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Book Project


Collected by docfallingapart

To be read (13 stories listed)

  • Lucy: by InteractiveBDSM
    (Synopsis: A young woman alters her body forever, and begins a voluntary life of sexual slavery.)
  • Four Roomates in Suite 142: by Hamlet45
    (Synopsis: Becky wants to be Mike\'s sex slave, but unfortunately Mike doesn\'t want feisty Becky to get bored and lonely so they hatch a plot to enslave Becky\'s 3 female roommates and make them her own little bitch slaves.)
  • Jennifer's Postal Predicament: by SensoryOverlord
    (Synopsis: Teen girlfriend sets up an erotic, inescapable self-bondage scene at home alone after school, as treat for boyfriend, who she expects to arrive soon. Naturally, things go awry.)
  • Jade's Extraordinary Sufferning: by PalmCivet
    (Synopsis: Jade is a slave who is in the basement dungeon of her master, Jake. This is part one of a longer story.)
  • Guess Who...: by Grinser
    (Synopsis: I forgot to lock the door to my room...)
  • Dorm Poker: by Quale
    (Synopsis: My girlfriend and I play a high stakes game of strip poker with a couple across the hall.)
  • Do Pervert Angels fly in Business Class?: by Kaiser
    (Synopsis: An almost naked and masochist girl on a flight makes a spectacle of herself. These are real events I had the luck to watch with my eyes. So, don't expect nothing of particularly strange or crude.)
  • College Life: by Narrator of Filth
    (Synopsis: They thought that this college would be their ticket to a better life. Instead it turned out to be a nightmare for every one of them.)
  • Black Mansion: by John Galt
    (Synopsis: Wealthy and with a lot of time on his hands, Jospeh Drake decides to create a place where fantasies can be lived out. The Black Mansion. This is the story about the foundation of the mansion, of how it begun and was created.)
  • Cammy's story: by Mistress Lisa
    (Synopsis: Cammy follows her dream to be a slave)
  • Natalie's Halloween: by InspectorA
    (Synopsis: Natalie is a super hot 27 year old finally getting free from her opressive parents whom have always told her that Halloween is only a night to get into trouble. Tonight, Natalie puts herself into trouble and plans to enjoy every second of it.)
  • A New Guinea Pig: by DarkPoet
    (Synopsis: Jill had absolutely no clue what working as a sales agent for medical tools might entail - needless to say, she was rather hesitant to join the fun. Not that she was left much choice, her devious female boss had seen to that - and now that she's in, pain and humiliation seem to wait around every corner.)
  • 4BDN-PLN8: by The Technician
    (Synopsis: Far in the future a female star ship captain discovers the dangers of long-term space travel in a ship staffed by robots that follow her mind commands.)


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