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Collected by Darkfall

To be read (40 stories listed)

Transformation (16 stories listed)

cbt (15 stories listed)

  • Permanent Stay in Mastersville: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Tom enters the town of Mastersville where he is promptly caught and enslaved. A cruel Mistress turns him into a completely submissive sissy slave, shares him with the whole town before finally selling him to a master with rather drastic ideas about how sissy-slaves should look and behave.)
  • The Vice: by Aliquis
    (Synopsis: I always wanted to try a ball-crusher. I wrote my expreinces down.)
  • Innocence Is Not An Excuse: by Marion
    (Synopsis: Masochist grows up with Sadistic mother only to discover girl of his dreams shares his mothers desires to punish him.)
  • Milking Matthew: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: Matthew endures forced milking and other humiliation at the hands of two gorgeous and sadistic women)
  • High School Nurse's Exam: by Jordan Haystack
    (Synopsis: On his first day of high school Jordan Haystack goes in for a mandatory nurses checkup. At first he merely thinks he'll die of humiliation after the dick examination, but his terror grows as he learns the facts of his new life.)
  • Anna Goes To Spain: by James P
    (Synopsis: Anna, a young, highly paid New York City humiliatrix, becomes bored with dominating the same old guys and travels to Spain where a local Femdom society practices a femdom version of Bullfighting. Anna takes on Hector, a huge alpha male in the ring. If you know my stories, you can probably guess who wins.)
  • From Husband to Castrated Sissy: by Kimmie Holland
    (Synopsis: Wife and her lover force hubby to accept his new position in life...on his knees. )
  • By The Balls: by Goddess Natasha
    (Synopsis: Man visits Prodomme, endures cbt, caning and electro torture, and becomes Her slave. )
  • Free Will: by William Augustine
    (Synopsis: A chance encounter reveals a new life for a man as he is seduced and dominated by a beautiful stranger. He is presented with a challenge: if successful, he will regain control of his life and new powers over others; to fail means destruction of his manhood and a lifetime of servitude.)
  • Rick Makes His Bed: by Lockedup737
    (Synopsis: Rick travels for work and could never get enough women. When his wife found out, she made some VERY special modifications and ordered him to fuck and please as many women as she told him to or he would regret it.)
  • The Revenge Squad: by James P
    (Synopsis: Three women take femdom to a whole new level. After traumatic early life events, they begin to kidnap male sexual predators and imprison them in the basement of their mansion. Meanwhile, they also enslave "good" males who help them in their quest.)
  • Hell Hath No Fury: by Barmy Bri
    (Synopsis: After seducing and dumping my girlfriend, she decided to wait and get her revenge - in a mighty way.)
  • Deadly Male Milkers: by TJ Ryder
    (Synopsis: After months at sea, young sailor gets invited to a special party, only to find the luscious women are all a special form of vampire who live on sperm instead of blood!)
  • Midway Nightmares: by Deadbeats
    (Synopsis: A man is blackmailed by a 17 year old and his neighbor into slavery.)
  • Nick\'s Summer: by Emile
    (Synopsis: Home from college for the summer break, Nick takes his place on the bottom rung of the farm ladder, no holds barred.)


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