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De Hinderlaag (The Ambush) -in Dutch by Ootwee
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Story Codes: F+/m D/s BDSM job real nc Serious
Synopsis: A young cop is chasing female criminals, and gets trapped in the ladies room where he is raped by the girls.
Size: 13 kb
Added on: Jul 20, 2004
Total 17001 readers
This month 9882 readers
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Part 1 - (added on Jul 20, 2004)

This story is listed in:

Greek House Pirate,21,Paddled Purple Booty,Sore Butt Ovr Rail
by CarolinaSpanker
Crew leaning ovr to see her poop I was able to keep pushing down, straining, farting & eventually the thick long brown log dropped into the water w a splash.

Khaki Schoolgirl Skirts Up/Panties Dn Paddled Red Btms
by CarolinaSpanker
She thinks she's to good to wash ur boy girl shit out of ur panties & is spanked hard blstrd red. What,u didn't know we wash the shit out of ur underpanties?Who do u think does it,We see ur brown shit stains we girls clean on washboard

Charlotta/Denise Garrison/Ashley Red Pld Skirt, Blk PH Clad Ass
by CarolinaSpanker
Mr. Deal took his time w ea spank,making sure that each swat landed solidly.Denise's butt jiggled w ea spank making sure to spank all of her ass.Ms. Garison u have 339 spanks total, there is no reason ur whole ass shouldn't be red. He deliverd

Cldr Camp Delntd Pantied Bottom Cheeked Cringing Prey!
by CarolinaSpanker
Her hand slid dn that perfect ass as she stored her phone in the back pocket of her 12" skirt. Below the tattered denim,all disappeared except for her 2 legs:skinny,yet perfectly & evenly shapd,colord the light brownish shade of fresh cedar wood.

Shelli, B/o Yellow Dress Shows Bare Ass thru Panties Thanatos
by CarolinaSpanker
When he had it up to the waist, Pastor said “You will notice two ribbons attached to the inside of the slip at the waist. These have button holes on their free ends. Button these ribbons to the cloth covered buttons you see on the back of Martha’s Dress

Ashley Sprd Blond Hair Tchr's A/h Bottom Spanked
by CarolinaSpanker
Ashley’s ass quiverd she felt his hand onher bare ass & startd spanking her.He spanked her very hard & Ashley farted.The pretty blonde teacher’s inflamed very red bottom hurt w every contact.He ran his hand ovr the raisd red blisters on her butt.

Khaki Skirts/Pants w Visible Panty Lines B/o Modest Schoolgirls:
by CarolinaSpanker
Still B/o stools unbuckled the girls who rose on unsteady legs, pulled their panties back up, and smoothed their dresses back down. Their faces bore looks of genuine relief which then turned to looks of concern at Harriet's plight.

Ariel/Sorority Girl's Humltn,Red/ Purple Ass Revenge
by redwrangler
Ariel took him from behind w her SOD"Don't complain or I'll make you lick the shit off the dildo after I take it out."

Ariel's Peril must put cucumber up red purple paddledAssFk
by redwrangler
On hands & knees Ariel took the vegetable forcing the green cuke tip betwn the puckered flower of her small & snug ass hole,Ariel was too tight, I got a picture of her expression of pain, it was not working, she was too tight,my tool strained,

Salesgl & Babysitter Spanks Him w The Panties, Forcd To Wear
by CarolinaSpanker
Mom whipped out her trusty hairbrush & I just crumbled,I just lay there as she quite literally blistered my bottom

Real Spankings Girls/Sisters Swelling Welts Rose on Btms
by CarolinaSpanker
Bent fwd at the waist ovr the stool her palms on the floor.Her perfect ass was presented in a most expsd & vulnerable manner.Pressing dn on the small of her back & began to spank her hips & bottom formed a classic symbol of feminine beauty.4

Sorority Panty Raid Teen Fem Doms Paddle & Ass Fuck
by redwrangler
Girls get revenge for them stealing their panties shuddering at the thought of the girls ramming a broom handle up their bottom make both feel weak w terror. I mean the girl u bruised Lauren is a real bitch & will demand a high price for her silence!”

Vagina/ Punishment / Up Skirt Panty Crotch
by CarolinaSpanker
A whopper,landing perfectly between Margaret’s legs. “How’s THAT?”After another 20 lashes,he quit & handed the whip back to her Ladyship, leaving the girl bleeding from her sex.

Bikini Bottoms Dn Spankings/Amber Corn Cob Deep Up Her Butt
by redwrangler
Things got even worse when she went ovr her father's knee & he began pounding her bare bottom w his firm hand,while his girlfriend stood to the side & licked her lips as she watched his big hand pummel & punish her soft butt cheeks redden

Diaries/Gospel Of Deceit,Legs Up/ Spanking & Anal Humiliatn.
by redwrangler
Martha has examined her behavior, confessed to me her Master her errors and is ready to accept my Discipline.Lift up Martha’s slip in the back”.He promptly lifted up the nylon slip,starting w the lacy hem & gathering up the shiny white fabric

Amber U need to wake up,reality & put ur big girl panties on
by redwrangler

Miranda's Latin Brn Ass (V P L )Slks Spanking-AF-Mex Ilgl
by redwrangler
Courtrm,A girl folded to fit into the box.He couldn’t help laughing while doing it as his efforts made her fart & he had to endure the awful smell from her asshole.“She will be punished for that ltr”

Amber/Diary7/BrattySgl Behavior = Dress Up Panties Dn 4 Hard Spa
by redwrangler

Taylor /Janice,See Dn Her Grn Cord Pants at her Ass Crack
by redwrangler
Deal forcd his lg penis into the girl’s virgin asshole.Taylor waild as his penis tore thru her clenchd virgin anal ring & gruntd & cried as he drilld her ass & came in her shitter.Ass-rape on tape frcd to cln her own shit juices & brn shit

Diary/Sherri B/o Desk See VPL's Thru Yellow Dress,Spanked A
by redwrangler

Carolina Panty Hunter.B/o Spanks,Paddles Farts(Ass Fucks)
by redwrangler
The OP 15."Wow," the other girl said. "They must really be sore there."Taking these two out behind the barn,tying them to the stocks,lifting their dresses up & pulling their panties dn to expose their bare butts.

TN Skirt Up,Brmstk up Asshole Diaries Ms. Semones Tchr Paddled V
by redwrangler
Her hands were trembling, but she did as instructed.“Bend over and grab the seat of the chair with both hands.”She obeyed.He whaled into her bottom w/o mercy until she was screaming in pain &begging him to stop.

Diaries/Charlotta Draped Mth Watering Ass Up Ovr Back Of Sofa
by redwrangler

Up Skirt Panty Crotch Flash Squats/ Diaries Girl Sits on Toilet
by redwrangler
Diaries/ Amber puuld dn her jeans & bikini panties.I gave her behind a hearty spank w my hand.“OK little girl, it seems like u can’t hold it, go & pee next to the porch just.The blonde w acute discomfort squattd dn & sprayd her yellow pee.

by sjefke

by TerryN

Ariel Has Her Ass Paddled /Farts,Cucumber Shovd Up Ass
by CarolinaSpanker
Watching w malicious glee (Ariel). Worth translating sometime.