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Training Sis To Behave

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Synopsis: A mother sends her 19 year old daughter to live with her brother in the hopes that he can turn her life around, as he has already done with his wife. Sis doesn\'t enjoy it but he does.

Training Sis To Behave

Chapter 1

"Dear Frank,                                                        July 28, 1983

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to take your sister under your wing and try to knock some sense into her.  Since your father died last year, Amy has become belligerent, sassy, and disobedient, and I haven't been able to speak to her about anything important. She either walks away from me, when I try to tell her something or, worse yet, yells at me to shut up.

Last Saturday, for the third time last week, she snuck out, after she was supposed to be in bed, and dragged in the next morning with her clothes all in disarray.  She wouldn't tell me where she'd been or with whom.

As you know she failed her senior year this year and will have to repeat the year.  Her grades were awful, and this from a girl who has been on the honor-roll every year she's been in high school.

The other day I came home from shopping to find that she'd gotten into the liquor and was in a stupor. I asked her why she did it, and she said "Oh, fuck off, Bitch!" and staggered away.

Frank, I just can't handle her any more. You have done such a wonderful job with Georgia.  I remember when you married her she was pretty wild and spiteful, and the last time you were here she was like a new person, sweet and thoughtful and obedient. I'm assuming you used some of your Dad's punitive methods to straighten her out, and I'm hoping you can do the same with Amy.

As I told you last week on the phone, I'm forever indebted to you for being willing to handle this for me. Amy just thinks she's coming for a one week visit, but you can keep her there as long as you feel it's necessary, and, if you don't think she's turned around by the time for school, I'd appreciate it if you'd keep her there and have her repeat her year up there.

I think the fact that you live so far out in the country away from Butte and can keep her secluded and away from a lot of distractions will help, too. If you need extra money to take care of Amy for however long you keep her there, as I told you in our phone conversation, I'll be glad to help.

Thanks again, Son,    Love, Mom

Frank finished re-reading the letter he'd received the day before and smiled.  The thought of teaching his little sister to straighten up and fly right was a chore very much to his liking.  He'd had trouble getting to sleep the night before, thinking about all the aspects of how he could make her mend her ways, and how much he had enjoyed doing the same to Georgia.

He and Georgia had been married for three years and, in that time he had transformed her from a willful teenager into a passive, dutiful mate. He relished the task before him.

Frank turned to Georgia and asked if breakfast was ready yet. She explained that the muffins weren't quite ready to take out of the oven yet, and he gruffly pointed out that she should have put the muffins in when she first came down for breakfast. She apologized and said she would try to remember that the next time.  He countered that she'd better, if she knew what was good for her.

On the way back from the Butte airport, Frank looked over at Amy and asked her why she hadn't brought more clothes. One little suitcase didn't hold much.  She explained that she had brought enough to take care of the week she'd be there. He very matter-of-factly pointed out she must have misunderstood, that she would be staying there for the rest of the summer.

Amys head shot around to stare at Frank, asking him what he meant, that her mother had said this was a one week visit.

"Well, Mom asked me to work with you on changing your attitude, and we both agreed it would take more than a week. So, I guess you'll be here until I think you've straightened up, Sis. Sorry!"

"Well, you can just turn the car around and take me back to the airport.  I'll fly back home today!"

"I don't think so, Amy. You gave me your return ticket for safe-keeping, remember? You're not getting it back until I think you're ready to go.  From what Mom said, I know damn well it'll be a lot more than a week."

"You fucker!  Who the shit do you think you are? Turn this fucking car around right now!"

"That's one of the first things we're going to have to get out of your system, Sis.  From now on I don't want to hear another dirty word out of your mouth."

"And what the fuck are you going to do about it, Frank.  I'm 18 years old and I can fucking well say whatever I fucking want to!"

"When we get home I'll show you why you won't be spouting off like that. You used to be a well-behaved young lady.  Apparently, since Dad died, you've changed."

"It's my fucking life, and I'll do with it what I want. You have no business trying to tell me how to fucking talk or run my fucking life!  Now turn this car around, you bastard."

"Sorry, Amy, but you're here for the duration. Now just shut up and enjoy the scenery!  It'll be a while before you see it again."

As they got closer to Frank and Georgia's home, the houses got sparser and sparser, until there were literally miles from one home to another. Finally Frank pulled into the driveway leading to their house. It was a fairly good-size three-story building, with a garage attached. There was not another sign of life for miles.

Frank grabbed Amy's bag from the back seat, threw it in the trunk and, after Amy had alighted from the car, locked it up.

"You won't be needing clothes for a while.  When I think you're ready for them, Ill give you your suitcase."

"Who the fuck do you think you are? I have to have clothes. There may not be anybody living around here, but I still need something to wear."

"Unh,unh. Now, get inside!"

Amy reluctantly strode into the living room, where Georgia was sitting reading the paper.  She rose to hug Amy, who marched past her without saying a word.

"Now take off all your clothes, Amy. You won't be wearing any again until I think you're ready."

"Fuck you, Frank. I'm not taking a fucking thing off. How does that grab you, you shit!"

Frank crossed to Amy in two strides, grabbed her blouse and, ripping the buttons off, managed to yank it off as he moved around to Amy's rear. He yelled to Georgia for assistance. 

While she moved to help, Frank managed to get Amy's jeans unbuttoned and the zipper down, in spite of her resistance.  Georgia leaned down and yanked on Amy's jean bottoms and pulled them off. In spite of Amy's kicking and twisting, she then managed to pull Amy's thong off, leaving her sister-in-law stark naked. It was then that Georgia noticed that Amy's pussy was totally devoid of hair.

"No bra, no pubic hair!  You certainly are new age, aren't you, Sis?"

"Fuck you, bastard!"

Frank let go of Amy's arms and immediately grabbed a handful of her shoulder-length brown hair and pulled up with great force.  Amy shrieked. Frank pulled her over to the couch and conveniently placed her over his knees, still holding firmly onto the hank of her hair.

Amy tried hard to wriggle her way off of Frank's lap, until, holding her down with his right arm, he let go of her hair and quickly grabbed her left breast, which was dangling next to his thigh, and squeezed it tightly.

Amy let out another bloody yelp, but slowed down her wiggling.

"I'll let go of your tit, when you stop struggling."

That was enough to convince Amy to discontinue her efforts, as the pain in her breast was excruciating. Instead, the tears began to wash down her cheeks, and she pleaded with Frank to let go.

When he finally did let go, he moved his left arm over to hold his sister down and picked up the hairbrush that was conveniently sitting on the coffee table a few feet away.

Then began a barrage of blows to Amy's buttocks that lasted for over five minutes. Each slap of the brush on what had been a lily white surface brought a new rectangle of fierce red blotches until both cheeks were a single shade of crimson.

Every blow was accompanied by an outcry from Amy, that indicated that she was suffering tremendous pain. Her legs were flopping around like a fish out of water, and her tears were dripping off her nose like a broken water tap.

When Frank finally ceased the punishment he stood his sister up before him.  The only sign of damage to her front was a very ugly redness to Amy's left boob.  From behind, where Georgia was standing, Amy's butt was a fiery red, as she reached back to attempt to assuage some of the pain.  

"I'll tell you right now, you can expect another one of these every time I hear an obscenity leave your lips. Do you understand me, Amy?"

Amy, whose nose was beginning to drip snot, whispered a "Yeah," which immediately brought a harsh smack of Frank's hand to the side of Amy's right hip.

"It's 'Yes, sir' from now on until I tell you otherwise, girl!"

"Yyyesss, ssirrr."

Georgia watched all this with some satisfaction, knowing that, for a while, anyway, she wasn't going to be the center of Frank's sadistic attention.

“Lets get a few other things straight while were at it, Amy. Your clothes will stay in your suitcase locked in the cars trunk in the garage, which will also be locked at all times that Im not using the car for something. Your room will be locked at night.  If you try to leave the house other than to go out and sit in the sun, I will start chaining you up at night.  You will help Georgia prepare meals, as well as helping to clean the house. If you disobey me or give me lip, you will be punished with a spanking or something worse. Now, do you have any questions?”

“Uh, yes. When can I go back home?”

“When I think youre ready. That will depend on your attitude, and whether I believe youve turned your life around. If necessary, you will stay here for the coming school year until you graduate. Now I have a question for you. What made you decide to shave off your pubic hair?”

“Uh, I dont know.  I just thought it would be cool.”

“Bull! Some guy talked you into it, didnt he?”

“Well, … we decided together it would be cool.”

“So youre obviously not a virgin.  Have you bedded down with a lot of guys?”

“Not that I think its any of your business, but, no, Ive made it with a few guys.”

“See, thats what I mean about attitude. Unless that changes, youre going to be walking around here with a sore bottom all the time.  You may not think so right now, but Im trying to help you get your life straightened around.  Whenever I think youre fighting me in my attempt, youll be punished. Understood?”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

Frank bolted across the room and before she could react, he had smacked Amy with sufficient force to turn her head sideways. She let out a pitiful cry, and tears began to well up in her eyes again.

“As I told you five minutes ago, its yes sir from now on, until I send you back to Mom. Is that understood?”

“Yesssssss, sir!”  Amy saluted him with a smug grin on her face. Frank smacked her across the face again, with enough force to spin her sideways. The tears began to flow down Amys cheeks again.

“Dont get smart-ass with me, Sis, or youre rear end is gonna be really sore the whole time youre here!” 

“Okay, Georgia, take Amy upstairs and show her her bedroom, and give her the toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and hair-brush I bought her yesterday.”

“Umm… Excuse me, ….. sir, but My period will be coming up shortly…”

“Georgia can give you some of her Tampax.”

“Couldnt I, at least, have some panties to wear then? Id just as soon not have that string hanging down the whole time Im having my period.”


Chapter 2

Frank had to stop by work to check on how his business was doing.  He told Georgia that she was in charge while he was gone and to keep an eye on Amy while he was gone.  He headed off to work and Georgia immediately went into the utility room to do a load of laundry. 

That was all Amy needed.  She went to the hall closet, found a rain coat, donned it and quietly stepped outside.  She had no idea where to go, but she figured shed just go in one direction until she found another house and beg them to let her call the police and tell them shed been kidnapped. So she set out down the road.

Frank spent about half an hour checking with his staff on  how things were moving along with his computer ordering system.  When he was assured that all was well, and, after checking his mail, he took off for home.

He arrived home to find Georgia at the front door in a total swivet, because Amy was gone.  Frank pointed a finger in her face and told her in no uncertain terms that, after he found Amy, they were both in for it. Georgia, having seen Frank in action before, when she had screwed up, immediately began crying.  She knew whatever he had in mind was going to be painful for both Amy and her.

Frank took off in the car in the opposite direction, figuring that hed probably have seen Amy on his way home, if she had been heading in the direction from which he had come. He drove very slowly, checking the trees along the way to make sure she wasnt hiding behind one of them.

Amy had already reached two houses along the way, but no one was home at either place.  She had spotted a third well down the road, when Franks car came into view. She tried to duck down beneath a small bush, but he had already seen her and pulled the car right up next to the bush.

“Get in, Amy! Dont make this any more difficult for yourself.”

“Frank, Im not going back with you and thats final.  Im 18, a woman, and able to make my own choices.”

Frank was out of the car and had grabbed Amys arm before she was able to react. He smacked her face three or four times, as he yanked her toward the car.

“If you had acted like a grown woman you wouldnt be here now, so think of yourself as a kid. I do!”

He opened the door on the passenger side and shoved her in the front seat. She had begun to cry at this point, and when he got back in the drivers seat, he reached over, and grabbed her by the hair.  She shrieked in pain as he forced her down into the well under the glove compartment.  She continued to cry, as he turned the car around and headed back to the house.

When they got home he opened Amys door, and, grabbing her by the hair again, he dragged her, wailing, into the house. Georgia was in the living room and looked petrified, when she saw Frank dragging his sister by the hair.

Frank stood Amy, who was sniveling like a three-year-old, up, and, grabbing the raincoat by the front lapels, ripped the coat open, popping three of the buttons off in the process. As he tore the coat off, he turned to Georgia.

“Get your clothes off and follow us downstairs.”

He grabbed Amys arm and pushed her ahead of him as they descended to the basement.  It was basically a large open unfinished area.  There was a work-bench, a small closet, and two arm-chairs, situated around the stark room.  Frank went to his work-bench, found a spool of clothes-line and cut off a length about four feet long.

While he was doing that, Georgia, totally naked, appeared, looking very embarrassed. She was much shorter and smaller-framed than Amy, but her body was trim and curvy in all the right places. Her breasts were small, almost conical with no sag, and she had small hard little brown nipples. Her pubic hair, brown like that on her head, was slightly trimmed, enough so that one could see the faint outline of her vaginal slit.

Amy, unaware of what was about to take place, just stood there, also nude, in total befuddlement, with sputum dripping from her nose. Her breasts were considerably larger than Georgias, the size of two ripe oranges, but her nipples were fairly long and delicately pink.

Frank then went to the closet and, after rooting around a bit, returned to the two naked girls with three whips. Two were cat-o-nine-tails types, without the tails, and the other was a riding quirt.

He proceeded to tie one end of the rope around Amys left wrist and the other around Georgias. He then handed a whip to each of the women.

“Now, when I give the signal, I want you to start beating each other with your whips. You will go for 10 minutes.  If I dont think youre trying hard enough I will hit you with my riding crop until you start hitting hard. If you stop hitting for any reason, I will take the guilty one and beat her with the crop twenty five times, and then well start over again with you whipping each other. Where you hit is of no concern to me, as long as youre trying to hit. Are you ready? All right, begin!”

Amy was much more into the “game” than Georgia, who seemed to be reticent to try to hit her opponent hard. They started off sizing each other up, but then Amy started hitting Georgia indiscriminately, sometimes catching Georgias butt, sometimes her hip, and, occasionally, across Georgias front.

For every hit Georgia was getting, Amy was landing five.  Finally Frank stepped in and began whipping away at Georgias buttocks with the crop as hard as he could. Over and over the quirt landed with a splat on Georgias rear, and as hard as she tried to get out of his way, she could only move a foot or two either way because of being tethered with Amy.  Soon Georgias ass was covered with stripes that were the result of blows landed both by her husband and sister-in-law.

Tears were pouring down her face, and her screams were indicative of the pain she was receiving. Eventually Frank stepped back and ordered Georgia to start trying harder. She entered the “game” with new vigor, lashing out as hard as she could, landing a few more slashes to Amys back and ass cheeks than she was receiving.

It was obvious that both girls were tiring rapidly, as the blows became less and less direct and the stripes on both girls were far less fierce-looking.  But Frank had not given them the signal to stop, so, forcing themselves to continue whipping each other, they traveled in circles, looking for open spots to hit.  Both girls were panting, near exhaustion, crying and whimpering with each blow delivered by her opponent.

After what seemed like far more than ten minutes to the combatants, Frank told them they could stop, and they both sank to their knees, weeping copiously. Frank untied the rope from their wrists and had them stand up. Both women hung their heads in fatigue as Frank poked and prodded their bodies, looking at the damage theyd inflicted upon one another. It was certain that Amy had done the most damage.

Frank found red marks all over Georgias small breasts, and, as he poked, Georgia gave out with several mournful mewls, followed by even more, as he inspected, first, her backside and then across her hips in front.

Amy may not have received as many blows, but when Frank prodded her backside, she let out with howls to indicate the pain she was in.  Because Georgia had concentrated on Amys rear cheeks, Frank noticed that the entire area was a fiery red from the bottom of her spine down to her thighs.

Frank ordered both women to go to bed, and that he would be up in a few minutes to apply some ointment to alleviate the pain. When he arrived at his bedroom, he found Georgia, still sobbing, lying on the bed on her stomach. He had her turn over on her back so that he could apply the salve to her hips in the front and then her breasts.

He spent far more time than he needed to massage the oil into her breasts, squeezing and twisting, as Georgia grunted her dislike for his actions.  Finally he had her turn on her front again and applied the ointment thoroughly, as Georgia continued to bellow, when he hit a particularly sore spot.

He left Georgia and went to Amys room.  She, too, was lying on her front, and Frank ordered her to turn on her back. Amy growled that she hadnt been hit on her front and didnt need any ointment there. She suddenly let out a yowl as Frank hauled back his arm and swung it forward to land with a splat on her sore behind.

Amy hurried to comply then and soon struggled onto her back, moaning from the additional pain to her buttocks. Frank sat on the bed and, pouring an ample amount of salve on his palm proceeded to begin rubbing on Amys breast with vigor.  If Georgia hadnt hit her there, Frank was able to make up for it with unnecessary pokes and vise-like squeezes to her nipples and other areas of her breasts.  She looked at him quizzically, but he ignored her looks and continued to prod and wrench the entire area of both boobs.

Tiring of this finally, he began to apply ointment to the front of her hips, digging his fingers into the skin from one side to the other, and adding insult to injury, ran his fingers up and down the cleft between the lips of her vulva, which they both knew was entirely unnecessary.

Finally Frank ordered her onto her front, and began massaging her rear end with gusto. He covered her whole bottom with emollient, but then ordered her to spread her legs.  Amy, again, expressed the lack of need for any more treatment, whereupon Frank smacked her butt cheeks four times with considerable force. 

Amy looked back at him doubtfully but did as he ordered. Soon she felt his hands applying the salve to the little half-peach between her legs.  Up and down his fingers trailed over the area, and, suddenly, she felt his finger poking into her hole.  She looked back at him in shock, but he ignored her and began an in-out motion obviously meant to excite her.  She was so shocked that her own brother would be doing this to her, that she could think of nothing else, as his finger delved and dipped.

She was even more shocked when he removed his finger from her hole, and she felt his hand moving up her slit to her clitoris. In no time he had his thumb and finger grabbing the nubbin and massaging it roughly. In spite of the brutishness of his manipulation, she began to feel the stirrings of her libido, and as he continued to squeeze and work his fingers over the protuberance, she suddenly began to gurgle and moan. Within moments her body was undulating and bucking against his fingers, until with a loud grunt she began to climax.  He continued his manipulations until Amy had stopped her body movements and lay limp. As he was putting the cap on the jar of ointment, Amy, eyes closed tightly, muttered into her pillow.

“That was wrong, Frank. It may have given me pleasure, but you shouldnt have done it.”

“Ill decide whats right and wrong here, Amy, and its “Sir” to you.”

She turned her head to look at him.

“Do you think Mama or Georgia would approve of what you just did,… Sir?”                       

“If you ever tell Mother what goes on here, while youre staying with us, Amy, I will find a way to make you sorry for the rest of your life.  Just accept what happens as repentance for all your misdeeds in the past.”

Franks hand moved under her until she felt his thumb and forefinger grabbing her very erect nipple and twisting it angrily. She squealed her displeasure, but he continued to twist and compress her rigid protuberance, as she squeezed her eyes shut in pain and uttered little moans.

“As for Georgia, Im sure she wont object, if she knows whats good for her.  Now, why dont you see if you can get some rest and stop worrying about what I decide to do around here.”

Frank pulled his hand away from her, rose, and disappeared out the door.  Amy began to wonder what this new wrinkle boded for her.  She had done a lot of weird things in her life, but she never considered incest as a possibility. She put her head down on the pillow, and in spite of the pain she was feeling she fell asleep within five minutes.

Frank spent a good portion of the afternoon putting locks on all the closets, bars on Amys bedroom windows, and a lock on Amys bedroom door.  After he finished, he made sandwiches for the three of them, delivering Amys first, then taking Georgias and his into their bedroom. Georgia struggled to eat hers while lying on her stomach but finally got it down.

She asked for some water to wash the sandwich down, and Frank helped her drink it by holding the cup and letting her drink the water at her own pace. It was obvious that she was still hurting from the beating she had taken from Amys whip, as well as Franks.

When she had finished drinking, she put her head back down on the pillow, thinking she would try to rest.  Frank had other ideas.

“I know youre sore all over right now, Baby, but seeing both of you girls naked and hitting each other so hard has given me a hard-on, that Ive been nursing all afternoon. I believe I need a nice deep blow-job, Hon.”

“Oh,no, Frank! Please! I just hurt too much. Please dont make me!”

Frank began removing all of his clothes.

“Its okay, Hon.  You dont have to move.  Ill just get up here and sit on your pillow, and all you have to do is open your mouth. OPEN!”

When she did, Frank pushed his half-hard penis into Georgias mouth and, grabbing her head, began moving it back and forth.  Within moments, she was starting to choke on his boner, but Frank just jammed her head further onto his prick. As she gagged, she began oozing spittle from her open mouth, as the tears began to flow rapidly down her cheeks.

“Now you know I like to see you looking up at me while you suck, Baby, so lets get with the program, or youre gonna be even sorer than you are right now.  Thats it! Show me those lovin eyes!”

It was everything Georgia could do to grab a breath when Frank allowed her to gasp and inhale a little air. Her mouth began to foam and spit slid down the sides of her mouth. Frank forced her head all the way onto his super-hard prong and held it so that she could feel the head of his penis penetrate several inches down her throat.

She knew he was close to climaxing, when he began sliding her head back and forth with increased rapidity and started emitting animal grunts.  Finally she felt his warm essence shooting down her throat.  This was always the worst time for her, because he would force her head against his pubic area, and hold it there, until he came down from his orgasm. This lasted thirty to forty-five seconds usually, and no matter how hard she tried to pull away, his strength kept her motionless.  Usually after about thirty seconds she would begin to black out, so that, when he finally released her head, she would be gulping air into her lungs, as if her life depended on it.

Frank sat there on her pillow with Georgias head resting uncomfortably against his withering dick for two or three minutes, before he finally rose and began to move toward the bathroom to take a shower.

“Now you take it easy, Hon, and try to get some sleep.  Tomorrow is another day, and who knows what excitement might happen to brighten the day.”

Chapter 3

The following day Frank had to go to work, but he made the girls get up and make him breakfast first. Amy was nude and Georgia had donned a nightgown, which Frank made her remove, as soon as she came downstairs.  While Georgia was making his breakfast, he indicated he wanted to check both girls to see how their wounds were looking.  He had Amy come over to the table and, first, turn her back to him.

He looked carefully at her buttocks, which still bore the remnants of her beating the previous night.  The whole area was still quite red and there were places that showed the streaks Georgias whip had caused, plus a few darker blotches.  Frank, of course, had to check the area by probing and pinching, causing Amy considerable pain, as well as a good deal of humiliation.

Not satisfied, and, in spite of Amys protestations that the whip had not caught her between her legs, he made her lift her leg up to the table, standing right next to him, so that he could peer at her vagina from only inches away. She turned two shades of red, as Frank not only peered, but slid his fingers roughly up and down her outer lips, then moved them in to check her inner lips.

He finally had Amy lower her leg, but indicated he still had to check her breasts for damage. Again, Amy pointed out that Georgia had not done any damage to her boobs, but Frank slapped her nearest breast and told her hed be the judge of that. He then squeezed her left breast with gusto, enough to cause Amy to grimace and give out a low moan.  He continued with her erect nipple, massaging it thoroughly and pinching it painfully.

He moved his attention to her right breast repeating his actions with the same painful reactions from his sister.  He finally pronounced her in pretty good shape, and ordered   Georgia over to the table. She brought his eggs and toast over to the table and stood before him.

He ordered her to put her foot up on the table, which, because she stood less than 5 feet tall, she was unable to do. Frank moved a chair over next to him and suggested she place her foot on the seat. When she had followed his instructions, he began a thorough inspection of her damages.

He found, with delight, after probing and pinching her buttocks with zest, that she was still in a good deal of pain in that area. She reacted much the same as Amy had, with little screams and lots of tears, when he inspected her vagina and breasts. She had two rather vivid red streaks across her mammaries, and she uttered a pitiful wail, when he squeezed her right nipple. Frank finally declared the inspection over and let Georgia sit in a chair, which turned out to be very gingerly.

When he finished his breakfast, he took Amy up to her room, let her go to the bathroom, brought a bowl in and set it next to the bed, in case she needed to go “potty” before he got home, and began to place the lock on the outside of her door.  Amy begged him not to lock her in, that shed promise not to try to leave.

“You should have thought of that before, Sis.”

As he kissed Georgia goodbye, he suggested she go up and get lots of rest, because he would want some fun and games when he got home.

“Seeing all these naked women all over the house makes a man horny!”

He left for work, and, with a soulful sigh, Georgia wended her way upstairs to put some more ointment on her sores and see if she could rest up for whatever fun and games Frank had in mind, when he got home.

After dinner, Frank sent Amy to her room, but did not lock her in.  Georgia started putting the dishes in the dish-washer and cleaning up the kitchen. A moment later Frank came in to tell her he was going upstairs to get a couple of aspirins for his headache and hed be taking a dump while he was there.

Amy must have heard him, because, as soon as he went into the bathroom, she grabbed the top sheet from the bed and hurried down the stairs, trying to be as quiet as possible, so that Georgia wouldnt hear her go out the side door. Then, knowing Frank would go looking for her immediately, she went and hid behind a bush in back of the house.

As Frank came downstairs, he first checked Amys room.  The fact that she wasnt there didnt bother him, thinking shed probably gone downstairs.  When he didnt see her there, he again made a point of letting Georgia know it was her fault Amy had escaped, and she could expect some sort of punishment as a result.  In the meantime he had to go out and find her.

He pulled the car out and drove in both directions for five minutes or so, and, seeing no sign of her, he returned home. When he came inside, Georgia was in tears, realizing that her already-sore-butt was in for another pounding.

Frank said he had gone as far as he was sure Amy could have gone, both ways, and that there was no way she could have reached any neighbors house in the time she had. While he was talking to Georgia he suddenly realized that that meant she had to be somewhere outside the house.  Exiting out the front door, Frank snuck around the far side of the house and caught sight of his sister crouched behind a bush, with the white sheet still folded under her arm.

“Were you planning on leaving us, little sister?”

Amy stood up in terror, eyes wide as saucers.

“Uh, ohhhhhhh Goddddd, Frank, please let me go home. Ill be good from now on. I promisssssse…Ohhhh!”

Frank had grabbed her roughly by the arm and was pulling her savagely toward the front door.  In spite of her struggling all the way, he soon had her in the living room and threw her to the floor.

“You stay there! You move and Ill make it twice as bad for you!”

Frank swept down to the basement and retrieved his clothesline and one of the snake whips theyd used the day before, bringing them back upstairs. He ordered his sobbing sister to stand up and bend over and touch her toes. When she did, he wound the rope around one ankle and a hand several times and then repeated the action with the others, tying knots on both ankles.

Amy was now hog-tied standing up, and the position was beginning to be somewhat painful by the time he had finished tying her off.

“You may want to spread your legs apart a little, Amy. Otherwise, youre likely to lose your balance.”

Amy grunted but followed her brothers suggestion. It didnt relieve the pain any, but it did give her more stability. She had no idea how vulnerable she was, nor was that one of her concerns at the moment, with her still slightly reddish, starting-to-bruise butt cheeks there obscenely out in the open for Frank to punish.

“Now, before we get around to punishing Amy for trying to leave us again, I think we have a little discipline to mete out to you, Georgia, for not paying full time and attention. Come over here, Sweetie, so I can redden your little cheeks a bit more.”

“Oh, please dont Frank! I didnt know I was supposed to watch for Amy.  I was cleaning up the kitchen.”

Frank crooked his finger at her several time, beckoning her to his lap.


Resigned, she stepped over to Frank and allowed him to place her over his knees. Frank then commenced a spanking of some fifty spanks on her already inflamed buttocks, as Georgia   wailed and begged him to go easy on her. He then stood her up and told her to stand in the corner.  With tears billowing down her cheeks she moved to the corner and stood facing the wall.

“Now, lets see what we can do to make Amys ass a little sorer!”

Amy, whose bent-over position was beginning to really tighten up, knew better than to even say a word of pleading.

Frank picked up the snake whip and crossed to Amys side. Spacing himself, he brought the whip back and let go with the first of thirty strong blows to her already reddened rear end.


On the third blow, Amy lost her balance and fell over onto the carpet with a cry of pain and anguish. Frank went to her, pulled her back to her feet and continued as if nothing had happened. By the ninth blow the whip had opened one of the sore spots from the night before, and blood began to ooze from it. By the fifteenth, he had opened up another cut. On the sixteenth swipe, Amy lost her balance again and had to be pulled back on her feet.

She was now howling and had begun to plead for mercy, in spite of her original resolve not to.  She fell twice more before the thirtieth blow, and by the time he had finished whipping her, there were at least six rivulets of blood rolling down her legs.

Undoing the rope from her ankles, Frank slung Amy over his shoulder and carried her up to her room. She was barely conscious as he placed her on her front on the bed.  He retrieved a washcloth, which he dipped in cold water, and with the jar of salve returned and sat on the bed next to Amy. He began to rub the washcloth over her bloodied rump until he had stanched the flow of blood, and then began applying the salve.

Again, he was not particularly gentle with her, but at that point, any kind of balm would have helped. Amy had turned her head away from Frank, her only way of showing her disdain for him. When he had finished applying the ointment, she suddenly felt his finger probing her vulva again. She couldnt believe he would treat her this way after the damage he had done to her, but she could feel his finger and thumb wending their way toward her clitoris.

Unbelievably, his finger was soon diddling her protuberance with gusto. She had no desire sexually, at all, but he continued to work away at her nubbin for over five minutes, and, in spite of the pain and her hatred for what he was doing, she suddenly felt a spark of pleasure spreading throughout her vagina, and her legs began to tingle. She made up her mind she was not going to give him the satisfaction of bringing her to an orgasm, but her resolve was short-lived, as, in spite of herself, she snorted once and began to tremble all over.  Her climax was not intense or long-lasting, but she hated the fact that he had the satisfaction of bringing her off at all.

“I despise you, Frank!  You are a rotten human being and I detest you!”  Her head was still turned away from him, but he could feel the venom, as she spit the words out.

He brought his hand back and, just before rising, brought it down on her right rear cheek as hard as he could. She let out a scream unlike any other she had uttered before, as he exited quickly out the door and locked it.

With his penis now at full staff, he returned to the living room and ordered Georgia to come and service his poor aching dick. She found it incredible that he could be excited under the circumstances, but, resigned, she moved to him, sank to her knees and began to suck. It took less than two minutes of her choking and coughing before Frank had shot his load down her throat. 

She was ordered to stay where she was and nurse his prick until it had returned fully to limpness. Unfortunately for her, the excitement of the evening was enough to keep him erect, and her ministrations only enhanced his mood, so that in a matter of minutes he was once again forcing her head against his pubic hair and her throat was once again subjected to feeling the head of his prick being forced down it. This time it took over ten minutes of her slobbering, gagging and gurgling before he could climax again.

When he finally pushed her off, she fell back momentarily onto her sore butt cheeks and had to roll quickly onto her hip before pushing herself painfully to her feet.

“Come on to bed, Sweetheart, and Ill put some salve on those poor butt cheeks of yours, and then we can get some shuteye!”

Frank led the way, as she obediently followed him to their bedroom.      








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