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Synopsis: Love nothing but a lie. And a cruel joke. Magumi, Harvey, Kappa, Javed and Dorothy are on a search to find something more. There are many obstacles in their path, and neither of them are willing to give up. They must overcome their fears and trust each other if they want to find what they are looking for.


BDSM Parade


by Harvey Lanz


Chapter 1 - Orphan Slave


"Give me your hand!"

Our bodies were freezing. Visibility, extremely poor.

"I said give me your hand!"

I didn't want anyone to go this way. Without trying. Not this way. Never this way.

"Lady can't you hear me!? Try to grab my hand!" I was practically out of breath. I desparately wanted her to make another attempt. I was trying to save her life. Trying to get her to reach for my hand. My body was pulled by my left hand, while my right arm reached down for her. The veins and tendons on my neck and biceps cut through my skin like steel cables.

Then for one last time, she tried. Out of pity it seemed. She threw her hand up, and missed. Her fingers brushed against mine.

"Try again! Give me your hand!" I said.

Aww man...

It looked like she had already given up hope.

"Try again! Don't let go!" I reached down for her with all my strength. I went as far as my body could stretch.

I could reach her, if only...if only she'd make another attempt.

She looked up. I was shouting so loud I could feel my lungs bleed. We were both shivering uncontrollably.

"Hey! HEY! Give me your hand! Look at me! Give me Your hand." My voice died. I forced myself to go deeper, against what my mind was telling me.

"Give me...your hand...please give me your hand"

She saw that I was crying.

"My name is Andrea."

It was the first time I heard her speak. She looked at me and smiled, almost affectionately, like she knew who I was.

"...give me your hand Andrea..." I pleaded.

The snow seemed to cover the sky. It was almost like a dream.

She slipped away.


I woke up in bed.


It was just a dream.

My heart was beating like crazy.

I sat up and tried to remember her face. I swear I've never seen her before in my life.

I grabbed my phone from the table to see the time.

11:02 Friday

17 missed calls

"Crap...I'm late again."

We were having exams and today was the last one. Mathematics. My friends called me but I slept through.

Passing in Math was one of the few things in the world I could accomplish without having to bleed for someone.

On reaching the Institute my stomach grumbled. I hadn't eaten breakfast. But I didn't care because after today, I'd be finished with school forever. And just because of that I was very happy. I parked my motorcycle and ran towards the school building.

As I entered the examination hall, the crowd stopped writing and raised their heads to look my way. The question papers had been distributed almost an hour ago.

The students of International High, were seated in perfectly ordered rows and columns, like well trained animals, of which the female species had really hot legs. Some had pens in there mouths. My three friends sat on near the end. Cheaters always sat in the back.

One face in the crowd belonged to the beautiful Miss Diaz, who was invigilating. I gave her my most appealing smile. She didn't smile back. Gawd I'm an idiot!

I apologized for being late, and quickly took a seat at front, where nobody sat. Nobody sat in the front because it's impossible to cheat from up here. Miss Diaz handed me the question and sat on a table right in front facing me.

It took me a minute to finish reading the question paper. Then I looked up at Miss Diaz. She was tapping away on her phone, while unconsciously playing with her legs, totally unaware of what that would do to me. She had amazing legs. Seeing them move was like seeing a team of exotic dancers performing their most intricate maneuver.

And every time she crossed her sexy legs, the slit of her skirt revealed her lovely thighs.

"Woah!" I said. I couldn't help it. Miss Diaz looked up and tried to locate the origin of the "Woah". She looked at me but I was innocently looking down at my paper, busy writing.

Descartes' Theorem? No way fuck that. No time left. I've already taken a gamble with Analysis. I'll do section B instead.

Time was almost up. And I was still writing. It isn't easy to come on top every time.

The exam ended at 3 pm. And my classmate Bob won't talk to me because I didn't sit next to him. He expected to copy off of my paper but because I arrived so late, I couldn't sit nearby. I'll buy him lunch later. That should cheer 'em up and make him forget everything. It's just a stupid test after all. There's always next year.

As I rode home on my motorcycle I thought of my bizarre weirdo dream. "The Alps? Or was it the moon? What was it...Alice? Arita?" The memory of the dream had slowly faded away.

"Sis I'm home!"

"Hey handsome, how was the test?" Magumi said. She came from the kitchen wearing an apron.

"It was good sis. Is there something to eat I'm famished I-"

Magumi kissed me on the lips.

For the first time in my life I got to taste her juicy red lips. And they were great. "Woah!" It was even better than I had imagined.

"Dinner, handsome?" she said, as my knees went weak.

Magumi was my elder sister. She adopted me when she turned eighteen. And I've been hopelessly in love with her ever since the first time I saw her. I'd do anything for her.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I could live on my own. I really can't remember ever smiling before Magumi took me in. In my mind, I was always waiting for Magumi to come and release me from my prison. I never knew my parents. Maybe they left me or maybe they were dead I don't even care. Magumi was the closest thing to a family I knew.

This home was paradise compared to my previous life. Even though I was still a slave. My job was to polish and clean Magumi's shoes everyday. I cleaned Magumi's shoes and her feet when she came home from school, and I massaged her feet whenever she requested. I couldn't cook, so Magumi did that. I tried my best to do everything else for her, while also studying for my exams. I was free from doing chores two weeks before every exam. She made sure I did well in school. And rewarded me with kisses whenever I got good grades. I helped her with her studies, even though she was senior to me. She routinely flunked in Math, but I helped and her grades improved. Magumi's mother visited us very often when we were living in Germany, and she'd come driving her boss' Huracan. She'd park it outside outside our house in the weekends, and my job would be to wash it, and take it to servicing when needed. I was very curious. I learned to replace spare parts by myself, gradually learning and gaining a deeper understanding of automobile construction. And eventually, through trial-and-error, I became proficient at fixing cars.

Before Magumi came into my life, I used to be a slave to a very cruel woman. Her name was Missus Dorothy Flynn, and she ran the Orphanage where I grew up in. Later, prior to the close-down she legally adopted me. Dorothy Flynn was a sadistic widow who made the orphanage a living hell for us orphans. She was our matron, our mother, and our goddess. She had a special disliking for me. My face, she said, it pained her to see my face. She said it was too cute. Too sincere and too understanding. "Why'd you come in this world ya cute little pup? Life's too miserable. Too evil. Too clever for a good one like you. You'll only end up being somebody's slave." So the crackpot decided to make me her slave before anyone else could. I was trained to call her mother. Dorothy Flynn was my sadistic mother. My day would begin tending to her needs, and at night I'd still be at her feet. I was never given a name. The other orphans used to call me their brother. And sometimes I would hear the neighbors talk about "Orphan Slave," and point at me. Dorothy Flynn called me her Slave, or sometimes she called me her little Pup. When I grew a little older she shaved my head and tattooed the words "slave dog" behind my skull. You can only see it if I shave my hair.

I never knew what I did to make Missus Flynn hate me so much. She was mean to the other orphans too, but she never made them do things like what she ordered me to do, like cleaning her smelly shoes, washing her dirty socks, waiting for her outside the bathroom in case she might need something. Dorothy Flynn used to hurt me every day. She physically abused me whenever she felt like. And yet, I loved her. She was the only one in the whole Universe who I felt really needed me. I fulfilled her need to hurt and be loved. That was what I wanted. For her to be happy. And in return I got what I wanted: to be needed by someone. I loved my mommy. I was her slave. If she was here I would still tell her that I love her. Even though she treated me very badly all my life, I would willingly be her slave again if she told me to.

Dorothy Flynn gained happiness by inflicting pain on my body.

And one day, she'd be the reason Magumi too would feel the same way.


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