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Double Dildo pants for Sabrina

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Synopsis: Sabrina has to wear double dildo pants at school as soon as she turns 18

Double dildo pants at school? Pt 1

Sabrina has to explain to her teacher about her double dildo pants.

At an exclusive girls school in West Yorkshire..

“I am afraid this is the most serious case we have ever had at this school,” Miss Price the senior girls tutor explained to Sabrina Hunts stunned parents as they sat with their daughter in Miss Prices opulent study at Ecole St Yvete near Stalybridge West Yorkshire.

“Oh dear,” Mrs Hunt replied awkwardly, for this was the first time in Sabrinas seven years at the exclusive girls school in a magnificent county mansion in the rolling countryside where they had been called in to see the head mistress. “Shes always been such a good girl.”

“Well what do you have to say for yourself, Sabrina?” Miss Price demanded.

“Sorry Miss,” Sabrina said quietly.

“Sorry Miss, Sorry Miss,” Miss Price retorted, “This school has a reputation to maintain, what on earth am I to tell Mr and Mrs Hogarth - Ransomes,” she paused to let the message sink in, “Their son may be scarred for life.”

“Look I dont know what has been going on,” Mr Hunt said awkwardly, “But it cant be that bad surely?”

“Insulting young Hugo Hogarth - Ransomes, destroying school property, it is unprecedented, absolutely unprecedented, I am sorry Mr Hunt but unless you have a very persuasive counter argument I shall have to cancel Sabrinas scholarship and demand that you repay the last two years fees.”

The colour drained from poor Mr Hunts face, “But I cant possibly afford,” he blustered, “Are you sure she destroyed school property?”

“She admitted it,” Miss Price insisted, “Look,” and she produced a pair of white reinforced sports knickers with strange orange patches.

“Uh, what are those patches Sabrina?” Mr Hunt asked awkwardly.

“Those were genuine American Porn-Ho double dildo pants Mr Hunt,” Miss Price insisted, “One hundred dollars plus taxes and so what does your imbecilic daughter do, Mr Hunt, she took a hacksaw and cut off both the Dildo and the Buttplug, she just sawed them off.”

“But whose are they?” Mr Hunt asked as Mrs Hunt buried her head in her hands in shame.

“Why her own Mr Hunt,” Miss Price insisted.

“Sabrina? Why?” Mr Hunt asked uncomprehendingly.

“Because she is a very naughty disobedient girl," Miss Price insisted, “As soon as they turn eighteen all our upper sixth form girls are required to wear double dildo pants at all times.”

“Required?” Mr Hunt demanded.

“Its all right,” Mrs Hunt said, “I ought to have said years ago but we never thought she would do aught in her O levels.”

“Said what?” Mr Hunt asked.

“That if she went on to do A levels she would be expected to fuck the lads at boys school,” Mrs Hunt said.

“Exactly,” Miss Price exclaimed, “Thats why we can afford to offer the free scholarships Mr Hunt.”

“What?” Mr Hunt retorted, “What did you say?”

“The girls have to be nice to the boys at the boys school,” Mrs Hunt explained.

“Our girls are expected to have to let the boys at the nearby boys school to have sex with them Mrs Hunt.” Miss Price insisted.

“Oh dear, what can we do?” Mrs Hunt asked, “We simply cant afford the fees, the scholarship was a lifeline.”

“Well there is an alternative, Mr Hunt, simply sign this,” Miss Price suggested and she pushed a form at the Hunts.

“A restraint order?” Mr Hunt asked.

“Exactly, a strait jacket,” Miss Price insisted, “That will stop her taking a hacksaw to her dildo.”

“And if we dont sign?” Mr Hunt asked.

“Can you repay the last two years fees?” Miss Price enquired?”

“No,” Mrs Hunt admitted, “Sabrina you stupid girl!” she scolded why must you be so awkward?”

Sabrina turned on them, “I dont like boys, I dont want sex, I want to be a Nun!” she snapped.

“Oh you stupid stupid girl,” Miss Price scolded, “Every girl has misgivings at first Sabrina, but they get used to it, its a big thing to have sex with someone you have only just met, thats why we have you wear the double dildo pants, so youre stretched already, all hot and wet when the moment comes.”

“Youre warped,” Sabrina replied.

“But we have educated an awful lot of girls to a very high standard free of charge,” Miss Price insisted, “Is that not worth such a tiny sacrifice.”

“Sabrina?” Her father asked, “Miss Price asked you a question?”

“Its my body, I choose what I do with it!” she insisted.

“Actually,” Miss Price explained, “The yellow forms are are power of attorney forms because although she is over age she is under twenty one, and you can have power of attorney if counter signed by a doctor, as you see Doctor Williams has counter signed them already.

“Dont you dare,” Sabrina snapped.

“Look, we dont really have a choice,” Mr Hunt explained, “Sorry Sabrina, we are very disappointed you know.”

“What?” Sabrina gasped but both parents had already signed the forms.

“Good, right well get the straitjacket on then,” Miss Price suggested, and she stood up to fetch one.

Mr Hunt watched as Miss Price stood up, she moved surprisingly lithely for someone in their fifties possibly, her slim waist accentuated by a wide silver belt around her black dress, her C cup tits straining rather than sagging at the, “Henry!” Mrs Hunt snapped as she saw him leering.

“If you would hold Sabrina a second,” Miss Price suggested.

Sabrina went to leave the room, she stopped bewildered unable to find a handle as Miss Price held the door knob in her hands.

“Its all right Sabrina,” Mr Hunt cautioned, “Its for the best,” so she lashed out and caught him in the right eye socket with an upper cut, he staggered back as Miss Price grabbed Sabrina from behind.

“Mr Jarvis!” Miss Price shouted.

The door opened, the Janitor walked in, six feet four tall, twenty stones of jet black rippling negro muscle, “Yes Maam.”

“Hold the little bitch would you please?” Miss Price asked.

“Awwwww,” Mr Hunt protested as he held a hankerchief to his eye.

“Ok,” Mr Jarvis agreed and he held Sabrina firmly by her upper arms as she tried to kick him.

It was no good, Miss Price simply undid Sabrinas blouse and let it slide down her arms before Jarvis changed his grip and allowed it to fall to the floor.

Next she simply threaded the Strait jacket round between Sabrina and Jarvis and slid the arms of the jacket over Sabrinas hands and working together Miss Price and Jarvis forced her arms ever further into the jacket sleeves.

“Look, stop, Ill do it,” Sabrina lied but it was too late, as Miss Price unhooked the shoulder straps of Sabrinas school issue bra and popped her breasts from the security if its cups and slid it to her waist.

Quite suddenly Mr Hunt saw there were holes cut in the front of the strait jacket and as Miss Price tightened the straps so Sabrinas breasts were forced obscenely through the constricting hole, finally Sabrinas arms were secured behind her back and the tapes tied off around in front of her.

“Oh for Gods sake!” Sabrina stormed “If you think,” and she suddenly almost choked as Miss Price expertly forced a black ball gag between Sabrinas teeth and fastened the strap behind her head.

“Good peace at last,” Miss Price said with evident relief, as Sabrina tried to spit out the ball gag and kick out as Jarvis held her.

“Good, just the final touches,” Miss Price sighed as she wrote ‘’Slut across Sabrinas forehead in black marker pen, and Fuck Me Now across the front of her Strait Jacket.

“Thats better, hopefully Hugo Hogarth - Ransomes will withdraw his complaint now,” Miss Price suggested.

“What now?” Mr Hunt asked.

“Well, usually I would ask you to deflower her or Mr Jarvis,” MissPrice said, “But I did rather suggest that perhaps Mr Hogathe Ramsomes might like to pop Sabrinas cherry.”

“Thats appalling,” Mrs Hunt suddenly exclaimed, “No, this isnt right!”

“Excuse me, might I have a word in private?” Miss Price said to Mr Hunt, “If you wouldnt mind?”

“Yes,” he agreed awkwardly as his cock stiffened at the sight of his daughters bulging tits.

“In Miss Englethorpes office next door?” Miss Price suggested and she opened the connecting door.

Mr Hunt followed, “Its very disturbing to get a hard on when ones offspring are concerned,” Miss Price observed, “Or was it my tits you were ogling?” she asked.

“Or were you looking up my skirt?” she asked, “I do have a dildo inside me you know, keeping it nice and hot and ready, just like your cock.”

Mr Hunt gasped in surprise, “Uh?” he said but Miss Price had her arms around him, her hand trailed to his fly and she pulled the zipper down and undid his belt allowing his trousers to fall and his cock to spring free.

“Just a moment,” Miss Price, suggested she took a condom from her pocket and expertly rolled it on Mr Hunts cock before she lifted her skirt and clipped the hem to her lapel with a hidden clip revealing her stockings suspenders and aged though hairless cunt, from which a bright orange dildo protruded just a fraction, and which she pulled from herself with an audible plop.

“You do see how much simpler this makes things, no silly foreplay?” Miss Price said and she raised herself balletically on one leg and aimed Mr Hunts rampant cock at her sopping cunt.

“Ooohh, thas good!” she exclaimed as she sank down forcing Mr Hunts cock deep inside her, “How close your eyes and imagine you are fucking Sabrina,” she advised.

“OOohhh daddy you cock is so big, its tearing me in half!” she simpered revelling in Mr Hunts cock swelling to even greater size.

Mr Hunt was shocked, the last thing he expected to be doing was fucking a fify something school teacher against a school office door frame while his daughter was outside with her breasts exposed and Fuckslut, written across her forehead. He hoped Mrs Hunt didnt realise what he was doing.

Mrs Hunt was not even slightly interested in what Mr Hunt was doing, she had thought of nothing but Jarvis ever since he walked in the room, and now seeing his cock straining his coveralls as he lusted after Sabrina she felt positively jealous, jealous enough for her crotch to become moist and clammy.

“Kind a frustrating,” Jarvis said conversationally, “You mind if I goof off?”

“No, not at all,” Mrs Hunt agreed.

Jarvis opened his fly, “You like what you see?” he asked curiously.

“Ugh,” Mrs Hunt said awkwardly.

“Nnnnngghhhh!” Sabrina tried to shout.

“You want to touch?” Jarvis asked as he walked towards Mrs Hunt.

“Ugh,” she replied.

“You can too, if you want.” he added.

“No, I better not.” she said.

“Come on, dont be shy!” he laughed, “Hey maybe we could, you know?”

“No, I dont think so,” Mrs Hunt said.

“Sure you do,” Jarvis said and as Sabrina looked on helplessly Jarvis placed his hands under Mrs Hunts armpits and easily lifted her from her chair, he swept her skirt up and pants down with a smooth motion then lifted her again.

“Noo,” she said but she still kicked her pants right off before she grabbed Jarviss thick heavily veined ebony cock and eagerly aimed it at her now red hot wet and willing hairy cunt.

Jarvis gently lowered Mrs Hunt onto the head teachers desk and with his cock well engaged in Mrs Hunts cunt he began to hump, her easing her dress open so he could knead her ample breasts.

“Oh gosh, Henry hardly,” Mrs Hunt admitted, “Much smaller, much much smaller,” she simpered as eyes tight shut imagining he was fucking Sabrina Jarvis pounded Mrs Hunts cunt.

Jarvis soon let fly, sending great gouts of cum deep inside Mrs Hunt, she immediately regretted not using a condom, but instead of worrying she desperately tried to clean herself as Jarvis pulled out, “Why thank you,” he said.

She was still mopping her cunt when Henry sheepishly walked back in, “Better?” Miss Price asked, “I do enjoy my afternoon break,” she admitted, “And so should you Sabrina, and if I have to find someone to fuck you every afternoon until the end of term so be it.”

Sabrina just sat and sulked, it was so unfair she thought, being made to watch her mother have sex while Miss Prices computer screen showed a web cam feed of her Father fucking Miss Price in the next room .

“So, I will give you a ring next week and report any progress?” Miss Price suggested, “So unless you have any more questions?” she looked as Mr and Mrs Hunt looked at each other guiltily, “Then Ill wish you good day.”

Sabrina watched her parents leave, “Now Double Dildo pants, yes or no?” Miss Price asked.

Sabrina shook her head.

“Oh, all right, go naked,” Miss Price retorted and she dragged Sabrinas skirt and panties down and off.

Sabrina stared wide eyed in shock, she simply couldnt believe it.

And then there was a knock on the door, “Ah Mr Hogarth - Ransomes,” Miss Price called, “Come in.”

To be contnued?

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