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Synopsis: A beautiful friend turns into a cruel mistress

Who use to be your father is now my man and all your family wealth for which I used to rely on you to support my financial needs as a best friend is now all mine, going this way you are now my step daughter but you know I am too young to be a mom so I thought a different arrangement you will be our slave and me and your father will be your mistress and master, dont bother about your father I have already discussed with him and he has disowned you from the family and its wealth and left you totally on my mercy, so if you have to stay here then you will be my slave or hit the streets immediately, as a slave you have to do what so ever I order you to do and I will enjoy my life shopping , eating out, partying , vacations but there will be not much difference as you all ready used to wear same old worn out canvas shoes for months to buy me expensive designer shoes every week, wore same skirt and top for months to buy me expensive dresses every week, skip your lunches to pay for my lavish treats at expensive restaurants  while you stands outside holding my shopping bags watch me relishing the delicacies at your expense and lastly when you buy me that very expensive versace party gown with matching jimmy choo stiletto sandals and fendi purse also paid for my makeup and hair do at most expensive parlor to come to your party which helped me a lot in wooing your father, instead of buying any thing for yourself and even paid out of the money for braces on your teeth whereas you wear the same old dirty top, skirt and canvas shoes and forget about taking a bath you didn't even washed your sweat covered ugly face for the party as you were out of money as well as time to get ready for the party spending all your money and time attending me the entire day being on your toes for my shopping, beauty treatment, makeup, pedicures, manicures, hair do to make me look beautiful and there I looked like a very beautiful princess smelling like a thousands of rose's and you looked like my servant even more uglier and stinky than you are in the party

You then introduced me to your father and he fell in love with me mesmerized by my beauty and I remember that incidence while talking to your father I dropped my napkin and as you kneeled down to pickup that up I accidentally stepped on your hand and sharp tip of my jimmy choo heel digs deeply cracking a bone with loud cracking sound which was even heard by your father but none of you reacted or said anything to me may be not to embarrass me or don't want to be disrespectful to a princess or both of you are enjoying pain and pleasure in your own ways and I keep stand there digging and twisting heel on your hand for a long while acting as I am not knowing it but actually that was all willing, your father also enjoyed that show acting in same manner talking and laughing with me as we both sipping Champaign I can clearly see bulge on his pant where you were bearing excruciating pain kneeling on floor as my sharp heel digs painfully deep under my full weight on broken bone of your hand, without making any sound or any effort to save your hand afraid not to interrupt my love talks with your father I only stepped off your hand when your father proposed me a dance, as we both were very hot and turned on by the sadistic act done by me on you, I must say I have never experienced such pleasure before and I was feeling so cruel that I could have impaled your hand under my sharp heels but I needed your hands in future to serve me so I stopped myself, then I danced with your father a very hot and sexy dance, I enjoyed the party very much as I was center of attraction and every one was talking about my beauty I was very happy where as no body bothered about you as you were crying in a dark corner due to extreme pain in your badly wounded hand, then your father offered me lift to my house as it was late but as I told him that I live at hostel he offered me to stay over for night which I accepted

He asked you to give your room to me to stay the night and as you were about to move out to sleep on sofa he asked you to stay there in room to attend to my needs as I am a guest and asked you to sleep on floor beside bed on which I will sleep and then I said that I dont have any of my stuff with me for night and have  to go to get them from my hostel, your father told me not to bother for that his chauffer can do that but as I told him they will not allow chauffer in hostel, he ordered you to go there and get my stuff on feet instead of going by car as hostel is nearby but we all know it is not, may be he wants to spend some alone romantic moments with me so I told you sweetly to bring both suitcases lying in my room and to try to stay safe as its late in night  and waved my well manicured delicate hand for you to leave, then your father and me had a lovely time talking, laughing knowing more about each other sipping Champaign and had a very nice French kiss by the time we heard your knocking door as you have come back carrying my both heavy suitcases panting and sweating heavily I sweetly asked you to unpack the stuff  take out my pink silk nighty and soft leather pink slippers, and to help me in changing to my night wear, then your father left room kissing goodnight on my cheeks, then you helped me changing to my nighty taking off my gown and sat on floor at my feet and lifted my feet in sandals with your hand to rest them on your lap to unbuckled and took off my sandals and put on soft leather slippers on my feet

I lay on your very comfortable bed to take beauty sleep and you request me to give you one pillow out of six on bed which I refused leaving no option but you to sleep on hard and cold floor without pillow while I enjoy my sleep in warmth of very luxurious bed, I woke late in night as I have to pee I put on my soft leather slippers and walks towards bathroom and see you trying to sleep on floor changing sides I can only imagine how difficult it is to sleep on hard and cold floor after sleeping on large luxurious bed then suddenly your hand which I have almost destroyed  by my sharp heels in the party came falling on floor in front of my feet as you shift side my sadistic side made me step on that hand full weight under hard leather sole of my slippers you yelped and squirm in pain and instead of stepping off I stand there on your hand full weight giggling, watch you withering in pain for very long time then I sweetly said oops sorry I didnt see your hand on floor and walked to bathroom and as I came out you were moaning horibbely in pain holding your hand by other hand I told you in stern tone to keep quite as I dont tolerate any disturbance in my beauty sleep then I went to sleep in luxurious warm bed, I sleep well and wake up late in afternoon next day and your father came in you following him with a trolley having two glasses and Champaign them he asked me good morning did you sleep well and asked you to fill both glasses with Champaign and serve us, what would you like for breakfast he asked me " I slept well despite of some disturbing noises from your daughter and I would like to have scrambled eggs, beacon. Peas, mash potatoes, bread, chocolate cake, juice, coffee for breakfast " he order you scolding " I know you hand is wounded why cant you bear little pain you disturbed our guests sleep with your moaning you were here to serve her needs and her comforts not to disturbed her sleep now apologies her and bring her breakfast", you apologiesed me, but I suggested your father such mistakes should not go unpunished which he aggred and asked me to decide a punishment for you as I am the one who suffered I sweetly said you to sleep tonight in the lawn on grass in cold without any pillow, mattress or sheet to cover so you will know uncomfortable sleep is, 'nice one' said your father with that we both laughed aloud and you were afraid and i saw tears rolling down your cheeks.

I asked you sweetly how is your hand, you replied its paining but ok, I smiled and order you to bring my breakfast as soon as possible not making that hand an excuse and serve us Champaign and put my soft leather pink slippers on my feet before going and as I finished my Champaign I found a huge diamond ring in glass then he proposed me to marry him and I put some condititions like my financial security and my authorities over you which he agreed to all.

So he transferred all his wealth on my name, disowning you completely and now you are penny less and totally at my mercy, actually I am not very cruel, as beautiful from inside as from outside but you know I like to live very luxurious and comfortable life so I need someone to serve my needs and do all the chores 24x7 so I can enjoy my life only shopping, partying, holidaying, sleeping, eating and pampering my self without worrying my everyday needs, household work and chores and apart from this I also quite often  feels urge to punish by torturing and tormenting some body to satisfy my sadistic side for all this I need you as my slave if you accept you have to do all this.

And if you choose not be my slave and walks away, I will make it sure you dont get any place to stay or any work to earn your living, you will forced to eat from garbage and live on streets and I will hunt you down and run you over with my new Bentley gifted by your father making your death horribly painful by crushing ever part, organ and bone of your body to pulp before finally killing you and I will easily get away with it, now decision is yours.

As my slave you have to wake up at 5 a.m. no matter when you sleep first thing you do is to wash, wax and polish my Bentley and Ferrari from outside and clean from inside then you will clean and wax entire floor of the house to perfect shine and then you will come kneel outside my bedroom to serve me as I wakes up first you will put my slippers on my divine feet and greet me good morning by kissing tips of my slippers and then you will walk me to the bathroom stepping on your palms as I dont even want my slippers sole to touch hard cold floor, reaching bathroom as I dump my load you will wipe clean my ass and pussy and then you will walk me back to bed same way stepping on your palms then you serve me in bed fresh fruits and juices with news papers and fashion magazines of that day and take order for  breakfast while you will prepare breakfast I will relish my fresh fruit and juices with fashion magazine laying comfortably on my my bed then you will serve me the breakfast in bed while enjoying that you will serve me to choose my look for the day my dress, footwear and accessories etc by showing all one by one from wardrobe, then as I choose one, you will prepare my bath by adding milk, rose petals, body wash and conditioners in warm water in my crib then again you will walk me to bathroom on your palms and will serve to undress me and bathing me then I will come out to my dressing area where you will serve me to get ready for the day by applying makeup and giving me manicure and pedicure and applying nail colors then putting on my dress and footwear on my pampered feet and have to do this every time and any time I need to take off and put on my cloths and footwear.

You will walk me to lounge by stepping my heels on your palms to settle comfortably on leather couch to plan my day and you will do the laundry, ironing, folding and arranging wardrobe as each of my dress should be ready to wear at any time and then you will clean all my footwear spotless even the sole and heels, apart from this all other task and chore will be done by you as they come up or required or ordered by me and as far you are concerned you only wear short tunique and always stay barefoot no matter how cold, hot or uncomfortable it is and you will sleep for what ever time if at all I allow you to on floor without any support and I can also make you sleep outside house in freezing cold without any protection as far as your food and water is concerned that will solely my discretion when, what, how and how much to give I may keep you starved and thirsty for weeks depending on my whims and moods you are strictly not allowed any food or drink without my permission and punishments in case of any disobedience, mistakes, laziness, negligence or just to keep you in control or my sadistic pleasures will be very stern and severe from beating, kicking, trampling, crushing body parts, whipping, canning to breaking your fingers, pulling out finger and toe nails, burning and branding your body or any other torture or punishment as it pleases to me, so now it's your decision and don't hurry you have all the night once I allow you to sleep after attending to all my personal needs and chores out there in cold and wet lawn grass without any bedding or pillow under open sky you can think on it all the time you have as I am sure you won't be getting any sleep out there on bare cold grass which I made extra wet for you by turning on sprinklers just now he he he he and I also set the sprinklers timing for 4 o'clock in morning so you can enjoy your sleep till then if you can at all he he he while I will be enjoying my beauty sleep in warmth of your ultra luxurious extremely comfortable bed in your large, beautiful and lavish bedroom and for me I will wake up only when I wish to lazily and most likely about after noon he he he so now coming back to you after getting up at 4 o'clock you have to take decision if you wish to leave you can do that time only and never come back here again but if you decide to accept to be my slave for life you should kneel and bow down there with you forehead touching the ground firmly towards the window of the bedroom I am sleeping in for good half an hour without any relaxation and don't let the chilling cold air or water from sprinklers bother you in any way, no but what I feels half hour is too less for you to show your true devotion towards me so I will make that an hour so you should bow down there for an hour now without any break or relaxation he he he then exactly at 5 o'clock you should start with your work and chores I will assign you well wait I feel you should start with my new super luxurious Bentley coupé your father I mean your master has gifted me today I want you to wash and wax polish it from outside as well as hand cleaned from inside using a soft silk cloth and you will only use your tounge to lick clean its gas, break and foot rest pedals and remember to take your wet and dirty cloths off and throw them away in garbage before you start cleaning my car and it must be absolutely clean and shining to my satisfaction or else you know what I can do to you he he he and after that you must clean yourself out there with cold water from hose pipe and stand out there till freezing cold air dries you completely he he he then you'll come in side my bed room crawling on all four and remember now on you should always be on your all four untill unless I permit you and without disturbing me you will crawl to my walk in wardrobe and lick clean my entire collection of footwears to perfection and don't try to hold back even if you start to lose your tounge any slightest of imperfections even on soles or heel's tips make you regret the day you were born he he he and after finishing this you will clean my bathroom again to a perfect sparkling clean before I wakes up from my beauty sleep especially the toilet as you know I love spicy non veg food and lately I have been relishing a lot of it so my toilet gets a little scuffed and dirty as I will be splattering a lot in it you know what I am trying to say he he he so you will put your worthless tounge to some good use and lick the toilet sparkling clean from inside scrubbing and lapping away all the scuffs and stains I have put in there he he he and don't dare to spit them out you have to eat that all no matter how awful it taste or smells and from now on you have to lick it sparkling clean each and every time after I use the toilet and every time I will ensures to make it worst for you he he he and after every time you lick my toilet clean you have to sanitize your filthy mouth completely as I can't take any chances using you to serve me my personal needs doing my chores with that dirty germs filled mouth forget serving me personally I will not allow you to even touch the sole of any of my footwear with that dirty germs filled mouth of yours so you will sanitize your mouth by swirling it with boiling hot water no matter how painful its for you or how badly it burns your mouth or tounge but this is what I have decided for you to kill all the germs in your mouth and I know it's going to hurt you a lot more and more every time you will do it but it's the only cheapest, cruelest and most painful way I can think of to sanitize your filthy mouth he he he and number of times it will also became unbearably painful for you to hold and swirl boiling hot water in side your mouth mostly when I will have a upset stomach and uses the toilet more often which will also force you to work your mouth with boiling hot water every time after that and this will also starts to peel your inside cheeks skin and burn your tongue badly along with big painful blisters on it he he he that will be fun he he he and you should pray that I will never get my stomach upset he he he but you know how much I love my spicy and junk non veg food yummy so be prepared for that he he he

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