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Animals (31 stories listed)
Featuring women mating with animals.

Petgirls (14 stories listed)

  • My Life AS A Dog - The Doggygirl: by Arnold Puttywn
    (Synopsis: )
  • Trained Slut: by ric
    (Synopsis: Master purchased me when I was a baby. I have known only a life of servitude.I'm used daily, and I love every second.)
  • A Pony for Her Sweet Sixteen: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: A beautiful teenager is invited to her uncle's horse farm to celebrate her Sweet Sixteen party. Will she get a pony for her birthday, or will she become one? )
  • My new doggy slave: by Maarten Witteveen
    (Synopsis: I met a girl the other day and started talking about role-playing, and this is a report of what happened when she came over one afternoon.)
  • The New Pet: by CarrieAnne
    (Synopsis: Beatrice is a woman who makes a living out of finding very expensive \"pets\" for her cliente.)
  • Day In The Life Of A Pet Owner: by Master S
    (Synopsis: A snap shot of a day in the life of human pet owner. )
  • My life as a dog slave: by Anja Laubker
    (Synopsis: Thw way of a young girl to total submission and 24/7 slavery - her life as the dog of a Nubian princess)
  • A Pony Is Broken: by SFCityDom
    (Synopsis: She just needs to listen to him and do what she is told)
  • Slave Bride: by Doctor Flotsom
    (Synopsis: A professional young woman accepts her boyfriend\'s offer of marriage, and slavery. She gives herself as slave to her new master, and is plunged into a new life of bondage, discipline, pain, and service.)
  • Penny\'s Cage.: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: A young woman is quietly abducted from a suburban street in a provincial town for reasons never explained to her but which become apparent over time. The story begins about eighteen months into her imprisonment.)
  • moonbeam's training - the puppy slave: by Falcon's moonbeam
    (Synopsis: this slave loves to role play as a puppydog!)
  • Carolyn\'s Gifts: by Anita Parker
    (Synopsis: Carolyn ovewhelms her lover with the gift of a pair of beautiful, new, unwilling pets. When he\'s away they fall back into her care; they soon learn to yearn for their Master\'s return.)
  • Every Dog Has it's Day: by Kaja_m
    (Synopsis: A female slave forced to live life as an outside dog.)
  • Out to Pasture: by Ty_M_Goode
    (Synopsis: Over the past two years, a celebrity has been transformed into a ponygirl. Things change for her, as hard economic times reaches across borders.)

Slaving and bdsm (22 stories listed)

Okay stories (5 stories listed)

Modified (4 stories listed)

Slave training (52 stories listed)
Tales of women trained for the pleasure of others.


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