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The auction

Part 1

The auction

When my Owner opened the cage I could see in his eyes that this was going to be an unusual day. I stepped out quickly, knelt before him and kissed his shoes. He allowed me to kiss his right foot for a minute then pushed the left one forward

A minute later he pulled back.


Immediately I knelt up, spread my knees wide and grabbed my hands behind my head. When I looked up at him expectantly, I saw him smile.

“I guess you are well-trained now, Susie.”

I still hated the name, but it had been a great day in my training, when I had progressed from cunt or slut to being granted a name. Not my former name, of course, but a slave name. He had even explained that susie derived from Susie, the cow, because of my big udders.

“I guess it is time I got my investment back.”

He produced the leash and slipped it onto my collar. Then he turned and walked towards the door of the ranch. I hastened to follow. After all I had learned well, that a slave follows her Owner and every time he has to pull on the leash will result in a serious punishment. I had some trouble following his big strides with my high heels, the only piece of clothing I was allowed to wear.

When we reached his station wagon he opened the back door and the door to the dog-cage. I crawled in and he locked the cage behind me. When he drove through town I still winced at every casual view that was cast into the back of the car. But in the past few months I should have learnt better and kept trying to kneel upright so as to expose my udders in a way pleasurable to the casual onlooker. After all that was my sole duty, providing pleasure to everyone.

I had arrived as a tourist, curious about this country that still practiced slavery. And even more curious about the claims that the slaves were happy. I had talked to some of the slaves at the hotel and they had seemed curiously content. Then I had met Him. It had started as a one-night-stand. At least that was what I thought it was. But I was fascinated by his self-assurance that bordered on arrogance.

One night had become several and when he had started dominating me it had seemed so natural. And when my holiday was over and he told me he wanted me to stay on and be trained by him, I had accepted without thinking. He trained me for a month and then offered me the Choice, capital C. The Choice to leave Him and the country or to sign the papers that proclaimed I was a slave. By that time there had been no question.

That had been 4 months ago, four months in which I had learned to be naked at all times, to have no privacy, to move about on his leash and obey every command. Now I served him in every way, cooked his meals, served his drinks, cleaned his boots and obviously fulfilled all his sexual demands. But in all those months I had never left that ranch. I suddenly dawned on me that beside the tourist place and the ranch I had only been in one place here, the office where I signed the papers.

I started when his car pulled off the road and swung into a parking lot. He got out and let me out of the cage. I looked around nervously. There were a number of people about, but they did not stare, just cast quick appraising glances over my body. I knew not to cringe when their eyes moved from my swinging tits down to my shaved pussy.

He walked quickly towards a big industrial building. Over the door I could make out a sign that said: “Miller Auction Rooms: Stock Auction Today.” Suddenly it all came together, but I still could not quite believe it. He was going to sell me! Of course I had always known that slaves were bought and sold and he had never hidden the fact that he had had and trained a number of other slaves, but it only sunk in now. My training was over and he was going to sell me.

Inside there was a big amphitheatre-like room, but he pulled me to the side following a sign that said “Kennels”. When we entered I was speechless. The room was like a long hallway with small numbered enclosures on both sides. Many of these were already filled with naked men and women. He looked about, then steered me to a space marked A26. He slipped off my leash and instead connected my collar to a short piece of steel chain that dangled from the wall. A man in a livery approached him leafing through a list he carried on a clipboard.

“A26? You must be Mr Clarkson?”

He confirmed this with a curt nod.

“Good. And today you are selling?”

“This is Susie”, he explained while the men put down the details on a  small backboard. He seemed to know the drill, because he never hesitated and gave the information in the order the employee needed them Obviously he had sold slaves here before.

“26 blonde blue eyes 36-28-36 fully trained unbred”

“Very well, Sir. And in which category do you want to enter her? We sell job-trained slaves, breeding cattle, farm slaves …”

“I know. Shes a fully-trained whore.”

“Three-hole-accessible, I presume?”

“Of course.”

“And would you like to put a reserve on her?”

“Yes, not to be sold under $4000.”

The employees eyebrows went up.

“That is rather a high reserve, Sir.”

He interrupted the man.

“Shes worth it. Tell Mr Miller to present her the right way and shell sell.”

“Very well, Sir.”

The employee hung the little blackboard over my head and left. He patted my tits and looked into my eyes.

“If you dont sell, youll come home to a whipping, Susie. And I don't only mean your ass. This time the whip will play on your udders and cunt. So make sure they want you.”

Before I could even answer, he had turned and walked away casting appraising looks at the rest of the merchandise.

During the next hour I was ready to disappear into any mouse hole a hundred times. Potential buyers came past casually looking at the signs, but when they saw mine, almost all would stop and look me over. Many grabbed my tits and reached between my legs. When the first one grinned and said: “A true whore. Her cunt is dripping already.” I just about died of shame. After that they all pawed my pussy and I was soon gasping with arousal despite myself.

Then the hallway emptied and the first slaves were led away. Opposite my stall was a woman slightly older than myself, but with a flat unattractive face and baggy breasts. I could just make out the sign above her head. She was being sold as a farm slave and the reserve was just $300. No wonder those $4000 had made the man gasp. That reminded me of His threat. I had to make sure they bought me, since I hated the whip more than anything.

The kennel emptied slowly and I was one of the last one to be taken out into the auction room. Then my time came and assistant replaced the chain with a leash again and led me away. At the entrance to the auditorium he suddenly started jogging and I had no choice but to follow despite my high heels. The trot made my tits bounce and this was greeted with whistles and some very explicit remarks. Thinking of the whip I tried to make them bounce even more.

After a couple of rounds he led me up to a stage and turned me towards the audience. I was blinded by the spotlights. The auctioneer stood next to me with a portable microphone.

“And here we come to one of the highlights of todays stock auction. This beautiful slave is called Susie and you have just seen her udders bounce. She has been trained by an excellent slave trainer and is now a fully developed whore, ready and eager to satisfy even your more depraved cravings. Her mouth is used to cock, but I am assured she can quickly be retrained, if bought by or for a lady. However I must say that those wonderful udders would really be wasted if not regularly fucked.”

During the resulting laughter he turned to me and quietly commanded me to spread.

“And here is the one asset they all have, but this cunt is not only trained to take cocks of any size, it is positively drooling to do so.”

He reached between my legs and his hand came away glistening with my juice. He let everyone have a good look at his wet hand then raised it to my mouth and automatically I started licking it clean.

“But there is one more asset, of course. Susie, turn around and show us your eager asshole.”

I blanched, but knew I would have to obey anyway. I turned, bent over deeply and spread my asscheeks wide.

“You see, ladies and gentlemen? Fully trained and obedient.”

“That asscunt looks rather tight”, someone shouted.

“You think so?”, the auctioneer replied. “I am assured it is easily accessible. But there is a simple test for that.”

He waved towards the back of the stage. Two assistants brought what looked like a padded table. A third one pulled a leash which ended on the collar worn by a naked man of medium build, obviously another slave.

“Susie, suck him hard.”

I gulped. Of course I had practiced blowjobs, but here? In front of maybe hundreds of people? I looked around wildly and caught His eyes. He raised his eyebrows, which was enough to make me obey. I quickly knelt before the naked slave and sucked his limp cock into my mouth.. It started to grow immediately and soon I had to move backward a bit, but I still kept licking and sucking. When I was finally told to stop it had grown into an amazingly long thick cock.

“Nicely done , Susie, now over the table.”

With some trepidation I obeyed. I breathed a bit easier, when the slave squeezed some lubricant onto my ass, but when he started making his way inward I still bit my lips. But I had learnt the hard way that it is better to relax and so I tried to do so. Still my ass hurt, when he finally shoved his cock all the way inside. But despite the pain I still felt my pussy dripping. I was waiting, hoping for him to fuck me, but instead he simply pulled out and left the stage.

“You see? The ass may be tight, but still easily fucked. Now where shall we start the bidding.”

The following minutes were extremely confusing. I heard voice shouting, but more often than not the auctioneer just acknowledge some movement I had not even seen behind the spotlights. The bidding started at 1500 and quickly progressed to 2500, then dragged to just above 3000, where it stalled.

“You cant be serious, ladies and gentlemen. Just 3000 for a horny, but well-trained whore like that? I think you need to be reminded of her abilities. Show us how you play with your cunny, Susie.”

Masturbate? But I had had to do it often for Him, mostly without permission to come, of course. I turned around on the table and started moving my hands over my body. I caressed my breasts, the slowly slid down to my pussy. I forgot everything around me. At some point I felt something soft and moist touching my face. I started licking at once and encountered the taste of pussy. I lapped it up greedily. From far away I heard the auctioneers voice droning away. I knew I was getting close to orgasm, when my hands were pulled away and tied behind my body. I groaned in frustration, when the woman I had been licking moved away, too. When I could think clearly again, I heard tha auctioneers voice congratulating the winner.

“And Susie goes to Miss Grant for $7500. Congratulations.”

There was applause, but I kept thinking about the price. $7500. Suddenly I was filled with pride. I had done my Owner proud. I was led off the stage. In the hallway a dark-haired girl approached me. She was elegantly and expensively dressed an could hardly be older than 18, but she handed over the cheque without blinking. Then she took my leash and led me away. While I followed quietly she kept chatting away.

“Itll be such a change finally having my own whore. Now that Im 18 I can finally send nanny away, when I get really horny. Its such a drag having your pussy licked by an old slave woman. She always made a fuss when I wanted to pee in her mouth or wanted her to stick her tongue into my pucker. And just wait till I show you to Walter. Hes always on about blowjobs and assfucking and other filthy stuff no self-respecting woman will do. But now I have you, so when he gets those perverted ideas again, Ill just let him do it to you and have you lick my pussy in the meantime. Besides I have some rather perverted ideas myself. And with you I can try them all out.”

She made me get into her car and tied me up in the trunk.

When she let me out again, I saw a big, expensive-looking house. A grossly fat old slave came running to help my new owner out of the car. She pointed to me and he immediately grabbed my leash and pulled me after her. Through an impressive staircase I was led to a well-furnished room. Beside the big bed stood a cage, obviously my new home. Unselfconsciously my owner dropped her clothes on the floor, which the slave hastened to pick up and put away. On her way to the bed, she passed the slave and gave the slave's half-erect cock a little slap that made him wince.

"I see that my new whore awoke even your useless little pecker," she grinned. "When I am done with her, she can give you a blowjob. Now get out."

The slave's eyes lit up and his cock went to full hardness immediately. With a hungry look at me, he left. My owner dropped on the bed and spread her legs.

"What are you waiting for, whore?" she hissed and when I hastened to join her she slapped my udders hard. "I'm not used to being kept waiting. Now you had better make it good or your udders will suffer."

Resigned to my fate I knelt between her legs and tasted my owner for the first time.

Review This Story || Author: Anne
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