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Humble Pie

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Synopsis: Ballbusting teaser who prefers Black men torments horny white college boy!

     Humble Pie

          TJ Ryder

Illustrated fetish stories for ADULTS ONLY

   Todd was nursing a drink with his three college buddies on a break

at the beach, at a nearby watering hole with palm fronds over a bar and

dance patio provided by the Holiday resort.  Sitting only 100 feet from Mandingo's

he glanced up at any woman who came by the front, but not really expecting to

see that megababe Donna who he first met there.

   "Hey Todd, check out this new hottie!"   He looked up, and a stacked brunette

in a thong was swishing by, smiling at the whistles, enjoying the whiteboy boners

she was producing.  He looked at her, knowing she was just enjoying the tease

before going back to get her holes pumped and stuffed with black cock, and

was disappointed it wasn't Donna.  He had been looking for her several times

but figured that was all over.  In fact he was still a little pissed at her.

But then he noticed that the little patio by the public beach access to

Mandingo's had some people sitting there at their little beach bar, and

nobody had really noticed one woman because she had on a floppy hat and

a tiny beach robe, cuz when there are thong-wearing hardbodies strutting around

a covered-up woman wouldn't get much notice, even if she was buxom, as he

noted.  Maybe a blonde too? he wondered.

   "Just a second guys, got to check on someone I might know!"

    His buddy Ralph jeered, "cmon man, that ballbusting coalburner you ain't

never seeing again!"

    "It's not that," he lied, "just a girl I might have seen!"

    The guys laughed as he walked over, deliberately acting cool, and

walked by, several women reclined sipping drinks, a couple in hot bikinis,

but one young woman in dark glasses was reading the paper and having a

diet Coke on a straw, and he walked past, wondering if she noticed him.

Kind of looked like Donna but he figured if she noticed him she would react,

positive or negative, and he wished for embarassment, but maybe she didn't

notice him.  So he walked enough past and waited around, pretending to look

at some babes driving up, and sauntered past.

    Donna didn't notice the young whiteboy the first time, but did the second

time since he seemed to be looking at her.  A tentative wave by him and she

raised her sunglasses for a closer look.  It was Todd, and she blushed and

was a little embarassed, she could tell he was pleased to notice.  She

gave him a little wave, but was also grateful the entrance had a latch

and a sign proclaiming 'For Guests Only!'  She looked around and noticed

the huge muscled-up bartender's big  forearms and his intimidating squint

at the young whiteboy hanging by the gate and felt safe enough. 

    She got up and walked to the gate, but didn't let him in yet.

    "Hi Donna!"

    "Hi, Todd, it's nice to see you!"

    "Nice seeing you again, too," he had to smile, and that brought a little

smile from Donna!"

    "I guess your'e probably mad at me!"

    "Well," he admitted, "when I tried the number and got Mandingo's

I realized I didn't even know your last name!"

    "Oh," Donna was thinking, and decided to fib a little, "Laura was

supposed to write the room number down, not the main hotel, but I found

out that all calls go to the front desk anyway,  gee I'm sorry Todd!

Was it difficult for you?"

   "Well, I had to, well, had to borrow a buddy's bolt cutters, almost

cut my cock off," he laughed.  Donna chuckled too.

   "So, if I let you in here, you won't cause a scene?  I mean, well, if you

want to come in?"

    "Yes, I do, thanks!"  Donna nodded to Deon, and released the latch, and

soon they were sitting at a table under an umbrella. The tables were so small

their knees were almost touching, and Todd could see the cleavage of her

incredible breasts because the tiny wispy beach robe was untied.  Donna

was pleased he was peeking and she arched her breasts a little more.

Deon came over and took a drink order, giving Todd a warning glance from his

6'7" height.

   "Wow, what a bruiser," he smiled.

   "Mandingo's has the biggest bouncers Iv'e ever seen, in every way!" She

added with a smile

   "I believe it!  So, maybe, anyway, I was thinking, we could start over!"

   "Over," she repeated, "oh, well, I-I don't know!"

   "Okay, well, just from this week then.  I, I wanted  you to know I thought

of you all the time!"

   "That's so sweet, Todd.  And I thought of you a lot too, especially

of you wearing Laura's  extra chastity belt.  I guess I won't be returning it to her!"

she giggled.

   "Nope, it's in at least five pieces, man it was hard to get off without

nicking the skin, plus my balls were at least twice their size by Sunday


    "Oooh, you did keep it on all weekend then, even though I did screw up

with my phone number!  It does please me though, Todd!  You were a good boy

after all!"

  He smiled although a wince was visible also.

   "Thank you," he replied sardonically.  She smiled.  "Um, you know, I

kind of figured to see you on the boardwalk by now, first time back at MAndingo's?

   She shook her head.  "Oh, no, I come every weekend, but, um, only for

Friday night.  In fact I don't have a room now, checkout was 11."

   "Oh, okay, so I guess your'e heading back home, like?"

   "I live back in Garden City, about 50 miles.  Yup,  what about you?"

   "Oh, the guys and I have a room at the Ocean View, we all chip in, probably

leave tomorrow.  Gee, I wish you were staying around tonight."

    "Well," she smiled, "you do remember why I come to Mandingo's, Todd?"

    "Yes," he blushed, "oh yeah, I see, that's why I didn't see you do the

strut this today, you got in last night?"

    "Yes," she smiled, "I left work early and got here before 5.  I was just so

anxious after working all week to meet some big hunky black studs!"  She giggled,

"but I still did the beach tease, it is a nice little ritual isn't it?

I had on a real daring thong too!"

    "I'm surprised you aren't staying over another day, nice weather this


    "I can't afford it, I'm afraid.  I mean white girls can't expect black men

to pay for the room, and when you add room service and bar tab, and my job isn't

that great," she frowned, thinking that her husband Bob's decision to leave her

a month ago after she came home from a two day trip with Jumbo.  She was afraid

he wasn't ready to accept the OBEAH lifestyle from that first weekend, especially

seeing the difference in Laura's husband Harold and her own.  She had been wishing

she had a sweet accepting supportive husband like Harold, and since Laura and Harold

were partying upstate lately, evertime she got a nice full cunt and anus load of

thick hot negroe sperm she regretted not having a submissive cuckold worshipping

mouth for a nice tongue douche.  Thinking that made her squeeze her thighs

together, sucking in her breath, making her big breasts heave.  It would be nice

to stay another day but with the divorce coming, Bob not making checking account

deposits, she knew that soon she would just be another single white girl

trying to support a non-job-having black buck.

   "Oh, well, sorry to hear that," Todd said.  "I wish I was here yesterday to see

you in your new bikini!"

    She giggled, "I wish you were too, Todd.  I loved teasing you that time.  It's

more satisfying to pick a special white boy for a good blueballs tease, but I'm

always a little afraid without Laura around that I might push it too far.  That's

why I talk to whiteboys from behind the gate and Deon is around looking out for me!"

    "Well, um, sure, but I think you know I can be trusted now!"

    She smiled, seeing a couple dance to the recorded music.  "Are you going to

ask me to dance again?"

    "I would if you want to, actually!"

    "Perhaps maybe a little later, Todd.  Oh, the sun shifted, let's

move to the alcove in the shade."  It was more private and intimate, her back

was to the bar and entrance, their knees brushed together."

    "I wish you'd stay just to see you in that bikini," he laughed.

    She laughed too.  "Are you suggesting you want me to slip my beach robe off

so you can stare at me?"  She smiled, "I'm afraid that will cost you another


     His heart leaped up, and his little hardon sprang up in full view of her

amused eyes.  "Would you? Heck I'll buy another round okay?"

     "Sure, but remember Todd, our little agreement.  And last time we met before

I was with black men.  Today it's different.  Iv'e just come from three big black

studs who I pleased and served all last night and all morning.

It's only right that you know that!"

    "Um, n-no, no, it's okay, really."  He signalled another round and the mammoth

muscled up black man came over with a tray with two more margaritas.

    "That be enough, sir?"  He grimaced at Todd, who trembled.

    "Yes, um-th-thank you!"

    "Thank you, Deon," Donna smiled, giving his thigh a little pat, near an

enormous looking lump hanging down his left pantleg.

    "He's not very friendly!"  Todd smiled when he was safely out of earshot.

    "The black bulls at Mandingo's enjoy white boys as well as white girls like

me being submissive to them, so they have a tough time dealing with the public.

Plus, Deon is a little protective of me because we partied a couple of times.

In fact I told him earlier I wanted to suck him off before I left so he's probably

waiting for a breaktime."  She giggled at his shocked reaction, enjoying it.

    "Do I shock you, Todd?  I told you I was a blackcock-only girl now!"

    "No-no it's okay!  Anyway," changing the subject, as she sipped her drink,

"what about showing me your bikini then?"

    "Oh, I'm afraid I can'd do that, Todd," she teased, "but I will dance

with you now if you like, since it's a slow one."

    "Wow, sure, let's go," taking her hand and sighing as he felt her

big breasts rub against her chest, as his hand patted her delightful

bottom through the sheer beach robe.  "Mmmm, you feel so good!" making

her giggle.

    "And you feel hard, your littleman is standing up now! I can feel it!"

    (Groan) "I-I'm sorry!"

    "No, it's okay, I like whiteboys with hard little penises, just so long as

they know your place.  But I'm afraid I'm going to be leaving soon though."

    "I wish you could stay, I'd pay for a room for another night even if...


     "I cruised for a big black cock tonight and brought him home, Todd?  Because

that's what I would do.  And you wouldn't mind, really?"

    "N-no, no really, it'd be all right,  I could be gone for then!"

    "That's very sweet, and very tempting too, Todd, and if you were a good

sissyboy I probably would, but I'm afraid it's too early.  Perhaps...!"

    "W-well, um, what do you mean...?"

     "Well, Todd, you do seem to know your place with a white woman who prefers

Black men, but you must be very submissive to all Black Men as well.  Like Deon,

he didn't like it when you didn't call him Sir!  I can get away with that a little

because he knows what he can make me do anytime he wants, but your'e a stranger.

If I brought a black man to the room and he saw you it would be a strain

unless I told him you were my sissyboy!"

    "Well, you - you can tell him that, it's okay!"

    "Oh," she chuckled, "you'd have to prove it, at least a little, if I told him

you were in the first stages of OBEAH training.  At least you'd have to do the

Kiss of Approval for us!"

    He looked blank and uneasy, and she smiled, pressing her breasts with hard

nipples at his chest, making him dizzy. "Do you know why I was waiting here having

a drink before taking my ride back home, Todd?"

    "Teasing us local whiteboys?"

    "No, not really, I'm waiting to take a piss, because then all that wonderful

lovely negroe spunk in me will douche out, and I love keeping it inside me.  Until

my girlfriend Laura left, she loaned her sissyboy husband who would give me a

nice tongue cleaning, but now all I can do is hold it in and just savour it until

I need to piss and ride back home."

     "Oh, wow," he moaned, excited at the thought.  "That's hot!"

     She smiled, "I was hoping the army base boys would show up so I could give

several a suckoff before leaving, but I guess theyr'e late.  Those young black

recruits have such swollen ballsacs too, mmmm."

    "Ooh mannn," he sighed, "is that why you offered Deon a blowjob?"

     "Yes" she smiled, showing dimples, "now after Iv'e had my second drink

I know I'll soon have to go to the ladies room, and after that it would be so

nice to drive home swirling around the taste of negroe sperm all the way.  You see,"

she said, "I'm trying to be up front with you Todd."

    "Um, y-you know," he sighed, feeling his hardon against her pelvis, "I-I

wouldn't mind, you know, doing what you s-said!"

    "That's very sweet, but I don't know.  But that does deserve a kiss,


    With that her soft full lips met his, making him groan.  Moving her face

back, she smiled softly.

    "Would you like to french kiss, Todd?  I sucked off two huge black men

not too long ago, just so you know!  I can still taste them both, such big

heavy loads!  Go ahead and slip your tongue in my mouth and taste!"

    Moaning, he did so, and she sighed as well as he did, and he knew he could

taste in her warm mouth the musky smell of semen, the thought that her sweet lips

had been wrapped around big black cocks was making him dizzy!

    "Oooh, Donna, I'd, I don't care what you did.  I'll do anything you want

me to."


     She kissed him again, making him pant, and pulled back, smiling at her

conquest.  "I like making out with a whiteboy, making him crazy.  But you know I

won't have sex with you, Todd.  Except for your mouth I'm not interested in

anything else!"  she added brutally, seeing him blush and swallow.

    "But if your'e still interested, the dance is over now, let's sit back

in our chairs."

    Sitting in the recessed alcove with her back to the rest of the patio,

Todd sat quite near, leaning over to kiss her again, which she responded to


    "So you understand, Todd, if I let you accompany me to the bathroom

it will be on condition that I don't have sex with you.  And I certainly can't

allow a whiteboy to actually cum even if I'm present!"  She frowned. "I had

this one boy who begged to just masturbate into the toilet after he tongue

cleaned me and I was so insulted!"

    "N-no, no really!"

     "And, depending on how you do in the Ladies Room, I might consider letting

you pay for a room tonight, with the same conditions!"

    "Y-yes, of course!" he said, almost panting, making her giggle.

    She smiled, "then, let's finish our drinks!"

    "Could I kiss you again?"

    "Mmmm, no," she smiled.

    "Well, um, okay, but I still haven't seen your new bikini!"

    "Oh I'm afraid I can't show you that," smiling at the disappointment in his

face, "because I'm not wearing it.  I'n nude under this beachrobe, except for

my sandals.  I told you I just came from the bed of three big black bucks!"

    "Awwwmannn!" he moaned, looking at her robe intently.

    She looked around and saw nobody could see from the front, and smiled,

"but if you really want to look," and opened the front up, preening a little as he

gasped, her big firm breasts swaying, her rings had big nipple rings on them,

and she parted her blonde cunt a little not enough to let the cumload out she

had been keeping in, but to show her clitoral ring also.  From a silver chain

around her slim neck to her cleavage, was a medallion, "BlackONLY Please!"

    "Awmann, your'e so,so incredible, your'e making me crazy!  Say, is that

the same medallion?"

    "No, this one I bought myself.  I like to wear it all the time.  Would you

prefer I wore a bikini" she teased?

   "Aw, (gasp) n-no, your body is so gorgeous!"

   "Yes," she smiled smugly, "I know!  You can think how priviledged you are


    "Y-yes thank you!"

    "I just wish I had another chastity belt for you, that would make me feel

better with a novice sissyboy!"  Chuckling made her big breasts sway and that

made him drool.

    "I'd let you put it on me!"

    "I know you would! But maybe just another slapdown would be enough, if you

don't mind.  I'm just afraid you might accidentally spurt!"

    He swallowed, "um, s-sure, I d-don't mind!"

    "I didn't think you would," she smiled arrogantly, finishing her drink.

"Now let's go, sissyboy! I'm looking forward to using my new toilet!"

   (Gasp) Y_yes, of c-course," standing up he had his hand in front because he

was so hard.  Pulling her robe together, she stood up and strutted to the Ladies

Room, giving Deon a little wave.  AFter Todd followed her in, Deon moved from

behind the bar and put the "OUT OF ORDER" sign up because he knew what these

blackloving sluts like to do with sissyboys.


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