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Destiny Weekend Author: Captv8td
(Added on Mar 25, 2009) (This month 25150 readers) (Total 38785 readers)
Destiny Collins is a freshman at Wardham College. This weekend, she participates in her first inter-sorority games and she has been viewing them with a combination of trepidation and excitement. The games prove to be one of her most educational experiences yet.

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Reviewer: Dryhill (Edit) Rating: Apr 16, 2010
Like most of Captv8td's stories they are something of a fantasy. For example surely no sane person would think of fisting another against their wishes. i suspect USA laws would make that to be rape just as they would here in the UK - taking it a step further Destiney would easily be able to complain to the college, the police and get the press involved. The latter would soon dish up the dirt on all Sigma girls, past and present, thereby ruining careers of CEO's etc.
But ignore the unrealistic parts of the story and you still have an exiciting, well paced, cracking yarn. i must like it because this is my second time of reading the story. (9/10)

Reviewer: littleone_ (Edit) Rating: Jan 11, 2010
I am a great fan of Captv8t'd writings but this one is not his best. It lacks the punch the other Captv8ed stories and the extraordinary elements of creativity and imagination. Still it is worth reading and will be loved by an element of those who are pron fans. (8/10)

Reviewer: iceblock (Edit) Rating: Mar 26, 2009
9. High Quality. Very enjoyable and well written.
Really hard to add anything more than this, it sums this story up perfectly for me. Unlike dear Curtis below, I couldn't let the most minor detail detract from my enjoyment of this story. Honestly, who cares fox kittens/pups, etc. It's just a pet name for their captives mate.
Should this story continue it'd be interesting to know how Destiny is turned into a lesbian, genetic or not. I personally hope she continues to resist and is forced anyway! (9/10)

Reviewer: Curtis (Edit) Rating: Mar 26, 2009
Not super stroke material, but well written, with a lot of thought put into the backstory. Good dialogue, realistic action (which is why not super stroke material), generally believable, except on two incidental points:
First, there's no way to 'turn someone into a lesbian in a month, guaranteed'. Homosexuality is genetic. That's not to say you couldn't have a method of convincing someone to enjoy engaging in lesbian activity, but you'd be talking 'four year lesbian' who'd revert to her natural inclination after graduation.
Second, the idea of the 'Old Girl Games' really doesn't work for me. It might be more believable if the alumni came back on weekends grouped roughly by age and competed using the rules current at the time they were in school. Twenty-somethings competing against sixty-somethings in using the modern era sexual rules… doesn't seem likely. You didn't go into detail with this, but the very nature of alumni games (meaning limited turnout from past classes) implies to me that they should be more like 'choose up sides' events, rather than being specific sororities against each other.
Also, you should look this up, but I'm pretty sure fox babies are kits, not pups. So why give a '10'? It's a really well written story, despite my complaints. There's a lot of threatening that comes to nothing, and I hope the story continues and 'hardens' some. (I suspect the mention of the Old Girl Games is a foreshadowing of a possible continuation, maybe adding in Destiny's mother.) (10/10)

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