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Collected by Gallardo

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  • 28 Day Trial Period: by sarijak
    (Synopsis: The last thing Mika expected to see when she came home from work was a nearly naked redhead lying bound to her bed. Eve is a special introductory offer for joining a slave club and Mika has her for 28 days before deciding whether to buy her or not. The trouble is Mika's not sure what to do. After all, what possible use can she have for a gorgeous, 22-year old American redhead who can't cook, can't clean and keeps losing the post?)
  • Change of Fortune: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Laura had a happy and comfortable life until her husband's business started to fail. She agreed to be sold as a part-time slave to some friends in exchange for help in the business. But soon she found herself in a whole new world of confusing emotions and experiences.)
  • Tiffany: by Bluebuck
    (Synopsis: Mother, daughter, daddy, girl friend all get tortured to pay for college by a dad's sadistic employer.)
  • Janet in Training: by sfmaster
    (Synopsis: One of my favorite BDSM stories. Janet was well trained by her mistress and finally became a mistress herself. This story also talk about the respect and safety in BDSM activity. A great drama to enjoy.)
  • A New Life: by woodsman's game
    (Synopsis: They have been together for a long time, but things are going to change. He has plans for her. (A little fantasy, a little reality))
  • The Training: by Ninja Turtle
    (Synopsis: Turning my daughter into a willing sex slave.)

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