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Taryn\'s Education

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Synopsis: An early-teen girl finds herself attending a private school where she is reluctantly taught to be a sex slave to the male faculty and students


The dark, expensive car drove away from Taryn

Shimone and left her looking after it with large, wistful eyes, a frightened and lonely gaze that seemed to grow more intense as the car slowly faded from sight down a country road that seemed impossibly long and straight. She sighed, drawing in a deep, slightly quavering breath and turned ninety degrees to her right to face the long, tall brick wall, a wall that, like the road, seemed to stretch impossibly long to the horizon. Behind her, on the other side of the road, was a dense grove of trees that completely blocked any hint of the world beyond this forbidding wall, marred only by a barred gate directly before her.

The gate appeared to be cast iron, towering over her small frame in ornate bars spaced narrowly together. The double doors met in the middle of the large archway, and through them she could see a long dirt lane stretching back, with more trees arching over the path so densely they obscured the sky and eventually obscured whatever lay at the end of the long trail.

Taryn knew, vaguely, that the path led to the school her young parents had just dropped her off to attend. She had protested at attending this new private school. She had friends, close friends, which she would no longer see. But all her protests availed her nothing. Her parents held firm, told her it was the most exclusive school in the country, if not the world, and that it would prepare her for her future like no other could. But a thirteen year old girl doesn’t think about her future, she only thinks about her present, and her present currently made her very sad and very frightened.

She tilted her blond head to one side, her green eyes darting from side to side. There was no obvious way of contacting anyone inside, letting them know she was there and to ask for entry. She felt her stomach going queasy, fear building within her that there had been some monstrous mistake, that she was at the wrong place, or she hadn’t really been accepted, and now her parents were gone and she was alone with a single small suitcase of only a few items of clothing, as her parents had assured her the school would provide all the necessary uniforms she would be required to wear.

Taryn turned uncertain eyes one direction down the long road, then the other, feeling an increasing disquiet in the pit of her stomach. A light breeze blew softly through her straight red hair, cut to just below shoulder length and parted on the left. She lifted a tiny fist and tentatively knocked on the metal bars of the gate, producing a ridiculously soft noise that could not have been heard even ten feet away, let alone into the endless reaches of dense forest that lined the lonely trail.

And just like that the gates opened with a sudden, harsh clank that made the girl jump into the air and screech in terror. She stumbled backward, nearly falling, the blue skirt she wore rising up from mid-thigh several inches on her thin legs before seeming to float back down into proper position. The tall gates swung inward toward the lane, a silent and not altogether reassuring invitation for her to enter. Swallowing hard, having no other options, she picked up her small suitcase and sucked in a deep breath before forcing herself to walk past the silent threshold.

No sooner had she entered then the gates swung closed again, shutting with another jarring clang, and accompanied by an unsettling, decisive sound that it was irrevocably locked behind her. Whatever awaited her, she knew that now she could not avoid it. She swallowed hard and began to walk down the forested lane, trying to take comfort in the quiet beauty of the area.

A soft crunching noise could be heard in the distance and within a few moments it was clear to the girl that that the sound was getting nearer. She stopped, peering into the dense, dimly-lit forested lane. There was a bend in the path just at the edge of visibility, and after a moment a small cart came into view from around the bend, rolling toward her silently but for the soft sound of the wheels on the dirt. Taryn bit a soft lip, her stomach continuing to reveal her trepidation to herself. The cart stopped beside her. A large man was behind the wheel, black and muscular. His brown eyes rested on hers a moment, then slowly rolled down to take in her five-foot body, and back up again. She seemed to wilt under his gaze, terribly conscious of all her imperfections. But the man smiled a welcome to her and spoke in a deep voice as he stepped out of the cart and gently but firmly took her suitcase from her hand.

“My name is Master Barry,” he said, and his voice seemed to vibrate through her to her bones. “I’m here to take you to John Andrews School.”

Taryn gave him a nervous smile in return and desperately tried to appear more confident than she felt. “I’m Taryn,” she told him.

“I know,” he said, placing her suitcase in the back of the cart. “This seat is for you.” He gestured not to a seat beside him, or in the rear, but to a seat molded into the cart’s fiberglass frame in front, between small headlights. There were no cushions. The molding had recessed areas for her to lean back and also depressions for her upper legs. She looked at the odd arrangement uncertainly and reluctantly. The seat would force her legs quite wide apart, a potentially embarrassing position in a skirt, especially one as short as hers.

“Please hurry Taryn,” Barry urged her as her placed a large hand on her shoulder and guided her to the cart with a hint of impatient force. We need to get you to orientation quickly. You’re a little late.” As he moved behind her to help her sit she realized just how large the black man was. The top of her read head was at about the same level as his lower rib cage.

Awkwardly Taryn clambered into the odd seat, conflicted between sitting in the odd contraption and making a horrible first impression by being late for her first school function. She had no idea that orientation would be starting so soon. She sat down, conscious again of her spread legs as Barry looked down on her from the front and bent down low to take her slim hands and direct them to handholds on either side. “Hold on tight to these at all times Taryn,” he said, “to make sure you keep your seat.”

The girl gripped the handholds, spaced a little more than a foot to each side of her, and she realized she must look ridiculous as Barry got back into the driver’s seat. With a lurch the cart moved forward, the electric engine absolutely silent. Taryn stifled a small cry of surprise as she gripped the holds even harder to keep from jostled too violently. The odd molding of her seat left her leaning backwards slightly, arms spread to each side, and her feet pushing tight into footrests to help give her more stability. Her knees were nearly two feet apart because of the molding, and within seconds the breeze was blowing her bright red hair back. The same breeze instantly blew under her skirt and caused it to rise up her skinny thighs. She tried to pull it down with one hand, but a bump and swerve of the cart caused her to cry out again and reach desperately for the handhold.

She felt like she was riding some weird amusement park ride. The cart raced along the path, her skirt now blowing up around her waist and leaving her panties, white with pink trim and a small pink bow in the front center of the waistband, in full view. The dense forest gave way to a sparse collection of small buildings and well-manicured lawns. Occasionally they passed men and boys walking or sitting on benches studying from books, and young Taryn was painfully aware of their eyes on her underwear, and her silly, spread position.

At last they approached an imposing stone building, three stories tall and stretching for over two hundred yards to either side. There was a large stone staircase leading up to massive doors in the center of the building, and Taryn’s young face burned with embarrassment as the cart drove straight-on toward the steps, on which sat or stood maybe a dozen teen boys. All of them turned to watch the cart come nearer and she could see grins on their faces as they looked at her spread legs and modest panties. She felt like some grotesque living hood ornament.

Barry drew the cart to a stop directly in front of the boys. Taryn closed her eyes and tried to ignore them as she desperately tried to pull her skirt down to cover herself. Her hands were trembling from the strain of hold on and the nervousness which gripped her. She could hear some low chuckling and a few comments, though she couldn’t make out the words. Her heart was hammering. She tried to get out of the seat, but she was leaning, back so far that it wasn’t easy. There was nothing for her to get leverage on to push up. Finally Barry appeared in front of her and took her upper arms in his large hands that completely circled them, and lifted her out of the seat to stand her on shaky legs. Her knees were quaking and for a moment she feared she might vomit from the intensity of the shame she felt.

The boys were still grinning at her, still staring as if her panties were still on open display and making her feel as if they actually were. Her mouth was dry, her throat constricted, leaving her unable to say anything. Barry, behind her, place his hand on the back of her neck, his fingers reaching nearly all the way around it, and he firmly guided her up the steps. The strength evident in his grip was enormous, muscles more developed than any she’d ever seen defined his tight fitting shirt. “This way Taryn,” his deep voice rumbled, and he forced her forward up the stone steps. As they reached the top, the girl heard one of the boys below mutter “Flat as a board!” to his friends, and they all laughed. Her cheeks burned hotter, but she didn’t know if she was more embarrassed because her breasts hadn’t developed, or because she wished they had.

Barry steered her away from the large main doors, applying pressure around her slender neck to lead her to the right. She prayed he would stop holding her there, but she couldn’t bring herself to say anything out loud to him. Several meters down from the main entrance was a much smaller door, no bigger than the back door of her house, back within a small alcove that passed almost unnoticed unless you were directly in front of it. At Barry’s direction, Taryn turned into it and opened the door, and together they passed into a dimly lit hallway, only a few yards long, with a single door on the right hand wall at the far end.

“Just head through that door,” Barry told her. “There’ll be someone there to take you from here. Have a good day, Taryn.”

The girl swallowed and nodded with an uncertain smile up to the man who towered above her. “

Th-thank you,” she stammered, intimidated by him yet reluctant to be abandoned to the unknown by the only person she’d met so far. “What about my things?” she asked, suddenly remembering her suitcase still on the cart.

“I’ll take care of that,” he replied. “I know exactly what to do with your belongings. Don’t worry.” And without another word the black turned, ducked a little, and exited through the doorway, shutting it behind him and leaving her in even deeper gloom.

Trembling, Taryn turned back and made her way down the hallway, wondering how she had ended up here. It had all happened so quickly. It was just yesterday her parents had told her she was going to a private school from now on. Before Barry had mentioned it, she hadn’t even been told the name of the school yet. And looking at the place, she couldn’t imagine how her parents could afford to send her here. They were not wealthy, and this place must cost a fortune!

Her small hand rested on the silver doorknob. She had no idea what awaited her on the other side, but there was no choice but to go forward. With a gulp she opened the door and stepped through.

The next room was much more brightly lit. There were beds lining the walls with white tissue paper. Half beds, really, as only Taryn’s small form would have left her with her lower legs dangling off the end of one if she laid down on it. She noticed silver stirrups on the ends of each of the beds, attached to apparatus that would allow them to be adjusted up, down and side-to-side. There were adjustable lights above and between the stirrups. She’d never seen anything like them before, but she instinctively knew what they were for. Her stomach revolted again, and she desperately fought to control herself. The fear was growing with every moment.

The only slightly reassuring thing was that she was no longer alone. There were about a dozen other girls there her age, all looking as confused and frightened as she was. They milled about in small groups, some speaking to one another in hushed tones, all asking questions to which no one knew the answer. All of the other girls looked at her inquiringly, but no one spoke to her. Then one pretty blond girl moved hesitantly in her direction and said quietly “Hi, I’m Gayle.” There was an awkward moment as she tried to decide whether to put out her hand in an offer of a handshake.

“I’m Taryn,” she replied, taking her hand and feeling the same awkwardness. And unable to hold the question in, asked, “What’s going to happen?”

Gayle shrugged. “None of us know. Your name is very pretty.”

Taryn was on the verge of returning the compliment when a door opened at the far end of the room with an echoing crash that made all the girls jump. Two or three of them shrieked. A man entered the room dressed in a casual brown suit. He was older, perhaps approaching sixty, but moved with strength and confidence, displaying no stoop. Indeed, his shoulders were back, his head held high, and his every mannerism exuded authority. He was pleasant enough looking for his age. His hair was silver and neatly combed, and there was a matching silver mustache on a face that bore wrinkles, though the lines were a bit deeper and contributed to the estimation of his age.

As he strode purposefully into the room toward the huddling girls, he was followed by three young women, each perhaps 20 years old, and wearing white tight-fitting tops and matching white shorts. The clothing fit like skin on the women, the outlines of their nipples clearly evident and the shorts seeming almost painted on to them, so snugly did they fit. Taryn had only recently become familiar with the term “camel toe,” but this was the first time she’d seen an example of it. She and the rest of the girls looked at them with a measure of shock but their attention was quickly brought back to the sole man in the room.

“This is the start of your orientation,” he said with no introduction at all. “There is a lot of information to pass along to, much of which will be repeated later in further classes. For now I will explain why you are here, what is going to happen next, and to oversee your physicals, which will be administered by these women.”

Taryn glanced at the three women, who all stood behind the man with their hands behind their backs and looking at the floor. She blinked but before she could think further on this the man spoke again.

“You are here to begin your training to become young women,” he said. “At John Andrews School you will learn many things. It is safe to say that no other school in the world will provide you with the breadth and depth of education you will need to be successful throughout your lives. It will be challenging and difficult, but the rewards will be unlike anything you will find elsewhere.

“My name is Jameson Harding, and I am the headmaster here,” he said abruptly, “but you will we refer to me at all times as ‘Lord Master.’ At John Andrews it must be understood first and foremost that obedience to rules and to staff is expected at all times. Punishment for rule breaking is dealt with quickly and harshly here, but if you do as you are told you will have nothing to fear.” His assurance did nothing to calm Taryn’s fluttering stomach, a quick glance at the other girls suggested was not alone.

“After your physical examination, you will be issued your orientation uniforms and you will be taken as a group to the dining hall where you will be assigned to your school houses. More details about that ceremony will be provided later, rest assured. There’s nothing to be worried about. Then there will be dinner, and afterwards you will be shown to your house’s

she sleeping arrangements.

“Now then, let’s begin your physical examination. Each of you stand beside one of the tables. Take off all of your clothing and fold it neatly, placing it on the stand beside the table. Then lie down on the table and put your feet in the stirrups.” As he said this, the girls’ eyes were wide with shock and fear, especially when it was clear the Lord Master had no intention of leaving the room for their privacy. Instead, he lifted a three foot long wooden paddle from an equipment tray beside him and swatted his palm with it. “This is the first task you are expected to complete at this school. Anyone who has not accomplished it within three minutes will received 25 strikes with this on their bare bottom in front of the entire school before dinner. The correct response when I give you an order is ‘Yes, Lord Master.’”

Taryn could scarcely believe what she was hearing. What kind of crazy place was this? But there was no mistaking that the man meant every word of what he said. The young girls all looked fearfully at one another. After a moment’s hesitation, they each seemed to come to the same conclusion at the same time, and all of the thirteen-year-old girls said, in unison, “Yes, Lord Master.” As if those words had committed them, they all moved to stand beside one of the tables and began to removing their shoes. . Taryn was already near one of the tables so didn’t have to go far, and with a shuddering breath as she tried to get her strength, she kicked off her shoes.

As she unbuttoned her white blouse, she unmistakably heard two or three of the other girls quietly sobbing as they struggled to hide their tears. She sympathized with them, and was only just able to keep from choking back a sob herself. She pulled her blouse off, doing her best to fold it as neatly as she could with trembling fingers. Her chest was completely flat, and she felt little self-consciousness that a man could see it. Some of the other girls, she noticed surreptitiously as looked around the room to make sure she was both keeping up with the others but not getting too far ahead, already had developing breasts and many wore bras. She felt a twinge of jealousy toward them, even as she felt grateful that the man wouldn’t be paying too much attention to her naked chest.

She unzipped her skirt, biting her soft lower lip again as she closed her eyes, hesitated a moment for strength, and lowered it down her legs. Her hands shaking even more, she struggled to fold the skirt neatly and lay it on the table, aware of the passing glances of the man on her body, now only dressed in her white and pink panties. Another furtive glance around the room showed the other girls were at least as scared as she was. Few wore underwear as pretty as hers.

Next she nearly did sob as she slipped her hands under the waistband and forced herself with great reluctance to pull them down her legs. She was having an easier time of it than many others, however, as several of the girls were preoccupied with covering their small breasts at the same time, and were awkwardly shimmying out of their panties. Taryn folded her panties in front of her pussy to hide it as much as possible, laid them on the table, and folded her hands in front of her demurely. She was the first to be completely naked, having worn no bra or socks. She waited, closing her eyes and trying to ignore the fact that a strange man was looking at her naked body for the first time in her life. She noticed a couple of the girls had full bushes of pubic, most had only thin hair. She herself only had a few wispy hairs between her legs.

She looked at the examination table with dismay. There would be no graceful or dignified way to get onto it. She hoisted her body up, pulled her knee up as well and, feeling like her ass was thrust out to full view, scrambled onto her back as quickly as possible. With small sob of shame, she lifted her small feet up into the stirrups, forcing her legs high and apart. She looked between them once briefly and saw the man facing her direction and looking openly at her spread pussy. Unable to contain herself, she clapped her hands over her pussy to hide it from his view. The man merely smiled and looked at another newly-spread girl, who had much the same reaction. Taryn turned her head to Gayle, who was on the table beside her. Her soft cheeks were brilliant red and tears were streaming down them.

Gayle had the largest breasts in the room, aside from the assistants, probably a b cup. They were currently shaking on her young chest as she cried quietly to herself. Yet she resolutely kept her hands to her sides, refusing to cover any part of herself. She looked at Taryn, and Taryn gave her a sad, weak smile, forcing herself to remove her own hands from between her legs and hold them to her sides. She wasn’t sure of her motivation for doing this, just some vague desire to commiserate with the girl, or perhaps follow her example which she might have admired.

But her resolved not to hide herself was put to the test a moment later when the Lord Master walked purposefully in Taryn’s direction. With growing terror she saw him approaching between her spread legs, his bright blue eyes staring openly at her pussy. He calmly reached out a large hand and rested it on her mound, causing the girl to jump and bite her lip to keep from screaming. He smiled, and Taryn found herself unable to stop herself from watching him, even though she wanted to just close her eyes and shrink away to nothing. “I will personally see to Taryn’s physical,” he said quietly to the room. She tried to swallow down the lump in her throat, shocked he knew her name and withering under his intimate touch.

His thumb traced lightly up and down her slit, sending thrilling tingles through her of a kind she’d never dreamed up before. “The first part of your examination involves your cunt being shaved. After today you’ll be expected to manage this part of your hygiene yourself.” Taryn cringed at the crude word he used as he continued stroking his thumb up and down the length of her pussy, outlining her puffy outer labia. Taryn began to squirm slightly on the table, her hips moving slightly from side to side, unable to stop.

The female assistants each began to shave the girls, applying lather to their pussies and scraping their sex with straight blade razors. Stifled sobs echoed through the otherwise silent rooms as the girls endured the procedure from strangers. They moved from one young girl to the next, shaving each bald.

The entire time, the man kept teasing Taryn with his thumb, never attempting to do anything but tickle along the length of her mound. Eventually she became aware that her sex had swollen, that then inner flesh had become exposed to the outside air, and when his thumb made contact with it, it was electric. She squirmed harder, whimpering, and had to bite her lip again to stop herself from pleading with him to stop. She sensed that he would not react well to such a plea.

Then his hand left, and for a brief moment she was torn between relief and a desperate need to continue. She looked between her spread legs again and she saw him approach with a brush full of soap lather, and then he applied to her pussy with relish, and obvious smile on his face. Taryn whimpered again as the warm lather excited her sex even more, and then she saw the blade glint as it was lowered to her. She clenched her teeth, shut her eyes tightly, and tried to be as still as her excited condition would allow. The blade scraped along the soft flesh. It felt almost soothing. It was so quiet in the room now she could actually hear it.

And then it was done. He rubbed a towel over her pussy to clean away the excess lather, and when he was done there was barely any difference than before, so little hair did she have to start with.

“Now,” he continued in the same tone of voice which left no room for question. “Your virginity will be verified.”

There were audible gasps in the room at this statement, and Taryn realized that one of the gasps was her own. “Anyone not found to be a virgin has no place entering this school.”

The three women each adjusted the light on the table before them and, without a word, began spreading the labia of the girls with a speculum. The echoing whimpering got louder as the young girls enduring an indignity beyond their imagination. “Confirmed,” said one of the women, who moved on to the next girl. One by one, they were checked. The man adjusted the light between Taryn’s legs and she felt the fingers of both hands on her pussy, prying it apart.

The girl shuddered and turned her green eyes up to the ceiling. The freckles that dotted her nose glistened with moisture from her eyes. She felt him rubbing her pussy up and down again, but inside this time, within the bright red folds of her sex. His fingertip teases her clit, rubbing and tweaking it. He pulled at her inner labia, stretching it outward to reveal her tight hole. Then she felt the cold metal of the silver speculum touch her hot sex, push its way into her. She sucked in a shuddering gasp as it opened, spreading her vagina open as far as it would go as he stared deep inside her body.

“Such a lovely hymen you have, girl,” he said.

With those words Taryn could no longer contain her emotions, and she burst out loud sobs of shame and despair even as she felt the speculum slide out of her. He patted her pussy as if she were an affectionate pet.

“We have a problem here,” one of the assistants said. The man looked sharply over to her, where a girl was lying terrified after her examination.

“It was an accident!” she cried. “A…a riding accident! I swear! I’ve never been with a boy before in my life!”

The man merely waved a hand, and two of the women took her off the table and half carried, half dragged the crying, frightened girl out of the room where here sobs died away to nothing.

“She will be cared for,” the man stated simply. “Just not here.”

The remaining girls laid on their tables, legs high with their bald pussies exposed, trembling and afraid to offer the slightest resistance. Taryn turned her head to the side and closed her eyes, as her remaining classmates continued to be examined, the Lord Master returned to teasing her pussy, his thumb stimulating her more firmly now. She shuddered as the odd sensations it caused built within her. She’d never touched herself before there before, at least not like this, and the thrilling sensations thrilled and frightened and humiliated her. She found her hips thrusting up, pre3ssing even more firmly into his thumb. The moment she was aware of her embarrassing reaction she forced her bottom back to the table top, determined to lie still and silent. But within moments she was pushing her sex against his hand again, biting her lip and whimpering softly. She was aware of a warmth growing between her legs, and spreading quickly. With horror she realized it was liquid and she thought she had accidently peed herself in front of the Lord Master. She expected him to rise up in fury at her, to expel her that instant, but instead he rubbed her faster, especially around her hard clitoris.

Taryn was dimly aware that no other girl was being treated this way, so this wasn’t part of the physical. She realized he was having fun with her, toying with her, and her shame increased even as the electric thrills increased in intensity. Her hips were moving up and down in sharp convulsive movements now, the muscles in her flat stomach contracting. Then the unfamiliar excitement deep within her seemed to be explosively released, rushing through her body and bursting in fireworks of pleasure in her small pussy, which she could not stop from grinding hard against his hand and small grunts escaped her throat.

The sensation was gone as quickly as it came, and Taryn collapsed back on the table gasping for air, her freckled cheeks a brilliant red as she tried to cope with what she knew must have been an orgasm mingled with the horror and humiliation she felt at having done this in front of the Lord Master and all the other girls, whom she would have to live with for months or years. She feared being teased all the rest of her life about what she had done. She could feel the eyes of all the other girls on her, each of whom were desperate for anything to take their mind off their own embarrassment.

The Lord Master Jameson removed his hand from between her legs. Smiling into her green eyes, he lowered his fingers, glistening with the fluids from her sex, to her chest and wiped them dry across her pointed nipples. Taryn was suddenly aware that, undeveloped as she was, in her excited state even her small nipples had swollen, the pink areolae slightly puffed up and the little nubs at their centers stiff and erect. She endured the sensation that he was using her as a dishrag, and through the haze of dwindling erotic sensations and growing shame, she vaguely wondered why the headmaster of the entire school had chosen her to do this thing to. She knew she was far from the most attractive of the students in the room. Gayle, next to her, was far more beautiful with the developed breasts and rose firmly up on her chest even while lying as she was now.

He stepped back to the center of the room as the young women completed the examinations of the rest of the girls. The rest were all confirmed virgins. “It is forbidden for any first year girl to lose her virginity during the school year,” he announced calmly to the room. “You will all be checked before morning breakfast and before evening dinner to ensure that your virginity is intact. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion, along with the gentleman who committed the violation. There are no exceptions.”

In a way, this came as almost a relief to Taryn. She’d been beginning to fear that her whole reason for being at this strange school was to be some sort of strange sex toy. But if she was forbidden to have sex, she could relax about that, at least.

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