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TXR-92U-2280 � Call Name: Sara Author: epexia
(Added on May 30, 2011) (This month 79583 readers) (Total 104489 readers)
In a society where mass slavery has persisted into the 21st Century, a prostitute-slave named Sara endures pain, humiliation and casual exploitation in the service of a Las Vegas casino.

Ratings and Reviews:
Number of Ratings: 9
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Average Rating: (9.5/10)
Highest Rating: (10/10)
Lowest Rating: (8/10)

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Reviewer: traumaemt (Edit) Rating: Dec 1, 2014
So far, reading through chapter 7, I can say that I am waiting almost with desperation for the rest of the story!! This is a very fascinating story, with many twist and turns that I have not seen coming. Please get the rest of the story out soon!! (10/10)

Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Nov 21, 2014
For some reason, Sara's world as described by epexia, reminds me of Isaac Asimov's Robot shorts and/or novels -especially "Caliban" (which is a worked-out version of the short "I, Robot", by the way).
On the other hand, it shouldn't surprise too much, since in "Caliban" the house-robots are just slaves.
Add to this that the word "robot" actually means slave in the former Czechoslovakian language.
This being said, I also 'suffer' from the same 'ailment' as reviewer dontmindme, in that I too can't help but root for Sara and hope she gets through whatever comes at her unscathed.
This of course means that epexia has done a great job to get the reader immersed to the point we forget we're reading fiction here.
Only mild detriment is the at times lacklustre story, which draws pictures on my mind's eye of a ship on an almost wind-still ocean. Going somewhere not fast at all and someone forgot to bring a deck of cards. And this is coming from someone who loves longer, novel-sized stories.
Ah-well, let's see what epexia has up the sleeve for the next chapters...
Oh, and I found absolutely nothing wrong with the auction in the opening paragraphs. On the contrary, I thought Sara's reaction to be very plausible in the light of the traumatizing events and a bleak future turning out even bleaker when doing nothing...
JJ (9/10)

Reviewer: cheapskate (Edit) Rating: Sep 15, 2012
A very imaginative tale with a well executed narrative. It's a pleasure watching this tale unfold. (10/10)

Reviewer: dontmindme (Edit) Rating: Aug 15, 2012
I find this story incredibly unpleasant. It's extremely well written, and also extremely depressing to me. I sympathize very much with the protagonist and want good things to happen to her. If this ever gets updated, I'm gonna read it, then I'm gonna get sad. Curse you, epexia, for making me feel things.
Seriously, though, I absolutely love this story, perhaps because of how I feel when I read it. Please make good things happen to Sara, or I might feel things again. (10/10)

Reviewer: Serpentenis (Edit) Rating: Mar 4, 2012
Excellent! The character development is amazing... very believable and compelling. The plot has the twists and turns of a roller-coaster... riveting. The sex is hot--unleashing a firestorm in the loins.
As the other reviewers pointed out, the opening/auction was a bit weak... and I hope the author will consider reworking it.
Later chapters just get better and better. Overall outstanding work by a talented author. I can't wait for the next installment. (10/10)

Reviewer: Snark (Edit) Rating: Jun 8, 2011
Very good! I have to agree with the other reviewers that the transition without explanation is a bit abrupt, but otherwise an excellent tale. Well written, good proofing and editing. The nonchalant attitude toward slavery, breeding and marketing provides an interesting perspective. The other chapters should prove interesting. (9/10)

Reviewer: Dryhill (Edit) Rating: Jun 7, 2011
i agree with mechgogo and teleya the ending does not really gel with the rest of the story, especially as Sara is supposed not to understand anything about sex. The latter point also seems very odd, surely if an organization is going to raise slaves to sell at maxium profit it would train them to use their brains but also in all forms of sexual service.
This is an excellent story with a well portrayed central character told in an appropriate clinical manner but unfortunately spoilt by the ending. Sorry only an 8. (8/10)

Reviewer: mechgogo (Edit) Rating: Jun 3, 2011
This is what a well-done story of modern-day, society-wide slavery is supposed to look like. The casual, chattel treatment of the girls is simple, stark and as a result very powerful and compelling. The free people don't make a big deal about being in charge because they don't *need* to. The writing offers good detail without getting bogged down, some hot scenes of casual cruelty and the chapter ends at the perfect spot. I've added this story to my shelf and will be eagerly awaiting the next installment. (9/10)

Reviewer: teleya (Edit) Rating: May 31, 2011
The writer obviously has thought this out in detail. Until the auction, I would give this a 10 rating. Sara's sudden exuberant behavior at the auction seems out of character. Overall a nice job so far. (9/10)
Replied by: mechgogo (Edit) (Jun 3, 2011)
I'm inclined to agree teleya. For me it was the whole conversation in the holding cages the night before the auction. I can lay the sudden change in character at auction off to her self preservation instinct kicking in. But that conversation and the idea that a female slave who was expected to be sold for intimate services would be kept so ignorant about stretched my suspension of disbelief just a bit too far. Still, even with those two points this is far and away one of the better stories I've seen here recently.
Replied by: Serpentenis (Edit) (Mar 4, 2012)
I agree that the first chapter was a little weak. The character glitch was one point.
As later chapters are much better, and you're talking only the beginning of the story, you may want to update your review.
Another point that hasn't been mentioned in other reviews, is the economic and cultural implausibility of raising slaves for a full 18 years on the farm before sending them to work.
As one of the character's says in a latter chapter, "Look, I mean, after all, you know, she’s just a slut. This is what she’s for... It’s not like we’re actually hurting anybody..."
Since the slaves aren't people, it seems unlikely that they would make a fuss over age as we do. In the culture the author is describing, I think it much more likely that sluts would start around 11 or 12... this would give them a longer useful "career" and make them significantly cheaper to raise. No doubt they'd find work that younger kids could do, until then. So Sara is too old, and too young--in the sense that what's she been doing to earn her keep up till now? Maybe the author just didn't want to mention it, but we're left the impression that she's just been sitting around waiting to be 18.

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