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Collected by sputnik

The Edge (12 stories listed)

  • The tears of Love: by Clara High
    (Synopsis: In a camp where Boris is put for reeducation he experience a terrific fate and a tragic love. A relatively soft sentence turns into something else, something unexpected and awful. Two women in the storm of jealousy, passion and more and more...)
  • Mom Humiliates Pussy Licking Son: by strictoldmom
    (Synopsis: )
  • 2nn: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Pete marries an evil bitch who turns him into a brutally controlled sissy-slave. No matter what happens, its always for the worse.)
  • Enslaved By My Neighbors: by Ty_M_Goode
    (Synopsis: )
  • Hell Hath No Fury: by Barmy Bri
    (Synopsis: After seducing and dumping my girlfriend, she decided to wait and get her revenge - in a mighty way.)
  • Feminized, Faggified, and Fixed for Life: by Kimmie Holland
    (Synopsis: His wife decides that four balls under one roof is two balls too many. The answer? It’s simple subtraction…)
  • Wife Takes Charge Forever: by puppygirl.
    (Synopsis: A submissive man meets, falls in love with, and marries the woman of his dreams. After finding out about his submissive shemale fantasies on his computer, his new wife turns the tables and literally decides to transform her macho muscled husband into her submissive sissy fag maid. As it turns out, he did not know all there was to know about his beautiful wife.)
  • Adventures In Rubber: by Bill "Gomez" Lemieux
    (Synopsis: Let's talk about your fetish of rubber, high heel, corset...)
  • Step By Step: by Lisa Jones
    (Synopsis: Recently divorced Helen finds her preconceptions about sex and morality shaken by her next door neighbour.)
  • Execution of the Terrorist Housewives: by Jill Crokett
    (Synopsis: Three beautiful young women are found guilty of participation in an act of mass terrorism and condemned to an unspeakable fate.)
  • Dog Mistress: by RedFalchon
    (Synopsis: A 'Turn of the Century' young woman is raped by her dog and discovers that she likes it. Unfortunately the event is witnessed by an unscrupulous Gentleman.)
  • Alice's Friend: by Mathew Davis
    (Synopsis: The story is about Alice, who bought a dog after her divorce, who helped her through some rough times. And he becomes much more than just a friend.)

worship (44 stories listed)

maybe (26 stories listed)


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