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Ho 72 Author: A.Broadsword
(Added on Feb 11, 2008) (This month 24286 readers) (Total 43162 readers)
A woman\'s escape from domestic drudgery through domination by her Pimp /Lover to finding her true destiny.

Ratings and Reviews:
Number of Ratings: 3
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Lowest Rating: (3/10)

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Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Mar 26, 2008
Well, I actually liked it. But that's because my imagination filled-out the blanks. And I needed my imagination's full attention, because the blanks are huge...
It is nice to write a story sans too much detail. Keeps the mind sharp and leaves room for one's own fantasies. But a certain amount of clarification is something that a story cannot forego.
Too many holes here, to much jumping ahead without any justification of the character's behaviour.
Taking more time to add what's in your head would do wonders.
But like I said, I liked the idea behind what's written, it's just the execution that is rather unfortunate, because apparantly, the writer was in a hurry...
PS: I was one of those 10.000 that read the story, but didn't rate it. Upon reading your other story (and thanks to Jethro Tull) I remembered this entry. I must add, A.Broadsword, that the amount of 'readers' is in reality the amount of 'hits' the story got. You need to 'hit' the link in order to be able to read the synopsis... (6/10)

Reviewer: bobcatsky (Edit) Rating: Feb 24, 2008
could have been much better (3/10)
Replied by: a.broadsword (Edit) (Feb 29, 2008)
It Certainly could, but sadly it gets worse and she gets in to modelling, yes in O gauge, 7mm to the foot.

Reviewer: H Dean (Edit) Rating: Feb 14, 2008
This was a brutal execution in how not to write a story. An okay idea was treated to completely unrealistic application and poor technical skills. I suspect that, besides this being a first attempt, it was rushed and not edited properly. (3/10)
Replied by: a.broadsword (Edit) (Feb 29, 2008)
Spot on very perceptive, the word you were seeking is crap, sadly she gets crapped on in the next part but really if only 2 of 10 000 readers commented I probably cant be arsed to finish it, apart from the bit where they shag on the O gauge model railway and she gets Sir Nigel Gresley stuck up her arse.

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