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A Vanilla Groom, A Femdom Bride & their

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Synopsis: The relationship between an innocent man, an asexual femdom and their \"princess\"

Chapter 1: More than Camping.

At the riverbank, I was lying on the sandy ground, she is stroking on my cock while i was sucking on her pink nipple under the sun. Suddenly, on my right a yellow school bus appear. I can hear the loud diesel noise...

I look at Pumpkin... 

The alarm clock sounded.

I awake, but the noise from the diesel engine remain...

I get out of the bed and look out of the window, Pumpkin was standing beside a yellow skoolies.

Pumpkin and I are best friends for years. We both like camping. We also talked about anything, I mean anything. She is a professional femdom. It is her lifestyle and her one of her main sources of income.

I get dress while Pumpkins yelled: "Honey, leave your tent... you will enjoy it."


The bus stopped on the side of the dirt road, I saw a sign "Firewood for sale"

"Honey, I left my purse under the blanket at the back, beside the footlocker, can you be a sweetie..."

I go to the back; I see a military footlocker on it printed in bright red letter "Property of Mistress Tuesday". On top of the footlocker is a cheesy cheap princess crown, and a dog tag on a leather dog collar and leash. I pick up and read the dog tag: 


If found please return to

Princess Tuesday

My mouth dropped open, at the same time, Pumpkin come in and put a hand on my shoulder: "Honey, I have a surprise for you", She takes off the blanket.

I see a naked female lying in a dog cage.

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