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Synopsis: Joanna, as a prison camp incumbent, has no choice but to do as she is ordered by her Japanese superiors. She seeks to find a way to survive, by providing services to Private Fukui and Commandant Nashiba. This story is not for the faint of heart!

Part 1

The Prison Camp

The Japanese Lieutenant looked down at her prisoner. She was happy to see her stretched out, naked on the ground. Arms and legs all secured tightly to the wooden pegs which were standing erect from where they had been knocked deeply into the sand that lay beneath.

“You slut!” She screamed. “You think you make fun of Lieutenant Nashiba and get away with? You think Lieutenant Nashiba a easy touch, you do? You must learn some manner, girl. I teach you manner now so you know for future how work it in my prison camp!”

Nashiba turned to her subordinate, “piss on this bitch. Make sure it go in mouth too. I want see bitch to drink. See if she like taste of salty from prison guard. Kanojo wa Nihon no nyô no aji no ato, kanojo wa mada waratte iru baai o sanshô shite kudasai.”


The prison guard smiled at the prisoner. Not in compassion. Her smile was one of morbid fascination. She took great delight in humiliating all the prisoners in the camp. Here was her chance to have one of them drink her amber liquid, surely the ultimate in humiliation.

She hitched up her short skirt to waist level. Next, she carefully removed her overly large white cotton panties. “First, you smell and lick Fukui mess panty!”

The guard bent down and placed her panties over the face of the prisoner. “You lick, you smell, or you have more trouble than already.”

The prisoner thrashed around, intent on dislodging the stinking panties from her already dirt-ridden face.

“No! I said you lick and smell. You want more? You want me ask Lieutenant Nashiba I can have you in my quarter for whole night? You want to me fuck you? Is that? I thought no. You lick you smell. Stupid cunt!”

The prisoner feared the worst. She feared that this woman before her would do exactly as she threatened, and probably a lot more besides. Her only option was to do as she was ordered.

She held her breath and stuck out her tongue. The panties tasted salty, unwashed.

“You continue lick clean. I want clean!” the private shouted.

“Private,” Lieutenant Nashiba said. “Once you finish, you take bitch with you. She is to be properly dealt with. Understand?”

Private Fukui smiled inwardly. “Hai!” This was to be her lucky day. For months now, she yearned to have one of the prisoners within her own quarters, and this one was particularly attractive. A prize indeed.

Fukui began to consider her night ahead, utterly delighted at her sudden change in fortune.

“Private Fukui needs urine.” She bent to remove her panties from the prisoners face. “You have more important duties attend later, Private Fukui will see to. Now you drink golden water. If you do not drink, you suffer extreme. You understand?”

The prisoner nodded sheepishly. She had little alternative but to do as the private instructed.

Private Fukui crouched down over the prisoners face. “Open. Wide open. You catch all golden fluid or trouble!”

The private let loose her golden stream, hitting the girl in the eyes. “Ach!” Fukui exclaimed. She repositioned herself so that her sweaty hole was perched over the prisoners mouth. “Now, you open. Big open.”

The prisoner opened her mouth in waiting for what was to come.

Private Fukui relaxed her muscles and the golden stream began to flow once more.

The lieutenant looked on in glee, feeling her own vaginal juices beginning to stir. “I must get back to those three cunts as soon as I can,” she said to herself. “Theres work to be done tonight, Ill make sure of it!”

“Okay, enough now, Fukui,” the Lieutenant ordered her subordinate impatiently. “You save for later. I have work. You take this with you. You, help Fukui get her up,” Nashiba shouted at another prison guard who was very much intent on the proceedings.

“Private, take care of this. You are to report me at 6 tomollow morning. You have time to acquaint her how you like, is that understand? Kanojo wa tashika ni aru inu no yô ni kanojo o atsukau.”


Fukui couldnt wait to get started. She had dreamed about this day, and finally it was going to become her reality.

Commandant Nashiba turned and marched towards her cabin. She neglected to take off her boots as she always did. She opened the door to find one of her girls cleaning the floor on her hands and knees. “You bow Nashiba enter! Kono yôna orokana fushidarana on'na!”

The girl jumped up and bowed, afraid of the consequences should she do otherwise.

Nashiba lashed out at her face with her gloved hand.

The girl stumbled backwards in shock, clutching at her reddened cheek.

“I tell you before. You disobey Nashiba? You think Nashiba play game? You think Nashiba is soft to girl? You think Nashiba easy woman?”

The girl bowed her head. “No Maam. Im sorry Mistress. I will not do it again.”

“You right!” Nashiba shouted. “You stupid cunt. All you good for fucking and toilet duty. Is all you good for. Am right?”

“Yes Maam.”

“And you call Lieutenant, Commandant or is Mistress, you understand? Not Miss. Not Maam. You stupid. You so, so stupid. Cant even speak superior Japanese language. All you is whimper in pathetic foreign. You useless. You hear? You useless cunt worship bitch. Motto yakunitatanai shôfu, nani mo. Now where other white skin slut?” Nashiba looked around her sizeable and somewhat palatial residence.

“You!” she shouted in the direction of a young blonde haired girl. “You, what you do?”

“Lieutenant, Ive been cleaning your bathroom, Maam.”

“You no need clean toilet. I use this slut to toilet! You waste my time. Where is other bitch?”

Shes outside washing your uniform, Lieutenant, Maam,” the girl whispered.

“Where, girl? Speak loud. I cant hear you squeak silly voice!”

“Miss, shes out washing your uniform, Miss, Lieutenant.”

“Fine then. She wash uniform, you wash pussy. Come!”

The blonde girl scampered over to her Mistress and Camp Commander.

Lieutenant Nashiba made her way to her bedroom, the girl scuttling closely behind.

Nashiba undid the buckle on her belt and unbuttoned her trousers. “Ah, so uncomfortable to wear all day. You know how sweat I, girl? You soon see how sweat Nashiba pussy get. You soon taste sweat. You clean Nashiba pussy with tongue. Pull boot off Nashiba,” she directed the girl as she sat on the bed. The girl did as instructed. “Put there, beside table,” Nashiba pointed. She then began to remove her soiled panties, stained from both her own juices and the sweat experienced from the days heat.

She lay back and spread her white thighs wide. “Now, get here.” She pointed to her neatly trimmed black thatch.

The blonde knelt before her captor, hating the thought of what she was about to do.

“Lick it, cunt suck!” Nashiba shouted. “Lick it. Make Nashiba come on face. Make Nashiba happy. Nashiba own this place. Nashiba own all you. Nashiba Queen. You girl, you here only to please Queen.”

The girl bent forward and smelled the stench from between the Lieutenants open thighs.

“You lick!” Nashiba shouted. “You lick until I say. You good girl and lick well, you sleep with Nashiba tonight. You not good girl, you not do good job, you sleep with dog outside. You prefer?”

The girl shook her head. The thought of sleeping with the dogs was not entirely unappealing, not in comparison to sleeping with her Mistress. Nevertheless, she did not wish to displease the Lieutenant and experience her wrath any further than she had already.

The lieutenant sighed as the girl sunk her tongue deep into her treasure trove.

“That good girl. Now pump. Pump tongue, in out. Pump pussy with tongue. Hmmmm… gooooooddd… Make Queen come on face. I want come on face. Be good and Nashiba reward girl for good work. Hmmmmm.”

Nashiba grabbed the girls golden locks and pushed and pulled back and forth in unison with the movement of her hips.

“You make worthy lover, girl. You worship Mistress Nashiba. You get reward. Mistress reward the good girl. You make love Mistress ahhhhhhh… Mistress often sweat much. Nashiba need cleaning, girl to take care of sweaty hole regurary. Thats itttttt…. Ohhhhh… Nashiba fall in love with good pussy hole worship, good cunt lover. You nice girl. You good girl for Nashiba.”

The prisoner maintained her movement while her Mistress adorned her with words of pleasure. The taste of Nashibas vagina was not so bad, not in comparison to some of the food shed had to endure since her captivity some 6 months previously.

“Nashiba is comingggggg…!” The Lieutenant held the girls hair tightly as she came all over her face. The prisoner kept her tongue deeply set in her Mistress pussy. “Soooo goooooodddd…” Nashiba sighed heavily. “Now… you lick pussy lip. Pussy lip sweaty. Need some cleaning. Lick on clit. I want come again. You good girl. You make Mistress come again. You fail, you go out to sleep with dog and I take other girl in place. You pleasure Mistress again, you sleep with Mistress for whole night. Which prefer? Dog or beautiful Japanese Camp Commandant?”

“I pwefer you, Mistwess, thwank you,” the girl mumbled from between Nashibas thighs.

“Yes, that right answer. We make good couple, you me. You very hot girl. You make good girl for Nashiba. Now lick on clit and make come again.”

The girl relaxed her tongue from the clenches of Nashibas vagina and started to focus full attention on her clitty.

“Where other bitch, girl? Maybe I two you tonight in bed. You take turn licking Mistress pussy hole, Mistress enjoy sleep. That right. Keep tongue on clit. I come soon again. You good girl.” Nashiba farted loudly. “Seem I need to the shit. No dump since yesterday. You finish on clitty the Mistress take dump. Ahhh, thats it…”

Nashiba screamed loudly as she came for the second time that night. “I commmmmme! I fuckin commmmme on face!! Commandant Nashiba best woman at sex in whole Japan! Ahhhh fuckkk! You tongue so good, little girly. You true cunt worship whore! You love Japanese cunt. You love sweaty deep cunt hole. You live my cunt. You live Queen Nashiba pussy. Anata wa, kono yôna bisaina sukoshi on'na no yatsu no on'nanokodesu! Okay, now move.” Nashiba pushed the girls head from between her thighs. “I need take shit. Where other bitch?”

“You,” Nashiba shouted in the direction of the other prisoner. “You, brown hair woman. What you name?”

The girl looked confused, “me, Mistress?”

“Yeah, you. Who else here? Only you and pussy worshiping blonde. It all.”

“Erm, sorry Mistress Nashiba. My name is Rose.”

“rose?” Nashiba glared at the girl. “You name rose? What, like flower?”

The girl nodded.

“In Japan, we call rose as “bara“. This good name for you. You mother chose good. Know why is, rose?”

“Emmm, no Lieutenant?”

“Well, I tell you. Listen close me. Tonight, you lucky enough be rose flower for me. It so romantic. Nashiba like romantic. And… you lucky enough suck on Mistress beautiful rose bud. Now come, get over on bed. I need dump and you dumping ground. Lucky rosey girl. You get taste Mistress Nashiba food. It so tasty. You wait. You see.”

“But Maam, erm… Mistress… I…”

“I what girl? I love taste Mistress Nashiba rose bud? Is it? Of course girl. It same for evely woman in camp. My guard all love taste Commandant Nashiba rose bud. Most have. Dont think I use white girl only for dump. I use camp guard too. All they love. They adore, all. I am Queen camp. I rule. All my girl worship Queen Nashiba. All girl adore Queens offering. You next. Come, get on bed. Mouth open, ready for. You dont do, you and her will beaten very bad.” Nashiba pointed towards the blonde girl who was still kneeling at the side of the bed.

Rose stared at the blonde girl. She certainly did not wish to be beaten herself. But what would be worse is that the other girl would also be beaten because of her refusal to do as the Lieutenant asked. She scampered over and lay down on the bed.

“That right, good girl rose bud. Now, mouth is wide, tongue out. Mistress bud need lubricanted to make easier.” Nashiba lowered her rear end onto the girls tongue. “Now push in. Taste Mistress. Taste offering with tongue. Taste you superior shit. Oooohhhh… nice. Get tongue further, girl.”

Nashiba farted again as Roses tongue dug deeply into her tight hole.

“Ahhh, feel better after that. Like smell, rosey bud? What, cant hear rosey? You say yes? You do like smell? Good. You better get used to smell of Mistress bottom. This your new role now on. You serve as Mistress number one toilet girl. You lucky girl rosey rosey rose bud. Now open wide. Mistress need now. Nice wide open.”

Nashiba pushed. Another loud fart escaped from her back end.

Rose gulped in anticipation of what was about to come.

Nashibas shit landed squarely in her prisoners mouth.

“Oh, that feel so good. Now, be good little rosey rose bud and eat up Mommy pooh pooh. I have more come, dont want spill out. So munch on Mistress delight and swallow, like Mommy say it to be.” The Lieutenant derided the prisoner.

Rose gagged on Nashibas waste. The thought of swallowing was horrific. But the thought of doing otherwise was perhaps even worse. She focused her mind and swallowed.

“You take in, girly? I need it more. Ready for?”

Nashiba dumped more soft shit into the girls waiting orifice. Rose almost vomited, both from the stench and the consideration over what she was having to do.

“Not finish girly. We still more. Swallow it! Seem could go on all night rosey bud. You enjoy sucking on Mistress tight little bud. You get used to. Mistress like having rosey sucking on bud.” Nashiba giggled and looked down at the blonde. “Dont think you not next blonde woman. Maybe you good pussy muncher, but you be good ass muncher too. Maybe I swap she round next time. Girl rosey be pussy sucker, and you blondie, you be Madams shit pot. Now rosey rose bud, you ready more of Mommy dessert, little girl?”

Nashiba dumped another long turd into Roses wide open and waiting mouth.

“Ahhhh… so much better. How you feel it rosey rose bud? You enjoy meal from Mistress Nashiba? Tasty, is it? Best meal you have since coming my home, I think so. Well, I sorry say it, I all finished up. All done it now.”

The Camp Commandant lifted her bottom from the face of the girl and looked down. “Hmmm… seems no spill. You good job. How say? Natural? Natural bottom sucker girl? Natural shit eating bitch, so seem.”

Nashiba turned her attention back to the blonde still kneeling in front of her. “So, now you turn, girly. Our little rosey bud has mouth too busy. So best you take new job. Mistress need cleaning.”

Nashiba turned around and bent over her bed while raising her bottom into the air. She spread her legs. “Now get tongue in there blonde girly. Mistress dont want dirt on fresh panty. Mistress do want shit on you tongue.

The blonde girl stared.

“What waiting for? You wait for rescue from prison camp? You wait American arrive? You wait for what? Come, cannot wait here all night for you. Come.” Nashiba pointed to her bottom.

“Now, hold bottom cheek apart so can clean properly. And I mean what say. If panty stained with any mess, you face get stained with whip mark. Get busy, stupid bitch!”

The blonde gulped then slowly pushed her face into her Mistress shit caked nether region.

“You like Mistress smell, blonde girl? What about taste? Mistress Nashiba taste vely good, she does? Hmmm… thought so. You vely lucky girly, blondie. You both girl lucky girl. That one get eat Mistress poopee and you blondie, you get clean up after meal time. You both vely lucky girl. Get tongue working deep. It not only outside need clean. Get tongue in there, nice deep.”

Nashiba spread her feet a little wider apart to allow her prisoner to gain full access.

“And you, rosey bud, you feel better now you feed on Mistress pleasure? You can assured that I eat best food quality. You get also best food quality since Mistress eat best food. So, as long as you Mistress trash can, you always be good healthy.” Nashiba smiled at Rose condescendingly.

Nashiba continued to chastise and torment both girls for some minutes. Throughout, the blonde girl remained busy on her Mistress upturned rear end.

“Okay, daling, you finished cleaning Mistress Nashiba? It time rest. Been long day. Hard day. I need rest. Daling, go wash mouth proper, then come back me. I want you company in big bed. I want to sqeeze nice tits. Oh, did I not say before you nice tits? You do. Vely nice. You have nice tits. Bigger than Mistress, I think it. So I want squeeze yours, make feel better. Go wash mouth propely.”

The blonde completed her duties and scampered off.

“And you rosey bud. You too. Go wash. Dont want no bad smell here. After, come back me. I want fall off sweet dream having you between thigh. Now go!”

Nashiba started to make ready for bed. She often chose not to wear anything at night due to the high humidity levels, and the single fan positioned high above sometimes was not enough to keep the room cool. Tonight was no different, since she had company, and she yearned for further pleasure. She removed her Commandants blouse and draped it over the chair beside her bed. Then, she unclipped her bra and placed it on top of her blouse. “Hmmm… tits not been sucked for long time. Tonight is good night to make up lost time.”

Both Rose and the blonde returned to Commandant Nashibas bedroom together.

“Ah, good. My girl returns me. You nice clean?”

The girls nodded in accordance.

“Okay, rosey rosey, my baby rose, you suck Mistress pussy. And you, blonde girly. You lie beside Mistress and you feed on Mistress beautiful breast. Not much ask from Mistress. Come girl, follow…”

Nashiba lay down comfortably on the large bed and spread her legs wide to offer Rose easy access. “Come, get face in here,” she pointed in the direction of her very wet vagina. “And you, you lie beside.” Nashiba patted the bed beside her.

The girls each took up their positions as ordered by the Camp Commandant.

“Girl, get tongue on clit. I like tongue on clit to sleep good. It relax. And you,” Nashiba directed her attention to the blonde who was now lying prostrate beside her. “It gentle. No teeth. If teeth, I pull out teeth. You understand? No teeth. Just tongue and lip. Now both you, get suck. Mistress need relax before sleep. It been hard day. Every day hard day….”


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