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Collected by shymalesubuk

favourites (26 stories listed)

  • My Life as a Dog: by Owned
    (Synopsis: A story of innocent young collage girl changes her status as an dog for the experiement.)
  • Conquered: by Ebenezer
    (Synopsis: I was a student at the University of Alabama in my junior year. I needed living quarters and I ran into an old lady who suggested I live with her. She would keep me for free and pay for my meals with her in exchange for some limited domestic services, such as cooking, cleaning, and “whatever other things might come up”. Without a second thought I moved in with this woman. Before I knew it my life was changed forever. She has a granddaughter named Melissa who to this day owns and possesses and dominates me. I am her property and she is my counselor and employer, my owner and commander, my queen and ruler, my dominatrix and beloved. I have been conquered and I am not my own any more.)
  • Charity Events: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Charity is finishing her sophomore year in college but is also secretly writing erotica and publishing it on the internet. Her stories always end up with the heroine becoming captive to a demanding mistress. Soon, however, her reality starts to look very much like a plot from one of her stories.)
  • Lady Wild: by Pandora
    (Synopsis: Set in the Midwest of America during the age of pioneers, a revengeful young woman captures the outlaw who had killed her husband and makes him pay.)
  • When Predator Becomes Prey: by Deklan
    (Synopsis: A chauvanistic slaver discovers what he believes to be the catch of his life, but instead turns out to be its downfall.)
  • The Seduction and Enslavement of Young, Innocent Eric: by oliverc
    (Synopsis: A newly orphaned teen's guardian has a very different plan for her new charge. Helen slowly seduces then subjugates Eric to fulfill her every sexual and domestic whim.)
  • A Working Day: by Abe Froman
    (Synopsis: A day at the office for a power broker with a unique relationship with his secretary.)
  • A Beer or Two Won't Hurt: by Yonho
    (Synopsis: Traveling across country, Tim stops at a small hotel and decides to have a beer or two at the tavern before checking in. He makes a new friend. This is an old story of mine I thought I might as well share.)
  • Beer Run - The Corruption of Taylor: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: A dominant woman seduces a young man while on a business trip, taking his strap on virginity among other things.)
  • The Trap: by Bad Bob
    (Synopsis: When the sexual advances of a young female university lecturer are turned down by one of her male students, she decides to lay a trap and imprison him. Once she has him, she emasculates and humiliates him before reducing him to being her mere sexual play thing.)
  • Whore To An Amazon: by Cambridge
    (Synopsis: He aids the beautiful Amazon Otrere and is taken by her.)
  • Mary Had A Little Lamb: by Severin Rossetti
    (Synopsis: Complete with ball gag, harness and collar, Mary's pet is as meek as a lamb in this reworking of an old English nursery rhyme.)
  • An Adventure in Wilderness: by akkano
    (Synopsis: The wilderness holds many perils for an unwary and inexperienced camper.)
  • The Old College Try: by Alias
    (Synopsis: Tristan gets more than he bargained for trying to make up for a bungled date...)
  • The Letter: by Dr. Phil
    (Synopsis: A young professional man writes a letter to a powerful older woman and makes the mistake of his life. Humiliation. Four Parts.)
  • Halloween Submission: by tatt2dmedic
    (Synopsis: A submissive recounts his mistress's halloween costume and the events that ensue.)
  • Teaching Sissy Emily: by Dianna Vesta
    (Synopsis: Goddess Dianna Vesta teaches her sissy slave a lesson.)
  • The Prisoner: by Will Cane
    (Synopsis: A businessman is found guilty under a new law of harassing his female emplyees. As an experiment he is sentenced to a period in a Female Correctional facility. The staff are uniformed females of various ranks. The aim is to teach the inmates total obedience to females in authority. The methods by the staff include parades, rigorous inspections, corporal punishment and humiliating training.)
  • The Mansion: by Lady Blade
    (Synopsis: A Slave Training Center where family traditions don't come without a price.)
  • The Seduction of Bill: by Dianna Vesta
    (Synopsis: A shy young man is seduced by an older dominant woman who lures him into foot worship and to service her strap-on dildo.)
  • S&M Shop Fashion Show: by Blueknight
    (Synopsis: Visiting an S&M store youthful begining subs Justin and Kelly get more than they bargained for when they agree to do some impromptu modeling, then get roped into having most of the stores products demonstrated on them.)
  • Punishment 2015: by Jane Marwood
    (Synopsis: Punishment for a crime is different in 2015. Punishment of a young man at the hands of beautiful female correction officers.)
  • The Gift: by plastic geisha
    (Synopsis: A first-time slave boy is sent to his new mistress as a gift.)
  • Hen Coop: by Bea
    (Synopsis: A husband discovers his true position in his household's pecking order.)
  • Wishes: by UBisSub
    (Synopsis: A man wishes for his wife to make him her slave, he get way more than he wants. As the saying goes Be careful what you wish for!!!)
  • Dreams Revealed: by Gregory Alan
    (Synopsis: The story of a man's submission, day to night.)


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