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Sophisticated mom to cheap slut

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Synopsis: How a high class sophisticated Indian mom is trained into a cheap slut. Read it if you like desi stories and rough sex.

Hi All. This is Dilip back with another hardcore story. The is a hardcore sex story and has many extreme sexual themes like incest, watersports, scatplay and also bdsm. If you don't enjoy these things, I would say this is not a story. Send in your comments to                

It was 2 years back. I was 20 at that time. We are a family of 3. We live in an apartment in Chennai. My father works abroad and comes once a year. So, it is just me and my mother staying here. Our apartment has multiple blocks. Each block has 4 floors. We live in the 4th floor of our block. Each floor has just two houses. The doors of the houses will be facing each other and there is a lift between the doors.

We are a brahmin family. My mother's age was 41 when the incident happend. Her name is Amudha. She is 6 feet tall. She is a bit on the fleshier side. But she is not too fat. Being a brahmin, she has a smooth white body. She wears modern dresses most of the time. She works in a software company as a manager. She colors her hair, goes to beauty parlor, shaves her body hair and always tries to maintain her looks. Most people she looks like a high class North India aunty. Given her tall height, her extra weight only makes her more sexier.

Her boobs are abnormally so big. I have taken videos with hidden camera when she changes dresses. She finds it tough to place her boobs in them properly even with the biggest bra. No matter what dress she wears, there is always a hint of vulgarity in it due to the size of her boobs. On t-shirts and modern dresses, she takes vulgarity to the next level. The size of her ass is no less. If I were to draw my dream sex partner, it would be her picture. Her smooth fleshy legs and thighs complete her sex appeal. She wears nightie at home. As she is too tall, a part of her legs are always visible when she sits down. Door delivery boys always have a treat for their eyes when they deliver something to our home.

My lust for her started when I was 16 and I accidentally saw her riding my father by sitting over his crotch. That day I saw her enormous boobs bouncing high. I have never seen such a big pair of boobs. I would compare them to that of pornstar Lisa Ann. From that day, she has been my masturbation queen for 4 years, when some incidents changed our lives.

As in other software companies, employees dont work on saturday and sunday unless it is an emergency or product release time. Once Amudha told that she had to work on a saturday and went to office. I thought she was under pressure to deliver a software. But, starting from that day she started going to office every saturday. It happened continuously for 5 weeks. That made me curious. She took more than 1 hour and make up during these days alone. She always looked best when she went to office on saturdays. Just seeing her dressed in that way gave me erection. When she comes back, she would be in a tired state and she will crash into the bed.

As my curiousity increased, I borrowed a hidden camera that looks like an USB from my friend. I found that there was a hole in her handbag. One saturday, I waited for her to go to bathroom and used that moment to place the camera in her bag such that the camera lens can see through that hole and just sat on the bed.

Amudha came back from bathroom wearing a towel over her breast. As she is tall, the towel could only hide her body till her ass. The whole of her thighs and legs were visible. That was a visual treat. She asked me to move out as she wanted to change her dress. It took her 1 hour to come out of the room. She came out dressed in a t shirt and jeans. The t shirt extended till just above her jeans that her white smooth hips were visible whenever she bent down. She took her handbag and left in our car.

I waited patiently throughout the day. Amudha returned back at around 8 pm. As usual, she was very tired, her hair was in a dishelved state. She placed her handbag on the table. She had bought parcelled food for me. She asked me to have them and went to sleep. I took my dinner and waited for her to fall asleep. Once she fell asleep, I took the camera and attached the USB to my laptop.

It had a 9 hour recording which was split into multiple files. I wore my headphones started playing the videos. Mom drove her car for some time and reached an apartment.The camera was facing the front  A guy was waiting near the gate of the apartment. She signalled him and the guy came to the car. As he came near the front of the car, I found that he is Rahul, the North Indian guy who works as a HR in her company.

After that, I could not see their faces, but I could here her voices. What I heard after that sent shivers down my spine.

Rahul : Hey, Amudha. You have never been to office in time. But you are always punctual for this.

Amudha : (Giggling) Well, if you could find guys to fuck me in office, I will come to office also in time.

Rahul : Ha ha.. You are such a lovely bitch. I don't know how your husband is able to leave such a sex goddess here and stay in a far of place.

Amudha : Yes, when he comes here to stay for 1 week, he fucks me like crazy. Don't know how he is able to survive in Dubai

Rahul : But you seem to enjoy his absence in India.

Amudha : Yes... Now just tell me who is going to ravish my body tonight.

Rahul : You will be really happy to hear this. The guy is a West Indian black guy. Tall and strong. He likes it really rough. He wanted an Indian milf who isn't much fat like other mothers here. He wanted her to look good and fair too. I just thought you are just the bitch he is looking for.

Amudha : Wow.. I am very much indebted to you. You are the person who made my boring life adventurous. After watching so much porn, I really wanted a black cock inside me.

I continued watching the video in awe.

They reached a star hotel. They went to a room and knocked the door. It was opened by a black guy. He was just in his boxers. The camera was pointing straight to his crotch. That was about 10 inch. He had an erection immediately after seeing mom. He looked like a wrestler with huge biceps and chest. Both Rahul and Amudha went in the room. The black guy shaked hands with mom and told his name is Kevin. Mom placed her bag on a table so that the camera was able to cover most of the room.

Kevin to Rahul : Wow.. Man.. She has the perfect body I have been longing for my whole life. Tall, enough amount of flesh through out the body, huge boobs and big ass.

Rahul : Yes.. She is the perfect package. She is all yours today.

Kevin : I am not able to control my cock. This is going to be a tough day for her. Not sure if she will be able to handle me.

Rahul : Don't worry. She loves it rough. Use her as you wish.

Kevin : Is it so Amudha?

Amudha : Yes Kevin. My body is yours. Use it as you wish.

Kevin : OK. Then lets start now.

Telling those words, he immediately pushed my mom on the bed and mounted over her. He removed her t-shirt over her head. He pulled the bra with all the power and the bra came away in a second with her boobs bouning hard due to the impact. Kevin screamed "Wow.. I have not seen such big boobs even in America". Telling this he started crushing both the boobs with his strong hands. Mom gave out a huge scream because of the pain.

Kevin started kissing on her lips to make sure that she is not able to scream. Rahul sat on a chair nearby and took out his cock and started shagging. Kevin held her hands up tightly and moved his mouth towards my mom's nipples and started sucking them. Amudha was enjoying this initially. Gradually Kevin started biting her boobs real hard. He had her nipples between his teeth and pulled it like a rubber. Mom shouted "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. It is paininggggg..... ". Kevin asked "You want me to stop bitch?".. Amudha replied "Noooo.. Continue your carnage"

Kevin took this as his cue and continued playing rough. He then moved down. He licked her belly button and Amudha's screams became moans. While doing so, he removed the button and zip of her jeans and started pulling her pants down. Once he pulled the pants down, he couldnt believe his eyes. He was very much impressed with the toned legs and thighs of my mother. He told "Wow.. your legs and thighs are smooth, white beautiful and shining. I dont like bony legs. Your legs are fleshy. I love them that way"

Amudha replied "Yes they are. Want me to wrap them around your ass while ravishing my pussy?"

Kevin : Not so fast dear.

Telling this he tore her panties apart and her pussy was now wide open. I was thrilled to see her pussy for the first time. Though it was not clearly visible in the camera, I was able to draw its shape in my mind. She had shaved it like a pornstar leaving just a small triangular bush of hair above her pussy. That was an amazing sight.

Now she lay on the bed, with only her yellow mangalsutra on her body. Her body was shining like diamond. Her flesh was too hot. I had a huge erection that was about to tear my brief. Kevin placed his head between her thighs and started licking them. Mom started moaning "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. yeaaaaaaaaahhh.." She pulled his head towards her pussy. Kevin told "Not so fast dear". He moved his head towards her pussy as slow as possible. Amudha was trying hard to pull his head fast towards her pussy. But he was reluctant. Mom started dancing on the bed begging Kevin to lick her pussy.

Kevin's tongue at last made his way towards her pussy. He pushed his tongue hard into her pussy. His tongue went inside easily due to the wetness and all the fuckings she had received before that. Mom was holding Kevin's head tightly to her pussy. Kevin pushed away both her hands and held them on both sides on the bed tightly. All of a sudden she started screaming "Nooooooooo.... Dooooooon't bite.. It is paining". Kevin replied "Stop that bitch. You are the one who pulled me to your pussy." He was biting her clitoris. Mom was continuously screaming "Aaaaaaaahhh.. " Kevin told "Ok. I think you are not able to bear it. Then I will stop doing it". He was about to get up when Amudha screamed "Noooooo.. Don't stop.. I love to scream like this when having sex. You don't mind it."

Kevin smiled hearing those words and continued biting her pussy. Rahul told "This bitch is getting too noisier". Kevin replied "I will do something about this"

Kevin stood up on the floor. Amudha told "Come ooooon.. Don't stop you bastard... Continue it"

Kevin : Wait a minute you slut.. I have other plans for you

He removed his shorts and threw it away. His 10 inch cock sprung up. Amudha asked "Oh.. Do you want me to suck you?" Kevin replied "Yes.. But not your way.. My way"

Telling those words, he took mom's hands and asked her to get down the bed. Mom was about to kneel. But he asked her to stand straight. He bent to one side and got hold of her hips. Within 2 seconds he lifted her upside down. He had to be really strong to do that. Though mom is not very stout, she is of fleshy type, and her weight is around 78 kg which looks good for her as she is tall. But he lifted her upside down. Mom's boobs were hanging down. I took out my cock and started shagging.

He had her lifted in that position and went towards the wall he stood in a position such that mom was upside down and her ass and back of her head were touching the wall. Mom was screaming "What are you trying to do"

He positioned her such that his cock was near her mouth and his mouth was positioned near her pussy. He started licking her pussy in that position. Mom started to moan. He took that moment to insert his huge cock into her mouth. There was no way she could escape this hold now. I was stunned to watch that scene. My high class white brahmin mom was being licked and mouthfucked in standing 69 position by a black guy. He was treating her like a real slut.

He started fucking her mouth so fast that everytime he entered her mouth, her head hit the wall slowly. Saliva was trickling down her mouth. He started biting her pussy too. Mom was not able to scream hard with such a huge cock in her pussy. She was slowly gagging. She was not able to breathe. Tears flowed out of her eyes. Just was getting choked. Just when she was about to choke, He took his cock out of her mouth. She was about to tell something "Please... stop.." Before she could complete the sentence, Kevin started fucking her mouth again.

This continued for about 5 minutes. Then he let her down. Mom was down on the floor with saliva all over her face. She told "Wow.. No one has done that to me. That was amazing." While telling those words her hips were shaking lightly. Kevin knew that she really wanted to cum. He lifted her and threw her on the bed liking throwing a toy. He stretched her legs apart and was about to insert his cock in her pussy and asked "What is the length of the longest cock that fucked you bitch?" Amudha replied "7 inch". Kevin told "Then get ready for some pain"

Telling that he used all his power to insert his cock and the 10 inch went inside her pussy in a single push tearing it apart. Mom screamed like she was being killed. Rahul came near the bed and held her hands behind her head. Mom wrapped her legs around Kevin's hips. Her sexy white legs around Kevin's black body was a real treat to watch. He started to gain rhythm and all of a sudden increased the speed. Mom started enjoying now. She was shouting like a mad woman "Come on....... COme on.. FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKK.. MEEEEEEEE.. FASTER... Faster".

Now Rahul left her hands. She herself pulled Kevin faster towards her by holding his ass. The whole bed was shaking. Suddenly, her body started shaking hard. She gave out a huge scream and squirted litres of cum on Kevin's cock. Kevin was pleasantly suprised. I have seen some pornstars squirting like this in some videos. But that is very rare. I never knew that my mom had the ability to squirt. She squirted continuously for 10 seconds giving various sounds and half of the bed became wet.

Kevin started fucking her in the same position again. Mom was moving inch by inch towards the edge of the bed and all of a sudden they fell down from the bed. Amudha was lying on her stomach on the floor. Kevn was lay on her and started fucking her pussy from behind in the same speed. He was about to cum. Mom told "Cum in my pussy. I have done my operation already." Kevin shifted her back to missionary position and lifter her ass a bit and fucked her pussy again. After 2 minutes, he moaned loudly and came in her pussy. He lifted her ass to make sure that all his cum stays in her pussy. But because of the hardcore sexy session he had, there was more cum than expected. It overflowed out of her pussy and dripped through to her ass.

He took some of the cum in his fingers and Amudha immediately licked his fingers. Kevin stood up and fell in the bed tired. Rahul came to my mom and started fucking her mouth. After that mom, came to take something out of her handbag. At that time she switched the position of the handbag. Nothing was visible after that though I was able to hear the sound. From the sounds I could deduce that they had 2 more fuck sessions.

I went to our bedroom and saw mom sleeping in the same dress. I switched on the light. I found that she was wearing no bra. Of course it was torn to pieces by Kevin. For sure, she was not wearing panties too. I went back to my room. I removed the headphones from the jocket and increased the volume. Our whole house was echoing my mom's moans and screams during the fuck. She woke up and came to my room. "Dilip.. What is the problem? Are you mad? What are you watching?"

She stood in my room in her wrinkled dress and dishelved hair and a shocked face. She was stunned to see what was being played in my computer. I had to rewind the video to the part where she was fucked on the floor by Kevin. She didn't have any word to say. She just fell broken on the bed in my room and started crying.

I went and sat near her head and carressed her hair.

Me : "Mom, Why are you crying?"

Amudha : "Why? you are asking that to me? I have to ask that to you. Why did you do such a thing? My life is now totally ruined because of you"

Me : No mom. It is not ruined. I promise you I wont show it to anyone. Are you afraid that I will show it to father.

Amudha nodded.

Me : Don't worry. I understand your feelings. Dad left you here alone. You have every right to look for sex from other people.

Amudha looked at me confused and asked "Then why did you take this video"

Me : I was just having doubts on what you were doing on weekends. So I placed a camera in your handbag. Now that I have this video, I need a favour from you if you want this to be safe with me.

Amudha : I will do anything that is possible.

Me : Of course it is possible for you. You just did it with the black guy named Kevin

Amudha understood what I meant. She told "Are you asking your own mom to sleep with you? Are you insane? That is really dirty. I can't do that"

Me : Then I am sorry. I will upload this to a file server and mail the links to everyone you know including dad.

Amudha : You are blackmailing your own mom to have sex with you. This is wrong.

Me : I dont know if it is wrong or right. But I want to do it now.

Amudha : Please don't force me to do it.

While she was crying and begging me, I moved my hands to her crotch and removed the zip and button of her jeans. She tried to stop me. I held her hand with one of my hands and removed the zip and button using the other hand. As expected there were no panties. I placed my fingers between her pussy lips and entered them. I was surprised to find that there was a lot of cum left inside. I turned to look at my mom and found that she has already closed her eyes and started moaning.

I asked her "Is this Kevin's cum? Didn't you wash it?"

Amudha : "Noooo.. He ordered me to have the cum in my pussy. Aaaahhh... And I also loved to have the cum inside my pussy"

I started to understand everything.Just a gentle touch in her pussy made her crave for a fuck. She has a sexual animal inside her. I kicked myself for not having tried touching her pussy before. But it is better late than never. I started finger fucking her slowly and she responded very well. She moaned "Aaaaaaahhh.. You want to explore the hole through which you came from?" I nodded and the next moment she stood up and removed her dresses. She pulled down my shorts and saw my 6 inch cock already out of my briefs.

She smiled and told "Your cock is too small to satisfy me"

Me : I know you have taken so many big cocks in that hole already. Now there is no way you can get satisfied. But I can always get satisfied.

I pushed her on the bed and removed her tshirt and jeans. Her flawless smooth body was a bit dirty with sweat and bite marks. But I loved it.  The mangalsutra was placed between both her huge boobs. I started the proceedings by kissing her lips. I inserted my tongue inside Amudha's mouth and took some saliva from there. She broke the kiss and told "You are such a dirty guy" to which I promptly replied "What else do you expect from your pussy?"

Then I started licking her nipples while crushing the remaining part of her boobs with my hands. I told "Wow sucking these tits after so many years" Mom was busy closing her eyes and moaning and trying to roll both sides out of ecstasy. I went down, licked her navel for sometime and crossed her pussy without doing anything reached my favorite part of her body - her legs and thighs.

I licked all the way from her thighs down to her heels. She has maintained them so well. I did that to both her legs while Amudha was screaming "Suck my pussy soon you mother fucker." I obliged and reached her pussy. I opened her pussy and started licking. All of a sudden Kevin's cum came out like waterfalls. She shouted "Drink that bastard. He is the reason you are able to fuck me now. You should drink his cum". The situation made me forget all hygiene and I started drinking it. That was the first time I tasted a guy's sperms. It didn't taste much good. At the same time the taste was not revolting. So, I easily swallowed it.

I started licking my mom's used pussy again. She went on speaking like an RJ continuously "Wow.. My son is licking my own pussy. The pussy through which he came from. Come on mother fucker. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Make me give birth to your child again. I will let that child fuck me later."  I couldn't resist anymore and started fucking her. My cock went in easily as the hole was ravished by a 10 inch cock that day only. Though it was not a big deal for her, she was moaning in high mood. I couldn't even hold my cum for 2 minutes. I knew she was not satisfied. So I started finger fucking her till she reached orgasm. But she didn't squirt this time.

I asked her "Why aren't you squirting now?"

Amudha : "Squirt? How did you know these terms?"

Me : "Of course. I have been watching lots of porn. I have seen some videos like that"

Amudha : "Ok.. I squirt only when I do something rough, kinky, hardcore or dirty"

Me : "Like what? What exactly do you mean by this?"

Amudha : "No.. I cant tell you all"

Me : You can't use the word No when talking to me. Remember?

Amudha : Ok.. I always loved the rough and dirty ways of having sex. Weird sex positions. Gangbangs. BDSM etc.

Me : Did you really say BDSM? So you are also watching lots of porn.

Amudha : Of course. When you get a husband like your father I have to watch lots of porn.

Me : Oh. Yes. I was about to ask that. Tell me about father and also how you ended up being a prostitute for the pimp Rahul

Amudha : Your father stays here for 2 weeks hardly. Though he fucks me well those days, he never tried anything new. It was just the normal fuck in missionary position. I was getting sexually frustrated. After marriage he is the one, who made me watch porn. He used to be sexually active those days. But as years passed, he became a bit dumb on bed whereas my need for sex increased day by day. 3 Months back we had a party at the office. I was drunk and Rahul was near me. He exploited this situation and asked me how I was dealing with your father not present here. I tried to neglect him first.

"He kept on pestering me. His stubborn attitude and the alcohol effect on me made me give in. I told all my feelings to him. He took advantage of that and asked me if I would allow him to satisfy me. While asking so, he touched my pussy. You know what happens when someone does that. I gave in immediately. The next thing I knew was I was in his room nude hugging him. He decided to make money out of me by pimping me to people of kind I like. He used to get a guy every weekend. I had to do it for free. After our client fucks me, he takes a ride on me. Today he didn't fuck me in pussy as he knew I was way to tired to take more."

Me : "So.. What are the kinky things you have tried so far."

Amudha : None except my wish to get fucked by a black man. Though I tell that gangbang, BDSM bring out the slut inside me, I can never try that for real. Especially in India. It is dangerous here. You can never trust anyone.

Me : Ok.. Thanks to this chat, I got an erection again.

Amudha : I am too tired for another fuck. Please leave me.

Me : Come on. I am the one who takes decision in this house hereafter. Now getup and walk with me.

She went to take her clothes. I asked her to leave the clothes there. We walked to the hall first. She was hesitant to enter. Our hall has many windows and it is visible from the apartment that is situated across the road. But people from there wont be able to see clearly from there. I forced her to walk through that room. We went to her bedroom and I turned on the light. She asked what my plans are? I replied "Just shut up and do what I say"

The bedroom has 2 huge windows. I opened both of them and switched on the light. Her bedroom window faces the other 3 blocks of our apartments. Anyone looking through the window from the same floor in other blocks can clearly see what is going on there. Time was 11 PM and all the lights in other apartments were switched off. I assumed that everyone would be asleep.

She was reluctant to come near me. I dragged her holding her hands. She swore at me "Are you mad? Why do you want others to see us?" and scolded her "Do what I say bitch. Or else your deeds will be exposed to the whole world" I pushed her towards the window. Her hips were near the lower window pane. I made her bend so that the upper half of her body was now outside the window. Anybody from other blocks could see her now. I held her hair tightly pushing her head down on the window slab. Cold breeze stuck her boobs and her nipples became rock hard.

I fucked her as fast as possible. All of a sudden she started to moan and scream loudly outside the window. I could find some changes in her body movements. She started liking it. Her moans became louder and louder and all of a sudden what I wanted happened. She squirted litres of cum on the floor. Her legs were shaking hard and she was not even able to stand. She fell down on the floor. I fell over her and fucked her on the wet floor till I came. We slept in that position over her juices that night.

The next day we woke up together. Both of us brushed our teeth without wearing any dress. While she went to take bath, she closed the door. I banged at the door and blackmailed her to open the door. Our bathroom both shower and a toilet. I sat on the toilet and asked her to take bath in front of me. She turned on the shower. The sight of water flowing through her white smooth body gave me immediate erection and I didnt waste time to fuck her. I pushed her down on the toilet floor with water falling on her ass and I mounted her pussy from behind. I started fucking her. I took a soap in hand and applied it all over her body.

Her smooth body became slippery after I applied soap. I applied soap all over her body including her face. I lay over her in that position, hugged her and started fucking her in that position. Both of us came within 3 minutes. But she didn't squirt. Then I stood up and left. She took bath alone for sometime. Then I took bath and both of us left.

This continued for about 2 months. Every day started and ended with me fucking my mom, Amudha. She was still being pimped by Rahul during weekends. I fucked her on the bedroom window all nights. She herself started asking me to do it after some days. She squirted all days during the first week when we fucked near the window. After that her squirting stopped. But still she liked to get fucked in open.

One night as usual, we were hugging each other nude and sleeping. The bell rang at around 11::50 pm. Both of us woke up. Amudha just put on a nightie without anything underneath. I wore a pair of shorts and t-shirt. We looked throught the door to and found it was the next door bachelor Prem. I previously mentioned that each floor has 2 flats. In our opposite flat, two software engineer bachelors were staying. They were not much close to us. But we just used to wish each other when we crash into them anywhere. One of them is Prem and the other is Prakash.

We opened the door and Prem was standing there with a grin.

Prem : Hi Aunty, sorry to disturb you at this time. Tomorrow is Prakash's birthday. I thought it would be better if you two could join rather than we both celebrating it alone.

Amudha : Oh.. We would love to join. Wait let me change the dress.

Prem : No worries aunty. This will be over soon. You look good in this dress.

Amudha : Ok. We will come.

We entered their room. They kept their apartment clean. The apartment look exactly like ours. Prakash was sitting on the couch waiting for us. There was a cake on the table in the drawing room.

Amudha : OK.. Shall we start?

Prem : Wait aunty. I have a birthday song video. Let me play it.

Prem put on a CD on his player attached to the TV and played it. We were shocked to see what was played. It was taken from a HD video camera. It had my mother with the top half of her nude body outside our house window nude. Her boobs were clearly visible in the video. I was fucking her hard from behind. All her horny expressions were vividly captured.

My mom was too stunned to say anything and she fell on the couch next to Prakash. I asked Prem "Why did you do this?". Prem replied "I have to ask the same question to you. But I know the answer. When you have a woman with such a hot body at home, you just cant resist fucking her even though she is your mother."

My mother who was silent till now spoke up "What do you want from us? Money?"

Prakash : "We dont want to commit on one particular thing now. We earn well and we dont want any money from you. We just want you to do whatever we ask you to do"

Amudha : "Means?"

Prakash : We want both of you as our slaves

Amudha : Slave for what?

Prakash : You are still having doubts in that regard? We want to use you for sex. You do whatever we say.

Amudha : No. I am not a prostitute to do things like that.

Prakash : At least prostitutes fuck people who give money. You fucked your own son. That is even worse.

Me : No guys. This is not going to happen.

Prakash : If this doesn't happen, you know what else will happen. This video will be published in all the social networking sites.

Amudha : Please dont do this to me. I will give you any amount of money you want.

Prem : Shut up bitch. We know what we want. As I told you today is Prakash's birthday and you are his birthday gift.

Me : Mind your words.

Prakash : You mind your words you mother fucker. From now on, we will call both of you with whatever words we want. If you speak one word against it, this video is going to my facebook wall captioned my next house son fucking his own mother.

I had no reply for him.

Prem : Now, Amudha will you stop wasting time and get on with your duty. Prakash, shall we take her to bedroom?

Prakash : We will fuck her in all the rooms we have. Let us start in this room.

Prem : You are the birthday boy. You start the proceedings. I will join in the end

Prakash made my mom lie on the couch. He bent over her and kissed her lips. Amudha was reluctant. But he gave a slap and she started kissing him. Prakash kissed her deeply for a long time while squeezing her boobs. He told "Wow. It looks like you are not wearing your bra. Did we disturb you in the middle of a nice fuck?" Amudha nodded.

Prakash stopped what he did and told "I am curious. How all these things started between you two? I just couldnt imagine how a son got guts to ask his mother to go to bed with him"

I explained everything that happened.

Prem : You bitch. You told you are not a prostitute. That is a fucking lie. You were a prostitute even before your son started fucking you. Now Prakash, dont waste time and continue ravishing her body.

Prakash pulled Amudha's nightie up slowly revealing her super-smooth fair body inch by inch. I got an instant erection. As I was not wearing any underwear, my erection was immediately visible on my shorts.

Prem : Look at this guy's erection. We understand it bro. When you see such a hot body even her father will get an immediate erection. Look at her color and skin tone of her thighs and legs. Looks like an actress body. Look at the way the bitch has trimmed her pussy hair. Wow.

Now Prakash lifter her nightie over her head and my mom was in the couch completely nude. Prakash licked her and bit her like an animal from top to bottom. He went out of control on seeing mom's body. He undressed himself fast. He started his licking work again. When he started licking her pussy, I knew Amudha is going to lose control. As expected she started moaning.

Prem : Wow.. She is so sensitive down her pussy. Look at the way she responds.

Prakash put his tongue as deep as possible and Amudha started shouting like an animal "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. Do it deeeeep.. Woooowwwwwwwwwwww.. That is awesome.. " I felt like a son of a bitch. I never knew that she had such a sex animal hidden inside her. He then pushed her on the floor and made her lay on her stomach. Both Prem and Prakash were dumbstruck after seeing her back view. Her smooth back and the sexy round shaped ass looked really hot.

Prakash couldn't hold any longer. He took his cock in his hand and inserted in her pussy. Amudha caught hold of his ass and pulled him towards her. His cock was of same size as mine. So it went in easily. Prakash ejaculated within a minute and collapsed on her body.

Prem : Now Dilip. Your work is to take your mother to the bathroom and clean her pussy for me to fuck her.

We went to the bathroom. I used some water and soap to clean her pussy.

As soon as we came back to the drawing room, she just ran and jumped over Prem who was sitting on a chair telling him "Come on.. Atleast you fuck me for a long time. That idiot cant even withstand for one minute."

Prem : Come on, your body is too hot for virgin guys like us. It is hard for us to hold the cum.

Amudha : Whatever.. you just fuck me as hard as possible now.

Prem immediately undressed and showed his cock which was also same size as Prakash's. He made her kneel on the chair and started fucking her pussy from behind as fast as possible. He tried his best to hold his cum, but couldnt hold on for more than 2 minutes.

Amudha : Come on Dilip. Now you come and fuck me. These guys are not able to last more than 2 minutes.

I fucked her pussy with was already full of Prem's sperm. I pushed her to the floor and continuously fucked her for 10 minutes in missionary position. I scolded her harshly while fucking "You are a bitch. You will do anything to get fucked. Wow.. I am proud to be the son of such a slut. Come on slut take my cock as deep as possible. You liked getting fucked by 2 guys in front of your own son. Take this bitch" I have never fucked her so hard before. She was responding well for this and both of us reached orgasm together.

Prem : Ok enough of that. You are not allowed to fuck your mom without our permission hereafter. Do you understand?

Me : Yes.

Prem : Now let us start the birthday party. Help us lift her and lay her on the dining table.

We lifted Amudha and lay her on dining table with her boobs up. Amudha was a bit tired. Prem took the chocolate cake and removed the base board on it. He placed the cake on my mom's body and asked Prakash to cut it with the plastic knife. He cut it and took a piece of it. Prem asked him to feed it to Amudha. He did so. Amudha ate it. Prakash took another piece to give Prem.

Prem asked him to insert it in Amudha's pussy. Prakash did it. A part of the cake went inside while the remaining sticked around her pussy. Prem licked every piece of it and ate.

They took all the cream in the cake and smeared them over Amudha's ass and started licking them. Both of them got erection again. They wanted to fuck her.

Prem : Let us start our second innings. I will fuck her first this time.

Prakash : No. I am the birthday boy. I will be the first one to fuck.

Prem : I let you fuck her first last time. This time I am in full mood. I need her first.

Prakash : Then use her mouth.

Prem : No, I want a tight hole.

Prakash : We will get this problem all the time. The only solution to this would be to make her other hole ready so that we can fuck her simultaneously.

Amudha : What are you guys talking about?

Prakash : Dont you understand? We are talking about fucking your ass hole.

Amudha : No. I will never allow that. It will be very painful. So far no one has fucked me there. It is disgusting and dirty.

Prem : We are the ones calling the shots here. Not you.

Amudha : No. Please. I beg you. Anal sex is nasty. Asshole is used to shit, not to take in cock.

But they were in no mood to listen. They asked me to wash her again and wash her asshole thoroughly. I did as they told. While washing I tried to take some soap in my finger and clean her asshole. I had a hard time even to insert one finger in her asshole and clean it. We came back to the room. They asked us to come to the bedroom.

Amudha continued begging them not to do it. She told she will give a nice blowjob for one of the guys. But they didnt even listen to her. They asked her to be in doggy position bending down. She did so with her boobs hanging like extra large mangoes and her mangalsutra hanging in front of them. Prem sat in front of her face and held her face and hands tightly to his chest.

Prakash kneeled behind her and positioned his cock in front of her asshole. Amudha started screaming - "Nooooooo.. You need to use lubrication while doing it for the first time. Or else it will be very painful" Prakash told they want her to undergo the first anal sex in a painful way. Mom tried to stop him but Prem was holding her tightly. Prakash tried to penetrate her with a single push but his cock missed the target and hit near her hole. The hole was too small.

Then Prakash placed his cock tip at her asshole and gave a slight push such that a part of the front of his cock entered her ass. From that position, he shouted loudly and gave a push with all his power. Half of his cock went in tearing her asshole apart. Mom gave a shocked look. It looked like her eyeballs will pop out of her eyes. She gave a really loud noise that I thought would even wake up the people from other blocks.

Still only half the cock was in. Amudha was already freaking out trying to get out of Prem's hold. Prakash stood in that position some time for her asshole to relax. After that he have another push. This time with even more power and the whole of his cock was within her ass. Mom hugged Prem tightly like a child hugging her father while taking an injection. Tears came from her eyes and she started begging "Why are you doing this to me? Please stop this. I can't take anymore"

Prakash took his cock out and gave another push to enter the whole of his cock in with a single push. His whole cock disappeared into her ass while mom shouted "Nooooooo.. Stoooooooooooppppp. Pleeeeeasee.."

Prem comforted her "Dont worry. After 2 minutes of fucking, you will find it easier. We have read it in the internet"

Prakash repeated it again and again while mom was shouting and screaming for every insertion. After 5 minutes, mom's screams stopped and Prakash found it easier to penetrate her ass. Now Prakash inserted his cock into her ass, hugged her body from behind and rolled over on the bed. Prakash was lying on his back and mom was lying over her in such a way that his cock was completely inside her ass.

Prem mounted over mom and spread her legs apart. Now her pussy was clearly visible. He started fucking her pussy while Prakash was fucking her ass. Mom found it tough to take them initially. But slowly she started liking it. Her moans started getting louder. As Prem and Prakash had cummed earlier, they were able to hold on for a longer this time. They fucked her real hard in that position. I saw some changes in mom's movement. Her body started shaking. I knew she was going to squirt.

I was freaked out by what I saw. My brahmin mom was being double penetrated for the first time by two neighbouring guys and she was going to squirt. This means she really liked this more than normal sex.

I watched her squirt litres of cum out of her pussy. Prem's lower body was totally wet due to her cum. He was also surprised. He continued pumping and both of them ejaculated at the same time. They all fell on the bed exhausted. The bed was wet with cum and sweat. Mom was on the middle. Prem and Prakash hugged her from both sides and they fell asleep. I slept in the couch of their house.

I woke up to hear voices from the bathroom. The three of them were having shower sex together. Prem and Prakash were applying soap to mom's body. Then they started hugging her. They cluthched the flesh from all parts of her body. Amudha was moaning continuously. I went to join them. But Prem told I am not allowed to join. Mom had her eyes closed in ecstasy that she didn't even know that I was near.

Amudha : Can you do what you did yesterday again?

Prem : What exactly do you mean?

Amudha : The thing you both did yesterday night before sleep.

Prem : We know what you are talking about. But we want those exact words from your mouth.

Amudha : Can both of you enter my holes together.

Prem : No. I want you to explain it clearly naming which part of our body should enter which part of your body. And make sure you beg for it.

Amudha : Can you please insert your cock in my pussy while Prakash fucks my asshole with his cock. I beg you to do this. Please devour my holes.

Prem : Now that is like bitch.

Prem lifted her one leg and asked her to place it on the bathroom wall. He positioned his cock over her pussy from front and hugged her tightly. Prakash positioned his cock near her asshole. Both of them started fucking her in the same rhythm. Amudha's asshole got a tightened a bit after yestereday night. So, she felt some pain initially. After sometime they gathered some pace and started fucking her like professional pornstars reaching climax together. Mom squirted ass expected. She fell on the bathroom floor with her total body shaking. The water from shower washed away her cum.

After that incident, they regularly fucked mom. During weekdays, all of us were busy in office. During weekends, we were busy at home. Mom never wore any dress during weekends mostly. Her dresses would be removed on friday night and she would wear them again only on monday morning. It was non stop fucking till then. Mom stopped going out with Rahul as Prem blackmailed her telling that she will be solely owned by Prem and Prakash from that day. Some weekends we went to their home. Some weekends they came to our home. I had chances only during weekdays before going to bed. I relished those days. I fucked her on alternate days during weekdays. She stopped squirting for double penetrations. She got used to it.

One friday night Prem came to our apartment. Mom was eagerly waiting for them to come. She started undressing as soon as he came. But Prem interrupted.

Prem : We have some news for you.

Amudha : What is that?

Prem : Both me and Prakash are moving to another company in Bangalore next week. So, we wont be able to fuck you after that. Isn't that a happy news for you bitch?

Amudha : No. You guys were satisfying me sexually for 3 months. Now I need to go and find Rahul again.

Prem : Well. Good luck with that. But there is something else we need to tell you.

Amudha : What is that?

Prem : Pack your bags. We are going to Pondicherry tomorrow morning.

Amudha : Pondicherry. What for?

Prem : As this is going to be our last weekend with you, we are planning to use you as much as possible.

Amudha : You could do that here. Why Pondicherry?

Prem : Remember. When we asked about pimping you t0 other guys, you told that you cant have sex with anyone within Chennai. You told Rahul always brought clients from outside Chennai. So, we are planning to enjoy you for one day and pimp you to the people in Pondicherry the next day.

Amudha : No. I can't do that. It is dangerous.

Prem : Who asked you for permission? This is an order. You know what will happen if you dont follow it.

Amudha : Have you chosen your clients already?

Prem : No. We have booked a resort there. We will go there and decide. I heard there are so many visitors there looking for women. I am bloody sure that your body will go for the highest amount. YOur body is a complete package.

Amudha : I am feeling nervous. Wouldn't it create any problem?

Prem : We dont care about problems right now. We are tired of fucking you ourselves every week. We want to spice things up. Things could turn nightmarish for you based on the type of people we find to fuck you. Get your holes ready for that. It is going to be one hell of a weekend for you. We will start by 9 AM tomorrow.

Prem left. Mom sat on the couch. She was very nervous. I went near her and comforted her. She had tears in her eyes. I sat near her.

Me : Mom are you worried.

Mom : Yes I am. I dont know how this weekend is going to turn out to be. I dont know what crazy plans these bastards have in mind.

Me : I thought you liked them.

Mom : You know what happens when someone touches my pussy. I am easily seducible. Once my pussy is touched, I become a totally different woman craving for a penis. I thought having sex with these two guys alone is much more safer than doing it with some stranger who Rahul brings. Now these guys are also planning to pimping me out.

Me : Dont worry mom. I will be with you.

Mom : No use my son. As long as they have that video we are just toys in their hand. Now let us just go to sleep.

We went to sleep and woke up at 7 AM. We packed our dresses and got ready. Prakash came to our house. He asked mom to eat well as she needs more energy for the weekend. He browsed through my mom's dresses. She had only chudidars. He took all those dresses out. He went to his room and came with a bag. He opened the bag. It was full of new dresses. First he took out a t-shirt and jeans. The t-shirt was made out of a flimsy white cloth. It was totally see through. The jeans was just a normal one. He then took another dress. It had a sleeveless top and a short skirt. The skirt would cover only her thighs. It will leave her white smooth legs in the open.

The next thing he took stunned us. It was a bikini. A bra with only a lace and a small piece of cloth that will cover only her nipples and a small bit of area around it. The panties were even worse. It had a lace and a small rectangular cloth that will just cover her pussy. A small thread will run between her ass cheeks. It is as good as not wearing panties at all.

Mom : Do I really need to wear them.

Prakash : We have booked a resort there. They have a private beach. If we say you should even be ready to walk around nude.

Mom : Please dont go overboard

Prakash : Come on. The whole point of this trip is to humiliate you in every possible way. Be ready for it. We have borrowed an Innova from our friend. We will wait in it in the next street. You dont want the apartment people to see us together. So board the car from next street.

Mom : Thanks for that. Is the chudidar I am wearing now fine for the trip.

Prakash : Doesn't matter. It will be removed as soon as you board the car. Once we reach Pondicherry, there wont be any mercy from us. You will be our toy. Join us there in half an hour.

We took our bags and walked to the next street. The car was waiting for us. Prem was in driver's seat. He asked me if I knew driving. I nodded. He was very glad about it. He asked me to take the driver seat. He asked mom to sit in the back seat. Prem and Prakash sat on either sides of her.

I started the car. I knew the route as I have gone to Pondicherry before. I started driving. I used the center mirror in the car to see what was happening in the back seat. The car had tint removed due to traffic rules in Chennai. But still they didnt mind anything. Prem and Prakash started kissing her.

Mom was reluctant. She told that people outside could see her. But they didnt mind. They knew her weakness. Prakash directly attacked her pussy with his hand. Mom started relenting. They took this opportunity to remove her dresses. They removed her tops and pant. She was left in only bra and panties. By that time we reached the highways. There were not much vehicles around there. One car was running next to us. Inside the car, there were 4 college students going on a trip. They saw mom only in bra.

Amudha tried to bend down in humiliation. Prem lowered our car glass at that time. He held her hair and lifted her face up. The guys in the next car had a great view of half of her boobs visible with her bra on. Prakash removed the loop behind her and Prakash removed her bra in a second. Mom screamed in horror. She tried to take the bra. But Prem threw it to the guys in the next car. Those guys caught the bra promptly. They started passing nasty comments on her.

Guy 1 : Look at her body. Where did you get such a high class prostitute from ? She looks like Aishwarya rai after child birth. Superb milf.

Guy 2 : Look at the mangalsutra hanging over her breasts. She is a married bitch. Wow.. Look at those enormous boobs.

Guy 1 : Boss. Can you please throw the panties also. We would have them as her souveneirs.

Prem : Sure.

Mom sat in her seat reluctantly. Prakash held her shoulders and made her bend towards his lap. Prem held her thighs and rolled her down. Now she was lying face down with her face on Prakash's crotch and stomach on Prem's laps. She had her legs bent as she was tall. Prem removed her panties from behind and threw them to the guys next door.

Guy 1 : Thank you boss. Her ass is also amazing. Round, huge, shapely, white and smooth

Guy 2 : Can we get a close up shot of this.

Prem asked mom to get up and pushed her towards the window. She asked her to kneel down on the seat facing Prem and Prakash. They made her bent and pushed her towards the window such that her ass was peeping through the window. The guys in the next car took pics of her ass. Then they thanked us and told that they are taking the next turn. Mom felt a sigh of relief after that.

After that, for the next 2 hours of travel, it was just non stop fucking. They fucked her in every possible position in car with windows open. Though mom was afraid, she liked it. She liked the thrill. Once we neared pondy, she was allowed to wear her chudidar.

We reached the resort. We parked the car. The resort had only 2 cottages. Each cottage was big and could accomodate 5 people. There was a room in the middle of the cottages where food was served. The reception and kitchen were attached to this room. They had a private beach which was fenced on both sides. There was a swimming pool between the sea and the cottages.

We went to the reception and checked in. Mostly people stay there as family or bring prostitutes for sex there. Looking at Amudha, the employees there assumed that she is a prostitute. We went in to the room and cleaned ourselves. Prem asked us to get ready for the beach. Me, Prem and Prakash wore a pair of shorts. Amudha washed herself and came out wearing a towel over her breasts. She found that the room boy was in there. She tried to get back to the bathroom. But Prakash held her hands and asked her to stand there giving a good view of her cleavage, legs and thighs to the room boy. The room boy was 18 years old black local guy.

After he left, mom stood there wondering what to wear. Prem took the bikini out and threw it on her face. Mom hesitated to wear it. Prakash said "If you dont wear it in 2 minutes, your towel will be removed and we will make you run nude in the beach". Mom had no other choice. She removed her towel and wore the bra and panties.

She looked outrageous in that dress. Each and every inch of her body except her nipples and pussy were visible. Prem and Prakash pulled her out of the room to the beach. The resort employees gathered near the door to get a view of this angel.

There were 5 foreigners sunbathing in the beach. They saw her and couldnt take their eyes off her. We took a dip in the sea water and sat near the shore. The foreigners came towards us. They introduced them to be Kevin, Brad, Jason, Chris and Shane. They all were body builders. They told they were visiting India for a tour. They were all business partners. They were all aged around 35 and all of them were divorced.

We introduced ourselves and then their concentration turned towards mom.

Kevin : So who is this sexy milf.

Prem : She is Amudha- Dilip's mom. We are using her as our sex toy for the past 3 months.

Chris : So, all three of you are using his mom as sex slave.

Prem : No. Just we two. Dilip just watches.

Chris : What is the purpose of your visit here?

Prakash : This week is the last week for us with her. After this week we are moving elsewhere. We wanted to give her a nightmarish weekend. We want to make her taste as many cocks as possible.

Chris : Are you guys planning to pimp her?

Prakash : Yes. But it is not about money. We just want to watch her being ravished by so many cocks and we want to see her do the nastiest things in her life.

Chris : Ok. We are visiting many countries and we fucked women from all the countries. We are in a mission to taste the women in all the countries. We are experts in BDSM too. We are leaving this place tomorrow morning. So, we want her to be with us tonight. She is just the perfect Indian bitch we wanted. Her body is a complete sex package. She is tall and fleshy.

Prakash : That would be great. We have watched BDSM porn. But not for real. We would like to see her endure some pain. How much are you willing to pay?

The 5 guys went alone and discussed for a long time. Then they came back.

Chris : Money is not a matter for us. We can pay 1000 dollars for using her today. There is also another deal we would like to propose here.

Prem : What is that about?

Chris : If you could give a no holds barred rights on her for both today and tomorrow, we could even give you 5000 dollars.

Prem : What is no holds barred rights? And you told you will leave tomorrow morning. How can you use her tomorrow?

Chris : To answer your first question. We could do anything with her. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. No questions asked. We are planning to take a video of whatever happens to her today and tomorrow. We will leave Kevin here tomorrow. We will give commands from wherever we are through phone. All those commands have to be executed. She should fuck whoever we ask her to fuck. Kevin will pass the commands and also take video with our HD recorder.

Prem : That looks like a great deal.

Amudha : No. That looks dangerous. Please dont accept.

Prem : We dont know whether you accept or not. That doesnt matter. I have decided to take the deal. 5000 dollars is a huge sum.

Me : Please. We dont know what they have in mind. I dont know if my mother will be able to take their punishment.

Prakash : We wanted to fuck her roughly and in a nasty way. We are not experts in it. But they seem to be an expert in it. 5000 dollars is also a huge amount. It means 2 lakhs in Indian rupees. We cant let go of this oppurtunity.

Prem : Hey Chris. Can we be along with her all time watching the action.

Chris : Sure. So, the deal is done?

Prakash : Sure.

They gave the money in cash. They also took out a HD camera which they brought from America. They gave it to Prem and asked him to record everything that is happening from that instant. He immediately obliged and switched on the recorder. It was 2 PM at that time. The 5 guys surrounded Amudha. She begged "Please show some mercy on me"

Chris : Mercy? There is no way we could control ourselves when we see such a heavenly body.

They pulled the laces in her bra and panties and threw them into the sea. She covered her boobs with her hands and held her legs together to cover her pussy. The employees from the dinner room were eagerly watching. My brahmin mom was standing nude between 5 foreigners in a beach with only her mangalsutra on her neck.

Mom begged "Please. At least take me into the room and do whatever you want"

Shane : No. We like it here. Moreover this is a private fenced beach. You are not in danger.

They lifted her nude, walked into the sea and threw her on the water. She stood up with her wet body. Her body glistened in sea water and sun shine. Chris hugged her tightly from behind and pressed his cock over her ass. All the guys were in their boxers only. They stood in a circle. Chris played with her body for sometime. Then he lifted her and threw her to Shane. Shane took her out of the water and he played with her body by pinching her all around. Mom was screaming and crying. Shane tossed her to Jason. Jason to Kevin and Kevin to Brad. While all others were playing with her boobs, Brad pinched her pussy. This changed mom's behaviour totally.

Brad saw that and he clutched her pussy lips tightly. She looked up and closed her eyes and started moaning. The guys came close to her. Chris took one of her nipples while shane took the other, Jason the tallest guy started kissing her on lips and Kevin bent below and started licking her asshole. Then Chris told this is just a warm up bitch. Now come to room let us have lunch and continue then.

We went in to the dinner room. Mom was dragged into that room. There were 5 guys in that room- The receptionist, the room boy, two cooks and a cleaner. They were stunned to see her nude. I could see erections in all their pants. The foreigners didnt mind anything. They just dragged her in. They told Amudha "Eat when you get chance to eat. You are going to get fucked for the next 40 hours continuously. We dont know when you will get a chance to eat.

Food was served in Buffet system. Rotis, breads, rice and some curries. Amudha ate as much as possible. As she was already hungry after her fuck in the car during travel. After we all ate. Mom was pulled back to the beach. They dragged her to the sea shore where the waves were coming and going. The 5 guys stood around her and removed their shorts. Their cocks sprung up. All their cocks were long thick and cleanly shaved. The smallest was that of Brad which was 8 inch and the biggest was that of Chris which was 10 inch.

She lay on the shore on her back. Brad mounted on her and started fucking her pussy. His cock size is something that Amudha has never experience. It was also thicker than other cocks she has seen. This made the animal inside her to take over. She wrapped her legs around brad's hips. She herself pulled brad's face towards her and started kissing him. The guys found out what was happening. Prem was showing all his cinematography skills. By switching focus from her pussy to her face whenever needed just to show that the bitch enjoyed this kind of rough fucking. He also took time to roll the camera over her body from top to bottom to cover her beauty.

They started biting her nipples taking turns.Chris stood over her face. He forcefully opened her mouth with his hands and started face fucking her. My brahmin mother was fucked ruthlessly in an open beach. Chris slowly inserted his cock into her throat. Mom gagged. Tears flew from her eyes. Just when she was about to choke, Chris took his cock out. Brad fucked her relentlessly for about 20 minutes. Atlast he cummed a bucket of sperm. Then Kevin lay on the ground. They made Amudha sit on his cock facing him. He positioned his cock near her pussy while Jason positioned his cock near her asshole from behind.

Though Amudha was accustomed to double penetration, the cock sizes were totally different in this case. Kevin pushed his cock completely into her pussy while Jason pushed her down so help Kevin. Mom was screaming all the way "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh. Slowly........ Pleeeeeeeeease.." Kevin's full cock disappeared into her vagina. A huge wave from the sea struck them hard. Mom's body glistened again in the water.

Jason used the water as lubricant and inserted his cock in mom's ass. As his cock was thicker than prem's and prakash's, he found it difficult to enter. Mom was trying to stop him from doing it. Chris stood in front of her and started mouth fucking her to stop her screams. Jason used all his power to force half of his cock inside her ass. Mom gave muffled cries as Chris's cock was in her mouth. Her body stayed like a statue for 4 seconds trying to digest the pain.  Before even she could complete that, Jason pushed again real hard this time that his whole cock went in. Mom almost got up from them, but was held down by all the other guys.

She felt as if a huge iron rod was in her intestines. The guys felt as though their cocks touched each other within her body. They stayed in that position for 2 minutes to get her accustomed to the penetration. Then they slowly started to fuck her in and out. For each penetration she gave a jerk and a muffled scream. These guys were very strong and they were able to control their ejaculation for a really long time. They fucked her very hard. My mom was fucked like a pornstar in a beach shore with sea waves flowing over her and all her holes were used roughly. Before they could cum, mom squirted hard. Shane told "Wow,. She is a squirter. We will have that in mind during our night session"

After 5 minutes of rapid fucking, Chris, Jason and Kevin cummed simultaneously. Chris came deep in her throat and made her drink it. Shane was the only one remaining. The other 4 guys went to the shore and took a volleyball and asked me, Prem and Prakash to join while Shane was enjoying his time alone with Amudha. He wanted her to squirt again. He asked her to do it. She was not able to do. So he fucked her pussy as hard as possible in missionary position with her legs wrapped around his ass. He fucked her ass deep as possible. He started scolding her badly "You dirty bitch. You love American cocks? You will go down to any extent to get your holes filled. I will tear your ass and pussy apart tonight." All these words seemed to have a magical effect on her that she squirted again and Shane came simultaneously.

Shane stood up and joined us in the volleyball game while Amudha lay in the sea shore exhausted with the sea waves striking her body. After 10 minutes she stood up and started walking towards our room.

Kevin : Where are you going bitch?

Amudha : To my room to wear something.

Kevin : Wear something? This is going to be your costume throughout the day and even night bitch. Come over here.

My mom stood there confused.

Kevin : It is an order bitch. Come here. Join us for the game. I havent seen a milf playing volleyball nude.

She was picked for a team. Already the resort employees gathered around to watch the humiliation of my mom. She just stood there without playing any shot. Kevin smacked her ass and her ass bounced up and down. He warned her "If you dont take the next ball I will tear your ass apart"

The next ball was falling a bit far from mom. She had to dive to take it. The sight of my nude mom diving flat on the beach sand to take the ball was sexy as well as humiliating. She stood up with lots of beach sand sticking to her wet nude body. The other guys in her team went to her and encouraged her by giving pats on her ass and boobs. Prem was still covering the match with the video recorder covering mom's movements.

During the next serve, Prakash smashed the ball from his post straight on mom's boobs. It hit her boobs hard and she fell down with her boobs bouncing hard. The whole group erupted into laughter. The employees who were watching applauded loudly. Kevin swore "Stand up bitch. You shouldn't hit the balls with your boobs. You should use your hands" They were really humiliating Amudha.

As the match continued we heard some more noise. We turned around to find about 5 guys standing near the fence that separates this beach from the rest of it. They were fishermen. They were not allowed to enter inside this part of the beach. But the low height of the fence means they can always have a good view of what is going on here. Mom was surprised seeing them and she ran for a cover. But the foreigners held her and pushed her around to each other show that the fishermen have a good view.

Then they asked her to dance in front of them. Mom felt really degraded and humiliated. She spoke with tears in her eyes "Please. This is too much. You people use me as you wish. My whole body is yours. I am not willing to dance nude and get humiliated in front of those low class ugly people. I am from a respectable high class brahmin family. I can't do this"

Brad : We are against racial discrimination. We are not asking you to do it. We are ordering you to do it. You are our toy. Remember that? Now shut up and do some dance.

Mom tried to generate some dance steps out of her body reluctantly. Shane warned her that she has to dance in a full fledged fashion. Mom started shaking her vigorously. She turned her ass towards the fishermen and shaked her ass like Shakira. It was a big punishment for her to be made to dance like this in open. There was a huge roar of applause and whistles from the fisherman. They shouted obscene remarks like "Wow.. what an ass. Where did you find this bitch? She is sexy as hell? Her ass is made for gangbangs" Mom could do nothing but close her eyes while doing these things.

This continued for sometime and the fishermen left. We played volleyball again till 7 PM and it was totally dark. All of them were tired. We asked the resort employees to get the food ready. They told it will take 30 minutes. We used the 30 minutes to lie on the shore facing the sky. Mom was in the middle of all the guys. The foreigners took the recorder from Prem and played the recording fastly. They applauded Prem for covering the fuckfest really well. It was like a high quality porn video.

Food was ready by 7 30 PM. We all washed ourselves and went to the dinner room. Amudha was still not allowed to wear any dress. As soon as we entered the dinner room, we saw the foreigners working hard around a long dinner table. They were having lots of ropes.

Chris waved at us : Welcome back guys. We told you we are experts in bdsm. Look at our apparatus. Now lift that bitch and make her lie on the table on her back.

The table was really long and covers the entire width of the hall. Amudha was made to lie on the top part of the table. They used 2 ropes to tie her hands tightly to the legs of the table such a way that she wont be able to move her hands even for an inch. They stretched another long rope over her belly and surrounded the table along with her so that she wont be able to move her belly. Now she could move only her legs and thighs. This would help them to fuck her by placing her legs any where.

Shane : "The bitch is ready to be used. Let us begin"

Kevin : Yes. Let us give the bitch what she deserves

The 5 foreigners gathered around her and mauled her boobs ruthlessly. Prem started recording it. She has a really big pair of boobs which looks like those of pornstars. Though myself, Prem and Prakash have used them. We never handled them this rough. These guys were literally battering her boobs. They were not just sucking the boobs. They were biting them furiously. Two guys were biting her 2 nipples while the other guys were biting the rest of her boobs.

I have never seen my mom screamed like this before. She was screaming as though she was being stabbed with a knife. Her legs were in the air cycling. She tried to break free. But the ropes were tied very tightly. She was able to move only her legs and thighs. She pushed the legs on either side of the table and pushed them tightly to the table. She was biting her own lips to control her pain.

They stopped it only after 5 minutes. By that time her boobs became totally red. Shane moved down and started licking her navel. After 5 minutes of torture, Amudha was happy to receive some oral stimulation. She closed her eyes and began moaning. Meanwhile Jason took out something from his bag. It was a set of plastic clips. They were joined together by a thread. He took 2 sets like that.

I knew what it was used for. I have seen it in BDSM videos. It was called the zipper. They clamped the clips on slaves body continuosly. After sometime, when the blood has clotted, the masters used to pull the thread connecting the clips. All the clips will come out of the body causing severe pain to the slave.

Amudha opened her eyes and predicted what was about to happen. She screamed "No.. Dont use the zipper. It will be very painful. Please I have already suffered a lot of pain. I can't take more"

Brad : This bitch knows that it is a zipper. She has seen BDSM videos. Am I right bitch?

Amudha : No. I am not such a woman.

Brad : Dont lie you cock hungry bitch. If you lie again I will tear your ass and insert a heated rod.

Amudha : Sorry. I wont like. I have seen BDSM videos. But dont do this to me. I cant take anymore.

Brad : You can't tell what we do bitch. This is just a beginning. You are going to suffer pain tonight and tomorrow too. So, get ready with that mindset.

Shane took one zipper set and Jason took another zipper set.

They started clipping them one by one. Shane started from my mom's left boob while Jason started from right boob. As mom's body was fleshy it was easy for them to clamp the clips. When each clip was clamped, Amudha let out a muffled scream. She knew there is no way she could stop them.Z They both placed the clips starting from the boob and went towards her navel. So the two clip set gave a V-Shape on her body connecting her boobs and navel. Within the zippers were her mangalsutra making it a really sexy view.

Chris : Ok guys. Let us start having dinner

Prem placed the camera in a desk such that it till covers Amudha's body. We all started having dinner. Mom was left as such. She was lying on her back with her legs on the table in bent position with her knees up. We all took food in our plates and stood around her. Chris took a chicken leg piece which was filled with hot masala. He stretched it near mom's mouth and asked her to eat it.

Amudha : No. I am a brahmin. I dont eat non vegetarian food

Chris : You are a whore who has fucked  your own son's cock. Now you are saying eating non vegetarian is a sin. Dont you think that is foolish?

Amudha : No please. I dont like non vegetarian food.

Chris : Eat it bitch. Or you are going to pay the price for refusing master's command.

He tried to force feed her. But she moved her face away. Chris got angry. He went near her thighs and spread them apart and told "A bad bitch like you deserves a punishment". He asked Shane and Jason to hold her legs apart. They obliged immediately.

He turned the bony part of the chicken piece towards her pussy and inserted in it. Mom realized what was going to happen. She tried to use her legs to push it away. But Shane and Jason were holding her legs very tightly. As the chicken piece went inside her pussy, Amudha let out a huge scream. She was continuously shouting "Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase. Take it out. Take it out. I beg you. I will eat the chicken as you say" Tears started flowing out of her eyes.

Chris took it outside. Still she was shouting in pain. Some of the masala was still left in her pussy. Chris called me there. I went near him. He asked me to lick the masala that is left in her pussy. I did as he directed. All the guys around us were giggling and making fun of us. The resort employees were watching all the things that were happening. After I finished cleaning her pussy she had some relief.

For the next half an hour they had their dinner while simultaneously playing with her body. They poured beer on her navel and pussy and drank it. They took a scoop of icecream and inserted it in her pussy using a spoon. Now, mom started feeling horny. The sensation of cold icecream inside her pussy took her to heights of ecstasy. She started moaning and her body started showing signs of orgasm building up.

After everyone finished dinner, they came to the table to see the icecream melting from her pussy and leaking to the table. But there was something else that attracted everyone's attention. Amudha was moaning hard and trying to roll either side shaking her legs and thighs. The guys surrounded her. They knew she was damn to horny. Prem took the camera.

Shane : What do you want now?

Amudha(in a mild voice) : Pleeeease.. Fuck meeeee...

Shane : I can't hear you

Amudha(in a bit louder voice) : Please..fuck my pussy

Shane : Louder bitch

Amudha (in a loud voice) : Fuck my pussy master.

Shane : Now look at the camera and beg for our cocks

Prem brought the camera near her face.

She looked at the camera and shoute "Please master. Fuck my pussy. I want all your cocks to ravage my pussy. Please. I will do anything you say"

Shane : We make the rules here. You will eventually get fucked. But only after we finish some more games.

Jason took a butt plug and 5 small rods which was connected to a device. Chris held her legs and lifted her ass off the table while Jason inserted the butt plug in her ass. Mom was still moaning. Brad connected the device to the plug point and switched it on. It was used to give mild electric shocks. They each took a rod and started playing with it on her body. It was really humiliating yet sexy to watch mom jump like a kid everytime they touch her with the rod. Shane said "Be careful while touching her pussy. Make sure she doesnt reach her orgasm"

This game continued for 5 more minutes.

Shane looked at his four friends and told "Untie her and tie her for some easy spanking, guys"

They untied her and made her stand besides the table. They made her bend over the table such that her boobs were curshed against the table. The clips were still hanging on tightly to her body. They pulled her hands above her head and tied them to the legs on the either side of the table. Now we were able to see a good view of the back side of her body. Prem went near her and covered her entire back slowly by bringing the camera close to her body and moving it down till he reached her feat.

Kevin took a whip out of his bag. Amudha moved her head on table to see what was waiting for her and got shell-shocked

Amudha : Please. Dont use it. It will be paining.

Kevin : Ok. We wont whip you. But we wont fuck you either. Is it fine?

Amudha : Please. Fuck me as hard as you can and as rough as you can. But dont whip please

Kevin : No dear. A deal is a deal. We will fuck you only after we whip you. Now tell me do you want us to whip you?

Amudha : Ok.. But dont be too hard. It will....Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..

Before she could complete her sentence Kevin gave a hard whip on her ass. Her huge buttocks received the whip and started shaking like a belly. After the flesh settled in place, I found some red marks on her white ass. She was literally dancing near the table trying to move either side. Shane went near her and held her body firmly. It was easy for Kevin now. He whipped her multiple times again. Mom was unable to bear the pain. After 10 whips, they untied her.

Brad : I think this bitch has got enough. She deserves a good fuck now.

Amudha : Thanks master.

Brad : We are in mood for a really rough fuck that you will never forget in your life. You may even faint in the middle. But we will never stop fucking

Amudha(in full mood) : No fuck is rough for me. I can handle absolutely anything. Now just fuck me as you wish. Use me as you wish.

I was stunned to watch my mom talking like this after getting ravaged like that.

Brad : You will regret your words bitch.

Telling this they pushed her down on the floor. All the 5 guys undressed. Kevin took his cock, spread her legs and positioned his cock on her pussy that was dripping with icecream. Mom placed her legs around his hips and held him tightly. Kevin pushed his cock with all his almighty power. Mom jerked as she was surprised by the sudden push. Kevin's whole cock went in in a single push. He took it out and gave another rough push and the whole long cock went in again. Amudha screamed again. Jason and Chris stood on either side holding her legs apart as far as possible. They were stretching her like an eagle's wings.

Brad went near her head and held her hands tightly above her head. Now Kevin started to drill her real hard. Amudha now started regretting whatever she told. Kevin's cock was very long and he was fucking her real hard without giving a second of rest. It was a painful experience. But still she loved it.

The room was filled with mom's screams and moans. Shane who was standing near her, took one end of the zipper from her left boob and pulled it suddenly. All the clips on that zipper came out with tapping sound. Amudha was not at all expecting this. Her eyes became wide out of shock and gave a huge shout. Before she could complete shouting Shane pulled the other zipper too. This time mom's screams became silent as she was too shocked to even shout. Her body alone was shaking in pain. There were red marks of blood clot on her body.

But Kevin didn't mind anything and fucked her like an animal. After 2 minutes of fucking, Amudha reached a huge orgasm. She started screaming and cumming simultaneously for about 20 seconds. Her whole body was shaking. The other guys were trying to hold her to the floor. But she was just out of control. Kevin leaked his cum at the same time.

Now they made her stand and bend on the table. Shane attacked her pussy from behind. This was again rough. He held her hair from behind tightly and made her face his face. She spit on her face while fucking her. Each pounding was real hard almost pushed the long table to the other side. After 5 minutes of fucking, Shane came in her pussy. He left his hold on her hair immediately. She was not having any energy at all and she fell down immediately to kneeling position.

But Brad held her hair and forced her to standup. He pushed her towards the wall. He aimed his cock at her asshole. Just like Kevin and Shane, he didn't waste any time. He inserted his whole cock in a single push. But this time it was her asshole.  Instinctively, Amudha used her hands on Brad's stomach to push him back. But he got hold of her hands and pushed them above her head. He held her hands along with the wall and started ramming her asshole.

After sometime, Amudha started speaking "Please stop. I dont have any energy."

Kevin : Bitch. You allowed us to fuck as rough as possible. You are not allowed to take back your words.

Amudha : I didn't know you guys would fuck like horses. I can't take it anymore. Please leave me.

Jason : This bitch is talking too much. Bring her down. Let us teach her what real rough fuck is.

They pushed her to the floor. Brad lay besides her. He made her turn to the other side and aimed his cock at her asshole again. Chris lay on the other side of her and positioned his cock on her pussy. Jason knelt over her face. He asked her to open her mouth. She denied. And suddenly Chris lifted on of her legs and pushed his cock into her pussy while Brad inserted his cock in her ass. Both the cocks now disappeared into her wholes. She opened her mouth to scream. Jason took this oppurtunity to insert his cock in her mouth.

Chris and Brad inserted their cocks as deep as possible and started playing with their cocks inside her body. They told they could feel each other's cocks and started laughing. Mom was hugging Chris tightly while Jason was throat fucking her. This continued for 5 more minutes till Brad and Chris reached orgasm together. Jason then moved down to her pussy that was already filled with lot of cum. He fucked her for 1 minute and then took his cock out to spray his cum on her face.

All the 5 guys were tired now. Mom lay on the floor exhausted and totally drenched with cum. Prem was busy shooting the video. He covered every inch of her cum covered body. The foreigners went to their room asking Prakash to let her have her dinner and bring her to their room. He specifically mentioned not to clean her. Myself, Prem and Prakash helped her stand up and sit up on a chair. We took her food in plates and gave it to her. We didnt speak a single word. She ate a lot really. After that we thought, we had to help her walk. But she was real strong. She stood up herself and started walking to the foreigner's room. We followed her. She walked with her legs spread apart a little bit. Cum was leaking down her thighs and legs.

We went into the foreigner's room. They were all asleep as they were also tired. Kevin woke up hearing our sound. He ordered her to sleep on the floor of their room. They asked us to leave to our own room.

I woke up at about 7 AM in the morning. Immediately I rushed to the foreigners's room. Mom was still in the dirty state. She was being double penetrated by Shane and Brad. But this time it was really slow. Mom was moaning. Kevin was filming everything. She was feeling so good. Brad looked at me and told "Looks like some body is surprised at how soft we are handling her. We will leave in half an hour. This is just a parting fuck. So we are just fucking her the way she likes"

Mom told "Wow. I love you guys. Please dont leave me"

Brad: Shut up whore. Just because we are handling you softly now it doesn't mean you will have a great day. Kevin will stay here to give you orders. The rest of the day is still going to be a nightmare for you. Be ready for it.

Mom decided to stop thinking about those things and just enjoy the moment. After both of them cummed, they went to the bathrooms to take bath. Chris and Jason took their positions and contined to fuck her softly. Then they also went to the bathroom. The four of them got ready, took a taxi and left leaving Kevin behind. Mom was in bed with lot of both wet and dried cum all over her body. They kissed her lips one by one when they left.

Now Kevin, myself, Prem and Prakash were in their room with Amudha. Kevin slapped Amudha and asked her to go to bathroom and get ready.

Amudha : Get ready for what?

Kevin : For the next set of clients

Amudha : Next set? You are the client.

Kevin : Remember our agreement? We have the right to sell you to anyone.

Amudha : This is bad? Who are you selling me to?

Kevin : I have not made plans for all the clients you are going to have today. But I am going to start with the employees of this resort?

Just as he told those words, the employees came there. The receptionist, roomboy, cleaner and the two cooks.

Amudha : Employees? They are low class people. I can't have sex with them.

She obviously didnt notice the employees entering the room.

Kevin : You are not the one to decide it. I already called them and they are here. Today, your rate is Rs.100 per person.

Amudha : This is insane. I am not such a cheap slut. And I can never fuck such dirty low class people

Kevin : That is exactly what these people said too. They told you are like a sex godess for her. They had an inferiority complex. They felt they could never get you. They told they will treat you like their queen if you let them fuck you. I wanted them to lose their complex. Now dont keep arguing. You know that wont help at all.

Amudha : You guys are forcing me to do so many nasty things. But I have no escape. You people will pay for your mistakes. Now what do you want me to do? Just let them fuck me now?

Kevin : No. I dont think they would want to get their godess in such a dirty state. Take bath and clean yourselves.

Amudha : OK. Let me go and have bath.

Cleaner : Sir. Can you please allow us to bathe our queen?

Kevin : Yes. Now, time is 8 AM. You have time till 10 AM to do whatever you want.

Amudha : I am not a child. I know how to take bath.

Kevin : It is their wish to bathe you and it is your duty to fulfill their wish.

Amudha : OK. First I want to shit. Atleast let me do it myself.

Telling this she was walking to the bathroom which had both shower and a western toilet in it. She went in and turned back to open the door. She was shocked to find all the 5 employees following her in.

Amudha : What are you guys doing her?

Receptionist : We want to watch our godess shit. We have never seen a woman like you. You are both beautiful and sexy. We want to admire you totally for the next 2 years. We each paid 100 rupees already for this.

Amudha : Are you guys out of your minds? What are you going to do by seeing a woman shit?

Kevin : That is none of your business dear. Just let them watch it.

Kevin was standing inside with his camera.

Amudha : Are you going to shoot this one too? Are you people mad? I dont see any reason to see a woman shit.

Kevin : No reason is needed for these things. Now just sit down and do your work.

She sat on the toilet seat. First thing, she started pissing. A huge stream of piss came out of her urethra. One of the cooks went near her and took a close look at the piss coming out of her pussy. The other 4 guys and Kevin surrounded her. The cook played by placing his finger on her urethra and blocking the stream.

Amudha : Chheeeeeeeeeee... That is nasty. How can you touch another person's urine? Dont you find it dirty.

No one replied. She looked around and pushed her back on the tank. It was really humiliating for her. Having 6 guys around her watching her shit. But she has no other choice. She had loads of shit in her. She pushed her abdomen trying to shit. She felt a sudden pain as her ass was ravaged the previous day and it was slightly injured. She let out a slight moain in pain.

Cleaner : Bhabhi. Is your ass hurting?

Amudha : Yes.

Cleaner : Dont worry bhabhi. I will bring some oil.

He came with a small bottle of coconut oil. He took some out in his fingers and inserted his finger in her asshole. Meanwhile the receptionist stood up and held her face to his chest tightly like a father holding his child while giving injection. The cleaner used more oil and lubricated her asshole completely. He told "I have lubricated it as much as possible. Now try to shit"

She tried again now. Due to the oil, the shit came out easily than before. But still she felt it humiliating to shit in front of 6 guys. The first piece of turd fell in the water. All the guys came near to see it. Mom was astonished to see their interest in her shit. Amudha tried to push some more shit out. But she felt a bit of pain as this piece of shit seemed to be a bit bigger. The cleaner understood it and did something that totally shocked my mom.

He inserted his finger in her ass where a piece of shit was about to come out. He moved his finger around the rim of her asshole to reduce the width of the piece of shit. It went smooth for him as the walls of her rectum were already lubricated. He took his fingers out and the shit immediately came out of her asshole and fell in the toilet. Then he looked my mom at face and put his shit covered fingers in his mouth and started licking it clean. My mom almost puked at seeing that.

Amudha : Aaaaaaaaarrrghh.. You are a lunatic. Shit is the most dirtiest thing in the world. You are eating it? Dont you have any sense?

Cleaner : If the shit comes out of you it is like honey to us.

Amudha tried to shit again. The receptionist did the same thing that the cleaner did. All the 5 guys took their turns and ate a bit of her shit. Mom was terrified seeing those. She didn't believe that people really do such things. Kevin was busy recording everything.

After she completed shitting, she flushed the toilet and stood up to clean it. Before she did anything, the guys pushed her to the wall and started to fight amongst each other to lick her ass. Within a minute, her asshole was licked totally clean. They put their tongue deep and made sure there no shit that is left in her ass.

Mom started moaning. She really liked it. The feeling of tongue in her injured ass. She stood near the wall with her eyes closed even after these guys finished cleaning her ass. She was about to take the shower bath. They asked her to walk to the swimming pool. It would be easy for them to wash her there.

They all walked towards the swimming pool. Prem and Prakash have joined us now. We all followed the 6 guys and my mom. As soon as she went into the water we could see lots of white substance mixing with the water. That showed the amount of cum she had received the previous night. The 5 employees undressed and got into the water. All of them were dark in color. Amudha showed her disappointment in her face on seeing their nude bodies. None of them shaved their pubic hair. But she was happy that they got into the water. This would take their body odour away.

They all surrounded her in swimming pool. They started kissing her all around her face. They didnt leave a single inch of her face unkissed. They pushed her towards the wall of the swimming pool. They lifted her a little up to make sure that her boobs came above the water. They all licked her boobs like hungry dogs. Mom got aroused because of this. She closed her eyes and started moaning. One of the cooks took this oppurtunity to finger her. It was a really great feeling for Amudha to have such a soft pleasant sex after a night of total ravage.

Then they lifted her and placed her on the floor near the swimming pool. The room boy came with 5 soaps. Each person took a soap and dipped it in water. They started applying soap on her body. The cooks were working on her boobs while the receptionist applied soap on her belly and pussy. The cleaner and roomboy were applying soaps on her white shiny thighs and legs. Mom just closed her eyes and took rest. She felt like getting a good massage.

Then they turned her over and started foccussing on her back. They made sure to apply more soap on her ass cheeks and rectum. Given the sunshine, it was a heavenly sight to watch. Mom lying on her stomach with her sexy back covered with soap. Kevin saw the beauty and immediately came close to her body to cover it from nearby using his camera. The 5 guys started to give massage to her from back. After this they could not resist.

The receptionist postioned over her ass and put his cock near her pussy and started fucking her slowly. He had a medium sized cock. Nothing close to the cocks my mom has taken. Mom still had her eyes closed while he was fucking her. She was enjoying everything. The receptionist could not hold on for a long time. He came in 2 minutes. He was replaced by one of the cooks. He decided to fuck her ass. But none of the 5 guys had cock that could challenge my mom. The cook was fucking her while the room boy was busy licking her feet. He looked like a real slave.

We heard some noises. It was the fishermen who we saw yesterday. They were standing near the fence and watching the beautiful sight. They were passing nasty comments about my mother. Kevin asked the receptionist to come with him and they went to meet the fishermen. Meanwhile the cook was continuously fucking mom's ass. He leaked cum after sometimes. Then the other cook, roomboy and the cleaner took their turns to fuck her.

After they all finished fucking her, they applied more soap. Cleaned her ass and pussy and then pushed her into the swimming pool. They also jumped into the swimming pool and started cleaning her body well. Then they came to the shower and cleaned her body with soft water again.

I was stunned to see mom after that. Even after such a receiving such a battering last night, these guys had made her look just like the way she looked 2 days back. There was no scratch visible on her body. She looked even more sexy now. Mom saw herself in mirror. She thanked the 5 guys for what they did. They all told "Anything for our sex goddess. Thank you very much for letting us fuck you"

Kevin looked at the watch and time was 10 AM. He shouted "OK guys. Your time is up. I hope you enjoyed it. Now Amudha. Go and have good breakfast. You need a lot of energy today. I have found your next set of clients."

Amudha : Where did you find them? You were just around here.

Kevin : You just saw me talking to them.

Amudha : You mean the fishermen?

Kevin : Yes.

Amudha : Those guys are dangerous fellows. You dont know about these low class Indians. They were already passing really nasty comments on me. They will injure me if you let them use me. They are ugly. I am a decent brahmin woman. No brahmin women would do this.

Kevin : Listen. I cant tell this to you again and again. You are owned by us. Next time you talk about our clients like this, I will insert a hot rod up your ass.

Amudha didnt respond. She heard a voice from the fishermen and looked that side. One of them told "Did you listen that bitch? We own you for the next two hours. We heard all the comments you made about us. You will pay for it"

Amudha walked in to the dining room and started eating it. I went near her and told "I dont really blame the employees. You just look like a sex godess. Tall, white, fleshy and shiny. Your face looks even more sexy when your hair is wet"

It was 10 30 AM when we finished breakfast. Amudha was really hungry and ate a lot as usual. Kevin asked us to come out.

Amudha enquired "Can't we have this inside the resort? Why should we have it outdoors all the time?"

Kevin : Indoor sex is boring. We need to spice things up. Heads up for you - All the sex you are going to have today are going to be outdoors at different places. I already have a plan for you this afternoon.

Amudha : So, your ultimate aim is to humiliate me and make me a cheap dirty whore and you are doing good to achieve your aim.

Kevin didn't even reply to it. We went out to the beach to find 5 boats waiting for us. There were 10 fishermen. The were having life jackets for us. Myself, prem and Prakash went in one boat wearing the life jackets. Amudha and Kevin wore the life jacket and took another boat. Kevin made sure to cover the camera with glass cover to protect it. Amudha was not able to wear the jacket. All the jackets were small in size. She was unable to join the latch in the front because of unusually big bust. It was funny to watch my mom wearing a life jacket above and nothing below, Her thighs and ass were still shining. Kevin was still recording the comments passed by the fishermen and the funny sight of my mom walking in a life jacket alone.

The fishermen passed comments at her situation and laughed. 5 of the 10 fishermen took the oars. The other 5 fishermen boarded in one among the boats. I knew what they were doing. They were professional catemaran ride fishermen. Catemeran ride is an adventure ride in coasts of India, were fishermen took people in catemeran boat to the middle of sea and push the people into the water with life jacket on. We are around to play in the sea with our life jacket for sometime and then they bring us back.

They took us a bit far into the sea where no one was around. Myself, Prem and Prakash jumped into the water. Amudha was in a boat with Kevin and a fisherman. The fisherman came near her and removed her life jacket. Her boobs were hanging wet. I could see that she was nervous. To sit nude in a boat in open sea surrounded by so many guys with nothing but her mangalstutra. I could see her heart beating faster. Kevin was busy recording this situation.

Now one more fisherman dived into their both. All the fisherman were wearing only dirty lungis and underwears. None of them were wearing anything on the top. One of the fishermen shouted "Let us play around with this bitch in water before fucking her. Remember what she mentioned about us in the resort?"

The fisherman in the boat replied "Yes. Good idea". All the fishermen wore the remaining life jackets they had. He asked her to standup. He and the other fisherman lifted her in hands and threw her in water like throwing a doll. Horror struck Amudha. She did not know swimming and her life jacket was removed. All the fishermen jumped into the water. Kevin alone stood in the boat using his camera to cover this. Amudha was trying hard to come up. But the fishermen hurried fast to save her. One of them was holding her from behind. He was hugging her from behind with his hands just below her boobs.

All the fishermen surrounded her and passed comments "Look at the boobs of the bitch. She could feed a whole village with her milk" "Look at her ass. She has definitely been fucked by atleast hundred guys before" "This bitch is a disgrace to the brahmin community. Look how slutty she is behaving"

Mom was unable to bear the verbal humiliation "Please let me go. I cant take this humiliation. I am sorry for the words which I told"

Fisherman 1 : You cant escape that easily bitch. We wont let you before fucking you.

Fisherman 2 : Now you are owned by us. Just shut up and do what we say. If you talk otherwise we will just leave you. Remember, your life now depends on us and we could drown you even now.

Amudha : Sorry. I will do whatever you say

Fisherman 2 : Now that's a good girl. We want you to beg each one of us to fuck you. You will be passed around to each of us in water. You have to take our cock outside our underwear and shag it using your hands. Then you have to beg us to fuck.

Amudha : Sure

Fisherman 1 : First beg me

Mom turned towards him. He held her holding her shoulders. She put her hands within water. From the face reaction of the fisherman, it was quite visible that she took out his cock. She started shagging him.

Fisherman 2 : Beg him bitch

Amudha to Fisherman 1 : Please fuck me mister. I want your cock in my pussy

Fisherman 1 : You are a high class woman. I dont think you want my cock. Dont speak lies

Telling this he tried to push her away. But she held his cock tightly and continued speaking

Amudha : Yes I am a high class woman. But I am now converted to a cheap whore. I want to get fucked by low class guys. I feel their cocks are the best in the world. I want nasty sex. I will do anything for your cock.

Kevin was smiling and recording all the words she told in the camera.

FM 1 : No. Dont speak more lies. We are all black. You are white. How will you like our cocks?

Amudha : I told you I am a dirty slut. I want black cocks. I will even marry you if you want. I will be a sex slave for all you guys through out my life. Please fuck me.

These words meant so many things. I found that she was getting herself into the act. She loved being treated like this. After those words, the fisherman accepted her request. He pushed her towards a boat. He was behind her. My mom held on to the boat. He positioned his cock in her asshole and started fucking. I remembered that my mom used to have orgasms whenever we had sex with open windows. I was sure this situation will bring out the sex animal in her.

The fisherman fucked her rough. I was stunned by his stamina. Normally it is tough to even move inside sea water. But he fucked her like an animal in water. Water was splashing on either side of them. That showed how fast he was fucking her.

At the mean time, Amudha was moaning furiously. A huge orgasm was building inside her. Kevin was in the boat she was holding to. He brought the camera near her face and asked what was going on. She replied "This guy is fucking me real hard. I love it" Now he started fucking her pussy. Kevin asked "Is he better than your husband?" She replied "AAaaaaaaahhh......My husband is aaaaaaaahhhh,.. not even 0.001 percent compared to him aaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. ". Suddently she screamed hard and her body was shaking. She had her eyes closed and held the boat tightly. I knew she was squirting within water. But the fishermen didnt know.

Then the fisherman screamed hard ejaculating in her pussy. Some cum came to the surface of the water. He then held her by her hair and pushed her towards the second fisherman. She almost went into the water before the fisherman held her. She was again made to beg him to fuck her.

She begged him for sometime and he pushed her towards the boat. He made her hug him tightly and fucked her from head. He lifted her on his hips with in the water. Her legs were wrapped around his hips. Her hands were around his neck and she was looking at the sky when fucked. She was at the height of ecstasy. Then he came in her pussy. She was fucked the same way by the next 3 fishermen. She was tired by then. There were 5 more fishermen remaining. They lifted her and pushed her into the boat in which Kevin was standing.

3 of the remaining 5 fishermen mounted that boat. They all removed their lungi and underwear. This is the first time my mom saw the cocks outside water. They looked a bit ok as they were washed by sea water. But none of them shaved their pubic hair. All the cocks were medium sized to long sized One of them tried to fuck her face. She moved her face away in disgust and asked him to fuck her pussy. He told that it is upto him to decide these things.

He forced her to open her mouth and started face fucking. Mom started choking, but he kept on fucking her mouth. Mom tried hard and atlast got his cock out of his mouth and started coughing. She told "Your cock is smelly. I am unable to......" Before she could complete he started face fucking her again. He was sitting on her face and forcing her to suck his cock. In the mean time another fisherman knelt near her pussy and started fucking her in missionary position. The other fisherman in the boat was mauling her boobs. After the guy fucking her pussy ejaculated, the guy mauling her boobs took his position and the guy fucking her mouth and him ejaculated simultaneously.

Only two guys were remaining now. They made her kneel in doggy position. One of them fucked her ass from behind while the other guy fucked her mouth from front. We all knew, it was going to end. Time was 12.15. They both didnt take much time to ejaculate. We all boarded our boats. Mom alone was left alone in that boat with a fisherman. We reached the resort by 12 30 PM exactly. The fishermen took her from the boat and threw her into the water in the beach. Mom was half awake and half asleep. Suddenly they all took their cocks out.

Amudha thought they were going to cum on her again. But she was startled to see what happened next. They all started pissing on her. As urine started hitting all over her body. She tried to getup and run shouting "You dirty fellows. I let you use my whole body. Dont do such nasty things to me. I wont even let my husband do this to me.". But one guy hugged her tightly and started pissing with her cock directed towards her belly. Now her back was open as she was standing and all the guys started pissing on her ass. After all was done, they left to their village.

Kevin called the resort employees to clean her up again soon. This time only the cleaner and room boy came. They took her to the shower and cleaned her up. It was around 1 PM. She was called for lunch. Amudha knew that the day was only going to get worse. So she ate as much as possible. We finished our lunch at around 1 30 PM. Kevin announced "Let us all get rest for some time. We will start our next adventure at 2:15 PM"

Amudha didnt even ask what it was. She thought he will bring some more people around the region to fuck her. She went to the foreigner's room and fell asleep before she knew. She was woken up at around 2 10 PM by Kevin. He threw a dress on her face. "Wear this soon and get ready"

In half sleep, she looked at the dress that was thrown to her. It was a sleeveless t-shirt and the short skirt that Prem and Prakash have bought her. She thought at least wearing a dress is better than roaming around nude throughout the day. She stood up and took her bag to take bra and panties.

Kevin : What are you searching bitch?

Amudha : Looking for my innerwears?

Kevin : Did I ask you to wear innerwears?

Amudha : No. But....

Kevin : Shut up bitch. Just wear those dresses and come to the reception.

She wore the tshirt and the mini skirt. The t-shirt was white in color and very transparent. Half her cleavage was visible outside and her nipples were totally visible through the tshirt. The skirt reached just above her knees. The fact that she didnt wear panties made it even worse. When she came out of the room to come to lobby, there was a bit of wind. Her skirt went up and the guys around got a glimpse of her pubic hair. She was afraid. She really wanted to know where she was going dressed like this. She asked Kevin. But he refused to respond.

Myself, Amudha, Prem, Prakash and Kevin took the car in which we came. Kevin was giving directions while Prem was driving. Atlast we entered our destination. It was an adult movie theater. The theater was ill maintained and it was showing a Malayalam adult movie. It was 3 PM when we reached there. The movie had already started I watched my mom in total shock seeing that.

Prem parked the car there. I was sitting with my mom in the back seat. All of us got down except mom. She was near the window reluctant to come down. She was sobbing. Kevin told "Stop acting bitch. Now get down the car"

Amudha "Dont you people find this horrible? Why are you doing this to me? Dont you guys have any limits? How can you try to use me in such a public place? I have been behaving like a bitch. I accept. But I cant fuck all the people in the world. What will happen if any of these guys have disease? Please I am also a human being. Give heed to my emotions"

Kevin thought for some time and atlast told "Listen bitch. You are my slave. As per our agreement it is a no holds barred relation. We have the right to use you here. But you are correct about your fear for diseases. We give you the choice. You are allowed to choose if the guys will fuck you with or without condoms. So what do you say?"

Amudha : Can we just call it off? We can go back to the resort. If you want, ask the fishermen to bring their friends too. We can ask them to fuck me with condoms.

Kevin : The decision about who you fuck and where you fuck is already made. You just have to choose whether they will fuck you with or without condoms.

Amudha knew her situation and replied "Ok. With condoms" Telling those words she sat with her head on the window feeling really sad.

Kevin went out and bought a huge box of condoms and another big box with many cans inside. He told "Now the rate is going to increase. Rs.200 for each person as we are sponsoring condoms too" I asked "What are in those cans?"

Kevin : Energy drink. We dont know how many guys she is going to take today. So it is always good to have these energy drinks.

We bought 5 tickets and went in. I was expecting the worst. I thought there would be so many guys inside. But there were around 12 guys there. About 3 guys had brought 3 prostitutes with them. Mom was feeling really nervous. The movie was already playing. They were all sitting far away from each other. As soon as we entered in, they turned towards us. All the eyes oggled at my mom's body. As it was a bit dark, they were not able to find that she was not wearing anything inside. But as she was wearing sleeveless top, her white hands and cleavage were clearly visible. Her thighs and legs were also visible.

The guys who had brough prostitutes were already playing with them. All the people were workers working for daily wages. They were all looking ugly. Mom's face showed the disgust she felt on seeing them. Most of them had unshaved beards. Kevin directed us to the first row. Though it was the worst place to sit to watch a movie, Kevin's motive was to attract people's attention.

As we neared the screen, the light from the screen went through Amudha's dress making her whole structure visible. It was very clear that she didnt wear any inner garments. We sat in the front row. Kevin asked Prem and Prakash to sit on either side of mom. I sat to the left of Prem. Kevin knelt in front of mom. He moved her skirt up and started licking her pussy real hard. Being licked in pussy in a cinema theater had a telling effect on my mom.

She pulled him more towards her pussy by holding his hair. She started moaning loudly as always. Within a minute we saw two guys moving from their place. They came near Kevin. They asked Prem "Wow. She surely is a high cost whore. Where did you get her from? What is the cost? Should be atleast 20000 rupees"

Prem : Her cost and where we bought her is none of your business. We are selling her at 200 rupees per cock. Are you interested?

Guy : 200 Rupees? Wow... We workers can not even dream of a woman like her even if we sell everything we have. Look at the prostitutes in the other seats. See how ugly they are. Even they charge 500 rupees. This bitch is a high class woman. Look at her sexy legs and thighs. So smooth. I really want her now

Prem : One condition. You should use condoms. We will provide that too for free.

Guy : Sure. Here is the 200 Rupees.

The other guy who was watching the conversation took 200 rupees out of his pocket and gave it without saying a word. Both of them were given condoms. Now to explain about their appearance. They both were a bit short. About 5 feet tall. They had unshaved beard. Their age would be around 35. But they had a well built body. Their teeth were brownish with pan traces. They also smelt bad.

Kevin stopped licking suddently and stood up. He went to the two guys and told - "Your turn guys" The two guys knelt down and each of them took hold of each of the pussy lips and started sucking. Amudha looked below and looked at the screen. They had added a porn scene from an english porn video in the movie. The screen showed a white milf being gangbanged by 5 black guys. She knew something even bigger was going to happen in the theater that day.

The guys each held one of her legs and started licking them from her feet. Amudha liked this. She liked being worshiped like this. The guys spoke among them "Look how flawless and white her skin is. I thought only cinema actresses have such beautiful body."

They slowly went up and reached her pussy again. One guy asked Prem "Can we remove this skirt? It is quite disturbing". Prem replied "You paid 200 rupees. The bitch is all yours. Do whatever you want with her. Use her as you wish"

The guys looked at each other and immediately pulled down her skirt. Amudha held them with her hands and begged "Please. Do what you want with the skirt on. I dont want to attract the attention of all the people."

The guys replied "You already have the attention of other people. Just look around you"

She looked around to find all the people in theater except the guys who brought prostitutes standing around her. One of them asked the guy who was licking my mom "Hey. How much did you pay to get to lick her? She must have been very costly. How did you get so much money?"

The guy replied "You wont believe. Just 200 rupees per person. And they give condoms for free."

The new guys was suprised "200 rupees? You are kidding me. Look at her body. Each of her body part deserves 5000 rupees. I dont want to miss the chance. Can I join?"

Prakash : Of course. Just give 200 rupees and use her as you wish. The only condition is you must use condoms.

New guy : Sure. Here it is.

He gave the money and at the same time, all the other guys also gave the money. There were a total of 10 guys now. All of them looked ugly in one or other way. One of them was the one who gave tickets to us. They had dirty teeth or they were fat or they were old. All of us moved aside. Prakash told them "She is now all yours. Use her till the movie runs. Dont fight among yourselves. She has the stamina to take all of you"

They all swarmed around her. Kevin took his camera out. We were not able to see my mom. We suddenly heard her voice "Aaaaaaahhhh.. please dont kiss my mouth. Kiss my cheeks if you want. Your mouth smells bad"

A guy replied "I paid 200 rupees bitch. You are mine now. I will do as I wish"

Her skirt came flying and fell on my face. Then her t shirt came out flying and fell on prem's face. Kevin asked one guy to move so that he can continue his video recording.  The guys were ravaging her body. About 5 guys were mauling her boobs brutally. One of them told "Guys. Look at her mangalsutra. She is a married bitch. Does your husband know this?" Amudha replied "Noooo.... Please handle me softly"

The guys didnt reply. They spread her legs and placed them on both sides of the armrest of the seat she was sitting. Some guys were licking her boobs while some were licking her pussy. 2 guys were just mismerized by her beauty. They were focussing primarily on her face trying to kiss as much as possible in spite of her resistance.

Suddenly Amudha screamed "No.. Dont bite the pussy. It will bleed. Pleeaaaaaaasee.. It will give a bad fucking experience for you only. Just suck it" The guys immediately obliged and my mom went to dream state. She closed her eyes. She didnt want to see the faces of these guys. She knew that would turn her off. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed what was happening to her.

Now all of them removed their dresses. Some of them had a really huge cocks. But all of them were really disgusting. They were full of hair that was not cleaned properly. They had marks in their cocks. Good that mom asked them to use condoms. They all took one condoms each and wore them.

One of the guys told "Time to fuck her"

Another guy replied "It is tough to fuck her in her seat. Let her take her near the theater screen"

The guys lifted her on their shoulders and took her to the theater screens. The light was very powerful near the screens. It was a heavenly sight to watch my mother's body in that light. As soon as she was laid there a guy rolled her over and mounted on her from behind. He was fucking her pussy hard. Mom still had her eyes closed. She didnt want to watch those ugly faces fucking her.

One by one they fucked her hard. But none of them lasted long. There were 3 guys remaining. They looked like friends. They planned on double penetration. One of them lay down. The other two guys lifted my mom and placed her over his cock such that his cock entered her pussy. One guy placed his cock on her pussy. This double penetration was nothing compared to the amount of pounding she has received the last two days. Amudha didnt mind it. But she did moan in escstasy. The guys were experts in using bad words.

They scolded my mother using so many words "This bitch has come from a high class bitch family" "I think she is born to a high class slut too" "Yes. Her mother would have cheated on her husband and fucked a truck driver and given birth to her. That is the reason why she is much interested in people like us"

All these words made her even more horny and she started shouting "Yes.. I am a bitch. I am a cheap slut. Fuck me.. Fuck me.. Fuck me hard bastards"

Hearing this the guys got hold of her hair and started fucking her as fast as possible. The guy fucking her pussy ejaculated and the 3rd guy took his position. Now the two guys and my mom reached climax together. They fell on her body hugging her. We looked around. The movie was going to end. Only these 3 guys who were fucking her and the guys who brought prostitutes were there. All the others had left. The guys fucking the prostitutes were nude along with their prositutes.

2 guys came with the 2 prostitutes came to us. They heard about her low rate. The prositute asked, "Can we also use her?" Prem replied "Of course. Ladies need to give only 100 rupees as they dont need condoms"

The 2 guys and the 2 prostitutes gave 600 rupees in total. The 2 guys had already fucked the girls and ejaculated in their pussy. The 2 guys got an erection again. They came near Amudha and started fucking her in double penetration position in which the previous 2 guys fucked. But this time one of the prostitutes sat on her face and asked her to lick her pussy. Their pussy was full of cum of the two guys. Mom hesitated. The prostitutes were ugly too. They were fat and black. Their pussy was not properly maintained. But she had no other go. She had to lick that ugly pussy. As before, she had to close her eyes and think of something else before licking them.

Meanwhile the guys were getting harder with their fuck. I noticed that both of them had a 10 inch long cock. So mom was feeling some discomfort being double penetrated. But her screams were muffled due to the pussy on her face. The two prositutes exchanged positions periodically. The 2 guys seemed to last forever as they had ejaculated just some time back. Mom was getting tired. She was trying to hold the cock tighter using her ass muscles so that they will cum faster. But the guys pulled her ass cheeks and legs apart knowing her plan. They fucked her continuously for about half an hour and then they ejaculated. Both the prositutes have sent their juices flowin on mom's face by then.

The movie was over at that time. We took her dresses from the floor. They had become dirty as guys have stepped on them. We made my mom wear the dress. While leaving one of the guys came to Prakash and asked "So. What is your plan after this?"

Prakash : We are not sure yet. We have time till tomorrow morning to use her. We need to find more clients.

Guy : Wow. Can you bring her to the place I tell. We are 10 guys including me. But all of us are well endowed. You saw my cock. There are even 11 inch cocks out there. They are more than willing to pay the amount you ask.

Prakash : Sure. Where can I meet you?

Guy : Do you have place?

Prakash : We have a resort. But we have fucked her enough all around that place. We need to try some other place.

Guy : Ok. Time is 6 30 PM now. Can you get her to a place I tell at around 8 PM? It is quite a risky place. But adventurous.

Prakash : Sure. We love such places. How can I contact you?

Guy : My name is Sundaram. Note down my mobile number.

Prakash noted the number and told the plan to Prem and Kevin asked Kevin's permission. Kevin was very happy. The prostitutes were fighting with Sundaram. They told that, usually his friends used them only. Now they are using the new bitch. As a result they wont get money. They swore bad words at Amudha who was sitting in the car seat with door opened. She was totally exhausted. They called her the white skinned bitch. Mom was unable to hear all the bad words they told. Kevin tried to compromise them "Dont worry. We will give you 200 rupees each." They got the money and left.

Prem asked sundaram : So. What do you do? What kind of place is this?

Sundaram : We are construction workers. We are working on construction of a big building. The building is in the town in the main road. We have built 2 floors. We 10 guys stay there only. We have tubelights there. Every week we used to bring prositutes there and fuck them with the lights on. The main road is totally visible from above. But people in road can see what we do easily. It gives a feeling of fucking a woman in the middle of a busy town.

Prem : Wow.. Awesome. We would love to come there.

Sundaram : Sure. Clean her up and dress her up nicely while bringing her. We dont want to dress her like a slut. We want her to look like a royal high class woman.

We parted with those words and reached our resort. The resort employees looked at the state of mom's dress and knew what happened. We had our dinner at 7 PM. Kevin had dinner fast and went out to buy Amudha a new dress. He came back by around 7 30 PM. He had bought her a sleeveless top and a long skirt. Both of them were red color.

The resort roomboy cleaned her up this time. They made her wear the dress. It didnt make her look slutty. But still it was sexy. Her hands and a small part of her cleavage were visible. We gave her red lipstick and red nail polish and asked her to apply them on her lips and both hand and leg nails. She applied them. She wore a pair of high heels slippers. She looked really like a princess. She had tied her hair like a bun. Given the high heels, her ass was protruding backwards. This time whe was allowed to wear bra and panties too. They were of black color.

We got a call from Sundaram asking us to start. We started and reached there around 8 PM. Sundaram gave us directions. We got out of the car. The place was at the heart of the city. A building to accomodate an office was being built. Though the ceiling for all floors were done, the walls were not yet complete. This means the building is totally open. But, as we went upstairs people in the road cannot see what is happening within the first floor. There was a public toilet next to it. Outside the toilet, there were 5 beggars sitting and giving us a cold stare. We saw the 2 prostitutes whom we saw in the afternoon standing next to them trying to convince them to have sex.

Amudha : Those bitches are not even leaving beggars. They are hardly earning money. The bitches want that money too

Kevin : Yes. Pathetic. Even after we gave so much money in the afternoon, they are doing this.

By that time Sundaram came down and helped us climb the stairs up. He had already collected the money and gave it to us. There were 9 other guys, one of them we saw in the theater. All of them really well built. But they were all sweating hard. All of them were wearing a sleeveless vest, a lungi and an underwear inside.  Sundaram went in and introduced us to them.

All of them had their tongues out seeing her. All the 10 guys assembled in line. Kevin addressed them "We hereby present you our slut. Tonight, she is your slut. Your slave. Dont show any inhibition. Use her as you wish. Actually, the rougher you get the happier we get. There is only one condition. You need to use condoms. Other than that you can use every inch of her body as you wish"

One of the guys told "Dont worry boss. We have never even gone near women like her. She is such a sexy beast. We are hungry like animals now. We may never get such an oppurtunity in our life. So we will spend all our energy to use her"

Another guy shouted "We will make sure that she doesnt even have enough energy to walk out of the building. You people will have to lift her and go"

Kevin : Sounds good. Then what are you waiting for. Here, start raping her

He pushed Amudha into the crowd of 10 guys. The guys first took their time to admire her beauty. They were slow in removing her dress. One by one they kissed her lips and enjoyed her. Amudha did it reluctantly. Then they surrounded her and started removing her dresses slowly. First her top was removed. Mom stood with a sexy black bra that covered only one-fourth of her boobs. With the high heels slippers, she was taller than all the guys there. Kevin has already started his video coverage.

The guys started biting her neck, a part of her boobs visible above her bra, and her hips. Her navel was attracting many guys. They were competing with each other trying to lick the navel. A guy standing behind her unclipped her bra. They removed it and threw it away. Now, the concentration of the guys turned from her navel to her boobs. They just stood there 1 minute without doing anything to just admire her boobs. Her smooth white huge boobs with black big nipples.

Then they pushed her to a wall and started biting her. No one was even trying to be soft. All of them were behaving like animals. My mom was screaming hard in pain. As the top part of her body was getting huge traffic, some guys kneeled beside her and tried lifting her skirt. After lifting it above her knees, they started licking her smooth legs. They have never seen such white smooth legs in their lives.

Slowly they pushed her skirt up even more to view her thunder thighs. They didnt spare an inch of her thighs. They moved up and saw her sexy panties. They brought it down slowly to her feet. She took her feet with high heels slippers up to get the panties out. Some guys started fighting out to smell her panties. It was a beautiful sight to watch my mom wearing only mangalstura on her neck and a red skirt that has been pushed up her ups and being mauled by 10 construction workers.

One guy went down and started licking her pussy. Even after such a carnage on her pussy for the past 2 days, she immediately became horny once the tongue touched her lips. The guy felt that her skirt was a disturbance. They immediately removed it and threw it away. Now mom was completely nude except for her mangalsutra and high heels slippers. She just looked like a pornstar with those slippers.

4 guys were still biting her boobs hard. Amudha had her arms around their heads and pulled them towards her boobs asking them to do more. She was getting erotic. After ravaging her body with their mouths for about 10 minutes, they all stood in a line removing their vests. They asked her to remove their dresses one by one, suck their dicks and put on the condoms over their cocks.

First in the line was Sundaram. My mom knelt in front of him. She took away his lungi and saw his unwashed underwear. She slowly pulled it out. His 10 inch long cock jumped out of his underwear staring straight at mom. Sundaram took the underwear and asked her to smell it. She smelled it and reacted as though she was about to puke. Sundaram slapped her immediately and started fucking her mouth real hard holding her hair. It was a great sight to watch from behind her. Mom kneeling nude in front of a guy and sucking his cock. Her ass looked even more cute when she was kneeling.

Sundaram fucked her mouth only for a small time. He didn't want to cum in her mouth itself. She then took a condoms out of the packet and put it over his cock. She then moved on to the next guy. She did the same thing that she did to Sundaram. She did the same to everyone one by one. All of them had about the same size of cock of Sundaram. Though all of them had well built body, the last 2 guys looked like giants. They had a hairy body. They looked like really strong bears. They were huge muscular giants with lots of hair all over their body. Mom was shocked to see their cock sizes. It was around 12 inches. Before she could even tell something, Amudha was forced to take the first giant's cock in her mouth. Within seconds, he hit her throat with her cock.

From mom's reaction, it was visible that he was trying to put his cock even into her throat. Amudha's eyes widened with tears coming out of them. Just when I thought she was about to choke, he took the cock out. Mom coughed a lot. Before she completed coughing, he began to mouth fuck her again. She really had a hard time handling this cock.

After 2 minutes, the 2nd giant took charge and mouth fucked her. Then he also let her go and she put on condoms on his cock also. Then she was pushed down on the floor. Sundaram announced "guys who want to take her pussy gather on one side. Guys who want to use her ass stand on other side" It was and exact 5 by 5 split. 5 guys wanted to fuck her pussy and 5 guys wanted to fuck her ass.

Even among the giants, 1 of them wanted her pussy while the other wanted her ass. Sundaram wanted her pussy. He and 1 guy who wanted her ass came near Amudha. She told "Please fuck 1 by 1. Your cocks are too large. I cant take them together" Sundaram replied "Dont act bitch. You did take 2 cocks together in the theater itself. Now just shut up and let us use your body"

Sundaram stood in front of her. He took hold of her leg and lifted it as high as possible by holding her leg under her knees. It opened up her pussy. He placed his cock on her pussy. The guy who wanted her ass stood behind her. He positioned his cock near her ass. Both of them tried entering her simultaneously. Kevin was applauding them while he was still recording everything. That was really an awesome position. Her leg that was in the air looked so sexy with the high heels. She just looked like a pornstar in that position.

She gave out a huge moan as both of them inserted their cocks completely into the respective holes. She hugged Sundaram tightly like a wife hugs a husband. She put her face on his shoulders and closed her eyes and started screaming. The guy fucking her ass spanked her ass sending waves down her buttocks. It was a relishing sight to watch my sexy mother getting fucked like this in open air. There were so many cars going down the road and we could hear them all. But no one knew the awesome fuck going on in the building.

Both of them were able to hold their cum for really long. They fucked her for 15 minutes continuously and then ejaculated into their condoms. The next pair of guys now came. They wanted to try a different position. One of them lay on the floor. She was asked to sit on his cock facing him. This way, he was able to penetrate her pussy. The other guy fucked her ass from behind. The guy below her held her face down on her shoulders and fucked her hard. I was not able to see her face. But I could imagine her pain from the screams she gave out. These guys could not hold on for a long time. They ejaculated in just 5 minutes.

The next pair of guys also used the same position. But this time, as expected, mom started co-operating well. This has always been the case, though she hesitates to do such things in the beginning, she gets really horny when they started doing this. I remember the day she told that she wanted to do adventurous sex like gangbang, bdsm and all. Though she acted as though she was being used, I knew she was actually living out her dream.

She started voluntarily kissing the guy who was fucking her pussy. The guy who was fucking her ass was mauling her boobs. They also didnt last more then 5 minutes. The next pair of guys tried a different position. She was made to lay on floor facing sideways. One guy lay behind her on the floor while the other guy lay in front of her on the floor. They stated to double penetrate her that way. By the time they finished, she was totally exhausted.

But there was on last pair remaining. The pair of the giants. She knew it was tough to take them together. She told them "Please. Your cocks are too long. Double penetration is impossible. I will take your cocks one by one"

Giant 1 : Ha ha.. Dont worry bitch. We will tear your pussy and ass and make it easy for you to take such cocks in the future.

Giant 2 : Yes. Let us give her a taste of what rough fuck really means.

The first giant held her hands and made her stand up. As soon as she stood up, her pussy leaked her joices. Her juices started flowing through her thighs like waterfalls. The first giant bent down in an awkward way and got hold of her hips. He used his power to lift her. Within seconds mom was upside down facing his cock. The giant positioned her such that her face was near his cock while his face was near her pussy. What a hunk he must be to do this? He started to lick her cum stained pussy. The other giant knelt down and forced her to suck the first giant's cock and balls.

Mom in such a position with a hairy bull sent all of us out of control. I took my cock out and started jerking. I turned left to see both prem and prakash already holding their cocks. Saliva was leaking out of mom's mouth into her eyes and nose. She was unable to take the cock completely. The giant laid her down after sometime. But the 2nd giant took her up in the same position and started mouth fucking her again. After sometime, she was dropped down.

The first giant sat on the floor. She was asked to sit on his cock facing him. He positioned his cock on her vagina and inserted it with full force. The first 10 inch went in quite easily. Mom gave an yelp and as usual hug the giant tightly. He also hugged her back and held her head on his shoulder. He then gave some power and inserted 1 more inch. It went in very slowly. It was tearing apart something in her body. Mom was screaming continuously. She was crying. The giant really tried hard to insert the next inch. But Amudha was holding her pussy tight and making it tougher for him. The 2nd giant now mounted behind her back.

He inserted his 10 inches with some effort. Mom tried to push him away by hitting his chest using one of her hands. But the giant in her front took hold of her hand and pinned it down. Amudha was trying hard to break away from their hold. But she was nothing compared to the giants. The second giant used all his power to push more and Amudha was still holding her pussy and rectum tightly to stop them from entering. They found this out. The giant in the front of her immediately took her nipples in between his teeth and bit them hard and started pulling them like elastic.

Mom let out a huge cry "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh... Nooo.. Dont do this" The giant replied "Then free up your holes bitch. If you dont do it I will do this continuously" She ended up relaxing her holes. Immediately, both the giants inserted their cocks with all their strength and both their cocks disappeared inside.

Mom shouted "Noooooo.... This is horrible pain. Both your cocks are in my stomach now. I cant bear this"

Her eyes were wide and she was trying hard to break the lock. Kevin sat near her filming all her expressions. He told Amudha "Dont worry dear. You feel such pain as it is the first time. I have even inserted beer bottles in women pussies. They are all perfectly fine. This is nothing compared to the penetrations I have seen on some women in foreign countries"

The giants kept their cocks in that position for 1 minute so that her pussy and rectum will get used to it. Now the 2nd giant took out his cock and pushed it in again. 11 inched went in with first push and he had to give another push for the remaining 1 inch. Mom jerked her body and gave out a moan for every push. He stopped only after he was able to push in his whole cock with a single thrust.

Then 2nd giant stood up. The first giant lifted her up in that position itself with his cock still inside her pussy. The second giant now held her shoulders over his shoulders to balance some weight. The 1st giant held her thighs over his arms and started fucking her. Amudha was looking up the ceiling with her eyes closed. She was slowly getting into it. Her painful screams were turning into moans. Within a minute, she squirted all over the first giant. He was astonished "Wow..So this bitch has been enjoying all this." Telling this he slapped her. Now the second  giant entered her ass from behind. She hugged the first giant tightly who was now lifting her whole weight. She looked like a toy for both of them.

Their fucking speed increased every second. For every fuck in her ass, there were huge waves on her buttocks and a hug moan from my mom's mouth. They fucked her ruthlessly for about 10 minutes in that position when both the guys ejaculated together. As soon as they ejaculated they just removed their hands from her body and my mom fell on the floor. As soon as she hit the floor she had another orgasm. She was rolling all over the floor for this orgasm letting out lots of juices from her pussy making the whole floor wet. All these things made the first 8 guys horny again.

They all gathered around her and masturbated and sprayed her cum all over her body. Sundaram told "So, how was the session dear?"

Amudha(in a mild voice) : The best fuck I have ever got. I dont even have energy to move.

Sundaram : I told you that this is the roughest fuck you will ever get

Kevin : Yes.. I leaked my cum within my pants even without having to touch my cock

Kevin took the situation to just cover the state of all the people involved. He then zoomed in on my mom. She lay on the floor totally exhausted covered by sperm and also her own juices.

Time was 11 PM.

Kevin told "Get ready Amudha. We have to go back to the resort. You have had enough. We can just go back and sleep."

Amudha : Sure. But where are my dresses

We looked around to find only her panties there. None of her other dresses were there. It was a windy night and her dresses were blown out by the wind. The panties were stuck on a brick and that is the reason why it was there.

Kevin : Oh.. No.. We dont have dresses

Amudha : That is too bad. How am I supposed to get back home?

Prem : Why are you worrying. You have been fucked nude in open air for the past two days. Why do you even need dresses? We are anyways going by car. Just run into the car. We will get you to the resort.

Prakash : Guys.. Look there

They looked a one end of the road from the first floor, there was a police car parked there. They looked at the other end also. There was a car parked there too.

Sundaram : Oh shit. We are in a huge problem

Prakash : What shall we do?

Sundaram : They will stop every car that goes through this road and check. We dont have dresses for her too.

Prakash : Cant we just stay here till morning and then go?

Sundaram : There is another problem. They often come here and the other buildings to check for prostitution.

Amudha : No. You guys told it is a safe place.

Sundaram : It happens rarely

Amudha : Now what are we supposed to do. You are saying we cant stay here too

Sundaram : The only place they dont check is the toilet that is next to this building. Just give 100 rupees to the beggars sitting outside it and get in. Stay there till morning around 4 AM. They will leave by then. Then you guys can go to the resort.

All of us looked at each other.

Sundaram : What are you waiting for ? Run soon before they see you

We all started to run. Mom was finding it hard to run. She walked very slowly. So I had to hold her and get her walk fast. Once we reached downstairs we saw the beggars and the 2 prostitutes there. Mom looked at our car. She asked me to take the energy drinks as she may faint soon. Meanwhile Prem went and talked with the beggars

Prem : We need your help. There is police around this place. We are planning to hide inside the toilet. Please tell the police that no one is here. Here have 100 rupees

Prostitute 1 : Police? Then we should also hide. Telling this they also went into the toilet

I asked Prakash to carry mom to the toilet while I rushed to the car, took the whole box of energy drinks and rushed to the toilet. Mom was very hungry. she drank 2 bottles of the drink immediately. The toilet had 5 urinals and 4 indian style toilets. It was very badly maintained. The floors were soiled. One of the urinal was overflowing with urine. The toilets smelled shit. The whole place was disgusting. There was a tank in a corner full of water. My mom stood inside the tank and washed herself thoroughly. She was looking ravishing yet again though she was wearing only her high heeled slippers

She sat on the side of the tank. She took another bottle of the energy drink and finished it. Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep with her head on the wall.

At about midnight, we heard a knock in the door. We opened and saw the beggars. They told they wanted to piss. I was surprised to why all of them wanted to piss at the same time. I was about to ask them. But they pushed me in and locked the door from inside. 5 Beggars entered inside. None of them had any physical deformities. They were all physically fit. But still they were begging. They looked very ugly. They had long beards and hair. All their hairs were brown in color. They smelt filth. They had lots of hair in armpits. All of them were wearing torn lungies. 2 Among them were not wearing any underwear and the tip of their cocks were visible outside.

Mom woke up hearing their sounds. All of a sudden they removed the lungies and underwears. Their cocks were about 9 inch long. But they were the ugliest cocks we have ever seen. Full of hair which was not cleaned and looked brownish. We know what their plan was.

Prem : What are you guys doing?

Beggar 1 : What do you think we are doing ? Do you really think we are going to leave a sex godess like her without getting fucked even when we get a chance?

Amudha : What ? Are you guys out of your mind? Look at yourselves in mirror. Have you ever took bath before. I could smell you bad even when we are far away from you. I wont even come near you people. Dont even dare to touch me.

Beggar 2 : Oh? What will you do if we touch you?

Prakash : We wont let her touch you.

Beggar 1 : Well. Come on guys. See the situation. Even now we can call the police out there an show her to you. Just imagine what will happen if we do it. They will take her out nude in their police jeep to the station. They will fuck her for 2 days in the station and then they will say they arrested a prostitute and make sure that your face comes in all newspapers. They will arrest you guys also for pimping her. Do you think you have a choice?

Amudha : Please. I have been fucked in and out for the past 2 days. I cant take anymore. We will give you as much of money as we want. Take that.

Beggar 1 : You are not the one who is going to give us choice. We want the money you got from the next building as well as you

1 of the beggars went near Kevin and plucked the money.

Me : Please leave my mom. She cant take anymore. We are in a decent position in the society. Getting fucked by beggars like you is too much

Just then I reaslised the mistake I made.

Beggar 1 : Mom? Is she your mom? Wow. This is a nice story. Son pimping his own mom. So, when you people get caught in police, you will make headlines in newspaper "Son pimps high class mom to low class people"

All the beggars laughed. The beggar who told those words seemed to be the leader of their group. His name was Muthu.

We didnt have anything to say after that. Amudha told "I beg you to use the condoms. It is safe both for you and me"

Muthu : We personally dont like using condoms. But still we accept that condition. We will use the condoms. We dont even know how to wear it. Now come near me and put it over our cocks. Before that have another bottle of the energy drink if you want. You will need more energy. He asked Kevin to record this too.

Mom drank it. She then took the condoms and walked slowly to them. Her buttocks were shaking while she was walking. She bent down to put condoms on her. The expression in her face told the amount of disgust and humiliation she felt doing it. Muthu told "Kneel down and do it bitch"

Amudha : The floor is dirty.

Muthu : This is the floor you are going to get fucked to night and you feel it is dirty?

Telling those words he pushed her down. She fell down with her ass and back crashing into the wet and soiled floor. She then knelt down. She was sobbing uncontrollobly. She knelt down and started putting condoms for him while he held her hair and slapped her again and again scolding her using really bad words.

She then moved on to the next person and put condoms for him. She did it for the 5 persons. Now Muthu pushed mom down on the floor. Mom lay on her back with her beautiful hair stuck on the wet dirty floor. He enjoyed her boobs for a long time. Mom had her eyes closed till crying. She was trying her best not to see his ugly face. Muthu went down her body to her pussy and started licking her.

He gave out sounds like "Wow.. high class pussy is always beautiful and tasty" He licked her pussy like an expert. In normal cases this was good enough to get the sex animal out of her. But being done by ugly beggars in a public toilet was not really the best way to arouse a woman. But wait.. Am I wrong? Amudha still had her eyes closed. But she was giving out some small moans. He then used his fingers to fuck her pussy. Muthu knew she has begun to enjoy it. He told "Look. This high class slut is enjoying my tongue"

He now rolled her over. Mom was now on her stomach with her boobs crushed against the dirty we floor. He lay flat over her and started fucking her ass from behind. He continued teasing her pussy with his fingers while fucking her ass. He took some dirty water from the floor and smeared it over her back. It was a humiliating seen to watch my mother being fucked by a dirty beggar in a public toilet in the dirty floor. But she was letting out moans.

Muthu ejaculated in two minutes. The next guy came to fuck her. Muthu ordered him "Fuck her ass and finger her pussy. But dont let her cum" I dont know why he said that. But the next guy did as he told. He played with her boobs for sometime and fucked her in same position in which Muthu fucked her. The third and fourth beggars also did the same.

The fifth beggar began doing the same things which Muthu did. He fingered her for a long time. Just when she looked like reaching orgasm he would stop fingering her. He dragged her on the floor suddenly like a log. the shape of her body was visible on the wet floor. He took her to one of the toilets. Mom held the door of the toilet tightly and told she wont come. But he slapped her and told that he will call the police if she doesnt obey.

He dragged her and placed her such that she lay on the floor face down with her face facing the dirty uncleaned toilet. Her face was just 5 inches away from the shit floating in the water. He immediately mounted behind her like Muthu and started fucking her. She closed her eyes and tried hard not to breathe. But the rough fuck the beggar was giving made sure she took some breath. He was fingering my mom's cunt also. That made her give some moans. He ejaculated after 5 minutes of fucking. She was dragged back to the center of the toilet while the other guys were watching her.

What Amudha did after that was totally insane. She was rolling on the floor all around in full mood trying to reach orgasm. She suddenly screamed "All you bastards fucked my ass.. Please fuck my pussy. I wanna cummmmmm.. Please I wanna cummm,...."

The beggars started laughing. Prem told that he will help her with it. But Muthu stopped him and told "We make the rules here. No one else is allowed to touch her pussy."

Prem had no choice. Now my mom was not able to control. She was about to finger her pussy. But Muthu got hold of her hands and told "If you touch your pussy with your hands you will be in police jeep next minute"

She behaved like a mad woman for the next few minutes "Somebody please fuck me.. Ooooooooohhhh. Please. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. Fuck me please. I will do whatever you want to do. Please fuck me"

Muthu : Why should we fuck you bitch? You never liked us. We are dirty beggars.

Amudha : Please. Fuck me. I want to cumm..

Muthu : You told we are not even allowed to come near a high class woman like you.

Amudha : No. I take back my words. I am also a beggar now. I am begging for a fuck. Please.

Muthu : Oh.. Then come and beg everyone.

She was on her knees and went and held the legs of all the beggars one by one begging them to fuck

Amudha : Please fuck me. I am a slut. My body is purely for beggars like you. You can use me as you wish. Just fuck me once please.

Muthu : Sorry. We changed my mind. We dont fuck the wives of other people

Amudha : Please dont say that. If you want I can divorce him and marry you

I was stunned to hear those words. Kevin winked at Prem and Prakash and told "This bitch is the best sex animal I have ever seen" and Prakash nodded

Muthu : Marry a beggar? You never liked us. You are telling this only for getting the fuck. The truth is you like only people with more money. You fucked the construction workers only as you were forced. Beggars are even more meaner for you

Amudha : No. Actually I like being used like this by low class people. I love people like you. Please dont tease me.

Muthu : You told you want to marry me

Amudha : Yes

Muthu : How can I believe you? You will get fucked and cheat me later

Amudha : What do you want me to do?

Muthu : Remove your mangalsutra and give it to me. I will tie it and make you my wife now itself

Amudha : What??

Muthu : What are you crying about bitch? I dont want any legal divorce or legal marriage. I just want to marry you as per our customs.

AMudha : No I cant do it

Muthu : Then you wont get fucked

There was 2 minutes of silent. Then it happened. Mom was going to remove her mangalsutra. I stopped her "No mom... Just control your desires for 3 more hours. We can leave after that"

Amudha : No. I cant even control it for 3 more minutes. I am doing this

She removed her mangalsutra and gave it to him. He got it and began tying it around her neck again while the two prostitutes sat behind her helping him tie it up just as they usually do in real marriages. I could not believe my eyes. How could she do this?

Amudha : Now.. Can I get fucked?

Muthu : Wait bitch. You are my wife now. You have to follow some more orders.

Amudha : Please tell soon. I will do whatever you say

Muthu : First you told that we are ugly and you wont even come near us. Now you say you like us very much. I must check it

Amudha : But I just got married to you. Do you need another proof?

Muthu : Yes. I want you to lick my whole body

Mom hesitated a bit. But she knew she wont get fucked if she doesnt do it. She went near him and started from his face. She licked his face, chest, thighs, legs. But she didnt lick his cock or ass. She was about to puke even for doing that as the smell was very bad.

Muthu : I asked you to lick my whole body. There are some parts you didnt lick and you know it.

Mom bent knelt in front of him and tried to take his cock in to her mouth. His cock was limp as he had ejaculated just some time back. But it was surrounded by long dirty pubic hair. Every 3 seconds of sucking, she took the cock out of her mouth and spit out something. She told that hair was getting into her mouth. She licked all around his cock and balls keeping her nose closed

Muthu : There are two more parts you need to lick. First is my armpits.

Amudha : Armpits? No.. Never...

Muthu : Ok. You wont get the fuck

Amudha : It is better to stay like this rather than licking your armpits

Muthu immediately touched her pussy with his fingers. She closed her eyes and started moaning. He asked her "Now tell me. You wont lick my armpits?" Amudha replied "I sure will"

He immediately took away his fingers and she lifted his arms. His armpits were even more ugly. But she licked them thoroughly. She was behaving as though she was hypnotized by him.

Muthu : You are a good wife. Now there is only one more part remaining.

He kneeled in front of her facing the other side and bent down in doggy style and told "Lick my asshole bitch"

My mom hesitated for some time. One of the beggars went behind her and scratched her pussy and left. She immediately bent down behind him. Muthu spread his ass cheeks apart. That was the dirtiest asshole we have ever seen. There was dried up shit around his hole. It looked like he never cleaned his ass after shitting. One beggar caught hold of her hair and pushed it towards his asshole and forced her to lick.

She licked his ass as much less as possible. But Muthu ordered "I want you to clean it totally. Lick the shit and eat it. Dont spit it out" Amudha used her tongue to lick the shit. I saw a piece of shit going into her mouth. I remembered the moment when she scolded the resort employees for doing such things to her. Now she is doing it to a beggar. She ate it. She felt like vomitting. But controlled it. Then she put her tongue inside his asshole and took more shit into her mouth. Kevin went near her face to record all she was doing.

After cleaning it well she was confident that she will get fucked. She took out her face from his ass only to find the remaining 4 beggars kneeling next to Muthu. Muthu ordered "These are my friends. As you are my wife now, you should do the same to them also." Mom had no other way but to do it. She was licking their assholes. Just when she completed the 5th guy, the two prostitutes knelt next to them with their sarees and petticoats up showing their ass. She had to lick them also.

The last guy who fucked my mom in the toilet was often giving weird looks at me. I thought he was just wondering what I was doing to my mother. When Amudha was licking the prostitute asses, this guy stood up and told something to Muthu in his ears. Muthu replied to him "You dirty Ramesh. You have not even changed a bit"

One of the beggars asked Muthu "What is he asking?"

Muthu : You know he is still a bisexual. Even when we have a top class woman like her, he wants a guy.

Beggar : Ha ha... Bisexuals are always like that. They are not just satisfied with women. Whom does he want now?

Ramesh : We enjoyed fucking the mom in front of her son. I now want to fuck the son in front of his mom.

I almost fainted hearing those words. I was never into gay sex. That too getting fucked by a beggar in a toilet might arouse my mother, but not me.

Amudha : Please dont do anything to my son. I am being your slave. Whatever you want. Do it to me. Dont spoil him

Muthu : He is already pimping his mom. Do you think we are the ones who is going to spoil me? Now I order you to sit on his face while Ramesh fucks her ass

Amudha hesitated

Muthu : If you accept you will get fucked nicely by us. If not you will be fucked by police. What do you want?

I knew there was no way out. Ramesh came near me. He pulled down my pants and underwear fast without wasting any time. He made me lie on the floor. He knelt between my legs and pushed my ass up. I told him "Please use some lubrication"

Ramesh : Look at your mom. Being a son to such a slut, you should take my cock without lubrication

His cock was about 8 inch long. I knew I was going to have a bad time. He placed his cock with condoms at the tip of my asshole. He asked Muthu to hold my hands above my head. He asked my mom to sit on my face and make me lick her ass. She sat on my face and I was not even able to see what was happening outside. I suddenly felt 1 inch of his cock entering my ass. I have never felt such a pain in my life. Now I knew why most of the women dont have anal sex. I let out a scream. Mom tried to console me telling that it will subside soon. Ramesh felt really difficult to enter my ass.

After 5 minutes of hard work, the whole of his cock was in my ass. Ramesh looked at the ceiling in pleasure. He started shagging my cock while fucking my ass. Now I started feeling the pleasure of anal sex. The pleasure of touching the gland near the rectum. Both Ramesh and I ejaculated at the same time. Ramesh ordered Amudha to lick my cock clean. I lay there exhausted. All these things have aroused my mom even more. I turned around and saw that the other 4 guys also had erection.

My mom knew they were aroused and this was the correct time to get fucked. She rushed to Muthu and licked her cock and asked him to fuck her. He asked her to get up and lifted her in his hands. He went near one of the urinals.  It was already overflowing with stale piss. Muthu placed her on the urinal. Amudha was reluctant. But he pushed her to sit on the urinal. Half of the urine went out as her ass was placed in the urinal.  Muthu pushed her as much as possible so that her ass is now stuck on the urinal. He spread her legs. Her legs were placed on the adjacent urinals now. Mom knew that the moment she was waiting for has arrived.

He was about to place his cock on her pussy and stopped. Amudha had her eyes closed already expecting a good fuck. After some time she opened her eyes and asked what he was waiting for. He told "I dont like to fuck my wife with condoms. I want to fuck her without it"

Amudha : Please I am afraid of diseases

Muthu : I am your husband now. Why are you afraid of diseases from your husband? If you are not allowing me to remove condoms, I wont fuck you.

Mom was to aroused and has done way too many things for this one fuck. She was in no mood to let him go.

Amudha(In a mild voice) : OK

Muthu : OK what?

Amudha : Fuck me without condoms

Muthu : I cant hear you bitch

Amudha (In a normal voice) : Fuck me without condoms

Muthu : I want to hear it louder. And you should call me like how a wife calls a husband

Amudha (In a much louder voice) : Fuck my pussy without condoms darling.

Muthu : Yeah. Take this bitch

He started ramming her pussy like anything. My mom closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around his hip and pulled him towards her faster to get a good fast fuck. Within 2 minutes she squirted like never before. Litres of juices came out of her pussy. Her whole body was shaking and she was trying to come out of Muthu' lock. But he pushed her back with her head along the urinal and continued fucking her pussy. Mom started screaming in high mood. I have never seen her before in such an aroused state. She was swearing bad words loudly. Then Muthu ejaculated in her pussy.

The other 3 guys got ready to fuck her. They also threw away the condoms. Amudha didnt mind it anymore. She just wanted to be fucked real hard. They took turns one by one to fuck her. The last guy pulled her out of the urinal. She made her kneel in front of the urinal. There was still some urine left on the urinal. He pushed her head into it. Before she knew, her face was soaking with piss. He asked her to lick the urinal clean. She did as she was told.

Then he fucked her pussy from behind in kneeling position. By the time he finished fucking, she squirted again and fell flat on the floor. The guy also ejaculated at the same time.

We all slept tired. We were woken by Prakash at around 4 AM. Amudha lay on the floor completely used up. She asked for the energy drink. Muthu took a bottle and went near her. Just when she was about to take the bottle when he pulled it back and told "It is all over now. I will just give a parting gift for you"

He took a sip of the energy drink and asked her to open her mouth. He spit the drink into her mouth and asked her to drink it. Considering the humiliation she had the privious night, she didnt mind this. She drank it. Then he told "We have more energy drink with us. Now open your mouth and dont close it"

He pushed his cock in her mouth. She thought he was going to shag and cum in her mouth. But suddenly her eyes widened and she was trying to break his hold. We saw Muthu's yellow urine leaking out of her mouth down her cheeks. He forced her to drink it. The remaining 4 guys pissed over her body and they left.

We looked outside. The police cars were not there. There was not traffic also. We didnt have time to clean her up. We rushed her to the car and went to the resort. There, all the guys except the receptionist were sleeping. As usual we gave the work of cleaning her up to him. Kevin gave a parting fuck in a real soft way. After that, she wore the chudidar wearing which she came there.

Kevin told he will join his friends in the railway station. But before going he wanted to complete the porn video. He told he wanted to interview mom like they do the pornstars after bdsm porn shoots.

Mom accepted. This is how the interview went

Kevin : So. How did the past two days go? You are surely fucked up. Aren't you?

Amudha : I am totally exhausted. I think I was nude for 80% of the time for the past 2 days with a cock in my pussy or ass or both 50 % of time

Kevin : So. Are you angry with us?

Amudha : To tell the truth, I liked it. Except for some humiliating moments, I like everything that happened

Kevin : So. You want to do it again?

Amudha : Again? Not in the near future. I will lose sensitivity in my pussy and ass if I do it often. Maybe I will do it after 3 years.

Kevin : So, what was your most humiliating moment in last 2 days

Amudha : Being made to lick the ass of the beggars

Kevin : Your favorite moment

Amudha : The moment when I was fucked in sea water

Kevin : Your favorite sex position

Amudha : The one which the giants used. Double penetrating me in the standing position

Kevin : Your favorite cock?

Amudha : Shanes

Kevin : That lucky bastard. The moment when you had most pleasure

Amudha : When you people put icecream in my pussy and when the employees massaged me

Kevin : Ok. Thanks for giving us all a great time slut. We will see you soon. Wont we?

Amudha : Sure

Kevin : So, tell me your phone number. I wont note it down. When I want to see you I will watch the video. As you told, we will try to visit India after 3 years.

Amudha : My number is 9*********

Kevin : Thanks dear.

He switched of the recorder and gave her a parting kiss and left in a taxi. It was 6 AM. We went back to Chennai in our car. Prem and Prakash just asked a blowjob from mom in the car. Nothing else. We reached Chennai and parked our car 2 streets far away. Me and my mom got down. But her walking posture clearly told that she was fucked hard. So we took an auto to our apartment and asked him to get us near the door of the lift. We went home from there without being seen by anybody. Both of us applied leave for the next 2 days and slept.

On tuesday, we went to a medical center and gave blood samples and urine samples to perform all possible tests as possible. We got results after 3 days and we were happy to find that she was not infected in any way. Prem and Prakash moved out. They fucked her whole day in our apartment before going out. Now it was only me and my mom. We just carried on with our lifes. She started getting help from Rahul again to pimp her out to foreigners every weekends. Weekdays, I gave her sexual satisfaction. But no matter, how many days come, she will never forget those 2 days.

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