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Tested by Lothar Author: Charles E. Campbell
(Added on Apr 8, 2010) (This month 41426 readers) (Total 78898 readers)
The very special and unique needs of a young girl are revisited as she prepares herself for the final test by her soon to be Owner and Master.

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Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Oct 7, 2010
Liked the story. Didn't like the attitude and language used by our 'heroine'. Also don't like it when folks from a story start talking to me, surmising what I might at that point in the story think.
While Charles E. Campbell is a good writer --at times *very* good, depending on his inspiration I guess-- I feel he took the wrong angle in tackling "Tested by Lothar", like I said, thanks to the foul-mouthed portrayal of Sandy.
The parts in which Sandy shuts up and Charlie concentrates on the story, are much more agreeable. To me, at least.
The above par writing add to the level of comfort while reading, making me grab for a well-deserved niner.
JJ (9/10)

Reviewer: Dryhill (Edit) Rating: Jun 4, 2010
A good start to what i hope is going to be an ongoing serial. Some good charcterization which will be helpful if there is to be more to this story. Do not rush to get us to THE TEST, there is plenty to tell us about this teenager's growing up and about her cousin.
Ok so nothing about the cousin but i like her friend and the friends relations. This story is details well the things that led a 20 year old woman to her final test for 24/7 enslavement. I look forwrd to reading future chapters.
i like the way this story is unfolding, and definately agree that this can take a few more chapters. In fact i like it enough to raise my rating from a 9 to a ten.
There is plenty of fine detail but not too much to distract from the actual plot. It really is nice to see an author who has the confidance to not rush a story and give the reader time to get to know the main characters. thank you for a good read. (10/10)

Reviewer: ashley_craves_cruel (Edit) Rating: Jun 3, 2010
Mr. Campbell may have thought he was writing fiction. However, i began my education in sex much the same way, exploring deeper and darker realms, as does his main character. He presents a very real picture. It was also extremely exciting. (10/10)
Replied by: Charles E. Campbell (Edit) (Jun 3, 2010)
Thank you for your kind words, and generous review. I'm very happy it struck a chord with you.

Reviewer: lydia3140 (Edit) Rating: May 5, 2010
Took me away to my special place. I loved it. (9/10)

Reviewer: robertahunt (Edit) Rating: Apr 24, 2010
Excellent (to part 2). Well realised submission. Thanks. (9/10)

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