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Book Project


Collected by Lark

Leisure Reads (6 stories listed)

  • Renee's Loan: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: A female student runs out of money and takes a loan to cover her tuition fees. Unfortunately, she forgets to repay, so the contractual collateral is called in: her own body!)
  • A Good Head For Business: by sarijak
    (Synopsis: Kim is a struggling writer who has found a nice business opportunity fuelling the fantasies of others with pictures and tapes. Everything is going nicely, until someone approaches her with an interesting business proposition, and Alice is not going to take no for an answer.)
  • Janene's Wishes: by JR Parz
    (Synopsis: Good looking customer gives teen clerk 3 wishes, of course one of her wishes is for big tits. She gets them, but is soon turned into mindless bimbo sex slave.)
  • Chocolate: by Darqside
    (Synopsis: A New Product Line from Kay\'s Confections has been released!)
  • Catherine Makes a Change: by Petricia
    (Synopsis: Catherine takes her selfbondage to new heights. )
  • From Society Girl To Slave: by Anonymous
    (Synopsis: A young, wealthy society girl who finds herself in the care of a harsh, cruel uncle after her parents die. She is transformed from a confident young woamn, into a mere servant/slave by a strong female dominant the uncle hires in order to swindle the young girl out of her inheritance. The girl is abused and humiliated until she finally is broken, and becomes the docile serving girl/slave they want her to be.)


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