situation        

        Inspector she said, herself now grovelling.  Now that little unpleasant business is over.  I'd like to commend you on your professional attitude, and hope that you note that the company and myself fully co-operated.  She continued haltingly;

Pity he drawled, gave her enough time was hoping the tart would head straight for the airport like a bat out of hell, at least go to ground for a day, disappointed you could say even frustrated; the tarts got it coming whenever we got hold of her.  It would have been gratifying to take you in custody as a substitute, even for a couple hours; to give you a quick thrill I believe you call it, and leered horribly across at Melinda making her squirm.

       Suddenly she was scared to hell in case they arrested her along with Masters.  though she had no experience of the cane across her arse, at least at a judicial level, though she had watch a few enthralled.  even if she had to grovel humiliatingly on the floor, it was one of life's experiences she was happy to miss), so to start she just grovelled, But was well prepared to prostate herself, if necessary.  Desperate not to get arrested.  She compromised, taking the inspector to a more private nearby office, covering her confusion by blathering.  We sure we can talk more privately here, she said watching him closely.  

       Im sure you would do your duty if necessary, but Im sure I could get you what you desire without going to those lengths.  Hoping that she could palm him off to a young Polish woman who had become a bit of a annoyance.  I understand you must seek out suspected prostitutes for punishment, and will endorse any action the police or courts feel is necessary to properly deal with the allegations and any actions taken to punish Masters, appropriately.  But Natalies more your type she cooed, than me, Im married.  She likes big strong uniformed men, and definably wouldnt like the cane, seem your sort of girl. 

The police chief bowed his head in a quick nod of the agreement. 

       Nice to see you so concerned.  Mrs. Pinter with my welfare.  I gather you are being honoured shortly.  It would be a pity to have you miss that, though Im sure I could have at least partly make up for you missing the event, in my own way.  But never mind, Im sure youll be around for a more than few weeks.   

  Thankful and almost certain that her clarification to Masters hadn't been misconstrued, she felt a lot better.  As long as it was only Masters backside, that would be jumping and squirming under the cane.  And if it was in a exclusive private party, so much the better for a Companys profits, and her capital funds

       But to be sure grovelled a bit deeper .The Company's would be very obliged, if this episode could be kept a little more confidential, without any undesirable publicity of any kind.  It is bad enough to having a immoral employee, not to say a harlot employed by the Company, without having that fact broadcast to the world.  A donation could easily be paid to your welfare fund, so that Miss Master was well looked after and her predicament wasnt to widely known

       Suddenly Malinda realised she wasn't out of the woods yet, they hadn't actually carted Masters off, and here she was bribing a police officer you fool get a grip of yourself, if he really wanted you, youd be standing next to Masters, waiting anxiously to have your panties removed, for good.  A irrational thought, but until they left the premises, she wouldn't feel safe. 

       God if she got roped in even after all this.  Frank wouldn't miss out the opportunity, he'd be right behind her after bonking Georgina, more than eager to add his body fluids to the pool filling her womb, his way, maybe as a twosome.  And the impact made her nearly vomit, and nearly went into a panic stricken scream.  How did she get caught up in this, she had perfect chance for a good retirement.  Luckily her husband was away, even if she was arrested she most probably be out before he came back.  But even if she was just held in the police station the in-laws would know; they wouldn't necessary blame her knowing, it was an just a unfortunate part of her job, but she was pretty sure when they visited her next, tradition promised it would be with the marriage switch in hand.

       Turning to the police chief, she asked extremely politely.  Could she have a quiet word with the prisoner on her own?

       The police chief smiled, and denied the request, explaining that the prisoner was under his control, until she was no longer thought a threat. 

You mean when she's locked up, spat Melinda.

Or you he leered!  Either, under the circumstances would remove my responsibility. 

       However, under the circumstance, Im quite willing for you to talk to her in the corner of the room, as long as I can observe both of you at all, times.  Its unlikely both of you will be able to abscond, so one of you, will be accompanying me .

       Malinda didn't argue even though she shivered, someone was going to enjoy the Chief jumping on her belly better Georgina Masters, she wasnt married.  And pulled a stunned pale Georgina to one side, and spoke in English.  

       Knowing if she spoke normally, there was a fair chance none of the police would be that well conversed in English, that they could follow her. 

       I don't know what's going on; the first I knew was when the police chief walked in here in demanded your arrest obviously keeping her emotions tightly under control.

       I know this is a difficult situation for you.  I just felt the need, to explain all this to you, before your taken away.  Franks trying to find out more and but I wants to give a explanation. 

       Why are you doing this and was stopped quickly by Melinda.

       Dont go into that again.  Shut up and listen and hopefully I can help you again. 

        The police chief is playing with us, youre caught up in the middle; youre going to have to do go with this, and its going to be painful, and lets say unpleasant.

        However as I said earlier weve been invited by the Elite to join their ranks  I was hoping we were all going together, but it looks as if youre going to be at the reception centre before us, but that still gives me and Frank a better bargaining position.

       Yes spat Georgina, what are you going to do, sell tickets?  Dont be so ungrateful by rights you should be in prison, then I could make a good profit from your hide.  Betting on how many trucks and cane strokes you had coming   No its the gazelle and the lion thing again, we cant interfere, but no reason not to record the finish.  Once weve been honoured, the police chief will be under our control or at least we will have influence that we dont have now. 

When the invitation came, I wondered why the initiation ceremony was being held in the reception centre where we arranged for your bail.  Now I know, its pretty sure they waited till today so you could be used.  Sorry didnt mean that as it sounded, I meant, and trailed off as Georgina broke down. 

       But I dont see what I can do, except turn this around to sell more investments.  Its nasty but what pays our bonus.  If I can entice the police chief back after youve gone, I just might be able to instilling him his precarious position.

               I know youre peeved off, knowing that was a minor understatement, but I really can't see any alternative than to allow you to be led away, bent over and beaten, said Malinda, looking at Georgina with a slight antagonism and distain in her voice.  I tried to look at this dispassionately; however, you're still under criminal investigation, just on bail.  Especially as you already experienced a few light strokes of the marriage switch, remember, because of your bad attitude; so I have to suspect there may be a lot of truth in what the police chief said .  You mismanaged the situation again, and this time you take whats coming, however distasteful I find it,  a few solid strokes of the harlots cane, is ... unfortunate?

A few more stokes, it could be a hundred!

       I know.  But look on the bright side the shock should stop you conceiving when you're forced to entertain the guests both before and after.  I'm know your innocent, but this is one of the risks of the business, the preverbal bus we all dont expect,

       Hopefully your favourite lesbian will be off duty that night though I suspect that will be a forlorn hope, and somehow I expect you'll be getting a impromptu visit from Frank.  But in some ways, if you want your job back, then you better just take it in your stride.

(Faint chance of that thought Melinda. if what I've overheard is correct, being killed, however is better not known about.  Pity I had high hopes for you rather than seeing you converted to dog poop, via the bellies and guts of guard dogs)

               I can understand your apprehension, even the terror, it certainly not going to be pleasant day; but at the moment, your attendance seem to be planned in advance.  I'm not sure of the exact procedure, but you can bet your life with, about 20 guys plus several high born Princesses in attendance so you're not going to get away without a little pre-performance, imaginative role-play.

        Obviously, the stress after the event will be quite severe, but at least we've got it down to three days.  Anyway, I'm sure you'll be well occupied in that time feeding your lesbian guards fantasies

        Georgina now numb from terror found from somewhere the energy to spit.  And that supposed to be a concession, like your 48 years to 30?

Again, the none interest.  However, dont forget on the plus side we got you that concession, As a prostitute you accurately point out the first two weeks are likely to be the most agonising however, due to a further development, at least this will only be cut down to just three days.

You keep on calling me a prostitute.  You said this was a immoral charge, so why the name calling

       Malinda looked at her closely obviously choking back some sort of strong emotion.  Im sorry but I had to tell you something, otherwise you would have run,  I can sympathize with your plight, but its not only a case of Lion or the Gazelle, but self preservation.  So, have something else to add before you go.  

       Go on!  Tell you sold me for $50,000 or is it just 5 pieces of silver, she said bitterly, a very scared, but still defiant Georgina.

       I'm so sorry, but it appears you have lied on your application to the Company.

       No I didn

       Unfortunately, it seems you did, your Visa application and your application to join the Company contain different statements: statements about your marriage status.

       No it didnt, protested Georgina.

       I beg to differ, Franks just double checked for me.  On your visa form, you have stated you were married.  Your Company application states you were single.  Have the proof here said Melinda waving a piece of paper.  Your application form on which she said you weren't married. 

       But I'm not, Im separated. 

       But you didn't state that. 

       Why!  Again said Georgina, fearing a trick.  Does it matter?  Her teeth chattering in panic, knowing that if they did cane her, she would be unable to move for at least a week; sitting down would be agony for another week; and pretty sure, that despite any concession, they werent going to allow her to escape that sort of agony a second time.  It was part and parcel for being a punished a harlot.  It's the same thing, I'm single, he's moved out I just haven't got round to sorting out the divorce with the solicitor.

        The way I see it this is all a setup this raid was simply a ploy to examine Company personnel documents.  And unfortunately, its all down in clear letters.  Married, and now suspected of being a harlot.  the main reason they're here today, is now, they have tangible proof that you have been committing adultery, and felt it was a perfect time to see one of the supposed European 'elite' grovelling, begging, and shiting themselves in terror.  Mainly to see how much sadistic enjoyment you are prepared to give them by humiliating yourself,, when overwhelm with wild terror and fear.  For some reason I feel that will be very character revealing but intend to get you to demonstrate, exactly what you did for your lewd clients.  Who I bet, will be miraculously staying nearby, waiting for their reward for shopping you before the initiation party, by being allowed to use you for immoral purposes, or any other purpose, while in custody.  And I suspect, well after, while your resting before you last days in existence

       Looks like you've really messed up this time, Georgina.  I give you the opportunity of a lifetime; and first you insult a client and get your bum whipped for your trouble, not only once with the marriage switch,' Remember!'  But then you get it done again, this time with a prison cane        The Company grovels to get you out, but not before, you've attracted a bevy of iniquitous dykes, who are still desperate to get your knickers off.  Then when you do drop them; it's to be seemingly caught 'In Flagrante Delicto' in some adulterous bunk-up.  It seems the only one you haven't tried is the whores cane ,but that opportunity seems to be in the offing .

       Well it seem the police just couldn't miss this opportunity of you the first of the European elite to be caught 'in-flagrante delicto' shagging someone's husband.  Taking at the same time the Allahs gift, of the opportunity to get you caned, at the initiation party.  As well as insuring that in the next few days, you'll have plenty of time to practice being the harlot they accuse you of being

That's the main reason they're here, to take you back and execute you.  but they've also taken malicious delight in arranging it so that first you also get a good hiding with the cane , and as  extra maliciousness, seem to get great amusement arranging it so that you are forced to sell your body like the harlots your deemed to be.  To anybody with a suitable bribe who wants to bonk you, not only before youre caned, but also while you'll resting for your execution.

       Look!  I agonised about telling you .  May be it would have been better to stop your worrying, by letting you find out bit by bit, but you would have soon realized when you saw the caning bench.  And quickly realizing that, with clients watching, that your next assignment would to be to be left naked, locked in the cell, with one after another, thus forcing you to perform your alleged offense with each of them

       But I need to unburden myself and, you wont be around to suffer a guilty consonance.  It took a little sorting out even after I heard what theyre going to do with your body.  With no divorce technically or legally in any country, if it is found that you've been jumping into bed with clients to gain their commitment to spend money, thus by association you guilty of adultery, besides possible other revolting depraved Western practices.  That explains the rather smug expression of the police chief when he watched you being shackled.

Georgina looked at her speechless, her belly suddenly feeling sick and empty and felt her head swim with the unreality of it.  Even Malinda had trouble getting her head around it

        He's quite aware that those complications will have lasting consequences for you.  Because of that complication, the stick that you're going to get across your bare arse is really only ruse to get you executed without fuss.

Oh, you're still going to attend a private party, just  the format will be slightly different, but you're still meant to shriek like all the harlots do.  You've seen a few having their bottoms tickled in public so you'll have quite some idea that it's going to be no picnic, even if officially it's just an immoral ladies party.  The whore cane is going to be used but thats just the beginning

The use of the cane, and the rather impromptu bonking sessions you will be subjected to already just a supplement, for the real punishment.  That will be decided when they extract a confession from you, possibly tonight?

,        Youre going to let them take me away to be tortured. 

        Malinda swallowed.  Dont push the guilt on me, that's a little embellishment of the facts.  The Company line must be there seems to be no foundation in fact to say that prisoners being abused, so our interpretation must be the Government is being seriously misrepresented.  Anyway torturing someone implies that someone is hiding something and that you need to confess

       We know from the records that not true so by our reckoning you're in for a hard time but not torture.  A similar sort of thing, I afraid but it shouldnt leave too many marks, visible that is.  However, I do find it titillating, that last time because you would be a harlot you got whacked .  This time even though you were to all intents and purposes chaste, you're going to get a even bigger hiding, for being just that

       Georgina was too upset to answer

    The last time you had your suffering cut short by morphine, but you had a night of unbearable torture, and this time unfortunately it seems that someone has decided your wretchedness in pain should continue for three days.  However, it will be an end to it, you will be taken out into the courtyard or, perhaps I should say dragged into the courtyard, and basically, you're going to be executed for adultery.                

       Georgina went pale, and even forgot to explain her usual short expressive what!  Instead, she floundered, her mouth flapped open, her tongue tied due to a lack of moisture in her mouth, and her eyes bulge as she stuttered.  I'm to be shot, and stopped no more words being available.

       Malinda looked at her dispassionately, so the police chief reliably informed me.  That's why their limiting your discomfort from the caning is three days.  They  dont want you hanging about as soon as possible after your whipped.

The Company will of course be appealing on your behalf, and if we are heaven forbid, unsuccessful, the company has agreed quite helpfully I thought, to be responsible for the removal of your remains...

Georgina had recovered a little offer vocabulary and tongue but was remarkably calm.  You're going to arrange my funeral?

  Legally of course, they have no responsibility, but I did argue that morally, they had a obligation.  Even if it was a Christian one, as otherwise they just leave executed criminals out for the wild animals to devour.  They keep your choice bits of course for the prison guard dogs, but the rest of you would soon dragged away and eaten, Thought it better you were taken  away and burnt.

               Malinda, turning to the police chief, who was trying to ear wig, asked extremely politely.  Could I have a quiet word with the prisoner,  this time on her own?

The police chief smiled and denied the request, explaining that the prisoner was under his control, until she was no longer thought a threat.

       You mean when she's dead spat Melinda.

       Yes.  That would remove my responsibility.  However, I'm quite willing for you to talk to her in the corner of the room, as long as I can observe both of you at all times .it's  fun to watch a filthy adulterer,  who know she for the high jump .  But didnt expand, so what exactly he meant Malinda darent speculate

       Malinda didn't argue, and pulled a stunned pale Georgina to one side obviously keeping her emotions tightly under control.  .  I don't know what's going on; the first I knew was when the police chief walked in here in demanded your arrest, I know this is a difficult situation for you.

       Difficult!  What does it matter to me; in seven days, they going to take me in the yard, with the full intent of injuring me so much, my body won't be able to sustain my life. 

       Saying bitterly, what's it going to be?  The merciful shot in the back of the head, or they going to have fun tearing me apart, ripping my tits off with a machine gun.  So, what have I got to be so uptight about?

       Malinda paled up and looked at her guiltily; I didn't want to tell you, in case you got upset.  I used the word shot out of compassion it not easy you know to tell someone their going to die.  From what I can gather reading between the lines watching the constables and police chief talking, theyre not going to shoot you, as an adulterer you should be stoned,

       This time the condemned squawked pathetically.  Stoned?  

               Yes sorry about that, sounds a bit mediaeval I know, but they have updated it a bit here.  They still bury you in hole in the ground up to your tits, but from thereon it's done a bit more technically.  Instead of multiple small stones thrown by a crowd, they have just one big stone, using a crane to drop a great big block of concrete on your head.  It's fast and it's quick, though its inclined to be a little messy way to go.  However, I get the impression that they keep that for the common classes, 

       Since they arrived, I notice they've been mesmerised by your  pale slim throat, and as you gathered; they did  get some thought of perverse enjoyment out of grabbing you around the back of the neck.  So maybe theyre thinking leads them to believe it would be classier, more, let's say dignified, to have you kneel, ready to have your head lopped off

       Georgina looked at her in panic horror. 

       Not shot.  Beheaded!

       Melinda politely ignored the reaction, and continued.  They even think of your welfare; sometimes it often takes more than one cut to completely sever your neck, so I've been told reliably that all you've got to do is apologise for being a harlot, and they'll numb you before they kill you.  Give you an injection to minimise the pain, similar to have a tooth pulled.  Though I do suspect it might be worse than the complaint, as after they inject your neck, you have to walk to the block with all your neck muscles numb and with your head lolling about uncontrollably; something you might find it a little undignified.  But they say it works; so you might as well give it a try, if it doesn't, don't try it again.  For adulteress its pretty well rehearsed and straightforward.  Your forced to your knees, someone will grab your head, twisting and bending it back to expose the throat, then slash its all over.  Or maybe slash, saw, hack, but its all the same in the end. 

         If  your dis-allowed the numbing,  then you just have to put up with the pain, and the dreadfulness; but hopefully it won't take more than two or three quick slashes of the knife, before your body keels over.  Though they do say, it's about 30 seconds to a minute before your actually lose conscious.  Must be weird watching your body twitch and thrash about, like a chicken with its head cut off ... Sorry possibly be a bad analogy as Georgina went even paler, if that was possible Something I suspect she said distantly is almost lost in thought, to do with this being a recent rural culture. 

       They hang up lambs and cut their throats, so they know how to do it quickly; so maybe they seem to think this is a suitable penalty for you, Arabs will only eat animals that have had their throats cut.  Out in the countryside it's not unusual to see a sheep or lamb hanging upside down by its legs, just having its throat cut; not that they'll hang you up by your legs, hopefully!  However, they will never know with these guys.

       In some ways youre lucky, for common criminals, they usually just get someone to grab you from behind; hold you tight, lift your head, and slam your head on a block and one or two good whacks and your head is off.  Its quick and fast.  And as you were due to be one of the, elite, I suspect it will be.  It's supposed to be a sort of Hallam blessed killing, through I think, as the human neck is a bit tougher, you will be well aware of the pulling of the knife.  And I suspect even being anaesthetized will allow some deep pain , even if it's numb, of feeling very distressed for a few seconds.  That's until your spine bone is exposed, and the your killer is able to properly split your spinal-cord, so I suspect the initial stinging pain will be quite unpleasant; however once your spine is severed, it'll be like a pre-med, for a medical operation; count to twenty slowly, and it will all go dark.



Once they had taken the blubbering, tearful Miss Masters into custody, Frank Melinda let out a sigh of relief.  Both collapsed into their respective office chairs staring at each other in shock.

       Melinda was first to speak to try to relieve some of the terrible tension she felt, breaking an awkward silence

Jesus that was close, you realise the bitch was ready to do a runner.  Thanks a bunch for sending me after her, you bastard.

        All the time I was trying to convince her she was safe; I all the time I had this horrible feeling in the seat of my pants, feeling the leering presents of the spectre of a prison guard, standing behind me, and was anticipating at any time, to feel the sting of the cane across the seat of my denims.  Directing me to do a better job of filling those sand trucks        

Frank also was recovering from his near heart attack.  Well I will admire their tactics; I can see that they've got a immense problem, trying to equate their religion with a company that sells its investments so powerfully.  I can see why they wanted to keep it under wraps, there's obviously some resistance to us, as a group buy inaugurated, and the fact that we had a adulterer, and a whore in the group with us must have given them quite the problem, and paused grinning.  Well they've got the adulterer, although all they got to look for now is the whore, looking straight at Melinda.  And continued before Melinda could retort back.  Only joking Melinda, but stuffing our bank balances seems to me, just as bad as a whore being paid to let the highest bidder stuff her cunt.

I like the way they've twisted it, from what was a terrible revolting parody of marriage sexual activity, into a customer service problem.  And again grinned with relief at service, and it's connotations.  Eight hi priority clients, bitterly disappointed they didn't get their end away way up Masters, they had no option but to act.  There's no doubt about it she's going to be forced to honour her obligations this time, and shifted uncomfortably in his chair as he tried to hide the fact from Melinda that he was getting horny.  Melinda picked it up though, and decided to add to his discomfort, I suspect that Miss Adulterer is going to feel quite thrilled with herself solving this problem.  And grimaced.  That's the only problem with this type of rich clients, bored and jaded, it wouldn't be so bad if it was a normal marriage breaking bunk up, poor Miss Masters is going to find satisfying their oats they didn't get, is going to be more than messy it's going to be disgusting

Frank grimaced in sympathy, or so it seemed, but Melinda knew it was because his penis was getting almost bent in his trousers almost forcing Melinda to carry on out of spite.

Poor cow not only going to get her bum smacked, this time seriously, but from what I gather, a couple of the guys weren't even really her customers, they just jumped on the bandwagon when they heard there was a chance of a refund.  And from what I can gather, anal and oral sex will be just the beginning of her troubles.  .  Leaving him smiling ironically, at her watering down of the ordeals that poor Melinda was going to endure and changed the subject

  Don't worry Melinda; I'm sure we would have got you out that there within three or four months.  You were talking about starting a family only last week.  Just wonder what sort of nationality it would be, obviously a black and white mongrel!

Melinda turned on Frank angrily, you bastard you would have let them have me for several months, out of spite.  And then laughed her own relief, Jesus that was close.  Frank grinned as well, would have been interesting to see you touching your toes, be your personal inauguration.  But don't forget, the poor whore's head is going to be stuck in the Museum in a prominent place, for those who like necrophilia related sex.

Melinda looks sick as she imagined how she would suffer if a knife sliced into her own throat.  Do you really think theyll go that far?

They really dont have much option but to do it.  She knows too much to be left slaving in the quarry, though you can bet your life, she wouldnt last long with those butch bastards using her as resistance to their dildo.

       I hope they do her away, away from the party later, dont mind seeing the bitch being caned and used, but I don't think I could really stand the blood though I gather its quite quick this, knife cutting, and a bit less messy, than chopping her head off with a sword.

        Cuts out the jets of blood that shoot out of the neck added Frank.  Ruins a good set of clothes though.

       Oh, dont think that will be a problem mused Melinda should be dressed in her working close. 

        As a whore or adulterer queried a susceptible Frank?

       Whichever, you can bet your life when they chop her shell be done in her birthday suit.

       If theyre not intending to the chop her with the sword.  What do they do, cut the neck right the way through or just leave it lolling her morbid curiosity getting the better of her.  Poor bitch, always wanted to get a place of celebrity status, I gather her head at least, is going to be a permanent exhibit, in the Black Museum part.  Wonder whether it will be able to suck or it will be a static display only.  Could be dangerous, stick your cock in that and with the suction pump connected to her windpipe, could suck more than your spunk out of your balls.  And laughed again in relief.

       That reminds me, making a note on her computer.  Must put out a auction style flyer for two spare tickets to a very indecent.  How shall I phrase it she asked Frank.

A Royal bunk up with added S&M overtone.  Clean it up and youll have made a mint, something like that should cover it.  More like a piss up at a Royal do.  Melinda again frowned at his flippant attitude.  This is one of your employers have a little decorum for the poor kid

Rank ignored her.  Always felt these town square chastisement were a bit tame be interesting to see what the natives really think of us Westerners.  Better phrase it a little more for the intelligentsia amongst them, theyre not all street wise sluts, he said again hinting at Melinda, who ignored him. 



To be cont . 

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