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Collected by kinkcrazy

Mine (440 stories listed)

Mine too (22 stories listed)

  • Learning: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: A young girl, eager to experience true submission, signs on for more than even she can imagine when her boyfriend tests her limits and beyond.)
  • Ordinary Morning - a Swiss College story: by Nominalista
    (Synopsis: the third story in the Swiss College pocket universe, this deals with the very ordinary business of waking up, doing morning ablutions and having breakfast. Of course, since this is the Swiss College, everything is done in the kinkyest possibly way and using all the tools of contemporary sex technology.)
  • Denial - The Conclusion: by senorlongo
    (Synopsis: I enjoyed the story DENIAL by CONQUERED which had no conclusion. This is my idea of how this story could and should end.)
  • The Sisters: by DolorDelectatio
    (Synopsis: Extreme Toyland's mistress Lisa branches out with an addition to her company. She visits a newly created production room to witness its test run: a scene in which mistress Jane pushes twin sisters well over their limits with uncomfortable restraints, inventive suspension, electro-torture and pins and needles. Three chapters.)
  • Polishing Daphne: by DolorDelectatio
    (Synopsis: Lisa, headmistress at Extreme Toyland is on her way back home from a visit to her friend Lady Victoria (see the previous story \"The Party at House Victoria\"). She\'s bringing a new girl to work for her. But when she gets back home, she is in for a couple of surprises. Rick, her partner and co-owner of Extreme Toyland, is having some unauthorized fun with Lisa\'s protege. On top of that, she gets a surprise visit from someone she has admired for a long time. In the midst of all this, she\'s preparing to perform a sadistic Pay-Per-View session with masochist Daphne for her website.)
  • Gruber's Volunteers: by Faris
    (Synopsis: Three volunteers enter a medical trial that will alter them mentally and physically. They may have chosen more than they bargined for.)
  • Tali's Training: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Lovely D.A. is trained by Fenton, the Felon!)
  • Getting Her Gloves Back: by Ellie
    (Synopsis: This story is a sequel to "Too Tight and Caught" written by the same author. It will contain several backward references to the other story. It is assumed that the reader has already read "Too Tight and Caught" to understand the setup for this story.)
  • Casino: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: Three close girlfriends are eager to experience new adventures. Now they are in a fetish and bondage casino, where people play for some more interesting things than money.)
  • In The Vice: by rbbral
    (Synopsis: A female vice cop goes undercover to investigate the disappearance of several sex workers and discovers gradually a group heavily into BDSM and latex. Will she expose them or will she become part of their world - voluntarily or involuntarily?)
  • Kelly's Slave: by Ashley
    (Synopsis: Kelly and her roommate begin as friends and quickly change into Mistress and slave. Over time, the slavery grows more intense.)
  • Stern Manor: by rbbral
    (Synopsis: Mistress Stern and her three latex-clad female dominas have kidnapped eight prisoners and now in their basement they are undergoing unpleasant training in latex and body modifications paid for by their owners)
  • Mistress Dyvia's The Interview: by Mistress Dyvia
    (Synopsis: We follow Chastity on her day of the big interview at a clandestine corporation where she has been under the instruction of Mistress Dyvia for the past ten weeks.)
  • The Fuckerware Party: by Tappy McWidestance
    (Synopsis: A frustrated wife learns to please herself after attending a sex toy party.)
  • The English Teacher: by Lockedup737
    (Synopsis: Miss Harris was the English Teacher at the local high school. She was hated by the students because she was a bitch. In her own mind, she helping them but they all hated her.She had only two students that were doing well in her classes, Brian and Jenny. Jenny was a fourteen year old spoiled brat that decided she was going to play a nice joke on her stuck up bitch of a teacher but an opportunity arises that Jenny couldn\'t resist. The only problem was that Jenny was only fourteen and wasn\'t sure what to do.)
  • Extreme Toyland: by BruisedNipples
    (Synopsis: Mistress Lisa and four of her ultra-masochistic \"toys\" test newly recruited girls for a new web venture,, where the most extreme torture is performed (on demand) on willing slaves.)
  • Denise: by Miss Irene Clearmont
    (Synopsis: Featuring a great deal of BDSM. Mostly F/f FF/f. Body modification. Pretty serious 'Ds' situations and plenty of sex. Has a plot, some charater development and a nasty twist at the end.)
  • Anniversary Assignment: Riding The Horse : by Michael Alexander
    (Synopsis: Required to complete her anniversary assignments, Breanne submits to an extended ride on a wooden horse, coupled with "breaks" that are almost as bad as riding the fiendish device in the first place.)
  • So Easy: by Topcat
    (Synopsis: Be careful of the foreign exchange student you bring into your home. Dominate lesbian takes small town girl and makes her a pet.)
  • Becoming What You Are - a Swiss College story: by Nominalista
    (Synopsis: Growing up is all about change. Jeanne and Pat enjoy a session with Madame Landau who explains their new roles in life, and the attending changes in their bodies and minds. Afterwards, Jeanne visits that little bitch Luisa and installs some special hardware.)
  • Six Have Fun at the Ranch: by enslaved25
    (Synopsis: )
  • The Mindbreakers: by Atomage
    (Synopsis: In the late 1950s the techniques for breaking minds were being developed, a committed lesbian sadist uses these methods to create rubber dolls for her rubber clients.)


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