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The Standin

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Synopsis: woman is kidnapped and forced to take the place of a convicted woman

The Standin

The casino was packed with people trying to win a fortune but most were well on their way to

losing a fortune. Kim however had just inherited a small fortune and was making her way

through the crowded casino to her favorite machine. She had come to the casino mostly to escape

her overbearing and jealous boyfriend. Reaching her machine she began playing and was soon so

oblivious to the world around her that she didnt notice the eyes stalking her.

Lupe and Ruby were sisters both were squat and heavyset women who along with Jose

were all Mexicans illegally in the country. Jose was a skinny little man and was married to Lupe.

Unlike everyone else at the casino that night the three Mexicans werent here gambling they had

been sent here by some well connected people back in Mexico.

Ruby made her way to where Kim was playing when she got there she bumped into Kim

knocking her off her chair and almost clear to the floor. Kim turned to she who had run into her

and was met my ruby who had squared herself to Kim “Whats your problem punta” Ruby asks

trying to get a rise out of Kim.

Not willing to take crap off anyone Kim responds “Im not the one with a problem you fat

ass spic........”

“This fat ass spic will kick your skanky white ass any time whore” Ruby threatens.

“Lets go bitch” Kim says as she starts walking past Ruby to the exit but Ruby quickly

gives Kim a shove knocking her back on to her seat.

“Fuck you ya fat white sow you arent worth the trouble” she says and walks away Kim

starts to follow but is stopped by Casino security who asks if there is any trouble.

“No everything is fine” she says and goes back to playing her machine still fuming.

Getting back to the others Ruby pulls Kims player card that she lifted turning their scuffle “yeah

its her and this job is gonna be a know what that cunt called me?  She called

me a fat ass spic!”

“Well so that punta be licking spic ass before the nights over!” Lupe

fumed. The three Mexicans continued stalking Kim over the next hours. Finally when it looked

like Kim was ready to leave the group split up. Both groups went out to the parking lot but Lupe

and Jose went and got in their truck and distracted security while Ruby went to Kims car and

jimmied the lock so she could hide in the back seat.

Kim had won a few dollars and was ready to head home she had forgotten all about her

run in with Ruby and was feeling pretty up beat as she went to get in her car. Hopping in she

started the car turned the radio up and drove away from the lot and the casino. Less than half a

mile down the road Kims head explodes in pain when Ruby grabs and yanks her hair from the

back seat while at the same time putting a huge knife to Kims throat.

“Remember me punta?” Ruby snarls.

          Terrified Kim asks “what do you want my money is in my purse take it!”

“Oh I will but for now just keep driving and get off at the when I tell you

anything stupid Ill cut your skanky throat” Ruby orders her increasing the pressure on Kims


With hours left until daylight Kim was forced to drive south out of the city.

“You are gonna be so sorry you fucked with this fat ass spic” Ruby whispers into Kims

ear while pulling her hair even harder.

“I didnt mean it........” Kim started but was cut off by Ruby

“Shut your lying mouth you fat white sow youll be squealing soon enough.” The

Mexican tells her. “Take this turn and nothing funny bitch!” she orders as they approach a

darkened exit on a desolate stretch of highway. She then orders Kim to continue driving down a

remote dirt road in the middle of the desert.

Scared Kim tries to offer her abductor money anything to let her go but Ruby shuts her up

telling her she doesnt have enough money because she is going to enjoy seeing the white whore

suffer. A few miles down the road Kim is directed to turn off the road and down into a arroyo

where Ruby tells her to stop.

“Turn of the car and throw the keys out the window” Kim is ordered. When she hesitates

Ruby pulls back on her hair and puts the tip of the blade to Kims throat and Kim does as she

was ordered. “Now put your hands behind your head!”  Ruby orders Kim does but when she feels

Ruby release her hair Kim bolts throwing her door open and running into the night. Getting a

good jump on the Mexican Kim runs as fast as she can down the road leaving the fat Ruby

behind. Thinking she has escaped Kim crawls out of the arroyo only to be caught in the

headlights of an oncoming vehicle. Kim runs towards it thinking the driver will help her but

when the truck comes directly at her she realizes the only reason for someone to be out here was

because they were with Ruby.

Kim instantly begins running in the other direction and away from the road. The truck

unhurriedly follows her knowing there is nowhere for her to go. Kim is growing tired and the

truck is slowly gaining on her so she darts off in a different direction. The truck follows and pulls

close to her so Kim changes direction again but as soon as she does she feels something wrap

around her and she is yanked to a sudden stop landing painfully on her back with her arms pinned

to her sides. She has been lassoed and trapped just like a stray calf she struggles to get free but

her captor keeps tension on the rope.

To her horror instead of coming towards her the truck slowly starts off in the other

direction dragging her across the rough desert soil as they go. Kim scrambles to get to her feet

knowing how much damage would be done to her body being dragged. Getting to her feet she is

forced to jog behind the truck across the dark desert landscape. Not being able to see where she is

running she is constantly stumbling trying to keep up with the trucks unforgiving pace. Twice she

stumbles and falls and is dragged as she gets back to her feet. Her clothes are dirty, tattered,  and

wet with sweat as she is led by the truck. When the truck dips down into an arroyo she is

overcome with dread then stumbles and falls one last time only to be drug the short distance to

their destination.

“Hola Ruby look at this pig we caught running down the road kinda fat and old you think

its worth keeping?” Lupe shouts to her sister has they drag Kim to where Ruby has been


“I dont know who would want it maybe we can rent her out to service lonely breeder

hogs.” Ruby replies “but they might not want it!”

Dirty and exhausted Kim is filled with anger when she hears music and looks up only to

see Ruby sitting comfortably in her car listening to the radio and going through the contents of

her purse. She wants to cry when she realizes the fat Mexican set her up and just sat there not

even chasing her knowing she would run only to be caught. Ruby looks down at her smugly as

she pulls cash and credit cards from Kims purse.

“Thanks punta I know you wanted me to have this.” she taunts Kim as she puts the money

and credit cards in her pocket “but that dont buy you shit except an ass beating” and she gets up

and walks towards Kim. Then while standing over the disheveled woman she kicks Kim saying

“You and me got some unfinished business pig!” She kicks her again “get up punta lets

do this!”

Using the rope Jose pulls Kim to her feet then pulling back on her hair he says “I think

the lady asked you a question!”

Terrified Kim answers contritely  “Look I am sorry for what I said I was just angry at the

moment I realize I was wrong and I am sorry!” then adds “keep the money and lets forget this


“Oh Ill keep the money but I aint forgetting anything maybe if you tell what a worthless

pig sucking dog fucking whore you are well let you go!” Ruby says getting up in her face.

“Ok Im nothing but a fat white sow that loves fucking dogs and sucking off pigs a waste

of human flesh!” Kim meekly says.

“Yes you are but you know what aint good enough I still want to see you try and kick my

spic ass....................tell you what You an me ................if you can take your keys from me you

can get in your car and go.........we keep the money but you lose.........well you dont

want to know.” Ruby offers

“Ok ya fat little fuck your on!” Kim replies some of her bravado returning.

“Oh this is gonna be fun.....let her go” Ruby says as she stuffs the keys into her bra and

steps back. “No rules just you and me” she smiles waiting for Kim to be released.

Jose loosens the lasso and pulls it off Kim and roughly pushes her forward saying “your

ass is toast and when she is done kicking it Im gonna be fucking it”

The two women stand facing each other Ruby rested, clean, and confident. Kim on the

other hand was dirty, her clothes torn and tattered, she was still sweating, and she was breathing

heavily. The two stared at each other trying to size each other up. Deciding she needed to strike

quickly Kim lunges at the Mexican but Ruby easily sidesteps her and throws a wicked elbow

catching Kim in the back causing her to stumble forward and crash into her car. Ruby not in any

hurry waits for her to straighten up and turn around.

The two women approach each other and Kim throws a roundhouse punch which Ruby

ducks under and as she does she reaches out and sweeps Kims feet out from beneath her and

Kim falls in a dusty heap on the ground. Ruby closes in an kicks Kim repeatedly as she gets to

her feet. Just as Kim reaches her feet she sees Rubys foot coming towards her face and reacts

grabbing it and lifting. Ruby is the one now on the ground and Kim goes on the attack getting on

top of the fat woman and throwing blows at the Mexicans face. Ruby manages to block most but

some get through hurting her.

As Kim continues raining blows on Ruby she shifts her weight sensing the movement

Ruby bring her knee up violently connecting with Kims crotch. Reacting to the pain in her pussy

Kim brings her hands down and Ruby takes the opportunity to reach up and grab Kim by the hair

and pull. Kim is flipped forward by her hair landing on her back. Both women are slow to get up

but Ruby reaches her feet first and grabs Kims leg and lifts it then delivers a mean kick to the

back of Kims leg and Kim yells in pain. Ruby kicks her in the same spot again and Kim sits up

to free her leg.

Ruby lets go of the damaged leg and grabs hold of Kims hair and pulls the hurting woman

to her feet. Once she had her up she used all her weight and flung Kim towards the pickup truck

where Lupe and Jose were standing. Kim hit the front end of the truck and Lupe grabbed her and

pulled her arms behind her back and holding her there until Ruby arrived. Kim struggled against

Lupes grip in vain “whats up with this what happened to just you and me?” Kim yelled.

“I lied” Ruby laughed as she drove her fist into Kims defenseless stomach knocking the

wind out of her. She drove her fist into Kims stomach twice more before reaching down and

pulling Kims shirt up and then down over her head blinding Kim and pinning her arms up. Kim

struggled to get loose but Ruby resumed her assault on Kims body now aiming her blows at

Kims bra covered tits.

“Oooommmphh” Ruby was beating Kim at will now and stopped only for a second to

yank Kims bra down exposing her tits. She quickly delivered another half dozen shots to Kims

already tormented tits. Kim was just about to free herself of her shirt when

“AAAAHHHHHHHH” Ruby kicks her square in the pussy bringing Kim to her knees. While

Kim is doubled over in pain Ruby pulls Kims shirt off then using binds her hands behind her

back with her on bra.

“Ppppppllleassse no more” Kim sobs as she is pulled to her feet

“Oh Im just getting started” Ruby replies while driving her knee into Kims pussy again

“Naaaaaahhh” Kim cries as she falls to the ground where she is repeatedly kicked.

“Maybe if you strip for us Ill take it easy on you” Ruby offers the battered woman

“Noooo” Kim groans as she is turned over and her tits get beaten some more

“Your choice” Ruby laughs as she grabs Kims ankles and drags her back towards her

own car. Kim struggles to get free but she fails to break Rubys hold.

“Ok ok Ill doo itt” Kim cries as she tries to get her hands around to undo the button on

her jeans. She struggles and strains to get to it but with her hands bound behind her back she cant

reach it. Meanwhile Ruby is beating her randomly.

“Puuullllease I cant reaceh it” Kim begs as Ruby pinches and twists her nipples.

“Not my problem” Ruby says kneeing her in the pussy again knocking her to the ground.

Getting to her knees Kim tries to pull her pants off from behind with no success then she crawls

next to her car trying to hook her pants on the bumper as she rises to her feet. That only works to

get them down to her hips before Ruby comes over and kicks her in the stomach and she falls

onto her back.

“Come over her here Ill help you” Jose calls out Kim not wanting to get beat anymore

crawls to him “pleeasse” she begs him.

“Blow me first punta” he laughs

Ruby grabs her hair before she can respond and pulls her to her knees and beats her

stomach horribly. “You don;t want this sow to blow you” she says grabbing Kims nipples and

pulling her to her feet and slapping her face. Kim spins to the ground falling through a scrub

bush. Getting to her knees her pants are caught on a branch of the bush and are pulled past her

hips. Kim struggled and fell and her pants were pulled further down her legs but still caught at

her knees.

Ruby was on her in a second and once again snatched her up by her hair. With her arms

bound and her pants bunched around her ankles Kim was completely at Rubys mercy and Ruby

showed her none. Balling up her fist she drove it into Kims belly then as Kim doubled over she

brought her knee up catching the beaten woman in the chest crushing her tits and sending her

crashing back to the ground. “You are pathetic” Ruby exclaims as she bends down and strips

Kims pants from her legs.

“Doesnt look like look like youll be going home anytime

there was ever a chance of that” Ruby says standing over Kim she then calls out to Lupe who

brings her a rope. She tie a loop in it and puts it around Kims throat pulling it tight. She then

hands the end to Lupe who pulled on the rope and led Kim to the truck where she and Jose had

been standing. Forcing Kim to her knees in front of Jose Lupe told her “you promised him a blow

job now get to it whore!”

When Kim hesitated Lupe used the free end of the rope and began viciously whipping

Kims ass. Kim Scream and cried but Lupe continued whipping her saying she wasnt going to

stop until Kim had his cock out and sucking it. Kim cried and yelped with each stroke but soon

had her mouth working on Joses button and zipper trying to free his already stiff dick.  Once she

got his zipper open his cock was so big and hard it poped out on its own. Still by the time her

face buried in Jose crotch sucking him off her ass was an angry red color from being beaten.

For his part Jose had a lot of stamina and Kim had to bob up and down on his cock so

long her tongue and jaws were so tired they hurt when Jose finally shot his load down her throat.

Finished with her Jose roughly pushed her away causing her to fall backwards landing painfully

on her arms “that was barely adequate you better try a whole lot harder next time” he growled.

Seeing that Jose was done with her the two sisters grabbed her by the arms and pulled

her in front of the truck. Forcing her once again to kneel they draped her arms over and old

discarded frame and tied them off forcing her to thrust her chest out. They then tie a rope around

one knee and pull it off to the side and tie it to a stake Jose had driven into the ground and then

they do the same to her other knee leaving her legs stretched as far as they would go.  Ruby

walked in front of her picking up a switch as she went and Jose got in the cab and turned on the

headlights show they were shining on Kim.

Holding the switch menacingly Ruby addressed Kim “now lets talk about the bank cards I

found in your wallet!”

“What about them” Kim snapped causing Ruby to slash her tits with the switch.

“You want to try that again whore and you can address me as as mame...or mistress!”

“What would you like to know mame” she answered submissively.

“The pin numbers you stupid skank!” she lashed Kim again

“I cant give you that its everything I own!” Kim sobbed

“You dont get it do you punta you already lost everything you lost it as soon as we seen

you in the casino.....your money gone.......your car ours......youll never see your home again!”

Lupe laughs at her and Ruby emphasizes it by whipping the switch across Kims tits.

“Now tell us the PIN number before we get angry!” Ruby tells.

“Why should I tell you if youre gonna kill me any how?” Kim asks terrified.

“Stupid gringo we arent going to kill you but we can make you wish you were dead!”

Ruby says bringing the switch down across her nipples repeatedly. “No somebody

else.......somebody powerful wants you and they are paying us much money to deliver you!” she

now whips Kims stomach.

“OOOOOHHH AAAAAHHHHH FAAAAAACCC” Kim screams “still why should I tell


“Because we know ways to make you hurt like you never knew” Lupe says while Ruby

saws the switch up and down her pussy threateningly.

“Maybe if you have enough you can buy us off we arent so loyal we believe in what you

call free enterprise” Jose chimes in.

          “IIIIIII ddoont believe youuu” Kim says

“You calling us liars?” Ruby yells and brings the switch up between Kims legs lashing

her pussy. “Jose, You take over before I damage the merchandise.”

“Here try this it tends to loosen lips!” Jose replies tossing her a jar he had in his pocket.

“Ayyeeee I forgot about this.” Ruby says smiling she then walks to the truck and comes

back putting on latex examination gloves. “Gag her I dont want to hear her scream” she says to

Lupe who tears off a strip from Kims discarded clothes.

“Nnnnnnaaaa” Kim screams as she shakes her head struggling to avoid the gag. Her

efforts are all for nothing as Lupe easily slips the rolled up cloth between her lips then pulling

and wedging it tight and painfully between her teeth before tying it off.

“Youll be sorry you werent more cooperative this way we can let you think about your

answer before you are allowed to speak again.” Ruby tells her and then to Lupe “I think we

should start with her tits.” Lupe reaches in around and starts playing with Kims tits rubbing

them and squeezing them manipulating them until she sees the nipples begin to stiffen. Kim his

shaking her head trying to resist but she is powerless. Once the begin to get stiff Lupe bends over

and begins licking and sucking them and nipping at one then the other. She can tell my Kims

breathing she doesnt have long to go as the nubs turn into highly sensitive bullets. She smiles

when she hears Kim moan as she pinches and pulls the oversensitive nipples. Then she suddenly

straightens up and smiles at Ruby “shes all yours sis!”

Kim opens her eyes to see Ruby coming towards her dipping her fingers into the jar. The

cruel Mexican kneels between Kims legs and starts rubbing the sticky substance on her tits

making sure to put a generous amount on her swollen nipples. “MMMMMPPPPHHHH” Kim

tries screaming through the gag as the effect is immediate and her tits feel like they are on fire.

She struggles and tries to twist her body but she is tied too tightly to the frame.

“A little concoction Jose learned how to make it contains different kinds of hot chile

along with some native herbs that make your tissue absorb it............this particular jar is only half

strength” Ruby says to Kim with a smile.  

       “Mmmpppphhhh aahhhhhhhh” Kim is screaming and crying behind the gag tears running

from her closed eyes as her entire body shakes.

“Now I think someplace lower and a bit more sensitive.” she says to Lupe. Her sister

smiles and goes to the pick up and returns with a vibrator. Kims eyes open and when she sees

what they have planned she goes hysterical squirming and shaking and pleading behind the gag.

Lupe takes Rubys place between the bound womans legs. Kim is crying and shaking her head

no frantically as Lupe switches on the vibrator.

Still tormented by her burning nipples Kim begs incoherently as Lupe brings the vibrator

up between her legs and her body stiffens when it touches her unprotected pussy.

“mmpppphhhhmmpppphhhh” she groans and moans as Lupe expertly works the intruder against

her pussy. It takes Lupe no time before she has the captive cunt wet then she begins working it

into the unresisting hole. Kims eyes are screwed shut and her head tilted back tears flowing as

she alternates between moaning and begging. Her eyes spring open then go wide in terror when

she sees that Ruby has switched places with Lupe. She starts begging again in earnest wjhen she

sees the evil grin on the womans face, she would have gladly told her the number and she tried

to tell her the numbers but she couldnt with the gag in her mouth.

At this point Ruby didnt want to hear the number she wanted to torment this white slut

and see her suffer. “Save your breath punta you are going to need it to had your

chance to take the easy way but now you get to suffer.”  And she scooped some of the evil

concoction out of the jar and began rubbing it around and up into the excited pussy.

It looked like Kim was going to break some blood vessels she screamed into the gag so

hard. Her skin turned red and her body broke in in sweat as she bucked and bounced against her

bindings. Ruby stood up and grabbed Kims hair forcing the tormented woman to look at her

“there is like three hours until the sun comes up we are going to be over here relaxing

and drinking cervazas until then I suggest you take that time to think about what the first words

out of your mouth need to be when we take off that gag.” She smiles and pushes Kims head


Kim tried to scream out the number as Ruby walked away but all that came out was

“Mmmpphh uuummpphh aaahhhh” and Ruby never even turned around. Kim watched through

blurry eyes as the threesome pulled cold beers out of an ice chest. Kim just squirmed and and her

body trembled as she alternated screaming and groaning into the gag as the burning continued to

worsen. It felt like her tits and insides were being burnt by red hot coals and she just knew she

would tell them what they wanted to know.

They only let her stew for a little over an hour but for Kim it seemed like days. The

burning had continued to get worse but leveled off a short time ago. Kim was exhausted her

throat hurt so bad she could no longer scream or even make a sound. Her body was still

trembling even though her muscles were limp and tears tried to flow but she had none left. Her

head drooped and bobbed against the noose holding it to the frame. She could barely open her

eyes when she felt Ruby grab her hair and lift her head.

She felt Lupe loosen the gag and when it was taken from her mouth she tried to speak and

as much as it hurt the first thing she said in a soft scratchy voice was “9...6..7..8....9.......mistress.”

“You better not by lying” Ruby threatened “Lets get her ready to go!”

She was given a little water and the gag put back in place and when they released her

from the frame she just fell forward her body still trembling and wracked with pain. Jose and

Lupe quickly tied her wrist together then looped a rope around her elbows pulling them tight

before securing them. Kim would moan and gasp but could offer no resistance as they prepared

her. Kims body went stiff and a squeal escaped from behind the gag when Lupe inserted the

vibrator into her ravaged cunt. They looped a rope just above her knees and pulled them tightly

together insuring the vibrator would stay where it was. Her ankles here tied together then pulled

back and tied to her elbows putting her in a strict hogtie.

“It was just getting light when they finished tying her to go. She opened her eyes when

she felt hands lifting her up and what she saw made her ill. She tried to beg but she had nothing

left as they lifted her up and put her inside a 55 gal drum. The drum was lined with foam and her

body barely fit in. Nobody could hear her if she screamed or bucked and they certainly wouldnt

be able to hear the vibrator buried in her pussy Lupe just switched on.

Rubys face appeared in the opening “there are air holes drilled in the bottom we

wouldnt want to lose our cash cow...but well be holding on to you until we check the number

you gave us......if it works its on to your new home.......if it doesnt I wouldnt want to be you!”

and with that the lid was put on the drum. She could feel it being put in the bed of the truck.

Although she couldnt her anything she could feel the bumps as the truck drove back down the

dirt roads.

Ruby took Kims car and went back to town she had hired a junkie that looked like Kim

to go to an ATM and test out the numbers Kim had given them and lucky for Kim they checked

out. Ruby then dropped the junkie off at the airport and had her get on a plane to California using

Kims name. Her next stop was to get rid of Kims which she did by driving south and selling it

to a friend that ran a high volume chop shop and within hours Kims car was no longer.

Miles away Kim was having a miserable time she was trapped in a 55 gallon drum her tits

and pussy still burned and the vibrator was still buzzing away in her pussy. What Kim didnt

know was that Jose and Lupe had driven all night straight to the Mexican border and were about

to cross into Mexico. They picked an out of the way crossing that the used often because the

border agents had been paid off. When they reached the crossing they pulled into a secluded

garage used for searching vehicles. Once inside the corrupt agents pulled the drum off the back of

the truck and pulled the lid off.

Looking inside the agents started smiling and talking to each other in Spanish. Kim tried

looking up but after being in the dark so long the daylight hurt her eyes. Besides Lupe and Jose

there were two male agents and one female agent. It was the female agent that first noticed the

humming coming from inside the drum “oh look at the horny white slut shes just dripping”she


“Sheet I can smell her all the way over here” laughed one of the male agents “have you

already tested her out?” he asks

“I tried her mouth” Jose said as he was pulling her out of the drum “I wasnt impressed

she definitely needs work”

“I think you came to the right place essay” the other agent says “I know just the people to

put that mouth to work” he goes to feel Kim up”

“I wouldnt do that if I was you she still has some of my concoction on her” Jose warns

him and the agent jumps back.

“Her mouth is ok right?” the agent ask while Kim struggles in her hogtie.

“You tell me” Jose tells him

Meanwhile the female agent has pulled on her leather duty gloves and bends over to

grope Kims tits. “Ayyyeee look at the nipples on this punta they are huge” then after flicking

and pinching them causing Kim to squirm “So raw and sensitive too!”

“Uuuummmphh oohhhhhhhhh” Kim groans and struggles as the agent tortures her boobs.

“If you guys are gonna be wimps about it Ill test out this cuts mouth!” the female agent

says and begins pulling up her skirt. “Get ready for some spicy Mexican dining complete with a

special sauce from the two prisoners I just fucked!” She straddles Kim and reaching down she

pullls the cloth gag out of Kims mouth then grabs Kims hair to hold her still as she squats down

planting her pussy on Kims mouth. Kim clamps her mouth trying to avoid the awful humiliation

but the woman reaches back and grabs her swollen nipples twisting and pulling them until Kim

finally opens her mouth.

“If you dont want me to pull these pathetic things off youll get that tounge working!”

she threatens.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” Kim screams into the nasty pussy as she starts licking.

“Ooohhhhhh yeeessss you nasty slut thats it!” the agent moans while grinding her pussy

onto Kims mouth. Kim continues to wiggle and moan beneath her tormentor her arms being

crushed under both their weight. “Dont you dare stop” she threatens as she humps harder. Kim is

gasping for air smothered by the woman. Finally the woman comes squirting into the captives

mouth forcing her to swallow or choke. Kims stomach turns as the agent as well as two

strangers cum fills her.

The agent stands up pulling her skirt down with a satisfied smile on her face. But Kims

newest torment has just begun as the bigger of the two male agents Juan flips Kim over so she is

hogtied on her belly. Pulling a huge hunting knife Juan slices the leather binding her ankles to her

elbows and her legs fall limply to the ground. Then after shifting his weight he slices through the

leather straps binding first her knees then the ones binding her ankles, Smiling he puts away his

knife then grabs Kim by the hair and drags her next to the empty 55 gallon drum. Next her bends

her over the drum with her ass in the air and then kicks her legs apart.

“Lucky me looks like I get to bust this cherry asshole” he laughs dropping his pants

exposing his giant semi hard cock.

Kim finally comes to her senses and begins struggling “nnnnnnnnnnnooooooooo

pppplllllleeassse nnnnoooo..........nooooot theeere!” she begs and tries to pull her legs together

but the big agent is already between her legs. She can feel him spreading her cheeks and panics

“nnnnooo yooouuu fuucckeerrrs ttthiisss issnnnt riight”

Easing closer his dick is pressing against her most private hole.....then without even as

much as spit he begins forcing his cock past her resisting hole painfully dry.


like she is being torn in half.

The agent ignores her protests and pulls back until just the head of his cock is still inside

her then forcefully rocks forward burying his pole three quarters of the way in.

“Nnnnnnnnnnaaaaa nnooooooo nnnoootttt.............IIIIIIIII   bbbeggggg” Kim begs and

sobs as she feels him pull back again “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO” She

screams as her buries his cock to the balls.

“AHHH yyyessss!” he responds and begins pounding in and out of her ass. “This gringa

is nice tight” he tells the others “well was nice and tight” he laughs and pounds away even



AAWWWWWWWW” Kim groans with every stroke sweat pouring off her body. The agent

continues to violate her for another ten minutes before filling her with his seed. He keeps his

cock buried in her ass until he begins to shrink and then he pulls out and steps back. His cock and

body no longer pinning her to the drum Kims legs crumble and she slide off the drum and

landson her back. The agent jerks her head up and uses her face and hair to clean his cock then

lets her head drop.

The abused woman just lays there exhausted sweat covering her body and cum smeared

across her face weeping. The female agent appears with two prisoners following close behind

“grab this slut and follow me!” she orders. The prisoners each grab an arm lifting Kims limp

body and follow the agent dragging Kim as they go. They drag her inside through the office and

back into the holding cells. The holding cell area is dark and dirty and smells of sweat, urine, and

feces. There are three cells along one side and a larger holding tank across from them that is

filled with drunks and other derelicts. Kim is dragged into the center cell across from it and

dropped to the floor.

The agent comes in and fits a metal collar that is attached to the wall by a chain around

her neck. She then shackles and hobbles Kims ankles. Next she sends one of the prisoners for a

hose and while she waits for him to return she pulls Kim to her knees and shows her off to the

prisoners in the other cell. When the prisoner returns with the hose she has him and his buddy

hold Kim up on her knees then turns the water on high and begins blasing Kim with the icy


“Wwaaaaaaa noooooo sssstttoopppppp” Kim sputters to life awakened by the icy stream.

The agent aims the hose first at Kims tits then her pussy before turning the water off and

dropping the hose.

“Damn slut you fucking stink” she tells Kim “guess its up to us to clean you up!” she

says turning to the two prisoners. Showing them a bucket and some scrub brushes she tells them

“I want her cleaned and scrubbed from top to bottom Ill be back in an hour or so” and walks out

of the cell she turns before going into the office “dont do anything I wouldnt do!” she smiles

her evil smile and goes into the office.

Almost instantly the occupants of the holding cell go crazy “do her” “bring her over here”

“show us her pussy” “fuck her mouth” are a few of the words heard above the whistles and cat

calls. The two prisoners show Kims body off as they talk and after a few minutes they force her

to her back on the floor and one of them drops his pants then grabbing his stiff dick he kneels

between her legs pushing them painfully apart he thrusts his dick into her unprotected pussy and

starts fucking her.

After only a few strokes he yells and pulls out screaming “my dick is on fire”. Turns out

even though being rinsed off washed away most of the concoction spread on her tits and pussy

there was still some of it left inside her. The prisoner dances around screaming finally washing it

off with soapy water. “What the fuck you do to me slut!” he yells at Kim slapping her face then

her tits.

“Nnnnnnoootthinng” she starts only to be slapped again “theeyyy puutt

soommethhingggg innssiidde mmmeee tthhat bbburnns” she manages to get out between slaps.

“Ill take care of that” the other prisoner says getting up to get the hose.

Meanwhile the prisoner with the injured cock kneels down straddling her chest then

reaches down and grabs her by the hair pulls her head up “now you get to make it feel better” he

says forcing his dick in her mouth and forcing her to suck his cock. He begins fucking her face

and almost choking her when her eyes go wide and she screams against his cock. The other

prisoner had shoved the end of the hose into her pussy and turned on the water.

Kim instantly felt like she was going to explode as the prisoner with the hose kept the

water flowing flushing out her pussy. She was unable to do anything about it because the other

prisoner was still on top of her fucking her mouth. It wasnt long before the injured cock was

filling her mouth to overflowing and he stood up freeing her upper body. Unfortunately his buddy

wasted no time plowing into her freshly flushed pussy. His cock was big but thanks to the water

it slid right in filling her up.

“AAAAAARRRRRRRgghh ppllleaaase I caaanntt take it it ititi....ahhhhhhhh ahhhhh!”

her protest turned to moans as he fucked her highly sensitive cunt. “OOOOOHHHHH

GGGGAAAA NNOOOOOO” she could feel her body betraying her. In the background she

could hear the other prisoners cheering him on. He rode her viciously until he spewed inside her

and finished leaving her short of the oncoming orgasm.

When he pulled out and pulled up his pants his buddy joined him carrying the bucket and

brushes. They quickly began scrubbing her causing Kim to yelp and beg them to stop but instead

of stopping they used a pair of dirty under ware to gag her. They balled it up stuffed it deep in her

protesting mouth. Kim struggled and squirmed as they roughly scrubbed her all over paying

particular attention to her most sensitive regions. When they were finished her boobs and crotch

were an angry red color.

Finished washing her the two prisoners hauled her to her feet by the chain attahed to her

collar. They then raised her bound hands up high behind her back forcing her to bend over before

tying the chain from her hands to the chain going to the ceiling thus keeping her painfully bent

over. With her secured the one with the injured cock decided she deserved to be punished further

so he pulled his belt and began whipping her but and making her dance.

Once satisfied the two prisoners figured it was time for the agent to return so they gave

her a final grope before grabbing the bucket and hose and leaving her alone in the cell. They went

and stood next to the larger cell talking and smoking cigarettes while make humiliating remarks

to the new prisoner.

Within minutes Jose, Lupe, and the female agent returned “did you clean her good inside

and out” they asked and the two prisoners nodded. They were then asked if she thanked them and

showed them her gratitude. The two prisoners lied saying no she hadnt and went on to say she

complained and threatened them the entire time. Kim was in the cell shaking her head saying no

it was a lie but the agent ignored her telling the two men “dont worry before the punta leaves

here she will be begging to show you her gratitude..........any way you want!”  She the locked the

two prisoners in the cell next to Kim.

   Jose, Lupe, and the female agent then went into Kims cell and surrounded her I think

its time to fingerprint you and get a mug shot she was told and her hands released and she was

able to stand straight. The agent then released her hands from behind her back and refastened

them in front of her.  The agent forced Kim to her hands and knees before handing the chain from

the ceiling to Lupe.

“Lets go and stay down there like the bitch you are!” Lupe ordered Kim to crawl on her

hands and knes as she was led back into the office. Entering tyhe office Kim was pulled across

the rough wooden floor until they reached a chair that was in front of a desk. When they got to

the chair what Kim saw made her try to get up and bolt but she was quickly subdued and brought

back to her knees by the cattle prod The female agent had been carrying.

Kim was on her knees shaking with fear as she was face was brought to the seat of the

chair. She was staring at what had been added to the chair which was a large wooden penis

sticking straight up at least 8 inches, and it wasnt a long smooth penis it had ribs and twists to it.

She knelt there in shock crying until she heard the agent say “you will be sitting there and this is

your one and only chance to put that slutty mouth of your to good use lubing it up!”

Kim leans forward to try and get the wooden dick slick but is stopped by Lupe who tells

her “no not so easy I want to hear you beg to suck that and you need to convince me”

Kim stares at her unbelieving.

“You have exactly 3o seconds before I put you on there dry” Lupe threatens

Kim turns to Lupe and grovels at her feet “pppppppuleeease mistresss Lupe allow me to

get theis prick wet before you make be sit on it” she plead.

“That was fucking pathetic get on your feet” Lupe yells

“Ppppuullleease nooooooo miiisstresss Lluupe youuurr slavvve issss sorryyy what must it

do ttttooo prrovve its sincerity in wanting to plllese its mistresss” she cries as she kisses Lupes


“You have 15 seconds cunt” she says coldly pushing Kim away. Terrified Kim scrambles

to her feet and impales her mouth on the monster then bobbing up and down on it trying to make

it slick. She barely gets a sheen to it when she is pulled by the collar around her neck, times up

she is told. Then with Lupe holding her chain like a leash and the agent holding he cattle prod to

her tit she is told to impale herself on the monster. “I want you all the way down on that bitch”

Lupe says to her.

Kim gets halfway down “I cccccccant itsss tooo biggg iiiiit willl kkiiilll me” she whines

But Lupe wont buy it “shut up ya slut and fuck that thing...............if you dont get that all

the way up that sloppy cunt of yours by the time I count to ten we will give to to the guys in the

drunk tank then the guard dogs and then bring you back out here and make you take it up your

ass!” she says tired of Kims stalling “1....2....3......” she starts.

“OOOOUUUUUUUUU SSSSHITTTT” Kim forces herself further down on the shaft.

“6...........7...........8............9" Lupe continues

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH” Kim screams as she fully impales herself on the post just

as Lupe reaches 10.

“I dont think she made it” the female agent says excitedly

“It was close I dont know” Lupe answers then asks Jose what he thinks

“I think the whore is wasting our time” Jose responds pissed off.

“Tell you what Ill go get the security tape and see while you all take care of the other

stuff” one of the male agents tells them. So Jose and Lupe pull a corse rope around Kims hips

and the back of the chair holding her tightly impaled on the wooden prick. The female agent

hands the cattle prod to Jose while she goes to get something out of the other desk. Jose takes the

opportunity to torment Kim by pressing the prod to her tits and pussy pretending to push the

button keeping her on edge. Finally just as the female agent returns he presses the prod to Kims

stomach and presses the button the shock causing her to jerk and tremble.

The agent moves in front of Kim getting her attention in her hand the aagent has an ink

pad “we are going to take your fingerprints her you give me any trouble at all you will feel that

prod full power on your pussy.........understand” she addresses Kim who nods silently offering

her hands to the agent. Working slowly and precisely the agent rolls then prints one finger at a

time to ensure the prints are clear.

After they finish with her prints theypull Kims arms behind the chair tying them tightly

together and then to the chair. A camera was brought out and set up in front of her and they

pulled what looked like the top of a jail jumpsuit over her head and upper body giving the

appearance that she was a prisoner dressed in the official garb. Next they hunger aboard around

her neck that had a number and a name she never heard of printed on it.

“Smile big for the camera we want you to look good for your adoring fans!” one of the

male agents said sarcastically as he clicked off a series of what would be her mug shots. Kim

failed to see the humor.

“All thats left to do is the tattoo.....Ill go get him.” the female agent said and went back

into the holding cell area. Kim had no idea what the woman was talking about but she knew she

wouldnt like it. A few minutes later the agent returned followed by what had to be a prisoner

carrying a shoe box. Getting to where she was tied to the chair the prisoner opened the box and

Kim recognized what he pulled out as a tattoo gun and tried twisting away but she was too tightly


The female agent pulled out a picture and handed it to the man telling him it had to look

exactly like that. “Shit thats horrible whoever did it had no talent” he laughed as he pluged in his

gun and turned to Kim. He was given a chair and he put it between Kims spread legs sat down

and scooted in close.

“Nnnnnnnnaaaaa ddoonn’‘’ttt doo tthis to meee pleeeasee!” she stammered only to have

the dirty under ware stuffed back in her mouth. Her eyes went wide and then she closed them

tight when she felt the tattoo gun begin jabbing away just above her pussy. The man worked

away only stopping to take the shots of tequila he was being supplied with. After about 2 hours

he finally turned off the gun and scooted back. Kim looked down afraid to see what he had done.

The entire area above her pussy was red and raw and she had a hard time figuring out

what he had drawn. When she finally figured out what it said tears came to her eyes on one side

just above her pussy was what appeared to be a skull surrounded by the words “PROPERTY OF

MS5 NO OTHERS ALLOWED” MS5 was a powerful and extremely violent gang from Central

America. On the other side of her pussy was a snake attacking her pussy and the words “DO

NOT ENTER REAR ENTRY ONLY!” her tears started to flow both tattoos looked like they had

been done by a drunken 2nd grader but more devastating was the fact she knew she was a white

women marked to be a whore for one of the most violent and anti white gangs in the

world........worse still she was marked as an anal whore for one of the most violent and anti white

gangs in the world..

Her captors looked on with approval and told the man he earned his payment take her.

Kim didnt know what they were talking about until he set his shoe box and his bottle of tequila

on her sore lap and started dragging her bound to the chair back towards the holding cells.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm   mmmmmmmm” she started screaming for all she was worth but

all that came out was a low murmur. She was shaking her head no but it did nothing but make

her work up a sweat as she disappeared behind the heavy wooden door. One of the male agents

followed and opened the large holding tank door then closing and locking it once she was drug


As he was leaving he yelled at the excited group “remember the rules sex

only........anything more and you all will suffer!”  Kim never heard what he said as she was

already being swarmed and groped by the 1520 men in the cell. Kim had no idea who the men

were, what they were in for, or how long it had been since they had been with a woman but from

her point of view they all seemed sex starved.

The tattoo artist got first goes that was understood but after that there was no order it was

first come first serve and it was going to be a long night. Meanwhile in the office they were busy

putting together packets to be sent out so the wheels would be set in motion........identity theft

was easy they did it all the time but identity swapping with an unwilling party was just a little bit

harder. They all took turns keeping an eye on things in the back they didnt want anything to

happen to their cash cow other than a little rape!

And the men in the large holding cell raped her long, hard, and often! It started with the

prisoner that tattooed her dragging her still tied to the chair into the cell and the other men

cheering. After she was released it was obvious her pussy had been stretched open by the wooden

shaft so the tattoo artist decided to take her ass then her mouth. When he was done he was

quickly followed by others. It took many of those choosing to fuck her pussy longer to shoot their

load because of the looseness then overuse of it. Greasy hands pawed her bare breasts and

mauled her ass while one man sawed away between her legs and another pulled her head back by

the hair to force his way into her mouth. Around this dirty thing forced into her mouth she wailed

and begged but the garbled words were lost in the festive, animalistic rutting by the unkept men.

Most of the prisoners were either drunks, derelicts, drug addicts, crazy and everyone

homeless. Needless to say their hygiene was pretty much none, they smelt of booze, body odor,

and urine the smells were repulsive but Kim was being suffocated by them gagging every time an

unwashed cock was forced down her throat.

Kims ass and pussy were becoming red and raw, her mouth tired and sore. She had

swallowed so much cum she felt the need to throw up but her mouth was constantly filled with a

cock to clean or suck. After an hour she felt like a puppet a fuck puppet and after 2 hours she was

so out of it she was more like a rag doll. The captors decided to end the orgy when Kim was

nothing more than a limp body.

Jose and the larger male agent were the ones to enter the cell around two in the morning.

Once they got the men off of Kim the chose two of the prisoners to remove her from the cell. The

men chosen didnt bother trying to carry her out instead they each grabbed an ankle the least

disgusting part of her body and dragged her face down across the hall to the center cell she had

been in earlier. They were instructed by Lupe who had just walked in to loop a rope around her

ankles then around the rope binding her wrists and pull her into a hogtie. Their task completed

they left her there in the center of the cell and joined their budies in the big cell who were

swapping stories of how they abused her.

Lupe joined Jose and the agent in the cell Kim was in and discussed wether they should

clean her tonight or just wait until the morning. In the end they decided just to do it in the

morning before they loaded her on the bus to leave. They did however take the time to fasten a

rope to her wrists and ankles and run it tight to the ceiling to keep her from moving anywhere

should she wake up. Then as the others were leaving Lupe pulled a vibrator from her back pocket

and reached down and turned it on low before inserting it into Kims abused pussy. Kim twitched

slightly and moaned then went silent again.

The three left her and went to join the other agents in the office to make the final

preparations for the last leg of Kims transport. The Female agent and Juan along with a driver

had a scheduled run to the prison the next day and had five prisoners to transport. It was decided

to include Kim on this run but she was to be kept isolated from the other prisoners. To do this

they pulled out the very last seat in the bus and replaced it with a small 3' x 3' cage.   Lupe and

Jose were going to catch a private flight as soon as they had Kim on her way. They would be

joining Ruby who had caught a flight after disposing of Kims car.

Confident everything was taken care of the group had a few drinks and retired for the

night. About the time they were retiring there was movement in the other room. Kim was

unconsciously humping her hips and moaning in reaction to the vibrator buried in her pussy. Her

actions started to become more pronounced. Then suddenly the humping and moaning stopped

and her eyes opened widely and began darting around the darkened room completely unaware of

where she was.

“Mmmmmmmmmppphhhhhh” she tried screaming out but her voice was trapped by the

nasty cloth in her mouth. It was then she became conscious of the buzzing between her legs and

caught herself moaning and grinding her hips and forced herself to stop. Sweat was pouring off

her in the cool night as she tried to listen for tell tale sounds but all she heard was the soft

buzzing from her pussy and loud ragged snoring. She twisted and squirmed testing her bindings

only to find she was tightly secured and barely able to move an inch.

As she lay there scared the events of the previous hours came flooding back into her

memory. The pain of the new tattoos began throbbing again and she cringed as even though her

ass and pussy felt like they had been raped with a baseball bat she found herself once again

grinding her hips against the relentless vibrator. She dropped her head and softly sobbed having

no idea what tomorrow would bring. Her thoughts were soon interrupted by a scraping sound

coming from nearby she lifted her head to try and look around but she didnt see anything.

She had only just laid her head back down she thought she felt something lightly scurry

across her back...nah just my imagination she told herself when she no longer felt it. A few

seconds later she jerked against her bonds when she felt it again only this time it was on her neck.

When she felt another one going up the inside of her leg her body twitched but when she felt one

between her legs she squealed and shook. “What are they” her mind wanted to know. Frustrated

at not knowing and unable to do anything she laid her head back down and closed her eyes to

collect her thoughts. Minutes later she felt that soft tickle on her face slowly opening her eyes she

screamed and went into full melt down when she found herself eye to eye with a mangy rat.

Kim thrashed with every ounce of energy she had but it did no good they had restrained

her so tightly she couldnt move an inch. She had screamed so hard and so long her throat hurt

and her voice was gone but nobody had heard her. She had done all she could and not only hadnt

the rats been scared off they actually became bolder. There was one now tussling with her hair

trying to pull it out to take and make a nest. It felt to her like there were a few climbing up and

down using her crotch as a trail where they were going she hadnt a clue.

For the next hours she had no choice but to lay there and let them do as they pleased. She

sobbed and her body dripped sweat and she twitched every time the sharp little claws dug into

her. She prayed for unconsciousness but it never came. From time to time out of total desperation

she would jerk and try to shake them off but they would dig their claws in and ride out the feeble

effort. Mercifully when the morning light started to find its way into her cell and the prisoners in

the other cell started to stir to life her four legged tormentors slowly abandoned her trembling


When the men in the big cell woke up they would make their way to the bars at the front

of the cell and shout out rude nasty remarks. Some would even jerk off describing what they

were doing as they did it shooting their load in her direction.....a few even finding their mark

adding to her humiliation. Their fun came to an end when the two male agents came through the

door “put em away perverts” one of them yelled as they walked towards Kims cell. The larger

agent Juan slipped and almost fell when he stepped on some fresh jizz and angrily asked “which

one of you perverts is responsible for this!” All the prisoners began pointing towards Kim “its

her fault officer” “yeah make her clean it up” “fuck yeah flashing her pussy and teasing us all

night” were some of the things they yelled out.

Entering her cell Juan asks “is that right slut you been teasing these men all night”

A barely audible “mmmmmmmppffhh” is all Kim could muster her voice gone from

screaming all night.

“Well I guess you should be the one to clean it up” she is told. And Kim shakes her head

no. “but as long as we got you here we should probably hose your nasty ass off first.......I could

smell your rotten pussy as soon as we walked in!” Juan told her. There was no shortage of

volunteers to hose her off as all the prisoners offered their services without even being asked.

Juan walked to the big cell and chose 2 prisoners while the other agent threaded the rope from

Kim to the ceiling through a pulley and began pulling on it. Juan came over and helped and

suddenly Kim felt all her weight hanging from her ankles and wrists which were pulled painfully

up. When they had her dangling about waist high they tied the rope off and told the two prisoners

to begin.

Immediately one of the prisoner was between her legs looking to the agent for the ok. At

the nod of the agents head the man dropped his drawers to reveal a huge hard on. Then with a

single step his cock was being driven into her exposed pussy.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh nnaaaa” she tried to scream when the man started pumping in and out

of her still raw and sore pussy. There was no pleasure only pain as the man roughly fucked in and

out. Her pussy was so swollen that it gripped his cock as he pumped in and out and quickly came.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEE” she shrieked when the icy cold water hit her pussy the force of the stream

making her body swing back and forth. She swung back and forth once twice three times then the

water was gone........on the fourth swing back the stream of water was replaced by the other mans

cock. She groaned when he grabbed her hips and pulled her on to his cock burying it clear to the

balls on the first stroke. She let her head fall while he battered her pussy using her hips to push

and pull her up and down his cock she was nothing more than a cum dump for this asshole to

masturbate into. 

After the second man had cum in her the two men brought the bucket with soapy water

and brushes in and the two of them began scrubbing the cum of her. Kim groaned and squealed

into the gag as the two men roughly and throughly scrubbed her clean. All their scrubbing made

her body swing increasing the tension on her shoulders and legs. They used the hose to rinse her

off the icy water stinging her where ever it hit. Juan told them to make sure her ass and pussy

were throughly cleaned so while one man held her the other forced the hose into her pussy first

and then her ass flushing them both out.

Satisfied with the job they had done the two men were sent out to the office while they let

Kim drip dry. A little while later the two prisoners followed Lupe into the back room. The men

were pushing what looked to be a food cart and the smell confirmed it. Whatever it was it

smelled delicious to Kim who hadnt eaten anything in almost two days and her stomach started

to growl. One of the male agents went over to unlock the big holding tank while the other untied

the rope holding Kim and lowered her to the ground.

Lupe came into Kims cell and helped Juan release her from all the ropes except the ones

binding her arms behind her back. Lupe forced Kim to her feet and led her out of the cell on

shaky legs. Kim looked at the men eating their breakfast as she was led towards them and saw

they were eating biscuits and gravy with eggs and her stomach growled again. Suddenly she was

turned and forced to her knees at Lupes feet.

“What are you looking at you white whore we decided you were so fat nobody would pay

to fuck you so we are putting you on a diet” Lupe forced Kims head down until her face was in

some ejaculate from earlier “a high protein diet.......I understand you are responsible for this

mess” she continued “we are leaving in thirty minutes if you dont have every spec licked up by

then Ill make your life so miserable the last two days will seem like a vacation in comparison”

and she smashed Kims face down into the stain.

With tears in her eyes Kim started crawling on her knees stopping to lick up all the

splotches she saw. She forced herself to do the dehumanizing task even though her she would

gag and fight to keep from hurling each time she stopped.  She had been feverishly working at it

about fifteen minutes fearing what Lupe would do to her when she felt something warm and wet

hit her in the face. As she rose up she saw the a gob of milky slime hit the floor next to her and

heard the men cheering. When she turned to look at them a glob hit her in the chest followed by

another landing across her eye.

“No please no why are you doing these?” she screamed when she saw three or four men

with their cocks out stroking themselves while aiming at her. She was answered by a glob hitting

hr in the hair and another one landing between her legs. “Plleeeasse shee willl kill mee if its not

clean..........what do you want from me?” With a smile on his face one of the fattest and smelliest

of them stuck his semi hard pecker out between the bars holding it in one hand while with the

other he pointed at her then back at his dick “you suck” he says in broken english.

Crying Kim shakes her head in disbelief saying “no please” and she is hit by another glob

across her legs and she looks in the direction it came from and there was another man pointing at

his cock smiling. Again she shook her head “please no wasnt last night enough for you I dont

deserve this” she cried. Just as she was pleading with the man he let another load fly. Kim saw it

coming and tried to duck away from it and lost her balance falling and landing on her side. She

started to struggle to her knees when she felt a hand latch on to her hair and pull her painfully

towards the bars. Scooting to get her knees under her she felt the bars against her back and

another hand grabbing her and turning her to face the bars.

“No let me go!” she yelled in vain her its now smashed against the bars. “Pleeeaaa” she

started to beg through teary eyes but a hard smelly cock was forced into her mouth and down her

throat before she could finish. Looking up she saw the cock belonged to the smelly fat man

smiling down at her grabbing her hair with both hands “you suck yes” he said smiling and began

fucking her face. “Oh yes thats it you gringa bitch you like it in your mouth” he moaned holding

her head tight.

It was all Kim to do to keep from gagging and while she was struggling to breath numerous sets

of hands began mauling her tits. The other men in the cell were fighting to be next in line to use

her mouth. When the first man deposited his load in her belly another took his place. The second

man was just getting ready to unload when Lupe, Jose, the female agent, and the two male agents

came to get Kim.

“What the hell is going on here?” Juan yelled and all the men in the cell scattered except

the one using her mouth; he pumped a couple more times then let go of her hair. Then as he

pulled is cock from her mouth he pumped one last time and came all over Kims shocked face.

“What the fuck bitch are you such a cock loving whore you didnt get enough last night?”

Lupe mocked Kim as she moved closer. “I warned you what would happen if this mess wasnt

cleaned up by the time I got back” she said grabbing Kim by the hair.

“Looks like I have to watch you every second or youll be sucking cock all the time!” she

added pulling Kim to where there were fresh globs scattered on the floor “get busy” she ordered

pushing Kims face into the mess.

“Buuuuu” WWWWWHHAAPPP Kim tried to explain but was silenced when Lupe

lashed her ass with a strap. AAAAAAAAAHHH”

“Ill go tell the driver its gonna be about a few more minutes the female agent said

shaking her head and walking out a back door. Lupe continued leading Kim from glob to glob

whipping her ass as they went making sure she got every one.

“What should I do with these?” Jose asked holding up an Kims orange striped jump suit

and a small duffle bag.

“Leave the bag and you might as well throw the jump suit away this whore just lost the

privilege of wearing clothes!” Lupe answered. Once she was satisfied that Kim cleaned up

everything she pulled Kim to her knees. Reaching into the duffle bag she pulled out a bundle of

chains she looped one chain tightly around Kims waist and secured it with a pad lock. That

chain had two chains attached to it at the small of Kims back. Lupe took those two chains and

pulled them down between Kims legs and then pulled it up tight looping it under the waist chain

making sure it split Kims pussy lips.

She then undid Kims hands from behind her back and secured them in front of Kims

body with cuffs connected by a short 18" chain. She then attached one of the chains from

between Kims legs to one wrist and the other chain to the other wrist. This restricted Kim from

moving her arms any higher than jus above her shoulders.

Next she attached two chains to the front of Kims collar and forced the sobbing woman

to her hands and knees. She then came around behind her pulled an 18" spreader bar from the bag

and attached it to Kims knees spreading her legs lewdly. Reaching up under Kim she attached

one of the chains from her collar to one knee and the other chain to her other knee. Standing up

she pulled a short riding crop from the bag and smacked Kim on the ass forcing her to crawl on

her hands and knees.

Lupe was pleased with her handiwork se could see that Kim was restricted to short

tormenting movements when she crawled. Every time she moved either of her hands forward it

pulled the chain between her pussy rubbing and crushing her clit at the same time. To move her

knees Kim had to swivel her hips and keep her legs wide. The chains from her collar to her knees

rubbed against her nipples every time she took a stride.

Lupe continued smacking Kims ass making her crawl around the cells to make sure

everything was just right. She then ordered Kim to stop and stay on her hands and knees. Pulling

more items from the duffle bag she remarked “just a couple more things and youll be the perfect

piggie.” Forcing Kim to open her mouth wide Lupe fit a ring gag behind Kims teeth ensuring

her mouth will remain open and available for the entire trip.

Kim shook her head trying to dislodge it from her already sore mouth and Lupe slapped

her tit to make her stop. She then produced a butt plug attached to a curly spring about 6" long

and stuck it in Kims mouth to get it wet. Coming around behind Kim she grabbed the chains

going between Kims legs and spread them apart to gain access to Kims asshole which caused

the chains to pinch her tender bud. Ignoring Kims squeals she forced the plug into Kims ass and

let the chains come together holding it in place.

Lupe flicked the pig like tail to see Kims response and judging from her captives

reaction it was having the effect she wanted. That effect was for the sping to not only give her a

pig tail but the spring amplified every movement and transferred it to the plug. The next thing

sha attached was a remote controlled butterfly vibrator to the chains running through her pussy.

After it was in place Lupe couldnt resist giving it a try.............the result was a loud squeal from

Kims mouth and her hands jerking backwards causing her to fall forward and crush her tits then

torment her clit when she struggled back to her hands and knees.

Satisfied and proud of the job she did Lupe tucked the remote control under the waist

chain to wait for whoever cot the pleasure of using it. She suddenly snapped her fingers as if she

just remembered something she held her hand out to Jose who pulled something out of his pocket

and handed it to Lupe. An evil smile came to her face as she walked in front of Kim “Didnt I

warn you I would make your life miserable if you failed to please me?” Lupe asked Kim.

Hurting and humiliated more than she thought anybody could be Kim nodded her head

yes with tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Well ya know I dont think you are quite miserable enough!” She said and reached down

and grabbed Kims hair tilting her head back so her face was pointing up.....Lupe reached up with

her other and clipped a huge ring onto Kims nose the extra strong clip with serrated jaws

crushing her septum painfully and making it impossible to pull off without opening it. “There

now you look just like the miserable gringa pig you are!” Lupe laughs

“OOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAA” Kim squeals and screams shaking her head

frantically trying to shake it off.

“ Save your strength you stupid American slut it wont come off until one of us decides it

comes off” Lupe laughs clipping a leash to the nose ring then dropping it and walking to the door

and opening it “Its ready” she yells out to the female agent.

The female agent comes walking in “its a good thing she is finally they are getting

restless out there not to mention having to drive in the heat of the day” she complains

“Calm down this is gonna be worth the wait” Lupe tells her

“And just why is that” the agent asks.

“Tell me what is she gonna travel in?......A cage right?.........and what do you put in

cages?..........animals right?” Lupe steps back “here you are a fat white sow for your traveling

entertainment” Lupe pulls on the leash and Kim crawls forward.

“Well arent you quite the fucking pig?” the agent laughs taking the leash from Lupe

“what are the remote controls for?” she asks

“Why dont we leave that as a surprise that you can figure outwhile you are on the road”

Lupe tells her “the fuck has lost the right to wear clothes at least until you get there the warden

has the call once there. She disobeyed me so I promised her this trip will be the most miserable

time of her life ........Ive done all I can now its up to you to make it even more miserable” Lupe

told her then added “me and Jose need to get out to the airport well see you in a couple days”

She turns and viciously whips Kims ass causing her to jump “have a fun trip punta!”

The two agents walk around Kim laughing at her discomfort and finally the female tugs

on the leash and leads her prisoner out the door by her nose. Kim squeals from the pain of being

led by her nose and struggles to keep up her speed limited by her short strides. Kim is already

dripping sweat before they even go outside and once she is out the door she is blinded by the

bright sunlight while her hands and knees are burnt by the hot pavement and whimpers as she is

forced to walk across it to the bus.

         She is in agony when they finally reach the bus but instead of finding relief she is met

with new challenges. The step up into the bus is too tall for her to get up tied the way she is.

Every way she tries torments either her tits, her pussy, or her clit. Finally one of the Mexican

prisoners offers a solution. The Mexican prisoner is a very young girl that was sentenced to

prison for ripping off American tourist.

“We saw the cage back there and we figure you plan to make this fat American pig travel

in it so if you let us play with the whore on the trip us prisoners can open the emergency exit and

pull the cage out and get her in it then we can just lift the cage and her fat ass up and in the bus”

she offers.

“I will give you a few hours with her because she needs to be in decent shape til we check

in but when we get there Ill do what I can to convince the warden to let you have access to her”

the big male agent offers.

“That works” the girl says with a wicked smile.

The agent pulls on the leash forcing Kim to crawl to the back of the bus wile the prisoners

and the driver open the back emergency door and pull the tiny cage out and put it on the ground.

Using the cattle prod the four prisoners force Kim to crawl into the cage. The cage is made out of

thick rough rebar on all sides and Kim moves slowly into it having to duck her head to get in.

One of the prisoners pushes Kim roughly into the cage forcing her into the cramped space. The

group lifts the cage up and slides it into the back of the bus then while one guard escorts the

prisoners back to the the front the female agent closes and locks the emergency exit.

“Hope your comfortable in there cause thats where your gonna stay for the next 2 days”

she informs Kim. She connects a tube to a rubber penis with a hole through it and then to a bottle

filled with water. She sticks the penis into the cage and attaches it to a bar where Kim will be

able to reach it then sets the bottle on the floor next to the cage. “There you go Im sure you

know how to get something out of the end of that...............just wrap your lips around it and suck”

She laughed.

“Our instructions were to keep you isolated from the other prisoners but they have been

so helpful and taken such an interest in you that..........well lets just say I doubt youll be lonely!”

she taunted Kim as she secured everything. She walked away and took a seat behind the other

prisoners up front and the driver started the bus. Kim tried to find a comfortable position until

just outside the customs compound she was jolted by the damn butterfly vibrator causing her to

squeal loud enough to be heard by everyone.

Whoever was in control of the remote allowed it to buzz for about twenty minutes. It was

set to medium power so it was just enough to stimulate and tease but not enough to satisfy on its

own. At the end of the twenty minutes her mind was centered on her pussy as she slowly rocked

and whined. After another twenty or so minutes her body jerked as it came to life again this time

starting on a higher setting then dropping to a lower one until it cut off a little while later.

The cage had been put in the back corner behind a seat bench keeping her out of sight and

even though she couldnt see them she could sure hear them all laughing and she was pretty sure

she knew what they were laughing about. They kept turning it off giving her enough time to cool

down then switching it on for long enough to get her so stimulated she would hump her hips and

moan until the bus came to a stop four hours later.

When they came back to check on her she was sweating bullets and her pussy was

flowing from having been stimulated so much. “Thought we smelled something back here” one

of the prisoners remarked then another added “damn you are you nasty whore you leaking so bad

you making a puddle” and the others laughed. Kim didnt have a chance to be humiliated as the

damn thing switched un again causing her to shudder and moan.

“Lets go ladies time to stretch your legs the road gets rough from here” the driver yelled

out. The group moved off to the front of the bus to exit the last of the group a very dark skinned

girl leaned down and spit hitting Kim in the face. They left the horrible thing vibrating driving

her crazy while they went outside to stretch their legs and go to the bathroom. All Kim could do

was remain kneeling unable to move within the tiny cage she closed her eyes tightly fighting the

feelings in her pussy and the growing pressure in her bladder.

The driver came to the back unnoticed and watched Kim struggle “you better not make a

mess in my bus bitch” he said loudly surprising Kim and making her jump.

“Easse ah ought a eeee” she struggled to beg “Easse ah ought a eeee” getting frustrated

not being able to form the words. She tried again moving her hips to try and get her point across.

“Hell no I wouldnt fuck that pussy with a ten foot cock you better find a better way to try

and bribe me.” he shuddered and said.

Kim shook her head no and tried again “OOOOOO I eeddd eeeee” “eeeeeeeee” she cried.

“Oh pee....” he said “you want some pee to drink.......wish you would have told me sooner

I just drained my lizard maybe we can do something then the others come back”

Once again she started shaking her head no. and the driver knelt down in front of her and

reached into her cage and grabbed one of her tits. She tried to twist away but there was no place

to twist to and no place to do it. With his prey trapped he brought his other hand up and began

rubbing it over her gagged mouth before sticking two fingers into her mouth. Kim groaned trying

to resist but he had a tight grip on her tit and was squeezing tighter while he explored her mouth

with his other hand.

“Oh yes you old slut thats gonna be my cock not my fingers when we stop for the night

and if you dont want your tits torn off you better suck it good!” he promised her. The others

returned while he was playing with Kim and he turned to them “If this slut makes a mess in my

bus there is gonna be hell to pay give her a bucket or something!” he talked about her like she

was an animal with his fingers still invading her mouth.

“We just dont want to have to take the time to load her and unload her she is really

slowing us down.......and we still have hours to go!” the agent argued.

“I have somme thoughts about that” the driver said and got up to talk to the two agents.

After listening to the driver for a few minutes the agents secured the other prisoners and

walked to the back of the bus and the driver went outside. The female agent unlocked and opened

the cage then reached in and clipped the leash to Kims nose ring. She gave the leash a tug

causing Kim to squeal and struggle out of the cage. “Lets speed it up you worthless waste of

flesh!” the agent growled leading her captive to the front door of the bus. Kim was forced to

crawl down the steps and out of the bus. Having to crawl down the steps forced Kim to stretch

and pull on the already tight chain between her legs. Her anguished scream coming out nothing

more than a pathetic “mooo”

Once outside she was not allowed to stretch her legs like the others she was forced to

crawl on her hands and knees. When they reached the out house she wasnt allowed to go in she

instead was ordered to piss like the animal she was. Whimpering she relaxed her bladder and let

go a stream of of piss hitting the grouund with such force it splashed up on her legs and arms

adding to her humiliation. Using the cattle prod the female agent guides the crawling Kim back

to the bus but instead of going back to the door she is lead to where the driver is standing on the

side of the bus.

Seeing what they have planned Kim jerks and tries to back away but is easily controlled

by the ring clipped to her nose. Handing the driver the leash the female agent uses the prod to

keep Kim crawling to where the driver has opened the storage compartments underneath the bus.

Coming to a stop at his feet the driver pulls up on the leash and the two of them force Kim to

crawl up into the baggage compartment. Once inside Kim finds the compartment to be even more

confining than the cage was. As she must crouch down with her legs and arms folded underneath

her to fit in.

The driver produced the water jug along with the drinking tup with a rubber cock on the

end. Setting it down beside her head he motioned fed the rubber cock through the ring gag and

into her mouth telling her “I suggest you dont let that fall out its going to be a long hot drive

from here and that is the only refreshment you will get as we wont be stopping again until the


Kim moaned and begged for mercy with her eyes but was completely ignored by both the

agent and the driver as the closed the compartment door and boarded the bus. Kim twisted as

much as she was able trying to find a comfortable position but not finding one settled for the

least uncomfortable one she could find. But just as she was settling in she was jolted by the

familiar buzz on her pussy. She groaned and shifted her hips as the bus began moving.

The vibrator remained on for a good fifteen minutes more than long enough to stimulate

her to the point her pussy was dripping and she was searching for relief. The driver had been

right as the compartment quickly became unbearably hot. She found herself constantly sucking

on the cock invading her mouth not only for the water but to keep it from slipping out. Not long

after the vibrator stopped the pavement turned to dirt and the ride became bumpy.

The further they traveled down the dirt road the bumpier it became and the tires were

kicking up clouds of dust on every bump they hit. To make matters worse whoever had control of

the remote control for the butterfly vibrator wasnt missing a beat turning it on just long enough

to get her flowing only to turn it off long enough for the edge to wear off then repeat it again.

Each bump bringing the pig tail to life in her ass. Between the vibrator and the road she felt like

she was on a rollercoaster.

Up inside the bus the agent had given the remote to the prisoners as their reward for

helping out earlier. The women wished they could see the effect the vibrator was having on the

outcast. None the less the prisoners were having a good time playing with the remote and

laughing about tormenting Kim then passing it to the next woman ensuring Kim would get no

relief. If they could have seen Kim they would have been proud of themselves as she found

herself once again humping her hips and even using the chain to stimulate her clit enough for

release but always falling short.

Kim was in tears from frustration and pain as the chain rubbed her pussy and nipples raw.

The heat was having its affect as well as she was sweating buckets from the heat and exertion.

She could feel the dirt and grime sticking to her sweat covered body and caking around the cock

in her mouth. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOO” she screamed around the gag as the bus hit a bump and

the vibrator as well as the tail came to life as if on cue. Her body sagged again and her tits began

rubbing against the hot steel floor of the compart and within moments she would close her eyes

and her hips would slowly begin to hump against nothing. She sobbed and sucked in some of the

warm water the only relief she would be allowed over the coming hours.

The miles and hours passed slowly by the passengers in the bus napping and talking but

for the passenger below it was an unrelenting cycle. At one point about two maybe three hours in

the bus hit an exceptionally violent bump that jarred Kim so hard she nearly expelled the cock

from her mouth completely. Luckily the tip caught on the ring gag keeping it from coming out

completely but it was also to the point she couldnt suck on it. She ended up slowly and painfully

lowering her head towards the floor pushing the bottom of the cock against the floor and pulling

against the chains to lower her mouth down on the disgusting thing.

The driver seemed to go on forever and the female agent had done what she promised as

those were the most miserable hours Kim had ever experienced. Little did she know things could

and would get worse. And the bus careened down the rough dusty road for the next few hours

until they reached the gates of the prison in the early morning hours.

The bus is met at the gate by two huge matrons they exchanged words with the driver

then opened the gate allowing the bus in. The dusty bus came to a stop and the door opened and

out came the female agent followed by the prisoners who were chained together in a line. They

were followed out by the guard and then lined up in front of the two matrons. “You are here

because you have committed crimes so heinous it has been determined there is no place for you

among civilized arent here to be rehabilitated you are here to serve your

sentence if you survive to complete your sentence you will be released if not oh well it makes no

difference to us” she tells them “now follow the matron so we can check you in!” The prisoners

formed a single file line and followed the matron into the prison.

When they had gone the driver and the female agent opened the compartment Kim was

riding in. “Lets go you worthless punta time to meet your owner!” The agent said pulling Kim

out of the compartment. The bright light burned Kims eyes as she struggled out of the hold.

Gone was the fair skinned beauty replaced by a dirty sweaty animal. She was forced to crawl

away from the bus in full view of the prisoners looking down from their cells. When they reached

the same place the others stood to be addressed by the matron she was brought to a stop.

“You will stay right here until the matrons return to check you in” the agent said dropping

the leash “if you move even an inch you will be strung up and you understand?”

she finished.

“Es am” Kim tried to say through the gag which bought her a slap to the ass as the agent

and driver returned to the bus to retrieve paperwork and baggage. Kim was left alone to bake in

the morning sun beads of sweat forming all over her body then leaving streaks in the dirt. As

soon as the agent and driver disappeared into the bus she could hear the prisoners calling out to

her calling her names she had never heard before some laying claim to her or arious parts of her.

Seeing what lay ahead of her Kim began to tremble with fear.

She was left on display in the hot sun for over an hour and her skin was turning red while

her head was beginning to spin. There were still occasional shouts from the prison but they had

pretty much died off. Finally the matrons returned and when they were standing above Kim one

of them addressed her “you because of the type of crime you committed are the lowest form of

life here” she was told.  Kims mind was swimming crime what crime? She didnt do anything

but with the gag still in her mouth she was unable to defend herself which was probably a ood


The matron continued “you are to be brought to the warden and she will decide how you

will serve out your sentence...............what ever she decides I can assure you it wont be

pleasant.”  The woman reached down and grabbed the leash and began leading her inside only to

be stopped by the agent and driver who set two cartons on Kims back before letting the matron

lead them on. The driver walked beside Kim balancing the load with one hand while Kim carried

the load.

Inside she was relieved of the load then led on hands and knees to the wardens office.

One of the matrons knocked on the door and led Kim in leading her to the middle of the room

then dropping the leash and leaving. Kim looked around the well decorated office she saw and

older Mexican woman behind the desk and she figured correctly it was the warden. Her heart

sank when she saw Lupe and Jose as well as the woman that had trapped her Ruby sitting on one

side of the room. On the other side was an older man and a woman about Kims age who looked

quite a bit like Kim.

“Oh I think shell be perfect its almost like looking in a mirror!” the woman squealed

with delight.

It was Ruby that spoke first “let me introduce you this is the warden.......mistress to you

when you are allowed to speak.” she said pointing to the woman behind the desk “you know me,

Lupe and Jose who you will never be allowed to address again.” then pointing to the man and

woman “you have no need to know this gentlemans name it will be enough to know he runs one

of the biggest cartels in Mexico and is one of the most powerful men in all the area. And this is

his daughter who from this day on is Kimberly!”

Kim looks up shocked and begins to protest through the gag but is silenced by the stun

gun in Rubys hand. “You wont speak unless asked to and any disrespect will be dealt with

immediately!”  She scolds. Then pointing to Kim “this punta and waste of human flesh is now

known as Maria or prisoner X696969" she finishes.

The warden stands and walks up to Kim with riding crop in hand “you have been brought

here at considerable expense to trade places with this young lady formerly known as Maria” she

says pointing to the woman now called Kimberly. “She is Senior Apodacca”s only daughter who

unfortunately has got herself into some trouble.........despite Senior Apodacca”s best efforts she

has been convicted of child abuse, child molestation, both ending in the unfortunate

disfigurement of more than one child.......she was sentenced to 101 years here with us” she says

putting her crop under Kims chin and lifting it up. “I am sure you can understand at how

distraught Senior Apodacca was at the thought of his only child being imprisoned here especially

for the crimes she committed. So he contracted your friends over there to find and abduct a

suitable replacement for her and they found you!”

Tears started running from Kims eyes as she began to realize how screwed she was. “I

know you are thinking well never get away with this.......but we have many times before and we

did an even more thorough job with you” she said throwing down a newspaper that had a picture

of Kim being led away by police with the headline “Child Molester Sentenced to Prison”. Kim

looked at in with horror.

“In the short time they have had you your finger prints, DNA, and mugshots have been

switched with Marias and circulated world wide while at the same time her finger prints and

such have been switched with yours and since the only ones that can identify you are back in

New Mexico Kimberly will be going on an extended holiday and in time relocate elsewhere.” she

laughed. I am telling you this so youll know that if by some chance you might escape prison and

go to authorities you will be identified as an escaped prisoner and returned here for punishment.”

“What about the tattoos does she have them?” Kimberly asks excitedly.

“on your feet bitch” the warden orders and Kim tries to rise to her feet but the chains dig

into her pussy, pull on her tits and her neck keeping her from standing

“Just a minute!” Ruby says then comes over and releases the chains from Kims legs who

is then forced to stand straight making all her muscles scream out in pain Kimberly walks over to

inspect the tattoos.

“They are perfect” she says then asks Kim if she knows the significance of the tattoos

then explains it to her “The Property of MS5" is because one of the kids I messed up had ties to

the group and they decided it would be too easy to kill me so they made me their whore for life

and nobody can fuck my pussy only my ass.......I have been given to so many people I lost

count......but thats your problem now!” she says with a smile “go ahead and pay them father and

lets get out of here”

Senior Apodacca pays Lupe and the warden then he and his daughter leave. Ruby strolls

over and grabs Kims pussy “we still have the option to buy this pig back after she has been here

long enough” she asks the warden.

“Certainly as long as she survives long enough!” the warden responds she thhen

addresses Kim “this is how it is you are the lowest scum here anybody can do what they want

with you!”

“Oooooo” Kim protests and gets punched in the gut

and the warden continues “from this point on you will known as Maria or prisoner

X696969 failure to respond when you are called by either will result in punishment. You will

never respond to your previous name or tell anybody what it was to do so will bring even more

severe punishment. Because of the crimes you are here for you will never be allowed clothing in

the prison. You will never look a superior in the eye and since you are the lowest piece of shit in

here you will look nobody in the eyes.” they warden walks around Kim and brings her crop down

on Kims tits “you can be fairly certain that word has gotten around why you are in here and thats

not good for you!” Since you chose to act like an animal you will be treated like one!” she moved

to the intercom and called the matrons in.

When the matrons were in the room the warden once again addressed Kim “this isnt

Club Med you must pay for your stay here and because you have no money and your father has

disowned you I will assign you a job............Ladies take this white sow to Jasmine in the stables

prisoner x696969 is to earn her keep as a draft animal tell Jasmine she is resposible for keeping

this child molester busy” the warden ordered.

The matrons cuffed Kims hands behind her back then picking up the leash attached to

her nose ring led her out of the office.

“Good bye sweet meatwell see you in a month or so if you last that long” Ruby shouted

to her as she was led out. The matrons led her through the main hall where most of the prisoners

were kept the prison was so overcrowded that the cells were no longer used prisoners were

separated into cell blocks by crimes and gang affiliations. Making their way through the crowded

cell block Kim was groped and mauled continuously with the prisoners telling the matrons to

leave her.

“You want a shot at her? Get a job working the fields or mines this punta has been

assigned to the stables.” The matron told the women. Kim was scratched, spit on, her tits pinched

and pulled as she was slowly led from the cell block to the yard. In the yard she was subject to

much the same “hey gringa you gonna be my bitch” “yes a new pussy licker” “whitey gonna be

my personal piss bucket” were just of a few of the things she was promised. As they neared the

stables the stench of animals got stronger and stronger almost causing Kim to throw up.

“Jasmine.......hey you old dyke you around” on of the matrons called out. “And you pig on

your knees where whores like you belong” the other ordered Kim as she brought her baton down

on the back of her legs causing Kims knees to buckle and sshe fell to the ground. Kim was

doubled over with her face between her legs when Jasmine entered the stable. She was an older

large round dark skinned almost black women that radiated power.

“We got one for ya” the matron told her almost fearfully.

“Its about time its been a while since I had a two legged animal to rent out........oh and

look a gringa how lucky am I?” The large woman gushed.

“Even better lifer and a child molester too...........and words already out on her!” the

matron told her.

Circling the doubleovered woman Jasmine brought her horse whip down on Kims ass

“kneel up straight pig so I can see what I got” she orders while hitting Kim on the ass once again

with the whip.

“OOOOOOOOOO OOPPPPPP” Kim screeched rising up and straightening out her body

forcing her tits out. Which Jasmine quickly grabs hold of and twists Kim this way then that way.

“Kinda old and fat probably got a sloppy fucked out pussy too she better have a strong

tongue.........whats the warden want me to do with it?” the huge woman asks while still

squeezing Kims tits.

“She dont care shes all yours to do what you want warden just wants you to make sure

her stay here is long and memorable and well documented because Senior Apodacca has a special

interest in her and has asked for updates.” the matron told Jasmine.

“In that case we better test out her mouth!” the big woman said has she bent Kim over

backwards with her arms and legs folded beneath her. Then holding Kim down by putting her

foot to Kims throat the big woman started pulling off her overalls. “Which of you ladies want

seconds?” she asked the matrons as she bared her ass and pussy then squatted down planting her

ass on Kims mouth. “Oh this pigs face fits perfect” Jasmine purred to the others while she used

Kims hair to guide her defenseless mouth to her pussy. Leaning back the black woman grabbed

Kims crotch and began tormenting her pussy telling her she better get her tongue to work or she

would tear Kims pussy lips clean off.

Kim never doubted for a second that the black would do what she threatened so despite

gasping for air she started lapping at the fat pussy covering her face. The giant woman alternated

between pulling Kims pussy lips and twisting her nipples while she humped and ground her twat

into her prisoners face. Kim licked and sucked as best she could through the ring gag trying to

ignore the screaming pain from her tits and cunt. Her tongue was getting sore and tired and her

lungs were screaming for air as she sought to pleasure Jasmine.

“Aaaahhhhhh” Kim squealed when she began to feel light headed and she was sweating

out every pore. And mercifully just as she was about to pass out she felt the woman riding her

face shudder and stiffen as the big woman started coming filling Kims mouth with her juices.

Kim started to choke as her mouth was quickly filled but was forced to swallow it all when the

woman held her head and pulled it firmly into her gushing pussy.

Kim gasped for air trying to fill her oxygen starved lungs when the messy black pussy

was finally lifted from her face. Her relief was short lived as the first of the two matrons wasted

no time taking Jasmines place grinding on the prisoners face. Kims pleas and protests only

added to the pleasure the Mexican was getting from her mouth. Underneath the woman Kim was

suffering from the horrible smell coming from the unkept pussy she was now being forced to

service. Then much to her horror the woman riding her face shifted her weight so her ass hole

was covering Kims lips. Lifting up momentarily she threatens Kim saying if she doesnt feel her

slutty tongue frenching her asshole she would string Kim up by her nipples. Kim didnt have to

be told twice.

While Kim and the first Matron were occupied Jasmine told the other matron to help

herself to the bitch when her partner was done. She then told her she needed to get what she need

together to register and check in the new pig and she would be back soon. Jasmine left leaving

Kim to the mercy of the two Mexican matrons. The two women took full advantage of Kims

mouth for the next half hour or 45 minutes tormenting her while she serviced their asses and


Jasmine returned once and set up a couple video cameras left and when she came back

she set a couple of items outside the stable before coming in and waiting for the matrons to

finish. With they were finished with her Kim was barely conscious, her tits and pussy hurt from

being twisted and pulled. She gulped in air as fast as she could and her mouth and tongue were

exhausted and screaming in pain. Jasmine stood over her as she lay there with her chest rising

and falling and her entire body glistening with sweat.

Grabbing her by the hair Jasmine lifted a screaming Kim until she was kneeling upright.

She once again clipped the hated chain leash to the ring that was attached to Kims nose and gave

it a tug. Kims eyes instantly started watering from the pain of being led by her nose and she

struggled to crawl fast enough to keep up. With her arms bound behind her and her legs still

shaky from being pinned beneath her Kim nearly fell a few times before they even made it to the

door of the stable.

As soon as the left the stable Kim was blinded by the brightness of the noon sun and her

body already burnt from being forced to wait in the sun earlier quickly began to ache and burn

even more. She was forced to crawl blindly on her knees as her eyes adjusted to the bright sun.

she smelled the stench of animals and heard the creaking of a gate opening and seconds later she

opened her eyes and started to struggle when she saw she had been led into a pig pen. All it took

was a firm pull on the leash to bring Kim back under control and she found herself laying face

first in the disguising chocolate colored muck of the pen. She instantly knew it wasnt just mud

the smell told her it had to be a mix of pig urine and poop and who knows what else.

Jasmine wordlessly dragged her a few more and pulled her to her knees and Kim found

herself kneeling in front of what she recognized as a pillory and this one was built very low to the

ground. The three women gave her no chance to react or resist as one of them quickly thrust a

cattle prod threateningly between her legs and resting against her pussy.

Jasmine spoke “we can do this the easy way or the more painful way........even a stupid

pig like you should realize your neck will be in there no matter what you do....................I can

guarantee my two friends here are hoping you choose to be difficult” she feels the matron holding

the cattle prod let it drop slightly then push the button. Kim heard it sizzle and pop and pressed

back against her pussy.

Kim sobbed and bowed her head...seeing this Jasmine lifted the top half of the

pillory.....still sobbing Kim bowed lower until her throat was resting in the cut out of the lower

half. Jasmine dropped the top half back down and secured it with a large padlock. Kim started

crying in earnest finding herself kneeling with her arms bound behind her back in the disgusting

stinking muck of a pig sty with her neck securely trapped in a pillory waiting helplessly for what

was to come next.

Through tear filled eyes she noticed other prisoners gathering outside the pen to witness

her debasement. She gave no resistance at all when she felt a frame of some kind being fit under

her hips ensuring she would remain kneeling there with her face almost in the stinking muck and

her ass high in the air. It was while they were securing her hips forcing her to stare into the muck

that she thought she saw something moving in the slime. Sniffing back tears allowing her eyes to

clear what she saw made her try to scream through the gag once again making only a moooing


She never heard the others laughing at her as she continued mooing. What she saw that

made her scream was the hundreds of leaches and thousands of maggots squirming around in the

mud bringing it to life. The women had finished securing Kims hips to the frame leaving her

unable to move even a little. As the matrons stood outside the pig pen admiring how well they

had done their job Jasmine squatted in front of her with her feet protected by rubber boots hung a

sign of some kind around Kims neck and left. A short while later the big black woman returned

with heavy leather gloves on her hands carrying what looked to be a bucket of hot embers.

As soon as Jasmine set it down in front of Kims face she noticed the glowing iron buried

in the embers and began freaking out screaming through the gag but her body was held tight.

Kim was trembling and sweating and shaking her head violently when Jasmine pulled the iron

from the embers. She held it to Kims face momentarily before walking behind her. Jasmine

smiled as she saw Kims shapely ass quivering and jiggling. Then in one thrust jabbed the iron

against Kims hip.

Kims face turned red and she let loose with such a moo she attracted attention from all

across the yard. Jasmine continued to hold the branding iron there sizzling for what seemed like

days but was only seconds. It continued to burn even after Jasmine had returned the iron to the

coals and extinguished the embers. Kim was still trembling when Jasmine carried the pot and the

iron back inside the stable and was just getting her breathing under control when the black

woman returned from the stables. A few seconds later she felt something cool and wet applied to

where she had been branded only to instantly feel like she was being burnt again. Jasmine had

wiped the brand with a towel drenched in alcohol to fight of infection as well as other chemicals

to cause it to scar heavily.

Kim must have blacked out momentarily because the next thing she knew she was

looking at Jasmine hanging a sign on the fence surrounding the pen listing the rates to rent her

and all of them were negotiable. Jasmine leaned over the fence and called out to her “just to show

you Im not all bad Im giving you the afternoon off to let your brand scab over” she turned and

walked a few steps down the fence and opened a gate letting at least a dozen pigs and hogs in the

pen with her “wouldnt want you to get lonely!”

It didnt take long for the pigs to find their way to where Kim was held. She tried to

struggle but it did no good as the pigs.... both sow and hog found her and began exploring her

body. Held tightly there was nothing she could do when she felt the animals noses roaming over

her entire body “moooooooooooo” she screamed as if anybody cared. Most of the pigs were

bored with their new pen mate and wandered of to wallow in the mud to cool off. Shivers went

up her spine when the few that remained began licking her.

She could feel their rough tongues on her butt and one lapping at her tit. An exceptionally

large hog came around to the front of the pillory and began licking her face occasionally swiping

her mouth and she had to fight to keep from throwing up. She ended up losing that fight when he

licking lingered at her mouth eventually darting his tongue past the ring gag and into her mouth.

She was so repulsed vomit flew from her mouth. The hog was unfazed in fact he reacted by

lapping up the mess and then plunging his tongue deeper into her mouth.

She moved her head from side to side but he was relentless. Even though she couldnt see

anything past his horrid face Kim could hear the prisoners that had gathered laughing and

shouting crude comments obviously enjoying her humiliation. When she thought her situation

couldnt get any worse she felt the one that had been licking her ass shift his focus downward his

tongue now swiping across her pussy. At first it was just an occasional swipe but was now

becoming the target of his assault. \

Kim tried to close her legs or drop her hips anything to deny him access but the matrons

had secured her to the frame too well. Now as she began sweating profusely she could feel her

body betraying her; the suckling of her tits and the stimulation caused by the attention being

given her pussy was making it tingle and flow. She closed her eyes to try and block out the

sensation but all the stimulation was too persistent. She began “mmmmmmoooaning” from the

stimulation but was constantly left on the edge.

Time passed and she struggled to keep her sanity. Jasmine returned quite a while later and

began talking with a group of prisoners that had come and gone a few times through out the

afternoon. Their discussion seemed to become heated and at times very animated with one person

or the other gesture in Kims direction. Kim was blissfully unaware of the negotiations taking

place until Jasmine entered the pen and chasing the animals tormenting Kim away. Kim was

thankful to finally get some relief from the constant torment until her scalp exploded in pain.

Jasmine had grabbed hold of Kims hair and was pulling her head up and back to give the

group she had been talking with a good look at her face. Some of the group nodded and others

shook their heads and one even left. Those that remained began shouting back and forth with

Jasmine but Kim couldnt understand what they were saying because they were speaking in

Spanish. She didnt need to know what they were saying to know whatever it was wouldnt be

good news for her. Jasmine held Kims head in that painful position as the discussion continued

on. Kim groaned from the discomfort and despair as the longer they talked the more certain she

became it was her future they were negotiating for.

One by one group began shrinking as the price for the human pig grew too high. Finally

after about an hour only the highest bidder remained. Jasmine let go of Kims head allowing it to

fall when the winner opened the gate to the pen and approached. The two women exchanged cash

for the key to the pillory and she heard Jasmine begin speaking to the winning woman. This time

she smoke in English so Kim would be able to understand.

“You stole this cunt from me I had hoped to get more......but to get top dollar the

merchandise has to be prime” she began.\

“You should be grateful for my generosity we both know I paid too much for it because I

have something special in mind for it.” the winner replied talking about Kim like she was an


“Yeah need to rememberer the rental can have her from

an hour before sunrise until three hours past sundown. You can do whatever you want with her as

long as she isnt disfigured, permanently scarred, injured, or killed. You cannot sublet her

without me being compensated in advance. It must be returned in the condition you picked it

up....basically I have to be able to turn her out the following day. You will be liable for any lack

of income I might suffer.......are we clear?” Jasmine asks seriously

“Absolutely ..................if I kill her or fuck her up too badly.........Ill have to replace her

with a skank of equal or greater value......pretty much any old slut!” the winning prisoner


She then leaned down and grabbed Kim by the hair and lifted so she could look in her

eyes. “Dont spend all night fucking your boyfriends!” she told Kim referring to the huge hogs

“Ill be here first thing in the morning we have a big week planned for you” she said laughing.

“NOOOOOOOOO   EEEASSSEE OOOOOO” Kim spewed out from the gag when she

saw who she had been rented out to. Its was one of the new prisoners that came in on the same

bus as her...the one that had been so eager to help the agent and driver humiliate Kim.

“Oh yes you smelly old twat! You wouldnt believe these old timers wanted to do me

when I was put in population! Lucky for me Kimberly and her father was still here; with some

help from them I was able to make a deal with my new!” she laughed

walking out of the pen “sleep well Ill be back before you know it!”

Kim had no idea who the girl was or why she wanted so desperately to hurt and humiliate

her but she  would soon find out that bitches name was Carmen and their lives would become

very much entwined over the coming months and that wasnt good news for Kim.

“Youll make her and her crew very happy if you know whats good for you......if you

dont I promise youll answer to them and then to me.” Jasmine warned Kim before going back

in the stable. Kim tried to look around as she cried snd felt some relief when the hogs seemed to

show no interest in her at the moment. As dusk turned into evening then night Kim was left

pretty much to herself occasionally one of her pen mates would stroll over to sniff and snort then


That all changed when twilight turned to the dark of night and she could feel the vile

muck she was kneeling in slowly come to life. The fat slimy creatures began slowly inching their

way up her legs. She feel at least a dozen of them mostly on the insides of her legs. Her disgust

started to turn into panic when she felt them crawling across her crotch. Kim was trembling and

twitching to no avail she couldnt dislodge them.

“Mmmmaaoooo”“Mmmmaaoooo”“Mmmmaaoooo” She went into hysterics when she

felt one latch on deep inside her cunt. “Mmmmaaoooo”“Mmmmaaoooo” she screamed again and

again only to feel another one latch on. More and more were crawling all over her body latching

on to feed off her. Then there were the flying insects of all kinds buzzing around her head

infesting her hair and exploring her defenseless mouth. As the temperature started cooling the fat

hogs began to stir and resume their rutting. They came up to her and started poking at her with

their snouts jostling her about. One went around behind her and began stabbing at her pussy with

his long twisting cock “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she wailed when she felt his

cock hit just to the side of her pussy. His next stroke was dead center on her pussy but slid over

her wet hole when she felt him rear back to try again she closed her eyes hoping to block out the

impalement of her pussy.

The animal shifted his weight and began to rock forward but just as he did the frame

holding her hips gave way. Her body sagged and when he trust forward his cock hit her ass

instead of her pussy. Him banging against the curly tail butt plug hurt like hell but prevented him

from ass fucking her. He wasnt one to give up and shifted his weight again thrusting again and

again grunting with every stroke but her hips had dropped just enough to put her pussy at an

angle he couldnt get to. Frustrated he poked her viciously with his snout and walked away.

Even though one continued lapping at her tits Kim let out a huge sigh of relief at her ussy

being spared. It wasnt long before the one tired of her tits and went to join the others to sleep.

And even though the insects were still happily feeding on her body Kims relief was so great that

she managed to rest and close her eyes. She was so exhausted from being tormented all day she

was asleep in no time.

All too soon Kim was awoken from her sleep by a horsewhip across her ass.

“AHHHHHHH” she screamed and tried to get her bearings.

“Damn punta you are disgusting they were right to put you in with the pigs except you

stink the place up” Carmen told her then pulling a leather lead from her belt came around and

clipped it on to Kims nose ring. Then showing Kim the cattle prod she was carrying told her

“you better pay attention and do whatever I or anyone tells you without hesitation or Ill stuff this

up your ass and light you up do you understand?”

With her head still locked in the pillory all Kim could do was let out a weak “eeeth”

which earned her another red welt on her ass “what?” Carmen asked

“Eees itrhress” Kim sobbed.

Carmen removed all the leather straps that secured Kim to the frame then unlocked the

padlock and opened the pillory. She pulled on the leash forcing Kim to scramble up and stand on

her shaky legs. Tugging on the lead she led Kim out of the pen and into the still vacant yard.

Carmen quickly pulled Kim across the litter strewn yard barefoot and naked. They went through

an alley inhabited by rats and Kim struggled to keep up the soles of her feet being ravaged by

rocks and broken glass covering the ground.

Exiting the alley they came to what seemed to be nothing more than a vacant dirt lot filled

with weeds and rocks. It was when the were crossing the lot when Carmen began speaking.

“These dykes were gonna claim me as their pussy licking slave and I started to panic cause these

are some mean bitches then I remembered you and tried to figure out a way to get them to take

you instead. When I heard Senior Apodacca was here I remembered how you were kept separate

from the rest of us and I connected the dots. Once I was allowed to talk to him and his daughter

Kimberly it was no problem getting the money to rent you and his daughter convinced him to put

money on my books regularly so I can keep tabs on you and keep him informed. I understand

they are paying me from the money they got selling your stuff.....damn they must really hate your

fat ass” Carmen rambled on “Me Id be happy to fuck you up for nothing cause I hate gringas and

you .......youre a whore a gringa and a pig” she laughed.

Kim remained silent with her head down going where she was led and when they reached

the other side of the lot she was led to a group of women dressed in clean prison garb. Kim heard

one of the gang speak “Rose will be down after she wakes up and eats breakfast she wants to test

this pigs mouth out personally. All I can say is she better be real good at licking pussy or one hell

of a plow horse cause she sure aint much to look at” a large Mexican woman told Carmen.

“Lets get her started on the field bring her over here.”

The woman led the two over to where something that looked like an old wooden plow

was laying in the dirt. Kim didnt like the looks of this at all as she was told to stand straddling a

pole usually used to hitch a horse to the plow this one had a dildo with a belt attached to the pole

instead. Kim was ordered to squat down and grab the pole when she hesitated she was hit across

the tits but a buggy whip. She quickly squatted down just above the appendage reached down

with her hands still bound behind her back and grabbed the pole and lifted bringing the dido

attached to the pole up against her pussy.

“What you waiting for punta get that cock up inside that fat nasty pussy of yours!” the

gang leader ordered.

Screwing her eyes shut Kim did as she was ordered lifting the pole higher forcing the

wooden cock to penetrate her dry pussy. Slowly and painfully she worked the huge thing up into

her pussy as she was threatened with the cattle prod until it was fully buried in her pussy

stretching it wide. When they were satisfied it was as far in as it would go one of the gang

stepped up and wrapped the attached leather belt tightly around her hips securing the cock inside


The gang member was handed a pair of long leather leads which she clipped to each of

Kims nipples then pulled back and tied to the handle of the plow. It was Carmine who stepped

behind the plow first then using the buggy whip she slashed Kim across the ass to get her

moving. Kim had to struggle to even get the plow moving as it dug into the hard ground. Finally

after a few well placed lashes of the whip Kim and the plow were moving at a slow pace across

the vacant lot. Reaching the other side she had to struggle to get the plow turned around and

heading back the other direction.

Carmine continued using the buggy whip to drive her forward and the leather reins

clipped to her nipples to keep her going straight pulling on one or the other depending on which

direction she wanted Kim to go. The wooden cock buried deep within her was constantly being

forced deeper with each step. She was driven mercilessly from one end of the lot to the other

stopping only when the plow got hung up on large buried stones which she was forced to strain to

dislodge before moving on.

Only after an hour and traversing the lot five times did Carmine allow her to stop. But she

was only allowed to rest long enough for one of the other gang members to take Carmines place.

Though not as sadistic as Carmine this woman drove Kim at an equally hard pace. Kims legs

were burning with fatigue and her ass and back were on fire from being whipped but she was

given no relief. Twice she stumbled and fell only to be whipped until she got to her feet and

continued pulling the plow.

After another five passes the woman driving the plow was replaced with another this one

used the reins as well as the whip to spur Kim on shaking them if Kim slowed down. By this

time the sun had been up for a while and Kim could feel her skin burning beneath the buckets of

sweat flowing from her body. Her mouth was so dry her tongue felt like sand paper her throat so

dry she couldnt emit the faintest of screams. Three more times she fell but was still not allowed

to rest. It was only after she completed five more passes that she was allowed to her knees to rest.

Breathing heavy and feeling dehydrated Kim trembled on her knees with her head bowed

until she felt somebody lifting it up by the chin. It was a woman that hadnt been there before a

well muscled woman.

“I bet you would like something to drink?” the woman asked Kim and Kim weakly

nodded and mouthed “yes mame” but nothing came out.

“First things first the woman said “I am Rosa and this is my gang and territory  but you

dont need to know that because you will never be allowed to speak to me or even look at

anything but my crotch!” The woman said dropping Kims head letting it fall. “I dont want this

mule dehydrated and not able to work.........hydrate her regularly like we do all new animals.”

Kim heard feet scrambling behind her seconds before she felt hands on her hips pulling

her hips higher.

“Uuuummmmmmphh” she managed to grunt when she felt the curly tail being pulled

from her ass. Then “AAAHHHHHHH” when it was replaced with something else which was

then inflated filling her ass. Seconds later she felt cold liquid filling her ass and she was pulled to

her knees.

“This is how you will be hydrated and fed whenever you are with us......we feed and water

you only for our benefit not your pleasure or relief.” Rosa told her as she stepped closer to Kim

she grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back until her face was looking up. “Now about

that thirst you must earn it” she said as she straddled Kims face planting her pussy on Kims

mouth. “If you want that thirst satisfied you need to get that tongue working to satisfy me” Rose

said and began grinding her pussy against Kims lips.

It took a good ten minutes of Kim trying her best working her tongue into the womans

gapping cunt until it was sore and tired before Rosa finally shuddered and filled her mouth full of

her pussy juice. “That was barely adequate you worthless pig I hope you do a better job next time

for your own good” she said pulling her jumpsuit closed “you can practice by thanking the ladies

that helped you with your work this morning” she finished walking away.

Suddenly from nowhere Carmine appeared and planted her pussy on Kims already used

mouth “You heard her get to work and you better get use to the taste cuz its the only refreshment

youll be getting!” Carmine told her. For the next half hour Kim serviced the three woman that

had driven the plow while she pulled it. It belly was full and begining to cramp from the cold

water that hydrated and nurtured her.

When the three women had all been satisfied the expanded butt plug was removed and

the curly tail put back in and Kim was forced back to work. And she was worked hard until the

sun was setting. A fresh woman would drive her every five passes and after fifteen she would be

forced to service those three women while being dehydrated.

By the time the sunset she was only a quarter of the way done plowing the vacant lot and her skin was fiery red from the sun. Her legs felt like rubber and her back stung with every breath. Her tongue and lips were tired and sore and all she could smell or taste was pussy. Her nipples felt like they were stretched to freakish size as the bounced with her tits as Carmine led her back to Jasmines stable for the night. Reaching the pen she shooed the pigs out of the way as she led Kim back to the pillory. Carmine forced Kim to her knees and bent her over the frame which had been repaired before pushing her throat into the cutout on the base of the pillory and pulling the top down securing her there. She then went to find Jasmine to see there was no permanent damage done to her merchandise.

Almost as soon as she was on her knees and well before Carmine returned with Jasmine

Kim could feel the leaches, maggots, and other vile creatures escaping the smelly muck to spend

the night feasting on her tasty body. It was shortly after Carmine and Jasmine finished their

inspection that the hogs began theirs and Kim was far too exhausted to fight them off. Soon she

felt the snouts sniffing and snorting at her unprotected pussy and as repulsed as she was all she

could do was twitch. She started to sob when she felt the weight on her hips as one climbed up to

mount her. Before he could sink his curly cock in her the pen exploded with squeals when the

other hogs decided they should be the first to claim the new sow.

Three hogs snapped at each other squealing and snapping at each other trying to claim

dominance over the others. Occasionally one would break away while the others were tumbling

in the mud and attempt to mount her only to be attacked and knocked off her before claiming his


The battle had been raging for about fifteen minutes when Jasmine appeared carrying a

flashlight and separated the fighting pigs and chasing them away from Kim. Once she had

everything back under control she pulled something out of her back pocket and went back behind

Kim and between her legs. With no warning or preparation she parted Kims lips and shoved a

huge rubber dildo into her pussy then looped a rope around Kims waist then through her legs

holding the huge thing in place. Before leaving she told Kim “I cant have you keeping my

breeders up all night fucking them and wasting their seed on a worthless sow like you I need

them servicing the sows that are worth something to me!” and she left Kim in the dark.

After Jasmine left the hogs once again approached the bound and defenseless woman

only this time the largest of the hogs jumped up to fuck this strange animal. With his front legs

on top of the pillory his cock grew to an enormous size between her legs and he began humping

and thrusting his cock trying to impale her but was unable to because of how Jasmine had filled

her cunt. Kim could feel his stiff cock oozing precum as it bounced between her legs and against

her belly until frustrated he jumps down.

At last Kim was able to dose off after her exhausting day only to be awoken periodically

though out the night when the hogs would take turns trying to claim her. All leaving frustrated

except for one or two that did manage to unload on her just from rubbing their cocks against her

belly and her filled cock.

She sleeping with cum dripping down the inside of her leg when Carmine came and woke

her up before sunrise the next morning to start another day of pulling the plow. And that was how

Kims days went for the next few days working to exhaustion in the fields and servicing the

woman of Rosas gang from sun up to sun down. Then spending the nights being humiliating

tormented and ravaged and occasionally spewed upon by the hogs during the dark nights. Finally

when the lot was plowed and seeded she was allowed a days rest. If she had known what

Carmine and Rosa were planning there would be no way she could rest.

It had been just over a week since Kim had finished plowing Rosas field. She had been

rented out regularly during that week making good money for Jasmine while further demeaning

herself. On this particular day the warden was making use of Kim and her tongue to entertain a

group of friends whose sexual preference ran on the perverted side. It was when they had Kim

out in the yard being treated like a dog that Rosa made her play.

Jasmine was standing next to the warden with Kims leash in her hand while the warden

and her friends would throw objects and Kim would be forced to retrieve them. Rosa approached

Jasmine saying “I have a proposition for you that I think the warden might be interested in

hearing” she said to the big woman.

“Whats on yer mind and whats in it for me?” Jasmine replied

“We just seeded my new lot and it looks like the crows are pretty bad this year.......usually

Id leave this one chained out there to scare the varmints off” Rosa said pointing to a very young

and petite Brazilian woman. “But over the last few months Ive grown fond of her and her

services so when she begged me not to put her out there again because she hated the bugs, the

heat, and the birds pecking at her I took sympathy and asked her if I didnt put her out there who

would I put and she told me she would like to see the plow mule take her place.” Rosa said

pointing at Kim

Jasmine became defensive “well thats a good plan except it doesnt belong to you!”

“Well I know you are a businesswoman so I decided to make you an offer........Ill wager

her and Carmine and all you have to put up is the plow mule” Rosa says coyly.

“And whats the bet?” Jasmine asks

“My little scarecrow fights the plow mule no holds barred fight the winner is whoever

delivers her opponent to their mistress!” Rosa offers “we split the betting pool take”

“Thats interesting but even two for one I stand to lose to much there is much demand for

the gringa mule” Jasmine replies

“Sheet look at your mule and look at my little scarecrow she has half a foot and forty

pound advantage what you scared of?” Rosa asks

Looking at Rosa then at the warden and her friends then back at Rosa Jasmine feels

herself backed into a corner “If she loses you can have her until you harvest then I get her back If

she wins I get the scarecrow for the sam period but I get full ownership of Carmine” Jasmine


“Youre on we fight tomorrow as I need my crops protected” Rosa says “if it is ok with

the warden?” she says looking at the warden

“I dont care what happens to the slut but I get 70% off the top and we record it and I get

the proceeds from its sale.” she says “ladies and gentlemen will you join me for another night?”

she asks her guests who all happily agree.

Kim was taken back to the pen early that day and secured to the pillory Jasmine left Kim

to rest for the fight the next day. Kim was lost in her thoughts when she felt one of the hogs

sniffing about once again as the had almost every night. Kim drifted off to sleep. Suddenly Kim

woke when she felt scratchy fur rubbing against her face then before she knew what happened a

huge cock was forced through the ring gag and into her mouth. She tried to scream but the cock

was shoved deeper in her throat.”Fuck no those fuckers found her one open hole” her mind


As the hog was pounding in and out deeper and deeper someone whispered in her ear

“that will keep you busy tonight slut” and Kim recognized the voice it was Carmine. She had

silently snuck into the pen and coaxed the hog up and fed its cock into the ring gag has Kim was

sleeping. Now the hog was going on instinct needing to release days of pent up frustration he

pounded his huge cock into her mouth relentlessly. It was all Kim could do to keep from

choking. Laughing Carmine sneaked away leaving Kim to service the rutting animals all night.

Not knowing about the abuse going on in the pen Jasmine thought she would be helping Kim by allowing her extra rest but Kim got very little rest as the animals used the extra time to satisfy themselves longer. So it was an extremely well used Kim that Jasmine found the next morning. Kim was so tired that when she was released from the pillory she was barely able to stand. Not knowing it was Carmine that arraigned the ordeal Jasmines anger was directed towards Kim. “You fucking pig sucking slut here I try to help you and you cant control your slutty desires. Youre gonna have to suffer the consequences of your actions and knowing Rosa you arent going to like it.” she said.

She released Kims hands from behind her back and threw her the clothes she would be allowed to wear for the fight. Kim hesitantly put them on but it didnt take long as all there was to put on was a flimsy top that stretched to cover her boobs and the shortest skirt imaginable. Once she was dressed it was time to head over to where everyone was gathering for the contest. Kims hands were again bound behind her but instead of clipping a lead to the ring in her nose Jasmine looped a rope around Kims neck and led her out of the pen and towards the main yard.

`Kim couldnt believe the number of prisoners that had gathered to watch. They were all gathered around the wire backstop of a softball field. The backstop itself made up three sides of an octagon the other sides were made up of wooden barriers. Various items were hanging from the backstop such as handcuffs, rope, shackles, whips, and assorted sexual devices. Jasmine led Kim to the octagon where the little scarecrow was waiting. When Kim saw the little Mexican girl she knew it was not going to be a fair fight . What the “little scarecrow was wearing was far from what Kim was forced to wear. She was dressed in a standard prison issued jumpsuit as well as work shoes; Kim realized just how vulnerable she was in her skimpy outfit and bare feet.

Reaching the octagon Jasmine released Kims hands from behind her back and pushed her into it with the rope still looped around her neck. Kim stumbled towards the center of the dusty octagon struggling to get the rope from around her throat. However the young girl wasted no time and instantly closed in on Kim. Before Kim had even seen her “the little scarecrow” grabbed hold of the loose end of the rope and started pulling. Luckily Kims hands had hold of the rope and kept her from being strangled.

The girl kept pulling and dragging Kim around the octagon before stopping and punching Kim in the stomach. Kim doubled over in pain only to be pulled back up by the rope and punched once again in the stomach. The young girl then used the rope to swing Kim around until she collided violently with the wire back stop. Hitting the back first Kim quickly fell to her knees and began pulling the rope from around her neck. Seeing Kim struggling with the rope the young Mexican girl went to deliver a kick to her head but some how Kim saw it coming and grabbed onto the girls leg.

Ignoring the rope dangling from her neck Kim got to her feet still holding the young girls foot. Kim pulled up on the foot as hard as she could sending the girl to her ass in a cloud of dust. Kim went on the attack grabbing the girl by her long dark hair and yanking her to her feet. Holding her hair with both hands Kim swung her knee up hitting the girl once in the belly and once in the chest. Believing the girl was hurt Kim let go of her and went back to removing the rope from her neck. Unfortunately for Kim years of abuse at the hands of Rosas gang had toughened the girl as well as hardened her muscles so although stunned by the blows the young girl wasnt hurt. Instead of going down to her knees like Kim thought she would the young girl charged forward burying her shoulder into Kims undefended stomach. Like a football player she drove the surprised Kim backwards smashing her once again into the wire backstop.

This time there were prisoners waiting when she hit the fence and their hands were quickly all over Kims body holding her up and tight to the fence. “The little scarecrow” took advantage of the opportunity first backhanding Kim across one cheek then the other. She then squared up to Kim and landed some vicious upper cuts to Kims tits before burying her fist in Kims stomach. It was only after she brought her knee up between Kims legs that the prisoners let go of Kim and she fell to the ground.

The young girl again grabbed the rope around Kims throat and began pulling her across the octagon to where the barriers were set up. Grabbing Kim by the hair she started pulling Kim to her feet to drape her over a barrier but Kim summoned all her strength and brought her fist up hard into the girls crotch. The little scarecrow grunted and let go of Kim bringing her hands down to protect herself but this time Kim was quicker and swung again landing another blow to the girls crotch before she could cover up. As the young girl was bent over grasping her injured crotch Kim grabbed her by the hair and swung her head first into a wooden barrier.

The crowd was stunned at the sudden turn the fight had taken seeing the young girl in a heap moaning. Kim sucked in air and pulled the rope from around her throat it had given her opponent too much of an advantage. Hurrying with the rope in hand to where the young girl was kneeling shaken Kim loops the rope around the girl trapping her hands at her side. Kim drags her away from the crowd so they cant interfere with her stripping and tying the girl. The “little scarecrow” comes to her senses and begins to struggle against the rope as she is pulled to the center of the octagon. Kim wants to taunt her but the gag makes it impossible.

But a “AAHHHHHHH” escapes her mouth as she falls forward losing her grip on the rope and the young girl. Seizing the opportunity the girl scampers away pulling the rope off her body and away from Kim who is confused as to what tripped her up. Looking down she sees that her ankles were held tightly together by what seemed to be a wire with a lock at each end wrapped tightly around them.

“Its called a bolla a hunting weapon our people use” the girl said approaching Kim who was trying to free herself. “The beauty of it is it not only wraps around its victim but gets entangled as well” she adds as she kicks Kim in the stomach knocking her backwards. The young girl drops down on Kims stomach straddling her and knocking the breath out of the older woman. She then slaps Kim once twice three times across the face before tying Kims hands together over her head then rolling her on her belly. She then pulls Kims hands behind her head and holds them there by wrapping the other end of the rope around Kims waist.

The young girl bends down and grabs Kims ankles and drags her back across the octagon to the barriers. Kims top is being pulled up and her tits are being scratched up as she is dragged. Getting to the barrier Kim is rolled onto her back and the young girl kneels next to her and swings down with two hands chopping Kim in the stomach. She does that twice before turning her attention to Kims now exposed tits punching them repeatedly.

She straddles Kims chest and leans down and speaks to Kim. “You stupid gringa there was no way I was gonna go through the hell of being their scarecrow have no idea what you are in for......I made lots of promises to bitches that watched my back so you gonna be busy even when your not scarecrowing!” Kim shakes her head no a struggles to get away.

“Thats it punta struggle thats what I want because I have no plans on delivering you to Rosa.............what I will do is start beating your worthless white ass until you are begging to be the scarecrow promising anyone anything to let you do it!” she snarled and pulled Kim up and bent her over a barrier exposing her ass. Then she got a volunteer to hold her so she could go get a switch off the backstop.  Coming back to where Kim is bent over she brings the switch down across her bare ass “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” Kim screamed through the gag. The girl asked for someone to donate a pair of panties and was bombarded by dozens.

Picking up the nastiest pair she came around and stuffed them through the ring gag and into Kims mouth. “Maybe Ill give you a chance to beg in a little while” she laughed as she returned to behind Kim and began thrashing her ass until it was covered in nasty red welts. When she felt Kims ass was good and red the little scarecrow snatched Kim off the barrier and threw her to the dirt. Using the switch she forced Kim to inch her way back to the backstop. Dirt clung to her sweat covered body and her boobs flattened underneath her as she slithered her way.

When they reached the base of the backstop the young Mexican forced Kim to kneel with her back to the wire fence allowing the excited fans to hold her tight against the backstop. With the other prisoners keeping Kim busy she walked over to where things were hanging from the backstop. After choosing what she wanted she walked over to Kim and showed her the item she chose was a wide leather belt. Kims eyes went wide with fear and she renewed her struggles but there were too many hands holding her. The little scarecrow leaned down and began rubbing her hands across Kims half covered tits telling her “Im gonna whip these things until you beg to be Rosas new scarecrow then Im gonna whip them some more.”

Kim begged and pleaded with her eyes but the girl just laughed as she drew her arm back took aim and “WHHHHAAAPPP” she brought the belt down across both Kims tits. Kim shrieked into the panties but nothing escaped. She brought the belt down again and again and it wasnt long before Kims top was in tatters leaving her tits bare. The girl still didnt let up expertly using the belt slashing Kims belly swinging upwards hitting the bottom of her tits. Kim was sobbing not knowing where she was going to get hit next. The girl knew not to hit too hard so she could torment her victim longer.

When she thought Kim wouldnt be able to take any more she stopped and walked up to her and asked if she was ready to beg yet. Kim weakly nodded her head and the young girl looked at her and said “I think I want to see more enthusiasm out of you and you need to lose that fucking skirt!” and she motioned for the prisoners to let her go. The hands on her body disappeared and Kim collapsed face down in the dirt. The young girl lifted her head and told if she wasnt naked real quick she would use a bull whip and whip the skirt off her. Frightened Kim begins shaking her hips and trying to drag them across the ground to pull her skirt off but it doesnt work.

Losing patience the young girl walks towards the backstop to grab the bull whip. Seeing this Kim does the only thing she can think of and squirms her way to where the prisoners have gathered around the barriers. Reaching the rowdy crowd she struggles to her feet and shakes her ass invitingly and there is no shortage of takers. Hands swarm over her from every where grabbing and groping her. Hands all over her tits squeezing and mauling them she squeals when her nipples are pulled. Hands are buried between her legs fingers penetrating her pussy stroking and stretching it. Kim struggles but there are hands every where she turns. Finally she feels the last of her clothing being pulled off her hips. She was passed around among the prisoners some kissing her while others took liberties with her body all of them telling her what they wanted to do to her.

The little scarecrow had returned and had been waiting inside the octagon while the others played with her beaten opponent. Now she called for them to return her to the ring and Kim was roughly pushed back in falling to her knees at the girls feet.

“You are almost there but I think there was something about showing some enthusiasm” the girl said snapping the long whip that snapped against Kims tit. Kim screamed into the gag and dropped to the ground. When the girl snapped the whip against Kims ass Kim slithered as fast as she could to the girls feet and began groveling brushing her face submissively across them.

“Thats the kind of enthusiasm I wanted to see” the girl laughed and grabbed Kim by the hair and yanked her head back and pulled the panties out of Kims mouth. “Now I believe there is something you wanted to ask Rosa” she said pushing Kim away with her foot. “Now squirm over to her like the worm you are and do it!” Kim sobbed and struggled to her belly and started belly crawling to where the gang leader was standing.

“Eeeeeeaase oosa ay I eee our arerow” she tried begging through the gag.

“Whats that you say slut?” was Rosas reply.

Now crying with humiliation Kim breathed deep “eaase isstresss ay I ee orr arerow?” she tried again.

“Scarecrow you want to take the little ones place as a scarecrow in the lot?” Rosa answered “there is a lot of responsibilities and duties that come with that job you are kind of old and fat I dont know if you can handle it”

Not knowing what to say Kim hesitated and was rewarded with the bullwhip slashing across her back. Kim lunged forward now groveling at Rosas feet “is ig ill oooo whatever it takes to kkeeep thee field safe and what ever other duties it must do” Kim begged at her feet.

“Ok ladies put this pig to work and do something about that tongue.” Rosa ordered and Kim, was swallowed up by the group of women. The group freed Kims legs from the bola wrapped around her legs and stood her up then using long sticks the women beat and prodded her towards the lot. Kim was already hurting and exhausted stumbled and fell several times as she was marched to the lot each time she was kicked and beaten until she got to her feet. Her body was slick with sweat as it was already hot out.

Kim dropped top her knees and refused to move when they arrived at the lot and the frame came into view. It was a t shaped frame standing 9 or 10 feet tall made out of heavy rough sawn lumber and there were crows gathered all around it. The feature that terrified her and caused her to rebel was the wooden appendage coming out of the upright about 4 feet from the ground and curving upwards obscenely

She stayed on the ground despite being kicked and beaten but the group of women were not going to be denied as each of her legs were grabbed and she was dragged down the rows of seeds to the frame. The women dropped her at the base of the frame where she was held down by a couple of the women while the others prepared the frame for her. Ropes were fastened to it and old cooking grease with chili powder was spread over the appendage that she was to soon be mounted on. Ladders were leaned against the crossbeam and two women perched on top waiting. Without releasing her hands the other women pulled Kim to her feet and a rope was looped around her just under her tits.

One of the woman gave a signal and Kim felt the rope tighten and pull up against her tits as they began hauling her up. Kim began to struggle and kick out until Carmine stepped in front of her and sunk her fist into Kims stomach knocking the air out of her and stopping her from squirming. Before Kim knew it she had been hoisted up and the women on the ladders had hold of her arms and were lifting her up. The woman below spread her legs as they lifted and she felt herself being impaled on the large wooden appendage. Kim screamed through the ring gag has she felt her body being penetrated but instead of her pussy she was being lowered so her ass was being impaled.

Once getting her positioned the women let Kims own weight and struggles do the rest as she slowly and painfully slid down the greased pole until she couldnt slide any more. With 6 or 7 inches buried inside her the wooden shaft was supporting all Kims weight and it was excruciating. The women on the ladders were busy releasing her arms from behind her head and then fastening them to the cross beams. They used wet leather straps at her shoulders, elbows, and wrists to secure her and because they were wet they would continue to tighten for hours.

Next they removed the ring gag that had been in place for days. With her mouth finally free Kim began babbling and sobbing begging them for relief but her pleas fell on deaf ears. One of the women ordered Kim to stick out her tongue but Kim resisted clamping her jaws tightly shut. The women responded by having one pinch her nose blocking off her air while another pulled and pinched her nipples cruelly. It took only a minute or two before Kim opened her mouth to suck in air and groan from the abuse of her tits. Her mouth was only open for seconds but thats all it took for one of the women to grab her tongue with some locking forceps and trapping it. Kim swung her head trying tom dislodge the clamp but hands entangled in her hair to hold her head still. They then used another strap to lash her neck to the upright to limit the movement of her head.

The last thing the women on the ladders did was reach around and attach a weighted clip to her tongue. The clip had sharp teeth and a strong spring ensuring there was no way it would be dislodged. Hanging from the clip was a quarter pound lead weight with hooks on it so more weight could be added as they desired. “We are going to stretch that worthless tongue until its the best pussy licker in the joint!” a woman promised her as she removed the forceps. Kim immediately tested it but it was obvious that she was no longer in control of it.

While the women on the ladders were busy doing their thing the ladies on the ground had been busy as well. Two of the women had pulled Kims legs back and secured them to the upright. Presently there was a woman between Kims legs using her tongue to tease and stimulate her clit playing with it until it was fully stiff and engorged. At the same time two other women were doing the same to her nipples and soon had them sticking out like pencil erasers and begging for attention. They didnt have to beg long because as soon as the woman between Kims legs was satisfied another woman stepped up and clipped jingly bells on both her nipples and clit.

“UUUUHHHHHAAAHH” Kim screamed out in pain arching her back and trying to shake her hips to escape the horrible things but the invader in her ass held her too secure and she was mocked by the bells jingling merrily. The gang stepped back to admire their handiwork with the former little scarecrow standing in front of them. “Im glad we got a slut as weak and stupid as you punta or that would be me up there” she taunted “you never stood a chance I paid Jasmine off with promises of a few romantic meetings with me but dont you worry Ill have you taking my place for that as well!” she laughed.

Carmine walked up and stood next to the young girl “we have a couple of surprises for you though gringa.......just cause we think you are special!” she said motioning to a woman standing behind the hanging woman. The woman stepped up holding a glowing piece of metal and without warning pressed against Kims skin right next to her pussy. Kim screamed shook and passed out from the pain. They brought her to with the help of a bucket of dirty stagnate water splashed on her.

Kim came back to life gagging from the horrible smell of the water and wincing from the pain of being branded. Though teary eyes she saw Carmine standing in front of her holding the branding iron “figured youd want a souvenir of your stay with us” she said. Kim looked at the branding iron but couldnt make out what it said. It says “PIG LICKER” Carmine told her with an evil smile. “And just because we dont want you getting lonely out here when we are gone.......” she trailed off as she bent down and grabbed a brush out of a bucket and painted the inside of Kims legs as well as her pussy before walking off telling her “oh its only honey and some other stuff......have a wonderful afternoon.” then to the others “have fun make sure you get all of her!”

Kim was being tormented by insects of all kinds long before the women had finished smearing the honey mixture over her body. They had paid extra attention to her tits and pussy even brushing generous amounts inside her. And now she could feel who knows what gathering and feeding in the dark recesses of her womanhood. Kim moaned and cried with humiliation and anguish while the woman continued smearing her body laughing and mocking her as they worked. Kim was so miserable that she hardly noticed they had finished.

It was the young Mexican that got her attention “Ill be leaving you now just one thing before I go........” she grabbed the bucket and coated the bottom of the upright with the concoction then began walking backwards pouring a small steady stream of honey on the ground as she went. She poured a trail to a mound about ten or fifteen feet away. She straightened up and turned to Kim “guess what crows like to eat even more than seedlings?” grabbing a stick she began digging up the mound turning the ground quickly “ants” she said and began walking across the lot.

“OOOOOHHH AAAHHHH OOOHHH” Kims eyes went wide and she began screaming ants were streaming out of the hole by the hundreds.......angry and hungry ants searching both for what attacked their home and the source of the delicious found...........when they found the trail it led straight to Kim and she knew it was just a matter of time before they found her!

Left all alone the sun was beating down on Kim and her body glistened with sweat. Her mind struggled to cope with the pain of her impalement and the agonizing torment of the insects exploring her body. She would occasionally try to look down but because the strap holding her neck to the post she wasnt able to look down. The heat of the day had caused the leather straps holding her arms to the crossbeam to become painfully tight. The bells hanging from her would jingle at her slightest movement. And on top of all that for the last half hour she could hear the cawing of the crows close in on her.        

As she shifted for the thousandth time trying to ease the pain in her ass she heard something swoop behind her then disappear. Only second later she heard it again only this time it was closer. The next one passed close by and under her out stretched arm and she saw it was a crow. Her eyes followed the blackbird as it flew away and saw it land on a fence not fifty feet away joining what must of been a hundred others there. She could feel the fear growing in her stomach. She couldnt dwell on her fear long when the next one swooped down and attacked the line of ants moving towards her.

For the first time in days Kim clung to a ray of hope. Maybe she hoped the crows would feed on the ants enough to keep the ants from swarming her. Hoping the crows would fill up on the ants so the crows wouldnt go for the other insects now exploring her body. She watched as bird after bird dove down on the ants just feet away from her. It looked almost like a black cloud had descended around her. Her hopes were dashed when she heard the fluttering of wings followed seconds by something pecking in her hair. Her hopes were quickly being dashed as the lone crow was joined by another that landed on her shoulder and began picking insects off her body occasionally nipping her skin while he did.

The bells were constantly jingling as more and more of the black birds started feeding and her body flinched with every peck. There were seven or eight now feasting as the sun sank lower into the horizon. Kim closed her eyes as the pecking got near to them and being robbed of her sight increased her agony ten times over. She could feel every peck and pinch, every little insect traversing her body. She could feel the sun baking her front and face as it sunk.

“AAAHHHHHHHOOOOOO” she screamed fighting the weight stretching her tongue. She couldnt take any more. But she would have to. “Eeeee” she squeaked when she felt the stinging sensation on her ankle. “Aaahhhh    Eeeeeee oooooouuucccchhh nnnnnooooooooo” she continued as she began feeling more stings up and down her legs all the way to within inches of her unprotected pussy. “OOOOOOOOO EEEEEELLLLPPPP!” she screamed out to nobody while causing the bells to ring frantically realizing the main body of ants had made it past the feeding crows.

Her jerky movements only angered the army of ants causing them to bite even more. To add to her torment the crows had followed the mass of ants and began picking them off her legs. She was being nipped and stung everywhere and she tried to remain still but when they started picking and biting directly on her pussy she tried struggling more but still she was held tight by the invader in her ass. Now the bell hanging from her clit was merrily jingling but not from her movements but from the birds hitting it as they fed. To Kims horror the ringing of the bell was having another effect stimulating her clit. No this couldnt be as she fought off the feeling building inside her.

Things only got worse when she felt the horrid ants penetrating her wet cunt seeking food and protection from the birds. Her insides felt like it was alive as they crawled about inside her. She tried to stifle it but a moan escaped her lips as the tiny things began tickling her in just the right spots. Her mind and body started to become confused from the mix of pleasure and stinging pain. But still more was to come when the swarm found their way to her belly then her tits. The tiny feet tickled and tormented her endlessly. The tickling on her tits plus the stimulation of her clit finally did it as her body stiffened and a pathetic moan pierced the night air and she came. Kims pussy gushed and her body shook from the massive orgasm. She felt like a slut and was filled with shame and humiliation having got off from such perverse stimulation. She cried as her juices ran down her leg giving the hordes of insects even more to feed on. Seconds later another orgasm ripped through her body and she mercifully passed out.

The crows finally had their fill about an hour later shortly after the sun went down but that didnt end her torture. The ants continued collecting food and were joined by the mosquitos that werent interested in the honey mixture they wanted her blood. Soft moans escaped Kims mouth still blissfully passed out.

Carmine and Rosa came to check on her a short while later and were upset to see her out cold “fucking slut Ill teach her to sleep on the job get the bucket and wake her up!” Rosa ordered Carmine. Grabbing the bucket and climbing the ladder Carmine dumped another bucket of stinky stagnant water over Kims head. Kim woke up wide eyed and startled her eyes instantly darting around. Before Rosa could say anything she began winching and squirming from the ants biting her and the mosquitos sucking her blood.

Rosa got her attention by slapping her tits repeatedly first with a forehand then backhand. “You piece of shit” she began scolding the anguished scarecrow “who the hell do you think you are sleeping after me and my girls arraigned such a fun day for you!” she said punctuating it with a vicious slap across the tits. Kim began to speak but was cut off by another slap across the tits. “Just look at you cum running down your leg what a fucking slut.........I hope you enjoyed yourself because you are gonna pay for it!” she then turned to Carmine “go get a few of the girls so we can get her down.....its time for her to earn her keep!” Carmine hurried back to the main hall.

“Oh Im gonna have lots of fun with you and you are gonna give me lots of pleasure” Rosa snarled as she yanked the bell clipped to Kims clit.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH EEEASSSE” Kim screamed and begged only to have her tits back handed again.

“Nobody gave you permission to address me you nasty skank” kneeling down she grabbed the brush out of the honey bucket smearing more of the mixture into Kims filled and throbbing pussy. She walked to the destroyed ant hill bent down and ran the brush across the top of it. She kept twisting and turning the brush until it was covered with the red devils. Kim closed her eyes and shook her head no when she saw what the woman was doing. Now standing right in front of Kim Rosa says “Im giving you one chance to talk and you better get it right.......Tell me how much you want more of your little friends up inside your nasty white pussy!”

Kim whimpered knowing she had no choice but to answer “ase issstresss (soobb) ut asss many ih is nasty pussy as yooouu cann!” she managed to say between sobs. And Rosa granted her wish wiping and rubbing the brush against her quivering pussy forcing the ants off the brush and getting them to crawl on to Kims crotch.

“OOUU AHHHH” the ants upset at the rough treatment quickly began stinging Kim. And the bell began ringing.

Carmine and the other women arrived just as Carmine had finished putting the ants on Kim. Rosa turned to one of the women and asked for her panties and getting them she wadded them into a tight little ball and stuffed them into Kim aching pussy sealing the ants in “wouldnt want them leaving before the fun starts” she laughed in Kims face then nodded to the women.

The group went right to work releasing Kim and they worked together as if they had done this a thousand times before. They first released her legs from the upright then her arms from the cross beam until all her weight was once again centered on her ass. They left her balancing there few a few moments while they discussed what they wanted to do with her. Kim was miserable as she struggled to keep her balance which was difficult enough but with the bugs freely crawling all over her it was impossible. At one point she went to wipe some of the insects off but was told in no uncertain terms to let them be.

The women decided quickly what to do with her next and one of them produced a shock collar which was buckled onto Kims neck. The group then easily lifted Kim off the wooden dong and let her fall to the ground. She was roughly forced onto her knees and elbows leaving her ass high in the air. As soon as she felt someone spreading her ass cheeks Kim knew what to expect but still she tried to clinch which only made it hurt more when the curly pig tail was shoved into her ass dry,

“AAAAEEEEE” she screamed from the intrusion causing the group of women surrounding her to laugh saying she sounded just like a pig squealing. Kims head was lifted and she saw it was the former scarecrow pulling her head up by the hair “time for you to entertain us pig sucker.....oh yeah thats your name now” she said clipping a leather leash onto Kims nose ring. “You fail to satisfy in anyway and youll be back in the stocks in the pig pen and this time your ass will be open for business!” she warned then tugged on the leash to get Kim crawling. While the young girl pulled the leash the other prisoners used long switches to take turns whipping her ass forcing her to crawl on her hands and knees across the lot towards the main hall.

Having her ass whipped was causing part of her torment her body was still being attacked by flying insects and stinging ants but worst of all her pussy was still filled with angry and hungry ants. And the bells jingled happily swing and tugging her nipples and clit with every step. Her eyes were filled with tears as the neared the main hall her pussy was burning from having been bit so often. Her tongue was sore and aching and still being stretched by the weight dangling from it.  Her hands and knees felt like the had been rubbed raw from crawling across the hard dirt ground. And with every step she took that damn springy tail bounced forcing the butt plug to jump and shake deep within her.

When they neared the main hall Kim could feel herself being bathed in the bright spotlights that surrounded the hall. Kim felt like she was being put on display for the entire prison to see. Then all the cat calls and rude threats began she wanted to hide her face as she allowed herself to be guided towards the source of the calls and threats. “Squeal for everyone pig sucker” the young girl pulling her along ordered.

Having no choice Kim let out a squeal but one of the women behind her struck her with a switch commanding her to squeal louder and she did. The women kept hitting her until she was squealing loud enough to satisfy them and was forced to squeal loudly as she crawled the rest of the way to the hall.

Entering the hall surprised Kim to see none of the women were locked in cells. The administration simply locked all the prisoners in the large halls and let them fend for themselves. This resulted in women roaming everywhere doing as they pleased. Unfortunately for Kim what a lot of the women wanted to do was gather round to check out the new meat on the block. She was forced to crawl through an ocean of women most of them enjoying her humiliation way too much. Her tits were mauled and her curly tail batted about as they made their way. Many of the women made offers to use her ranging from cigarettes to booze to cash but her owners declined them all............for the time being.

The hall was three stories tall and Rosa and her crew controlled the top level so when they came to the metal stairs Kim was forced to crawl up them on her hands and knees. It was difficult crawling up them and the metal grids that made up the steps dug into her knees. Every few steps one woman or another felt she was going to slow and would whip her to speed her up. It seemed like it took forever but at last they reached Rosas cell. One of the women put her foot on Kims ass and pushed her and Kim fell landing on her belly. Then while she was held down her hands were pulled behind her back and tied followed by her legs being bound at the ankles. The women then pulled her legs up and tied Kims wrists to her ankles leaving her hogtied at Rosas feet.

Rosa looked down and said “get up on your knees and start earning your keep” she then leaned back in her chair and spread her legs exposing her pussy. At her command two of the women lifted Kim to her knees between Rosas legs. “You better do a hell of a lot better job than last time” Rosa warned her then removed the weight hanging from her tongue grabbed Kim by the hair and pulled Kims face to her pussy. Kim hesitated and Rosa pulled out the remote control and pushed it Kim screamed into her pussy then started licking. Rosa purred and pulled her head tighter to her pussy grinding Kims face into it.

Kims tongue was tired and ached from being stretched all day as well as being dried out from being exposed to the sun. Rosa shocked her again telling her she was doing a piss poor job. Kim screamed again and increased her efforts before hearing Rosa tell one of the women to beat the pig sucker until she got Rosa off. Thwack thwack the switch repeatedly struck Kim between her shoulders. Kim would jerk with each blow as she licked and sucked the womans pussy. Rosa was pulling her so tightly into her pussy Kim could barely breath. Kim worked and worked sweat pouring off her and she was beginning to think the demanding woman was never going to cum. Finally twenty minutes later and racked with pain Kim felt the woman stiffen and pull her face even tighter into her pussy while wrapping her legs around Kims head and squeezing. Seconds later Kim was rewarded by having her mouth filled with jizz. The woman gushed buckets and Kim was forced to swallow it all.

Rosa let go of Kims hair and using her foot she pushed Kim away from her and onto her back where Kim lay gasping for air. She then told her gang “I want more weight on her tongue tomorrow maybe shell do an adequate job next time........but for tonight take her and have fun with her she needs all the practice she can get” then as they were dragging her out Rosa added “just remember to have her back out there at sun up!” Kim cried uncontrollably as she was taken out to a common area where Rosas gang was waiting for her. She was dropped on her back with her arms and legs trapped beneath her and almost as soon as she hit the ground there was a woman straddling her face and planting her pussy on Kims mouth telling her to get to work. As she lay on her back licking pussy Kim once again became painfully aware of the ants trapped and feeding deep inside her own pussy.

Kim didnt know it at the time but there were more than a dozen of Rosas gang anxiously waiting to make use of her mouth. Through out the night Kim was kept on her back and gang members took turns planting their pussys on her mouth forcing her to service them. Every time she started to slack shed be beaten. When it was obvious she was too exhausted to perform she was given an injection that prevented her from passing out. Kim had no idea how many women she had serviced but it was at least thirty.

It was shortly before sun up when she serviced the last gang member for the second time. Her face was red and smeared with sweat and secretions as was her hair; her eyes were barely open. The women freed her from the hogtie and tried getting her to her feet but every time they stood her up her legs buckled and she would collapse. They tried beating then shocking her but she was too far gone and her muscles wouldnt support her. As she lay there on the ground moaning one of the women had an idea.

Her hands were released from behind her back and retied in front of her and her legs were bound at the knees and ankles. They then slid a long metal pole between her wrists then between her knees and over her ankles. Then with two women at each end of the pole they lifted and Kim groaned she felt herself hanging upside down from the pole like a trophy animal taken during a hunt. She felt them begin walking as the pole bounced up and down with every step. Kim swung back and forth from the pole as she was carried down the stairs unnoticed by the sleeping prisoners.

Outside the sun hadnt come up yet but the sky was getting light and Kim softly begged pppllleeeaassee nnnnoooooo pppllease I cccannt takke another dday” but her pleas were again ignored. All too soon the group arrived at the lot and at the base of the frame where she was set on the ground. It was all quiet now and the ants and other insects had returned to their nests. As the women began to untie her from the pole Kim heard the early birds chirping in the distance a sound she use to love now terrified her because she knew all her tormentors would soon be waking up and hungry.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard dont matter to us well enjoy it either way........well actually some of the girls are hoping youll struggle its up to you” the former scarecrow said as she stood over Kim with a short horse whip in her hand.

“PPPlllleeeassse ddoonn’‘tt ddo tthis”Kim sobbed but the women pulled her to her feet and looped a rope around her chest but she knew it was useless to struggle. Kim groaned when she felt her body being lifted and once again when hands roughly parted her legs and pulled the wadded up panties out of her pussy. Kim could no longer feel any movement and knew her snatch was full of dead ants the thought made her gag. The woman pulled her up using the rope then the part Kim was fearing most “AAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOO” she was lowered and once again impaled on the wooden shaft.

Quickly and efficiently she was once again her arms, legs and neck were tightly secured to the frame. Just as the sun peeked above the horizon the little ex-scarecrow stood on a box directly in front of Kim “This is nobodies fault but your own for being such a lousy licker!” she said showing Kim the weight she was going to have clipped to her tongue. It was huge at least twice the size of the one from the previous day. Kim shook her head and closed her mouth tight.

“Aaaahhhh dont be that way punta you want to be the best pussy and ass licker in the joint dont ya.......itll make you popular.” she said sarcastically then looked in Kims eyes with a smile before reaching down and grabbing one of the bells still hanging from her nipples and twisting mercilessly. “OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH” Kim screamed and stuck her tongue out allowing it to be clamped.

“You are such a weak fucking sow you deserve what you are getting” the girl told Kim stepping down off the box. Kim sobbed when the women once again smeared the honey mixture on her tits and pussy though not as heavily as the day before. Each of the women slapped or squeezed or twisted Kim as they left to go back to the hall and get some sleep. Almost immediately Kims torment began when first the flies and gnats returned followed by a variety of flying insects then came the crows and the last to join in were the ants who waited until the heat of the day.

Unlike the first day at least one prisoner was sent to check on her hourly. They would run most of the critters off which was only a temporary fix. They would make sure she stayed hydrated by having her suck vitamin laced water from a rubber cock. And most of the prisoners would tease her by using a vibrator to slowly stimulate both her tits and clit to brink her to the brink of an orgasm only to deny it to her. She would be left sweating, sobbing, and begging for release only to have her non human tormentors converge on her again.

That was the routine day after day of non stop torment and night after night servicing any and all of the gang that desired the use of her mouth and tongue. The only exception being every few days they would increase the weight hanging from her tongue and clit. After two weeks there was no noticeable difference in the length of her tongue it had however become much stronger. Her clit on the other hand was almost twice its original size and even more distressing to her it was hyper sensitive and constantly aroused and hard. Having practiced on her for two weeks the women knew how to play her.

The crops had started coming up in about six days and were getting fairly full at the two week mark. It was also at the two week mark that Rosa decided to start pimping her out at night. On most nights she would be auctioned off to the highest bidder and some nights she would be given to the outcasts to earn their loyalty. There were only two conditions for using Kim the first condition was she was returned in time and in condition for her duty as scarecrow in the lot. The second and most demeaning condition was Kim was never to be allowed to come.

The outcasts were the lowest group in the prison and they had nothing but they still had a higher status than Kim. That was who she was being given to tonight and to Kim it as humiliating as the night in the stable with the pigs that earned her the nickname of “pig sucker!” As soon as she found out she was to be given to them she begged and made promises to Rosa that she would do anything to avoid it. Rosa showed her no mercy as Kim groveled at her feet and ordered her gang to get Kim ready.

What they did to get Kim ready was one of the main reasons she hated being given to them. Because Rosa didnt fully trust the outcasts to honor the second rule she had her women use two pad locks through the rings on her pussy lips to lock her pussy up tight so the women had no access to it. It was about an hour after sunset that Kim was marched into the alley with her arms tied behind her back lashed at the wrists and elbows pulling her shoulders back and pushing her tits out. The alley was dark and stunk and the ground was covered by garbage of all kinds.

The outcasts were suspicious of everyone and good at hiding so when the gang arrived in the alley it seemed there was nobody around. The gang looped a noose around Kims neck and tossed the other end over a broken street lamp then pulled it until Kim was on her toes then tied it off. Then picking up a piece of discarded cardboard they wrote a note and forced Kim to hold it in her mouth until somebody showed up. The last thing they did before leaving was pull the bells off Kims nipples and clit so they werent accidentally pulled too hard. With a vicious slap across her ass Kim was left to entertain the lowest humans in the prison.

Kim struggled to stay on her toes so she wouldnt strangle herself while waiting for somebody to appear. Kim screeched and started hoping around when it wasnt a woman that came to check her out first. It was a large ugly rat that scurried up and began sniffing her leg and it was quickly joined by two more. The disgusting things were as big as a house cat and seemed unafraid as they continued to sniff even as Kim danced about kicking out at them. Kim was so absorbed with the rats that she didnt notice the shadowy figures appearing as if from nowhere.

She might have smelled them before she saw them but when at last she noticed them there were six or more surrounding her. The closer they came the better she could make out their features; they were all skinny and dirty, some had scrapes or scabs on their faces which were results of hitting the ground. They all seemed to have but a few rotten teeth and their clothes were filthy and tattered. But what was most noticeable and made her want to throw up was the smell. The smell was a mixture of shit, urine, vomit, and sweat as these woman barely got enough water to drink let alone wash.

One stepped in front of her and pulled the cardboard from her mouth and as she read it she broke into a toothless smile then read it to the rest of the figures. “My name is pig sucker its who I am and what I do. I am the lowest of all creatures and should be treated as such. I am a slave to all that want to use me. My owner is Rosa and she as generously given pig sucker to the less fortunate for the night to use in any way they wish. Only rules are return it as you got it and dont let it come.... follow these rules and she will be given to you regularly.”

The shadowy figures began to murmur and laugh as they closed in on Kim who was now trying to twist away from the hands reaching out to grab her. “Nnnnooo pplleeasse ddonntt.....please llleet meee gooo!” Kim begged as she struggled. But it was as if she wasnt heard. The figures moved in pawing at Kim and the stench was over powering. When one of the women that was face to face with Kim opened her mouth to speak to Kim the smell was so bad it mad her wretch. “So youre a pig fucker..sucker........humper......whatever? Will pig fucker as long as you are with us youll speak pig you got it?” she said to Kim spit flying from her mouth and splashing Kims face. Kim nodded feebly “I asked you a question and I want an answer!” she demanded.        

Kim lowered her eyes and began to speak “Yesssahhh” only to be silenced by her nipples being twisted.

“You are one dumb fucking sow what did I just tell you?” the woman cursed at Kim.

Again Kim bowed her head in submission “squeeaal weeeeeee” she said softly only to have her nipple twisted harder and told to speak up.

“SQUEAAALL SQUEEALL WWEE” she almost shouted to the amusement of the group and when a finger found its way up her ass “EEEEEEEEEEEE SQUEEAAAL” she jumped and squealed even louder. Kim was finding it impossible to stay on her toes as the hideous women had their way with her and the noose began to tighten around her neck choking her. It wasnt until moments before Kim was about to pass out that the untied the knot holding the noose tight and when they did Kim collapsed to the filthy ground at the womens feet.

Looking around Kim found herself almost completely surrounded by mountains of garbage; she had been dragged to the prison garbage dump. Turning back she noticed the nasty women had backed away a bit to take their clothes off and were in various stages of undress. The thought of having to service these stinky disgusting women was too much for Kim to take. She decided this might be her best and only chance at escape.

Slowly she scooted backwards on her butt unnoticed by the women who were laughing and talkiong while they undressed fighting over who got to use the pig fucker first. Summoning all her strength Kim rolled and scrambled to her feet and started running as fast as she could. Looking back as she was going around a corner Kim saw that the women werent pursuing her and figured they still didnt realize she was gone. Pleased with herself and her escape Kim didnt slow down she wanted as much distance between herself and them as she could get.

Back at the dump the women still werent chasing their escaped captive. They had noticed almost immediately she was trying to escape but werent real concerned. These were their streets and alleys and these women knew them better than anyone there was no way the white whore was going to get away. The outcast women unhurriedly set out each going in different direction, they didnt have a lot in their lives to enjoy but boy did they love the hunt!

When Kim stopped to catch her breath she also looked around and listened. Everything was quiet as it should be she didnt see or hear anything. She had no idea how far she had run or how far she needed to run but she figured she had to be close to escaping the labyrinth of alleys. She decided on a direction and resumed running after rounding two more corners her heart soared when at last she saw a way out. For the first time in days she smiled and almost laughed as she ran the remaining three blocks to her freedom. The only thing between her and freedom was a empty cardboard box laying discarded in the alley. Filled with happiness and almost skipping down the alley she kicked out at the box with all the anger and frustration that had built up inside her.

As soon as she kicked the box she felt something tightly wrap around her ankle and before it had time to register she found herself hanging by her ankle less than two feet off the ground with her hands still bound behind her back. She looked around as her body swung and spun. Looking up she saw a coarse rope looped around her ankle, the rope then ran up to a fire escape then back down into a broken window. She jerked and swung trying to get loose she was furious with herself for being so dumb she was got in a snare trap.......snared by a trap most animals are too smart to get caught in.

“NNNNNOOOOOOOOOWWWWHHHHYYYYYYY” she screamed out in frustration as she swung and spun in the night. Sweat was rolling down her body and off her face and she could feel her hair sweeping across the filthy ground beneath her. Kim struggled to free her hands and jerked trying to free her ankle but it was for nothing. The loop around her ankle grew tighter with each swing and spin. Kim closed her eyes crying and trying to come up with a plan. But her thoughts were disturbed when she heard the sound of an empty can being kicked. She opened her eyes and saw one of the dirty vile women walking towards her. As her body spun on the rope she could see figures coming out of the shadows all around her.

They quickly gathered around her and they here all naked. Now her face was at the perfect level that all she could see as she spun was dirty, smelly, crusty cunts, and it didnt help to close her eyes cause they seemed to smell even worse now. Kim realized now why they werent in a hurry to chase her down when she escaped...she wondered if the whole thing wasnt just a set up. Kim started to beg for mercy and tell them she just lost her head but as soon as she started to say anything her pussy exploded in a flash of pain then as she tried to curl up first one tit then the other exploded as well. The women had started punishing her tits and pussy with leather straps.

Kim heard one of the nasty women talk to her “you worthless lazy pig you repay our generous hospitality by running of with no offer to repay us or even a thanks” her words were interrupted by Kims tits and ass being lashed again. “You are stupider that pig shit if you thought you were gonna escape you never had a chance!” WHHHAAPPPPP WWHAP WHAAP the women continued to beat her “we gave you a chance to do it the easy way so now well do it the hard way” she finished then stepped close to Kim grabbed her hair and pulled her face up into her gross smelly pussy. “It aint been cleaned in months but I figure its still better than you deserve now get to work” she said yanking on Kims hair. Kim hesitated so her pussy was whipped until she brought the horrible woman to orgasm and flood her mouth with her vile ejaculate.

Kim tried as hard as she could to hold it down but in the in she threw the disgusting liguid up raising the womans anger who beat her nipples badly before disappearing into the dark shadows. When the women returned she was carrying a box and inside it was one of the huge rats she had seen earlier. She placed the bos on the ground directly below Kims head and when she looked down there were actually three of the ugly things. She felt her body jerk then begin to lower and she began to struggle further down she went until she could feel the rats tugging on her hair then they stopped lowering her. “We are fair minded women what would you like better sucking and worshiping our pussies or playing with my little friends?” the woman asked.

Kim couldnt answer fast enough “pussies I want to lick and suck your pussies please let me up.........Ill lick your pussies so good....!” she begged and begged.

“I dont know it doesnt sound like you really want to worship our pussies it just sounds like you dont want to play with my friends.......convince me!” the woman responded.

“No please be my ladies own my ugly worthless body aaaaand usse itt as you pleaseI want to whhorshhip your wonderful pussies its more than thissssss piggg suuucker deservess usse mmmy mouuuthhh aannd mmyyyyytonguee I long for the tassste of yiouurr nectar!” Kim begged hoping to tell them what they wanted to hear.

“What do you think?” the woman asked the others and they discussed while Kim remained inches from the rats.

“We will give you one chance an if you insult any of us like that again you spend the rest of the night with my friends I dont care if having them eat your nose and ears off pisses Rosa off what can she do to us to make our lives worse?” she told Kim

“Oh ttthank yyyouuu I promisse I will do my bestttt..........iff youuu waanttt yoou caann beat me while I worship your beautiful pussies!” Kim gushed happy to escape the rats.....

“Wwwhoa not so fast and dont worry we plan on whipping your worthless ass but you have to ask us to do one more thing you must beg to take our mark on your tit where everyone will know you were used by us! Im not gonna tell you what it is or where it might be a big red x across your face it might be having your nipples cut off you have to ask not knowing.” the woman told Kim.

Terrified by the rats and having them already clawing to get at her Kim agreed and begged them to let her where their mark on her worthless body. Figuring Kim would agree the woman brought out a box and in it was a syringe and a small branding iron. While the women heated up the small branding iron the woman squatted down in front of Kim while another held one of Kims tits. Without a word the woman stuck the needle dead center in Kims nipple and injected a substance into it.

“This will make your nipples grow to at least twice what they are now and they will remain huge and hard forever there is no way to change that.” she told Kim then started on the other nipple. Kim began groaning from the pain caused by her swelling nipples and the larger they grew the more they hurt. Satisfied with their size the woman traded the syringe for the branding iron. She grabbed Kims tit by the nipple and lifted it so she could get to the top of Kims tit. With no more warning she pressed the red hot iron high on Kims tit and the soft skin sizzled.

Kim screamed hoping she would pass out but no such luck. “RBCS” the woman told Kim who looked at her confused. “The brand says RBCS and that stands for Rock Bottom Cum Slut and that is you!” she laughed. Kim swung and spun surrounded by the smelly women. The women continued spinning her and one of them spoke to her as she spun “We are going to play a game much like one you probably played when you were younger.......”Spin the Bottle” only we are playing “Spin th Pig Sucker”........we are gonna spin you and you are going to worship whatever pussy you are facing when you stop spinning. And we are going to continue until you get everyone. Some you might have to do 3,4,5 times or more all depends on how the slut spins. Sounds like fun doesnt?” she asked Kim.

“Yyyyes maam this slut can hardly wait” Kim told her what they wanted to hear.

“I dont know about the rest of you but my pussy is dripping already lets start!” the woman said. And before Kim knew what hit her she was spinning. She would spin fast at first then slow down slower......slower until she stopped with her face staring directly into the winners snatch. One particularly lucky women won 4 times out of 8 spins and each time it would take Kim more time and effort to get her off. If the group thought Kim wasnt giving her best effort they would beat or torture her in some way to motivate her. Any thought of refusing to service them were dashed by the ever present box of rats inches beneath her.

Kim licked, sucked, and worshiped their pussies through out the night. She had to service some of the women five or six times before she finally made it through the entire gang. When the game was over they left her swinging and spinning on the end of the rope while they discussed what they wanted to do with her until sunrise. Kim was becoming nauseous has she spun and it wasnt from the spinning it was from all the cum in her stomach and the smell of the cum drying on her face. When they finally did let her down they did so without moving the box so when she fell she found herself momentarily face to face with the rodents until her body crushed the sides of the box and they scurried to their freedom. The women released Kims ankle and got her to her feet then looped the rope around her. With her arms trapped behind her Kim was pulled back towards the dump she had escaped from hours earlier.

A couple of the women were waiting when they arrived at the dump. As Kim was led where the women had drove a huge dildo into the ground and forced to kneel in front of it. She was made to bend over and take it in her mouth and suck on it until it was slick with her saliva. The women quickly pulled her to her knees and forced her to crawl forward until the fake cock was at the entrance to her ass. “Easy way or the fun way?” she was asked. Realizing there was no hope for escape and she would end up impaled on the shaft one way or the other Kim slowly lowered her self onto te massive thing. It felt like she was being torn apart as she lowered herself down on it. She was groaning and squealing with her eyes closed and sweat pouring off her as she tortured herself.

When she had lowered herself to the point her ass was touching the ground and she was fully impaled the women tied her ankles to her thighs preventing her from lifting herself up. “After you serviced all of us so well we felt you deserved to get fucked and your ass was the only thing available.” they told her. The women put a small wooden cage between her legs and ran a line up through a pulley then made her clench it in her mouth. Her eyes followed the line it had a weight attached to it before it went through the pulley it then connected to the door on the wooden cage and in the cage were more of those horrible rats. She worked it out in her mind and realized that if she let go of the line the weight would drop and pull the line down on her side of the pulley which would pull the line and the cage door up on the other side releasing the hungry rats on her pussy.

“Hope you can hold that until they come to get you in a couple hours when the sun comes up those critters havent ate in days they are so hungry they eat the first thing they find.” the women laughed and after leaving a note clipped to her nipples disappeared back into the shadows. The note thanked Rosa for the generous use of the pig fucker and if she ever needed anything let them know.

Kim shook her head pleading with her eyes not to be left here like this but having been satisfied the women paid her no mind. Kim looked down at the cage and the ugly things and they were staring back at her sniffing her scent in the air. Kim bit down tighter on the line in her mouth determined not to lose hold of it before Rosas gang came for her although she had no idea how long that might be. It was still completely dark with no hint of light on the horizon exhausted from all the abuse she struggled to keep her eyes open. All alone in the silence of the night her eyes would look down at the cage and then scan the surrounding area hoping for a miracle.

Half an hour in her head nodded and she caught herself nodding off Kim shivered at the thought of almost freeing the ravenous rodents. Renewing her resolve she again looked around the dump and saw nothing. A few minutes later Kim heard movement and turned to see who it was and again she saw nothing. Time after time Kim kept hearing the sound but was unable to see where it was coming from. When daylight was just beginning to break she heard it again and she was able to see the source and she had to stifle a scream.

Not ten feet away from her a couple of rats were busy looking for breakfast. She kept her eye on them as they would vanish into a mound one place and reappear some where else. Minutes later a couple more emerged from the trash heap then a few more. Kim began to be concerned but they seemed to be content to keep hunting where they were at. By the time the sun rose she was on the verge of panic as there were now dozens of them scavenging the area and closing in on her. Nearly frantic her eyes flew from side to side and she squealed through clenched teeth.

Some how Kim was able to keep her wits and not panic even when she felt one or two scamper over her feet. She looked down and noticed the ones in the cage between her legs were becoming restless. Kim couldnt believe she was praying Rosas women would hurry and show up. She tried jerking away when she felt some brush against her leg then her hands. When three  of them ran up and over her thigh ending up between her legs Kim lost it. She screamed in both surprise and terror which sent the three rats between her legs scrambling to get away. Unfortunately she let go of the line she had been clinching between her teeth allowing the weight to drop and pulling the cage door open releasing the ravenous rats.

The two rats instantly went for Kims crotch and she could feel their noses and scratchy whiskers exploring the opening to her pussy. When she felt their tongues tasting her she screamed loud enough to wake the dead but it did nothing to scare the rats from her crotch. Kim continued scream and tremble until she mercifully passed out from fear and exhaustion. She came to some time later and after getting over her initial confusion found herself once again hanging by her wrists and knees.  She was swinging beneath a pole and being carried back towards the lot.

Rosas gang had been just around the corner from Kim when she had passed out in the prison dump. Although the escaped rats had nipped her in a few places the group of women got to her before the rodents had done any real damage. After freeing Kim from the shaft she was impaled on they decided it would be quicker and easier to simply carry her back to the lot. The group was now almost to the lot and the frame where Kim would spend the day. She tried to speak but found they had gagged her so resigned to her fate she just allowed her body to go limp and swing beneath the pole.

For the next week her life fell back into the routine of serving as a scarecrow in the lot during the day and servicing the gang at night. It was a horrible routine but it was far better than the night she had spent with the outcasts. On a couple of those nights she was allowed on a bed. She wasnt allowed to sleep on the bed as she had been forced to lick Rosas pussy the entire night while Rosa slept. And every morning before sun up it was back to frame to protect the crops that were now thriving.

Going into the next week Kim was surprised when the routine changed. She was still taken to the lot every day but instead of being mounted to the frame they attached a chain to her collar and then to a spike that had been driven deep in the ground. Instead of having her ass and pussy filled they affixed a tiny butterfly vibrator to her pussy then fit her with a chastity belt. The bells and weights were again clipped to her nipples and the weighted clamp still hung from her tongue. Her arms were chained behind her back and her ankles were connected together by a short hobble. She was once again coated with the honey mixture before being left to protect the crops.

Kim spent the next four days being tormented by the ants, insects, and crows but her body was recovering from the torture she had been going through. The women would still come out every hour to check on her, make sure she was hydrated, and do some teasing and tormenting. She was still miserable but she could feel her body and mind getting stronger. On the fifth day things changed once again and the first sign was that nobody came to get her before sun fact nobody came for her at all.

It was Rosa and Carmine that took charge of her that day. They began by marching her to the showers unchaining her arms and telling her to clean up. Kim was excited this was the first warm indoor shower she had in months and she basked in the feeling. As she washed though she began to wonder why she was being allowed this luxury and something in the back of her mind told her this would only lead to something she wouldnt like.

When she was finished showering Carmine tossed her some clothes and told her to get dressed. Kim picked them up and looked at them and she noticed that they wouldnt be covering much of her. What she was given looked like something Jungle Jane or a slave might wear; they seemed to be made of some kind of animal skin and consisted of a short loin cloth and a very skimpy top. When she put them on she felt just as naked as before she put them on. Her legs were still completely exposed she had a thin leather strap wrapping around her hips and from that hung two small pieces of animal hide about the size of a washcloth one covering her ass the other covering her pussy. The top was nothing more than a skimpy bikini top that was at least a size too small and once tied her tits bulged out all around. The clothing did nothing at all to hide any of her new brands or tattoos and she didnt know which one was the worst. Probably the Rock Bottom Cum Slut the outcasts gave not only because it was high on her tit and everyone now new she had been used by the outcasts but because Rosa had punished her severely for allowing them to put it there. Her punishment? Rosa allowed her gang to play spin the slut with Kim.

Using manacles Kims hands her again secured behind her back and Rosa started pushing her out of the shower. “Seems somebody high up has requested you for something special” Rosa told her as she and Carmine pushed Kim through the crowded main hall. She hung her head in humiliation as she was once more bombarded with catcalls and lewd suggestions as she was marched in front of the prison population. She shook at the thought of what her life would be like if she were to be put in general population. As much as she hated these two women they were all that was protecting her.

After they turned a corner Kim knew they were heading towards the wardens office and she feared that. The last time she had been there was months ago when she was informed of her new identity and her station in life. It was when she became less than an animal. The closer they got the more her stomach turned. Finally they reached the office and the receptionist greeted them and told them to go in they were expected. The three women entered through the large oak doors and there behind her desk was the warden who motioned for them to bring Kim to the middle of the room. With her head bowed Kim was roughly forced to her knees luckily she had remembered the rule about never looking anywhere except at a persons crotch. Rosa and Carmine stood slightly behind Kim in a position of dominance.

The warden spoke “Did you tell her anything about what she is wanted for?” she asked Rosa.

“No maam thought you would like that pleasure..........stupid sow never even wondered why we took it easy on her the past few days!” Rosa answered.

“Thanks I would like to see the whores reaction.” She said to Rosa. Then in a menacing voice she addressed Kim “did you think we were doing you a favor the past few days by not beating you? Not hardly we couldnt give a shit about a pig fucker” everyone in the room chuckled “no we have a special assignment for you and we needed you halfway healthy or it wouldnt have been any fun. We have some mutual friends” She got up and walked across the room “you should remember them Senior Apodacca.....Ruby........Lupe.......and Jose” Kim saw them sitting across the room on a sofa.

“You see Senior Apodacca and I were talking about hunting one day and we talked about how he had hunted and captured or killed just about everything possible.............except one.....a human. And it came to me that at the prison we have you.........true you are less than human but are as close as we can get.” The warden laughed and Kim started shaking her head noooo “well we talked and decided youll have to do..........then we talked some more and decided the more the merrier so I invited Ruby, Lupe, and Jose to join in......I cant tell you how excited they were.” She went back to her desk and sat down.

Kim had started to weep causing her shoulders to quiver as she listened. “Tonight you are going to be taken to land owned by Senior Apodacca and held in a cage until tomorrow morning when you will be set free and given a head start so you can evade our two groups of hunters. If you manage to evade them for twenty four hours the little scarecrow will be forced to take your place with Rosa. If Ruby, Lupe, and Jose catch you they will be taking you home with them something they have wanted to do for a long time! Now if its Senior Apodacca that captures you everything stays as it is except he and his daughter Kimberly will be visiting more often and taking a more active role with your incarceration.” The warden explained to her.

Then walking up until she was standing over Kim and grabbing her hair “And if you are caught before twelve hours has passed or if at any time I catch you not giving it your best effort to evade I will have you stripped naked and put in general population. If you manage to survive a week I will outright give you to the outcasts as their very own......and I believe you know what they want to see happen to you!” she warned Kim then tossed her head to the side. “Go ahead and take her away shell need her rest for tomorrow there is a truck waiting out front!” Kim was pulled to her feet and was being led out when “oh one more thing the outcasts have spent the day out there today Ive allowed them to rig a few of their devilish traps if you happen to stumble into one and get trapped......guess what?” she asked with a smile “thats right you are theirs to do what they want with!” she turned and went to her desk and Kim was led out.

There was a truck waiting at the front gate it was an old beat up truck that actually had a cage built onto the bed of the truck. It stood as high as the cab of the truck as wide as the bed but only about three feet deep. The sides and top were constructed of chicken wire with strands of barbed wire interweaved into it. Kim was forced up in the bed then made to crawl into the cage. The truck started and after leaving the prison they drove through the small town close to the prison before driving into the out lying hills.

The hills were a sharp contrast to where they had just come from it was still very hot but it was a humid sweltering heat. It also had much more native vegetation but not a quite a forest but it wasnt like Kim was enjoying the scenery. After an hour or so they left the pavement turning on to a deeply rutted dirt road. Kim was tossed about in the back as the ruts took control of the truck until they came to a large double gate manned by two armed guards. Expecting the delivery the guards opened the gates and the truck continued on until they reached a clearing in the woods.

Stopping in the clearing Rosa released Kim from the back of the pick up and forced her to walk to the other side of the clearing. As they walked Kim noticed several primitive huts scattered around it as well as some heavy posts and what looked like large roasting spits. Just when they were about to reach the other side Kim saw what was to be her home for the night. It was a small bamboo cage about three feet on all sides and she knew it was going to be an uncomfortable night. When she was forced into the cage she found out just how right she was as she had to kneel with her legs spread wide and her ass against the bottom. Her arms had been retied behind her back and she had to lower her head and hunch down to fit.

The door to the cage was secured with a chain and padlock. Once secured she felt herself and the cage being lifted up and she was soon swinging and spinning five feet above the ground. Carmine took a few minutes to reach up into the cage and tease Kims still locked pussy for a few minutes before leaving to join the others in the clearing. Kim was left to herself most of the night to contemplate what she was facing in the morning. She decided her best bet would be to first get as far away as fast as she could. She next figured she would have to move to some high ground so she could see the two groups as the came for her. The most important thing would be to avoid the traps that the outcasts had set for her because after the night she had spent with them she wouldnt survive an extended stay with them.

As night fell Kim could hear voices coming from the other side of the clearing. Although she couldnt understand what they were saying because they were speaking in Spanish the tone sounded upbeat and jovial. Kim closed her eyes and tried to calm her mind so she could get the rest she knew she would need for the hunt. With the cage spinning her body was again swarmed by mosquito and various other insects and as annoying as they were she had learned to tolerate much worse in the lot. Soon she was able to slip into a restless sleep filled with unsettling dreams.

Early the next morning Kim was awakened by the sound of numerous vehicles arriving at the clearing. With her back to the clearing she couldnt make out who or what was in the vehicles. One thing she could tell was that the insects had feasted on her overnight and she was covered with tiny itchy bites. Her mouth was dry from her tongue being stretched out all night. She could feel her heart start beating faster knowing the hunt would be starting soon. Kim hadnt heard them approach until seconds before she and the cage were being lowered.

The cage hadnt even reached the ground when she heard the lock and chain being removed. As soon as it was on the ground Kim was pulled from the cage and was kneeling at the feet of Rosa and Carmine. She knew to keep her gaze down never looking into their faces. Looking around the sun hadnt been up for long so she knew it was before eight am. She could now see others walking in her direction and she recognized them right away. Walking away from the trucks and trailers they arrived in it was Ruby, Lupe, and Jose approaching on foot. Next to them was Senior Apodacca and his daughter on horseback. Kim knew from the start everything had been stacked against her for the hunt but this latest development left no sport at all.

They all gathered around the kneeling Kim referring to her as a thing and talking trash to each other while waiting for the warden to make her way over.

“Fucking gringa is gonna be a fluffier at our sleaziest whorehouse in the district bitch gonna be sucking cock twenty hours a day seven days a week for ten pesos a go!” Lupe announced.

“Im gonna have the warden make her available for my mules to use her whenever they return from making their drops........fucking her white ass will be just the motivation for them to work harder and make more trips!” Senior Apodacca responds only to be one upped by the new Kimberly “Tell you what dont matter if shes whoren up north or getting ass fucked in prison Im gonna let MS13 know where she is so the white whore can pay her debt!” she says.

Kim shakes her no begging them for mercy.

“Shut that pig up dont want to hear her pathetic voice!” The warden orders as she joins the others. Carmine loops a piece of cloth around Kims mouth tying it off behind her head.

“We all know the rules right?” the warden asks.

“Yeah aside from her getting an hour head start there arent no rules” Ruby says.

Kim is pulled to her feet given a goatskin Bota bag full of water and led a few feet into the woods. Once in the woods Carmine takes the gag out of her mouth unties her hands and slaps her viciously on the ass telling her to get moving shes already wasted 5 minutes.

Kim stumbled barefooted into the woods unsure of which way to go she just ran blindly into the woods. She didnt know how far she had gone but sweat was pouring off her body and her feet were hurting from running on the rocky terrain. She decided to change directions and went down what seemed to be a path but she quickly became encased in a thorny bush. She came out the other side scratched and bloody but determined to keep moving. She found another path and ran as fast as she could not knowing how much time had elapsed. About a hundred feet down the path she caught sight of what seemed to be a trip wire across the path. She slowed down being careful to avoid what she believed was one of the outcasts traps. Once past the trip wire she turned to run and instantly fell into a deep pit.

“Oh fuck she thought catching her breath they had suckered her again and she looked around in desperation to find a way out. It was then she saw the tarantulas inhabiting the hole scurrying bacwards away from the spiders she felt something poke her in the back. It was a short stick grabbing it she looked around and noticed a couple of large roots were hanging into the pit. Kim quickly began trying to carve some foot holds into the side of the hole. It proved to be a slow process as the earth was hard and the tarantulas kept attacking her. Knowing she didnt have much time she put one foot in a hold then another and leaped to grab a root and fell short landing on her butt amidst the fury spiders. Again and again she tried only to fall short finally as her strength was fading she managed to grab a root and hang on. Struggling furiously she pulled and clawed her way out of the pit.

Kim crawled away from the hole and then got to her feet knowing she had lost valuable time. Reaching a small clearing Kim looked around to find the highest point she could see and jogged towards it. She climbed up through the rocks trying to stay hidden peaking out to try and see where her pursuers were. She was able to spot Senior Apodacca and his daughter pretty easily as they rode on their huge horses. They themselves seemed to be heading to the same ridge Kim was on but were still searching the woods as they came towards her.

Being on foot Ruby, Lupe, and Jose were more difficult to spot and Kim wasted a good deal of time looking for them but at last she found them. Well she found Ruby and Lupe anyhow but Jose was nowhere to be seen. Ruby and Lupe looked like they were at the spot where Kim had fallen into the outcasts trap and seemed to be talking into a phone or walkie talkie. Kim decided to move further down the ridge and try to rest.

She made her way about a half mile down the ridge and ducked behind some rocks to take a break. The sun was climbing higher in the sky and it was getting hot and Kim closed her eyes and sipped some water from her Bota bag. She was pondering her next move when she heard movement not far from where she was sitting. Slowly peaking around a cluster of rocks she saw it was Senior Apodacca who had ridden ahead to search the high grounds while his daughter continued looking in the woods. Kim slowly worked her way behind Senior Apodacca to make her way back the other way on the ridge.

Kim was gaining confidence as she managed to keep her pursuers in sight and avoid them. All her pursuers but one Jose! She hadnt seen him since the clearing and it nagged at her. Kim noticed Ruby and Lupe were making their way up the ridge and this put Kim right in the middle of them and Senior Apodacca. Kim decided that being between them would create a problem. Weighing her options she decided it would be best if she left this ridge to go to a different one.

She made her way down the slope until she was almost even with Ruby and Lupe then found a hiding place in the rocks and waited quietly for the two women to pass. When she saw that the coast was clear she quickly made her way back into the woods. Careful to avoid any traps the outcasts might have set for her Kim made it through the woods and to the base of the other ridge unscathed. Feeling she had given the hunters the slip and was now all alone on the other side of the wooded valley Kims confidence soared.

Kim figured that with so much separation from them all she had to do was avoid any traps and she would be able to hide on this ridge long enough to win this sick game. She was so confident she allowed herself to relax and wasnt nearly as vigilant ascending this ridge as she was on the last one. About a quarter of the way up she looked back to the other ridge and saw the two groups were still searching the higher part of it. Feeling safe she decided to take a break so she went behind some large rocks and sat down before quenching her thirst with water from the Bota.

It felt good to rest her muscles were hurting even before the hunt started and now her legs burned. Enjoying the coolness while sitting in the shade of the rocks Kim let her whole body relax. A single bob of her head kept Kim from nodding off or had she, and if so how long was she out. Kim was so tired she didnt really know but knew she had to find out; she was just glad she hadnt been discovered while she was out. Slowly getting to her feet Kim held her breath as she peeked out from her hiding place. She sighed in relief when she saw nobody around.

She crept out from her hiding place to try and spot her pursuers. It would be difficult because the sun was lower in the horizon and was casting long shadows. As she made her way slowly and carefully she realized that she needed to be extra careful because any traps would be harder to see as well. Squinting her eyes she finally caught sight of Senior Apodacca and his daughter and the were almost back down to thee woods. Still unable to see the other group Kim decided to make her way further up the hill. Turning to go up she planted her foot in the shadow cast by a large rock; when she put her weight on it the rock was loose and gave way. Kim slid a few feet down but the rock continued on.

Holding her breath as she scrambled to hide behind a rock she hoped she hadnt drawn any attention to her self. Sneaking a look she saw the father and daughter were still as they had been and she smiled to herself glad luck was still with her. Having dodged another bullet Kim again set off for higher ground. Looking up to get her bearings after a few steps Kim freezes less than three hundred feet away she sees Jose and he sees her. She also notices that at his side are a pair of hunting dogs and they are sniffing the air.

When she sees Jose start talking on a walkie talkie Kim turns in her tracks and starts running down the hill as fast as she can figuring her only hope was to lose them in the woods. She throws caution to the wind trying to get off the ridge as fast as she can. They rocky terrain is tearing up her feet but there is no stopping now. Stepping onto a loose rock Kim goes for a ride the tumbles and slides coming to a stop a few yards down the slope. She hears the dogs baying as she gets to her feet and looking back she sees Jose has let the dogs loose and they have her scent. Ignoring the painful scrapes and bruises from her fall Kim begins running straight down the hill.

Slipping and sliding but managing to stay on her feet Kim reaches the bottom of the slope but hears the baying dogs closing in on her. It only takes a couple strides for Kim to vanish into woods were she is running blindly down narrow then changing direction plowing through shrubs and over fallen trees trying to shake the animals. She breaks free of the undergrowth and onto a narrow path where she turns to run. Kim was in such a hurry she never saw or felt the trip wire but she suffered the consequences.

A web that looked to be made out of narrow cord fell across the path. Kim might have been able to stop but because it was made out of such narrow cord it didnt seem threatening. Kim went to step around it and her hand flew out to push the edge of the web aside. Her body was yanked to a sudden stop as her hand was stuck to the webbing. She got angry when her attempts to shake free were futile and not thinking clearly she tried using her foot to push the cord away from her hand. “FUCK NO” Kim screamed now her foot was trapped at waist height while her hand was still stuck to the web about shoulder height. She struggled and squirmed realizing the cord had been coated with some super sticky and super strong substance and she was as hopelessly caught as a fly in a spider web.

With the baying of the dogs getting even closer Kim struggled her harder spining and twisting trying to free her hand and foot. Moments later as if out of nowhere the two dogs exploded out of the underbrush at the exact spot Kim had and before she had a chance to react they were on her. Barking, jumping, and bouncing the dogs caught Kim unprepared and knocked her backwards. Only having one leg to stand on the initial impact threw her off balance and her other foot swung backwards but instead of finding the ground it to became stuck to the web with both feet off the ground and spread widely.

The dogs bounced against her again causing her and the web to swing backwards. Kim instinctively reached out to grab hold of something to keep from falling and now both hands were held up and behind her completely out of the way. Kim screamed out in anger and frustration she couldnt believe things had turned so bad so quickly. Her mind raced as she hung from the swinging web.

“NNNOOOOOOO PLLLLLEEASSSE NNOOOO!” Kim suddenly yelled when one of the dogs got his snout under her loin cloth and was trying to lap at her pussy pushing her backwards as he did. He kept pressing harder against her cunt as her body swung backwards away from him.

“SSSTTOPPPPP NNOOO” she continued screaming while her body was pushed backwards until she was almost horizontal to the ground. The over zealous dog pushed too far and his tongue slipped off her exposed lips and he stumbled past. Kim swung in a downward arc to where she had been standing and right into the reach of the other huge dog.

“AAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH” she screamed out when the dog rose to his hind legs while reaching out to clutch her with his front legs out stretched. “Mmmmmmmmpphhh” their bodies collided and his legs wrapped around her hips bringing her to a stop. With her still in his grasp he used his nose to push her covering aside so he could taste her pussy himself.

“NNNNaahhhh Stooooo” She screamed as she struggled but was cut off when she felt her ass being explored by the other dogs nose. Kim half groaned and half moaned still trying to escape but the animals had her firmly secured and sandwiched between them. The dogs would growl if she resisted at all and she felt herself start to become aroused.

“HHHHEEEELLLPPPPPP” she screamed out knowing somebody had to be close by. “HHHHEEEELLLPPPPPP” she tried again only this time the dog at her pussy raised up and growled before clamping his teeth around her throat threateningly. With Kim quieted down and warned the animal dropped down and busied himself with her pussy. Kim was trying everything she knew to keep control but the animals were persistent.

She heard a man laugh then say “I knew you loved sucking off pigs but a dog lover too......what a slut!” she opened her eyes and saw Jose walking up.

“Pplleeasse” Kim softly moaned as the dogs continued

And Jose asks “please what? Please more dogs.......please whip me what is it you want?”

She shudders “ppppplease makke them stop!” she begs

“Why they aint hurting nobody” he says as he begins mauling her tits. After taking his time squeezing and kneading her boobs Jose finally chases the dogs off. Im gonna do what I should have done when we first grabbed you......give that gash of yours a good hard fucking!” Jose told her as he dropped his jeans to reveal a huge hard on. With her legs still held wide by the web it was easy to him to step up to her and drive his cock deep into her pussy. The state she was in after being licked allowed Jose to easily pound in and out of her over stimulated pussy. He was as good as his word fucking her long hard and mercilessly as she hung there. She looked like a rag doll her body bouncing on the end of his cock.

“You better enjoy it punta only dick youll be getting where you are going is pig dick......oh but thats right you love them hogs” He taunted her just as he was about to shoot his load.


“Look at what we got here Lupe...............looks like they are gonna be playing spin the slut at the dump tonight!” Ruby exclaimed as her and Lupe arrived while Jose was busy fucking Kim. “Gringa gonna be lapping a lot a nasty smelly pussy just the way she likes it!” she continued.

Jose had finished and was pulling his jeans back up “yeah dumb fucking cunt aint even smart enough to avoid such a simple looked like she wanted to go back to them animals”

Still stuck to the web and hanging from it defenseless Kim starts begging “NOOOOO PLLLEEASSE DONT LET THEM TAKE ME!” she sobs “Ill do anything theyyyy are terrible to me!”

“You are asking us to go against the warden and Senior Apodacca that wouldnt be good for our health and you got nothing we want!” Ruby laughs in her face.

“Pleaseeee yooou ddddoonnt kkknnnooow what those evilll women will do to me its inhuman!” Kim sobs.

“Worse than this?” she asks showing Kim a bag she was had in her hand then stepping close to where Kim is held captive “we found a few of your friends aways back!” Lupe starts pulling tarantulas out of the bag and placing them on the web around Kim.

“NNNNOOO SSSTTTOPPPP DOOONNNTTTTT!” Kim screams and struggles only managing to get herself stuck to the web worse and pissing off the spiders.

“You would willfully give give yourself to some spics as their slave?” Ruby asks her

“YYYEESSS PPLLEAASEE TTAKEEE ME!” Kim cries out watching as the tarantulas make their way closer.

“Tell me youre a worthless pig that will suck my ass and drink my piss” Ruby orders Kim wanting to see her humiliate herself.

“YYYYeeesss mmmisstrresss I will Ill do anything you ask!” Kim responds.

“Say it cunt!” Ruby yells.

“I willl ssssucck yyouur aasss lick yourrr pussyyy........drinkkk your pisss juust dont let them take me” Kim sobs in defeat.

“If I tell you I want to see youuu fuck a pig then what?” the Mexican asks.

“Ppppplllleease yooooouu wooullddnt” Kim says then feels a tarantula crawling on her arm.

“Lets go this cunt is wasting our time let those outcast bitches have her......let them feed her to the rats!” Ruby tells Lupe and Jose and the three call their dogs and begin walking away.

“Thisssss worthless whoooreee woulld suck it’‘s cock to gggett it good and hhhard then offer him its worthless ass and fucked out cunt to fucccck as he pleased!” Kim yelled out in total humiliation and shame.

“Our pigs wouldnt have you!” Lupe answers her “have fun hope you enjoy sucking that diseased pussy while the rats eat yours!” and the group vanished into the woods

“NNNOOOO donnn’‘t ggggooo doo what ever youuu wanttt with mee Ill bbbee tthee besttt slut ever!” Kim yelled out as they left but her words fell on deaf ears. The tarantulas were even closer with three of them already on her. Kim was panic stricken but realized she had to stay still or risk making the tarantulas angry. Her chest heaved as her breathing deepened as one of them was on her shoulder and coming towards her face. It wasnt long before that one was on her face and another had made its way to her chest and was exploring her boobs. Four more had made their way off the web and onto various parts of her body. The one on her face forced Kim to close her eyes tightly so now all she could do was feel them.

Three more had joined the others bringing the total to ten that were roaming her body some as far down as under her loin cloth. She was about to go insane by the time Senior Apodacca and his daughter stumbled upon her. Their presence went unnoticed by Kim who was totally focused on the spiders. It was only when the sadistic daughter lashed Kim around her waist with a bullwhip that she opened her eyes.

“Looks like we are too late”  Senior Apodacca said as he circling Kim on his horse “guess we have to work out a deal with the night crawlers to use her” he told his daughter.

“Noo ppppllleease you take mee” Kim blurted out

“Maybe we could have MS13 come up and take her and then I will be clear with them” his daughter suggested.

“No the warden has been good to us well just leak it to them where she is” Senior Apodacca replied

“Pppppllleeasse ssir take them off mee Ill do anythinggg!” she offers.

“Ill show you what youll do for me” the drug kingpin threatened her pulling a machete from his horses saddle and cutting through the web. Kim fell to the ground along with the web and the taratulas getting further entangled as she hit the ground. Senior Apodacca dismounted his horse and walked to where Kim was on the ground struggling with the web and the tarantulas.

“On your hands and knees you worthless sow!” he ordered Kim then kicking her when she took to long. Growing impatience his daughter jumped down and the both yanked her to her hands and knees. While her father was on the ground the fake Kimberly used Kims hair to hold her in place occasionally reaching down to pick up the tarantulas that had fallen off and put them on Kims back.

With his pants down Senior Apodacca knelt between Kims legs flicked off a few spiders then positioned his stiff cock at her ass hole. Kim sucked in a deep breath just as he sunk his cock deep inside her.

“Mmmmmmmmpphhhh” Kim grunted at the intrusion and the man began forcefully and painfully fucking her ass.

“You better start moving that fat ass and fuck me back if you know whats good for you!” he ordered while slapping her ass. Kim groaned in agony as she rocked back and forth impaling herself on his cock suddenly unaware of the hairy creatures climbing on her. Apodacca continued berating Kim as his balls slapped against her ass. Rivlets of sweat were pouring of her body and her ass felt like it was going to split.

“Ppppplleeeasse nnnooo mmorree iittt hhurts I caant stand it” she begged in ragged gasps.

“Oh thats how it is ehh punta? Thought you would do anything if we released you? What a lying gringa!” The daughter yelled at her then to her dad “fuck her good father she deserves to have her ass torn well make sure she gets to those nasty outcasts with a fucked out ass hole to go with her sloppy fucked out cunt!” her father started fucking Kim even harder. Her anal rape went on for what seemed like forever but in reality was only fifteen minutes. When he was done he walked around and made Kim clean his cock with her mouth. When he was satisfied his dick was clean enough he yanked Kim to her feet then bent down to pull up his pants.

While he was doing that his daughter had remounted her horse and was guiding him to where her father and Kim were. With the precision that comes from having done it thousands of times when she was young his daughter twirled a lasso once, then twice, and a third time before letting it fly. The lasso flew true and looped around Kims body and was pulled tight just above her waist. Kim found her arms trapped against her sides with the rope just below her elbows, the girl looped it around Kim one more time and when she pulled it tight the rope was locked in place.

“Good to see you remembered something I taught you when you were small”   Apodacca said to his daughter as he climbed up on his horse. “Lets go the warden will be expecting us!”

Apodaccas daughter tied the other end of the lasso to her saddle and they spurred their horses back in the direction of the clearing. Caught by surprise Kim stumbled as she was pulled behind the two riders. She still had the sticky web hanging from her body and a few tarantulas tagging along. Stiff branches whipped her and sharp thorny bushes scraped her tits and body as they led her through the woods. The only time they would slow down was when she fell and that would only be slow enough for her to struggle to her feet. The worst part came when they left the woods and started going up the ridge line. They went slower but the ground was covered in sharp rocks that took a toll on Kims feet luckily they only went that way a short distance.

It was about half an hour later just as the sun was setting that the trio reached the clearing.

Kim was exhausted as she staggered behind the horses to where the warden was sitting with Rosa and Carmine.

“I see you were out picking up the trash!” the warden said.

“Yeah figured we would save you the trouble”  Senior Apodacca told her as he climbed off his horse.

“Sorry you didnt catch her yourself didnt think she would be stupid enough to get caught in some silly trap!” the warden told him.

“Its all good Im sure the dump dwellers will make her pay for her stupidity and I know I can make a deal so my mules can come use her.”Senior Apodacca tells the warden “next time well pick a better contest”

“Nnnnnnnoooo yyyouu ccant let thhhemmmm haaavvve mmmeeee ppleeaasee llleettt mmme be youyrr sslklavvve!” Kim begs the warden from where she is bound on the ground.

“Shut that piece of trash up” the warden orders and a guard produces a large penis gag and stuffs it in Kims mouth silencing her.

“Do something with her until the morning me and my guests are going to relax.” the two guards drag Kim off to the edge of the clearing where she is tied with her back against a tree and her arms pulled back around it. The guards then stuff her with a vibrating dildo and leave her for the night. Kim stood there moaning and it wasnt long after the guards left that Kim was racked by the first of what was to be many orgasms. The batteries didnt die out until a couple hours before sunup and Kim had lost count of how many times she had come. When they finally died Kim sagged against the ropes sweat pouring off her she passed out.

It was shortly after the sun came up that the warden had the guards wake her up which they did with a bucket of icy water. Kim came to sputtering and shivering looking out of startled eyes. She felt horrible there wasnt any part of her body that wasnt screaming out in pain. She cried out for a drink of water but the gag kept her from being heard. The guards released her from the tree, bound her hands behind her back with handcuffs,  and marched her to the wardens hut. Kim was forced to her knees in front of the warden and her guests who were eating breakfast. She had to kneel at attention and watch them as they ate. Her stomach was growling and she realized she hadnt eaten anything in 48 hours and she couldnt remember the last time she had eaten anything that wasnt spoiled or pissed on.

When the group had eaten enough all the scraps were gathered up and thrown away. They werent gonna make Kim go with out eating though when the guards returned they were carrying dog bowls. Senior Apodaccas daughter got up from the table and in her hand was a can of dog food which she emptied into one of the bowls. In the other bowl was poured water they told her was water but she hsd her doubts. The bowls were placed in front of Kim and the warden ordered her to eat and drink it all.

When she got her face close enough to smell the food her stomach turned and she wanted to resist eating it. All it took was one look at the warden and her guests and Kim knew she would be eating it one way or the other so she began. As soon as her tongue touched the slimy slop the taste and texture almost made her puke. A stern warning from the guests let Kim know just how sorry she would be if she did puke. She turned to get a drink of water to wash it down and thats when she noticed all the floaters in and on the water. She didnt know for sure but she had a pretty good idea what it was and decided to hold off drinking and went back to the food.

“You can put it off as long as you want put youll be drinking every drop and more” the warden scolded her.

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