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Book Project


Collected by burger_01

readme (2 stories listed)

F/m (4 stories listed)

  • Slave to Hooters Waitresses: by misterjim
    (Synopsis: Dave got more than he expected when he responded to a mystery e mail from a hooters restaurant waitress offering him sex. He soon found himslf IN BONDAGE forced to serve the mystery girl and her girl friend as they worked to train him into being a perfect sex slave.)
  • Julie's Triumph: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Can Julie, a tease/denial Mistress, turn her macho military officer boyfriend into a chastity slave?)
  • Never: by Chaste Boy
    (Synopsis: A son's first steps toward forced chastity.)
  • Useful Humilation: by Carmenica Diaz
    (Synopsis: Tammy is suprised when her friend Rose tells her she has her philandering husband under lock and key. She is even more suprised when Rose tells her she is going away with her boyfriend and wants Tammy to look after the key while she's gone.)


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