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Fall of Artemisia, Warrior-Queen of Halicarnassus

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Synopsis: Artemisia I of Caria\'s cowardice at Salamis is punished by her enslavement to King Xerxes\'s harem

Fall of Artemisia, Warrior-Queen of Halicarnassus

Xerxes had always believed that the lovely Artemisia I of Caria would make a far lovelier harem-slave than Satrap. Nonetheless being a generous and benevolent GodKing, he offered to make her Satrap of his conquered Greek provinces, if she could prove her mettle in battle. Xerxes was most impressed by her daring naval attacks at the Battle of Salamis.

The Cretan Princess rammed against Greek ships with the courage of a Man. But as the tide turned her cowardly womanly nature was revealed. She ordered her ships to put up Greek flags and attack fellow Persian ships, in a cowardly attempt to escape. She was desperate to not end up an Athenian sexslave, as the Amazons had suffered. She managed to escape one sexual enslavement only to fall into another.

Artemisia I of Caria had clearly proven that she had no place governing a province nor managing fleets in battle. And so the great Warrior Princess was removed from her command. She was publicly stripped of her armor in front of all her fellow Satraps, Admirals and the crew she had once commanded. She would spend her trip home on Xerxes pleasure barge. The illustrious Satrap, who had once commanded vast fleets was now a common harem girl for Xerxes pleasure. All the other harem girls gathered around to gawk at the naked slave who had once been a Great Admiral. She was much more useful decorating the Persian palace. She would soon forget the freedom of the wide open seas and long to appreciate her place as a woman. 

As punishment for her inglorious defeat at Salamis, Xerxes had Artemisia, Warrior-Queen of Halicarnassus marched naked through the streets of the capital she had once ruled with an iron fist. As she walked the gauntlet, her crewmen, who she had once held life and death power over, whipped her at every step. Naked before a population that once knew her as their all-powerful ruler. All her old political enemies came out to pelt her as she was paraded in shame. On the same streets she had once held glorious victory parades. She had been cruel and sadistic in power, and now she would pay dearly for every slight.

In her own Palace at Halicarnassus she as forced to walk out nude before her crewmen, fellow Satraps and Xexres. Roxana, the Harem Mistress had done well in taming Artemisias fiery spirit. Before Salamis, she had been the only Satrap with the manliness to openly argue with God-King Xexres and challenge his judgement. Artemisia was a survivor. Doing what she had to do to survive at Salamis had earned her this cruel punishment. But she would survive through this too. She was no submissive concubine. She was still the same ruthless warrior. But she had to do what she had to do to survive. No matter how inglorious. At Salamis she had rammed Persian ships to escape, today she would ram her pride and dignity to survive.

All of Xerxes intense rage at the Greeks would be taken out on one helpless Greek Queen. He had planned to add thousands of Greek concubines to his harem. Now she would endure 1000 ravishings in their place. She would suffer both as the rebellious Satrap she once was and the insolent slavegirl she was currently. Xerxes would not let her live down a single act of arrogance from her old life. She would be constantly taunted with the power she had lost.

Her military mind was still at work. She did not think like a concubine. She accessed the tactical situation. If there was any chance she could defeat the guards and escape she would take it. Her submissive walk, was a strategic retreat based on being terribly outnumbered, nothing more. She had striven so hard to build the perfect body, muscle by muscle. It was meant for killing men, now it only amused them. Despite her degrading nudity, she still walked with the haughty arrogance of a Queen. She looked her nose down at such ignorant savages who needed such unrefined entertainment.

Yes both her friends and enemies were shocked that such a fearless warrior was reduced to her status. But the Persians had been shocked at Salamis when she put up Greek colors and attacked allied ships. This was no different. She was simply wearing different colors. Being stripped of her armor gave her a tactical advantage, as no one would expect a daring attack from a naked harem slave.

But as the dance music played, and all her former allies and foes hooted and hollered at her, no rationalizations could justify her desperate debasement. She was utterly defeated. A different woman from the proud Queen. She was nearly unrecognizable from who she had once been. Dignity had meant nothing to her at Salamis, next to survival. Now stripped of every last fiber of dignity, she almost wished she had died with honor.

Roxana: Harem Mistress

King Xerxes handed Satrap Artemisia over to me to be added to his harem of 300 Greek girls. It was a day I had long anticipated. I had never forgotten the insolent way in which she had challenged my authority as Harem Mistress. She was the 1st Greek woman I had ever met who was anything but a slave.

This sadistic she-wolf suddenly found compassion in her icy heart, when she saw her fellow Greek girls serving their natural purpose. Perhaps it stirred a fear deep in her loins, that deep down she was no different from her sisters. She could hide her pale flesh behind her manly uniform. But underneath she was a born concubine.

I told her that Satrap or not, she had no authority over the Imperial harem. To make my point clear, I ensured that her little Lydian friend got an extra harsh whipping right in front of her eyes. This proved too much for the bitch and she raced forward, grabbing my whip in a flash, and slashing it across my face. I called on Xerxes to execute this haughty rebel immediately, but he only laughed.

"Should she fail in Greece, she shall be my present to you. She shall join my harem, and you will rule over her as her God."

I saw a momentary crack in Artemisias tough demeanor, as she winced at this statement. In her arrogance she was over-confident of victory. Nonetheless it was a reminder that behind all her power, she was still a woman underneath. 

I did not get to enjoy Artemisias enslavement as much as I ought to have. Desperate to prove that she was more of a man, she had charged her fleet recklessly into the narrow straits of Salamis. Her behavior was even more outrageous when the tide turned to defeat. My brother was captaining the Trireme fighting at her side. In her desperation, she cruelly rammed her ship into her Persian allies. My brother was killed not by the Athenians, but by the cowardly cunt.

I trained her 1st in the fine art of erotic strip-dancing. I took great pleasure in seeing her strip off the last remnants of her chainmail. With it were the last scraps of her old life. She was now nothing more than a Persian concubine.

I had trained hundreds of Greek girls before, many came from proud aristocratic families. But there is no greater pleasure in the world than seeing a woman who had once commanded mighty fleets, ruled an entire province, sent men to their death on a whim, strip and dance like a cheap whore.

I could feel her burn with humiliation, as I complimented her form. What a shame her athletic grace had been wasted on the battlefield. All her intense physical training, would serve her much better in the harem. Her years of exercise had only made her body hotter for her Enemies to enjoy.

And yet that beautiful body of hers, still stank from her long sea journey. She had not had a chance to bathe since her ignominious defeat. I normally have my slaves wash the new arrivals. But in this case I saw to it myself. I loved lathering her soft breasts with soap. Feeling the femininity of her body, and yet all too aware of the Admiral she had once been. The murderer of my brother.

I whispered many cruel things in her ear as I bathed her. There was still feistyness in her. She began to argue back, when I told her that she would have to serve in place of the thousands of Greek slaves, we had expected from the conquest. She refused to accept that her new place in life would be crawling like a dog. Its hard to take her political offers and threats seriously when soap is dripping off her luscious breasts. It is remarkable she was ever taken seriously as a military leader, considering the soft secrets she hid underneath. She should never have been more than a harem plaything.

You were once a powerful Satarp and Admiral,  I reminded her. You had men executed at the least hint of disobedience. Im your Commander now, you serve under me. You will learn to follow and obey my orders. Your body is to valuable to waste, but dont think this makes you safe, I warned her. I can make you suffer far, far, more than you would in a quick execution. For your own sanity you need to forget about your old days of honor and glory. Here they will not be your friends, they will be Furies who torment you endlessly. You will not survive such debasement if you remember you were once a Queen.

A Lydian Slave Girl

Queen Artemisia was a ruthless, bloodthirsty warrior and no bleeding heart. Nonetheless when Xerxes rewarded her, as he did all his Admirals, with a sample of his Imperial Harem, I could see the horror in her eyes when she saw how we were treated. She maintained her strong military posture, but I could see her wince slightly as we where whipped.

We made eye contact briefly as she recognized me as a sister Greek. When the Persians had conquered my town, all the men were killed, and the women sold into slavery. The only women I had known were my harem-sisters crawling on their knees like dogs. Here was a strong powerful Satrap, proudly geared in the armor of a Man. She was fit and muscular. I had never seen a woman of such majesty.

She approached me and sympathetically asked where I was from. I told her I was from Lycia, which happened to fall under the jurisdiction of her Satrapy. She asked me how many Greek women were in the harem. I told her 300. She promised to do all in her power to see all Greek concubines freed. I was shocked when this woman, approached Xerxes, the God King, and demanded our freedom.

He laughed, but then promised that she could win our Freedom on the battlefield. When Greece was conquered she would be made Sartrap of the new provinces, and we Greek slaves would be given to her as a gift. From that day on, I listened anxiously to any news of Persian victories. I prayed to the Gods for the defeat of my own people, hoping that their slavery would bring my freedom. I longed to see this strong Warrior Queen arrayed in her battle armor once again.

Sadly I was to be horribly disappointed. The next time I saw Artemsia was not in imperial triumph. Instead she was paraded before us nude, stripped of the armor that had given us such dignity. Her athletic body was no longer a sign of strength, but merely gave more pleasure to her captors. This Queen who had known her whole life, only how to command, was totally unfit for harem life. She was mercilessly bullied by the other harem girls. They stole from her the little food she was given, and took great fun in pulling her hair till she screamed.

They knew they could hurt her with total impunity. Xerxes would not care. And the proud Warrior Queen would not dare beg to her Master, whining that slaves were abusing her. Her fellow Greek women were especially hard on her. They hated her both for murdering so many fellow Greeks, but not killing enough to win the war and their freedom. The Persian women likewise saw her as a traitor for turning on her comrades during the heat of battle.

One morning after a brutal all-night orgy, I awoke early and went looking for Artemisia. I could not walk after the nights hard fucking and crawled on all 4s. I finally came to the harem tent, where Artemisia was being held. I was shocked by what I saw. There she was sleeping peacefully, her head resting submissively against the foot of a young Persian prince. An arrogant Queen who now licked and kissed feet. I could not believe that this was the Admiral who had once fought so fiercely.

She had endured a battle of intensity she had never before known. They had brutally ravished her for hour after hour. I had heard her screams from the other side. Her athletic body was stretched like it had never been before. Her muscles strained beyond human endurance. They had totally broken her spirit. She lay stretched out, her pubic hair totally exposed. I never imagined I would have ever seen the proud Satrap in such a state. She was not destined to be my savior, instead she would be my sister harem slave.

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